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A thread for the UK cat cash keeper Mori Calliope

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Remember to love your mori

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got me trippin'

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Got me trippin....

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Mori breeded it

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>sorta had plans for drinking with friends on Valentine's
>pretty much fell through now
Guess I'm drinking with Mori the entire day now

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>"used to be a english teacher,"
Don't you mean a scythe swinging teacher Mori? abayo

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she taught both, simultaneously

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She is going to be done soon.

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She taught English and scythe swinging

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On Valentine's, dumbbeat..

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Would Mori think you were cool if you met her?

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Depending on the circumstances, it could go either way. I'm not cool though

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>I like it's smile

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>I like it's smile
Lmao Mori.

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I’m an actual hacker so maybe, but then deadbeats would make videos of throwing me into a dumpster like Jin

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This reminds me of how rednecks will use dynamite to fish

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What was the announcement, something about the charity stream? I see a hashtag.

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After all these 8 hour streams, a 12 hour stream is barely anything

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Nice. Would be better to do this one after 15th, but alright.

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footbeats rise up

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Why would you take an 18+ image and awkwardly censor it instead of using a lewd but safe one?

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The announcement was for the charity and the hashtag is get your pets reviewed by her and FWMC

>> No.68817277

Nah lol
a frickin' hackerbeat

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Chilling in Calli's box, forever.

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Perfect opportunity to show my fat fuck and fluffy fuck, thanks.

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holy shit its the hacker known as 4chan

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she meant sex teacher and she's MY sex teacher btw

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>sex teacher
I'm surprised that didn't get soundposted

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Some people would take this as a sign to end the stream

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I love my stubborn reaper wife..
But also god fucking dammit I'm so tired

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I get all sappy about my previous relations with Mori over the weekend and the nigger of nippon is thanking me with a Mario Party graduation attempt on my EN-Oshis.
Truly, she's a menace.

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Don't be superstitious

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I'm kidding, just think it's funny, because I did a bit with le Mario Party collab in a catalog slop thread about the discord leak that other day.

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No no, she's going to graduate Milky into EN4

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Fair enough

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I'm a pretty relaxed guy so yeah, I think so

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What if the weird fuckin cat appears?

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After all, did she talk about her trip to the USA?

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She still doesn't know if she is going yet.

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Holy shit it’s Anonymous the famous hacker

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I want to watch documentaries with my Mori

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thx. This seems to be due to an idea of Ecelebs (including holos ofc), not of cover/UMJ.

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Sometimes I lurk threads for weeks without saying anything.

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>no stream tomorrow
IM GONNA DO IT catch up on vods

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What/where are the donation incentives? I heard her refer to them but can't see them anywhere in that link.

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she hasn't set them up yet, but she talked about things like a cat rap and a Tutu Live2D asset.

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I'm excited to see milky interact with fuwamico and bae

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90 minutes for Mario Party seems incredibly optimistic. That will need to be a shortened game or it just won't fit.

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Where did Jin learn how to hack anyway?

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2chan, assuming it exists in 09

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Ah Mori missed the bad sex Sean had with one of the camp girls, she missed a bunch of interactions actually but the Mera Mera bit was perfectly timed I have to admit.
Man that camp party was actually one of my favorite parts of the games. Wish there was way more camp dialogue in general, nothing too in depth like a social link or full blown Bioware relationships but yeah.

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it's older than 4chan dumbass.
Also when has 4chan every taught anyone how to hack? Anything on /g/ would never help with that.

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Hey, my assumption was on the money then.
I see your point.

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I don't think Milky will be interacting with Bae unless they are both going to be hanging at Mori's house in a off collab.

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Wonder how it feels to be Mori, watching your favorite fan artists incrementally drawing you lewder until you click on their most recent drop and its a a picture of your ass and pussy glazed with cum. Would you feel betrayed or flattered? Do you think Mori just shrugs because its a common part of her life?

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For some reason this translated clip of Mori talking about the Mel situation came across my feed and the comments had lots of nice things to say about the way Mori dealt with it.


