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>Last Elira tweet: 5 days ago
Is... is she coming back?

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>denying us our chance to gossip and shitpost
what a fucking bitch

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When a host dies the parasite must find a new host. She will move to hololive next

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She got sent to the Japanese rape dungeon
Prepare for management to put out a tweet under her account shortly

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The last remnants of Lazusydia are about to make their exit. Be ready.

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It's a little sus that she didn't even bother to tweet about feeling sad or meaningless trash like that. No, I don't think she is a bully, maybe she is just done with NijiEN's bullshit.

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What was attached?

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She was planning to collab with the penguin but when the termination dropped and the penguin got depressed, so the collab was (or is) in limbo right now

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She's obviously trying to sit out the drama which just shows how cold and calculating she is.

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Probably crying about her lost PC case since she and Rosemi actually sounded very happy about that before it was canceled

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>maybe she is just done with NijiEN's bullshit
anon, she is responsible for like half of the talents that are in NijiEN. Have any of her nepo hires quit or were terminated? I'm pretty sure it's only those outside her clique so far.

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The fact that I saw this tweet with the depressed tweet from her alt account made me wanna choke Tazumi and his black company

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Well I guess that's a good enough reason.

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>She's responsible
Does she have enough self awareness to know that?

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>Petra actually killed Elira and hid her body

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her entire clique is vacating from twitter. Same with Rosemi and Enna

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What's the longest she's been gone and radio silent?

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Given how many fucking talents have outright admitted to or got exposed for lurking /vt/ and having it live rent free in their head
I'd say the idea that Elira hasn't heard of the "nepotism clique" shit are absolutely minimal
Hell Millie outright shitposted about that in her infamous stream

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>notPomu, Elira and Petra are in Japan right now
>Elira and Petra went silent on twitter after Selen's drama
anyone else?

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Queen B laying low and bidding her time to return, letting her lackeys catch all the smoke from the yabs

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yeah me

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>i used to hvae so much fun here but now i put in so much work to try and smile. i wish i could stand up for others better. i wish i werent so stpuid and useless

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She's delivering her ASAP graduation notice to Riku in person and then getting the fuck out

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I suspect in 2 weeks we'll be seeing some graduations and terminations

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Yeah but it could be a "am I out of touch? no it's everyone else that's wrong" moment.

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Thank you Nijispy for your service.

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Pomu and Petra have both vented about Kurosanji on their RM accounts most recently.
Elira chose to stay silent.

We are starting to reach the point where livers will be attacked simply for not making their anti-Kuro stance known and that's a good thing, fuck sycophants, fuck bootlickers, and fuck passive collaborators.

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That tweet was fucking heart-breaking. She does so much for other members inside NijiEN between doing video editing work and being a liaison and advocate/negotiator for others to push for things like getting handcams allowed since there are ESL managers in the EN branch that plays favorites and can't actually do their jobs. She's helped so many others to the detriment to her channel and career and probably health. It sucks so hard that she feels that way when she is one of the core reasons the dysfunctional EN branch even works. The sad part is though that if she graduates, EN is definitely collapsing and Petra will probably be done with Vtubing altogether.

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A communications disruption could mean only one thing...

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Can I get a link to this tweet?

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>Petra will probably be done with Vtubing altogether.
I doubt that somehow.

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As much as I'm enjoying the downfall of nijiEN that was a depressing tweet

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Even if she quits vtubing, she has a bright future ahead of her, what with all the schooling she's done/doing. No retail hell for her.

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>will be doing my upmost best to setup a streaming setup
Yeah like last time you were in Japan, oh wait you HARDLY FUCKING STREAMED
fuck off elira

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hope the queen bee gets her comeuppance

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>Tempiss goes to Japan and management sets up an apartment with everything they need to stream so that they don't have to do anything
>nijien goes to Japan and management can't even catch them at the airport let alone help with streaming
It's not fair...

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3 days in 2022, this is the longest

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Crazy that all 4 happened to Selen in the end

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privated PL account but if you dig through these dramafag threads enough, you'll find it

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Please don't drag Tempus into this.

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You don't have to go that far.

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Just showing that they have it good despite the attempts by fagni and vesper to make them look bad

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How is management so shit, at every turn they take extra LS because they cannot communicate like humans, actually it’s even worse because if they do business talk they should focus on clarity and give some updates to people on project progress and objectives

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Luca posted this.
Those fuck ups were the hag mod all so no one would suspect Luca.
This whole time Luca was diverting attention away from him by creating rrats that he was actually part if the Clique or at the least receiving preferential treatment.

He used Metal Gear music and hypno therapy to create the Luca persona. Pomu's MGSV stream reawoke the man behind the mask... Dimitri Jap the real Luca.

