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You are now Elira. How do you turn things around and save your career?

The only condition is:

>You can't graduate

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live sudoku on stream featuring Enna, Millie, Vox, and Ike

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Commit seppuku irl.

I'd just give up and be an office worker in a black company at that point.

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Sleep with riku

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I don't know but I just notice that mark above her right armpit and now I am very aroused

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Beat up that faggot Pikl to death on stream

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Career? She is going to jail for buying apartments out of others project money.
Investors are going to want see her lynched

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turn things around anon, not stay the course

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Jump off a building

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become lewdtuber asmr queen and build a new career off people hate-fapping to her

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apologize and do naked dogeza

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>save your career
If Mike taught us anything, it's that career ending yabs don't end your career.

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Join NijiJP, the nihongo reps were planned.

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>create the NijiforceEN
>take over Canada (Easy)

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Naked dogeza.

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Different kind of backstabber chuuba, Miguel's fans are as insane as her.

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unironically, just keep quiet. attention dies down and i get away with bullying a coworker to death. if blizzard-activision can do it, so can i. i'm anonymou anyway. pray no anon-chama gets too schizo on me though.

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Try and pay doki the money I skimmed from her projects to settle out of court before I get the axe from riku looking into my evil deeds.

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Let everyone of her members have baby making sex with her.

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I simply don't do whatever the fuck I did a couple days ago

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Michael Cat's brand was always being insane and problematic. All her yabs just strengthen the brand.

Elira, on the other hand, tried to present herself as a dorky nice girl. Turning out to be the queen bee bully completely destroys her brand.

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>My statement, on the council of my lawyer, is I have none. I am shutting the hell up. This matter is none of my business, and is between management and the talent formerly known as Selen. Thank you.

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>blackmail management into ungraduating Selen
>challenge her to shirtless hand-to-hand combat with live 3D tracking
>don't stop fighting until one of us is dead
There can be only one dragon.

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if we're going with serious answers, this.
people love a good redemption arc. if she's actually taking steps to fix this and not slip into PR mode she could pull through.
she won't though.

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why would she graduate? she is the Fkn management of Niji En who has the clique of cronies with her.

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Not the same thing. Mike has cultivated a fanbase so cucked that she could get gangbanged on stream and fandeads would still shower her with money.

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commit sudukko

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Leak Niji Discord vent channel where Selen seething at more popular vtubers

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This unironically

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What >>69085535 said, but add Reimu to the mix and have it be a mass shooting stream.

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People will forget about her unless she has committed a crim-
>commits year long embezzlement by being the middle woman between EN and JP and manipulating communications between them
>favors clique members
>ruins non clique members
You want to know why Enna could take a 3 month vacation and Millie could buy an apartment but Selen had to pay artists out of pocket and Maria had to starve herself to have enough to pay for her covers and necessary meds? You want to know who declined Pomu's once in a life time opportunity without even negotiating?

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Claim 3 attempts 2 weeks from now to gain pity.

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>You are now Elira.
Kill myself.

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This. Nyanners. Darksyde Phil. Even fucking Boogie. It doesn't matter, as long as you're entertaining you will find people who'll support you.

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>as long as you're entertaining

Damn, then what's Elira going to do about this?

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She can't graduate if she's getting terminated, OP

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>as long as you're entertaining

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Has any anyone managed to get in? What are they scheming?

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With the GURRAT in mind? Their only answer will be to destroy NijiEN before the JP side can react, be it investigations or allowing their talents/staff to break NDA to fix this for them. Let alone if it gets to a court which will do this too.

They tried to play damage control to an extent, but I think the moment Selen survived sudoku they've since gone into the endgame. When everything is messed up, and if the truth truly got out, they need to get NijiEN canned before they can get in trouble for it, before investigations can poke too deep and find something out, before talents can identify the abused and abusers. They in turn, only have, and had one and one answer the moment this started to go south.

Sink the Yacht, with no survivors.

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>you are now elira
I gain as much weight as I can before the spell wears off so I can jerk off to her being fat when I'm back in my own body.

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>You want to know who declined Pomu's once in a life time opportunity without even negotiating?
NijiEN manager that is a known person in the music industry and has partnership with a competing brand as the idol group Pomu was tweeting with during the time her "once in a lifetime opportunity" was rejected.

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Based. Can I help?

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either an hero or show pussy on stream, no in between

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Quadruple down on GFE. I'd also do lewd ASMR streams/ videos if I can get away with it. Guys will not go against me if they feel like I am their internet girlfriend.

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Pull a Noel, go full GFE with a softcore porn ASMR channel as side gig.