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You're right, I was thinking bae would be in the Mario party collab

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I have a feeling she got over that loooooooooong ago. The guy who did the illustration for the charity stream literally just uploaded a picture of Mori being nailed in her nightgown outfit.

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I've seen this clip pop up a few times and read through the comments
They really value that she both spoke about it at all, made it point to mention that she wouldn't de-preson Mel or forget their relationship

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Should we know who this is? I think I may of seen her linked here before, but Mori seemed to feel the need to comment.


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Hololive members can watch the auditions of people who get further into the process, this person got far enough for Mori to watch but hadn’t managed to get a spot in EN4

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Wait, does her graduating imply she got a spot in en4?

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Mori commenting on it implies she doesn’t is what I was saying

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Pretty sure she’s done art for Mori before

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No way Mori would comment on a graduation if the liver is headed to Hololive. Yuniiho used to draw Mori in the past, bet she worked on some unannounced wallpaper or something.

>> No.68820454

Oh yeah, one of the memwallpapers, wasn't it?

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Depends on the level of imposter syndrome.

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I think it's cool to have a nijibeat itt. Who do you watch from that company?

>> No.68820536

I don't think this is necessarily the case, though there's no way to know.
Yunii is the Mama for a bunch of high profile vtubers including Sayu, and at least one Ironmouse outfit, she was definitely on Mori's radar. Hopefully she still takes commissions, she's top tier.

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>Mori dedicates the most romantic day of the year to cats
Her ovaries, deadbeats...

>> No.68820835

Cats make people less lonely

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Mori was too worried to collab with out fear it'd ruin her odd of getting into holo, I doubt she'd comment on a graduated soon to be holo's post lol

>> No.68821322

I’m worry about your reading comprehension sometimes deadbeats

>> No.68821488

They do. It's sad to me that's all Mori has, though

>> No.68821524

I won't say it, but only if you can point out posts illustrating your point

>> No.68821574

I'm worried about your writing ability sometimes, deadbeat.

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ASMR mengen is the day after

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Lol fair enough

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Need to squish that thigh.

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What can mori do to spruce up the exterior of the onsen?

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I appreciate having boundaries but I will forever respect Mori's ability to be chill about her fans. And this change in particular is refreshing compared to how tight her nervousness about being seen sexually used to make her. I don't even coom to Mori except with Suisei but I remember how angry she got once o chat to never call her mom just because a JP senpai did once

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Mori and chat's early interactions sound like a pair of wild animals trying to domesticate each other

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For when another newfriend asks:

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The biggest difference id that she doesn't say "nyoom" anymore :crying:

>> No.68822083

She just said it this stream

>> No.68822135

Illustratively, deadbeat,

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File: 2.86 MB, 1280x720, Mori Prroink and Nyoom Palworld[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F9fv87h.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just makes it all the more precious when she does

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Wait for the devs to add more furniture to the game

>> No.68822349

Fair enough

>> No.68822537

Is there nothing to make the walls more pretty? or at least less like a Minsk apartment building?

>> No.68822624

sex with Tutu

>> No.68822677

I think you meant to reply me >>68822265
But no the decoration part of base building seems quite bar

>> No.68822721

Quite bare*

>> No.68822749

You did donate to Mori's charity right Debbie?

>> No.68822765

I meant to reply to >>68822304 but I dun goofed.

Pity, but perhaps more will come later

>> No.68822942

Though honestly she knows all big artists are capable of drawing lewds, even if not posted. So long as there's more tame pieces in high quality coming out then those can be interacted with and shared.

>> No.68823256

Goodnight to all the Morp-maniacs

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Imagine it being night where you live right now.
This post was made by the ESTchads.

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back in your cagie wagie, don't miss your morning commute

>> No.68826482

>EST Chads
>When Mori panders to PST


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Is Poppy Playtime going to be Mori playing with Bae watching, Bae playing with Mori watching, or an offcollab?

>> No.68827885

First one it sounded like from when she mentioned it on stream

>> No.68828716

It’s only enough time for chapter 1 and a little bit of 2

>> No.68829003

How do you cure her manlet fetish?