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The Queen Bee of the bullying clique is laying low for now

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she sounds guilty

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Do you have a screenshot of the tweet? I heard Petra has been taking the situation horribly on her priv account

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Explain the
>Elira is the clique leader
rrat to me, I'm out of the loop. From what I understand, she brought some of her friends to NijiEN, and those are the sames ones suspected of harassing other members. Is that it? Did Elira do anything herself?

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Nope, that's it. That's why people call her the mastermind

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Is that from petra or elira PL?

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Elira is Queen Bee in the sense that dhe brought the workers in but the workers would turn on her and kill her on the spot if she actually went against them.

That being said I have seen her personally make an example of Kyo infront of nearly the whole company.

I think she is more upset she didn't tard wrangle them.

Though now I am rewatching this there is a chance she was bullying everyone which is kinda hot...

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she will continue as indie

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Pomu is my moral compass, and she is really close to Elira. I trust her judgment.

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So Enna is the actual Queen Bee then?

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To give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe Elira is staying silent because she’s been in denial for a long time about how shit most of her friends are. Ending up in the wrong friend group is absolutely a thing, and I haven’t ever seen or heard any yabs that directly implicate Elira. But fuck me are her friends a total cancer on the branch.

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I doubt. She's finishing her studies and have good career prospects elsewhere. At most she'll be a MV maker / artist / mixer, doing stuff behind the scenes for other people as a HOBBY.

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She is lost in the crowds, changed her name, you'll never see her again. Maybe someday you'll be in a cafe by the seashore near Kanagawa, and a rotund woman will be at the table next to you. You will order the salad because you want something light. She will get all the cake on the menu "to try" but she will actually just gobble 10,000 calories of cake because she's "haha holds up spork" like that. You'll share a knowing glance, and then go your separate ways.

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I think when it gets to the point where said friend group nearly causes someone to off themselves, that's probably when it's time to draw the line in the sand and distance yourself.

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If you watch elira for long enough you'd see she was a quirky deviant girl, then tumblr feminist, then she graduated with a degree in basketweaving and wondered why she couldn't get a steady job. Elira will absolutely never blame herself for her own bad actions and any position of power you give her will be a huge mistake.

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All girls have been called in to HQ. They are now on rotation of morale improving blowjobs for staff that is fighting with fire. Having their lips wrapped around cocks also has a benefit of them not being able to leak shit or cause another drama.

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The only waves without an elira nepo afaik is iluna and flopsolel
the leaker guy from heroes that ditched before signing the contract was a nepo then the most recent guy is also a nepo
and most of her nepos are shitty people enna uki and millie
shu could be shitty too but he doesn't stream enough

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I'm gonna be honest I forgot Petra existed for like 2 years
I genuinely haven't seen her since the Lazusydia days

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Maybe I'm wrong, but I have never seen Elira being THAT close with Enna, Millie and the rest of the toxic members, at least on streams.

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>Pomu: Graduated
>Selen: Terminated
>Elira: Missing
>Petra: Missing
>Finana: I don't know, I don't watch Finana
>Rosemi: Lost her PC case

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I don't know how true it is now, but in an early collab stream (maybe their first one?) with Millie and Enna, Elira said she didn't know that those two applied to NijiEN until they messaged her that they got in.

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I dunno if that says much considering she also avoided Selen like the plague

>> No.68620048

> the leaker guy from heroes that ditched before signing the contract was a nepo
Jesus, doesn’t that burn the person who vouched for you pretty badly? That would give me more pause than throwing away my own prospects.

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she's getting punished for her mama's tweets and isn't allowed access to her accounts until she buys a new model from a new mama with her own money
my weakest rrat, take it or leave it

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Maybe I'm just more mentally ill than I thought but seeing an expression that downcast on a girl that cute makes me want to punch holes into people. I don't think I've ever even watched her but that sadness feels like an affront to what's right and just. I am now inappropriately and unreasonably angry, please never post this again.

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Ah yes, because good people never befriend shitty people who are good to them.

>> No.68620288

...Realistically, how much do you think Petra was involved with Selen's drama? I mean, she was one of the intermediaries between JP management and the livers, and we know the managers were harassing Selen for a while. And then there's this >>68615205

I can perfectly imagine them asking Petra to talk with Selen.

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>Ah yes, because good people never befriend shitty people who are good to them.
You know you can apply that to Elira befriending Enna, right?

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She is using her new connections to take over Production Kawaii.

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Curious, you're certainly not the only one.

I have nothing much to go off on but it's not likely, it seemed that Selen was isolated and only communicated with staff. Probably through slack, her discord was probably locked too when they saw her tell her MV team about the details.