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say sike and go turbo gfe

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Besides hiding her pedo past and being a hypocrite, what did Nyanners even do wrong?

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Holy fuck the thread I made on this got pruned in under 10 minutes.

Also someone in the thread was asking for if anyone has a source on when the management left for NFTs if anyone has that here.

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Career? She needs to worry about staying out of jail.

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inb4 404 in this thread

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I rally up more sisters on nyfco to bully Selen into actual suicide. I ostracize anyone who's not in the clique.
I make sure Scarle mops the floors.
I make sure Fulgur never gets a collab anymore and destroy all his projects.

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Sorry for if it is.
Also this for best answer.

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dont worry anon, i wont blame you, just the jannies

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she has mentioned her mole several times

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she won't even try. narcissists don't like admitting they're at fault in even the slightest tiniest capacity

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>get own lawyer
>claim all prior statements were made under coercion, effectively throwing all other parties under the bus
>get terminated
>collect pitybux

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Fake my death and slowly pick off the other liver before meeting him

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Remember the last breadcrumb that was possibly left, the 5th pic on Elira's rm insta.

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>Save your career
Nigga if the rrats are true this mf is going to jail.

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venmo myself all her money then tweet nigger

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Just that actually, that's why her career isn't ruined

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So who's gonna start snitchin'?

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What did Fulgur do? Did I miss something?

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Is Selen going to sue? No? Then no jail.

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jp bros are even more retarded and lonelier than I thought

holy fuck, how does the recent scandals not sink her career?

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Do another message from niji stream. There is nothing to lose at this moment.

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I got a 12 min post-lock because I made a GURRAT threat, Nijiniggers are paying the jannies here once again

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If NijiJP finds out about Elira taking all the money and faking the earnings for the other livers, then yes.

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>"so what are you in jail for?"

>"i used to stream on twitch as an anime girl. i bullied a coworker into a suicide attempt becuase she wasn't part of our clique."

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anon, they do it for free

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>holy fuck, how does the recent scandals not sink her career?
Well think of it this way - was Rushia ever married? Was Mikaneko? No, they were all pure virgins.
What happens behind the avatar has nothing to do with the stream.

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Live stream RTX seggs with Finana

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>JP otaku fanbase built on brainwashed unicorns
>EN westerner fanbase built on self righteous SJWs
I don't know Anon it's 2 pretty different audiences and cases. Bullying a fellow beloved liver until they attempt suicide is something that the NijiEN audience will take very seriously. It's the same audience that still shitalks and harass Sayu to this day because she might or might not be a shotacon, we're talking about.

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>Embezzling Riku
Based. But yeah, she'll be going to jail if this ends up being true.

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I make a statement apologizing to Selen, sure I'll get fired and deported but it's the best choice in the long run.

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The wildest part is rabid Niji fans should be siding with the Gurrat, it basically makes the rest of Niji innocent and just as much victims to the clique. The GURRAT isn’t ‘Niji bad’, it’s on a specific handful of guilty folks.

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Keep your eyes on /jav/ over at /JP/. A new gaijin is about to debut with a familiar birthmark on her face

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Keep streaming, endure the backlash for a couple of weeks, and that's all she can do.

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Embezzling a large JP corporation so you and your besties could get rich.

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The thing with her is that she got exposed in the weeb space while Elira got mainstream.

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Only stream in Japanese

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Keep on with life just as normal, for 5 months. No more "interventions", no more trying to monopolize JOP Manager's attentions. Just focus on streaming. THAT'S IT

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mikeneko's a camwhore though

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God I want to see Elira be some butch lesbian's fuckpuppet

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Japan loves NTR and she's hot as fuck. She will always be popular.

Elira case is completely different.

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Play dumb and refute everything
I'm not smart or evil enough to continue to do what she was doing, so cease the whole operation, let rest of the cliche to deal with this mess, and just stream some games
Her fanbase will be surprised by sudden 10 hour Stellaris and modded Factorio streams while all this shit is going on

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Spread your leg as wide as you can take all the investor dick for 1 day straight then blame a male coworker for manipulating and coercing you into
doing this.

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>Denounce the previous announcement
>Recall fun times with Selen
>State that you're sorry to Selen for letting work get between you and her well-being
>Declare that Selen was in important member of the Nijisanji community, and although harassment will not be condoned, she will not be a forbidden topic
>Apologize to the fans
>Acknowledge the failings of NijiEN with no sugarcoating
>Present an open letter with contributions from everyone in NijiEN to present to management detailing what changes they feel need addressed.
>Pledge to abstain from any solo projects and instead spend resources to help other NijiEN members who have not been able to produce their own projects until a sense of equality is accomplished within the branch
>End by announcing a one month break from streaming activities in order to let emotions settle and to work directly with English management to improve their ability to handle talents and to ensure the changes listed are implemented
>Put in the work and then resume activities
Acknowledgement, Transparency, Improvement.

