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>"No, Selen, you can't release a video with vtubers whose IP we own that graduated half a year ago appearing in it for half a second. Kill yourself, you fucking faggot."
>"What's that, Maria? You're releasing a cover featuring a recently graduated talent? Go ahead, my queen."

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She got perms

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Maria can speak Japanese. That's literally it. Anyone the Clique picks on is unable to speak Japanese.
Also Maria is friends with Petra and Petra is legitimately 1000 leagues higher on the Stacy scale then those Tumblr bitches.

Don't fuck with the Penguin.

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She has Kotoka, Meloco and most importantly Finana backing her up. Also Pomu hasn't joined Vshojo yet

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Got reviewed

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wait, are you telling me they lied?

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>Petra is legitimately 1000 leagues higher on the Stacy scale
>hes doesn't know

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If niji knew what was good for them they would halt all activities by everyone until a full proper internal review was done, otherwise they're going to be shit on for doing anything.

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This fucking loser got viral for singing Tiny Little Adiantum but somehow chose to be a vtuber in Niji.

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the fact that they have to pay out of pocket for these videos and then wait for permission to post from nijiEN is fucking hilarious. I feel so bad for them but also it seems like an incredibly stupid thing to agree to.

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yeah it was already revealed that the graduated talent bullshit was only for selen

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She's probably the best NijiEN at this moment. The only one I keep watching ocasionaly

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doesn't count.

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NijiJP should've axed all NijiEN management at this point, and a ban should have been put about any liver talking about the issue

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Nope, she waited for perms and got them. Selen did no want to wait.

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>>"Your cover includes an ex-liver? Please wait while we check perms"
>Maria: "OK, I'll wait"

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>not even 3L's best song
what did she mean by this

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Zaion was a threat because she could speak japanese and wasn't under Elira's thumb.

Gaslight, gatekeep girlboss.

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>luca's cocksleeve
>best NijiEN
sure thing

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The whole "Elira was acting like a pseudo-manager due to being a translator" rrat is sure picking up steam.

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And other lies Elira wants us to believe

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What perms?

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Perms from the ex-livers to allow their image to be used.
>but muh anycolor owns the IP!
Doesn't matter, they still get a say in how their image is used, even after graduation
>*In accordance with Nina Kosaka's desire, the "Perk Random Sticker" will feature her version even after her graduation.

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Is this "Elira" in the room with us right now?

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Sorry sister, but we've seen the proof that it was actually Mizuchi.

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Selen waited since before Maria was in NijiEN.

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Yasss slay niji sister!

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>We totally asked Nina if we can continue raking in money on merch she doesn't see a cent of anymore and she totally said yes

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how else did zaion bypass her shit manager retard

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Maria was in NijiEN before those livers became ex-livers.

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If it was a lie, she would have called them out on it, since they're saying she told them it was OK.
Plus, why would they even include that line in the first place?

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She literally can't because "Nina" no longer exists.
She could try as Mata but why would she care?
This is just a transparent PR attempt to keep pushing merch even though the talent is gone.

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Was this the song Pomu said she was in that was coming out after she graduated?

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Nigga you know they are mentally incapable of doing PR of any sort.
Nobody would bat an eye if they included her in the sticker releases, because "Anycolor owns the IP and can do what they want with it".
But obviously there is more to it than that, since they went out of their way to put that line in the product announcement.

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They put that line in because some intern asked, "Wait, is it ethical to keep profiting of a vtuber after we graduate them?"
And they said, "Shut up, here we can put this here, now there is no ethical issue."

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>t. Elira

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nah this kinda checks out with me.
fishman said something similar, that he deleted all content of yuri as a promise to never make money off her image again.

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Read the website. It was free stickers. No profit was to be made from stickers.

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>In accordance with Nina Kosaka's desire
I dont see a pattern. Especially mentioning it could just as well mean its a one off or purely done for optics.
Apples and oranges, something directly sold compared to a second in a video.

You could go and buy Selen merch right now btw.

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What does a Nijisanji manager actually do in their day-to-day work?

I'm curious to know what they actually manage, since it clearly isn't projects/covers.

Is the job description literally just "skinwalk on twitter"?

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yeah, she should've sung Candle Magic

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consider that both you and >>69074294 are right

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Perms for what?
Nijisanji owns all the right you retard.

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Read the comment chain.

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Perms from the clique

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just looked it up, what the hell, she's really cute

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You're putting way too much faith in NijiEN management to care about stuff like optics. They haven't cared about optics sine 2021.

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If they do not care about optics why did they shoot themselves in the foot with every step they took with Selen's termination?
Not caring about and being really, REALLY bad at it are different things.

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>You could go and buy Selen merch right now btw
This is the funniest part in all this

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>Perms from the ex-livers to allow their image to be used
nijisanji literally owns their image. if they didn't these vtubers would be allowed to maintain that persona

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You're looking at it from the wrong angle anon.
Now if you're observing it from the angle of the clique's panicking because they're about to get caught with their pants down...

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Probably gave the trash management more than 1 day to review shit

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>selen please wait
she did not wait and it got privated
>maria please wait
she waited and it got cleared

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There is no manager to axe. That's why they put out a listing for a new manager. Elira's been puppeting things this whole time

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Dramabird couldn't wait a few days.

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>"Actually Nijisanji needs permits of the Ex-Livers to put up anything related to them online."
>Nijisanji is selling Selen merch right at this very moment.
The absolute denial of Nijishitters about the immorality of the company they support is unfathomable.

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Selen yourself, bootlickers

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Because they feel the person behind the liver should still have a say in how their image is used after they leave the company. That's just how it is.

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>Nijisanji is selling Selen merch right at this very moment.
Did you not read her termination notice?

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This is clear continuation of the favoritism Selen mentioned.
It's easy to completely fuck someone with bureaucracy.
>Oh you want to post your video? Well you have to wait for us to clear made up bullshit
>Oh we forgot? My bad, let me get back to you about it later.
>Oh we forgot again? Oh I guess it's fine, go ahead and release it.
Just keep doing this over and over to people you don't like and don't do it to who you like.

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It's funny how this is only true in the one specific moment where it fucks over a clique target.

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Courtesy of GURRAT

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Almost like if you wait for management's approval then it will be okay, what a shock.

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It wasn't just "the one specific moment".
>*In accordance with Nina Kosaka's desire, the "Perk Random Sticker" will feature her version even after her graduation.

