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Either she was right and everyone in Nijisanji, including every ex-member besides U-san, was wrong, or she was wrong and made everyone in the branch suffer due to her mental illness. This many people distancing themselves from her is not a good sign.

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Just ask yourself if it's okay for the clique livers to revoke their permission to appear in the mv. If you think that's okay, then Doki's wrong. If you're a human being, then Niji is wrong.

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Doki lives rent free in the antis small mind. No space but Doki, based

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You've gotta provide more context anon otherwise nobody's going to bite because they don't know what the fuck you're talking about. I assume this is in reference to Kuro, Matara, and most notably, Pomu, not following Doki on Twitter. It's not much to go off of but apparently Kuro was following her previously and is no longer. I can't confirm that he was but he's definitely not following her right now.

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The only people I've seen distance themselves are in Niji; everyone else seems to be backing Doki.

Of course, if you're saying everyone in Niji is mentally ill, I won't fight you there.

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He was following her and Finana just did too, they absolutely have to know more about it than the public does and it's only a matter of time until they clue U-san in on it too.

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>most notably, Pomu
Considering how she's stated well beforehand that she really doesn't want her Twitter signal-boosted, I wouldn't look too deeply into it. She can't even rein in her own fans.

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Yeah that's why I said it's not much to go off of. Pomu's also not following Mata even though they've been communicating back and forth on Twitter. The others are notable though if they were following prior but aren't anymore.

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Third option, OP is a faggot

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There is a post on the archive of someone saying that Kuro's personal account had followed Doki on Feb 6th. Just checked right now and that account is not following her now either.

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Looking at this objectively, this is what I've concluded.

Selen was doing a lot of things wrong and not going through the proper channels. This seems to be the case with videos and payments. You can't have 30+ talents doing stuff their own way. I think when Niji slapped her down she threw a fit thinking she's special. Did she get bullied? Maybe, but their is plenty of clips of her bullying coworkers on stream. Did she try to off herself? Possibly. That be a silly thing to lie about since there would be a mountain of evidence.

Niji on the other hand looks like a very poorly managed company. They don't seem to have anything streamlined. There appears to be a lot of incompetence on the EN side of management. Maybe they could have handled things better but the incompetence looks to be across all the talents and not Selen specifically. I think working for them would suck and I feel bad for anyone who signed a streamer contract with them prior to this incident.

Overall, I wish Dokibird the best of luck but I'm already seeing a lack of creativity. Going with your old fanbase name is a poor decision in my opinion. You don't want people searching it and getting sent to your old company. We'll just have to see how things are in a few months when emotions and fanboying dies down.

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>You don't want people searching it and getting sent to your old company.
Good think that niji deleted her channel and twitter and all that remains of "selen nijisanji" is all the drama and negative press

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>bullying other coworkers on stream.
I know I shouldn't be replying to this bait but it still baffles me how some daft people actually think this. Back and forth banter that ends up with both of them wanting to stream together later isn't bullying.

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>Looking at this objectively
Reads more like propagandaslop than an objective look.
When the "proper channels" are manglement and manglement refuses to do its job, there are no proper channels.

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You fags getting some milage out of that doki pic

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There is no way they would get sent to old clips and wikis refering to Nijisanji. Full proof plan.

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She likes doing lots of big events and projects and from everyone's accounts, going through the company was the #1 way to make them fail. So she just did things on her own then the company made up reasons to fuck her over. Just seems like they hated her.
Luca did shit 10x worse but not even a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile she includes her fellow EN members without asking explicit permission to do so and gets her $15k video deleted and is suspended for it.

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she faked her suicide, the news have been coming out about it.

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third option: you are retarded

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>That be a silly thing to lie about since there would be a mountain of evidence
most "suicide attempts" are a joke so you don't really have to lie about it

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>Overall, I wish Dokibird the best of luck but I'm already seeing a lack of creativity. Going with your old fanbase name is a poor decision in my opinion. You don't want people searching it and getting sent to your old company.
Uh she explicitly wants people to know she is still her, and that Selen fans are welcome as Doki fans. Like she's pretty blatant in not wanting that to change so of course she'd choose not to change her fan name.

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getting permission from people appearing in your MV is common sense, or do you think the homostars can put Gura in their stuff to farm clout? It's just using Cover's IP after all :^)

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pic related

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They should, and it should always be something ridiculous like them throwing her off a cliff or sending her to space in a rocket real Looney Tunes style.

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Wait, that is weird. Not a single ex-liver or liver PL is following her but Unnamed. Really surprised Matara or Kuro haven't reached out to her already. They haven't been subtle about implying they thought Niji management was shit either.

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You're making this up in your head. The reason the video was made private was because staff didn't even see the full thing before she uploaded it, and needed to see if all the art in it didn't break any kind of copyright or whatever. It wasn't because they had to remove anyone's appearance in it.

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I think it's unlikely that any part of her getting permission for the song or anything of that nature was a lie. Like people mentioned Kuro and others were assocating with Doki which means they didn't agree with how she was treated. Anything she complained about within unlikely to be up for debate. If people are distancing themselves from her now it's either because of what she's done outside of Niji and ngl a witch hunt on everyone in your work place because you didn't name any specific bullies or anything like that isn't a good look or there's more information that's cropped up that the public isn't privy to.

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Matara has always been butthurt about Selen, Kuro followed her and mysteriously unfollowed her a day or so later, Matara's probably actively trying to isolate her

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*Anything she complained about within Niji
Kuro even made that one tweet people were making threads about after Doki's initial statement of not being silenced any longer.

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Of course, Matara is still actively friends with the bullies in nijisanji and believing their lies. I won’t be surprised if she’s working with them to isolate Doki more

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Pomu doesn't follow any non-fluffy vtubers on her twitter account.

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Holy shit, are you fucking her or something? What, is slavishly believing everything she says and pontificating about the evil of Nijisanji and how everyone was a silent witness worth cancelling isn't fucking propaganda? Fuck off simp.

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nothing is going to wake people up except someone exniji going public with claims, and all of them have too much to lose to do that

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Sure, but haven't they all been tweeting Quinn with all sorts of support since Kyo graduated? Far as I can see not a single one of them has responded to any of Doki's tweets. In fact, weirdly, on Doki's first big tweet we've got responses from Merryweather, Fefe, RPR, Sayu, Obkatie and some indies but not a single one from anyone in VShojo or Unnamed even.

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I doubt she faked her suicide. I also doubt she didn't have enough clarity of mind to swerve towards a fake-out after the second handful of pills.

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>Selen was doing a lot of things wrong and not going through the proper channels.
She actually DID go through them, or at least, she tried, but those proper channels are slow and fucking useless. Not quite as bad as the retard Hololive hired, but that's a low bar. Here's the thing though, if they hated the fact she was making them look like incompetent retards so much, why did they even approve the perms she got? By doing that, they literally encouraged her to do the thing they hate. They could've just said "nope, fuck off, sit down and wait like everyone else" but they didn't.

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Matara went through a lot of shit and is friends wtih Pomu but on the other hand she's like, IRL friends with everyone in Ethyria.

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my rrat is nijisanji probably threatened vshojo with permanent collab ban if any of their talents openly associate with doki.