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Big if true

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They meet up for offcollabs literally all the time (while excluding selen)

>> No.68620744

Weren't they literally neighbors in highschool?

>> No.68620781

To be fair, Millie and Enna live like down the street, and Selen lives on the other side of the country.

>> No.68620802

Nijisanji wouldn't be so negroid as to graduate a person merely because the person who drew their model drew selen's too, would they?

>> No.68620806

Glad we agree

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Always thought it was weird that they shared the same mama but basically never collabed or even interacted with each other

>> No.68620830

Selen was even excluded from Montreal

>> No.68620893

She's been too busy in rat and penguin pussy to look at Twitter right now

>> No.68620962

From what I recall, back around the time of Ethyria's debut Elira tried to keep her previous relationship with Millie and Enna on the down-low, which PLs aside was obvious right out the gate because Enna mixed Elira's cover of Goodbye Sengen as a birthday present, and called her first karaoke a present for Elira as well. During their first collab, which I think was the escape room game, Elira basically resigned herself to admitting they were irl friends but that she had no idea they actually applied to Nijisanji as well.
Do keep in mind that Ethyria was a wave with premade models that got auditions announced around the time OBSYDIA debuts happened, and Enna and Millie have gone on record saying they sent in a part of their audition together. Enna also mentioned that she was originally auditioning for Reimu's model (given the description of the character and thinking she would fit it) but they gave her the Enna model instead. This makes me think that they were actually never Elira's direct nepohires, but management definitely knew of the conenction between their PLs, more specifically of Millie and Elira's (and Pomu's) past streaming personas.

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It's unfortunate that her absence has caused the AnyaPetra Global thread to sort of become lopsided instead of more evenly distributed as it had been in the past.

>> No.68621472

That's gonna be the Anya Global thread only soon.

>> No.68622037

Petra is probably face deep in her tits bawling her eyes out.

>> No.68622047

Anon, if I had a dollar for every time someone said "Nijisanji wouldn't be so evil/stupid/petty" for the last couple of months...

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^ How long ago was this? Did Selen talk about chilling with Rosemi and Elira irl a few months ago?

I always got the impression that Elira was neutral to Selen. Not proactive at wanting to collab with her, but when the opportunity presented itself, Elira would be down to hang. She seemed to me like a lonely NEET weeb whose greatest sin is that she chose shitty people to be her irl best friends.

That said, time will tell what she wants to prioritize. I am a believer that you are a make up of the company you keep around

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From a previous thread:
>Finally make it into a legit corpo, arguably one of the biggest ones
>Other 5 members seem cool (even if you don't have much in common with the ones you hadn't met yet)
>Try to make this new branch something that can rival any other EN vtuber corp (even Holo and Vshojo)
>Through hard work and charisma pretty much pull it off
>Friends come around looking for handouts
>"Well we already get along so why not?"
>Branch expands too large too quickly
>Management barely does anything
>"Friends" she thought she knew start shit to placate their own egos
>Major events start to get cancelled
>Fanbases start going for each other's necks
>Things spiral as more people come onboard with their own shitty personalities
>Management and some of her "friends" start harassing other branch mates
>Try to keep the peace but can't do anything when the guards start handing the inmates weapons
>People she knows start leaving, 90% of the people remaining are miserable
>Things escalate to a suicide attempt and messy firing
>The branch you tried so hard to build and were so proud of burns down because you had faith in your "friends"

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What turned me off was her story telling of her riding in an Uber and making the drive uncomfortable by talking and asking him about tits after they drove by a hooters or similar breastaurant

>> No.68622635

Gambare Ewiwa, suck like you never sucked before, otherwise Riku sama will close the branch

>> No.68622666

Maybe she was just drunk

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>> No.68622763

>I forgot Petra existed for like 2 years
I used to watch vtubers back then. Everyone forgetting she exists was her schtick from the start.

>> No.68622873

There already is an Anya global

>> No.68623103

Peter is literally a gura, streams when she wants some money.

>> No.68623225

Currently proving to investors in a backroom how negligible her sister was.

>> No.68623322 [DELETED] 

It's not that hard to go to her channel and see she's been streaming this whole time, fucking sea monkey.

>> No.68623463

My joke would've been she was too busy playing JRPG to notice. Or maybe she did and that's why she plays JRPGs to get lost in them and forget the drama

>> No.68623524

And that makes it ok?

>> No.68623642 [DELETED] 

Her entire audience is composed of southeast asians, such as yourself, and she sucks too.

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Like Selen, Elira is a menhera who keeps it on a tight lid. We probably won't know what she's thinking until after it happens.

>> No.68624961

>live through one black chinese company
>jump ship
>its another black chinese company
Petora... go indie... please...

