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So why did Vox go from a design with some style to a generic ooga booga big muscles model? They could have at least given him some style or something so that he's not the same as every third indie male.

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He was petty jealous of those other designs

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i like big men

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Do his clothes grow with him too

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No, he has to put on his long pants.

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Once again catalogfags revealing that they are allergic to watching streams.

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You're right, I definitely don't watch Vox streams. I'm sure he has some autism roleplay reason.

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Shit that's a horrendous downgrade. Guy has zero taste.

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He's doing a lore RP arc right now or something. I think the most recent development is that he lost his wings and horns now and is reverting back slowly.
Something like that.

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Those aren't clothes, it's all skin

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I want Vox to fuck the shit out of me till the bed breaks and leaves me numb and filled with him cum

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It’s a reflection of his damaged ego with the loss of his viewership.

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Why did all his cloths, except for his shirt grow with him?

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Why did they just upscale him? They didn't even try to make him look like he's any bigger.

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I misread this as
>till the bed bleeds
The mental image of which is very strange.

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Are you blind?

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Different clothes

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Goes to the same tailor the Hulk does so he has very stretchy pants.

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it's his lore autism that when he eats people's souls, he grows and becomes more monstrous

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same twinky pointed chin

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those pants are screaming for help

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Is that why he abandoned his chink fanbase because he was starving?

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What are those

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To compete with connurs demon self for dying latina mouse pussy

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him feeling insecure about being short so he gave himself a giant model is the funniest shit ever. Like youre rich and have enough fame that you can make a movie how are you that pathetic and sad