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that's old news, she now follows her sister from V4Mirai and a couple of random indies that I can see, probably more but Twitter doesn't show a full following list anymore

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Dude responds to every big vtuber tweet with more than 1k likes with a vacuous sentence, he's the ultimate clout chaser

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Anon, why would she need permissions for art that she commissioned herself?

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Yeah they're still somehow too valuable despite their only regular collab partners leaving

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>They could've just said "nope, fuck off, sit down and wait like everyone else" but they didn't.
They did for the final MV, at least. They were okay with Selen doing her project but their only involvement was sending artists their NDA to keep the project secretive, but it's not like they were reviewing the art with her. Once she had the final video ready, she told staff and they asked her to wait while they looked at it", but Selen snapped.

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Doubt it. She is still being followed by Zen and Froot, they just haven't replied to any of her tweets aside from Zen this one time.

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My rrat is that selen will never be /in/ because zen needs to beat her 1v1 in apex before she will allow doki in, but doki keeps winning.

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it's weird Ironmouse isn't following her considering she follows just about every vtuber out there

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It's not permission for the art itself, it's to review what's in the video. Is the art Selen commissioned compliant with copyright? Is there any brand depicted in the video that shouldn't be? Are we sure all the art shown in the video is the one Selen directly commissioned for this? These are just examples of things they were probably looking into once the full video is done, before she could upload it and show it to the public.

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Poaching allegations will become insufferable.

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>You don't want people searching it and getting sent to your old company.
Dragoon is already a word on its own. That's the entire point of the pun. The word has existed for centuries before Niji and will continue to exist long after they're gone.

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Sure, but that's not the point. It is weird that not only seemingly every ex-Niji Liver and Niji Liver PL (barring Sayu and Unnamed) are either not following or completely ignoring her and that at the same time so is most of VShojo, where the most ex-Niji Livers are focused. VShojo is particularly weird considering how much they love to cultivate this image of 'the liver's company' with no corporate culture and their saviourfag tendencies, yet Zen's made one comment and Froot and Zen follow Doki and that is it. Considering how universally the public have embraced Doki why the hesitation from them all?

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Anon, Selen was gone for a month before being terminated. They would've just reviewed it and unprivated it if that was the case.

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she requested a graduation in december, they spent january preparing to fire her

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The bullies in nijisanji got to them first before she went public. There’s been rumors that the members have been spreading lies about her in the community just to isolate her further.

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She requested a graduation in late January.

>> No.68848333

they wanted her to dogeza and didn't get that
she asked to graduate on the 26th of January, not December. She was still in the hospital in December.

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hey guys im gonna kill myself btw is the merch for my graduation ready? lol give me a break

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retard, she's just re-selling the merch she had in 2021 and it's made to order

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Immediately after making the video private and telling Selen why it was made private, Selen made the tweet about how "staff privated the video" and told people to upload it themselves, implying that the video would not be unprivated on her end. Staff went from doing their normal (slow and inefficient) job, to dealing with Selen going rogue with that statement.

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>In the hospital
>yes mr manufacturer can you reinstate my account from 3 years ago with my old merch, yes made to order.
>Oh hold on I gotta talk to a doctor i'll be right back
You dookie cucks are delusional

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If selen knew the perms were fine and believed the video would ever be unprivated she would not have asked people to replupload it. Selen asked people to reupload it because whatever the staff told her made her believe that they would never allow her to publish the video.

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It's the first one

>> No.68848839

This is why it was likely to do with someone who appeared in the video deciding that they didn't want to.

>> No.68848852

I don't think you understand what "made to order" means.

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fucking drama tourists

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>If selen knew the perms were fine and believed the video would ever be unprivated she would not have asked people to replupload it.
Do you really think so? She tried to off herself right after this. It's much more reasonable to think that after staff asked her to follow the process, she was emotional and made that tweet, and while being reprimanded for it and having livers "harass" her (aka. ask her what happened with the video), she took a bottle of advils or whatever. It's not the first time she has an emotional reaction, and every single dragoon in /haha/ will tell you Selen can be a bit emotionally unstable sometimes.

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Not RIGHT after, my rrat is she was promised Gundou treatment - months without pay into termination. And such shit could absolutely bring her over the edge.

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No actually that info was leaked from the artists of the last cup of coffee mv. Selen informed them of why the mv was taken down and the artists leaked it. It was disputed before, but all of the details line up and would explain why things turned out the way they did.

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I believe all the artists that came out in her defense saying she was doing what niji was supposed to be doing in like 2 days while niji couldn't even be bothered to write the artists' names properly in their NDAs.

>> No.68849378

I have not seen artists talking about anything other than niji being slow af with NDAs and payments.

>> No.68849514

the anti argument is that selen could have been bad about filling things internally which gummed up the normally functional process. hard for anyone on outside to know unless artists who have worked in projects for multiple livers can attest to it being an issue for most/all of them.

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>This is the mental capacity of the people shitting on Doki

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My totally insane rrat is that they stopped following before they got bombarded by people harassing them or wanting them to reply. Because it's been all out war between the NDF and the antis

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I believe it's more or at least just as likely that a japanese middle manager who says is fluent in English but can hardly read it, will continually fuck up and send documents with wrong information to an english-speaking artist.

>> No.68849633

He's just trying to make enough to support his family.

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She was right, everyone in NijiEN that doesnt jump ship immediately or show support for Doki are part of the harassers, and Niji management is absolutely part of the harassers.
At this point it doesnt matter what insults the faggots here throw at her, it just makes her case stronger. Every single negative post has been paid for by niji management at this point. This is how much they fucked up.

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please, repost the two "fake" discord messages. I can't find them anywhere.

>> No.68850357

This was long before the termination. Maybe even before she was cut out of Anime Impulse.

>> No.68850472

Again, have not seen it. I am not saying it's false, but I am not seeing anything other than NDAs and payments.

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This is the only one I have saved. Don't know about a second one.

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This is fake because nijisanji took all of her social media accounts, this would include discord. They were puppeting them.

>> No.68850735

>VShojo is particularly weird considering how much they love to cultivate this image of 'the liver's company' with no corporate culture and their saviourfag tendencies
They have clamped down hard on social media the past ~4-5 months. No comments/rants about any graduation, no addressing of any Vtuber related happenings/drama, no following people on Twitter who could be candidates (except for Zen).

>> No.68850755

You're talking about the company that forgot to purge the YouTube mods. They could have easily forgotten to talk the discord away.

>> No.68850801

Maybe, but it looks like something she'd write since it actually has the mention of reuploading. So either it's real or someone made a fake screenshot. It's fucked either way to be punished retroactively for something like this so far in development.

>> No.68850837

They were incompetent enough not to remove her mods' power on her channel when they terminated, it's not out of the question they only locked her out of public-facing accounts and not discord

>> No.68850899

Agreed, but I wont take that as proof or I would have to also consider taking Nijisanjis management saying they didnt do anything wrong as proof.

>> No.68850914

holy witch hunt

>> No.68850973

Nijis fault that theres a witch hunt, Doki never said anything about other talents, Niji management did.

