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So who's gonna get fired this week?

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Luca if they took breaches seriously and not favoritism. They are a Japanese company after all, it wasn't a big yab here but it would be huge for JP.

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Probably a negligible JP liver. Looking at the rankings, seems like it's going to be Yuuta(Rine) next.

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firings will continue until morale improves

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Followed by Aster getting stealth suspended and then fired
Aster will then bully Scarle into quitting
Petra or Rosemi will be gone in the summer to go wage slave.

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All of them (EN) and one former ID or KR organ for good measure
Next question

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One of the livers on a break will announce that she's leaving.

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luca and aster
scarle on mandatory break

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Enna "I can kill anyone and you'll still love me" Alouette
t.saw it in a dream.

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Considering they're still going through with the Luxiem nendroids, Luca isn't getting fired until it releases. If the Aster and Scarle leaks are real then I could see Aster getting the can, but Scarle could be trying to save him because idk maybe he's grown up a bit or shes actually into that.
Elira, Petra, and Rosemi are just taking extended breaks imo. Although if any of them are leaving then I see Rosemi as the most likely candidate.

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gotta wait for next month

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Kyo. On the 17th if I recall correctly.

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I think it's Petra.
Rosemi doesn't have any other gig lined up, unlike Petra who does vtubing as a side thing.

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>I will keep terminating people until morale improves

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No one is going to get fired. March guarantees Graduation in 2024. Not even a rrat at this point. The line of graduations is so fucking long though.

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Imagine Luca doesn't get fired for breaking NDA while Selen did
Niji then issue a letter to forgive him. That would be beyond funny

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I don't understand how the really horrible truths of Nijisanji get swept under the rug. Just today I've seen Enna be a pedophilia and you have that gigantic Luca yab scenario using a girl to do his work.

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You guys think Aster? I dunno if i'm honest. Despite his shit numbers, I can easily see the jap higher-ups and pajeet management thinking he's based for what he did to Scarle.

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They might not fire him and denying 4chan the satisfaction of being right again will the sole justification. Same with Aster and Scarle. Given how obsessed they are with this place, they might view his continued employment as the ultimate one up over the "antis". It's like purposely keeping a clowncar on the driveway to spite the neighbors.

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We gotta follow the schedule.

Though if niji's plan was for Doki to be Yugo'd, she'd have been on the schedule for next month. So maybe we get a break for a month, unless somebody else tried/tries to be terminated to get out early

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Literally no one because Niji livers love their company. ANYCOLOR are making welfare changes if you didn't see. Everyone who didn't jump ship like a treacherous dog will be around for years to come.

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He's one of the strangest and most comically villainous looking people I've ever seen. No idea what it is about him but it's always put me off.

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Confirmation bias. If he was as beloved as Yagoo, you'd say the opposite.

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If he was as beloved as Yagoo he wouldn't be in this situation because he'd be doing things worth being beloved for.

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Nah, I would still say he looks like a freak like I always did before I knew anything about Nijisanji drama.

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Hoping my oshi!

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Nijisanji routinely chooses the worst option so they’ll terminate Scarle for NDA breach.
Luca and Aster will stay.

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Does he have botox or something? This particular shot doesn't showcase that all that well, but some of the more memetic ones i've seen? Oof. He's straight up Putin of vtubing

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That would set Scarle free from the grasp of her abuser tho, the actual worst option is that they both stay.

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>so they’ll terminate Scarle for NDA breach

Scarle getting out of Niji one way or another and then scooped up by Vshojo's battered women's shelter would probably be the ideal outcome for her.

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Or hear me out: Just not ducking ass.
Prove 4chan wrong like that

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Phase Connect is far more up her alley. And actually having a manager who is also a councillor would do wonders for her. And Vshoujo has its own bully clique forming with Matara as the head. I don't know if Scarle was one of the ones who was bullied by the Niji clique, but at this point i'm not gonna be surpised.

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Ah, Phase maybe could work too. That said, Vshojo is supposed to be pretty good about mental health services despite having such a minimal staff.

>And Vshoujo has its own bully clique forming with Matara as the head.

I truly have no idea where you're getting this from. The only clique in Vshojo is Ironmouse's clique because the whole organization is Ironmouse's clique. And besides, weren't Scarle and Nina close back in the day anyway?