>> No.68829480

Let her go wild until she gets tired of it

>> No.68829488

You don't.
T. 5'3

>> No.68829912

How to cure her heterosexuality?

>> No.68830048

You dont.

>> No.68830124

Another autonomy lesson.

>> No.68830724

only lesbians can take care of themselves

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Why would a body organ graduate from Hololive?

>> No.68831248

alcohol poisoning

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File: 801 KB, 1000x1000, Kawaiiope[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fmsen34.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Turn it into a womanlet fetish.

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got me trippin...

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Those are some god-tier legs.

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Deadbeats, many of us claim to want to marry or already be married to our shinigami oshi. However, let's say that hypothetically one of us actually did it. In a hypothetical situation where Mori is married to a deadbeat, how would this affect your opinion of her? Would you still support her? Would you respect the lucky deadbeat?

>> No.68832994

I would still buy albums. No akasupas tho.

>> No.68833079

> Would you still support her? Would you respect the lucky deadbeat?
Yes and yes if that hypothetical guy is alright. My oshi is like a daughter to me, not a wife. I can accept and be happy for her if she chooses a good man.
Why are you asking, Mori, you have anyone in mind?

>> No.68833132

T. Unicorn

>> No.68833148

Stop grooming her

>> No.68833210

Their decision, not mine

>> No.68833213

But then she will be a stinky reapy

>> No.68833225

calli more like brappy

>> No.68833668

That would certainly put a dent in the whole "she's just like me!" factor. And then what would her music be about, married life? Nah, might have to go our separate ways.

>> No.68833782

>that’d put a dent in the whole she’s just like me factor
Just start dating a fembeat and the problem’s solved BAKA

>> No.68833822

As long as she keeps making music I'll support her.
But then again I don't superchat or buy much merch so I might not be the best guy to ask about this.

>> No.68833997

Already is, to me

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Still no dreams of my Mori but the amount of Holos I've hooked up with in dreams is now two (The first was Coco and it was prior to her leaving.) Last night I boinked the funny fennec. Polka has always been fun, but I woke up with a feeling of warmth towards her.
Why am I sharing this? Because I think it connects to a larger conspiracies involving foxes sneaking into bedrooms and swaying thoughts. Be careful, Reapers and Deadbeats,

>> No.68835000

Depends on when it happens. After she graduates? Whatever, good for her. While still in Hololive? Oof

>> No.68835565

Of course. After all, I will be that lucky deadbeat

>> No.68835715

But... All fembeats only have eyes for Mori... They're just like me

>> No.68835733

Just wear a pink wig

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File: 1.32 MB, 1800x1800, 20240210_115032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This year's /morig/ birthday project is:
>/morig/ sings Left For Dead Lullaby
Lyrics and other helpful links can be found here: https://pastebin.com/FmmN9y10
(You) can participate in three different ways. Feel free to do one or all of them.
>Submit a recording of you singing Left For Dead Lullaby
Feel free to use any recording software you would like, such as Vocaroo. Please post your finished recording itt as a reply to this post or the anchor or you can find my email on the MMM page.
Karaoke timed lyrics here: https://files.catbox.moe/l2yb84.lrc
>Submit your favorite Mori memory from the past year
This can be drawn picture, a written letter, a finger paint, or all of the above. This will be used in the final MV as a slideshow.
>Submit a redrawing of picrelated
This will be used as the thumbnail and main art of the MV. Please reply to this post with your selected grid section and I will mark off what has been chosen. Feel free to do more than 1 grid section, though I think it would be better to select ones that aren't touching.
Thanks again for all your hard work, and I look forward to seeing your submissions for this year's project

>> No.68835840

Fwmc talked about the charity on their mornign stream. Also, Milky Queen was how they got into Vtubers, so that's an extended universe connection right there.

>> No.68836066

But you're just like Mori, and they're just like Mori. You're perfect for each other.

>> No.68836429

>day off
>Mori also took it off
RIP I've been listening to the Vultures album though, it's pretty much everything I want from a Ye album at this point so I like it a lot.