>> No.68625112

I don't see why not. Is not like she was close to Selen, regardless of the backlash she has no reason to leave just yet. She is just busy.

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>> No.68625199

Man I always just feel so bad for Petra
>never gotten into any controversy despite being in a company that seems to like creating one every week
>was always branded as a "Gura clone" even though she just wanted to chill and be happy
>now she's just getting hit by the cross-fire of her company and their livers doing and saying stupid shit that just spawns even more controversy and adds fuel to the fire
People always talking about poor Rosemi or whatever but Petra isn't even that popular to get the same treatment and as a result she just keeps suffering like this without seeing a way out. She's not a bad person and I will stand by this.

>> No.68625245

>keeping a tight lid
Then they're not a menhera? Menhera's are menhera because they hera, not because they're mental.

>> No.68625352

Happened in JP, Alice's mama got her contract with niji cancelled because she was also Gibara's mama and Gibara was acting like a liability at the time too.

>> No.68625367

She did that fuck up where it showed the ALL OUT WAR discord posts, but yeah she is just a little angel, I don't know how she can get along with Enna though. Rosemi and Petra deserve much better, I don't care much about the rest but I' sure people like Ren are good people.

>> No.68625632

She abandoned her wave to join the nasty bitch crew

>> No.68625897

You nijifags will cannibalize anyone, won't you

>> No.68626001

>Nijisanji wouldn't

>> No.68626731

holy fuck man that's depressing. Pomu already felt horrible after seeing all the drama, I can't imagine how Petra feels after all this

>> No.68627104

Just cut your losses and get out

>> No.68627982

>Menhera menhera
There is nothing menhera reacting badly to a terrible work environment.

>> No.68628435

>She abandoned her wave
Mika actually talked about this before with Petra. It was in this stream with Nina and ironically Reimu.
I can't find a timestamp because ragtag sucks ass and the actual Youtube video is private. Timestamp may be around 24:20 or so, but here's a reference to the stream to corroborate the claim.
The long and short of it is Petra would hang out with ID a lot because EN wouldn't invite her to collabs.
In fact scrolling through the archives in late 2021, there was topic in /nijien/ about how Petra was being isolated and excluded by NijiEN even in group collabs.

>> No.68628951

Damn, that hurts.

>> No.68629385

Hiring clique from day 1 without proper professional management to mediate and reign in when necessary. I guess the branch was doomed from the start.

>> No.68629767

If she was trying to do that I'm pretty sure the other two were doing the opposite since Millie literally introduced herself as "living in Elira's basement" in her debut

>> No.68630255

Sonic biding time while shadow gets popped? Somehow based?
Take your meds anon

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petra is actually the clique and bully leader
you didn't hear this from me

>> No.68630979

That sounds like there's a lot more behind it
I'm pretty sure there were plenty of collabs in early lazusydia with Petra in them, until Ethyria appeared at the very least. Like, the Don't Starve shit and Rosemi's quiz show, she was all there. And then something changed I guess, I don't remember even Ethyria being close to Petra for their first months. It's all jumbled in my head now.

>> No.68631031

It'd be hilarious if she just vanished off the face of the earth and never came back, no word from Niji no statement, just gone.

>> No.68631091

This picture reminds how I used to take care of my baby brother when I was about 9 yo because my parents where always working and couldn't hire a babysitter
One day I was making homework using a big fucking hard cover dictionary (late 90s) and I accidentally dropped it on his head. He cried for a while but didn't bleed so I never told anyone
To this day he has an unexplained dent on his head, and I feel too guilty to tell anyone

>> No.68631094

>video editing work
You now reminded me she did everything for her debut and helped other talents with overlays too.

>> No.68631232

doesn't excuse the group collabs but weren't petra's streams always at fuckass hours for NA, even before she moved to Japan?

>> No.68631316

Whats even happening to mika? she went full fleshtuber or is she getting her reincarnation ready?

>> No.68631537
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I think that after two and a half years we've established that Millie was always a fucking retard. In fact, it was established even before debut.

>> No.68631776

I don't follow her roommate at all, but one thing I can say is that she made a voice cameo in one of Kuro's streams. Supposedly, Matara has alluded to be in contact with her as well.

>> No.68632866

SHE was VERY close to Luca too, she's not perfect by far

>> No.68633064

She's been hanging with notmysta and was even on one of his last streams.

>> No.68633073


>> No.68633583

*Venom Luca

>> No.68634480

You mean Luca being skinwalked by his hag groomer?

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>Petora... go indie... please...
Hologods will save her.

>> No.68635228

It was yuri all along, anon

>> No.68635353

Petora and Reimumu need to be saved by Hololive, but they have to graduate together and get hired together that's the deal. They're the sweetest girls in nijien and don't deserve what's going down. Everyone else though, yeah I don't feel bad for them.

