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Can we stop defending this two-faced bitch now?

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the only ones that defend her are sisters, and they're not going to stop just because you asked

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We aren't NDF though

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Sure, now let me rape her

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dramafags smelled the blood, it won't stop anytime soon

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Couldn't handle being eclipsed by the autist playing apex

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I never liked that cunt either and expected that she was the clique's leader. Glad this yab vindicated me after so much ass kissing that Elira got.

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Was she korean?

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Look, I don't mind your dramas but leave PIKL out of this

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Sorry man, but Riku had no issue shooting Ember and dumping the body in a dumpster.

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Elira is so fucking hot, bros.

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No wonder they never collabed lmao

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Now? From the beginning I said this whore and Rosemi Lovescocks were the bullies.

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she sure is https://files.catbox.moe/gluci2.jpeg
me at the bottom btw

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>she turned out to be the worst one

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She could be purposefully making a bad PR stunt to burn nijisanji EN to the ground, so I count at least three faces

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Me on the left

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I find it ironic that the company that shat on idol culture the most exhibits the most negative aspects of idol culture when the chips are down. They were so scared of the gachikoi boogieman that they completely missed the talent exploitation, instead they just alienated what would be the staunchest defenders during this time.

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I never did

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I have no idea if she did anything wrong or not. I don't like the idea of jumping on any scrap of information just to cancel someone. But that video they put it was a very very bad idea. It does make them look good at all.

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She was named as one of the bullies

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Doki named her?

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Elira named herself lol.

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Elira revealed that she got hold of Selen's legal document, then revealed that she, Millie and Enna's personal information were on the legal documents, complaining of "doxxing" when she wasn't supposed to have access to it in the first place.

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So she wasn't named.

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She said that her, Enna, and Millie were listed in Selen's complaint.

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She was given access to the document (wrongly) as she was named on it, sis

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>Document contains information about situations where she was harassed
>This includes the real names and adresses of Elira, Millie and Enna, indicating that they are the people involved in the situations of harassment
lmao simp

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So Doki's word would be believable, as opposed to Elira's? I agree.

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I will ABSOLUTELY defend her right (read: obligation) to pleasure my cock while speaking to me in that disappointed, scared monotone voice. That's the only part of the video I bothered sitting through multiple replays of as others were covering it.

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Yes, if Doki's word is more believable than speculation. I don't understand why that's a controversial position to hold.

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I will keep defending her. Also I will keep attacking her and playing both sides to keep the discussion going.

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Since the board is going to be on fire for a while still I'll just use this opportunity to ask a very important question.
Do people with average or larger than average dicks love evil women? I'm pretty small and ever since this whole shitshow started I've been jacking it to enna and millie daily. Just the thought of them stepping on and laughing at my tiny penis is enough to get me dripping with pre-cum. I don't think this is mentally healthy but I just can't stop, especially now with elira in the mix.

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are you a nijiniger?

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how retarded is she to firmly believe she's going to get doxxed through public records stemming from litigation? wouldn't they scrub her legal identity and residence because she's vulnerable?

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but i can't stop nutting to her!

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That fucking voice, man. 100% sexo

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The yab aside, I would cum inside this bitch.

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Why is it always the people who like xenoblade who end up being fucked up

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me off screen ready to go next

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What if they were involved on Selen's side? Or as a neutral party? What if all their involvement is one DM to Selen?

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I don't like evil women, but I do like smart women. If this turns out to be some elaborate plot by Elira, then maybe I'll be a bit turned on, but right now she's just too evil and too dumb for me.

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Almost no one was or is defending her

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hey i held out hope that she wasn't involved all the way up until the video
but i'm done with her ass, no matter whether she gets terminated or reincarnates or what.

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She was my oshi for years, mang. I never knew about the rumors til this shit started to surface cause im too busy all the fucking time to read every fucking thing. I was in shock and disbelief but was waiting for any word from her. This is the worst timeline. I was a victim of workplace bullying in the past and dealt with that shit for several years in a women dominated field, and had to quit and work independently so I highly empathize with Selen. But i feel this sense of emptiness and betrayal from Elira, i guess I was much more attached than I realized.
What do? Anyone else get betrayed by their favorite?

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I'm sorry, I literally was defending her yesterday in another thread .
I'm so fucking sorry.

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>Anyone else get betrayed by their favorite?
My oshi is Mori, so no.

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I don't know that feel

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ask twitter trannies

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fuck off

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Way too brown
Author needs to learn how to color males properly

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>management makes her read a script which implies that she, Enna and Millie are the bullies that pushed Selen into the corner

She is probably seething right now

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What the hell is it gonna take for people to stop meatriding the talents and realize "Yeah maybe the livers are at fault here."

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My oshi was Selen, so not really. Hope you'll feel better eventually though, and that you find a new oshi that will bring you joy.

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>blaming management entirely
She could have refused, but she even chose to do it on her own channel. Even at gunpoint she should have refused. It's her fault and I'm glad she already lost 15k subs.

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Yea I dont understand how people side with her.
I believe she was trying to prolong and avoid graduating for funds

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Nothing, it's always corporation bad at all times. Twitter femoids will NEVER entertain the possibility of a woman being in the wrong.

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You two options in her position. Refuse and get sacked - which means being indie again and having zero chance with another company after all those bully allocations - or be a corpo bitch and hope that she and niji EN will survive this

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I'm average and I don't particularly like evil women/femdom, you might be onto something.
How do you feel about yanderes btw? I really dislike them, personally.
Also, I misspelled yanderes as yabdere, and it made me wonder if yabdere can become a thing in the chuuba world, eg Rushia

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Then their statement yesterday would make no sense. Anon turn off the copium valve you're actively hallucinating. Stop.

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Maybe stop following corpo whores and check out indies.

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Only if she invites me to fuck her on her eventual JAV debut

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>Niji will sack you for refusing to make a public statement on matters that don't actually concern you
Yeah that sounds legit dog, maybe take your head out of your ass before talking.

Literally all you need to do is
>Sorry my dog is on fire and I need to water my fridge ttyl.
And what the fuck are they going to do? Bully her out of the company... :^)

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This is it. Take the bullet for the company and we'll keep you on and take care of your legal obligations - generous, considering you deserved it. Want to leave? Fine by us, have fun dealing with Selen's lawyers and the court of public opinion.
That's what I thought. Hand over your passport.

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It makes less sense if they're against Selen
>let's make a video where I incriminate myself and 2 other people who aren't even present in the stream and possibly didn't agree to reveal that they're in the case at all!
What was the goal?

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This is hotter than I expected.

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I will defend her. I 100% believe in Elira.

