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Wait, she actually did go to college? What the fuck?
I guess she is going corpo again and not indie and isn't planning to come back until spring/summer at the earliest

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shit was fucked up at niji, she's probably taking some time to clear her head. I don't think she even knows what she's going to do next

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She is almost certainly going to redebut as a vtuber at some point but it makes sense to get a degree so you have a backup plan due to the volatile nature of streaming.

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>volatile nature of streaming
It's not like the actual job market outside is any less volatile either

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whatever she's studying, she's in Japan right now doing it. US citizens can stay without a visa for 90 days, so it's just a short program of sorts.

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There is a huge difference in job safety between being an egirl and having a decent degree.

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Fuck,You are right

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unless she got a visa

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i dont think she'll come back as a vtuber she seems pretty happy just posting about her other oshis.. srsly doubt she'll go to corpo if anything. could take selen route

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or maybe she's just done with vtubing. probably sees the writing on the wall that this specific niche will die in the next 10 years.

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I thought she was in Antarctica? also didn't she tweet that a classmate voice doxxed her?

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she would need to either register with an actual university to get an educational one, or a real job (not vtuber contract) with a Japanese company for a real one.

the most she could do is leave the country and come back to 'renew' the 90 days visitor permit, but that's always a gamble, esp. since they've been not quite as lenient with that as they were pre-pandemic

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>i dont think she'll come back as a vtuber
its a job and you would have to be a straight up retard to take a real job over playing video games for 20 hours a week and making somewhere in the 6 figs. Literally all henya fucking does is watch youtube vids all day and gets paid for it

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notPomu has been tweeting about going to see her JP idols whenever she has free time

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with the amount the girls get paid and how little work they have to do you would be a retard not to ride the bubble. have you ever had an actual job?

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Isn't she a big idol fag? wouldnt holo be likely?

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Thinking she is in E4 and learning the Holo in's & out's

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How good a backup is it really? Do people even care that much about degrees once someone has been of working age for 15 years like she has?
If I were recruiting and someone in their thirties came in and the only relevant experience they had was a degree then they would be way down the list compared to a recent grad.

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She doesn't want to be an idol though. She wants to be the gachi who creeps on idols. A fat bastard at heart.

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There is a pretty massive chance she's just going to Hololive

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>She went to college and will likely never use her degree
>I went to college and will likely never use my degree

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She's meet up or is meeting up with a bunch of ex-Nijis and the currently on hiatus Nijis. I think she's destined to head towards Vshojo.

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After what happened to her in Nijisanji, I would not be surprised if she just flat out said "I'm done with vTubing." If her experience was bad enough it might have turned her off livestreaming as a career entirely.

I had big doubts she would be joining Hololive, but ending her career in Nijisanji and going to Japan to study? Well, I guess anything's possible if she is actually in Japan.

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She lives in Antarctica now yes.

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not so much college, more so further education. She is only going for a little bit to get some qualifications, and they're in Japan sooooo

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Seems like a really stupid move, you have to strike while the iron is hot and emotions are running high. She could have had an amazing grift session and milked hundreds of thousands of pity simpbux like Selen if she wanted to. Just goes to show who is actually a good person with character and who isn't.

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>Omg, like, how dare she leave the industry to find a less menhera profession

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I think she'd fit in well, but wouldn't bring much new to the table.
I also don't think Cover would want to pick up a Nijisanji talent, for business relationship and fanbase drama reasons. It's been over four years since the one time they did that, and never since they've been direct rivals, and it's not like there haven't been plenty of other graduates since then.

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henya finally gave up on minecraft and turned to twitch react shit?
that kinda sucks...

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I can definitely see her sacrificing perms and IP ownership in exchange of actual 3D opportunities and a superior work environment, but let's just wait and see

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Pomu's heard all of Kiara's bitching and then some. She's probably not heading that way.

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Let's see what Holofes and the furure tells us, I'm with you that she heard all of chicken's complaints and graduation thoughts when Omega and shinri where fucking them over, but things seem the brigjhtest right now.

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curve ball - she got poached by Brave Group

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She is in Japan studying Japanese.

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Hi Enna

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keep in mind Pomu decided to graduate from Niji some time around the middle of last year, which would have been when Kiara was also thinking of graduating, she probably already made her plans for the future around that time

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Considering the sort of activities she wanted to do at Niji and was shutdown for, I'd wager a guess that she might join the camp that Bijou and Nerissa were in pre-debut of Hololive or bust if she joins a corpo. Otherwise she'll likely just go indie, which she can take at her own pace.

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It's way less volatile. Algorithms can't just delete your income when you work for a human.

