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So who are the bullies of Hololive English? Or does Hololive just not have a problem with bullying?

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My dick

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Anyone Mori doesn't like. She seems hyper sensitive to that shit.
Not as in she gets angry about it, but she's so soft if you like her it leaves an emotional imprint.

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Doesn't seem that way. Advent, Myth and Promise are all best friends inside their generational circles and best friends with those outside them.
>Bae and Mumei talk every single day
>Mori talks with IRyS and Bae every day
>Gura and Amelia are best friends
>Bijou and Kaela text each other daily.

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>So who are the bullies of Hololive English?
The unicorns

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Nijinigger projecting his rotten corpo's behavior

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Anon Promise can't stop sucking her proverbial dick on stream, or Kiara, or Gura, or Mori, or Ina

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Didn't Gura bully Ame in that Minecraft collab?

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Ame probably lashes out against her branchmates behind the scenes too occasionally. Mori certainly has used some underhanded behavior to get advent to boost her career and she's a dishonest person. Nothing as serious as in nijien obviously

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Everyone, and they all bully Kiara, except Nerissa.

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Omega's evil unified the first two gens against him until he was terminated. Now only Shiori has a dominant personality, but she is too much of a dork to assert dominance.

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unironically i think most of myth and promise dont really like advent. While each gen has pretty decent unity within itself, there could be some gen on gen action
with my dick

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Kronii only sexually harasses other talents, but they like it so it's a non-issue.

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Fuwamoco make all of these lazy bitches seethe

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she would post detailed plans in discord on how her yuri bait is going to take hololive to the next level. then she would rage at all the girls who don't want to roleplay as flaming homosexuals on stream with her. ame, the push over, was the latest victim. gura was so sad that she couldn't stand up for her girlfriend that she decided to soft-retire.

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You meant the horned horse cabal with their invisible guns?

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There are no bullies, just cliques. Mori is clearly a clique maker, but she recognizes who is the real queen bee.

End of the day, Cover actually has compliance checks to make sure everyone plays nice. Unlike Nijisanji, where its dog eat dog.

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I think Holo EN only has a lot of girls that are super sensitive, but not bullies. Like Gura, Mumei and Ame get mad over banter.

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It's probably really weird to do business yuri with an actual carpet mucnher

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Fuwamoco mindbroke them so much they can't stop seethe

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mumei is in the process of marking every other en as her property by pissing on them

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It's not so hard to get people to get along.

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>Ame probably lashes out against her branchmates behind the scenes too occasionally.
I mean, when you're branded the official unofficial IT person for years...

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Why is she like this

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It's hard to have bullies when you have like 14 members and half of them are socially awkward.

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I dont think there is any bullying as long as Kiara and Mori are around.
This anon has the right idea and Kiara is way too worried about social stuff.
I recall when she played Like a Dragon and she was struggling of whether or not its okay to so Hobo and Homeless.
And from what I know about FuwaMoco, they aren't much different in Holo and actually do give a shit about people to the point they wouldn't be idle if something does happen.

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Clearly Mori, she's absurdly forceful, pushy and restless when it comes to leeching, pretty much only Gura can tell her to BTFO.

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Fuwawa bullies Mococo every day

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Gura bullies my cock everyday with her innate eroticism. It's a never ending sensual assault.

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What would mori do? All I have seen her do is lie to other people to get them to like her. Doesn't seem like the kind of person who would go out of her way to stop bullying

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remember that time when ame and ina unironically got into a fight at amestudio because they are both retards at 3d?

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They all bully my dick

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But those are the paying customers. The customer is always right, anon.

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Gura has bullied Bijou since before her debut. I think Gura took a break because she was frustrated about not getting everyone in EN on board to ostracize her.

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On stream? Got a timestamp?

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>So who are the bullies of Hololive English?
Myth and Promise seem to get along well and most of the issues they have are related to management. They are more distant with Advent but that was going to happen as Cover releases more gens. There are no signs that current EN talents are fighting but the chance of that will increase with EN4 and EN5.

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Oh yeah. That was weird

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I have no proof of it but I suspect the same. Mori and Kiara might be the only ones who actually like the advent girls, and I am not fully sold on Kiara.

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nijikeks projection.
HololiveEN don't have bitch like Enna or clique.

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Customer is quite often wrong https://hololive.hololivepro.com/en/news/20210901-1/

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>omg sis i bet those bitches are sooooo jealous of fwmc
kill yourself you gossippy faggot we're talking real bullying not your k-drama headcanon.

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Hololive is telling homobeggars to stfu and sisters to stop doxxing, based.