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Unicorns are a tiny tiny minority.

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>weeb space
Korekore reported on this, it's not otaku stuff anymore. They're both in the same situation in that they were exposed to the wider net audience. "Mainstream" would be if a news network or talk show reports on this.

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Based fellow architect. Be sure to stream the mukbang so we can all watch

>> No.69090894

Apologize to the fans and say that I was acting emotionally and rashly based on information that I didn't fully understand, then apologize to Doki for any perceived harassment and misconduct and admit I was wrong to say and do the things that I did. Then from there conduct business as usual.

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The moon man Loli cover

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Mike took an audience of millions and decimated it to less than 10% of the most cucked and deluded among them, she gets away with it because she was so big that math like that could work. Bordeline 3view nijis cant do the same math, they will end up with less than 100 people who still care about them.

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fippy bippy

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>Recall fun times with Selen
What fun times, Anon? They barely collabed and talked about each other despite being lore sisters. The rrats were always that they didn't like each other very much

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I can't imagine being a lowly white collar criminal in prison. You're going to be THE hole of the prison cliques (ironic).

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>Fabricate a legal document that makes Selen look like a petty vindictive bitch
>release it to the public
>claim it was the real thing

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Elira literally has no conscience tho

>> No.69091284

Apologize. Then take the termination like a big girl.

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Get in touch with Doki's lawyer, show actual remorse and turn completely against Niji. Exposing the black screen stream as the sham that it is, exposing the rest of the clique, even coming clean about my sins. Also use my Japanese knowledge to reach out to people there and sway them.
Legal fiasco? Sure. But 2024 has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are far better choices you can make in life than to work for, and align yourself with, the Japanese and their corporations. Ending NijiEN is worth destroying your Japanese career for.

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I think you are underestimating the internet's ability to forget. Sure the xitterfags like to tout "Doki says no hate, so let's forgive!", but the general audience is never going to let this down. The only way for her as an eceleb is either a lolcow or 3view on 2%.

>> No.69091678

Resign immediately and retire from the public eye. It's too late.

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Holy shit lmao, ganbare anon.

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>Hey there, Elira
>What's it like in Tokyo city?
>I'm a thousand miles away
>But, girl, tonight you seem so shitty
>Yes, you do
>These pills can't hurt as much as you
>I swear, it's true

>Hey there, Elira
>Don't you worry about the lawyer
>Riku's there if you get lonely
>That note's only for your employer
>Close your eyes
>Listen to my laugh, it's your demise
>They're on my side

>Oh, it's what you did to me
>Oh, it's what you did to me
>Oh, it's what you did to me
>Oh, it's what you did to me
>What you did to me

>Hey there, Elira
>I know times are gettin' hard
>But just believe me, girl
>Someday I'll get over it, healing what you scarred
>I'll have it good
>I'll have the life I knew I would
>My word is good

>Hey there, Elira
>I've got so much left to say
>If every single time I wrote the truth
>Would scare your fans away
>I'd write it all
>Even more despairingly you'd fall
>I'd have it all

>Oh, it's what you did to me
>Oh, it's what you did to me
>Oh, it's what you did to me
>Oh, it's what you did to me
>What you did to me

>ANYCOLOR stocks can take a loss
>Since they've got cliques and plaques and yachts
>They'll walk on you if you don't go their way
>Holofans will all make fun of us
>And I'll just laugh along because I watched
>it all and Twilight with Mumei
>Elira, I can promise you
>That by the time I get through
>Your world will never ever be the same
>And you're to blame

>Hey there, Elira
>You be good, and don't you miss me
>Two more weeks and you'll all graduate
>And I'll be makin' history like I do
>You'll know it's all because of you
>I can do whatever I want to
>Hey there, Elira, here's to you
>This one's for you

>> No.69092152

>Recall fun times with Selen
>"Remember that time when we... uh... ah... oh fuck"

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Good route:
>keep on with life, stream a lot and forfeit management duties, admit to Niji JOPs that you can't do it

Evil route:
>attempt sudoku as well, because woman it will fail. With two sudoku attempts (both from Doki and Elira) the heat of the blame and shitfling will be redirected out your back and into Nijisanji itself

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The general audience has the attention span of a brainless child, as long as improvements are presented and further yabs are avoided NijiEN's public perception will slowly heal, the ones who will carry the rage with them are the likes of us and the most passionate members of the audience and those were already lost when shit hit the fan or years ago

>> No.69092306

they can't figure that out

>> No.69092324

I'll never forgive her for spitting on her /a/nonymous past and turning into the worst kind of tumblrfag.