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>muh contract
>muh all powerful nippon corpo
>muh work visa
>no she has no family or friends to bail her out
>no she has no emergency funds
>no she has no skills or education
>literally no other jobs exists out there for her
>what embassy?
>t-trust me guys she had no other choice!

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It's meant to be degrading

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Anon it's a hit piece, what the fuck do you mean "what was the goal"? Are you as retarded as the talents here? It's a literal continuation of harassment they were doing while Doki was part of the company, why the fuck do you think they timed this announcement specifically when Doki just started her first real stream? Nothing was stopping them from waiting until after Riku made his announcement, would have given them time to double check with actual lawyers too, but they rushed this to try and disrupt and harass.

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yeah i think elira saw the writing on the wall, she was absolutely one of the bullies and maybe even the ringleader.
when she saw the legal docs and realized if she left the company now she would have to pay for her own lawyers and still get taken to the fucking cleaners.
no one innocent would have done that video, her and niji know she's guilty and they have to stick together at this point. niji gets a scapegoat and elira gets her legal fees paid for.

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that's fucking dumb. now the whole world knows who the bullies are

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>what the fuck do you mean "what was the goal"?
You dense? They could've slandered her without also incriminating themselves. Leave Elira's part out and you just have exactly that. So what was the point of Elira pointing at herself and going "yeah I'm the villain here" when she just as easily play a victim like Vox or Ike?

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>which means being indie again and having zero chance with another company
I don't think being an ex-niji that read documents illegally to defend a black corpo and her bully friends will look good when looking for a new place.
Abandoning them would, and a bunch of hands would actually extend to her regardless of if it's as indie or corpo.

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Don't Vox and Ike have like double the amount of subs Selen did, feels weird that people are arguing that it would have killed their careers if they told management to go fuck themselves

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That is true if Selen wasn't suing her, Enna and Miilie.
If she was just an innocent bystander she should have fucked off like Pomu and Kyo the moment Selen got hospitalized.

>> No.68943051

>a bunch of hands would actually extend to her regardless of if it's as indie or corpo.
If she's involved in a court case concerning harassment I don't think it'd be that many. You even assume she'd want anything to do with vtubing ever again after this. The damage might be done either way and only one choice leads to her having at least someone to defend her.

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Time for a small corpo oshi, this famous bitches who got the lottery ticket to get a big audience are nothing but bullies and whores

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Actually might follow her as an apology, but I don’t like fps shit. Neopets sounds fun!

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Neither competence nor good judgment should be assumed to be a given.

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>defending the person who the clique is literally named after

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They doxed themselves, leaked private DMs, and sullied their reputations to defend a black company. This level of retardation is astounding. Hopefully Doki cleans them out in court.

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She cute tho
I hope this situation leads to an increase of rape/punishment porn

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>never know about the rumors
Dude she had skeletons come out right after debut with the commie literature shit.

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so far >>68937572

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>Talents do something monumentally stupid
>"But why would they do something that's also incredibly stupid???"
Anon. Sincerely. You're a fucking idiot. There is a mountain of evidence that these people are dumb as rocks and you're asking why they'd do dumb shit? These are the kind of sycophants that truly believe they've done nothing wrong.

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Why are co-workers confronting other co-workers about business related to the corporation? That's not their place. Hopefully Selen told them to fuck off and mind their own business.

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>you're asking why they'd do dumb shit
Yes because there has to be a reason. Saying "they're just stupid" is admitting you have no idea what's going on and don't want to understand.

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Elira does not lead the clique, she was just the one who got her foot in the door first and held it open for the others.
Also, this fact is a irrelevant to the selen drama at this point because elira is still very much part of the clique. People were hoping that elira was not involved with the bullying even though enna and millie were obviously involved, but at this point it is clear that she is.

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The difference is that early on people just assumed that she was a failed normalfag but hoped that actually a sweet person deep down. What happened last night changed everything, knowing that she was one of the bullies and that hosting the video on her channel, having the gal to claim that "her life in danger" over some legal document that no one else outside of NijiEN or Selen has remotely seen, its mindblowing.
The worst part is how this whole situation now raises questions about every single talent still involved with NijiEN, or were even involved with NijiEN in the past. You can't not come to the conclusion that the vast majority of them could be horrible people now.

I don't know if it was double Selen's subs, but they definitely had double Elira's subs.

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>Every human bean is reasonable and rational and knows what they're doing and are doing it for good reasons all the time
Buddy. Why are you trying to be the biggest idiot in all this? They do dumb shit because they're dumb you imbecile, they think they did nothing wrong despite it being incredibly obvious to anyone with half a wit, but we again have mountains of evidence that they can't even muster that.

Seriously go fucking grab a piece of paper and write shit down before you post so you can hopefully catch yourself writing down incredibly stupid shit and stop before you babble more nonsense.

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nta but I remember she was my least favorite of the 3 when they debuted. I think the most damning thing though was when everyone started calling her "daisenpai." That made it feel like she definitely was scheming up something.

>> No.68944566

Just say you're a dimwit and have no idea.

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The non meme answer is even if she wasn’t among the bullies, she lives in Japan on a work-visa so Niji effectively has the power to deport her if she doesn’t cow-tow to management.

>> No.68944783

>having the gal to claim that "her life in danger" over some legal document
This is the part that gets me. Was selen not supposed to know her address or something? They are supposed to be friends, right? Like, the nijis offcollab at each others houses and shit. They mail each other gifts all the time. How could you be surprised that selen writes your home address in a legal document?

>> No.68944803

What gets me is the timing. There is no excuse for them to release that hit piece when they did unless they were specifically targeting her stream hours, and you don't do shit like that unless you're a complete piece of shit. There is no excuse, no recovery, you have to be completely insane to try and assert this was just some normal press release kind of thing.

>> No.68944883

K. You're a dimwit and have no idea, and the fact that you walked right into that is proof.

>> No.68945036

>She's somehow incapable of just giving a bullshit excuse and not playing along
Nah. Bullshit. Only retards would actually believe this.

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>now the whole world knows who the bullies are
Most People already knew, this just means the NijiEN fans know now too.

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Elira makes my dick hard and doki doesnt so im on her side
Its that simple sorry

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I legit don't see how this is a big deal. Every time slot has multiple streams going on, sometimes branches cross-stream over announcements of each other, who cares? Is it a chinese thing?

>> No.68945221

Last time I checked I'm not part of NDF

>> No.68945229

Based and same

>> No.68945264

>everyone started calling her "daisenpai."
That's how vtubers call their OGs, EOP, doesn't even have to be your company's.

>> No.68945308

If you believe the allegations you have to hate Elira for being a bullying bitch. If you don't believe the allegations you have to hate her for naming names and throwing Enna and Millie under the bus like that. There's no way she looks good to anyone except the most delusional simps at this point.