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Yeah, Kiara's bitching about having a delayed concert while Pomu couldn't even use her 3D model

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Not even that, but being a w-2 employee at any shithole job comes with tons of legal protections that do not exist being a """"""contractor""""" at Niji

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Isn't Petra in college? How many Nijis are still studying or have their degrees?

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Going back to college to get a degree seems like a waste of time and money. If you're making six figures a year vtubing, just focus on it and use the extra income on property investment, or go big and buy into a company like Shylily did as a safety plan for the future.

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She'd fit perfect with Fuwamoco and Nerissa then.

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She said herself during the graduation announcement stream that she has no plans besides going to school.

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>also didn't she tweet that a classmate voice doxxed her?
it wasn't that they doxxed her it's that they said her voice sounds like a vtuber type of voice

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LOL, nowadays some companies use ai to straight up fire people. I said streaming seems more stable than some programming contract works

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Petra, Ver, Aia, and Scarle are in college, but Aia and Scarle have some dogshit backwater college programs.
There was the one in the JP branch (the one with the puke fetish) who took a year off of streaming to finish school.

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Elira, Pomu, Selen, Rosemi, Petra, Millie, Reimu, Kunai, Ver, and Scarle are the only ones I know of who've mentioned getting their degrees or are studying

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I don't think it was college.
More likely some kind of performance arts school.
I'd bet for dancing and/or singing.

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Doubt that. She lasted like a week until she did a twitter space of her playing Dave the Diver.
She misses streaming.

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Then fucking gunrun posted Vshojo University.jpg. Fuck that guy

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>classmate voice doxxed her?
Even if that classmate knew who she was, they clearly was respectful about it and didn't act like a creepo.

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It was literally just a coincidence. Pomu's actually went to school.

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It's not a question if Pomu would join Hololive.
It's a question is if Hololive would take her.
She does have the advantage of having an in with Kiara to get her 'application' put at the top of the stack and a horde of clippers for staff to reference to.

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Vshojo university is the theme for mouseys birthday concert.

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>Pomu's actually went to school.

I'm saying fuck Gunrun for this stunt to get people speculating and talking about Vshojo.

Good move on his part to get people talking about vshojo, but as a speculator I can only take so much memey speculation baiting.

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This. Hololive is still a pretty exclusive club. HoloEN especially with only 16 new slots in 3 years. IRyS might've been a special case considering how big she was, but Pomu would still have to audition properly (albeit with a glowing resume)

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She does like doing idol stuff occasionally though, which is what HoloEN does. I feel like it would be the perfect balance for her. Especially if she can get assurances her projects will get greenlit.

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Nigga I don't watch ironlung how the hell am i supposed to know that

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She already has a degree. She's taking classes for something else. Likely training for her new corpo.

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Music major? Creative writing? Art?

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>It's not a question if Pomu would join Hololive.
It is and a far more weighty one than if they would take her. If she doesn't even apply of course she won't get in.

Maybe don't throw a fit then?

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what does Sayon Gang - Attack of the Mafik Clond have to do with university?

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holofags are such a joke with their "hololive is too good to hire x" shitposts.
this company hired fucking Sana of all people. they have no fucking standards.

nah it's a degree in digital advertising and marketing, or something like that. she talked about it in a stream.

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She's gonna double graduate

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I think you're being too harsh on a guy. It's unreasonable to think that he knows everything every vtuber says about their future at any given time.

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We will find out at the end of the month.

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why do people care? she wasn't even that popular and her shit was old and gay. The best she did was leech off kiara.

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Thing is Hololive plans their gens first then audition talent into the 'characters'.
They'll pass on applicants they think are good enough for them but don't fit any of the roles they're looking for.
Also none of us know what their current attitude is on hiring an ex-niji talent. (inb4 Luna who was basically a million years ago in vtuber years)

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IRyS had to audition multiple times to get in. https://youtu.be/5tjEJqh_Jbg?t=16957

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She said that later, in her graduation announcement she said she wanted to pursue other creative endeavors. Then in a different stream she said she had no plans besides school

>> No.68848184

Kinda crazy. I must've forgotten when they did vsinger auditions. Did they really have a whole audition thing for just one slot then? Wow

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You misspelled VShojo there bud

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>nah it's a degree in digital advertising and marketing, or something like that. she talked about it in a stream.
As a streamer that makes sense.

>> No.68848834

>They'll pass on applicants they think are good enough for them but don't fit any of the roles they're looking for.
I still don't understand half their choices, since basically nobody fits their character.

>> No.68848862

Maybe if you tell yourself that enough times you'll trick yourself into believing it.