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File: 1.18 MB, 1920x804, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 523 KB, 697x618, milkster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's soooo sad...Milklexa, play: I am (all of me)

>> No.68837210

>One tiny indie is responsible for existence of 2 Hololive talents.
That's a lot of influence this funny ricelandish woman has.

>> No.68837295

Too real

>> No.68837325

You mean three?

>> No.68837343

I would be happy if my oshi found someone they love, having said that I would instantly stop watching her.

>> No.68837360

Cover should do experiments where they force girls to watch Milky to try to produce more top tier Holos
Like a supersoldier program for vtubers

>> No.68837395

I counted Fuwamoco as one. Or do you mean there's someone else besides them and Mori?

>> No.68837846

That's highly racist against twins, debbie.

>> No.68838508

I want to cream her cunt, let her carry my baby and leave her to become a single mother.

>> No.68839241

The unfun version of deadbeat.

>> No.68840991

Reminder to all callibeats Holostars auditions are always open, it could be you collabing with your mori while /hlg/ and /#/ throw a bitch fit over male collabs

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>For just a small donation, you can feed and shelter this cat for what amounts to cents per day.

>> No.68841088

Since mori mentioned that she likes when deadbeats leave comments, anyone here leaves comments?

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File: 845 KB, 816x575, 1679497913224595.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pls do it...

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>> No.68842043

I used to but these days I always clock out before the stream ends and it feels weird commenting days later when I can finish the VOD

>> No.68842946


>> No.68843103

She's not collabing with the Stars anymore. It was already over before it even started.

>> No.68843568

lmao it's so weird so say that you are glad she isn't streaming for a day so you can actually put your whole focus on a different stream. Bae's yakuza streams have been good, but I've always had to split my attention to watch them.

>> No.68843714

Bae's yakuza 0 playthrough was the highlight of Mori's break last month, but there's so much Mori now I haven't seen any of her Kiwami streams yet

>> No.68843786

I'm catching up on Mori's persona vods and is it just me or is she doing much better than she was in P3P before? It feels like she has a lot better idea about what she wants to fuse, what skills to inherit and she's progressing really smoothly even though it's supposed to be "hard".
Mori's output is insane. It's amazing she seems to genuinely treat streams as relaxation from the actual work behind the scenes.

>> No.68844026

Just last stream she said she is "primarily a musician not streamer" after putting in more streaming hours than everyone in EN last year lmao. Although I think Bijou will easily take that crown this year, she is still going to be way up there.

>> No.68844083

Morbi hole... seen by hundreds of thousands...

>> No.68844438

I want to poke it

>> No.68844723

Nose deep in her poop chute while up to my tonsils in Morussy

>> No.68844728
File: 1.90 MB, 1920x1080, I Like It's Smile[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F1wu3j5.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.68844931

mori please your opspec....

>> No.68845061

I wonder if it's gonna hit it's first goal before the stream even starts

>> No.68845161

>Mori prioritizes comfort over style with her wardrobe generally so she gets a little embarrassed whenever she sees herself wearing something cute
This is a cute revelation, but it also makes me think Mori has some complex feelings she has to work through lmao.

>> No.68845174

She hasn't listed the goals, but I'm guessing there was atleast 1 at or before the 10k mark and its already at the 14k mark.

>> No.68845259

Yeah that was funny. I don't think she realizes how much she's actually streaming. I wonder if she looks at Kaela and Biboo and that warps her perception.

>> No.68845266

Alright you smartass shinigami, enough of that.

>> No.68845321

Anon, she is a woman with massive tits, even for an American woman let alone Japan. She probally got sick of being stared at or getting comments.

>> No.68845325

>Mori doesn't really own any "humanoid" plushies outside of things like Little Swag Lord
>says it's more Pokemon plushes
I want to see Mori's Pokemon collection......

>> No.68845417

That's exactly what she does. Almost every time the amount she streams comes up she immediately compares herself to Kaela or Koyori

>> No.68845558

>Cat ASMR pt 2 might be a stream reward
Honestly surprised it wasn't a lock in the first place.