>> No.68851064

If she is wrong, it's easy for all of the NijiEN livers to say so. They have nothing to hide. Their silence speaks volumes.

>> No.68851127

>Selen's old avatar having the same question mark flavor as the new confirmed real one
You know, maybe all rrats are real after all

>> No.68851175

Does the timing not line up? The message suggests 25th selen time and 2AM leaker time. They wouldn’t have taken her account access until after the tweet about management privating it.

>> No.68851346

timing doesnt matter as there is no date attached, it could have been made at any given date.

>> No.68851466

She's the Rushia of EN vtubers as far as her menhera levels are concerned, but Niji management by all metrics appears to be a shitshow that doesn't know how to handle anything but the most docile of talents. I imagine there was a benign way out of this where she got most of what she wanted and Niji got most of what they wanted and her bipolar ass sprinted past that option, but better people handling these menhera's would have never let it get to that point. HoloEN mostly keeps stable despite from real headcases there, that's a testament to the people working with them.

>> No.68851474

The part of ex nijiens being prohibited despite being in recent past works and will be in future works seems like bullshit to me. Adding Millie's post to this image makes it look like whoever made this had a hateboner for Millie and wanted to drag her name in the mud even further. But even if this message was not faked, I can also easily believe that Selen was told "we haven't gotten a response from X and Y about their appearance on the video" and in her manic state interpreted it as "some people did not want to be in it".
In the end, we don't know the truth and won't know it unless we see actual real screencaps of staff telling Selen "hey, X and Y responded and do not want to be in your MV, remove Mysta and Nina too please".

>> No.68851527

Source of avatar flavor confirmation https://twitter.com/BySovereign/status/1756951410716062155

>> No.68851555

There's a second message that was circulated at the same time where she said the other nijien members wanted her gone.

>> No.68851738

I wouldn't trust anyone from that den of snakes, least of all Nina and Kuro.
Mumei likes her so she is a good person.

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I member when nijifags bragged about how little management NijiEN had. That it gave them more freedom to do creative shit as oppose to Holos.

Who could have known they were using that freedom to make each others lives hell?

>> No.68851812

the argument in the previous post is that there was no window in which that discord message could have been sent by selen while she still had her account. identifying a specific date doesn’t matter, it’s whether there is any date that would fit.

>> No.68851860

It's her personal account, not corpo.

>> No.68851906

she was right
cope nijinigger

>> No.68851945

Why are Nijisisters so desperate to spin a narrative where doki is to blame? You really have to clutch at straws to believe it.

The obvious answer is that vsj and the other ex nijis want to stay out of drama because you and I both know they're all being flooded with DMs and questions about Niji right now and they just want to move forward without getting sucked into it and every word or action out of their mouths getting farmed by drama channels and you fags. Sayu's biggest mistake is just being too open and public about it and too responsive when people ask her about Niji stuff, and the sad result of it is that she is trapped in a perpetual state of purgatory constantly getting dragged back to the past instead of being her own person

>> No.68851957

It's because they're unemployed or retarded and didn't understand if management isn't that involved then there'd be no need for them to help with anything that isn't corpo mandated. Talent freedom also means talent works for free.

>> No.68852072

Yeah... No way that discord text is fake

>> No.68852120

>Selen didn't get OK for video
>Selen uploads it anyways
>Video gets taken down and privated
>Selen tells clippers to go ahead and post it on their channels
It was at this point she fucked up. She got terminated for being stupid. I don't see why this is so complicated for some people. You're arguing over irrelevant fluff.

>> No.68852217

If that's sarcasm, twitter is Mr. Man, her new manager.

>> No.68852330

Because the alternative would have been... Completely losing 15k dollars after working on this fucking MV for 1 year and half with a dozen of artists?

>> No.68852370

>This many people distancing themselves from her is not a good sign.
I'll ignore your weird false dichotomy and the slippery slope that goes with it. How does this make sense to you? Your premise assumes nobody supports her, which is just blatantly false.

>> No.68852390

Without a date, it can be faked much more easily. That's the thing with screenshots, I can also put that profile image, change my display name to Selen Tatsuki, put that avatar decoration and say what I want for a juicy screenshot.
Unless management went and deleted each and every individual message she sent before they closed her account, that specific message must still be there with the date, so they're more than welcome to post it.

>> No.68852475

She wouldn't have used corpo account for shit that can get into trouble, anon.

>> No.68852490

Can we get some new drama already for this board to obsess over already? I'm bored of this one.

>> No.68852555

Why would a non corpo account be in a discord for corpo duties? You think she'd just be giving out a personal discord to every single artist instead?

>> No.68852582

The money is irrelevant. She'd lose that money anyway, whatever she made back with the MV she would have spent it on a different project. She wanted the video out there for her fans, which they would've made available anyways even if she didn't tell them to upload it on her tweet.

>> No.68852595

But you nijis never get that knowing what details to include or not include is the hard part of making an accurate fake screenshot. It's not hard to add the question mark, but did you know she used that until just now? Cuz I didn't.

>> No.68852671

Ngl the funniest thing about this whole thing is the PISSED sisters trying to contrive a way to blame Doki when in their heart of hearts they know it is so ogre lol
They're so desperate to escape the label of being cucked like the fandeads that the only thing they can think to do is insult Doki and call her fans simps. Unnecessary console wars so sad

>> No.68852730

If I were in their shoes I would only reach out in private and distance myself publicly, especially with Anycolor's termination notice.

Streaming is enough work without also having to dodge schizos for three weeks asking you to name names when you can't. It's cynical, but dodging the drama and re-establishing public relations, (if you even want to, she wasn't that close to nina or mysta) once things have settled down is what any reasonable person would do.

>> No.68852785

Why would she use corpo account for personal project funded entirely by herself? I'm not sure they're event allowed to share corpo accounts with random commission artists.

>> No.68852850

Anyone have this one?

>> No.68852868

That's what you'd think, but Sayu was upset because people didn't even give her that courtesy until it happened to Selen too. The fear is of backlash is real unfortunately.

>> No.68852913


>> No.68853004

Because it goes on her corpo youtube account to be advertised by the corpo? It's not like she was commissioning selen porn in secret to be shared with nobody, this was a MV to be put up with the rest of her content.

>> No.68853061

I don’t really see that at all. For Zaion, sure, but with Doki the net and public are overwhelmingly on her side. There’d really be no worry about schizos at all.

>> No.68853067

So there's a chance that selen got terminated because she's a menhera?

>> No.68853090

>which they would've made available anyways even if she didn't tell them to upload it on her tweet.

? how would her clippers know she wants them to re-upload her cover.. if she doesn't tell them to do it? Unless you mean management, but she got denied to use that MV so lol?

>> No.68853158

You're right, it's all Luca deflection

>> No.68853167

She got terminated because she tried to kill herself, and Nijisanji management saw that as her trying to damage company property

>> No.68853206

Turns out it went nowhere. But if follow the narration of bullying campaign, it would make sense for to limit usage of that account only for absolutely necessary stuff.

>> No.68853341

Think about it. She's already buttering up kyo's rm and if the branch is collapsing she's eyeing up who she and vshojo can poach.
If the bullying allegations are true siding with doki hurts her recruitment drive. So she's doing what she does best and staying away from potential drama to further her own goals.