>> No.68945314

Quit pretending to be retarded.

>> No.68945410

Because she tried to play the victim by saying "Look Selen is trying to doxx us, please feel bad" without thinking that incriminate them as the bullies Doki mentioned.
She's just retarded, not that hard to understand.

>> No.68945436

It would be one thing if they posted it earlier in the day or posted it a while after Selen's stream, considering that NijiEN's talents have been known to stream across a wide range of time zones. To post that video at the same time as Selen's first gaming stream in ages meant that there was a conscious decision from both management and the talents to target her and hopefully make an example of her.

>> No.68945444

>You have an army of streamers and different channels
>A person you're in a legal battle with is starting a performance at a specific time lasting about 3 hours
>You decide to do a coordinated hit piece at exactly that time
>"Hurrrr durrrrr what's the big deal"
Jesus fuck dude I sincerely hope you're like 12 years old to be this fucking retarded.

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i can't wait for someone to reveal that selen is completely mentally unhinged and is literally making shit up

>> No.68945520

Have you guys considered that Elira was being forced to read off a script and just wants to keep her job

>> No.68945569

Why would you assume this correlates to the size of your penis? Were you bullied growing up? Did you have a difficult relationship with your sisters or your mother?

>> No.68945680

It was obviously targeted but hardly a big deal. So what she lost a few viewers because of it? Who the fuck cares.

>> No.68945705

Yes. And I regard anyone who seriously believes that as utterly mentally deficient. It's obviously something they coordinated with corpo but there is no shortage of excuses you could give them if you don't actually WANT to do it.

>> No.68945710

I was a rirocon day 1, i got worried when she started pandering to coomers, but I just ignored it because it's just how they do business in Idol. Her other streams were entertaining.
Needless to say I don't watch the kikes anymore.

>> No.68945720

nope, I'm on her side now. As the saying goes, "If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole." Literally everyone there says Selen is in the wrong, bad PR doesn't matter to me, the truth does. Elira will be vindicated eventually.

>> No.68945788

>for an entire year, everyone calling her the clique leader who shouldn't be trusted
>literally no evidence for this except a few accusations
>she suddenly comes out and confirms it all

>> No.68945844

>Person gets harassed to the point where she attempts suicide
Bruh. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you? Even without the whole suicide shit it'd still be disgusting corporate harassment you fuckwit.

>> No.68945898

you're all braindead

>> No.68945927

Go to bed Elira. Nobody is actually this stupid.

>> No.68945981

Individuals have value which is not the same. The value of Selen is much higher than the rest of that bed of snakes.

>> No.68946031

But many independent people who worked with niji claim that the company is shit. Only niji affiliates claim that selen was an issue

>> No.68946046

What do the say about 'if you punch someone in the face in the morning, vs. if you punch someone in the face all day'?

>> No.68946054

>bad PR doesn't matter to me
It should since it matters to the rest of the world. You can't ignore the consequences.

>> No.68946058

There is no proof of bullying. I think Selen played it smart, Niji stepped up and she basically went with what they said that could look the best for her. She heavily implied there was bullying after all. So lets get our fact straights: No one knows if what Selen claims is true. Livers were told she was gonna put them in danger because the law procedures could be made public with their names and addresses on it. They also noticed she had manipulative behavior and was also going to throw them under the bus. I hardly believe everyone but Selen is right. I also strongly doubt Elira is a bully or would protect bullies. Elira stood by Nina and Pomu and supported them when management fucked up, they also really respected her and showed great care for each other. It doesn't make sense for them to act like that if Elira was siding with management or if she was a bully. There is more to everything that what we can see at surface level and I am sure Elira is doing what she feels is right without malicious intent.

>> No.68946128

You'll still be saying theres no proof even if they are presenting it in court
You are a lost cause

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They probably feel like without Nijisanji they're nothing, and all the fame that Luxiem brought them, so they probably feel like putting their careers in risk for them yes. With a hefty dose of manipulation by Elira (who is apparently a very talented manipulator) and you easily have two pawns

>> No.68946209

That was a possibility, or at least was what people hoped for early on; that all three talents were held up at gunpoint and were forced to make an example of Selen.
But being implicated in the ongoing legal case raises questions, because its also just as likely that she went to her manager and asked if this was a smart thing to do. And after everything that just happened, you can barely trust any talent in Nijisanji EN to be innocent anymore, whether they're still at the company or if they were with them in the past.

>> No.68946237

I have an asshole. Does that count? I even took a poop twice today!

>> No.68946242

No retard. NijiEN livers as a whole knew what they were going to say and supported their message, she didn't throw anyone under the bus, she put a giant target on her back to protect everyone because no one else had the balls to speak up for themselves and no one was going to volunteer their channel for the hit piece.

>> No.68946254

With the way she was fake-crying? Nah she's putting her heart and soul into it

>> No.68946301

Why are Elira and others confronting Selen about damaging the reputation of the company? Why are they now doing the (bad) job of PR and legal departments and further exposing themselves to criticism and possible litigation? They should have fucked off and minded their own business.

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>> No.68946360

Claims are not necessarily the truth. People are innocent until proven guilty, you guys are making them guilty without any proof.

>> No.68946366

>There is no proof of bullying.
You mean beside the documents they were talking about? Also even if that were true, after yesterday there is now 100% absolute proof that there was bullying. There is nothing else you can call that ridiculous hitpiece right when Dokibird started streaming.
>No one knows if what Selen claims is true
Except of course the people involved. And they just publicly outed themselves. So yea. We know.
>I also strongly doubt Elira is a bully or would protect bullies.
Anon. She literally JUST took part in bullying someone who recently attempted suicide. What the fuck are you on?
>It doesn't make sense for them to act like that if Elira was siding with management or if she was a bully.
???????? What the fuck am I reading? Are you OK??

>> No.68946374

What r u gunna do bout it huh? Das rite. Nuffin

>> No.68946393

Okay, but she has a sexy voice and massive tits.

>> No.68946463

We have known who the clique is for a long time. They confirmed it all.

>> No.68946467

They're not defending Niji. They are defending themselves. Either because they have information we don't or because they were fed wrong information.

>> No.68946485

t. Mac

>> No.68946528

Cope and Seethe

>> No.68946539

>Without proof
You mean beside the outright demonstration + confession they just made?

>> No.68946576

>don't dig for the truth
>elira makes a video digging for the truth
who do i believe

>> No.68946584

Don't care, she's hot.

>> No.68946605

>defending themselves
They need better lawyers because all they did was implicate themselves while bootlicking Niji.