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Selen got all that because of the circumstances under which she left + her statements after. Pomu left on amicable terms and she'd still be able to make it, sure, but she wouldn't have pulled anywhere near that much. Add in time to get a bit of schooling in and get a model made and a debut in VShojo for late Spring / early Summer seems likely.

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2 things
1) I'm saying "fuck you but also good one mate"
2) As a CEO it's not unlikely he heard rumors. Also other anon said that it was for IM's birthday so it could a very lucky coincidence.

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holo hasn't hired ex nijis in a while, black industry, and most of the other nijis went to vshitshow

>> No.68849008

it's entirely bullshit, they just hire people they think will make money without any unified plan for how the gen will get along. it's why shiori is an outcast in her gen.
fuwamoco took like 10 tries to get in because they insisted on joining as a duo and it took cover that long to realize the appeal of twins.

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The concert was definitely in the works long before Pomu's graduation was even announced and like others have said she's got a school theme for it as the one promo image shows >>68847658
Of course it's also more than possible he was posting it to fuck with people because she's already signed on and will join after they have time to get her a model done and such. Far away enough that people aren't going to be able to tie it directly to the tease, but still a knowing wink.

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she graduated, selen didn't. granted she had to share the simp bux with niji, but she did just get paid

>> No.68849162

>they insisted on joining as a duo
Didn't they also apply individually and in both EN and JP? I don't watch them but I remember seeing something like that at or near debut.

>> No.68849195

I need Mint to come back just so a future long haired Mint may yet come to be. Please, make the timeline right.

>> No.68849200

Considering she mentioned failing the audition, I'm assuming she tried out for Myth and didn't make it in.

>> No.68849464

apparently she is learning japanese

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>wouldnt holo be likely?
fuck no
once a nijinigger always a nijinigger

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>She is in Japan studying Japanese.
Literally the most logical post ITT.

>> No.68849717

That's when her once in a lifetime opportunity got denied by management which caused her to cry on a members stream

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shut the fuck up

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>It was literally just a coincidence

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>She'd fit perfect with Fuwamoco and Nerissa then
KEK, what is this cope?
Fuwamoco (and to a lesser extent, Nerissa) are actually entertaining and talented vtubers. They aren't human trash like Pomu, they have actual careers and their lives have value.

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not sure current holo would hire former niji, but since she's en, maybe. Luna was when they were much younger and they haven't done it since.

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It is theoretically possible that Pomu auditioned already and got in, and is in Japan now on an accelerated course studying Japanese. The big thing about her is she has a proven track record and is able to hold an audience under very adverse working conditions as she proved with Nijisanji, so IMO she'd be a great pickup for them.

But it could also be she's decided to completely change careers and won't be coming back, either. We just don't know.

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this is a falseflag, no actual hololive fan would defend a piece of shit like pomu

>> No.68849984

NTA but I don't believe that for a sec. For all I know he would do anything just so his shitty toilet stain corpo gets attention from Holo/Niji fans

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Fuck off, nijibeggar.

>> No.68850032

kys nijinig

>> No.68850043

Can you vshojoshitters fuck off please? You fags are a fucking eyesore with all this begging.

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Falseflag this nijisister

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The VShojo concert will be used to announce the launch of the VShojo Prism branch. Their first member will be a tactical espionage-themed chuuba.

>> No.68850150

The only comment was that they all like to ogle cute girls, especially idols.

>> No.68850167

Why do sister hate Luna? Do they still see her as a traitor?

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Of course one of you losers would be defending nijitrash, your oshi is basically one of them.

>> No.68850209

Context clues would have helped you realize that he was talking about them having similar interests: fangirling over idols. Sadly you apparently didn't read the post he was replying to. If you had, you would have realized there was no need to defend Fuwamoco and Nerissa because they weren't being attacked in the first place. Instead you just made yourself look like a dumb whiteknight for no reason. Refer to your own image for my reaction.

>> No.68850210

>A fat bastard at heart

I need Pomu acting like the fat bastards as a doujin or something. Like, I'm talking the whole 9 yards of pure sex and all.

>> No.68850215

Shinri as in the StarsEN talent? What did he do?

>> No.68850256

Anon, you aren't just gonna say this and ignore a horde of holobeggars infesting this thread, right?

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>claims to be a real hololive fan
>it's fucking KFPsanji defending nijiniggers again

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>Falseflagging with the dogs

>> No.68850347

>did she go to college
I wouldn't call it that, I'd call it EN4 bootcamp

>> No.68850349

Pomu's one of the few good Nijigirls though. Heck, watching some of her streams she feels more like a Holo talent than a Niji one at times.