>> No.68853373

My oshi is retarded and a separation was the best case scenario. She made a short termination letter citing insubordination an easy layup for Niji management

This is not incompatible with NijiEN being run by incompetent, vindictive ass-clowns who can't even send out paperwork to involved artists after a full year and half. Baiting them by making them look like the morons they were over the past year wasn't a good move either.

But if you're telling me they refused a neutral separation to go scorched earth with a half-baked termination letter like this... IDK dude, they might be more retarded than she is.

>> No.68853389

This is the only winning play especially with all the leaks and management at Nijisanji breathing down their necks and looking at their public communications like a hawk. Disassociating with Selen/Doki like this publicly isn't a death knell of relationships in this context.

>> No.68853414

That's a fair point. If I go rrat crazy I can say that maybe there's an older screenshot of her discord icon with it and whoever made this one knew about it, or that the fake screenshot was made by someone bts who knew she had it, but I know that sounds like a reach.

>> No.68853452


>> No.68853534

not directly because of it, but her own menhera is what led to her termination, yes

>> No.68853770

Your oshi uploads a heartfelt cover, and then the video is taken down for whatever reason. If you were savvy enough to download the video while it was up, or maybe just because you want an offline archive, wouldn't you upload it on your own if she didn't make it available soon after making it private?
People upload unarchived karaokes all the time, even if the talents explicitly ask people not to upload clips, so it doesn't seem too far off that someone would reupload this without direct instructions.

>> No.68853782

No what led to her termination was abuse from management and the other talents. All things considered, she kept her issues pretty tame until it exploded.

>> No.68853911

Selen uploaded the video to her channel which is owned by Nijisanji. Since Selen never got the OK from management, the video was privated until it could be properly reviewed and edited for release. At this point, Nijisanji is now responsible for the video and are covering their asses legally. Selen basically told people to upload Nijisanji property that was privated to their channels. This is why she got fired.
Yes, Selen was extremely stupid on how she handled a music video she spent 15K on and all those artists. Even Millie's dumb ass was smart enough to ask if she got the OK to release it.

>> No.68853938

If abuse from management means staff asking her to follow the stupid rules that everyone else follows, then yeah.

>> No.68854064

No it means bullying and abuse, words have meanings stop trying to change the meaning of words like twitter freaks do.

>> No.68854075

No worry about schizos at all? I take offense to this as a schizo, you should always worry.

>> No.68854167

>Selen basically told people to upload Nijisanji property
Only if the person behind Selen had finalized exclusive rights transfer, which I doubt. Remember, the video was fully commissioned by her.

>> No.68854208

Claimed, not confirmed, harassment that was a result of her not following rules. It's in the letter.

>> No.68854301

>she deserved it
Nobody deserves to be bullied or abused. And Nijisanji said that they believe that it wasnt true, not that it wasnt true, that they just believe they didnt do it.

>> No.68854317

We're at this stage already?

>> No.68854327

>Even Millie's dumb ass was smart enough to ask if she got the OK to release it.
It's funny that people twist this to make Millie look like some kind of diabolical villain, when it's more telling that even she is aware that staff needs to give the explicit OK for these things.

>> No.68854377

Or maybe they all get bombarded by a million "vShOjO dEbuT wEn?" replies every time something like this happens so they give it some breathing room? Sometimes it ain't that deep.

>> No.68854444

I'm not saying she deserved it, I'm saying that it all happened due to her own negligence to follow the rules.
>Nijisanji said that they believe that it wasnt true, not that it wasnt true

>> No.68854796

>I'm not saying she deserved it, I'm saying that she did something to deserve it.
Retard please.
Also, if I punch someone in the face, and I said I didn't do it, then does that mean I didn't do it? It's not semantics, it's people trying to cover their own ass without disproving the claims.

>> No.68854851

What was so controversial about a few fellow livers in her video? Did she have them spit on the Chinese flag, shit on an Americans soldiers grave? It was management internally that refused to approve permissions after months of thrm fumbling. People trying to defend Black company practices boggles my mind.

>> No.68854859

rereading the notice it is very odd to point that out
> ANYCOLOR believes that the claims raised by Selen Tatsuki are in fact referring to situations that arose when she was warned about her breaches of the Activity Rules and attempts to shift the responsibility for these violations, damaging ANYCOLOR and NIJISANJI EN’s image. This led to the deterioration of the relationship between her, ANYCOLOR, and other Livers affiliated with ANYCOLOR.
it's one thing for disciplinary issues to impact the relationship between her and management, but mentioning it damaging the relationship between her and other livers in that context makes you wonder what went down.

>> No.68854998

the stage of not being blinded by emotions? yeah

>> No.68855064

No abuse would be denying projects that Livers work hard and spend money on brcause instead of management being an organisation that ticks the boxes you are on the right path. They leave it to the fucking end to judge you've done THEIR due diligence, THEIR work properly.

>> No.68855428

Going off of what others have said about the company in the past, I assume that the management are highly underpaid SEA and India who want to do as little as possible because their top manager (who only speaks Japanese) is a pain to work with and has no creativity or flexibility in anything. So whenever someone has something they want to do outside of play games they have perms for, it is 2 levels of bureaucracy to deal with that takes forever and has to be done by the book.
Pomu went through the proper channels only to be denied and strung along. Selen saw that the mangers did jack shit and did it herself, which pissed off the managers since she went over their head since they take forever to so anything. So Selen gets punished in a Japanese way to get her to stop, but Selen DNGAF about that and continued to do things her own way. Like with the MV, someone needs to get the rights? Well the management who suck at English won't get to it so Selen gets it. Same with the other things. She needs perms from the other members to appear in the video? Well, she gets them herself since management is doing fuck all. Since this video was in progress for a long time (August 2022 was when the song rights perms was first gained) she most likely asked Nina and Mysta and gotten theirs before they graduated.
Now either Niji management didn't like her getting the OK by herself, or wanted to not allow graduated members in the video, so they wanted her to remove them. Apparently they were given a version with them in it for a while, even if the final (final) this one for sure version wasn't done until Dec, and only said no right before it went up, which, for something that takes this fucking long is like telling the editor to edit a movie the night before release date, she did it anyway because she was tired of their red tape and bullshit.
That is what likely happened.

>> No.68855601

Work relationships are different from regular friends done outside of the work context. It's not something as if I am using the relationship for gain, but it's more like a comradery with working on the same thing and towards the same goal in a similar place and helping each other out context. It's not really friendship where you're there for tough times, know them personally really well, and etc. You can make the relationship go to the regular friendship route, I feel, but that takes effort and can be a bit awkward to do to balance how you handle the friendship inside and outside the work context and I've only seen it once and one of the two quit like a month or two afterwards to avoid inadvertently breaching workplace relationship rules. I haven't in my decade of working ever hit it off with a coworker in that fashion either.
Obviously, I don't know how Vtuber friendships inside corporations work but I would think many of them are work relationships that blossom into real ones that involve the outside stuff. I really much doubt it would actually damage the real relationship if they are bonded that strongly but I can completely understand that workwise, they would have to distance from her to not hurt their job.