>> No.68845668

mori's humongous hangers

>> No.68845828

At long as it doesn't have them eating. That was one of the most disgusting things ever. I had to mute the stream and just check back every 5 or so minutes to see if it was done. Why the hell would you want something chewing directly in your ear.

>> No.68845901

This debbie has brittle ear bones

>> No.68845935

No I'm just normal. If you enjoy that you are worse than brapfags.

>> No.68846027

Was it during chadcast that she told a story about a random guy running up to her in Harajuku, taking a photo or something and running away? I vaguely remember something like that.
I love my hardworking but bilssfully unaware Reaper wife! But more seriously, I don't think she realizes those two girls(and obviously Biboo - at least for now), as much as they do behind the scenes too, probably don't have full-day meetings with UMJ people nor those insane performance/recording/dancing schedules she described once.

>> No.68846069

I don't get it

>> No.68846087

to be fair she wouldn't get much flak here in the states since her bodytype is pretty normal here, but in japan were the standard is small/slime and cute then ya.

>> No.68846147

>Mori and IRyS did the painting workshop together a while ago

>> No.68846338

>Mori also considers being a "pleasant person" as someone who replenishes her energy when she's around them
>Mori views IRyS as a pleasant person to talk to
MoriRyS coin value is up

>> No.68846601

>Mori saying someone should be sued for daring to call them gamer chairs because of how bad they suck
If I recall right, I was reading that a lot of "gamer chair" are repurposed surplus car seats that were refitted into make shift office chairs without the proper cushioning that make car seats somewhat bearable.

>> No.68846715

Yeah. The only "gamer chairs" I've ever heard good things about are secret lab ones.

>> No.68846813

I almost always say something

>> No.68847028

The nice thing about console gaming is that your gamer chair is a la-z-boy

>> No.68847074

It's the retarded "SEKRET KNOWLEDGE AMIRITE" faggots. Big overlap with the vagueposting notification squad

>> No.68847219
File: 55 KB, 965x385, Mori Making People Mad[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F0jw8nl.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, super secret.

>> No.68847255

>Mori saying that her and Shiori still need to watch the Secret of Nimh together and that Shiori is someone that she can talk to without feeling insane
ShioMori coin is up bros

>> No.68847375

Shiori had an interesting life. There's a clip where she talks about belonging to masonic girl scouts, and apparently her family was really religious. Interesting how that contributed to her being like she is

>> No.68847520

I hope Mori gets the confidence to wear more form-fitting clothes, it might lead to more sekuhara from other holos (particularly from Marine) but it will be worth it.

>> No.68847645

were does shiorin~ currentlly fall on the mori friendship bell curve?

>> No.68847692

Same energy as "You're awful, Murray."

>> No.68847773


>> No.68847932

deabeats I like your oshi but that whole thing was straight undiluted autism

>> No.68848016

>someone in chat asks whether or not Mori would remake some of her songs
>goes on a tangent about art and perfectionism and being satisfied with what she's done
I wonder if Mori's aware that the reason why so many artists remake old albums isn't to "improve" them but because of right's issues and taking advantage of "owning" their songs again.

>> No.68848060

The only autism I see is people failing to understand that stream interaction aren't the only ways they can hang out.

>> No.68848084

I know, isn't she great?

>> No.68848141

In Metallica's case, the goal seemed to be to make them sound worse

>> No.68848182

Is there a stream going on that I'm unaware of or something?

>> No.68848195

Kiara said something similar about Mori. How she is closer to a "real" friend rather than a "hololive friend" and can act more like herself with Mori rather than trying to be entertaining. You can really see this during that suika game off collab compared to some of Kiara's JP off collabs. Kiara even hangs out at Mori's place occasionally without streaming when she is in Japan similar to how Mori mentioned just hanging out with IRyS and Bae off stream without saying anything. I also wear I've heard similar things from some JPs too. It's not really a thing unique to Mori.

>> No.68848246

my man do you understand what the bell curve is and what it's use for?

>> No.68848258

Naw, we just have a guy who likes to talk about the VODs he is currently watching. You should be able to tell since this is all stuff you should know if you watched streams.