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>And besides, weren't Scarle and Nina close back in the day anyway?
You're gonna have to ask someone else, I dunno. I only pulled this out of my ass because of Scarle's general demeanor and every hint under the sun pointing that Kyo is going to Vshoujo. If Nina and Scarle actually were close, and Aster was the only one who harassed her then i guess you can throw my complaint about Vshoujo out the window.

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jesus christ, that's the worst outcome from this situation, and somehow I can see it happening the most.

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Eh, I wouldn't really take Kyo going to Vshojo as an indication of Matara forming some sort of clique. I remember people were trying to paint Nina and Mysta as enemies for a long time and then they ended up joining the same org after the graduated. I think the lesson there is to withhold judgment about whether people will carry bad culture with them once they get out of kurosanji.

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only females as usual

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>having a manager who is also a councillor
VShojo actually affords their talents free mental health services

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Luca, but Niji favoritism is a thing, so probably Petra, or a queue of Elira, Petra and Rosemi, and Scarle gets suspended for the discord leak.

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Kyo is probably going to Mythic.

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Yagoo does look harmless while Tazumi could be a minor thug in a live action Yakuza movie adaptation, no need to shave his eyebrows

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It's going to be funny if it turns out Enna was slated for graduation.

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Probably not going to see a graduation until late spring/early summer.

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If anyone graduates they're going to get overshadowed by Doki anyway, so it's probably a bad idea.

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I hope all the bad ones will stay in Nijisanji forever, let the good ones go.

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There's no reason they have to acknowledge that discord as real. Scarle and Aster's heart emojis then collab obviously were a response to it, but not an acknowledgement it was real. Because if they have to respond to every "leak" then there will be more "leaks" until they are drown in fake "leaks" that they have to respond to each and every one of them, or people will accuse them of being real.

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Whenever I see you guys repost that Yagoo holding his hand out picture, it keeps making me think of him as looking like a creep, even though I know its just you guys using him as a weapon.

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Selen termination announcement doesn't say shit about NDA you retarded ESL dramasister. kys

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>nobody's leaving before the 17th

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Considering how many rules Luca has broken he should be up for termination next

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Rosemi, she is the last good Nijiorgan they have left so they will do their utmost to drag her through the mud on her way out.

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No way, people like her never get their comeuppance.

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Selen didnt but pic related termination did

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I said graduation, not termination. As in she wanted to leave and do other things, maybe even has been planning to do that for awhile.

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This is true. By summer Petra and Rosemi will be my slave

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Isn't Scarle known for constant handcams and such?
Like half of vshojo now fleshstream or otherwise treat vtubing as temporary anime skins, so I'd think Scarle would be a better fit for them

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There is no NDA breach if it doesn't get reported by management.... BUT now that JP fujos know...

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>That said, Vshojo is supposed to be pretty good about mental health services despite having such a minimal staff.
Lol no, even Veibae shat on their support

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Froot provides pretty good mental support (male)

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Any clip of that, just curious?

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Selen didn't break NDA, she was fired for insubordination.

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Hi Riku

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I remember there was a clip of Mysta(i think from a twitch stream) where he explicitly said that at this point, luxiem can do anything and not get into trouble.

Im 100% sure it exists, but i cant find it.
Anybody have it?

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But threads told me Rosemi wants to get in Tekken first

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Scarle for daring to be a victim of sexual harassment

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>Kyo Graduation - Feb 17th
>Aster Termination - Feb 24th
>Luca Suspension - Mar 2nd
>Ver Graduation - Mar 15th
>New Generation Announcement: 4 Females - Mar 16th
>Luca Termination - Mar 30th
>New Auditions Announcement - April 5th

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Any termination would look bad right now. Niji is more likely to do a stealth graduation, then openly terminate anyone.

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It's Aster anon. Nobody gives a fuck about Aster

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please be true it'd be so funny

>> No.68758057

I Don't think so
Due Selen, now their department looks like shit
They open a lot of jobs for that
Maybe in 2/3 month later

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>no April 1
are you sure

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Scarle is way too small, they only hire big established people.

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If they gave a fuck about what ”looks good” they wouldn’t have tried to pull half the shit they’ve done with their terminations.