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>pretty much only Gura can tell her to BTFO.
Why are the faggot shitposters with the biggest mouths always ESL?

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only extroverts can be bullies, the only extroverts in HoloEN are Mori, Kiara and Nerissa and those 3 are unironic push overs (Kiara is all bark but will back off when she gets told off) that use their extrovert powers for good for the most part

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Yeah, that too.

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>only extroverts can be bullies
huge lie, introverts can be vile pieces of shit, they won't do it like your typical hollywood high school cheer leader bully they'll just treat you like shit and be passive-aggressive constantly to make you feel unwelcome and excluded.

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Yeah, and Ame was furious. Even went as far as to call her a bitch on stream.

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A reminder who is behind anti hololive posts.

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It's really fucking funny to me how the women literally directly involved in these "incidents" get over it in like 2 minutes and then proceed to spend hours playing games together and getting together for karaoke while it's the fucking bystanders that hold a grudge for months like actual women.

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Yeah… because she bullies people who don’t do that

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>women get over stuff quickly
On what planet? Are you from mars or something? Jupiter maybe?

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>women get over stuff quickly
On what planet? Are you from mars or something?

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Reminder that Mori admitted onstream that she treated Kiara like shit. Kiara being the idiot that she is actually forgave her when Mori came crawling back because her views weren't that hot anymore and she needed collabs.

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HoloEN members that have potential to be bullies (but aren't):

top dog of the branch, but a massive autist
loud mouth and blunt, but never truly malicious despite not having the best choice of words
may be off-putting to some, but a massive pushover overall

unless you still believe she's somehow orcschizo, she's harmless
she's just depressed
zoomers are just dumb
if you get bullied by a vegan then you failed as a human being

who the fuck gets bullied by a theater kid

The rest are just way too autistic or have done nothing that caused controversy

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I didn't say women in general, double-anon. I mean specifically these two women, who are acting like less of a woman than these faggots who constantly bitch about it.

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Ame is a pajeet!?!

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Sadly this is right

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When a musician who made Mori's intro song ranted about FWMC's fan jingle content calling them leeches who just wanted free assets, (doubling down every time), she silently removed his song from the next stream onwards and never mentioned him again. It's assumed he's blacklisted. She definitely doesn't like bullying.

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>but never truly malicious
BAHAHAHAHAHAHA kill yourself

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The viewers

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There's no bullying because the girls aren't in constant competition with one another, and every gen has a tardwrangler with real world experience.
Talents have talked about how their managers will talk about other talents successes and use them to shit on them.

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nijifags all hanged themselves, only phasefaggots left.

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Yeah, you.

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>he is posting made up sourceless schizo shit as proof
some people really need to be euthanized

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I don't think anyone bullies anyone, worst thing that might happen is them not talking to each other unless it's for work and Kiara saying something insensitive like she does on stream not with bad intentions, just because she is retarded. But you never know with women and the wars inside of their heads, I keep hearing horror stories about how one looked at the other one in a certain way and that means some evil shit or how a compliment means something entirely different.

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Aren’t they fine together now because they both realized they were being retards?

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Mori definitely loves Advent. Kiara obviously likes Nerissa but I get the feeling she hates FWMC. Think about it, they're old school ultraweeb idolfags that lived in Japan trying to become idols, speak great Japanese (and a third language besides English) so they should all love each other right? Well they barely even acknowledge each other, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if they ran into each other before Hololive and there's some bad blood there. That niche circle of western idol wannabes in Japan is fucking brutal.

Ame 100% hates Shiori.

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No one bullies. They're all too disengaged to do that. Kiara is a little bitchy and there's some cliquish behavior.

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what happened? im unfamiliar with this incident.

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>Kronii only sexually harasses other talents
only in her own fantasies

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Who's the tard wrangler of promise? Don't say Fauna, she couldn't wrangle a mouse.

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Kiara went to Ame's to record a live with her 3D setup. Everyone else thought it would be great to do a meetup, and they were there. It was a long day of hard work for everyone except Ina. Ina laid on the floor most of the day. They asked Ina to do something, she did a halfass job, and Ame got a little angry.

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By process of elimination it is Fauna. Mumei is too ADHD, Bae is probably too young, Kronii is too depressed, and Irys is Irys.

Ultimately it seems everyone is on good terms now and at the time I don’t think it came to blows.

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Fauna tried but after the ender dragon collab she gave up on ever taking a leader position again

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I cant stop imagining an angry Ame beating up Ina now...

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I thought that was Kiara pushing Ina to do dance practice and Ina got mad at Kiara

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>Ame hates Shiori
Enlighten me on this rrat

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Ame raped Ina and made Ina her bitch after the collab. That's why they got over it so quickly.