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Stupid fuckhead making me go and check back what I've already read.

Yes, they said they will continue selling merch with her image.
No, they did not say when they were going to stop.
Yes, they said they would continue RELEASING new merch that was produced in 2023 using her image.
No, they did not say they were going to stop releasing new merch. "Gradual' means absolutely nothing in this context or any other if you don't specify the degree at which you do it.

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even if you ignore literally every rrat that gains more credibility by the hour, and only look at what niji themselves have said, that tweet is still shockingly mean spirited and such an obvious snipe from someone that knows exactly what they're implying

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>NijiJP should've axed all NijiEN management
Riku doesn't seem to know that is even an option since Nijisanji has terrible management but they keep blaming their livers. Considering they never could fix the management problems with the ID and KR branches the outlook is becoming grim for the EN branch.

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This, she actually sent it to management, waited for the ok, then uploaded it. Selen couldn't wait and skipped the 2nd step.

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There would never be any perms.

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>Selen complains about management favoritism
>Retards keep asking why she couldn't just do what the managers said

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The best case scenario is that Rikku personally put a gun to her head, the worst case scenario is that she's fucking all of Luxiem and Noxnyc or whatever the fuck they're called and has basically enslaved all of the rest of the girls on Bajor as Cardassian sex slaves and is also performing a Vicious-style coup of the Black Corpo Crime Syndacite as we seek.

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This is not a 1:1 comparision. Too many different variables at play here.
>Maria already said that Pomu will be in it back in Sept 2023, before Pomu even graduate. Selen's manager didn't know until the final product was delivered.
>The ex-livers are different. We already know that Nina is good to appear because she did in Enna's cover. This is Pomu's first post-graduation appearance. No one knows whether or not Mysta is fine with any appearance. He didn't even appear in other people's cover like Oto no Naru houe while he was still with the company. Even if he is ok, the request likely didn't even reach him before the Christmas deadline passed and Selen released it.

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>nijisister cope

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See this is the really disgusting part for me. Especially considering they were selling voicepacks of her while this shit was ongoing. Like forget everything else, if you're NDF, how can you defend that?

>> No.69081136

It also lends credence that the clique is frustrated and tired of her dragging down the branch and making a scene butting head with managers at every turn. It goes both ways, but at this point I’m still on Selen’s side until actual evidence turn up

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they're all vindictive jealous cunts anon, had they not clearly shit on selen behind the scenes she would not have had to publicly say so over and over

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i dont know why management thought it was a good idea to use Elira's channel, now it's practically confirmed she was involved in bullying her

>> No.69082435

I can't wait for the description to be changed sometime after it gets released just to memoryhole Pomu, like they did with Zaion.

>> No.69082585

All of them can deal with JP managers directly and don't have to answer to the clique puppeteering as managers. It's why meloco and kotoka are off on their own doing JP shit. Pomu is gone and Finana is just along for the ride as she has always been.

>> No.69082694

Also Elira is currently sucking oji lawyer cock in Japan so she can't stop it

>> No.69082800

>i dont know why management thought it was a good idea to use Elira's channel
Plausible deniability in case they decide to throw her under the bus as well. "Uh, no. We never approved this video uploaded on her channel. See how it isn't on our own main channel?"
That or just idiotic thoughtlessness and complete lack of understanding about optics.

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Consider the following: they were originally going to axe this project too but now they are forcing Maria to go through with it to play 3D chess

>> No.69082972

Anyone that worked for a bug company knows they will weaponize the already high pointless bureaucracy if they don't like you or what your are doing rather than say no.

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False equivalence, Pomu actually sings in this one.

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>Implying Njij gives a damn about "ex-livers"


>> No.69083257

Man it's valentines and still no Rosemi....

I miss her....

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What I've gathered over the last few days is, much like prescription pills, some people either don't understand or deliberately pretend bureaucracy isn't a tool that can easily be abused when someone knows what they're doing.

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The thing is, even if Selen was 100% in the wrong about the cover, nobody forced Nijisanji to go full retard with her termination, let alone everything afterwards.

>> No.69083380

Sorry mate, she's in the clique

>> No.69083419

Why do they all have shit names. Every time I see a nijisanji nobody they have a name so fucking awful I assume it's a vt joke. I thought "bandage" was a vt meme for weeks.

>> No.69083482

Selen waited a year while they were ghosting her and refused to answer

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>3D chess

>> No.69083621

>Selen quits because management is purposefully targeting her
>Selen quits because management is so bad that it seems like they're purposefully targeting her
Is one really that much worse than the other?

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>guys this is the best year of my life
>im crying
>from happiness
>1:40 PM · Jan 14, 2024

Exactly one month ago.

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One is incompetence, the other is straight up malice.

>> No.69083898

>Anyone the Clique picks on is unable to speak Japanese.
holy shit

>> No.69083901

Test desu

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I would bet they are euros and north Americans that just lack world perspective. They think the world follows the same rules and patterns in their little gated countries.

>> No.69084132

I mean, she was picked for posting that stupid ass video. "Honorary manager" doesn't sounds that insane now

>> No.69084229

No one will care about her drama anymore, twomad just died. All drama channels will focus on that instead.

>> No.69084314

>"The materials for the music VIDEO were shared for the first time with our management on December 24th."

>> No.69084486

You are claiming that lilypichu is lying

>> No.69084554

Not a vtuber fuck off

>> No.69084559

>zaion was forced to make up excuses for decisions management made
>they made her sell the decision to start a new genshin account as a new and great thing when she was heartbroken
>they made her cover up the suspension in january 2023
what makes you think they wouldn't lie about these kinds of things themselves?

>> No.69084569

???? This is the vtuber board

>> No.69084639

Pomu hadn't graduated at that point

>> No.69084648

Permission from whom? It's their IP, are they schizophrenic?

>> No.69084677

Sorry that all the attention selen got from normalfags will leave.

>> No.69084698

Lilypichu has absolutely NOTHING to do with the music VIDEO

>> No.69084721

Thank fucking god. How about you follow suit and leave with them

>> No.69084787

The company lets ex-livers have a say in how their image is used after they leave the company. That's actually a good thing.

>> No.69084835

>No Enna or the homos
Hey this song might be pretty good then.

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>> No.69084934

Source: your ass.

>> No.69084989

>*In accordance with Nina Kosaka's desire, the "Perk Random Sticker" will feature her version even after her graduation.