>> No.68855637


That's plausible. They could have used that to outright kill it. So and so didn't want to be in the video. But if you reuploaded it with them edited it out, that would look bad. So project is kill.

>> No.68855742 [DELETED] 

I get weird vibes from her and I don't fully trust her (still basically like her but she reminds me of Ironmouse, likable but I sense a hidden darkness/ruthlessness) but if she did get bullied and fucked with for that long and she really didn't do anything wrong, then I'm happy for her for getting out of there. One major point in her favor is lots of artists and people that worked on projects with her came out of the woodwork to vouch for her character and she paid them out of pocket so maybe I'm completely off base.

But something I've learned watching vtubers and streamers in general for as long as I have, 99% of them are histrionic egomaniacal cunts. Rarely when something like this happens is one party completely in the right and the other completely in the wrong. I still hate Nijisanji and their management but I just have a gut feeling that she's done her share of manipulation. Never forget most of these vtubers are women, anime community-adjacent women at that. It's one reason I actually have respect for Enna, Veibae, and vtubers like that because they are very up front with who they are and how they think. The scary ones are the ones that pretend to be something they're not.

>> No.68855826

Ask me how I know you're a woman

>> No.68855933
File: 36 KB, 198x228, 1305372279622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the nijiEN defense mechanism is to try to gaslight the public to believe that they're always right about these things. with all we now know about how fucking crooked and inept they are managed, do you fucking seriously believe tha they actually had a handle on things? don't fall for it. it's propaganda.

"surely nijiEN is doing just fine and it's just a bunch of unfortunate coincidences there are graduations and firings left and right and all those people were wrong, there are no tanks in Baghdad"

>> No.68856035

Literally every single public complaint about management was from either Selen or Pomu

>> No.68856102

yeah and nina and mysta sure had glowing reviews of nijiEN which is why they left it right.

>> No.68856167

Luxiem "covid"? Mysta? Nina?

>> No.68856213

she shouldve stopped being a cunt and just removed all the pictures of other livers and moved on without her life instead of being menhera and victimizing herself with suicide-bait

>> No.68856218

Sounds like she maybe put words in other people's mouths. Maybe she considered Millie's question on twitter to be harassment and a direct attack on her, the same way people online interpreted her simple support message.
>I really much doubt it would actually damage the real relationship if they are bonded that strongly
Going by how isolated Selen was according to pretty much everyone in nijien, any big argument or drama could cause immediate fallout in their work relationship.

>> No.68856254

Fuck off, Millie.

>> No.68856368

Sayu? Gundou? Mysta? Nina? The whole Luxiem wave when the announcement of the AR live cancelled?

>> No.68856381

she has proof she was in the hospital for a suicide attempt, she said she had that and a lawyer knows she has that.

>> No.68856411

How is Kuro a snake? They guy is open and retarded.

>> No.68856645
File: 1.65 MB, 1608x1942, 01703a0af3b560a2349dff3c9eefd806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>said she had planned graduation for months
>alluded to feeling guilty after all of it came out
>Has taken a sabbatical of about half a year or more

For me she's kind of the smoking gun in this whole incident. Pomu got along very well with Selen/Doki until the very end, and now wants to take a break from all of it. Selen put her in her graduation MV along with Nina at the end. Doki said that she's still talking to her 'besties' while referencing the circumstances of her termination.

What this looks like to me is that Pomu witnessed what Selen claims happened for months, but was too much of a chicken to do anything other than maybe talk to Selen. While she had to plan her graduation, she knew that Selen was at the low point of her life. Hell, if I were a shizo I'd even speculate that part of Pomu's reason for graduating was seeing how badly management treated Selen, in addition to her having her own problems with management.

I'm not blaming her for not doing enough, but I can see how that would make her feel guilty. It's fucking hard to break out of a relationship that turned abusive over time. I think she just wants to turn over a new leaf and get over whatever emotional issues the time at Niji has caused her.

>> No.68856731

>Doki said that she's still talking to her 'besties'

When was this

Also her besties are Apex friends and VGumiho

>> No.68856754

>You can't have 30+ talents doing stuff their own way
That's the only way anything gets done in Nijisanji. It was a joke even at NijiEN's peak that Selen and Petra were basically doing management's job for them.

>> No.68856785
File: 103 KB, 642x676, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.68856891

Go back to twitter.

>> No.68856947

Wowo you shown us how society views suicide from different genders, But that's still doesn't answer how Selen's attempt was bait.

>> No.68856954

admit that she's literally an attention whore and menhera.

>> No.68856958

The public displays of beaten wife syndrome after leaving were completely unrelated to how badly things were run at the company anon. What are you talking about.

>> No.68856996

so you guys argued this much because of ...twitter follows?

>> No.68857044

bait in that she didnt want to kill herself, she wanted to get attention and be a victim, and she succeeded.

>> No.68857075

actually you would be cancelled on twitter if you insinuate that female suicide attempts are just attention seeking fake attempts

>> No.68857102


>> No.68857172

Didn’t Mayuzumi also have less than pleasant things to say about Niji? Also for what it’s worth Yuki Chihiro’s current persona is following Doki. JP doesn’t seem to be doing too hot either.

>> No.68857203

This all came to me in a dream, but I can picture in my head everyone in nijien having a meeting and Selen complains that Millie was mocking her with her tweet and Enna chiming in to defend Millie in a big discussion, basically swearing off Selen at that moment, anyone else in the call is just awkwardly sitting there, thinking Selen is going crazy but don't want to be rude and say it out loud.

>> No.68857220

Dude she was trying to get sympathy she wouldn't have called it an accident instead of attempted suicide

>> No.68857230

Not if you're an actual nobody

>> No.68857369
File: 347 KB, 500x500, 1698235311893460.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She has receipts, what do you have?

>> No.68857381

>Selen was doing a lot of things wrong and not going through the proper channels.
what channels? the management in NijiEN have been doing NOTHING this whole time and people even speculated that they have so little people that the livers themselves are self managing things and dealing with a skeleton crew of 2 or 3 fuckers that are full on assholes

>> No.68857414

you don't rile up a righteous twitter mob by saying you fell down the stairs after management took down your 15k MV

>> No.68857653

Yeah but that's what she said though, People were observing still playing Apex until she suddenly stops and then next tweet she said that she was in an accident and has gone to the hospital

>> No.68857805

No you don't get it, clearly this was all premeditated by my retarded oshi.

>> No.68857967


>> No.68858194

>refuse to let her go peacefully
>attempt to trash her reputation
>do this when she's well connected with people who can positively attest to her character
>be surprised when she starts disclosing things she would have otherwise kept quiet about
>all because they couldn't take her offer

Nijisanji's worst enemy is itself. People said they were going to Zaion her as a shitpost, but I don't anyone actually expected that to happen because of how monumentally dumb that would be.

>> No.68858537

this but unironically

>> No.68858692

How did this thread not get deleted?

>> No.68858709

Now that you mention it, she'd have known how fucking braindead management was to have reasonably predicted how they'd react. I'm having doubts all of a sudden..