>> No.69092469

I kill myself

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Step 1 Cry live in a members stream about the whole situation
Step 2 Talk about how "some" members of the management pressured you into taking part in this shitshow. Really hammer in that there is an extra-retarded faction within management that is responsible for all of this.

Step 3 Throw Enna & Millie under the proverbial bus... hard. No rationale for this one I just think it would be satisfying & Elira being able to despite the friendship should help in winning some trust back from the fans.

>> No.69092947

By my own hands? Apologize for what I did, show remorse and a willingness to change my ways and hope that people will forgive me with time.
If I can wish for things outside of my own hands, then hope that whatever is in that legal document doesn't instantly show me like a total bitch from the get go and can instead be interpreted as mistakes made by someone who didn't know better.

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As de facto manager of Niji EN, Elira certainly has a lot of dirt on a lot of people.

I would simultaneously blackmail as many people as possible (livers, managers, employees, fucking everyone), threatening that unless they deposit a certain amount of BTC into a safe account, the yabs will be automatically posted /here/ in 24 hours unless they comply.

But before that, I would secretly move to a country with as few extradition treaties as possible and disappear off the face of the internet.

I think she can get at least a couple hundred grand usd in blackmail, more than enough to settle in a new country.

>> No.69093214

We're not talking about NijiEN, it's Elira. Her existing fanbase is already in taters, and not to mention she's possibly involved in a person's (attempted) suicide. The only way for her to go up is to gain a new clueless fanbase, otherwise she's just going to stagnate and maybe fall off.

>> No.69093313

A guy called quix donated over $1000 today, he's not a JP bro.

>> No.69093368

Focus on collabs and frame that most interactions were on Discord etc. Only person who could refute it is Doki but that would contradict her current stance of live-and-let-live.
This is what I would do, Elira is just going to go back to her coven of hags to concoct more cope
That's what the month break is for, tourist dramafags to get bored. Then the people leftover will be hardcore antis and actual fans. What you want is to give the fans enough positive reasons to defend you with because that word will slowly spread and some people will come crawling back.
The biggest problem for Niji throughout this whole thing is that fans had no moral argument against being the cause of an attempted suicide and are only just now getting a platform because retards are harassing rather than simply letting their enemy continue to make mistakes. So now the drama has died down and they have a lot of self-reflection statements to stand on, they're going to get some gullible retards to forgive them.
Hopefully none of this happens and NijiEN just dissolves because they're just an awkward stain now and were always instigators of conflict in the larger community

>> No.69093678

Real answer is to abandon your English fanbase, live in Japan, learn Japanese, congrats you are now a member of Niji-JP.

JP are simping for Anycolor and Elira so this would actually work. Wouldn't be surprised if this is her plan, tho Anycolor is likely also heaping pressure on her and might scapegoat her at any moment.

>> No.69093856

Nah. Find a way to get Millie and Enna to think you are, so they pre-emptively attack your character, and then play the part of a hurt friend who was betrayed after trying to support them. Act like you were too blind with your loyalty to friends to realize Selen was telling the truth about them.

>> No.69094560

if anything this whole situation made me hate jp bugs and lose all sympathy for them in any capacity

>> No.69094778

Immediately go rogue and tell everyone management forced you to do it and wrote a script for you to read (regardless whether or not it is true, of course). There's really no other way. Remember to flee Japan first so they can't sue you for slander. There's really no other way.

>> No.69095649

based on a salary of 200k a year on a young career enterpreneu woman that could easily work 35+ years the damage done to selen's professional life, disregarding the harassment, would cost something very close to 20m (its usually requested twice the amount that would have been made, so 3x is not out of the question) in repair and 45m in punitive damage (tbqh this is arbitrary)
the harassment might be something lightweight like comunity service + mandatory therapy for 5 years but even if she gets off easy she will be sunk into debt
likely niji will blame on her the bad management and lack of proper response so this number will be bigger

>> No.69095895

vox and ike should do this asap
elira will be thrown under the bus, if they help they will be free of this mess

>> No.69096759

I'll think of something
But first put me in the screenshot

>> No.69096762

Literally just copy Scarle step by step

>Leak some inconsequential shit, that makes someone else or the company look bad
>Make sure you are the suspected leaker
>Drop a hint you disapprove of how niji operates
>Shut the fuck up and wait

The discrepancy in what Elira claimed in that awful stream and what was supposedly in those documents already made some people jump back on the visa hostage train. Elira has the 'nice girl' advantage unlike Enna and Millie. If she introduces enough uncertainty and shuts the fuck up, she's gonna be just about fine

>> No.69097018

This is the correct answer. The only way to completely end your career as a streamer is to die or to have never been very popular in the first place. People will watch literally anyone and anything as long as there is any degree of entertainment value there.
I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if she comes out better on the other side of all this shit even if she doesn't graduate. You only fall upward. It's depressing but you all know it's true.