>> No.69085043

We literally know they lie in termination documents.

>> No.69085068

One waited for permissions to go through, the other didn't. What's difficult to understand about this?

>> No.69085093

So nothing stopping them from not following it

>> No.69085164

Then there was no reason to include that line in the first place.

>> No.69085210

They asked while she was still in the company, anon...

>> No.69085332

My nigga right here. I was also thinking this.

>> No.69085341

Honnestly the GURRAT is may actually once again be true, no matter how much a fucking schyzo you are you can't beat niji EN at their own game we have to accept it.

>> No.69085356

It doesn't end when they leave the company. Look at the discord screenshot shared on Elira's stream. The manager said they needed to check the perms for the ex-livers, IE ask them if it's OK if Selen used their image in her music video.

>> No.69085444

To me, this feels like they're saying
>we were already working on it before she graduated, it got delayed until after she graduated, and she explicitly asked to keep it instead of removing it

>> No.69085519

>What's difficult to understand about this?
Understanding how are you sisters manage to live without brains.

>> No.69085549

It wasn't delayed, because the branch anniversary falls on the same date every year, and this was for the branch anniversary.

>> No.69085860

Why do you keep pushing this narrative anyway? The cover wasn't the reason she was terminated, it was the reason she was initially suspended. She was terminated because she wanted to quit, collected evidence and got a lawyer which spooked them so much that they terminated her within two hours.

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>”Ex NIJIEN members are also now prohibited from being shown in any form by any member…”

>> No.69086160

Obviously it's Selen's fault for not following the ever-shifting goalposts.

>> No.69086186

>Selen lied again

>> No.69086231

>The materials for the music VIDEO were shared for the first time with our management on December 24th
You're trying to say that the managers never got a storyboard, once, for the music video, in one year?

>> No.69086292

>waiting is a "goalpost"

>> No.69086410

She contradicts herself in the sentence just before that when she says clearly that they only need permission from the graduated liver to use them in new material. The screenshots of her conversation with her manager show that as well

>> No.69086431

>in any form by any member
She meant "by any member whose name is selen"

>> No.69086523

>She contradicts herself in the sentence just before that when she says clearly that they only need permission from the graduated liver to use them in new material. The screenshots of her conversation with her manager show that as well
She said any liver, not graduated.
This means if she wanted for example, enna, in her MV, she would need explicit permission from enna.

>> No.69086536

The sentence before doesn't specify graduated or not, though it also says
>A rule was enforced
Was, as in that used to be the rule.

>> No.69086621

Must have been worried the owners of the Mysta Rias IP AnyKara would sue AnyKara

>> No.69086638

Weird how no one else seems to have any trouble releasing their music videos. It's only Selen, surely this can only mean everyone has it out for her and not that she's just particularly incompetent

>> No.69086665

The discord screenshot from Elira's stream shows them needing permission for ex-livers to, so "any liver" really does mean "ANY liver", be it past or present.

>> No.69086798


>> No.69086874

They own the IP what do they need permission for? Those exlivers didn't sing or do anything with their voice in the MV

>> No.69087089

Ah, right, forgot to feel bad for Pomu today, thanks for the reminder!

>> No.69087239

you know pomu had to cut out like half her last music video and loop parts down to the last minute right?

>> No.69087261

>really does mean "ANY liver"
Every single liver in universe?

>> No.69087279

Because it's the right thing to do. It should be up to the ex-livers if they want their image to be used in any way even after they leave the company.

>> No.69087350

Likely just as a show of respect to the person who played the character. You guys keep going on about how vtuber agencies, and Nijisanji in particular, are terrible because they "own" their talents and don't release their IPs to them when they leave, but now have a problem when they throw them at least a tiny little crumb of control over how their character gets used post-graduation?

>> No.69087389

Correct, everyone from NijiJP, ID, KR, IN, EN, even VR.

>> No.69087457

>Because it's the right thing to do
The right thing to do would be to not drive her to suicide

>> No.69087462

>Tiny Little Adiantum
Wait this was her? So this is like if IRyS decided to go Niji for whatever reason.

>> No.69087487

management are fucking spoonheads

>> No.69087548

>selen submits the video for confirmation
>angrily uploads without permission
>couldn't wait 37 hours

Yah, fuck Selen. Clearly in the company she's extremely hard to work with

>> No.69087573

whom the fuck are you retards trying to fool here? they wasted no time deleting zaion,nina and yugo from all places they could think of

>> No.69087773

Apex master dies
Predator Aster *sighs*

>> No.69087782


>> No.69087786

And there it is.

>> No.69087794

Whats especially funny to me is that Pomu and Selen were the #1 and #2 female livers of the branch. Pretty weird huh.

>> No.69087831

Selling Selen merch is right?

>> No.69087849
File: 518 KB, 694x935, Goodbye.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pomu perms?

>> No.69087853

37 hours was how long she had to wait for a manager to even look at it, apparently. Which is extra silly that no manager asked to see anything about it during the year it was getting made.
Absolute clownshow.

>> No.69088023

or just underage. leafposter here, you pull a random person off the street and you bet they have a story about the time their manager or employer fucked them over for something petty. i can't imagine the kind of person that would go to bat for this company lmao

>> No.69088074

>my company is blowing up, people are pointing guns at eachother and the EN vtuber industry has never been in so much chaos and with so many eyes on it! this is the happiest time of my life!
She would have been such a good fit for HoloCN.

>> No.69088103

>Claims favoritism exist
>Weird how she is claiming to have to issues other people don't have. She must be crazy!

>> No.69088107

Selen probably sent some last minute changes to make the mv more difficult on purpose. Clearly the mv was the issue showing sooooo many stuff that wasn't suppose to.

>> No.69088113

There is no timeline where a manager looks at a production days before release for the first time.
There are so many steps inbetween.

>> No.69088119

No logical human being would think someone would try to kill themselves over having to wait to release a song cover.

>> No.69088157

As if someone benefited from knocking them down a few pegs…

>> No.69088188

Its not about the song you fucking braindead retard its about her getting bullied and harassed for 2 fucking years by management and other livers

>> No.69088268

GURRAT sisters I'm working on an actually cogent write up. Do any of you happen to have on hand the source of the information about EN management leaving to make the NFT company and when that happened?

>> No.69088319

>See? Slenner just couldn't follow the procedures, Maria waited patiently, look she got the OK!