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>Finana seeing that she is the most favorable lazulight now

>> No.68946654

At least your oshi wasn't rushia

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>> No.68946679

Nah, that'd be the Rosemi leaks. Soon.

>> No.68946700

sisters, make up your minds

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>> No.68946736

Vox confirmed the harassment friendo. If I'm having a tiff with management I don't need a dozen coworkers to start spamming me with messages talking about how badly I hurt the company. If this is normal, which given how Vox was so chill about it it probably is, then there's a history of harassment.

>> No.68946764

You should realize that Elira has presented a nice approachable neet girl persona to her fans while she was a bitch behind the scenes. That means that Selen has presented a haha bitch persona to her fans and she was also a bitch behind the scenes. They are all playing a role. You should never have feelings for the actress behind the avatar and you shouldn't give your money to her because you think she is the character she plays. You should only give money if you enjoy the performance and you know she is performing. That is the only way to have informed consent in this wallet rape industry.

>> No.68946815

Are you retarded? What you said makes no sense because you blindly wanna take Selen's side. I feel sorry that Selen attempted, but that doesn't mean I have to take everything she says at face value. Whatever she claims, be it in public, or in documents, needs to have irrefutable proof. Legal claims are not necessarily proof, it still needs to be verified. All of NijiEN, or at least, most of them agreed to what Elira, Vox and Ike said. People who have all right to hate Nijisanji and management stood by Elira's side until the end. Wtf would I just accept your fucking stupid narrative? Think about things a little bit, stop being emotional.

>> No.68946916

Oh yeah, the clique. The clique that is so real that the person Elira helped the most is the one that hearted a "Kurosanji" comment, that sure makes sense.

>> No.68947014

Confessing to what retard? That was no confession, thats just them saying there are legal matters. One thing doesn't equate the other, your leap of logic is insane because you just want to defend Selen.

>> No.68947034

>Whatever she claims, be it in public, or in documents, needs to have irrefutable proof
Which we now know exists in some form, that's the entire reason Vox was being such a pissy little bitch about finding out he'd been recorded. Doki has tapes to go with her claims

>> No.68947050

Yes, but what about the fact that she's a bitch and a massive bully?

>> No.68947104

Exactly. It's absolutely harassment for co-workers to behave like attack dogs on behalf of an employer. Scumbag Vox and his scumbag friends admitted to doing it without issue.

>> No.68947117

Friendly reminder that based Scarle didn't repost the link to that stream on her twitter. All the others sucked the corpo dick.

>> No.68947130

Nah, no one can act that well for so long, Elira is innocent or at most guilty of not speaking up for Selen

>> No.68947138

Innocent until proven guilty would be one thing if Nijisanji EN genuinely kept their head down and worked on the legal case in the background. To where we wouldn't know what was going on other than what Selen says on stream or tweets out.
Instead, the talents aired out all their dirty laundry and even told the entire community who was implicated in the ongoing legal drama. The fact that they are continuously trying to discredit Selen a full week after her termination and the fact that they are constantly trying to get ahead in the story makes them look very sketchy, like they have things to hide.

>> No.68947149

Now I'm educated

>> No.68947172

No we don't. You're assuming that, you're passing judgement without verifying proof. What we know is that there is a document and that information of the livers was used. How it wss used, to what end and if it holds water still needs to be confirmed.

>> No.68947233

It was her lore sister all along

>> No.68947249

She's been blasted enough, and not the way that she usually enjoys, enough for one month. She ain't throwing herself in front of another bus.

>> No.68947307

> Whatever she claims, be it in public, or in documents, needs to have irrefutable proof.
And we have it. Elira just provided it you dumb cunt.

>> No.68947364

Or maybe Nijisanji's legal team fucked up by pressuring them with a threat that didn't exist. Or maybe Selen forced their hand outside of public view. It was fucking obvious they had nothing to gain from speaking to the public, they were going to be villainized anyway, so the fact that they did makes me thing the opposite, makes me think that there is good reason for them to do so.

>> No.68947371

it's meant to be a personified of 'black' company anon

>> No.68947403

Don't forget, she's not our friend. But she loves us so much, but still not our friend. It's just hard for her to explain, ok? Kwab

>> No.68947406

Anon. There were no names mentioned beside the ones by the Niji retards themselves. I also note you ignored literally half of the post because you probably know full well how retarded you'd look, and you still went full retard thinking I wouldn't notice?

>> No.68947424

Tbh I was expecting an increase of Scarle rage porn with the Aster situation. But sadly no one dare to draw that bimbo getting PLAP

>> No.68947435

Why do talents have access to these legal documents?

>> No.68947441

Read >>68947172

>> No.68947448

What assumption did I make, exactly? Vox and Niji both informed us that Doki kept recordings of him, and he's assblasted about it. That's just the play by play of what happened

>> No.68947466

I don't think it was to make an example. I think they've bought into their own hype about Selen being a deranged menhera and hoped/expected doing this during her stream would cause her to have some kind of public meltdown and/or blurt out something they could use against her.

Instead she said "They are lying," reiterated she had receipts, mentioned they shared information they weren't supposed to, spoke of her disappointment, and ended stream.

>> No.68947554

>no one can act that well for so long
It is a woman. Those things marry men they don't like for money and act like everything is fine. Their survival strategy is based on acting in a social setting. Also if you would get a job you would realize that people even in regular office jobs assume personas. A person who is professional in a job acts in a different way for 8 hours and it doesn't even have to necessarily be tiring. But sure keep your naive belief that nobody can act for so long. This belief is kinda a foundation that lets vtubers and e-girls exist.

>> No.68947593
File: 776 KB, 1000x1288, Vox_Akuma_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What skeletons does he have in his closet?

>> No.68947594

Already read it and disregarded because it has nothing to do with what I said. Elira's ACTIONS are the proof you dumb fuck. We have a literal live demonstration of bullying and you want to try and play it off as though there's no proof of bullying? Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.68947613

Maybe she's just in denial about how bad Enna and Millie can be

>> No.68947634

They don't and it's best part.
Underaged ones.

>> No.68947681

12 and 14 year old ones.

>> No.68947717

Serial sex offender

>> No.68947850

oh niji is absolutely a terrible company. But Selen is a grifting bitch trying to ruin all her friends to make a buck. They're both awful.

>> No.68947863

I'll declare it now before the council of rrats, any day now someone is going to slap his ass with groomer allegations

>> No.68947892

>Selen has a problem with management
>Instead of it staying within management, her co-workers confront her over 'damaging the reputation' of the company
That in itself is harassment. It's not their place to insert themselves into her business.

>> No.68947909

Beginning to wonder if those claims made against him early on in his career were true...