You need to let your blind hatred go. Just becasue there are some genuinely shitty livers in Niji doesn’t mean every single of them are the same.

>> No.68850419

>ignore a horde of holobeggars infesting this thread, right?
You seem to be under the wrong impression - we don't want Pomu in Hololive.
If she was a good vtuber, she never would have joined Nijisanji in the first place.

>> No.68850442

Be the change you want to see in the world anon. Be like the guy who commissioned all those Kisaki Pomus.

>> No.68850499

Yeah I'm a hololive fan unlike you shitposters

>> No.68850524

>and shinri where fucking them over,

>> No.68850544

If they tease a new member at the concert I think it will be Mika. Matara said in one of her streams that she'll play through the Metal Gear games this summer due to the insistence of a friend, so I think we'll still have to wait awhile for Pomu to return.

>> No.68850550

>Go into a thread for a vtuber you don't like
>Get mad when you see someone else say they want her
>Ignore anyone on your side that said they also wanted her
Why are Holofags so hateful

>> No.68850583

Sure you don't. And if she indeed joins Hololive, you're going to be upset, right? You're not going to gloat to everybody that your corpo got THE Pomu, right?

>> No.68850617

Hololive's opening for auditions once again so if Pomu wants to she could audition for it.

>> No.68850631

You should be able to tell by now no corpo vtuber ever graduates and never comes back. Once you make it to that upper echelon you're basically set at least for a decade or so, not sure how successful a 40 year old vtuber would be but who knows. She could grind out college for a """real""" job and earn a fraction of the revenue at the expense of orders of magnitude more labor, but uh, why? Literally the only question is which company will she join, because I don't think she'll be indie.

>> No.68850796

rest assured, The Age of 40 Will Be In Demand

>> No.68850809

What’s this “we” shit, Kemosabe?

>> No.68850871

That's because holobeggars like this anon actually want her. They just think that Pomu joining Hololive is a foregone conclusion, so they play hard to get.

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Move goalposts some more, retarded schizo.
Here's another one for (You) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPGqfyWhKOw

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>You need to let your blind hatred go. Just becasue there are some genuinely shitty livers in Niji doesn’t mean every single of them are the same.
Actually, the problem is that you need to start realizing that grifting off of Hololive talents doesn't make some nijitrash like Pomu "one of the good ones" - it just makes her a leech, plain and simple. Just because Kiara collabed with her doesn't mean she's actually a good vtuber, it just means she has good enough business sense to leech off of those who are actually successful.

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File: 123 KB, 800x800, 1614642464115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speak for yourself, falseflagging shitposter.

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File: 255 KB, 850x1214, __himemori_luna_and_himemori_luna_hololive_drawn_by_toru_nagase__sample-80726a17d392ddee15cb5c5c1273ac42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.68851081

kill yourself. She never leeched and FWMC follow her personal account

>> No.68851099

Anon, do you seriously think that shithead is an actual holofag and not just pretending to be one to start shit?

>> No.68851112

Check out /hlgg/ at the time that collab was happening - nobody actually enjoyed it or wanted it. hell, with Selen in particular, her "attempt" not succeeding was a disappointment

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Pomu is waiting for when Cover starts checking applications for EN4 and she'll use Kiara to get Nepo'd.
Because we won't see EN4 until next Fall at the very earliest, Pomu needs something to do in the interim and finding a job, just to drop it, isn't worth it, so why not taking some classes and learn something in-between?

>> No.68851347

You sure love living in your own little world, incel tranny.

>> No.68851382

If Vshojo goes full retard and hires Kyo like people think, Pomu is all but confirmed for going to Hololive.

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File: 113 KB, 955x410, Screenshot from 2024-02-12 15-01-51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nta but I have an almost 3 year ina membership and I agree with pretty much everything that guy is saying. "talents" like pomu and selen are basically poison and Hololive is 100% correct in avoiding people like them at all costs

>> No.68851481

If Vshojo hires Kyo, doesn't that mean Enna will likely end up there eventually? Is she going to kill another company?

>> No.68851595

>like people think
only catalogfags think vshojo will hire a low 3view.
/vsj+/ has enough information to know he will likely be indie and under aethel's wings.

>> No.68851621
File: 691 KB, 847x720, 1599796424056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do they stream too often for your taste?

>> No.68851648
File: 1.03 MB, 1307x1080, irysapprove.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BASED actual holochad

>> No.68851724

based takodachi dunking on nijibeggars

>> No.68851737

Like I said, blind hatred runs deep in your veins. I doubt you'll ever let that hatred go so I'm not gonna bother replying to your posts after this. Have fun doing... whatever it is you are doing.