>> No.69088345

imagine if pomu also pulled a selen and uploaded it anyway. what were they going to do, cut off her graduation? She deserved better than Nijisanji...

>> No.69088349

>37 hours was how long she had to wait for a manager to even look at it, apparently.
Yes, and that's not surprising nor is it wrong in any way, because the 24th was fucking NijiFes 2023 so management was busy. Sorry Selen, but the big annual Nijisanji Festival takes priority over a bog-standard song cover sent in at the last minute.

>> No.69088376

>2 years
There's no proof you fucking that. Fuck off you tourist, literally here just to speculate about a lying bitch who's hard to work with

Only thing she's got going for her is the community which has already moved on. 120k to 20k

>> No.69088387

you're gonna build a case for wrongful termination rrats

>> No.69088427

She has BPD! It’s all in her head guys!!! She’s crrazy!

>> No.69088582

>no proof
Says it right in her termination notice that they've been harassing her about "breaking rules" since fucking debut
Rich that the NDF calls others tourists when they spew lies with every single post while shitting on Selen
Fuck off retard

>> No.69088594

I can literally smell when the NDF pile into the thread to try to deflect whenever something looks bad
they're so stinky

>> No.69088619

>Well, we all voted and it's decided that you weren't bullied you fucking bitch. Go make that neck longer.
Great response, Nijisanji!

>> No.69088642

>lying bitch who's hard to work with
there is no proof for that

>> No.69088645

>GURRAT mentioned
Goodbye thread

>> No.69088710

the GURRAT cannot be silenced

>> No.69088711

>120k to 20k
And when was the last time a NijiEN liver had 20k viewers?

>> No.69088719


Holy shit fukcing read

>> No.69088750

I'm pretty sure it was mentioned by Zaion in her post after she was terminated

>> No.69088782

I don't know why the jannies hate it so much but they only seem to be deleting threads specifically about it.

I just want to know the source for the NFT company rrat.

>> No.69088783

Tell that to the jannies

>> No.69088880

Probably because it's trying to doxx the manager, so they're doing preemptive damage control before it gets out of hand

>> No.69089004

best I got from anons was to look in the archive for the twitter of the scam.

>> No.69089010

Basically this, regardless of Niji’s other retardation, this seems to be the part where Selen actually fucked up. You can argue that her actions were motivated by frustration with management and her peers, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t things she could have dealt with better.

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File: 9 KB, 307x138, pinkgirl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And "save me pink girl" literally the next day.
Something fishy definitely happened back then.

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How many viewers does your oshi get nijisister?

>> No.69089098

how is
>ha we found out you are animegirl XY

>> No.69089115

4 livers and 1 deader.

>> No.69089129

Except she does, its music video of cover for her song. If you are saying that managers has asked her for song rights without going to make a music video and having materials for it then you dont understand how production of media works.

>> No.69089157

Literally only NijiEN say she's hard to work with, everyone else says she's easy to work with. I will admit that the way western indies do shit and the way JP corpos do shit is quite different, and I agree - she wasn't a good cultural fit for NijiEN, which is why she should have been granted and prioritized for graduation when she requested it.

>> No.69089203

literally yesterday

>> No.69089220

It's better to have consistent views then a buncha dead subs and grifting views

Lmao, doki is fuxking finished

>> No.69089253

This is actually true, I noticed it awhile ago, those who can speak japanese get favoritism, just like when you join a japanese company outside Japan

>> No.69089279

Perm THIS, bitch! *grabs dick*

>> No.69089292

Found this source https://twitter.com/TheDarkEnjoyer/status/1755902910309835257/photo/1

>> No.69089324

Lilypichu has nothing to do with the VIDEO.
Again, look at the discord screenshot. Management specifically said that the audio was OK. The issue was the art in the VIDEO.

>> No.69089359
File: 8 KB, 1827x215, DaWose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.69089407

No I understand this. I was there from the start and it was a good rrat, but then it turned into a bunch of schizos harrassing some random indonesian girl on twitter based on literally nothing. Schizos ruined it.

>> No.69089485

Except it no longer matters because the case is going to be built on all the other shit going on. That part will be admitted, and then the cascade of all the other incriminating information displaying workplace malpractice would steamroll in an actual trial. Selen didn't break any laws, her cause can be entirely built on intent to harm. Even the wrongful termination/breach of contract bit would prove extremely messy at best due to the leadup of what could be considered Selen's retaliaton.
they're just fucked
they need to settle, fire swathes of EN and management then move on

>> No.69089542

Art of the IP that they own was the issue? Are they schizophrenic?

>> No.69089551

Yeh that was pretty pathetic. The girl was a bootlicker but being an idiot on twitter isn't worth getting spammed with hate DMs

>> No.69089595

Thank you

>> No.69089637

They are retarded. There's a difference.

>> No.69089683

This one is strange, because I can't figure out possible identity of the leaker who can be privy to private discord call specifics. Unless it's Enna bragging.

>> No.69089751

They allow the ex-livers to have a say in how their image is used even after they leave the company. That's actually a good thing.

>> No.69089816
File: 405 KB, 1079x1282, Screenshot_20240119_010607_Drive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So this exonerates Rosemi from being part of the Stacy clique.

>> No.69089820

How many times will this have to be said
They had a issue that Nina and Mysta (who are blacklisted by Nijisanji) were in there
They are openly shitting on nijisanji while in Vshojo

>> No.69089853

kek sure they do

>> No.69089883

>ex-livers to have a say in how their image
>their image
It's not their image it's Nijisanji's image.
Walk into traffic please.

>> No.69089923

Are you retarded? Once again if production was not going to happen they would not ask for song rights.
Minimum required for production is concept of video and storyboard. Telling that materials was shared for first time on December 24th is blatant lie.

>> No.69089944

Oh yeah definitely, I’m just talking about the perm shit OP was talking about. Niji fucked up just about everything else legally, Selen just didn’t go through the proper process to get shit approved.

>> No.69089981

So the issue was never a legal one, it was that they didn't want to give publicity to these specific people?

>> No.69090223

They do.
>*In accordance with Nina Kosaka's desire, the "Perk Random Sticker" will feature her version even after her graduation.

>> No.69090330

People can release a song without a video, you know.