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JOI asmr

>> No.69097403

Hijack the channel and hold a "tell all" stream where I tell truth, the full truth, and nothing but the truth with recipts and back up testimony regardless of the consequences.

>> No.69097437

well ndfs are close to be as retarded and insane as current mikefags both are far beyond saving
if a trial somehow really happens and doki wins bet you will see tons of "call me a bootlicker or blind fan but..."

>> No.69097504


scarle is the only smart response lately, from that entire bunch.

you turn on the company, you get the fuck out, you shut the fuck up, and you go the pub and have a pint and wait for this all to blow over.

>> No.69097600

rebrand into a slut tuber and do cock sucking ASMR

>> No.69098079

This strategy works primarily because it's based on the feelings of those who would judge her. You can see it happening. Many of her would-be judges in public court want the corporation to be at fault and for Elira to be innocent. They want Elira to be innocent because it prevents them from confronting the uncomfortable reality that they may have been tricked and suckered into being fans of a monster. It's much more mentally and emotionally comfortable for them to believe that the faceless corporation behind it all is actually the culprit. All Elira has to do is nudge the public in that direction and she's fine.
The key issue with this strategy and making it work is pulling it off in a way that doesn't get you shitcanned and doesn't make Niji corporate throw you under the bus. This was easy for Scarle, but all eyes and scrutiny are laser-focused on Elira right now so she would have to plan her next moves carefully. She'd be smart to weaponize her understanding of the EN market as well as Niji corporate's ignorance of it.

>> No.69098549

Footcam stream

>> No.69098575

You do this when you got nothing to lose. Sadly this gaggle fuck bunch of nerds and losers think they have everything to lose if they split (Zaion/Sayu was right). So you won't get hired by Niji (and probably hololive). Big whoop. Then again a lot of online entertainers would be life time burger flippers if they didn't do this stuff.

It just sucks there's a "penumbra" over literally everything and no one will ever say or reveal shit. I'm gonna have to wait on Jesus to come back to have everything revealed.

>> No.69098698

None of Elira's actual fans believe she could be at fault because she is always so nice and caring about everything on stream. Coupled with Selen now changing her story to say she tried to kill herself twice only further cemented to the core NijiEN fanbase that Selen is just lying for pity points. All she and the rest of them have to do is just wait out the drama offline for another week and then it's right back to standard operation.

>> No.69098871

Do porn. I'd buy your Blu-ray.

>> No.69098880

She should just stream and act like nothing happened.

>> No.69098908

Gaining pity would be easy. People are already giving her the benefit of the doubt right now by saying that Niji has a gun to her head.
The public sentiment as of now can be distilled down to "japan company bad".
All she has to do is leverage this by claiming she's an unwitting pawn.
Of course, things could get dicey for her when people come looking for receipts.

>> No.69098965

she already is

>> No.69099065

>cant graduate
So i can get terminated?
Turn on facecam with a banner saying #kurosanji behind me

>> No.69099236

She renounced the old 4chan. But if you find the nu-4chan fun and you post here unironically because you enjoy vtubers and enjoy the community then yeah she did nothing wrong to you.

>> No.69099238

cmon elira, do something
i need more comedy

>> No.69099295

I don't think there is any turning her career around, because I'm expecting more to be revealed soon that further confirms she's not as innocent and clean as her image leads people to believe. At best she can continue preying on her die-hard fans who will follow her no matter what, but can you even call no growth potential, no sponsors wanting anything to do with you, and vindictive ex-fans commenting on every stream you do from now on a career?

>> No.69099487

Join a voice acting agency then.

>> No.69099834

Make a tweet that she was decieved, manipulated, and coerced by Nijisanji staff and lawyers to pin her against Selen.

>> No.69099923

Do a variation of the Selen Horse ASMR but for real this time.

>> No.69099988


She would get a good amount of the audience back

>> No.69100013

The English voice acting community is a small world. If she was talented enough to do so, there's still a decent chance she'd be shunned and possibly even blacklisted by some agencieis.

>> No.69100057

naked dogeza then start doing onlyfans

>> No.69100070

>and vindictive ex-fans commenting on every stream you do from now on
You realize permanently obsessed Holobronies already harass the the Niji girls all the time right? She is used to it. She will just be harassed with different words for awhile this time.