>> No.68635948

You all don't know what Petra is like in the private Niji discords.

>> No.68635959

Warning signs. Hope she doesn't have an accident next.

>> No.68636033

Nijisanji management really shot their talents in the foot with releasing a statement saying that the talents were part of the bullying, something which doki never said specifically.

>> No.68636052

Isn't she always busy studying? How does she have time to be depressed

>> No.68636980

If hag friend bears any merit than I can't even imagine any of the girls wanting to be close to Luca outside of whatever is absolutely necessary

>> No.68637203

You know she beat herself up for that typo in stupid too.
She deserves it.

>> No.68637216

Neither do you, unless you're willing to show something that proves otherwise

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>> No.68637828
File: 1.41 MB, 2742x1661, 1704013109757195.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NTA but she seems pretty normal here, honestly

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>> No.68638672

not a new image

>> No.68638796

That poor roleplay account deleted itself after that got leaked

>> No.68638924

Well then post a new one if you have it :)

>> No.68639109

Man this one's old.

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File: 1.11 MB, 200x192, 1681429457848524.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.68639268

shitty people tend to surround themselves with other shitty people

>> No.68639398

Elira is in Japan with Petra, and they both work for a company which just fired a coworker who had just tried to take her own life, for actions which allegedly damaged the company's reputation.
Their careers now depend on them being (or pretending to be) completely oblivious to information which is available to the general public. The easiest way for them to do that is by staying off of twitter -- because how could they know what Doki said if they don't read it? How could they know what False and Khyo and others have said, if they don't watch or read about it?

>> No.68640238

This is what im thinking too. Theres no way for anyone to know for sure unless they were friends with Millie, Enna, etc before this all started. Success can fuck people up in really stupid ways or bring out their worst traits. Elira probably tries her best to see them as the people she became friends with, but obviously thats over with and if anything this Selen thing might have been the straw that broke it finally. I've been in this situation before with my best friend and it fucking sucks

>> No.68640603

Maybe she finally snapped on her "friends" for taking things this far and being awful people with no self awareness. Maybe things got so bad behind the scenes that she is now suddenly terminated as well and can't access her accounts. Cant say anything about petra though shes also silent

>> No.68640619

Rosemi is possibly in Japan right now as well. Members know she was going "soon" but since it's Rosemi she didn't give us a time frame. No updates from her since the tweet saying she was taking some time off frok social media. She's supposed to be in the Mario Kart thing tomorrow, but I'm expecting an announcement at anytime saying someone is replacing her

>> No.68640979

It's a shitty situation to be in. I was membered to Petra and Rosemi before the males, and since I can't endure maletubers I dropped the whole corpo because of them. Still I retain a great deal of respect and sympathy for Petra. She struck me as such a competent, cool girl who had her mental and emotional shit together and had a great approach to vtubing. It really was just something she did, it wasn't a make or break situation for her because as others noted here Petra had/has actual prospects in life due to her schooling and so on. This isn't even me knowing anything but merely remembering her stories about school and just the general way she acted and carried herself. She was already a competent person before firing OBS for the first time.

She is a wonderful girl and even if males are a hard filter for me I hope she continues vtubing in some corpo that doesn't fucking murder its talents or treats them as disposable. Petra unironically and fully deserves good things. Yes, I am gosling over her a bit. I'm an older guy so it's unavoidable. I find her charming in all aspects. Her tragedy is that she's a normal girl that got stuck in an absolutely abhorrent company full of remarkably shitty people. She can't be blamed for anything and I think she may have been cast aside by the clique and somewhat isolated or at the very least stayed clear out of suspicious shit by her own volition. Petra was never a pushover though, and it was obvious to me she has a strong will and wouldn't take shit from anyone behind the scenes. On stream bullying of Petra was keyfabe, IIRC even aeons ago when I watched NijiEN the other girls all mentioned how Petra won't let people fuck with her. It's possible the clique just couldn't harm her due to her personality and will if they ever tried to. Again, it all amounts to a good girl being stuck among pure shit.

I hope she finds a new corpo and continues streaming.

>> No.68641103

Because it spread the blame and also gave some targets with actual names/faces for the mob to go after to try and take some heat off management. Was it accidental? No, it was a calculated play.

>> No.68641492

If THAT was calculated, it hilariously backfired. It's like they can't help but make the wrong choice every time.

>> No.68641648

If they released a generic "wish you luck with your future endeavors" people would've just been happy that she was out.

>> No.68641979

wasn't she super busy with school too? it would have been super hard to schedule something around the little availability she'd have.

>> No.68642033

Someone near the top had to be in an angry rage to be able to push that termination notice through without PR vetting it.