>> No.69090500

I wonder how many times this will have to be said before you get it. Let me put it in a language you might understand

Hinahayaan nila ang mga ex-liver na magkaroon ng say sa kung paano ginagamit ang kanilang imahe kahit na umalis na sila sa kumpanya

>> No.69090554

Yes, i know. Recently listen to worst song released by Elira Pendora, Vox Akuma and Ike Eveland on black screen.

>> No.69090558
File: 680 KB, 1407x2014, GGUTsixbMAA7oRO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.69090630

It's for merch, a thing that's sold for money. Not a video they'd get next to nothing out of by comparison. I sincerely doubt the talent had any say in it despite what that website says.

>> No.69090734

So they need to fax machine to other department of the company to get perms?

>> No.69090739

Because she probably sent it to her manager so she could approve it. Selen did not and uploaded it anyway. Broke the rules

>> No.69090779

Sure she did millie.

>> No.69090811

Then it seems like any smart manager would have asked if the music was going to have a video made when they were working with Selen about permissions for the song.

>> No.69090864

Fuck off millie

>> No.69090953
File: 3.92 MB, 982x982, dokiHeart2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank God Doki never has to deal with Japanese perm autism ever again.

>> No.69090976

>censoring faggot and retard
holy shit fuck off to plebbit nigger

>> No.69091047

If she was just a regular talent then there is no way in hell she'd let herself be the spearhead of that video. She has to at least be some sort of management role

>> No.69091126

That is for the express purpose of sharing it on twatter

>> No.69091127

Daily reminder that Japanese copyright and defamation laws are retarded (understatement)

>> No.69091153

She had no option since Cover took forever to get EN3 going.

>> No.69091215

Im writing a better one that's less schizo, it will be ready by tonight. Keep the faith rrat bros.

>> No.69091322

>Doesn't matter, they still get a say in how their image is used, even after graduation
Cool, tell me more about how Doki totally approved them to keep selling Selen merch.

>> No.69091428

kys lucaschizo

>> No.69091456


>> No.69091494
File: 149 KB, 800x800, 1707471452543517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is bullying. Selen is going to do another "attempt". This might be worse than overlapping a stream.

>> No.69091620

>if a terminated talent cannot speak Japanese, this proves the rrat
>if a terminated talent can speak Japanese, this proves the rrat
ogey sis

>> No.69091688


>> No.69091917

>if a terminated talent can speak Japanese, this proves the rrat
>if a terminated talent can speak Japanese, this proves the rrat
No, Selen was targeted for simply being better than Elira and her merry band of opportunists

>> No.69091951

>We're going to prioritize the well being of our livers.

>> No.69092007

>Maria Marionette
This is not a real vtuber. I would have heard of her. You people are just making names up at this point and pretending they're a real person in Nijisanji.

>> No.69092050

is this the cope people are using now even though they had streams of them flirting in voice chat?

>> No.69092053
File: 670 KB, 909x1031, doki psychosis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>use of the common term for a manager that literally every fan and talent uses, somehow proves something
holy shit kys

>> No.69092193


>> No.69092216

NTA, but I find it incredibly hard to swallow that managements first knowledge of the contents of the MV was when she submitted the final product for approval. I would think a competent company would review the storyboards beforehand, but maybe I'm just expecting too much from them.

>> No.69092254

>*In accordance with Nina Kosaka's desire, the "Perk Random Sticker" will feature her version even after her graduation.
You realize this is just corporate talk for not wanting to rustle more feathers on either side right? I doubt that Nina Kosaka was super thrilled about making Niji more money as she was getting fired. Its more about keeping the darkness of the company under cover by making it seem everyone is amicable in this fiasco. Its the same about people "quitting" their job in these types of companies. More often than not they don't quit because they just wanted to do something else, they quit because it looks better on their linked in.

>> No.69092307

>It's for merch, a thing that's sold for money.
Check the link, it's not sold for money.

>> No.69092312

>implying there is any legitimate reason why an "ok" should be required here
unfathomably retarded.

>> No.69092359

Others use maneCHAN. And regular anon would hardly use manesan either.

>> No.69092417

>Selen's manager didn't know until the final product was delivered.
Because MVs are produced in a day.
Please do the planet a favor and stop wasting resources that could be used by people with an actual brain.

>> No.69092544

No, she got permission and waited. It was probably easier to get Pomu's permission because she was active in the company up until recently.

>> No.69092597

>Because MVs are produced in a day.
They can be, yes.

>> No.69092769

Statement muttered by the utterly retarded

>> No.69092822

There are multiple posts every day that use manesan, because it's what the talents also use.

>> No.69092839

Name one

>> No.69092907

Fans reflect the company they oshi

>> No.69093055

yes, the perms management never bothered to give Selen in a timely manner.

>> No.69093143

Ok, that made me laff not gonna lie. Its also her best viewed live/video and its nothing but a black screen. Niji is finally popping off.

>> No.69093217

>The manager said
The manager clearly made up bullshit. The entire point of the thread is that there is no reason for such a rule to exist. Please try using your brain.

>> No.69093372

None of that matters, retard. The point is that she was punished for it and others do not get punished for it, because it is a bullshit rule that they made up to discriminate against her.

>> No.69093679

>"she did it for attention!"
Even though she meant to never bring it out until they stirred shit again.
>"It's just an overlapping stream bruh"
Dishonest Niji bootlicker. They timed an inflammatory statement with legal implications aimed at her, right in the middle of her stream.
Anybody with 2 braincells to rub together understands what their intention was.
Your gaslighting doesn't have an effect on sentient beings.

>> No.69093715

You do realize its not normal to fire someone just because they got a lawyer. While I'm not an expert on these things, I do have feeling that would make things worse for the company.

>> No.69093766

Oshing a company is about the most mentally disabled concept i can think of.
Though it makes sense, if the NDFs are like the retards who make buying brand products their entire life

>> No.69093880

Not in the middle, right as it fucking began
Both her and us just wanted Neopets...

>> No.69093917
File: 78 KB, 772x525, ESL dekinai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.69094037

discord sister...

>> No.69094050

I normaly am very against the mentality of "if you don't have anything to hide then why are you worring about it"
But if that scared them so shitless they went apeshit within 2 hours it makes them look like they have lots of skeletons

>> No.69094142

They could take it down, you know, like that one member vid

>> No.69094173

Wait wait. Maybe that is true. Maybe the whole delay was because Nina didn't give her perms. THAT'S why she's been so silent against the whole thing. It's all her fault.