>> No.68947931

Honestly this all screams bad HR/Pr To me and lack of experts.
Bullying shouldn’t even get to the point it did. Usually it starts with someone being an “outsider”. Maybe they don’t watch the same tv shows, maybe they’re new to the town so they dont know the inside jokes, etc.
The outsider burns out from feeling a lack of common ground/ or gets excluded from something because insiders figured “well, outsider wouldn’t like the thing we’re doing anyway”, and they begin acting avoidant, kinda like “im here to do my job not make friends”.
Then the not-outsiders see the sudden standoffishness as the outsider hating them. They start acting different too. Maybe it starts with one person noticing the difference and consults the other friend wondering “does outsider just hate me? Or is everyone else also feeling it”.
Resentment grows til a non bullshit person confronts the avoidant outsider in a really rude way, and makes the situation worse. Something like ”what, you think you’re better than us or something?”. Outsider would confront HR now who would translate the issue between both parties, explaining neither side really hates the other, it’s just a collection of overthinking/resentment and fucking do something for everyone.
Instead what probably happened is that the person who would be in charge was like.. you know that lazy parent who asks the eldest kid to discipline the younger ones? So the manager asked another liver to do it instead (Elira, Vox/Ike). That! Or the manager just victim blamed the victim because they fucking suck at their job.

It’s probably a mess of all of the above.

>> No.68947959

did you even watch the video? Vox said the "bullying" was simply people trying to get in touch with her and ask her wtf she's doing.

>> No.68947969

>Just puts the situation behind her, doesn't even name names
>Wants to just play neopets
>Niji forces her hand
Yea, doki is super terrible. You Retard.

>> No.68948002

That had a lot more to do with the fact that Scarle seemed to be getting MeToo'd in front of a live audience. Scarle looked like a victim of NijiEN, that's more than can be said for someone like Elira who actually got rage porn.

The only situation I'm willing to give the tiniest bit of plausibility to is that NijiEN's legal team fucked up and threatened the livers or had no clue about what Canadian law entailed. Selen seemed to be ready to move on the moment she released her schedule until Anycolor dragged her back into the drama, and the fact that she consistently refused to name anyone makes me more willing to believe that she's the innocent/responsible party in this scenario. It's extremely doubtful that she would force their hands outside of public view outside of what her lawyer suggests.

>> No.68948011

recording private calls without consent isn't going to hold up in court. BPD bitch is finished
the "lawyer" she's using is probably her mom lmao

>> No.68948062

Get pregnant already

>> No.68948080

Continue fanning the flames for more keks.

>> No.68948086

Elira defending herself and making a statement is not bullying retard. You just see it that way because you are on Selen's side.

>> No.68948160

Should have graduated with her

>> No.68948164
File: 78 KB, 898x298, criminal-code-of-canada-section-183-1-consent-to-interception.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no!

>> No.68948192

That's the thing that gets me with this situation. EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY, the first actor was kurosanji. Doki only ever reacted to the bullshit they published, and now she's somehow the villain?

>> No.68948208

>watching the vid right now
Did she intentionally make her voice so sex to distract people?

>> No.68948215

I doubt anyone who engaged in this shitshow consulted any lawyers at all. They basically demonstrated the bullying behavior Selen is probably suing them for, and on top of that accused her of "doxing" them because she sent legal notices. Any sane lawyer would have told them to keep their traps shut while the lawyers worked things out.

Instead they just massively strengthened her hand legally by demonstrating the bullying and harassment she accused them of in front of the entire internet and also outed themselves as the people who were involved in the harassment and the bullying on top of it.

They could not have damaged Nijisanji more last night if they'd tried. This has become another .LIVE scandal

>> No.68948259

Well if you're so reasonable can you show some evidence of her throwing her friends under the bus?

>> No.68948278

Calm down Elira. Go back to having an orgy with your 2 fags

>> No.68948297

>defending herself
>when there is no proof that she was directly involved
>you were hard pressed to find any actual accusations that didn't come off as schizo ramblings
Elira had to literally say nothing and she could have weened back to business as usual. The idea that she felt she had to defend herself gives some credit to the idea that she was involved in the hostile work environment.

>> No.68948333

So I feel like I missed something, has it been revealed who were the bullies and she is one of them? What is this thread about?

>> No.68948349

1- The victims of her evil espionage are not Canadian.
2- According to your own image, recoring a private one on one voice calls is illegal.

>> No.68948427

> has it been revealed who were the bullies and she is one of them?
She literally did that herself in the 15 minute stream.

>> No.68948456

Elira made a statement that she was scared for her life because her, Enna, and Millie's personal information was included in a legal document Selen's lawyer gave to Anycolor's lawyer. The only reason they'd be in the legal document would be if they were part of the allegations.

>> No.68948478

It's just seething sisters trying to paint her as the villain, or whatever Elira's little faggots are called. How dare this stupid laughing bird just want to escape a bad situation and play stupid shit like garfield kart? She disrespected glorious elira, a fucking god and queen. The amount of delusional comments that aren't even showing a shadow of a doubt towards elira's behavior is baffling and hilarious.

>> No.68948582
File: 30 KB, 600x600, 1687791982107231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She should put a gun in her mouth and pull the trigger

>> No.68948596

Learn to read

>> No.68948594

Anon, you have to remember that this is Canadian law we are talking about. In Canada this is legal. Now whether it would be admissible in a court of law depends on the other evidence, because while it could also be used to negatively infer upon you, this was law was also apparently used to convict a Canadian Judge who offered favorable treatment to an immigration candidate in exchange for sexual favors.
Depending on the receipts Selen has, this could potentially swing in her favor.

>> No.68948612

To play the devil's advocate, they could be in it as proof of nijisanji playing favorites, like Vox. It's still really damning that they chose to use her channel for this public group suicide.

>> No.68948621

Honestly I kinda agree with this anon. The fact that Elira, Enna, and Millie were listed in Doki's complaint indicates those three were the bullies, yes, but at the same time with the information we know it doesn't outright confirm it.

I personally believe that those three are the bullies, but it's worth noting there's a possibility they aren't.

>> No.68948633

Luna is so precious

>> No.68948765

And survived the bullshit on NijiKR and quitted for incompetent managers and bullying so she would literally blast her the second the tries anything funny again.

>> No.68948789

She's all talk. This won't even get to court. She's running her mouth to bring in the simps and ensure her new (old) identity starts off popular.
The court would take one look at her medical history (BPD, crazy, multiple stays in an instituion , multiple fake "suicide" attempts") and throw the case out.
Nijisanji are winning this one when the drama autists move on to the next gossip

>> No.68948813

Kek they self-snitched you dumb faggot

>> No.68948819

Or that Selen pushed false claims or was manipulative.

