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>Even Nene is collabing with a male
It's so fucking over bros...

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gariben girl V tv appearance that even kanata has done and kanata had a monthlong meltdown over being in the same minecraft server as a man

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Is that what it was? I thought it was an illness

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>NTRlive does a male collab
wow no way how could this happen to us holobros?

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Even Kiara collab with Male (Neuro)

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daily reminder that real idols collab with men in a professional setting all the time

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Nene have a Older MALE Brother
she talking always

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tourists and catalogfags don't care. you're wasting your time twappi

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I mean, Nene has brought her motherfucking boyfriend into her streams before, so this much is nothing

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I saw this mouth open and close and then i noticed its not a gif. I need to get some sleep

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You can tell you're on the losing side when an ESL is on it. Congrats, cuckbros. You didn't gatekeep hard enough and now JP's going to shit.

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Is there a vtuber who hasnt been on it yet? False flagging is so lazy nowadays, no effort .

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Again? Don't you people get tired of faking outrage over used goods?

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Total troonicorn death

Yes, but unicorn need something to seethe at and sisters need to reflect over Luca being a fraud.

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they call their husbands older brothers all the time
kids are usually nieces and nephews

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And ENmaidens don't collab with men in any form. What real idols do doesn't mean shit when what we have is better than "real" idols.

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in actual, the nene be having more younger brother

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So older sister = wife?

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Looks professional. It's approved. No problem.

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Niji deflection thread

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the sex must be crazy between the two of them

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ESL, it is a younger brother.

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okay phasefag, enough seething.

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daily reminder that all non-member streams/videos are a vtuber's "professional setting" so streaming with a male shouldn't mindbreak anyone any more than this, but it does.

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Fuck noooooo bro, my day is ruined and my disappointment is unmeasured. Nene why :'(

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Wait until OP finds out Nene is my wife

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Unicucks losing to reality as per usual