>> No.69094261

>tries to call other people tourists and tell them to read
>is a retard with no reading comprehension and barely any awareness of the story
read the rest of the announcement, then kys

>> No.69094338

Yeah, it wasn't like she streamed for ~6 hours and this 15 minutes video happened somewhere during the stream. It was targeted as fuck

>> No.69094533

Yea... same way how its sussy how vox reacted in the 15 min video. If what selen says is true, then his involvement should be minimal in the doc she sent. But he was reaaaaaly offended by something.

>> No.69094540

Anon, are you seriously asking her to wrap your dick around a hot curling iron?

>> No.69094643

At this point, Anycolor has put so many bullets into their own feet that it doesn't even matter if Selen was in the wrong in the particular instance of the cover song

>> No.69094732

Yes nijiniggers are in the wrong overall, but Selen made mistakes like not waiting for confirmation, and secretly recording vox.

>> No.69094734

>Pomu quits
>Selen terminated
>Nina quits
>Mysta quits
>Yugo terminated
>Kyo quits
>Zaion deleted
Surely management has done nothing wrong.

>> No.69094788

She covered her bases that she didn't intend to defame him.

>> No.69094818

Same with Mysta. It was Christmas Eve, so they were busy with their families and didn't check their emails quick enough. Maybe Selen should have waited a few days until they weren't busy with family anymore. Or sent it in a few days prior so that the holiday wouldn't affect things.

>> No.69094933

Wasn't the recording just for a test stream or something along those lines and not anything incriminating?

>> No.69095038

Then why name it in a legal document as evidence of bullying?

>> No.69095058

I thought Maria had graduated last year?? Is this one of those mandala thingy? What the fuck

>> No.69095122

He says, she says. We don't know.

>> No.69095129

Fuck Off Elira

>> No.69095306

Letting the permission issues get to that point with the cover song simple reeks of mismanagement. I don't doubt that Selen broke some rule, but if the managers were unaware of a music video getting made until the day before, that just means the company is a clusterfuck and any rules are selectively enforced at best.

>> No.69095328

because Vox has a double digit IQ

>> No.69095426

Doki was the one to name it in a legal document, not Vox.

>> No.69095534

They already admitted fault. Inventing insane shit like the ex-liver thing and ghosting her for days.

>> No.69095563

>Streamer has recording software on their pc
Even with all the malice in the world i still don't understand how this was even an issue
>Asks for perms before chrimbus
>Company has a proven history of ghosting and taking days/weeks to do their fucking job
>It is now Chrimbus
>Post the video since there is a 95% chance that managment will keep ignoring her untill after chrimbus
And besides its not like the content in the video will cause any problems, not for fans or streamers at least.

>> No.69095583

They weren't unaware of it being made, they were not made aware of everyone who would be appearing in it. Wouldn't be surprised if they asked Selen but she ignored them (again)

>> No.69095656

Vox seems to think there might be something incriminating.
Doki said it was just a test recording, and wasn't meant to be anything in terms of evidence.
NijiEN said that Vox didn't see the full document, so he might have just been told that there was a recording of him, and he flipped out and assumed the worst

>> No.69095677

It's a nice rrat, but ex-talent have no say in how Nijisanji uses their image. You can literally go on the Niji store right now and buy 57 different pieces of physical merch and voice packs featuring Selen Tatsuki-- ya think Dokibird signed off on that during her failed mediation with Niji or is it more likely that they just don't give a shit about the talent's wishes?

>> No.69095735

>Inventing insane shit like the ex-liver thing
Others had to follow the same rule before her.
>and ghosting her for days.
37 hours, during fucking NijiFes 2023, and on Christmas Eve. Sorry Selen, but the world doesn't revolve around you. Maybe send in things earlier next time.

>> No.69095767

>Selen was the one ghosting managment
How the turns have tabled

>> No.69095852

>Wouldn't be surprised if they asked Selen but she ignored them (again)
Like I said, absolute clusterfuck.
Imagine being so incompetent at management that you can't get any details about an ongoing project from one of your talents, and instead of pressing the issue you just shrug and ignore it until it's finished.

>> No.69095958

I don't know why you guys bother coming to this site. You have lost all credibility over and over. Today, you are especially retarded. Tomorrow, similarly retarded.

Lemme know when you have another bright idea like the apostrophe thing. Retard.

>> No.69096012

>You can literally go on the Niji store right now and buy 57 different pieces of physical merch
They're not going to throw away merch that has already been made, they're going to sell it until they're out of stock. And yes Doki is still getting her cut.
Voicepacks have all been pulled.

>> No.69096087

Pretty impressive that Selen made an entire MV in 37 hours.

>> No.69096265

Huh, weird how management could repeatedly send the wrong NDA to the artists making the MV without knowing what is going to be in it. This is like double incompetence, where artists somehow get multiple wrong NDAs sent, the management however does not know what they are sending the NDA for or what they will get from the artist.
Oooook. Honestly, Selen at this point should run the letter agencies in the canadian government. Somehow she can get shit done while completely obfuscating what is happening even to the people directly involved with it. Not even CIA manages that all the time.

>> No.69096380

You do realise that if your post is accurate you addmit the following
>Confirmation that managment had absolutely 0 part in the making of her video.
>Confirmation that Selen has to do 100% of the job at her own expenses.
>Confirmation she just asked managment to do the litteral bare minimum, watch a 3 minute video, check their guidelines and give and ok.

>> No.69096409

see >>69075470 >>69077394 >>69078256 >>69087831 >>69091322

>> No.69096561


>> No.69096690
File: 202 KB, 1100x1000, angy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw the gurrat has nothing to do with gura

>> No.69096720

>37 hours, during fucking NijiFes 2023, and on Christmas Eve.
Japan doesn't celebrate Christmas, and Selen had been vocal about wanting to release the video as a Christmas gift to Dragoons. How has management not been following this project already until the final perms check? Keep in mind we only have Niji's highly selected screenshots that best fit their case, and Doki's been a consummate professional about not sharing receipts all over the internet. Even Niji's own version of events makes the management look hopelessly incompetent for being so slow to respond and so out of the loop about their talent's work, but the reality of the situation with added context like earlier updates from Selen about the project is likely to look even worse for them.

>> No.69096760

Twitfags get what they deserves for using twitter.