Or to sack her at all for that matter. Companies almost never fire someone who is offering to resign for good reason - doubly so when they know a PR nightmare would result.

This all could have been avoided so easily, but nope, black company isn't just greedy and abusive, it's insane.

>> No.68642356

>Mysta moved to ID
>casual contact with Mika
He got Mika gregnant, she's not sure if she wants to redebut sooner before people start forgetting about her even more or later after getting settled with the baby and marriage to Mysta.

>> No.68642468

Kek, actual high school mean girl clique.

>> No.68642524

Nijinsaji doesn't treat the talents like human beings, they are just assets for them. They will try to destroy anyone who tries to challenge them to teach a lesson to the rest. But they are also a very stupid company.

>> No.68642527

The fucking crazy thing is that the Japanese release states that there were complaints about Selen's behavior internally too, but they leave that part out of the English document and paint a target exclusively on their remaining talents' backs.

>> No.68642697

>Rosemi is possibly in Japan right now as well.
She's not. She's currently in a collab with that wigger kyo and sounds completely normal.

>> No.68642714

the whole EN branch is in giga damage control mode, no liver is in control of their accounts atm, there's only management posting, this is to avoid the talents accidentally fucking up even more the already shitty situation.

source: the voices in my head.

>> No.68643076

She was not in the collab. only Enna, Millie, Fulgur, Uki and Reimu.

>> No.68643308

Eh, the one Kyo is wrapping up right now?

>> No.68643310
File: 954 KB, 426x640, 1702815369568300.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Rosemi, Petra and Elira are in Japan right now
>Meeting with notPomu
She is going to create her own indie vtuber group.

>> No.68643572

>Meeting with notPomu
No they aren't. Pomu was talking about meeting up with people this week, and said "it's not who you think they are". The ones remaining in nijien are completely ignoring her existence since her graduation.

>> No.68643635

You've already been debunked.

>> No.68643808

she was in the thumbnail but wasn't in the actual stream

>> No.68643942


I'll talk to her.

>> No.68644042

this sigh meme is the only good thing to come out of this mess

>> No.68644371

>You've already been debunked.

>> No.68645327

>no one in the thumbnail was present

>> No.68645415

She mentioned two meetups. She first said she was meeting up with friends who lived in Japan this week.
Then she mentioned how she has more plans to meet with another friend as well. This second meetup was when people speculated that it was a meetup with Matara, and Pomu said that she wasn't the person she was talking about (which is what you were quoting), though they do have plans together.

>> No.68645605
File: 36 KB, 739x415, images - 2024-02-09T195653.102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, also Reimu unleashed a chain reaction that destroyed Luxiem, she's a based latina mamasita.

>> No.68645874

Someone please tell me this isn't true. Even for niji standards this fucking sad

>> No.68646208

Petra's boring and Reimu won't go anywhere without the hebe slayer.

>> No.68646445
File: 31 KB, 311x287, sample_1191ccc7020c3e60f44fa6b738cd7d2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Riding dicks. She's finally free anon, she's finally free.

>> No.68646566

Petra is the perfect streamer to have in the bg and relax.

>> No.68647136

>Posts Petra because she can't post Pomu

>> No.68647703

Zero, Petra likely didn't say anything out of fear of getting fucked like Pomu and Selen. Also she's busy studying, likely to have completely missed more than one happening.

Realistically, if the clique does target non-members then, the clique didn't target her because they never really wanted for Petra to appeal to them. It seems like the group ignored Petra on purpose and she did the same so no bullying because no grudge.

If you look at it really well, you will notice a pattern, the people who got bullied were being successful without needing to interact with them, they were leaving them behind, so they cut their wings with management, so it looks like NIJISANJI all the way up is the cause of the problems.

In reality, NIJI just created the environment for this toxicity to spawn, and then the VTubers just keep the toxic cycle going with their little groups.

The only way to win is to not play. Graduate or don't join Nijisanji.

This doesn't excuse Nijisanji from all the bulñshit that we know happens, already happening and will be happening in the future because, realistically, the actual upper management could just drop the hammer on the most mischievous of their workers and told them to calm the fuck down or ELSE.

>> No.68647821

Was Elira and Pomu's friendship just fake then? I can't imagine someone would go to antartica with someone and not enjoy their company somewhat

>> No.68647917


Opinion disregarded.

>> No.68648201

They've known each other since pre-Niji so I doubt it's fake.

>> No.68648313
File: 229 KB, 600x679, de nada?.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.68648325

No way. They've known each other since they were indies, and Pomu's minecraft schizo meltdown isn't something you do with someone you aren't close with.