>> No.68858818

Holy shit, you're telling me she didn't actually kill herself? I never would have known she wasn't dead if some retard hadn't told me.

>> No.68858829

>throw a shit fit after breaking rules, deliberately misleading people in twitter and threaten to sue
>get fired
>ask to be let go peacefully
>act surprised when they don't
>all because of a shitty lilypichu song

>> No.68858848

My rrat is Pomu was deciding when to graduate and when Selen told her she got hospitalized, Pomu immediately submitted her two weeks notice afterwards. Pomu said somewhere on one of her streams that staff offered a longer period than 2 weeks but Pomu insisted on 2 weeks, suggesting she either had obligations she had to quickly attend to (unlikely) or she felt pressured to quit as soon as possible.

During her return stream, someone in the comments may have a list of timestamps

>> No.68858869

>all because of a shitty lilypichu song

>> No.68858906

This was either during her debut or the stream after, i forgot.

>> No.68858910

It could just be a mutual misunderstanding brought about by miscommunication, neither party is necessarily at fault.
Speculating about malicious motives only serves to make everyone involved look bad, which won't benefit anyone.

>> No.68858920

When Mysta was having issues in Nijisanji, everyone dismissed him as a menhera and used him as a scapegoat for any problems that arose. The difference between that reaction and the current witch hunt that's going on in Selen's name is something. Even more so when some people are still pointing fingers at Mysta even though he left the company months ago.

>> No.68859056

I think the reason they’re not following her is so they’re not tied to any drama. You already have retards in this thread over analyzing them for not following Doki, making assumptions that this means Doki was lying or that they’re picking the bullies’ sides, etc. I imagine the ex-livers want nothing to do with this sort of speculation. Maybe they’ll follow Doki months from now when things aren’t so fresh and eyes aren’t constantly on them.

>> No.68859146

maybe its because mysta and selen are different people? mysta is proven incompetent and retarded? whereas selen at least tried to make content for fans to enjoy?
also the stuff that came out after about mysta's tax problems stand in stark contrast to selen's feud with management over actual projects

>> No.68859157

>dismissed him as a menhera and used him as a scapegoat for any problems that arose.
he is a menhera.

>> No.68859238

It's kind astounding, all they had to do was Yugo her with a brief "We've mutually agreed to part ways, there will be no graduation stream"

>> No.68859243

Pomu's decision to graduate was made months ago. It's true she could have called it all off before her graduation announcement on Jan 5, but it all the paperwork was there beforehand.
Which, kind of realted, makes me think... Pomu made her Antartica trip MV, spending tens of thousands of dollars in a trip, used a ton of artwork pieces on it, and required perms for a song from a japanese music company. The fact that Pomu was able to pull this off but Selen couldn't pull off hers is also telling on one of the two not being able to follow a set of rules.

>> No.68859324

And like Zaion too they'd rather personally attack her than acknowledge management's faults in letting the situation get this bad in the first place. I fucking warned people their oshi would be next but they didn't want to listen because Zaion was a menhera.

>> No.68859349

Unless she's less retarded than I've always assumed she seemed genuinely surprised she was fired, I can't imagine she faked the meltdown she posted after niji posted their whiney essay.
I'm going to doubt any claims that she was fired long before everything went public.

>> No.68859516

it's pretty clear at this point that the whole thing was a planned scheme. she wanted out so she liked the bear til they had no choice, now she's laughing all the way to the bank on her fake suicide pitybux. Well played, Grifter-sama

>> No.68859592


>> No.68859598

He's doing fine now. His mental breakdowns were a result of the situation/environment he was in, like Selen.

>> No.68859617

>collabs up the wazoo while niji burns

>> No.68859620

No, I'm a working adult with ample experience and strong opinions regarding bad management.

>> No.68859623

Helps that niggersanji literally committed corporate suicide.

>> No.68859696

This post is paid for by Nijisanji.

>> No.68859712

I'm pretty sure the reason for the extended termination letter is explained in it. When Selen made her tweet asking people to reupload the video and said "they privated the video" without giving full context, management wanted her to retract and admit fault in misleading people with the tweet (in that she was also responsible by not following the process). Things happened and after further discussion, management wanted to either release a statement themselves or still wanted Selen to do it, but Selen refused, blamed management for everything, and threatened to sue and yell about this online.
It's a bad letter, but they put out this notice so they had the upper hand on the whole drama by showing their side of the story first, but it blew up in their face because people will side with anyone who tried to kill themselves.

>> No.68859818

>ndf still this assblasted

>> No.68859953

>deliberately misleading people
anon in the termination notice itself nijisanji admits to privating the video, which is what they also claim selen supposedly “mislead” people about

>> No.68860015

>We privated the song but it's your fault for not adding context that would make us look better

>> No.68860016

I love how sisters act like Doki is this conniving mastermind that planned for all this to happen when not even the worst rrats predicted this outcome.

>> No.68860109

Mysta wanted to leave Nijisanji months before he graduated. Consequently, his content suffered during that waiting period. Prior to his breaking point, he would constantly try hard to make unique content for his fans.

Mysta is retarded, but a competent accountant could have prevented the tax situation. Nijisanji did not support him, whereas Gunrun happily helped him navigate the issue.

>> No.68860133

I think the decision was made beforehand, or at least a deliberation was being made, but she was actually fired very shortly before the notice, and didn't know the notice would go up when it did. She said she asked for a peaceful graduation on the 26th, if that's true, at that point we can assume that at the very least management was set on not letting her go on her terms.

>> No.68860404

Brand loyalists are subhuman.

>> No.68860575

Not hard to see why, this whole thing is probably the beginning of the end for Niji in the western market

>> No.68860669

She made it seem in the tweet that management had it against her and privated for no reason, when in reality management made the video private for a very clear reason: they had not reviewed it yet (because she handed it to them a day earlier), or had things that needed changing.

>> No.68860692

>said "they privated the video" without giving full context
There was no context to give. Nijisanji did private the video, and even if they had cause (which they didn't), they knew that Selen was working on it and had months to make sure that there weren't going to be any problems.

>> No.68860769

Look at "that" website, they're absolutely livid

>> No.68860786

didnt he actually blame fans?

>> No.68860803

>Selen was working on it and had months to make sure that there weren't going to be any problems.
and yet she sent staff the complete video one day before the date she wanted to upload it

>> No.68860975

Being a Chink isn't a mental illness, it's just her nature

>> No.68861022

I hate Nijisisters so much it's unreal, I didn't know it was possible to detest a fanbase so much until this past week. They'll literally do any amount of mental gymnastics to find a way Doki was in the wrong despite a year's worth of evidence that company is rotten to the core. You guys somehow manage to be even worse than k-pop stans and it's laughable

>> No.68861172

All she said was that management privated the song. And they did.

>> No.68861281

And that she was being bullied. Perhaps the two are related?

>> No.68861479

She never said she was being bullied you retard. Management was the one that let that slip in the termination letter.