>> No.69096795

They graduated. Selen was terminated. There were no terminated livers in the MV which further proves this

>> No.69096895

>Confirmation that managment had absolutely 0 part in the making of her video.
Correct, because it's her own personal project.
>Confirmation that Selen has to do 100% of the job at her own expenses.
Correct, because it's her own personal project.
>Confirmation she just asked managment to do the litteral bare minimum, watch a 3 minute video, check their guidelines and give and ok.
Correct, because those are the rules.
And before you go "noooo that shouldn't take 37 hours!", read my previous post.

>> No.69096909

Why not go show Selen how to do it properly?

>> No.69097008
File: 2 KB, 120x120, pill_1f48a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Baffling post. Please try paying attention to reality instead of the voices inside your head.

>> No.69097037

You think she would have wolf warrior’d like Artia, or would she have gone full Coco defender to keep her job? On the one hand evil bitch, on the other, self-serving bitch.

>> No.69097107


>> No.69097128

Do you want people to send her gore? That's not very nice.

>> No.69097221
File: 273 KB, 500x740, IMG_6789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rosemi….. would never betray anyone.

>> No.69097329

>Japan doesn't celebrate Christmas
It's not a national holiday, but many Japanese people still take time off to spend with their loved ones. And don't forget, it wasn't only Christmas/Eve, but also NijiFes, which is way more important than a bog-standard cover perms check. Selen should turn down her ego a bit and realize she isn't as important as she thinks she is.
>and Selen had been vocal about wanting to release the video as a Christmas gift to Dragoons
Then maybe she should have submitted it earlier. Have you ever been in a situation where you're assigned to work on a project with a deadline, and the people before you take months to do their part, and they only give it to you to do your part with only like 2 days to spare? Shit fucking sucks. People need to learn to respect others time as well.

>> No.69097336

>It’s not the same
They don’t feel threatened showcasing Pomu because she has yet to reincarnate in another corpo.

>> No.69097445

Like shouldn't management have seen storyboards and animation in progress to make sure everything was good? Why wait until it's done to check everything? (Besides a double check of everything coming together) If they didn't see storyboards or wip animation for all the manger knows Selen's mv could have been hentai of her taking a train of sixty niggers set to Last Cup of Coffee.

>> No.69097483

If we believe what Anycolor says about the contents, yes.

>> No.69097552

How in gods name does it take 37 hours to watch a 3 minute video, check the the guidelines, and type 2 letters in discord.
At most this would take someone an hour to thoroughly review and summerize the content of the video, and someone else that know the rules by heart (because its what they are getting paid for) could check if it has any problems within minutes.

>> No.69097631

This is the part that doesn't add up. If the best defense for Niji is that management was completely unaware of the project until 2 days before the release, then that just makes the management seem retarded.

>> No.69097739


>> No.69097738

Doki was the one to say that it was just a recording of a test stream with nothing incriminating in it.
But then, why did she include it in her evidence of bullying.
It's baffling.

>> No.69097781

Please, if you are able, elaborate on what exactly is the part that managment had to do, and why it would take more than a day to complete.

>> No.69097810

Would be kinda hard for a dead person to send anything to her ya know.

>> No.69097874

You understand that if company has 0 involvement/investment in project and takes cut of profit from that project they are fucked up?

>> No.69097931

Learn to read. Manager was busy with NijiFes. Manager needs to sleep after running frantic from 3 days of Nijifes activities prior. Manager wants to spend a bit of time with their loved one on Christmas. Selen shouldn't have waited until the last minute to send it in.

>> No.69098036

That's how it works for all corpo vtubers. Don't like it? Don't become a corpo vtuber.

>> No.69098113

>That's how it works for all corpo vtubers
roru, rumao even

>> No.69098235

She should have tried to follow up. I've waited six days for software perms at work before.

>> No.69098245

retarded faggot

>> No.69098263

Holy SHIT (You) are retarded.
She didn't "mention the recording as evidence of bullying" or "include it in her evidence of bullying". Vox found out about it and tried to present it as something evil she was doing. It's something you would do to build a case but there's nothing to say that's why it was happening. Now Doki is saying she did it for an unrelated reason.

>> No.69098300

>We'll only treat your image rightfully depending on if we feel like throwing you a goodbye party or slander you instead.

>> No.69098375

>waited until the last minute
Everyone knew for months when the planned release date would be and what the schedule would be like. Nothing about this was a surprise. 37 hours is generous.

>> No.69098436

Review every single piece of art in the video to make sure nothing copyright-infringing might appear in it. (you know how some artists like to sneak in Easter eggs)
Make sure all the proper NDAs and contracts are in place for every aspect of the music video (the song rights, instrumental, mixing, artwork, etc).
Make sure that if any other livers appear in it, that they gave the OK to be in it.
Again, when management was busy with more important things like NijiFes, and it was on a day that many just want to spend a bit of time with their loved ones, something low-priority like checking a song cover will get delayed a bit. Should have submitted it earlier if the deadline was that important.

>> No.69098469

>It's not a national holiday, but many Japanese people still take time off to spend with their loved ones.
Sure, and lots of EN Livers make bank hand over first that day with holiday streams. Speaking from personal experience: jobs in entertainment involve unusual hours.
>Don't forget, it wasn't only Christmas/Eve, but also NijiFes, which is way more important than a bog-standard cover perms check.
First of all, only a few EN livers were involved in Nijifes 2023. I get that personnel gets bounced from one team to another to support big events, but the idea that there's no one around to do a perms check is silly. Secondly, isn't this just one more reason to be proactively checking the video ahead of time? It's not hard to send an email to the effect of "hey Selen I'll be busy during Nijifes, can you send me the artwork you commissioned for Last Cup of Coffee so I can check it now?"
>Have you ever been in a situation where you're assigned to work on a project with a deadline, and the people before you take months to do their part, and they only give it to you to do your part with only like 2 days to spare? Shit fucking sucks.
This metaphor doesn't work for the reasons I laid out above-- an employee-manager relationship is not the same as a group project in which the group members are all peers. I manage a small team in my workplace, and it's my job to know what they're currently working on, know the timetable that I/they have identified for that work to be done, and proactively communicate with team members so that they're prioritizing and ordering tasks in a way that leaves everyone with enough time to complete their part of the workflow.
You know what Nijisanji could have shown me to convince someone with my background that Selen was in the wrong? A message from a manager asking about the video that was left on "read." A request to Selen to have final perms check done by the 20th where she just blew through the deadline. I can't imagine why these pieces of evidence weren't shown unless they don't exist, and if managers weren't taking these steps then they were incompetent at best and (potentially) actively malicious at worst.