>> No.68648994

>it looks like NIJISANJI all the way up is the cause of the problems.
Someone close to the top. There's no way that termination notice went through PR, so it had to have been written up by someone PR couldn't question. Also the fact that they fired their #1 streamer while she was offering to resign. That was not done by someone sane nor someone whose authority could be questioned.

>> No.68649127

Yes this is just how deep the Niji corruption goes. They orchestrated the two to meet as indies. Then groomed them to become their debut wave behind the scenes.

>> No.68649561

It's because you guys harassed this poor rosebud

>> No.68649567

Is Elira a goa'uld?

>> No.68650320

Elira has been vocal that she's been friends with Millie and Enna for many years, long before Vtubing, especially for Millie. She's arguably a terrible person too BTS, or at least helped enable this all. She is obviously very complicit.
Obviously they weren't friends before, they were all chosen. But I really do now question their relationships, because Finana was a cunt to Pomu multiple times, like during the GC stream. Elira hasn't, but she supported and enabled all these garbage POS fuckers. Meh, I don't trust her. She's not 20, she knows who she wants to be friends with and she supports and enables all these trash people, she's prob trash too.

>> No.68650398
File: 685 KB, 2508x3541, FnP4K2RaAAA8B2WX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yeah, also Reimu unleashed a chain reaction that destroyed Luxiem
Is this the reason?

>> No.68650467 [SPOILER] 

"""Fuck up"""" She knew aand is aactually the female holospy yagoo send along with luca

>> No.68650523

>I think that after two and a half years we've established that Millie was always a fucking retard
She being a retard is enough reason for me that I don't believe that she was among the bullies. She may had good intentions with that reply to Selen, but it only showed the opposite

>> No.68650700

In the earlier days when it was only 4 gens, Petra was most likely the easiest to bully

>> No.68650920

There was a thread a day or 2 ago where we all started suspecting that Mille being a retard airhead is just an act and she's actually just as malicious and vindictive etc as Enna but pretends she's the 'nice one'

>> No.68651107

link. I mean she is still dumb despite graduating with a degree in science, particularly something with biology or medicine

>> No.68651458
File: 67 KB, 640x518, end-of-an-era-hoping-to-see-them-on-pikamees-last-stream-v0-rcj3an5uzgla1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>>68649127 #
>Obviously they weren't friends before, they were all chosen.

>> No.68652144 [DELETED] 

They 404'd it lmao. Good thing I save things.
How do you even know that? Hey Millie lmao.
https://ufile.io/7wpeq1sq read 'em and weep, bitch.

>> No.68652405

screencap it. too lazy to download

>> No.68652638

Is this what anons were saying was fake? Is this not fake? Jesus christ this is sad.

>> No.68652662

here's the warosu link if anyone wants to read it in an easier to navigate format

>> No.68652735

Sorry the truth hurts. I said THREAD and you said gimme link and I delivered, now you're asking for a screencap?
Hey Millie, everyone hates you and Enna now, and Elira is going to get thrown under the bus too, because she prob is also a cunt bitch until proven otherwise. I don't think she'll call out her friends tho, further implying she's just as much of a POS. Prove me wrong...

>> No.68652855

it's privated now so you can't even check. at least i couldn't.

>> No.68652879

Posts can get removed before things are archived and will be gone forever. You should always make your own copies of 'sensitive' threads as they are happening

>> No.68653319

doesn't explain anything

>> No.68654583

Read through yours, that still wasn't the general impression I got from the thread. Also how was this only two days ago and people were still harping about the apostrophes? I still believe most if not all of the posts they pointed out were written by managers instead of livers, but the apostrophes alone don't prove it. We've known that for over a month at this point, hell even Doki's latest tweets show that's not how it works.

>> No.68655244

It happens toward the end of the thread.
Thanks for bringing that up. Oh I guess I should've also mentioned this was one of the threads when vt etc started realizing how managers were prob controlling accounts and making most social meida posts etc and how they were done without permission of the talent by an arguably straight up evil and greedy fuckers. Thanks for bringing that up! The apostrophe thing has also been confirmed multiple times in the last two days, dipshit. Using Asian phones, too dumb to buy a burner US Samsung tsk tskr

>> No.68659107

>the Japanese release states that there were complaints about Selen's behavior internally too,

Even if they'd included it nobody would have believed it, considering that everyone that's come forward as having worked with Selen said she was great to work with

>> No.68659216


>> No.68661914


>> No.68663835

She's gone anon....

>> No.68664506

I won't accept this comparison until I see Elira scantily clothed like a Egyptian goddess from an JAV tyvm kree

>> No.68664578

Post a reference and I'll add it to my commission list

>> No.68664624

She in university in Japan, that's why her stream schedule isn't consistent. You'd know that if you were in the fanbase.

