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Are we going to witness a home burning down today?

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Obsydia have the best intros out of any vtubers (except Petra who doesn't have a loading screen yet)

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this should be good

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Oh fuck lasagna is hard to do properly. She's fucked.

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Shut up cardboard

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her laugh sounds deranged
it's great

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rosemi lovecock was my cope after chammers dissapeared

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>shes wearing a dress

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She's not.

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>broke the can opener

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>tune in
>retard manages to break a can opener the first 15 seconds in
>stay in
Looking, or rather sounds good thus far

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>broke the can opener already

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Oh, this stream is gold already

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I do not regret tuning in

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last stream buds...

no way she survives this

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I am literally nervous for this fucking plant

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>she killed her mom

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This won't end well...

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never thought i'd saviorfag her of all people

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is she still opening the can?

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She's definitely going to end up in the hospital

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90% of stream open the can
The rest put the can food onto dish

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its going to be the whole stream

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>just a little bit more

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she actually has the logic of a tom and jerry character

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This girl is going to kill herself by accident on this stream and she's not even a skilled enough cook to be a tradwife.

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Zoomers get your shit together.

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What is she making?

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Nominally lasagna without meat, but I'm guessing she didn't pick a vegetable lasagna recipe and she's just leaving out a lot of stuff. It's probably going to wind up being some weird tomato soup with noodles if it's edible at all.

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this is the second ever niji stream ive watched (first was her stickman stream yesterday) and i already love her

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anons... i...

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truly a special kitchen talent

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I'm unsure if the expression actually exists in English but here we refer to this as antitalent. When you're really bad at something from the get go. Rosemi really needs a lot of practice. Stream is kino though.

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>garlic powder
oh wow she can't even crush a garlic clove? Is she gonna microwave the sauce?

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Anon do your cooking reps
Its generally Better for sauces if you dont want garlic chunks

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yeah sure thing buddy

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So what is she gonna do while lasagna cooks? We just keep staring at her?

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This is what happens when you don't teach your kids how to cook.

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no shot she thought that far ahead

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It's fine, a lot of recipes use it. Mincing garlic is clearly above her skill level

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does she know that its meant to be more than 1 layer?

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I want to make this dumbass a good lasagna

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i swear if she runs out of cheese...

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it's gonna be inedible isn't it?

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next steam will be cancelled due to food poisoning

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As long as she cooks the pasta successfully, it can technically be considered a super saucy pasta dish.
Unless the seasonings she put made it a huge soup of sault

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luckily for her all of this can be eaten raw

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That was certain from the moment it became clear she was using unseasoned crushed tomatoes as the only sauce

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she will find a way

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she put so much seasoning in that sauce

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she tried to wrap the pan...like a fucking christmas present...

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Yes my comment successfully trolled her for a minute

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>censors the food
>it looks even worse
i'm dying

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oh god

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her laugh sounds like a badly oiled door hinge

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>she breaks something
>chat: haha gorilla

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do love that she's leaning in to chat wanting to be bullied by her

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yeah it will be interesting to see how both chat and her grow with each other

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god this girl is so dumb and cute. i wanna pat her.

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>she doesn't like it raw

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What is that red thing.

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lasagna but censored

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Walked away for a bit, what's this about her not eating?

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She recently had food poisoning to the point where her mom took her to the doctor/hospital and she's recovering

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she’s been sick on and off since just before her debut

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she has close to no ability to keep herself alive without help.

Source: the stream speaks for itself

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in character for a rose, desu,

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got those dekai hands

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the ""lasagna"" is out of the oven and her house is still standing.

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not out of the woods yet, friend

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I don't like it when she squints...

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>it actually looks decent
impressive, very nice

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it actually looks half good...

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What's wrong anon? You're sweating.

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that laugh has to be an affectation right? no normal person laughs like that. its giving me tinnitus

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eating asmr time bois!!

>> No.6933945

it looks and tastes like real food
she really cant stop winning

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Just a reminder that haachama liked all her own cooking too.

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head cheff haachama and kitchen assistant rosemi, truly a match made in hell

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>"There's no meat in this lasagna because I would never want to eat a pig like you, obviously"
What did she mean by this?

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She loves us far too much to eat us.

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