>> No.69100267

I let you fuck me in the ass then kill myself.

>> No.69100523

The only way her career is truly over is if all the rrats were true and she ends up serving time for some illegal shit

>> No.69100797

Hadaka dogeza stream

>> No.69100861

naked dogeza NOW

>> No.69100882

CTRL+F "masturbate"
0 results found

If I was Elira I would masturbate in front of a mirror.

>> No.69100961

>Admit to everything
>Stand down as middle manager
>Go on hiatus
>Get some fucking help for the obvious complex she has
Still wont be enough but its a start

>> No.69101050

>Wait for a few days
>Come out and claim that you talked it out with other branch members and finally got to hear their grievances.
>Say that the responsibilities piled on you and you failed to see the damage your behaviour and the behaviour of some of your coworkers might have done to others.
>Explain that your perspective was flawed and that you never meant for anything to happen this way.
>Turning on Selen with the 15 minutes stream was done not out of spite but because of a genuine misunderstanding of the situation.
>Profusely apologise and promise to do better moving forward, as well as stepping down to resume working as a liver only as managing the stress leads to mistakes in judgement.
>Offer heartfelt apology to Selen in particular and wish her the best in her future endeavours.

>> No.69101146

Why would I do it myself when I've got Enna

>> No.69101248

Embrace the fact that everyone now thinks of me as a bitchy manipulative queen bee and rebrand as a heel. Negative affirmations ASMR, go full findom on the whales, catty gossip about coworkers in member streams.

>> No.69101286

>”Over the last few weeks, and these last few days especially, me and my fellow livers have been overrun with emotions, and it may have led some of us to do some things that could come across as dismissive or cruel. Selen was a good friend of ours, but we all care deeply about our Nijisanji family, which is why it was so shocking when we heard about the kinds of complaints Selen expressed. It made all of us very conflicted, and some of us may have let our emotions get the better of us, and lashed out because they couldn’t reconcile Selen’s story with our personal experiences. However, that was an unfortunate mistake, and we now recognise that Selen may have had a different experience from the rest of us Livers at NijisanjiEN, and we deeply apologise for any grief she, and any Nijisanji fans, may have experienced. We wish Selen good luck in any of her future endeavors, and we are recommitted to ensuring that Nijisanji remains a place of fun and excitement, for both our Livers and our many fans.”

>> No.69101291

I can save her and her career.

>> No.69101381

It's too late to save her she reaps what she sowed the best she can do is embrace the bully persona. you have no idea how many people have this kink. also, swap to that pr voice she used last that was hot asf.

>> No.69101483

I would immediately throw somebody else under the bus too.

>> No.69101510

Nah, you're on your own, bitch.

>> No.69101546

>negative affirmations ASMR
god i want to be fat shamed by elira so fucking bad

>> No.69101553

Throw millie under the bus and make it seem like everything was her.

>> No.69101910

If I was Elira I would post my nudes on /vt/ and then post proof it was me before getting fired.

>> No.69101998

Are you retarded? People would ate her alive, ain't no way she could ever return after that.

She needs to protect what little she has of plausible deniability and brace.

If she wants to admit to it, now is not the time. Maybe in 3 months, when she can accompany it with some personal growth bs and how sorry she is.

>> No.69102173
File: 29 KB, 474x478, 4kbt5f4w14215756swd44e4j411u7rt4vb4n8i5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Negative affirmations ASMR

>> No.69102801

But yeah she only needs to actually apologize for the 15 minutes stream and can then feign ignorance on literally anything else, and can avoid actually acknowledging the contents of that stream like the document or whatever by just blaming it on emotional distress. Bonus points if she acts sympathetic to selen but still blames her suffering on not being able to handle the heat. This wouldn’t get rid of the haters and drama heads but it’ll give the fans reason enough to stop worrying about the details because she’s sorry for whatever she may or may not have done wrong, and probably wasn’t actually involved anyways it was just a misunderstanding. Enough time passes and the bullying claims are left to conspiracy theories, while the public just sees it as an unfortunate conflict with inexperienced management that was prompty replaced.

>> No.69102836

>hot as fuck
Her face was pretty plain as a Japanese gal goes.

>> No.69102967

Masturbate ferociously, film it, and then accidentally send it to everyone on my email list/discord.