>> No.68860496

does this make Ina Gura's bitch too?

>> No.68860629

Yeah she's Gura's stress relief and they sometimes use her at the same time.

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There was two different things and they were both blown out of proportion. With the ame thing they were building the 3D setup for seven hours and Ina "snapped" as ame said but it sounds more like a she said NO DO IT THIS WAY kind of thing. The Kiara thing Ina was running on three hours of sleep (because she never fucking sleeps) the next day and Kiara kept wanting Ina to redo her part and Ina wanted to call it a day. Kiara said Ina snapped in an "Ina way" which once again sounds overblown. I only remember Ina saying stuff about the Kiara one and from her side it seems like she was dying and tried to get Kiara to accept what they had done already but Kiara was trying to push her for more

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good for them

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Truth bomb

>> No.68860776

based Kiara pushing that lazy bum to work

>> No.68860796

>unless you still believe she's somehow orcschizo, she's harmless
Anon chama… she bullied someone to death

>> No.68860834

I don't see a lot of crossover between Advent and the rest of EN

>> No.68860853

I still can’t believe how shitty Cover was being with Myth’s 3D. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the start of their burnout

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Retards, the story was about Ina's anger issues towards Kiara and Ame, but not literally a fight. Ame with her unbreakable spirit was trying to fix all the tech issues with Ina, but Ina became desperate because what they were fixing was not going well and she got angry and Ame ended up fixing everything by herself. And then she didn't want to learn the dances and that shit because she was tired, so she did her robotic dope dance. There wasn't any fight and there wasn't any make up, because they weren't angry at each other, Ina was just angry to the tech shit

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That's why Shiori raids Ame whenever she can and she mentions her from time to time, because they hate each other

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that image is mocking you though

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Fww bullies MCC

>> No.68861336

Someone random. Her and a friend group

>> No.68861435

explain why ame and ina never ever fucking collab then? i think i can count every single collab on one hand. they are still beefing

>> No.68861464

Mumei wouldn't do that...

>> No.68861614

I mean if that was what happened thank you for setting me straight.

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based mumei bullying omega to suicide

>> No.68861646

This collab happened after the 3D concert recording

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Anon do your reps. They even got away with it cause one of them was an athlete for the school.

>> No.68861854

Ina barely collabs with anyone

>> No.68861900 [DELETED] 

>11 months ago
I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since ame barely does collabs anyway

>> No.68861907

I whole heartedly believe that every single girl in EN bullied omega to some extent, it was clear they all hated him lmao

>> No.68862109

>Ame collabing
>Ina collabing
Both are ultra autists (Ame really really really more than Ina). Ina said that she doesn't know how to organize a collab with certain members, because she can't find a thing to do with them so she gives up. Ame is worst, she's the extreme of that, she can't even ask for collabs unless is a group thing. It's not that difficult to understand, 1+1= no collabs. Ame only can ask Gura for collabs, the rest are all invitations (and most Gurame collabs are actually Gura inviting Ame too)

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Sixth post best post

>> No.68863952

What is Ina's robotic dope dance? Do you have a link where I can see it?
Also, as an aside, is this the meetup where Mori rented the house?

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If Omega was bullied, he deserved it for being a massive faggot troon

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Come and fight in the shade...

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HoloEN are the autistic bullied
HoloID are the bullies

>> No.68871057

Fauna, IRyS and Mumei bully Kronii with copious amounts of sex during offcollabs, its very sad...

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>> No.68873460

the digits have spoken

>> No.68875348

was that recent tweet because she wouldn't be able to go to the next one?

>> No.68875886

Doubtful that there are bullies but Kiara's probably deadpan as fuck given Germans are legally not allowed to laugh


>> No.68876280

There's no way Cali would be able to release that music if there were anyone willing to bully her around

>> No.68876749

This is so cute. Trying to single out the least autistic girlfailure as a bully. Going by this thread logic is actually Ina

>> No.68877321

Couldn't find the soundpost, so there's the timestamp. And no, this was just Kiara and Ina going to Ame's home to record Kiara's birthday 3D stream, Mori and Gura just called in for the stream

>> No.68878144

I legit have not laughed harder than this moron's coping. You really think they're friends? With the amount of objective proof on how many of them hate the others?
Do you also think leprechauns with pots of gold exist under rainbows?

>> No.68879748

>Kiara obviously likes Nerissa but I get the feeling she hates FWMC.
Just say you don't watch streams. Kiara praises FWMC all the time and they have been friends for a long time before Hololive.