>> No.68861516

>Hello I apologize but management has privated the Song. Please feel free to reupload since a lot of money and effort was done by so many dragoons. I'm really sad that this happened on christmas but I hope somehow you guys will still be able to listen to it in some way.
Tell me this doesn't read like the video is just gone forever. It wasn't, it needed reviewing and removing anything that wasn't okay to have on it
>she would have to spend months and even more money editing it!
That fucking sucks, but it's on her if she wants this personal project up or not. Management isn't after her and telling her she can't have an MV because they're mean, they would be telling her to fix it per their already agreed-to standards before reuploading it.

>> No.68861526

>and ngl a witch hunt on everyone in your work place because you didn't name any specific bullies or anything like that isn't a good look
That's not her fault. It was Niji's own statement that went public with her claim of having been harassed by other talents specifically, she herself only said that it was a toxic work environment and that she doesn't want other people being bullied over this because she knows what it's like. If the dumbfuck management had kept quiet about that one little detail then most people would reasonably assume that the bullying came only from the staff.

>> No.68861542

No, she explicitly said bullied after the pdf was released.

>> No.68861643

How long did it take them to private it once it went up? An hour? It certainly seems like they're capable of making decisions on less than a day's notice.

>> No.68861662

>let that slip in the termination letter.
I think you mean they repeated Selen's claim and then shut it down

>> No.68861733

if those rumors are true then thats pretty fucked up

>> No.68861758

What doesn't line up? Selen commissioned Chinese/asian artist and 2am in china/Japan is like 2-3pm in EST which is before the reupload tweet

>> No.68861817

>she herself only said that it was a toxic work environment
>On Dec, I was hospitalized for an attempt that was caused by a built up of bullying from within&being in a toxic&poor environment for numerous months that led to my breaking point.

>> No.68861840

>she was right and everyone in Nijisanji, including every ex-member besides U-san was wrong
>she was wrong and made everyone in the branch suffer due to her mental illness

>> No.68861856

Ah but imagine this: she uploads the video but for some reason a coworker suddenly throws a hissy fit and doesn't want to be in it. But the video is out and removing them would out the person. RIP project.

Fuck off Enna

>> No.68861965

Niji bad, simple as.

>> No.68861968

>we have to put this video under a microscope to make sure there's no bullshit copyright issues than can arise from this
>what? she uploaded the video? set it as private

>> No.68862050

In his case, it was multiple things: the restrictions, the lack of support from management, the cancellations, the tax predicament, and the harassment from the toxic portion of viewers including a sock puppet schizo that people wrongly claimed he was lying about for attention.

>> No.68862059

Graduated people has no say in their avatar, not in niji, not in holo, not anywhere. The only permission comes from the management.

>> No.68862101

After the termination letter she confirmed it sure but that has nothing to do with why they fired her you dip

>> No.68862204

>for some reason a coworker suddenly throws a hissy fit and doesn't want to be in it
should've asked them first like the rules say

>> No.68862280


>> No.68862326

> Microscope
> Literal trying to get NDA sign started in August and only gotten them in January
Sorry but the petri dish is cold, dry, and dead for 3 months.

>> No.68862421

Your corp has 15 minutes left faggot

>> No.68862552

And this is why nothing anyone says will matter. Anything Selen did is based, anything niji did is black company. There's no changing this mentality on these subhumans, so Selen could rape a baby and as long as niji condemns her for it, niji and every talent associated to them will remain the bad guys.

>> No.68862734

There's a difference between sending the NDAs and checking the full video for anything in it. Are they incompetent and slow as fuck? Yes. Could Selen have avoided this if she had given them the time to look over the video and make any changes they asked? Yes.

>> No.68863631

"just give them a year to do their job bro"

>> No.68863992

>Selen sent us a music video that she wants to upload tomorrow?
>tell her to wait because we'll need this amount of time to review it
It would have been that easy. Instead, they chose to publicly rebuke her on Christmas.

>> No.68864379

they did tell her to wait, and she ignored them and uploaded it anyway

>> No.68868676

To mcdonalds?

>> No.68870639

Glad Pomu left before this got worse

>> No.68871640

>they did tell her to wait
Proofs ?

>> No.68871959
File: 92 KB, 1202x729, 191717119198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they just showed proof

>> No.68872199

>30+ hours to watch a short MV

nijiniggers are retarded

>> No.68872463

Even if she was 100% in the wrong NijiEN has shown that it will self-immolate when faced with any internal crisis. This was always going to happen, she just sped it up

>> No.68872611

I hate Nijisanji, So Doki's right.

>> No.68872743

there's too much fixation on the fucking video. no one cares about the fucking video. people want to know how fucking toxic it is working for kurosanji. the evidence is already there in droves of chuubas graduating. what we want to see is hard facts so we all know just how dirty and disgusting it is there

>> No.68872776

>expecting a fast response from anyone on christmas eve and christmas day
I bet you ordered your presents on the 23rd expecting day 1 delivery

>> No.68873384
File: 106 KB, 500x500, 1549158054241.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Looking at this objectively

That doesn't excused you for being retarded, retard

>> No.68873575

>Jap manager celebrates Christmas
lol, lmao

>> No.68873771

>company with jp and indian managers
What a retard lmao

>> No.68874083

conclusion: if she'd done things a different way, she could still be suicidal and still working for nijisanji. History doesn't only begin the instant that someone gets fed up. See recent international events.

>> No.68874263
File: 66 KB, 800x800, Nick-Mullen-800px.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh she's Chinese.

>> No.68874330

she could've graduated at any point before she went full retard

>> No.68874594
File: 711 KB, 1578x1056, zentreDark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

okay this makes sense

>> No.68876760

Mate, even Sayu understood that not everyone can support you openly. She had friends who came out and supported her immediately after her trash fire termination and they got blasted by the Nini Defense force for it, which made her feel even worse about it. She also had people come up to her privately and said that while they do support her, they weren’t brave/strong enough to do so openly and she was okay with that because she didn’t want them being collateral damage as it made her feel like “Why bother having friends if you’re just going to get them hurt”

>> No.68877859

the chicken was warm that day

>> No.68877936

Even assuming Doki did everything wrong and Niji everything right in this case, what is the worst you can actually accuse her of? AT BEST she is a menhera that doesn't listen to management sometimes and has trouble getting along with other livers, but she never leaked any evidence or any names, never used her following to harrass anyone, she never even implied that Niji did anything wrong until AFTER she was already terminated. But today in just 15 minutes Niji accused her of lieing, leaked documents from an ongoing lawsuit and used one of their biggest talents to discredit and smear her publicly. She doesn't deserve any of this.

>> No.68878287

>Pre-approved song and all the art is nijisanji IP


>> No.68878331

Lazy manager maybe respond to messages within 37 hours, stop running damage control on 4chan.

>> No.68878438

my thought as well, but kurosanji should have played nice with their termination announcement. there was no reason for them to fling shit at the last second. all it did was caused drama and make people pick a side; should have learned that from the zaion termination.

>> No.68878950

The thing is majority of this issue is from the fact that management THEMSELVES decided to spill the beans about the bullying issue.
It wouldn’t even be a fucking issue if they just DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING. Doki was willing to keep quiet about both that and the reason for her hospital visit.
I don’t disagree that Doki should have waited for perms, but NijiEN management is exactly what blew this situation up into becoming what it is now so I sure as fuck don’t believe a thing they say.