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>I truly have no idea where you're getting this from.
There has been an uptick of comments trying to paint Matara as a mean girl and clique former lately. Probably sisters hitting opportunity targets while on Selen smearing campaign.

>> No.68758720

>4 females
You've got my attention. Though perhaps 3 works better.

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The answer is a lot simpler than you realize.

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I'm gonna say Scarle just because it would be the stupidest possible outcome of the whole leak ordeal, and Niji picks the worst option every single time

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Yahoo looks like harmless office worker that always smile while being berated by his boss, that nijiguy looks like the bad guy from the fast and furious Tokyo drift.

>> No.68760916

He has the sanpaku. No wonder he look evil

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Helpfully Millie

>> No.68761448

>Helpfully Millie
I thought you flips supported each other

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he looks like this caveman-looking guy I went to school with named Gary. impossible to take seriously just 'oh there's that caveman-looking nigger whatchu doin boy'

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watch a new movie, bugman

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he'd look cooler with a big beard

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Imma put $3.76 on Bandage getting sacked this week.
He's done nothing wrong, and terminating him would be an extremely stupid thing for Niji to do. Which is EXACTLY why I'm betting that they will do it.
If he doesn't get the boot this week, I'm out bus fare, big fucking deal, life goes on. If he does, I get to buy a solid gold house and still have money left over for another.

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They’re doing changes to protect the wellbeing of their livers, you know!
>they’re just gonna send everyone this tweet from some african dude telling japanese people to come to africa instead of killing themselves

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Putin is beloved by most of his country and even most of the ones that don't like him see him as necessary.

>> No.68765374

No it's because Mace Windu's lightsaber reflected his force lightning back into his face.

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Ver...? why...?

>> No.68766352

Why do you think I watch Vtubers now?
>movie-only watcher
L2 force mask

>> No.68767291

>Like half of vshojo now fleshstream or otherwise treat vtubing as temporary anime skins

What? That's mostly just Kson. I think Kuro has done a flesh stream (I don't follow him enough to know if he's done more than one) and Matara showed a face pic at some point. Beyond that, I don't think any of the other girls have done anything more fleshy than hand cams.

>> No.68767847

That's more of a Mythic thing. They did a bunch of in-person challenge videos with masks on when most of their VTubers were in Japan.
Part of Kson's thing is that she's the face of Vshojo they put on stage at cons and such.

>> No.68769497

back then? yes
now? the branch popularity went down alot as so does luxiem's popularity, if JP decides to make changes, the only reason Luca will not be sacked is the absurd level of PR nightmare doing another big termination after selen

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I think you have been spoiled and you are reaching /v/ levels of tortanic posting.

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Korean, only came in for clout (never watched Niji prior) and is a Holostars reject. His family want him to focus on studies and get a real job

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Not this week, but NijiEN is just going to debut a solo liver named Gawr Gura in 3 weeks. Just an almost direct copy of Gura's model, 1-to-1 reading off Gura's debut stream like a script, doing an impression and everything. She'll be terminated in the middle of her second stream, where she plays Maneater, due to "unforseen IP issues."

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no, she was fired for "embarrassing" nijii by trying to off herself.

>> No.68777277

Reimu for collabing with Holos without Enna's permission.

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Luca is currently begging his discord mommy to not leak the serious shit

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6 more hours and we'll find out.

>> No.68777601

She already walked back the sexual harassment allegations unfortunately. a chance to really put him in the hot seat wasted

>> No.68779482

that was a different bloke mel nekomata

>> No.68779825

> No, people looking evil is just confirmation bias!
Cope. People ugly on the outside are ugly on the inside too. The body reflects the soul.

>> No.68782049

I see, what are his streams like?

>> No.68782224

they will ether franticly try to pump out more ENs to save the branch or EN will get disbanded in the next few months

>> No.68783066

They'll release a wave in a month, announce auditions in 6 weeks, and shutter the branch in May.

>> No.68783653

Nobody is joining EN after this shitfest dude
Any people they got on hold probably left like that 1 guy that leaked his waves designs

>> No.68783861

I thought he applied to Niji so he can fuck Enna.

>> No.68784158

I sure am glad everyone who joined Nijisanji after the first two waves barely watched ANY Nijisanji before joining.

>> No.68786779

>>New Generation Announcement: 4 Females - Mar 16th
>>Luca Termination - Mar 30th
Luca would be terminated 3 days after, because they have to ruin all chances of their new members to get attention.

