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>No one is Live
What does NijiEN mean by this?

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they're unalivers now

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AH, I get it, it’s symbolic.
>black screen
>black company

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They are scared.

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they are probably in multiple meetings with management because their pl's and the grooming allegations are being discussed openly in their own reddit

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The only liver that matters is the one below your heart

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what source is this from? seems like a better holodex

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Their livers have all been harvested.

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What tool is this

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>It's afraid.

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Mass organ failure and shutdown of bodily functions, owari da...

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here you go
>better holodex
Nah, holodex is more comprehensive with indies and small corpos but this does have all the major ones, including phase now

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The nijisanji reddit mods are actually very selective with what posts they delete and allow.
If you go into the reddit right now you'll find people in denial that the aster and scarle stream wasn't of both of their own volition, much less anything more serious, which gets taken down pretty fast all things considered.

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Organ failure obviously

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Niji decided to go dark. Black company mode initialize.

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Holy fuck, Phase is beating out Niji in some days

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>click site
>click nijisanji
>see this
Jesas is this real? This is what nijiEN has to offer?

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scarle isnt very popular but you have to admire her tenacity while the rest of her branch just fucks off

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How the turntables

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>no one lives

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Bully hort

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Hey come on now let her be

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don't be mean she's trying her best

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>Join corpo
>They want you to call yourself liver
>To leave you have to unalive yourself

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Don't they have like 3X more members than HoloEN? How do they stream less than a branch that was almost dead for a year?

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Well they keep losing people and the ones that stay are either taking a break after the past 2 weeks' shitstorm or silent suspended

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morale in NijiEN is pretty low right now and a lot of the older gen talents burned out and don't stream as much as they used to
not to mention a bunch of people are on break or "break" after the selen termination

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Yeah she watched the first Gundam compilation movie and it was fun!

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it means organs

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I guess these livers have stopped working.

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>Yo nijisanji is so evil they bullied selen into RTAing herself
>Let's bully them into suicide in response

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Nijicattle is scared of the purple slampig.

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This board is a little bit hypocritical on bullying but this shouldn't come to you as a surprise.

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Their organs are dead?

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>Don't they have like 3X more members than HoloEN?
It's actually gotten to be pretty close by now. NijiEN has 32 livers at the moment, soon to be 31 since Kyo is about to graduate. Hololive EN has 15 members, plus Holostars EN has grown to 10 somehow. So Cover has 25 EN talents and Anycolor has 31. If NijiEN keeps falling apart it might actually even out soon.

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>Not original
What did (You) mean by this?

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What do you mean? They haven't commited unalive yet

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