>> No.68948876

1 shekel has been deposited to your account

>> No.68948907

I'm not a pornstar but I'm 7 inches and thick and I legit only get turned on when a girl shows emotional intelligence and kindness. I've been entirely disinterested in NijiEN since day 1

>> No.68948921

The reason retard trio felt comfortable in slandering Doki is because they never expected for things to turn out this way.
The management wants to give Doki the Zaion treatment - they want to ruin her reputation and future career. However the first time they tried resulted in an overwhelming support of Doki, who people sympathised with. That however would not stop autistic management in trying again, but now they knew they needed to deal with Doki's supporters. That's where retard trio comes in. By pooling audiences of their top earners and the face of NijiEN together, and then propagating their video through the rest of the livers, they expected they would assemble large crowd they could then emotionally manipulate and galvanize, and then lead them to harass Doki and overwhelm her supporters, so that they could finally Zaion her.

>> No.68948924
File: 259 KB, 397x471, 1678456764727326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hang yourself Enna, that's the only way anyone is forgiving you

>> No.68948980

There's nothing to forgive. Selen is an evil, manipulative, attention starved BPDrone. She doesn't deserve forgiveness.

>> No.68949001

>Selen pushed false claims
>Every accusation of bullying has come from anycolor's own statements

NDFtards REALLY aren't sending their best, Isn't it bedtime for you SEAMonkeys?

>> No.68949076

All the time in new ways over the course of 2 years. Hang in there buddy, there's no magic fix

>> No.68949090

Two-faced for what? Not kissing Selen's ass and telling her how great she is for trying to lead a harassment mob against her and all the other livers?

>> No.68949096

I doubt Doki's court case is going to go well just because Nijisanji can fucking hold her up indefinitely and bleed her dry, but you're mental if you think Nijisanji EN is going to be the same after this.

>> No.68949124

You sisters are so desperate i almost feel bad for you

>> No.68949130

Be quiet monkey

>> No.68949154

Take your meds anon

>> No.68949205


>> No.68949243

If the BPD comes to light, I don’t think it will pan out the way you think. They could even argue it was case of discrimination.
A friend of mine’s unhinged sociopathic cousin was ordered to be on meds, but sued and got the right to never have to take meds again. Of course the cousin went right back to being a fucking psychopath, but the courts don't fucking care.

For better or worse, Tranada do be like that.

>> No.68949271
File: 351 KB, 1080x612, 1685321582903231.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The court would take one look at her medical history (BPD, crazy, multiple stays in an instituion , multiple fake "suicide" attempts") and throw the case out.
Its just as likely that Selen's claims end up being taken seriously, because she generally kept her head down and focused on her own independent business while NijiEN tried to slander her throughout the course of a week. Because anything Elira said in that video can and will be used against her in a court of law, especially with how they publicly got 2 other people to comment on a legal case that they had no involvement in whatsoever.
What Nijisanji did with Elira was so mind bogglingly stupid that should this go to trial in a Canadian court, Elira is at risk of losing more. Especially because Elira, Enna, and Millie are all Canadian, and the latter two livers made little to no efforts to hide this.

>> No.68949299

Information that was in an sealed legal document only a select few were supposed to have access too. She's so full of shit.

>> No.68949302

Go back to twitter

>> No.68949347

Do they pay you SEAMonkeys overtime for working past midnight over there?, throw in a bonus to cover your copium overdose costs

>> No.68949366

nta but yes to both

>> No.68949385

>hey guys these highly confidential documents regarding selen's harassment claims that we are now going to disclose live on stream contain my, enna's and millie's names. this is literally doxxing us and selen is a fucking traitor who should be brutally murdered. btw please don't harass anyone and please stop talking about it, it's a matter for lawyers only.
I mean, I don't know how else to interpret it

>> No.68949393

People on the internet have extremely short memories. There are lots of twitch streamers that have done terrible shit and owned up to it, yet they are still e-famous and make a living from twitch simps. If you can literally rape / scam / steal / abuse animals / cuckold others / be a cuck on twitch and continue on as normal, NijiEN will be fine

>girl I don't like has BPD
aiiieeeee fuck this DEMON bpd bitches are crazy
>vchooba i simp has BPD
ahHHHhhh beautiful princess disorder she's so wonderful uwaaa

>> No.68949422
File: 39 KB, 251x370, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Elira's PL twitter updated again

>> No.68949496

Not another woman moment

>> No.68949508

Except that wasn't the case, unless you're a retard with kindergarten level reading comprehension which seems to be the case for most people who blindly support Selen. Nijisanji's statement said that during negotiations Selen threatened to release a statement alleging harassment if they didn't let her return and ignore any rule she wants, which is exactly what she did. They never said she was harassed or that her claims had any merit.

>> No.68949520


>> No.68949521

Nice deflection sis, That place is being spammed with ESL bots praising the retard trio for being Stunning and Brave in speaking out against the meanie pants doki, You'll miss your quota trying to double dip with posts here

>> No.68949524
File: 170 KB, 850x801, 1662329728172123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You reap what you sow bitch.

>> No.68949540

pretty sure she deleted that years ago and someone immediately poached it

>> No.68949589

>go away

>> No.68949633
File: 38 KB, 375x665, FsqbJplXwAMGTlr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Enabled the clique to flourish and sucked major corpo dick so she wouldn't get her ass deported. I didn't want to believe it but here we are.
Fuck your friends, Elira, and fuck you.

>> No.68949635
File: 20 KB, 598x238, 1707842763387606.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

owari da

>> No.68949711

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Elira moved to Japan just to flee legal troubles in Canada.

>> No.68949758

>Nijisanji CLAIMS doki said she was gonna release slanderous statement
Meanwhile doki twitter
>I never wanted any of this to be released to the public but after anycolor's statements i am forced to respond
Do i believe the retarded corporation who has ALREADY been caught in several lies and had to go back on what they've said multiple times to "clarify" or do i trust the girl who has been saying the exact same fucking things this entire time.. HMMMM tough choice..

>> No.68949760

I don’t think that’s her, just from the liked comments.

>> No.68949807

Can I get a qrd on why the catalog is shitting itself

>> No.68949835

They're doing a fun role play then. "I'm sorry" and "go away"

>> No.68949841

Post video

>> No.68949907


>> No.68949909

>Do I believe a global organization or a BPDemon schizo attention seeker who suicide baits when she doesn't get her own way
Tough choice indeed.

>> No.68949915

this is almost to based to the point where it's bad again, but only almost.

>> No.68949916

>Names and addresses in a legal document
>we're being doxed guys
Are these people fucking stupid?

>> No.68949925

How true is this?

>> No.68949966

Ninji is continuing to shooting itself in the foot, more to come probably.