>> No.69098612

>Everyone knew for months when the planned release date would be and what the schedule would be like.
And everyone knew for months when NijiFes was going to be, and years when Christmas was going to be. Those are more important than Selen's cover. It's all on her for not submitting it earlier.

>> No.69098645

So you admit that managment didn't do their job.
Being tired is not a fucking reason to stop working for 24+ hours
That's not how corporate companies work anon

>> No.69098711

Sounds like a very good reason to check in on an ongoing project before its finished. The art itself (which is the point of contention) was certainly finished before it was all edited together, and even prior to that it'd be possible to figure out if any ex-livers are going to be in it early in the process.

Are Niji managers lazy, or just stupid?

>> No.69098811


>> No.69098877

>"some livers did not want to be in the MV"
>"”Ex NIJIEN members are also now prohibited"

I'm so confused, did Nina or Mysta not want to be in the video?? Or is it just clique manager making up bullshit?

>> No.69098888

They didn't stop working for 24+ hours, they were busy with more important work than Selen. And the managers aren't paid to work off the clock. If they put in PTO, then yes according to how things work in corporate companies, they are off the clock and do not have to work on that day.

>> No.69098889

man i really hope you are paid for this shit or at least automated your retarded timeloops cause holy fuck do you have to bored and retarded to keep this shit going for so long with excuses so flimsy that not even flat earthers would buy into it

>> No.69099087

Yeah, I was going to point this out in my comment (>>69098469) but it was long enough already-- when you're a manager who's first presented with this project, how do you not catch any potential issue with ex-livers when you're first hearing the pitch?
>Ok, so for my Last Cup of Coffee MV I want to include all the Liver's fan mascots as a nice little tribute to the branch.
>Hold on, you said all the Livers. Is this going to include terminated or graduated talent?
>I was just thinking of including livers who graduated on good terms. Why, is that a problem?
>I'm not sure, but I can check.
This conversation should have happened months earlier, and the fact that management was apparently stunned by the appearance of graduated talent is *in of itself* a demonstration of their failure to properly manage.

>> No.69099146

ok Elira don't worry you'll be graduating in the near future and i'll be one of the hate watchers in the chat when you do even if you don't graduate and you just die i'll be at the funeral hate watching

>> No.69099573

And I hope you realize how retarded you sound for ignoring the other things that were going on that take priority over checking a cover. If it was oh-so-important for her to have it out on Christmas, she should have sent it in for checks earlier. No excuse for her not having done so.

>> No.69099686

>no argument
I accept your concession :)

>> No.69099688

I like how you keep ignoring the posts about how management had an entire year to learn about the project as it was in-progress.
You know, actual good management?

>> No.69099796

The manager should have asked to check it earlier. It's their job too. If they're going to be so busy on the 24th why wait for her to post it then and not take initiative and ask?

>> No.69099894

>Review every single piece of art in the video
Fair, but lets put a pin on this*
>Make sure all the proper NDAs and contracts are in place
This is 100% managment job, if it was left undone till a few days before the video release date then its just their incompetence
>Make sure that if any other livers appear in it, that they gave the OK
Not sure about company rules, and don't know enough lore to agree or disagree with this

*Making the NDAs would imply that they got in contact with both selen and the artists and reviewed and aproved the terms of their contracts. This would absolutely include either a description of the contents of the art or even a sketch. There is no way managment would be seeing the artwork for the first time if they actually did their job with the NDAs

>> No.69100016

They knew about the project, but they still need time to check even the final product. Just like in the real-world, if you need to get a project done by the deadline, always be sure to leave sufficient time to fix any bugs/issues that pop-up during the final check.

>> No.69100120

Again, this is not how management works-- if your employee comes to you with a target date for a piece of work to be done, so long as they give you plenty of advance notice for that date it's then YOUR job to identify complications that might arise and instruct them to complete tasks in such a way that these complications are avoided. Like I said in >>69098469, it is a HUGE red flag to me that the Slack messages Niji leaked never contained any manager asking Selen for a perms check at an earlier date or even just checking in with her about the project's status and being ignored. That's not how any of this works-- you can't fail to manage and then turn around and blame the people you're in charge of for your own incompetence

>> No.69100137

Because it's not management's job to pressure Selen to finish the project faster. It's her project, she follows her own schedule.

>> No.69100198

>They knew about the project, but they still need time to check even the final product
And yet the issue that was sent back was permissions for ex-livers, something that should have already been known if the project had been checked weeks before.

>> No.69100324

Didn’t Yugo technically “graduate?” Was >he in the MV?

>> No.69100326

That's not pressuring to finish. It's asking about art assets to check for anything that needs approval.

>> No.69100488

>t is a HUGE red flag to me that the Slack messages Niji leaked never contained any manager asking Selen for a perms check at an earlier date or even just checking in with her about the project's status and being ignored.
Because Selen is the one who sets her own schedule for her own tasks, not management. Selen should have built perms checks into her schedule to avoid any last-minute perms issues.

>> No.69100584

These last few posts make me realize that NDFs are just not humans, at least not like you and me.
And that any interaction with them besides the amusement of seing a funny animal is a waste of time.
Now that i've learned this i will do better in the future when interacting with NDFs

>> No.69100645

The rule for checking perms for ex-livers existed before this cover. Selen should have submitted the artwork with the ex-livers for a perms check ahead of time. Management doesn't know what Selen doesn't give them to check.

>> No.69100653

It's management who handles perm checks, so management should know to insist on perm checks.

>> No.69100705

Yes it fucking is. They're management. They should have been aware of every step of the way. This isn't Selen making models in her garage. She is going to post this on her Niji channel and asking to review WIP and helping their talent is their damn job. If not then what are they managing?

>> No.69100741

yep, the fact we don't have anything else from their correspondence seems like a cover up for bad management.
if there was evidence of selen failing to communicate with management and not the other way around wouldn't they want to include that in the leak?

>> No.69100768

>Management doesn't know what Selen doesn't give them to check.
And if they were competent, they would be proactive and ask.

>> No.69100832

>"Hurry up with your personal project, Selen! Finish your personal project faster, Selen! Stop making us wait on your personal project, Selen!"