>> No.69103388

exactly, this is why Niji is defending themselves with such intense kneejerk reactions like absolute dumbfucks
if the rrat got proven real, it is completely fucking over for that branch, ever liver still in it, and will have massive repercussions on the japanese side

>> No.69103599

>As long as you're entretaining
Nyeggers was funny, and it was entretaining how she turned into a tumblrfag
Darksyde Phil is a unique specimen, he is as borderline retarded as you can humanly possibly be, that's fun to watch.
Boogie is a prime lolcow
>What does Elira even have, most of her success within the company has been proven to be rigged as fucked by favoritism

>> No.69103707

Release more receipts until public support turn around. That was Depp did, Amber had the public support before the trial.

>> No.69103727

>Fabricate a legal document
>Release it to the public
This is something Niji would aprove

>> No.69103867

My brother in Christ, outside this website Amber STILL has the public support.

>> No.69104036

I have a feeling that releasing receipits is about the worst thing that she could do
Which would be completely on character for niggersanji

>> No.69104242

>Google Amber heard, go to the news tab

>> No.69104277

Go to off-kai and set up a free-use hole for her, so we can ram her body from behind while the screen shows the elira face

>> No.69104321

all she has to do is start streaming, liberally ban tourists, and forget this ever happened. Selen's misdeeds will come to light eventually and Elira will be vindicated, she just has to hold the line and weather the storm for a bit.

>> No.69104343

>and will have massive repercussions on the japanese side
Lmao no. The Japs will side with Nijisanji no matter what, they already have. They don't give a fuck what the EN branch does.

>> No.69104342

So that means that Elira should go shit on Doki's bed?

>> No.69104356


>> No.69104467 [SPOILER] 
File: 175 KB, 1080x1080, FFuNW1eX0AQvOV6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thinking nijjers are capable of keeping their mout shut

>> No.69104485

Not true from what I have seen here and there. Amber is still hiding herself from public meanwhile Depp has people cheering for him.

>> No.69104582

Or the other way around lol

>> No.69104681
File: 186 KB, 756x901, Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 22-08-29 amber heard - Google Search.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.69104838

i hate women and women defenders

>> No.69104946

Corpo media is not a public

>> No.69105003

You do realize this is /vt/ right? Actually logical responses are punishable by being forced to watch your oshi getting fucked by the mods.

>> No.69105071

Tell that to the jews

>> No.69105090
File: 1.07 MB, 1024x1280, 00165-2936335972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Merge into JP. She'll get enough support there.

>wake up
>-2k on Elira's channel
All is right in the world,

>> No.69105128

that's the rub, I'm sure she wants to try to pull a Rushia and clear her name, but it only makes things worse. Just shut up and wait. Selen will either get exposed in court or off herself for real from the guilt. Elira has to play the long game and she'll be fine.

>> No.69105234

Selen made kurosanji over 1 million USD in 2023.
Moreover, her remuneration was approx 200k because she had 0(zero) sponsorships in 2023, while Elira had 9(nine).

In a theoretical scenario, a lawyer could easily postulate that her actual potential earnings (and thus earnings lost) were considerably more than 200k per annum.

>> No.69105264

Sometimes I see a stupid thread topic and feel pity because I know no one’s gonna seriously humor them and it’ll all just be “She should have sex. With me. My penis”.

>> No.69105346

>no one will give a fuck about the company obliterating 20 percent of it's merch revenue and losing all hope for expansion outside of japan

>> No.69105368

That's not the public. She couldn't post anything on Instagram for six month because of the haters. She still hides herself.

>> No.69105492

>9 sponsorships
>Countless main channel jobs
I hope you saved enough for the legal cost Elira

>> No.69105565

Didn't you read it aloud already though?

>> No.69105574

Aside from the fact that she already eliminated all female livers with high growth potential and Riku can't graduate the clique anymore because that would leave femalesanji EN with just Rosemi and the 3views, this is unironically the second best option for job security she has.

>> No.69105681

doki seems to be the one who is afraid of more receipts being leaked.

>> No.69105713

I storngly doubt Selen will loose in court since she's doing the reasonable thing of listening to her lawyer.
I do think that her offing herself due to pressure is a very real possibility but i doubt that will be aything but a deathsentence to nijiEN

>> No.69105835

>uh why is she still doing ok
some people are unironically into cuckolding, especially japanese.

>> No.69105863

NIJISANJI WORLD is/was already a thing LOL
other than that, godspeed anon, you've got moxie
holy shit that's good

>> No.69106007

lol you're insane, NOBODY who has a brain thinks Amber is the good guy
everyone was on team Depp

>> No.69106108
File: 509 KB, 900x900, 465A49DA7984654FS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Selen's misdeeds will come to light eventually
Shut the fuck up Enna

>> No.69106206

It's not embezzlement, stop muddying the waters. She would have to have access to company funds and discretionary clearance. Managers don't get to actually control payroll flows and internal investment & allocation.