>> No.68848336

Yeah, the label tend to often still owns the rights to the original, so when they re-release it they have to change some things up for legal reasons. I'm pretty positive Living Color released the new version of Cult of Personality ahead of CM Punk's redebut in WWE cause Tony Khan likely still has the rights to the more iconic version that Punk was using beforehand.

>> No.68848488

It's a bell shaped graph, not a bell curve. She isn't talking about normal distribution

>> No.68848619
File: 9 KB, 325x255, 1705727357918375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, excuse me for being an ADHD scatterbrained airhead then. I can't even remember whether or not I ate lunch yet today.

>> No.68848680

At least you can rewatch movies like it's a new experience every time!

>> No.68848949

Apparently there's a chilla game where a really muscular ghost woman strangles you. I think mori should play it

>> No.68849012
File: 2.50 MB, 1280x720, I Wish She Would Choke Me though...[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fi0xx6v.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We could get a good horny soundpost out of that one.

>> No.68849136

Unfortunately as soon as I rewatch something, my brain is like "Oh now I remember everything about this!" and then goes off on several thought tangent...

>> No.68849332

No Mori, but Wawa in the Aki Live this year. Apparently she wrote her own musical this time.

>> No.68849966

>Mori saying that zatsudans are harder for her nowadays because so much stuff she has going on her life are projects she can't talk about
Genuinely suffering from success......

>> No.68850087

I get it. Whenever she talks about her life she's deliberately gnomic. I can see it being frustrating

>> No.68850103

I legitimately don't think Mori has had the time since the last batch of birthdays/anniversaries (Chloe, Polka, etc). Outside of her own birthday and Myth, I could see her maybe at Suisei's birthday because she's willing to do live performance like Suisei and is a good friend

>> No.68850206

>Tutu and Ghost Cat both no sold the recent quake in Japan through the power of cat naps

>> No.68850555

It amuses me that doing a live performance for Mori requires less prep work than pre recorded when it is the opposite for most since Mori is able to just hop on the mic and do performances so easily. It even amazed Suisei how she was able to just do one test run and was good to go for Chloe's live kek.

>> No.68850598

Imagine the nap crabs

>> No.68850718

It's kinda sad cause can't really talk about anything due to NDAs

>> No.68850879

At least she will have lots of stories later once that stuff is released.

>> No.68850904

>literally just uploaded
I keep seeing you say this but the Mori nightgown lewds were from a fucking year ago

>> No.68850979

Probably saw "February" and glossed over the year and day.

>> No.68851778

By the time the current batch gets released she'll have even more NDA things that she can't talk about.

>> No.68851823

Yes, but she will be able to talk about the old stuff!

>> No.68851898

Yeah but then you get stories on the stuff she worked on, which is neat

>> No.68852417

I wonder what big shots she's meeting today for the even bigger thing? The Toei and Konami staff were both really welcoming to her so I don't doubt whoever this is will be impressed as well

>> No.68852810

I'd love to see one of these meetings. She is a giant silly dork on stream, but when she is in "work" mode that we don't really see she always seems to really impress people.

>> No.68853196

We *sorta* know what she's like in work mode from that secret Oral Cigarettes vid

>> No.68853503

Yeah I want more of that.

>> No.68853536
File: 2.32 MB, 1524x1618, 88ef513e5a1371c8f6f357b7ee15d8b3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Business lady Mori being firm with her demands because she knows what her Deadbeats want and that her ideas will be successful. Don't lowball her, don't screw with her goals, don't underestimate her fans, don't doubt her. Give her what she asks and watch shit get done.

>> No.68854000

No but she'd want me to get cooler so

>> No.68854086

probably lol

>> No.68854158


>> No.68854394

yes as cool as a summer breeze

>> No.68854428

What steps would I need to take to discover this hidden treasure?

>> No.68854523

Does loving P3 give me a chance?

>> No.68854608

I hate you for asking this question

>> No.68854755

The special edition of Sinderella had a BTS DVD about the making of Wanted Wasted.

