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What happened between these two? A once great friendship and rivalry completely scrubbed from recent Hololive content.
Post your best and worst rrats

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they got married

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They are women, women sperg out about the tiniest things

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Miko gave birth to Pekora's child. They can't stream together because someone has to be looking after the baby.

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Pekora is a bad friend who has been ignoring Miko.

Miko got tired of being ignored and moved on.


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Women can't be friends with each other.

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miComet love!

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they had a fight and never reconciled
at least don't go full Menhera on twitter

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what could they fight over thats so bad they dont reconcile dor months?

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it's not that rare on girls actually

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miko raped pekora

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Can we stop talking about this? We all know miko and pekora were close friends way before joining hololive and that miko and pekora would hang out together irl. Them fighting is naturally going to happen because miko is lesbian and pekora hates gay people.

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Pekora got fingered

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It's Pekora being a bitch, nothing out of the ordinary.

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miko raped pekora

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by Miko

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pekomoona > pekomiko

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Pekora accidentally pooped in Miko's bed. We've been over this a million times.

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Miko is a slut that won't stop sleeping around, and Peko has had enough of being cheated on. At some point she'll get over it and they'll start dating again, only for Miko to cheat on her again.

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Understood, I will only make kiara anti and foot threads from now on

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true event

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I can't believe migo did this....

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Miko's hands have been all over Pekora, sasuga elite perv

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pekora raped miko

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pekoraped miko

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Sakura Miko raped Usada Pekora in the cold Christmas Eve night of 2020

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to each other

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MiComet > PekoMiko > PekoMoona

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Pekora got extremely upset that Miko followed Trump on Twitter and supported his policies despite being a member of the LGBTQ community herself.

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forced ships sinks the earliest. Suisei will never be Pekora 35phagots

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Ship? Who ships them? It's only a duo partnership

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PekoMiko is dead, quit this shit, now.

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Actually cover banned in company relationships due to them being too horny for eachother. Pekora and Miko can't be in a same room for more than 5 minutes without them fucking and that interrupted many hologras, 3d collabs and shit.
Even when they are playing game together and are talking via Discord, Pekora can't focus for shit and is masturbating furiously.

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Pekora being tired of the forced PekoMiko from Cover and shipfags is unironically my rrat.
We've seen from the newest streams (well, those that actually do watch streams instead of just stirring shit) that Pekora already acts amicably around Miko, it's just that she doesn't want to give Miko too much attention or the shipfags will start asking for PekoMiko again.
I honestly don't know how the other pairs do it, but I vividly remember a clip of Okayu speaking out against "OkaKoro zombies" who only ever ask for OkaKoro content

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>Post your best and worst rrats
As we all know, Migo raped Pekora on Christmas eve. Well, maybe "raped" isn't the word, more like Peko felt pressured into it. Afterwords, she started hating Miko and broke off contact.
Miko, feeling betrayed, was seduced by Suisei. That's why Micomet is the new thing.

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You saw the drama between Festival and Haachama? the same happened to PekoMiko.
>Peko invited everyone to her birthday stream too late, no one came except Marine.
>She once said on stream "Miko will come to my help no matter what" but this time Miko can't re-schedule for her birthday
>Broke down when she pulled Neneka on stream because pink hair remind her of Miko
>"Why I always come to her stream but she didn't even call in my birthday". She lied about the reason but still hint this in her member stream.
>Peko sulked and ghosted Miko
>Miko too retard to know the reason, think Peko hate her.
>this thread.

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Simple, they had a fight and didnt or couldnt reconcile. It happens ALOT in female friendships. Like this isnt an incel rrat, women friendships are some of the most fragile things in the world. I still remember my ex cutting off her best friend of 5 years over the fact that left us with the bill at an Applebees due to her leaving for a family emergency. She left us with a 2 dollar bill for a drink. I still remember telling her it was no big deal since I was paying anyways and that somehow became an argument about how I wanted to fuck her best friend. Female friendships are retarded.

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Goddammit I hate women.

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This story goes very hard
Love from /vt/
I hate women so much it's unreal

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At this point we just recycling the same old shit for the tenth time. The only new stuff is the fact Miko watches Pekora even while she's streaming, meaning she's still very much into Pekora. And >>6905862

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>Miko watches Pekora even while she's streaming

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and the bit where Miko did come to her help? talk about a dead rrat.

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This is just Calligula and Gurame wtf

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Shipfags ruin everything that's what happened.

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Lol accurate

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Same thing happens with dudes, but they reconcile much faster.

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I don't feel so good... I think it's time to abandon Hololive and start looking for greener pastures.

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says the person that’s obsessed with vtubers to the point they came to 4chan to talk about them.

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will you go outside?

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of all the threads on /vt/ you pick this one to call bait?

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Now its time for schizoposting

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the voices in my head tell me it isn't

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Still going strong
What does this tell about Pekora?

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>What does this tell

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Also, PekoMiko had an original song while Okakoro doesn't despite how close they are.

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Sumimasorry. I'll be better next time, anon.

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One thing I've noticed is that pekora seems to be branching out a lot more. She's been collabing with everyone, though they're usually just one time deals. Korone on the other hand mostly sticks with a few veterans, but has more sessions with them.

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She tried to lock in Mori as well but she overestimated how much time Mori wanted to spend with her.

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I made a grave mistake on being friends with a woman.

Never trusting another woman again

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Migo stuck her tongue in Pegolas anus and didn't say "no homo" first.

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>be miko
>love peko
>but peko hate gays
>"If I can't be her lover I'll be the next best thing, her sister!"
>invite peko to sleepover
>peko staying at miko's
>peko is away, pekomama is defenseless
>mikomama sneaks into peko house to seduce pekomama and ntr her from pekopapa
>"My mom and pekomama get married -> me and peko are sisters -> sex. It's the perfect plan nye!"
>unfortunately because miko hates men she forgot about pekobro's existence
>pekobro rapes mikomama and foils the sakura family plans
>peko hates miko now

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Pekora cannot love someone whose numbers are smaller than hers

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It's literally this and popular content creators always mention it
nothing more annoying than shipfags since they combine entitlement, drama and fanwars.
>PLAY Y with X
>Why aren't you playing with X?
>NOOO Don't play with Z you should be playing with X instead
>Z is worst than X.... I hate Z she should be playing with X instead...

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is shipfagging the final step of the parasocial relationship before suicide?

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Thank god

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if i was miko i would have eated it

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Not even korone can escape the 5%

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Pekora size queen

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Women aren’t capable of having friends, they just use each other for social status.

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