>> No.68879114

>should've learned
kek nice joke

>> No.68879557

Memesanji's management complete incompetence and masochism over the course of DOUBLE DIGIT MONTHS is what led to this whole shitshow, and they happily keep shooting themselves on the foot

>> No.68879689 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.21 MB, 900x900, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guess who didn't rt the Elira announcement?
You better apologize to him

>> No.68879727


>> No.68879740

>literally repeating the same PR lines fed to the livers

>> No.68879845

>the ''bestie''

>> No.68879897

You're glowing so hard, the fucking X-Files music is playing.

>> No.68879961

>it was all a long con to sneak into enna inner circle

>> No.68880053
File: 82 KB, 243x266, 1698672397455470.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine failing at killing yourslef

>> No.68880138

show your face enna you chink whore

>> No.68880221
File: 48 KB, 300x534, 62814-47afe2dd889b724bbc89772329f1977f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Girl has bpd. It should have been a done deal once this info started getting more widespread. Unfortunately kurosanji is so absolutely retarded that it seems entirely possible that the bpd might be innocent

>> No.68880417

I kneel niggerskinwalker

>> No.68880612

if the bullying allegations are true and she poaches one of them then she's basically taking a suicide pill into vshojo, that kind of drama is a no go

>> No.68880632

>One section of this document alludes to where Millie, Enna, and I live
>Big off-collab stream in Elira's basement where Selen was peer-pressured into doing a sexy voice
>Selen claims she was bullied internally

I wonder if anything else happened off-stream, or if what happened on-stream counted as bullying to Selen?

>> No.68880766

the ones that came out swinging were them lmao the suicide thing was after niji release their statement firing her dumbass, she was already streaming and not talking about niji and they come swinging again in her first game stream, keep licking the boot

>> No.68880931
File: 65 KB, 1044x690, fig1-en.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

women things

>> No.68880983

We'll see when she puts out the receipts

>> No.68881139
File: 1020 KB, 2048x2048, 1706446482009735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rrat: Doki is a druggie and her habit caught up to her in the form of schizo meltdowns, they all distanced themselves from her because nobody wants to be near an addict but she took it for bullying. She also talked about it to someone in private and nijisanji has the logs of that conversation that's why they're so sure the case is won but can't show it to the public.

>> No.68881148

>she never even implied that Niji did anything wrong until AFTER she was already terminated.
i mean, trying to off yourself after saying management fucked up your MV is implying niji is in the wrong. i just hope this gets opened up in court.

>> No.68881147
File: 71 KB, 480x480, 1691939303848323.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pomu's song was in limbo for like 3 years and like a day before it released, management told her that she had to cut something massive from it. Personally, I don't believe Pomu would spend 3 years on the video and have the chorus repeat animation 3 times. There were definitely scenes that had to be cut from the alt choruses.

If that's your example of management being pleasant and reasonable, then you're a fucking retard.

>> No.68881292

on christmas though.

>> No.68881329

>but their is plenty of clips of her bullying coworkers on stream
ESL niji manager please

>> No.68881377

People distancing from her
>everyone still in the company

The people rallying to her side
>literally everyone else

Hmmm i wonder who is the bad guy here

>> No.68881456


>> No.68881464

I think they're both bad

>> No.68881564

Me. I used my sister's tooth brush to clean my hot wheels when I was 5 and I didn't rinse it off after

>> No.68881580

Bruh its a 3 minute video how fucking long do those dipshit managers need?

>> No.68881633

mental illness is sign of a god tier chuuba
i am now a fan

>> No.68881887

She was a trojan horse by the mainland.

>> No.68881992

Yeah, so would you be willing to risk blowback to your company just to involve yourself in drama related to the top companies in vtubing?

self-preservation is a thing; it doesn't mean that they haven't contacted her privately

>> No.68882027

>she didn't actually commit suicide because she's alive right now, SEE?
holy fuck ndf you're a genius

>> No.68882320

It doesn't matter who's right now, especially if the root of the problem was so fucking trivial. It has become a battle of public image and NijiEN is losing

>> No.68882507

There are two types of posters ITT.

The ones that support Dokibird.
The ones paid a nickel per (You).

>> No.68882521

anon christmas isn't even a national holiday in japan

>> No.68882770

They say its bc their own IP selen think its bullshit and I ageee. She posts it despite that. Maybe theres actually sonething else they didnt have perms on but they only mentioned past livers. I honestly thought someone faked this to pile on to the niji hate before someone linked the timestamp of eliras stream to me.

>> No.68882789

>the suicide thing was after niji release their statement firing her dumbass

No? Suicide thing was when she said she was an accident. Firing was way after.

>> No.68882995

>screwing with her over literal fucking red tape
Yeah, that's bullying BS. This isn't the proof you were hoping for, dipshit.
Provided they didn't fake it like a bunch of stupid faggots. Shit, they're getting community notes calling out their lies, let's just put your stupidity to bed already.

>> No.68883009

She "attempted" to suicide and failed, anyone who does that for attention like her has mental illness.

>> No.68883184

What if I hope both sides get outed as scum and nobody wins?

>> No.68883319

>what's the worst you can accuse her of
>"I tried to kill myself because management and my coworkers bullied me into suicide after blocking my projects, and then fired me after I survived."
That's the easiest lawful termination case you can have without going into actual slander (neither Selen's nor Njij's accounts here are defamation) or crimes.
Niji's response is a retard move, especially considering they could've just posted the DMs with Selen and they'd be in the right, instead of doing a press conference with Elira and Vox to see if they could smear Selen.
If the discord DMs are right (Management took more than a day to review the video so Selen uploaded it, it had ex-chubas in it so it was against company policy, they privated the video, Selen tried to off herself instead of removing the offending frames) Niji is right and Selen is wrong.

>> No.68883382

$0.05 has been deposited into your account.

>> No.68883446

I genuinely wonder why they would even need the permission from their own chuubas. they don't own their vtuber likeness or their "IP". nijisanji could use their image however they wanted and their livers could do nothing against that

>> No.68883541

Provided Kurosanji didn't just lie again.

>> No.68883558

>CCP and Dokibird
name a better duo

>> No.68883609

>for attention
what attention exactly? it wasn't even made public that she tried since kurosanji took her twitter account to publish some bullshit pretending to be her

>> No.68883681

Like I said: manager was just trying to fuck her over. There's a non-zero chance the "bullying" was actually sexual harassment.

>> No.68883778

They dont, the conversation only confirms copyrights had nothing to do with the privating of the video. They were just afraid that 2 seconds of graduated livers would damage their brand.

>> No.68883838

>Kurosanji is threatening their jobs.
Fix'd that for you.

>> No.68884017

Dates and events from both parties line up pretty alright so far so I believe the private -> suicide -> fired -> full retard pipeline.
At worst Niji is liable of being a garbage company with no management layer and Doki is liable of being mentally ill.
Nothing here is libel or immediately obviously illegal.

>> No.68884045

I don't understand what's supposed to be done. If the ex-livers are all Anycolor IP then shouldn't that be the first thing done? Like, management going over the commission and getting clearances first before the actual product?

>> No.68884240

okay, Enna, there's certainly truth in crowds