>> No.68788183

imagine the timeline
>Enna graduates
>same format as Nina
>rm returns
>first collab is notkyo
>second collab is no other than Dokibird
>all rrats starting drowning, the narrative is broken, now who is the real clique of nijiEN if Doki and notEnna were friends?

>> No.68788349

My first assumption was management itself until they added livers into the mix. They do have an obvious bias for luxiem/guys in general.

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>> No.68788660

>Just today I've seen Enna be a pedophilia
We've known that for months.

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I could see Uki being a clique leader. He's such an obnoxious caricature fag that he's basically a woman. He's also as vocal and bitchy as Enna, not quite as psychopathic though

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hi Millie, how did Tazumi dick cheese taste on the yacht?

>> No.68791396

if they're seething about us so much, that is, seething about actual criticism, they don't fucking deserve their position in this industry and it's just natural selection in action when people see the fucking obvious hypocracy at play between selen/luca.

there is a lot of stupid useless shit that gets said here, but to rebel against the idea of being criticized is a petty unprofessional stance and a big fucking multimillion dollar corporation should be able to fucking take a hint that they are not all-knowing/all-powerful and they are capable of mistakes and for an industry catered around trying to reach out and please the customers in such a personal fashion, customer feedback really does fucking matter.

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How in the fuck does Luca still have his job when they have fired people over very small petty NDA breaches and the man straight up gave his Minecraft account, twitter account and what seems to be discord account all being the company ones to a random fucking person? On top of lying and having someone else sign and falsify things for him?
I don't give a fuck if the woman was the most evil person on the planet, how the fuck this allowed?

>> No.68792268

No, he admit during Pomu's last stream that he never watched a single thing about Niji and within the first week of joining, he basically did a speedrun of content. He attempted to appeal to Enna (likely to get in the clique) and she publicly shamed in. Days later, the Kyo chicken wing incident happened.
TTT has actual fans, just the talents they either like are gone or got them hired in the first place. Krisis has non Niji fans (Bandages never watched EN but some JP)
I am going by the current pattern of graduations and new debuts being utterly fucked. Krisis was overshadowed by Mysta having gone and Nina on the way out. TTT's debut was overshadowed by Pomu

>> No.68792570

Reminder that the company was copyright striking every Youtuber that talked about them for awhile, including False and Khyo.

Though driving one of their talents to suicide, then endangering the lives of all the others by pointing at the finger at them, would be my take as to why they don't deserve their position in the industry.

>> No.68792654

>Reminder that the company was copyright striking every Youtuber that talked about them for awhile, including False and Khyo.
Didn't they get taken to court and lose over this with one of them?

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The question is, who's not getting fired
>you can't fire me if I'm dead

>> No.68793665

Vivi watched Pomu religiously...
...and joined just in time to watch her leave.

>> No.68795322

>And Vshoujo has its own bully clique forming with Matara as the head
where is this shit coming from? i watch them all and have noticed nothing of the sort.

>> No.68798070

yeah, that's why he uses his channel to bring attention to their shit at every chance now. the anycolor legal team seems to be as effective as the managerial section

>> No.68798256

>oh, you won't let me graduate?
>*fakes death again*

>> No.68798798

Ah, that's why Hollywood is the embodiment of good soul.

>> No.68802000

I think everyone who's watched any nijien in the last 4 years thought the same thing. Until the fifth, the pattern matched Yugo's graduation to a tee. Anyone who thinks management wasn't intimately involved in the bullshit, while nijisanji is quietly looking for a replacement for the director of their EN branch, is at least a bit of a rube.

>> No.68802421

A side gig and has more subs than the Rose. Where did it all go wrong rosemi

>> No.68802627

>lap dances in vrchat
I am not one of those guys who posts "whore" /here/ on the regular but....

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Fucking amateur

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>> No.68804426

It's the shape of his face. Most people would have a slightly elliptic, convexly face, but this faggot is flat, almost to the point of slightly looking concave. And his head is shaped like fucking Harry Maguire, he has a square, fridge-shaped head.

>> No.68807043

I find it hilarious bc false and kayo were feuding before this.

Nijisanji does bring everyone together... by being so shit everyone else comes together to shit on you.