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>Doesn't monetize her stream to flex on Nijisanji with all of her money

The lion, the witch, and the audacity of this bitch.

I like the cut of your jib, bird.

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>my friends

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>niji is 50/50 on crashing this part, too
fuck's sake, i don't even like apex but i feel obligated to watch

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Yeah, desu I fuckin hate watching apex but imma tune in anyways

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she's a god at pitybaiting and overall good PR, niji should learn from her

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she has got to be doing this on purpose, kek

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What are you on about?

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Take your bets on which nijien talent is gonna have a surprise video popping up right as soon as her stream starts

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Nope, nips are asleep right now. They'll crash Doki's Arkham Asylum stream because they know her fans are really looking forward to that one.

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She's been using the suspension apostrophe on all her tweets ever since leaving niji.

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>oh fuck quick Elira and Millie get on apex and hunt her ass

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She's a boss

Reminds me of Ironmouse. What is it with uh "stocky" girls? I dated a fat emo girl in high school and she was even physically strong for a girl. No one fucked with her but she was still liked by the other weirdo girls. I guess maybe it's just that they know she could just sit on them and kill them. Fat bitches become mob bosses in their ecosystem it's quite fascinating to behold

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She stopped phoneposting?

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Why is she playing apex instead of posting receipts? the lack of transparency from her is getting suspicious.

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Thank you NDF agent, 0.02 JPY have been deposited in your account

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Those things take time and her lawyer is probably revising everything before it's ready for a public statement, dramaniggerchama

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>crash Doki's Arkham Asylum stream
What are they going to one-up her and stream Niji HQ?

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>He thinks shes going to show her hand on fucking twitter
Jesus christ how fucking dumb can nijiniggers be?

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Well, considering that black screen stream yesterday...

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>I wont monetize this video/stream

Damn she is fucking good at pandering to white knights. Just the gesture of it after receiving 400k last stream will keep them loyal.

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>Nijisanji monetizes their bullshit "statement"

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No, she's doing it to avoid troll superchats from NDF obviously

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>in 2024

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Yeah, on court.
Not on social media for everyone to see and Niji to make a simple counterargument "you're wrong and i'm right", again.

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use rosemi/Petra to dox doki

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All this means is whether it's a phonepost or a battlestation post. Obviously the managers were incorrigible phoneposting retards who probably couldn't understand the apostrophe thing with a full explanation anyway.

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>white knight
wow Anon that sure is insulting coming from a swine corporate bootlicker drone

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If retardation needed a picture you'll be the perfect example.

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Ironmouse is fat?????

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Heard she used to be. Obviously not now. But just like being a fat guy, being a fat girl is a spiritual thing.

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Seeing doki and nijisanji go up against each other is like seeing a master of pr going against a amateur of pr.

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Yeah good idea. Just have Rosemi walk to Selen's house and eat an MRE menacingly.

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It’s a shame that the managers are probably too retarded to understand that they are being mocked.

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Based but EA is probably going to cut her a check.

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Tin foil hat - Kurosanji monetized the situation, so she's going to retaliate by not monetizing. She should even stream over collabs when it happens.

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You should try doing what doki couldn't.

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How is a menhera doing better PR than a billion dollar company?

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this is true. changes your perspective on everything permanently.

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>Doki turns of monetization
>people spam memberships and member gifts
you know some of you guys are alright.

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Maybe the company was the menhera all along

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>fucking over a big soulless corporation is whiteknighting
Theres nothing more pathetic than defending a fucking corporation. Even a cuck has more selfrespect than you.

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Why does she laugh at every single thing? can't she talk like a normal person

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No way they’d be retarded enough to do that twice, right? Especially after yachtman himself is aware of this clown show in EN.

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mental health does funny things to you
she will never be normal again

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shill post. possibly Doki herself.

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twitter clapbacks actually HURT your on-going legal cases, much to contrary belief of zoomers

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Please fucking go back to Twitter and stay there, you stupid Twittard zoomer fuck.
God I hate you all so much. I hate this boards existence because all of you shit cunts flooded in here from Twitter.

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no no no she has to break NDA so we can have a reason to be mad
is her not #clappingback not suspicious to anyone else
if she doesn't make a retarded move how will my poor~ corpo survive :(

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you should work for Nijisanji anon.

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The apostrophe rrat was most likely false. I'm sorry, anon.

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>my friends
It's a dig at that cunt elira for the time she told her viewers they were subhuman paypigs, not friends. Doki is acting on 200D gigabrain chess in the good timeline outmaneuvering those idiots by simply realizing it's all the fan support that pays her fucking bills.

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>Why isn't she representing herself in court?


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Utterly based.
With that mindset you should work for Nijisanji and further drive it into the ground.

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It's an investment. She's converting short term drama donators into long term gachis with her 'selfless' act.

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I didn't watch her as Selen, but she's kind of cute, very glad to discover her.

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Livestream them reading her legal documents from the yacht

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cuckgoons are so stupid. she turned off SC so she didn't get spammed with anti shit post ones calling her out for her bs. She's rich again from all her pity money so she doesn't need SC for awhile, wasn't worth the risk and it makes her look le heckin wholesome.

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the only thing worse is propping up a lunatic who takes a suicide for tons of money

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This is classic pitybaiting. She already made hundreds of thousands of dollars shilling her merch. Not monetizing one video is hardly a sacrifice to strengthen her point.

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It's so nice hearing her laugh again. Top 5 vtuber laughs

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Damn my oshi is smarter than I thought. Just another reason to love her, I guess.

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>posting receipts?
this is a legal matter now, if they are smart they're gonna hold onto whatever proof they have and us it in court, not discuss it live like the three stooges did.

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Didn't she say she would yesterday?

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Before talking to lawers. And they may want to add stuff to it now that niji decided to be more stupid than expected.

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Do people not think she wasn't hospitalized? And that the hospital band she wore meant nothing?