>> No.68881622

Mori and kronii

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Fauna sexually bullies the other girls in promise, and Gura, but they like it. Verification not required.

>> No.68882551

They're not the talents but yeah.

>> No.68882604

Irys literally bullies and RAPES any of the EN girls offstream, it's really sad and disgusting.

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And yet she turns to fucking mush when pic related enters the voice call, some bully you got there.

>> No.68883093

You can do that and stop seething at the homos. But you choose to do the latter anyway

>> No.68883583

>objective proof

Doc the schizo got out of his padded room again

>> No.68883716

This is fucking rich coming from homobeggar
meanwhile homobeggars keep harassing and doxx the girl non-stop

>> No.68883848

bruh, this thread aged like cow shit

>> No.68884328

Hyper focusing on negativity in order to protect from hurt feelings is also a form of coping.

>> No.68884347

Mori for sure. she has always used people to get ahead and talks a kinds of shit. gets heated easily and always has to have the last petty word. I can see her being pretty passive aggressive behind the scenes. Kronii and irys also love to gossip and yap so they probably talk shit about everyone, but I don't know if they would have the balls to actually bully people directly.

>> No.68884366

>Unicorn holo
>Homosister niji
In flames on the brink of collapse

Curious indeed

>> No.68885409

Lmao thr amount of retards trying to say mori because their headcanon MUST be true is hilarious. Especially when literally everyone who has never worked with her can not say nice things about her in, out and before hololive where they wouldn't have any reasons to not say negative things.

>> No.68885938

even the retard that barked against FWMC and got dropped by Mori like a hot coal admitted she was never anything but nice and professional

>> No.68885950

No one's gonna do bullying as long as Mori is around. She's that quiet kid in class (not the nerd quiet, rather just normal quiet) even the bullies avoid because they don't know how he'll react.

>> No.68886702

Everyone who has met Mori says she’s like the nicest person ever. Also Mori absolutely hates bullied because she was severely bullied when she was younger, like people stuck straws into her eyes and she went blind for like half a day kind of bullying

>> No.68887217

Why would you even post bait this shit man. Are Niji fans this desperate

>> No.68887307 [DELETED] 

Is Mori actually fat or is it just the pictures making her look that way?

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The Irish President looks like this and you're gonna try to pretend leprechauns aren't real?

>> No.68887875

>With the amount of objective proof on how many of them hate the others?
next thread for sure, right?

>> No.68888625

Fauna bullied Kronii
IRyS bullied Kronii

>> No.68888898


>> No.68888980

Can confirm (she is sexually bullying me right now)

>> No.68889183

Isn't crazy how good it is to actually take care of your talents instead of debuting a ton of them to generate more revenue?

>> No.68889228

>Gura and Amelia are best friends
roru roru, rumao

>> No.68889428

Are ruffians even hololive fans? Are they even human?

>> No.68889795

Is this proof in the room with us right now?

>> No.68889817

she's too much of a retard to do it.

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she's too busy yapping.

>> No.68890448

They had a collab a couple days ago where Gura had the opportunity to invite people for a 4-player co-op game but instead opted to invite Ame only. They also have 'discord sleepovers'.

>> No.68890539

Are you kidding me? They have the best banter chemistry in promise.

>> No.68890665

Fauna has slapped how many of the girls?

>> No.68891250

unironically Kronii, maybe with some help from Irys.

Fauna is a pushover, Mumei can't be assed to be serious, Bae is a baby, Irys loves to fuck around.

>> No.68891421

>a pushover
She's literally the most professional and actually streams unlike that blue whore.

>> No.68891917

EN most of them are massive pushovers for bullying to happen

ID Noisy SEA women who are all too strong willed to be bullied (except ollie who's the only doormat there)

>> No.68892233

couldn't even tardwrangle a Minecraft collab.

>> No.68892432

Clipwatcher, she pulled it off in the end.

>> No.68892540

This is how you actually detect nijifags or catalofags, if they bring the "rust fight" then extra points

>> No.68893132

Hot. Me next.

>> No.68893401

Holo doesn't seem like they have "mean girls" like Niji does

>> No.68894087

Mori probably take the dad title unironically and anyone messing with hololive is messing with her family

>> No.68894192

nijifag detected

>> No.68894234


>> No.68894659

That's a load of crap, we pay them to be cute girls, and nothing else. what you mean bully, faggot

>> No.68895141

They all bow to God Gura

>> No.68895413

Kronii plays the bad cop, and Irys plays the good cop

>> No.68895682

Kiara, Mori, Irys, Bae, Kronii and Ame