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>Hololive is 100% correct in avoiding people like them at all costs
Do you "people" just not watch streams or what?

>> No.68851878

Enna won't have free reign to bully people in Vshojo

>> No.68851936

Would she need to ask froot for permission first?

>> No.68852088

Well she's the one who brought in "muh fakin back hurts" who fucked off after a year. I wouldn't say Ina or Takodachis have good judgement or taste

>> No.68852222

Okay, so you're just a vocal minority with mental issues who think every single niji talents(former niji talent in this case) are evil? Got it.

>> No.68852266
File: 117 KB, 1132x767, 48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Like I said, blind hatred runs deep in your veins
You just use this as an excuse not to have actual opinions about hobbies you like. Instead you'd rather just go along with what you think is the "safe" opinion, the one least likely to offend people, because at the end of the day, you don't actually care about what makes your hobbies worthwhile, and will eventually wonder why all of your interests "totally suck now" because you didn't gatekeep them at all and just blindly accepted whatever slop rather than thinking things through and realizing that people like selen/pomu/elira/etc. who degrade these communities like this are worth hating (regardless of what hololive girls say about them just because they're too polite to say it how it is).
I'm glad you won't be replying anymore, considering that you've proven yourself to be an absolute brainless slop consoomer.

>> No.68852459

Are they really Nijibeggars if they are begging for their oshis to get out of that black company? They are more like anti-niji beggars. I feel like that's a sensible stance to take in general; if you like someone you don't want them to suffer.

>> No.68852611

Oh my dear holobrony, if only you had a little bit of self-awareness.

>> No.68852624

>Are they really Nijibeggars if they are begging for their oshis to get out of that black company?
yes because they're acting like their oshis have value in the first place when they don't
if they were good vtubers, they'd be in hololive. and if they had good taste, they wouldn't have them as their oshi

>> No.68852651

>posting someone who collabed with Nijis
You people are not very smart huh

>> No.68852682

She's not going to join a (JP) corpo ever again.
Back in January, she brought up multiple instances of perms issues she was getting fed up with. And not just permissions for projects, but also things like karaoke perms and game perms.
During her Twitter Space karaoke last week, she was visibly excited to be able to sing songs that she was never able to sing while part of a JP corpo. She's never going to give that up again.
There's been some pulses of life from her PL vtuber account, so she'll most likely return as Mint after she's done with her 3-month Japanese course in Japan. Whether she joins a western group with that persona is anyone's guess though.

>> No.68852686

>when Omega and shinri where fucking them over
what do either of them have to do with pomu?

>> No.68852701

>almost 3 year membership to one of the most boring, and therefore worst, vtubers in the entire industry
shit taste, therefore shit opinion, therefore discarded.

>> No.68852781

Everybody has value to somebody. Even you.

>> No.68852795

The back hurts thing is a meme. Sana just wasn't cut out for vtubing and like being an artist more so she left the company on good terms.

>> No.68852885

You reject even those that have been shown approval and welcomed by the people you claim to act in the interest of. You are a rabid dog and the day will come you will be abandoned and put down in your turn.

>> No.68852974

I'm not delusional enough to think I'm entitled to being a vtuber, which puts me above nijisanji members

>> No.68852994

The amount of retarded holofags who anti'd Sana were probably the biggest reason why she didn't enjoy vtubing anymore.

>> No.68853131

This post aged poorly so fucking fast lmao

>> No.68853146

nta but I ain't reading all that. Go be a delusional faggot in a dumpster fire.

>> No.68853220

nijibeggars can't stand the idea that hololive fans don't actually want their sloppy seconds lmao

>> No.68853244
File: 71 KB, 975x975, 1629813531491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironically take your meds and improve yourself.

>> No.68853431

>Even you
You're giving him too much credit, anon.

>> No.68853441

The post still stands proven

>> No.68853457

>never been laid off

>> No.68853484

say that to a Lunaito's face and enjoy your free dynamic makeover

>She wants to be the gachi who creeps on idols
so the same as Fuwawa and Kanata
you can creep on idols even better when you're INSIDE

>> No.68853530

Shitposters come in all shape and forms. No one can tell whether they are a Holofag or a Nijifag.

>> No.68853575

>say that to a Lunaito's face
luna is a different case and you know it, stop trying to strawman your way out of being wrong

>> No.68853767
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Can't return to school and go to underground idol concerts if you're not in Japan.

>> No.68853816

another group of known niji sympathizers, just like KFP
counting them as true hololive fans is a stretch