>> No.68949970

Do not redeem the investigation sir

>> No.68949984


>> No.68949990


>> No.68950005

Selen and Elira were my favourites and now I'm torn and lost. One of them was lying and I may never know which one.
Hang in there, bro.

>> No.68950029

Easy choice actually

>> No.68950096

Defending herself publicly while there wasn't even a public accusation or anything? What was she defending herself from, and why did they do it on a livestream? Are you fucking retarded?
>Making a statement is not bullying
Brother my guy they timed this specifically around her stream, and even if it wasn't intentional (which you have no reason to believe) they knew full well what they were doing. They have no excuse to do this shit at this specific time.
>You are on Selen's side
Why do you think that's a statement that's worth anything? Especially in a discussing regarding actions and evidence?

>> No.68950110

Read this thread, now or later

>> No.68950142

nigga you can't use your persona name in legal documents

>> No.68950201

His research usually consists of watching other drama videos and repeating everything he hears in them

>> No.68950228

>I may never know
What the fuck do you mean? What the hell are you telling yourself happened last night? That they didn't purposefully do this shit right as Doki started streaming? That Elira was just genuinely so fucking retarded she's 'worried' about her name being in a court document regarding her employer? Fucking stupid are you nigger?

>> No.68950226
File: 14 KB, 320x180, pok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Pomu image
She knew every damn thing and just rolled with it. Heck, she probably enjoyed the perks of it. Remember how close her and Elira are? That bitch simply got to live another day, but I wouldn't be surprised if her skeletons are out of the closet by the time this is over.

>> No.68950272
File: 303 KB, 463x452, 1707179138988881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That makes my dick even harder

>> No.68950348
File: 61 KB, 394x394, 1655055444912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The tl;dr is that Nijisanji quadrupled down last night in their attempts to defame Selen. Elira claimed that she "felt her life was in danger" when her, Enna, and Millie were listed as the accused in Selen's ongoing legal drama. Vox tried to paint himself as a victim by saying one of his conversations was recorded without consent, said with a bold face that "Luxiem has no favoritism" in the face of all they've gotten away with. I forget what Ike was there for.

The situation got so bad that they genuinely dragged Riku Tazumi himself out to do the Japanese CEO bow of shame twice on camera. His video was actually decent, it was standard PR fluff but at least he admitted the company made a lot of mistakes and will try to fix things for the EN branch. They probably won't or shouldn't but I thought it would've defused the situation fine, if it didn't come hours or an entire week of bad decision making. Its anyone's guess as to whether NijiEN will even survive to the end of this year, or whether it'll be dissolved like KR and ID before it due to the sheer amounts of bad press it brought to the company.

>> No.68950370

>When you remember it's in lore that Elira betrays Selen

>> No.68950455
File: 135 KB, 660x1280, 1707842603466142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why not? they can show up to court using telepresence

>> No.68950491

Look. I just wanna know why she kept uploading projects without any prior approval.

>> No.68950499

His ancestors started the Atlantic slave trade

>> No.68950535

>He investigated himself and found himself to be innocent guys!

>> No.68950539

They clearly know how to do PR as seen by the Riku video, why the fuck did they do all the other bullshit

>> No.68950624

who the fuck is >we lil bro?

>> No.68950658

s-shut up

>> No.68950769

>There is no proof of bullying

>> No.68950778
File: 2.28 MB, 370x424, 1605277983340.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Always believed the clique rrat but not that she was actually involved since no one ever posted any evidence
Suddenly interested in how the rrat started to begin with

>> No.68950789

>Elira had to literally say nothing and she could have weened back to business as usual.
Selen already painted a target on everyone's back by refusing to name names. If denying guilt is admission of guilt, you better hope you never find yourself falsely accused.

>> No.68950824

nijiturd drama brought in the western e-celeb drama audience bigly its over for EN vtubing now

>> No.68950828

have you never heard of tulpa no jutsu?

>> No.68950831

Streaming over an indie is harassment?

>> No.68950863

I will wait for some actual proof before abandoning either of them.

>> No.68950869

>The internet will just forget bro
People move on to the next drama, but they don't usually just fully forget. Anyone looking into joining the EN branch now will see the shit that transpired here with any amount of research. I'm sure the branch will continue until it goes the way of ID, but I sincerely doubt it'll ever grow the way it did before.

>> No.68950928

>Selen stop it
>seriously stop it
>also don't vaguepost while we're reviewing
>you won't listen to us maybe you'll listen to the other livers
>wtf what do you mean that's harassment?

>> No.68950972
File: 237 KB, 400x400, 1sgMYd-v_400x400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please stop, I'm begging you, she's all I have left, how will I beg for kofi donatio- watch fun streams if NijiEN disbands...

>> No.68951010

Well for starters they were all friends before nijiEN, and Elira was the first of their circle in

>> No.68951070

>Vox said the "bullying" was simply people trying to get in touch with her and ask her wtf she's doing.
What Selen was doing is none of Vox's or anyone else's business besides Selen and management. Why are other livers getting involved in shit that doesn't concern them?

>> No.68951087

I have found out a former coworker sued my company because of vague unprovable claims of harassment by the company and her coworkers. I didnt exactly lose sleep over it. In fact it was mostly disbelief and then humor.

>> No.68951106

Do you get tired of fellating a billion dollar corporation?

>> No.68951121

Except no one could directly accuse Elira since there was no tangible proof that would point her to being capable of that kind of behavior.

>> No.68951139

That's the strangest part, we don't fucking know. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that EN's management and talents have acted with a greater degree of autonomy than other branches ever did, possibly even the JP branch itself. Maybe JP management was willing to look the other way because of the financial success early on, or maybe the JP branch put too much faith in EN that they genuinely had no clue what was going on for long stretches of time. I'm personally leaning towards scenario two at this point, because bringing Riku out and hearing what he said made it look a lot like the EN branch either doesn't understand or doesn't do what the JP branch does at all, suggesting miscommunication at best and a bunch of wild egos running free at worst.

>> No.68951144

I just want to know, man. Tell me why she kept doing that.

>> No.68951153

What happened now? I can't keep up

>> No.68951210

Why would Elira give a shit?

>> No.68951236

I can fix her (with my penis)

>> No.68951315

this guy is okay but he is honestly just retarded, he's not even pretending like some mods in Eliracord who can't say shit about the company since they are still mods

>> No.68951329

So instead, she outed herself
Bravo! Mission accomplished!

>> No.68951335

I know that this thread has +300 replies but read it, it's fun unless your oshi is Elira, Enna or Millie

>> No.68951358

Because your company deserves to die. Its that simple.