She could be on the hook for Misappropriation of company funds and assets, as well as Trade Secret Misappropriation. Those two are the charges that are relevant, and there's plenty of precedent that covers situations exactly like this.


>> No.69106260

Reasonable fear since niji already did it once against all legal advice.
They could dox her, her friends, and her bullies, all in one retarded swoop

>> No.69106297
File: 366 KB, 475x399, 585.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go live and play a video game. Most of the people who watched her before will still watch her. Seriously for all the shit I've seen vtubers accused of, guilty or not, I can't even think of one that was successfully cancelled.

>> No.69106386

Brainless individuals are the majority of the population in earth

>> No.69106415

>Step 1
>Step 2
STFU even more, at least 2 months
>Step 3
Keep streaming as if nothing happened.

It's this easy. Literally just shut the fuck up.

>> No.69106593

Please provide a reasonably possible request.
We both know that's the one thing they will never do

>> No.69106651

You're asking the impossible, retard

>> No.69106729

Isn't that to save your honor
Hers is long gone

>> No.69106752

I know, and that's why it's so funny.

>> No.69106791

This is the only correct answer, and how actual PR firms handle lost battles like this.
This is what they should have done from the very start, even if they are sociopathic and secretly abhor Selen. It would have saved the branch and they would have been able to moe on.

But no, menheras and tumblr feminists quite literally cannot engage in deductive reasoning and measured deliberation.

>> No.69107041

we've seen how fragile she is. this is never going to stop. she's never just going to get to be happy and play apex again. the shitflinging, drama, niji defenders, haters, it's never going to stop for her. it's going to drive her to despair no matter how much money she makes, every stream is going to be an anxiety riddled nightmare, waiting for grey names to shut on her, gotcha super chats, etc

>> No.69107131

cant graduate? easy
get fired, do a shoot promo
make your boss fear for their life

>> No.69107190

I think she's the good guy because she's fucking hot as hell, and Depp has always been a twat anyway.

>> No.69107214


>> No.69107251

Anon, NijiEN was a hellhole of unimaginable depth and any person prone to depression could be driven to suicide if they were on the wrong side of the clique. I've got to think that being out of that environment and enmeshed in a better support system will be enough for her to turn the page

>> No.69107420

She finally has the means to work on her multiple projects.
Her last attempt was when Anykuro lawyer kept on badgering her with NDA and non-compete clause.
She's in much better place now mentally and materially

>> No.69107494

it wasn't some insane twilight zone hellscape. It's just a fucking job. Don't like your coworkers? boss sucks? quit and get a new fucking job, you don't hang yourself. only a psycho does that. millions of people quit bad jobs all the time with no problem

>> No.69107648

To regain it, maybe

>> No.69107709

This. Women are retarded. It doesn't matter how many positive comments and superchats and support she gets, she will still only ever be focusing on the negative instead. Especially after another week or two when the drama is over and her view numbers start plummeting because nobody cares anymore.

>> No.69107728

Knowing Niji, they are physically incapable of stopping untill the issue has been completely settled, publicly.
If Niji is in the wrong they will self report untill the last NDF with even chromosomes gives up
If Selen is in the wrong she'll just khs and will be forgotten.

>> No.69107851
File: 144 KB, 314x399, 1707247098653516.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shut up about the issue, never mention it again, ignore any dramafags that bring it up in chat, and just continue streaming like nothing ever happened. Let all the drama vultures move on to the next big thing to be mad about in a week or two and just continue on with your streaming job trying to do the best job you can.
You know, what they all should have done from the start.

>> No.69107913

Boards could only tolerate so much of Riku's costly pursuit.

>> No.69108017

She says she didn't plan for merch store until streaming. She tweeted about doki merch in december. Is the cute innocent angel lying?

>> No.69108109

seppuku with my cock

>> No.69108257


>> No.69108261

of course she is. she has to get her store open immediately so could capitalize on the drama viewers while their wallets are still open. nijisanji being a shitty company doesn't make dramabird not a shitty person too

>> No.69108438

He is litterally the lowest common denominator for game designers. You have to appreciate such a unique specimen

>> No.69108507

she was dying off to so this recent drama has brought attention back to her
You watch whenever mikeneko starts to slow down she will fabricate some drama to draw attention back to herself
Probably wont be the level if the last one though

>> No.69108747

Her body isn't.

>> No.69108901

based and true

>> No.69108981

Oh I know all to well about him. Discovered him about this time last year and been following the vortex of shit surrounding him since.

>> No.69111510

This thread's theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExPW6UVkvkE&pp=ygULdHdvIGRyYWdvbnM%3D