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I would be milking that shit if I was at the top, esp. since they keep losing viewers with each passing year (EN anyway).

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They don't have that dawg in em

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lazy women

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They saw Gura take nearly 2 years off with no repercussions.

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I dunno boss why is your gif taking such a long break

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It's simple really. The stockholders that hold the majority shares know what the alternative of burning through their product looks like. Anycolor's visible. Thankfully the new VC investors who would think the way you do don't have voting rights and are just there for the dividends.
Also another example of how to treat your talents like product the right way is also in there: Johnny's is still alive and making the real money. Cover can copy their business business acumen without falling into the same pitfalls Johnny's does

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cover is smart enough to realize that allowing holos to rest and avoid burnout has the added benefits of them not cannibalizing each other and allowing manpower to do projects at a manageable pace instead of them all cramming it together

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They're gregnant.

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Cover is glad none of their top-tier talents take breaks or need to "avoid burnout" because they'd already be irrelevant as a company by now if they did.

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They are buying condoms with cash
You will never found any trace of them
Have a nice day Heart

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Cover is unironically pretty hard to work for, they do a lot of shit under the table other than playing games and singing, despite the memes they ARE all idols and are trained as such.
Doesn't help so many are workaholics, wouldn't be surprised if a lot are actually mandated to avoid them accidentally wrecking themselves like kiara or korone

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Because it's not a black company

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Miko and Suisei take breaks to go fuck each other in luxury hotels

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because forcing people to stream against their will is a niji thing and we all just saw what happens when you try to act like niji

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i suppose they are still satisfied with how much they make when putting in minimal effort

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The fiscal year in Japan ends 31 March so it is possible that Cover don't have anything bigger planned until then, therefore they are taking breaks while they can. Or they are lazy, you never know these days.

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my oshi has never taken a break longer than 2 days!

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There's probably a happy medium where some minimum level of streaming is mandated without them all being turned into slaves like Nijisanji did or streaming like five times in an entire year like Gura does.

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>are trained as such
If only you knew

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You retards know holofes is coming right

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Gura's too big to fail (or at least seems so) and any other company would rip off their dicks to have her, and it's not like she doesn't know it either. They kinda have to let her slide.

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Nijisanji has talents who haven't streamed in years.