>> No.68854872

When she did the after party for Wanted Waste, she actually interviewed the vocalist from Oral Cigarettes, and near the end she flashed a QR code that links to a secret "The making of" video for the song
It's kinda crazy how few people have actually seen this lol

>> No.68855055

I'm bad at using QR codes because of my age

>> No.68855220

The Special Edition is like 40 minutes, this is just a clip.

>> No.68855401
File: 4 KB, 412x109, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

did you guys lose the ability to use emotes? I just have the superchat button now

>> No.68855515

There's another one for Greedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfpahfVJZKc
And Jigoku 6 limited edition
And Sinderella limited edition

>> No.68855794

Tatsuya Yamanaka seems like an awesome person to work with. Was super into the recordings and seemed genuinely interested in her performance techniques and recording style. Also the Japanese lyrics for WW's rap are awesome

>> No.68855859


>> No.68856566

Oh wow based, I didn't even know IG had one or that were longer versions

>> No.68856677

For me, sometimes the buttons' logos disappear but I can still click them.

>> No.68857010

I saw some people complaining about it in global.

>> No.68857051

I've had a bug where mori's emotes will disappear but the other ones won't. I haven't seen it too too recently, thankfully

>> No.68857926

Yeah it happened to me just now, except my SC button is also invisible

>> No.68858540

I know it's annoying, but I saw someone say installing the betterTTV adding brings them back since it replaces the buttons with it's own. It's an add on that used to be twitch only that was expanded to youtube and adds extra emotes to the chat. it's what make things like KEKW and pepe emotes popular

>> No.68859122

I don't really mind, YT's chat function has always been ass
Remember when opening the emote menu would eat up a shit ton of RAM?

>> No.68860071

The disclaimer was mostly because it's technically a twitch add on and console war bullshit is worse on this board than even /v/, even if this thread isn't as bad.

>> No.68860881

>Mori saying she's never been to a Renaissance Fair
This is still one of the most unbelievable facts she's ever said. It'd be so "her thing" it almost hurts.

>> No.68861213

I want to go dressed as a Landsknecht with my Maiden Mori

>> No.68861228

It feels like something either of her dads would of dragged her too at some point with the way she has described them lol.

>> No.68861701

this is the man my oshi worships

>> No.68861707

Her whole college friend group apparently being into ttrpgs makes it seem insane she never's been drug along to one.

>> No.68862956

Last image of this set got uploaded, hope artist does more

>> No.68863035

Ollie, Reine and Ela had 5 iirc, so the next one will be the last, probably a facial/throatpie

>> No.68863084
File: 157 KB, 850x1271, IMG_3708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember to cream-pie your Mori!

>> No.68863648

Hot if you crop the guy's head off. I like the rapper hat for throaters.

>> No.68863658

Might be too much like LARPing for her.

>> No.68863768

Ah shit. Out neighbors just put up a super ominous frame that will go live in a few minutes. Get ready to keep the thread alive maybe.

>> No.68863787

I think she would be pretty annoyed if I slammed a whole pie tin of cream into her face. Maybe just do a little fingerful onto her nose.

>> No.68863806

he's an ojisan so it should be easy to edit him to a skeleton

>> No.68864119

Is this some kind of ugly bastard thing?

>> No.68864277
File: 113 KB, 698x900, The Sheriff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next piece of merch should be the Rapper Choker for Rappers.

>> No.68864582

>Mori has a hard time getting into VN's because there's so much reading and she much prefers seeing her characters running around
>actually is one of the reasons she had a hard time getting into P3P
Huh well that explains that. Shame there will be no unique FeMC content streamed though.

>> No.68865203

I'd like it more if it wasn't an old man

>> No.68865443

A whole rapper wardrobe I can't touch..

>> No.68865554
File: 5 KB, 437x128, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I reloaded again and it's the new UI now

>> No.68865908

I have a saying about rappers that wear chokers

>> No.68866063

catalog is about to speed up stay safe out there debbies

>> No.68866100

Can you tell me after work?

