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Is Doki the souso no frieren of vtubing?

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this is such a garbage forced meme

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Keep seething sister

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She's autistic.

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>Is Doki the souso no frieren of vtubing?
shes a bird dragon not an elf

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Anon, this is cringe. What you just said is cringe. This wasn't based.

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Why did this become a new genre of thread? What does it even mean?

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Unlike any of the Frieren character names, hers at least makes some sense

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Dokibird is a random portmanteau that she made up on a whim and mildly regrets.

All of the Frieren names are literally just what that character is but in German. They have direct meaning. For some of them, if you know German, the character arcs are spoiled to you.

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Like Darth Vader?

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Similar yeah, since vader is close to vater = father.

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That's literally just a pure coincidence.

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>the souso no frieren of vtubing?
You mean "mind numbingly boring but inexplicably successful"?

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Lmao, if you believe this then you don't know German

All of the names are randomly picked from a Duden and say jack shit about the characters

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Is it a coincidence that dutch is similar to german? George Lucas said dutch was an inspiration, and vader directly translates to father in dutch.
Frieren is "frozen" in time and the priest's name is "heaven". Theyre not random, use your brain a little bit. One of them is literally named "liar" before you know it in the story.

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Is OP the retard of /vt/?

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Frieren is "shivering", the priest's name is "Sky" or "Heaven", the word is ambiguous

Please stop overinterpreting the ancient Japanese art of picking random words that sound cool

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Is migo the thumbs of migo?

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>Friesen is "frozen"

Explain this

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it does seem so doesnt it?

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"Frieren" isn't "freezing", "Frozen" would be "gefroren". The act of freezing something is "einfrieren", but "Frieren" itself is "shivering (from the cold)"

Unless her character arc involves getting stuck in a fridge, you're the one coping

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you mean the adaptation being absolute shit and the source material being good?

nah, I'd say she's about the same

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there's one person or maybe one discord making all of these posts. with enough time you can make a new genre by force.

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A native isekai battle iyashikei? Seems reasonable considering recent events.