>> No.68951382

"Joined August 2021", she streamed under that name in 2020 already so it's probably fake but not sure

>> No.68951393

that’s just the thing though. by saying anything at all njsj just looks like they’re targeting a mentally ill girl needlessly. menheras have always existed, but a big corp like niji acting more menhera than the actual menhera is just unprofessional and embarrassing

>> No.68951416

You're implying she does this often. How many times has she done this?

>> No.68951452

This is the perfect example of the way you retards keep twisting yourself into pretzels to interpret everything that happens in a way that makes Selen look like a saint and everyone else as monsters. A couple of days ago, they were bad people for "ignoring Selen" and turning a blind eye to what was going on in the company. Now they're bad for "getting involved in shit that doesn't concern them" when they try to keep her mentally stable and now they should just keep to themselves.

>> No.68951461

I mean this is all a he said she said argument at this point.

>> No.68951476

Selen got fired after a FUCKTON of drama, accusations of bullying between the talents that got to the point of a suicide attempt.

Selen rebrands as Dokibird says she wants to put everything past her and start fresh and ignore the drama, puts up a neopets stream for her first gaming stream.

Elira and a couple others release a video that's 15 minutes on the dot (so obviously prepared) with a black screen shit-talking Selen saying she's trying to dox them (with court files that she has prepared against the company as a whole that they shouldn't have been shown in the first place) DURING the neopets stream. A half hour later the corporate response is also released.

So at the very least Elira and others should have kept their mouths shut, and were clearly led to do this by the company (given how inauthentic a 15 minute video with a black screen comes across) and did it ruining Dokibirds first gaming stream.

>> No.68951491

But she also didn't name the occupation of who harrased her, now remind me, who revealed that and painted the actual target on the organs backs?

>> No.68951594

Management was ready to retroactively revoke permissions for as many already-completed projects on the day of their release as they needed to until that bitch learned her place and stopped daring to have more followers than me.

>> No.68951599
File: 90 KB, 1024x926, 1653310013691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Apparent "villain" of the situation
>Sticks close to her friends and gets in troubles for them, stands for what she believes in even if it means taking the blow for the whole company, in the end dedicated to just keeping to her circle in which she is loved and having fun
>Against her is the "hero" of the situation
>A bipolar whiner defended by no peers who cries wolf and thrives on attention, doesn't even really care about vtubing that much
Pretty clear to me who I'd side with. If I'm labeled a villain for it too then so be it.

>> No.68951606

>court files
>they shouldn't have been shown in the first place
also wrong
u ok lil bro? if you want to push a false narrative put some effort into it

>> No.68951621

>Selen rebrands as Dokibird says she wants to put everything past her and start fresh and ignore the drama, puts up a neopets stream for her first gaming stream.
It's more like a de-branding since she was returning to a PL account, but that's not a major detail

>> No.68951685

Read this >>68951476

>> No.68951760

We've seen the stream, take your gaslighting to reddit.

>> No.68951774

If it comes out that pomu participated in the hazing I'll be shocked.

>> No.68951830

Elira has done this kind of shit even before getting into niji

>> No.68951861

While it wasn't a court case file YET, you are wrong on the second bit. The talents should not have been shown the actual document that was already agreed upon to only be viewed by Doki, her lawyer, and a nijii legal representative. Elira can be informed of charges against her, if any, but she is not allowed to be given view of the file itself at this stage in the process.

>> No.68951953

What court files? What court case? Which district? Which judge is presiding?

>> No.68952022

but it's okay for Selen to leak it if everyone doesn't follow her demands? Come on bro

>> No.68952079

Jesus, that's sad and petty.
But hey, at least the British dude reviewed the legal documents, clearly nijisanji knows what its doing.

>> No.68952091

I remember back when Luxiem was only a week old that there were some allegations against him made by a burner Twitter/Tumblr account. Can't be arsed to look for that right now but who knows, those posts might resurface in the near future.

>> No.68952150

Selen hasn't leaked anything. Vox and Elira posted private DMs and implicated themselves on their prepared pre-scripted stream

>> No.68952203

She didn't. Are you not paying attention?

>> No.68952232
File: 154 KB, 1167x580, 1634317190676.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But there is.

>> No.68952276

What demands? That she can stream on her own private channel again? Didn't think she needed Elira's permission to do that. Also, it's not information she's going to just post on the internet, but information to pursue legal action which would again, only be seen by the relevant parties. Try harder next time you 2 rupee seamonkey.

>> No.68952307

Based loyalty chad I pity you, hang in there

>> No.68952322

She was planning on until /our guys/ got the jump on her and corrected the record.

>private DMs
>messages in a group business chat

>> No.68952366

NTA but I don't see how comms between 2 accounts owned by the same corporation would ever be considered private. If it was with doki you'd have a point.

>> No.68952422

>ask management if you can do a cover of a song
>a month goes by
>two months goes by
>three months goes by
>management responds yeah sure, just get consent from the artist first
>got it months ago, so we good to go now?
>a month goes by
>three months goes by
>six months goes by
>well they didn't say no so you decide to go ahead and upload the video
>management contacts you immediatly and nukes the video

>> No.68952498

That's a long post just to say you've misunderstood the entire situation

>> No.68952517

Posting private dms is wrong says the guy defending Selen recording and sharing private phone calls

>> No.68952694

With her lawyers, dumbass. Not publicly on a stream like Elira. Do you also think Elira's real name and address listed on a legal document is doxing?

>> No.68952786

Oh my god she told someone to shut up, this is clearly h-harassment!

>> No.68952807

>she was toyally planning to leak Elira's address to the public guys trust me
Nigga she put it in legal documents meant to be shared with lawyers only. It's not her fault Niji showed everyone what was in them.

>> No.68952835

>She was planning on until /our guys/ got the jump on her and corrected the record.

says who? the bullying only really became public when niji publicly said it was a thing and ALSO said it had sth to do with livers.

>> No.68952929

The meanest thing that she says in here is shut up. She then goes on a tangent about how her friend did not have a normal debut and has worked her ass off to get where she's at.
I have had way more heated exchanges with friends.

>> No.68953174

There was plenty more to it than that but you faggots clearly can't get your tongues out of her colon long enough to do any other type of digging. She's always been a petty, nasty little bitch stirring up shit for no reason, this is standard behavior on her part, SO sorry that you were taken in by her "I'm just a nerd uwu" act.

>> No.68953347

Fuck off Elira.

>> No.68953450

Did she tell you to shut up as well? Poor baby, did you attempt to kill yourself after that?

>> No.68953534

Will Nijisanji EN survive?

>> No.68953543

Elira's shit talking herself now?

>> No.68953669


>> No.68953678

She wants to be on the winning side