>> No.68866646

I had to stop watching the thing cause it made me mad, and I never watched anyone from the company. I can't even imagine how pissed some folks must be

>> No.68867542

Yeah...the fuck is their legal team thing of holy shit kek. What ever, this is off topic, just going to try and keep the thread alive lmao.

>> No.68869031

>page 7 in 7 minutes
My god...

>> No.68869270

Bruh we weren't joking. This shit is going to go nuclear. The worst still hasn't happened.

>> No.68870483

Any good vods you've caught up on while mori's been prepping?

>> No.68870530

Oh my god. This is like an evil joke parody of a business the school communists would make up

>> No.68870767

It's gotta be malicious at this point, if they just stopped talking about it and moved on this situation would already be on the way out of the public consciousness.

>> No.68870800

Chose her Pokémon BDSP to rewatch today since there's nothing to catch up on for me. I feel like she gets really cute playing Pokémon. It's so comfy

>> No.68870996

I was watching Doki when they started and she stopped the stream to go talk to her lawyer and said "I had stuff ready in case this happened"
So yeah, they're fucked

>> No.68871596

I listened to the black stream in the background of biboo. They are monstrosity fucked. Like the type of stuff that would cause a judge to rule against them on principle even if she was in the wrong somehow.

>> No.68871598

>Mori doesn't like pineapple on pizza
You know, on one hand based, but on the other hand I feel like a big reason it doesn't work (for most people) is that they generally used canned pineapple and canned pineapple sucks and fresh pineapple is leagues better.

>> No.68871808

Swag. I remembered that this fwmc stream existed and I'm watching it

>> No.68871810

I just don't like sweet stuff on savory stuff personally. I always leave sugar our of my spice rubs.

>> No.68872053

She does like pineapple on pizza though.

>> No.68872061

I can't get enough of sweet and savory, which is probably why I like pineapple on pizza (far from my favorite though).

>> No.68872932

Didn't mori say she watched baseball growing up? Did she have a team?

>> No.68873007

You can really taste the "processed" flavor of it, and throws the whole pizza off

>> No.68873636

I don't believe she's said if she supports a team, and her comments about not wanting to anger sports fans suggest she wouldn't say anything if she had one. I believe the only thing she's said definitely about baseball is that she really enjoys the live atmosphere of the stadium, regardless of who's playing.

>> No.68873759

Nuclear war on one planet, raising money for cats on the other. Lmao. What's the charity at now? My work's internet can barely Handle 1 480p stream and 4chan so I can't check.

>> No.68874025

Just under 15,000 pounds.

>> No.68874383

That's a lot of cats.

>> No.68874427

Nice. I wonder how many goals will automatically be met at soon as the stream starts. Usually theae type of things have some silly low amount ones before ramping up to the serious goals.

>> No.68874629
File: 107 KB, 1400x1400, 1689947645931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm holding off until it starts so there can hopefully be some semblance of pacing

>> No.68874680

Clive Barker would be so proud of how many tomcats she was neutering

>> No.68875063

I know publicity is never the goal when it comes to doing charity, but man is the discrepancy between the two agencies' values and press going to be huge if Mori's stream pops off tomorrow

>> No.68875239

Hi, debbies!!!!!
I seriously don't understand what's going on right now, so I just said hello.

>> No.68875532

Hi, just stay away from the rainbow people for a while and it'll be alright.

>> No.68875559

Some folks poured gasoline on a fire, far far away from mowi

>> No.68876139

I can't help but feel a little happy that Mori didn't collab with Reimu, I already saw some schizos trying to drag Kiara to the drama for being friends with Elira

>> No.68876306

I wish mori would do another "eroge challenge" stream like with Trouble Days. That was fun

>> No.68876337

The Clive Barker/Bob Barker mix up might genuinely be funniest Morism she's ever done
Her reaction to finding out they're two different people still makes me smile

>> No.68876468

I liked it when debbies were tired of drama all the time and didnt endlessly talk about another groups drama in the mori split

>> No.68876555

Yed, it was pretty amazing

>> No.68877023

Mori said those are no go now. We got lucky with the first one probably just because it was done by Marine's mama.

>> No.68877164

Well, that stinks.