>> No.68664908

>Last stream four days ago
>Scroll through lives and it goes back a year.
She took a small break when she moved to Japan, but other than that it's pretty consistent. Do you guys even do your homework before niji sends you pajeets to stir trouble?

>> No.68665403


>> No.68665621


>> No.68666024

Anon, we are gossiping and shitposting as we speak!

>> No.68666730

>enna is black

>> No.68667082

Watch her debut stream, you will understand. At most she's getting a better contract.

>> No.68668103

> the people who got bullied were being successful without needing to interact with them, they were leaving them behind, so they cut their wings with management

if there is ANY silver lining in all of this: those that managed to survive developed a skillset that makes them absolutely monstrous wherever they go. i could see selen easily in a project management position.

>> No.68670667

Not really because the blacksanji contract was that bad. That's where the 2% merch all came from. He blew the whistle on how bad things really were.
>Wow Elira how dare your friend not join you in slavery

>> No.68670877

Dearest everyweewa,

I am here to inform you all that I have just landed in Japan and will be doing my upmost best to set up a streaming setup to be able to stream at my earliest availability.

>will be doing my upmost best to set up a streaming setup
>set up a streaming setup
>my earliest availability.
>my upmost best

>> No.68671157

Elira arriving in Japan for the tri monthly "kiss Riku's feet" event on his yacht.

>> No.68671301

The ultimate twist: the clique was actually the management the entire time

>> No.68671607
File: 52 KB, 1120x372, Leaf Law.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Considering it seems like Doki IS taking legal action against Niji, I imagine we're going to get some fun developments in a few months. I'm no leaf lawyer, but it seems like court documents are accessible by the public in most circumstances in Canada.

We're going to get names eventually.

>> No.68671729

jeeze, Hololive has a room with spare setups for the visiting girls to use. Sister's our response???

>> No.68671785

>upmost best
Would she normally make this kind of mistake?

>> No.68671858

this isnt a surprise
women are second class citizens in japan

>> No.68671911

She didn't know the shit storm that was coming when she made this tweet. Who knows what she will do from now on. There is a non-zero chance that you will never see her as Elira again

>> No.68672019

I can save her

>> No.68672062

>Hard work
>Getting flown out to dinners and hotels
>Just singing
These boys have never worked a day in their life, have they?

>> No.68672145

Any rrat that relies on Enna and presumably Millie being on Elira's good side while Selen and Pomu supposedly crossed her, is so unbelievably retarded and evidence-resistant that its peddler should immediately kys.

>> No.68672207

I only care about her, Rosemi and Petra now. Can they realistically leave that shithole? Would they have a place to go?

>> No.68672211

No, I will. NOOT NOOT.

>> No.68672226

>being this much of a sister
Hope you choke on Riku's boots

>> No.68672278
File: 59 KB, 165x165, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Phantomos love Vox's used goods

>> No.68672688

What's the sauce on legal action happening?

>> No.68672698
File: 2 KB, 120x120, pill_1f48a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's all just the schizo ramblings of /vt/sisters like >>68619228 who are legitimately too autistic to understand normal banter.

>> No.68672967

AnyaPanko global
>Why these two?

>> No.68673069

>I always got the impression that Elira was neutral to Selen. Not proactive at wanting to collab with her, but when the opportunity presented itself, Elira would be down to hang.
Honestly I think the main reason they didn't collab is a poor overlap of interests/talent.

>> No.68673124

Gangbangtte kudasuck

>> No.68673228

Stealth suspension?

>> No.68673646

Maybe (You) should go succeed where Selen failed, piece of NDF shit

>> No.68673851

>using that pic
How could a retard be such a successful scam artist?

>> No.68673895

kys lucaschizo

>> No.68673984

>RPers really go to this much effort

>> No.68674067

>claims to be sympathetic
>drops an entire company because males exist

>> No.68674154

>Companies almost never fire someone who is offering to resign for good reason
Anon this is a Japanese company, you have no idea how autistic they are about a) copyright and b) employees following the internal procedures to the letter no matter how retarded they are
>doubly so when they know a PR nightmare would result.
Anon they would have to have staff who know English and pay attention to English social media to know that

>> No.68674266

Anon the English version literally says
>Furthermore, there have been ongoing reports about inappropriate behavior by Selen Tatsuki throughout her time as a NIJISANJI EN Liver. We have been addressing these concerns as they arise.
They didn't say "harassment" but whoever was responsible for the translation assuming it wasn't Google-sensei could easily have figured that was covered.

>> No.68674300

>She thinks she knows who we think they are

>> No.68674385

>There's no way that termination notice went through PR
DYRBI? This is the same company that released Zaion's termination notice.

>> No.68674430

It was a joke, retard.

>> No.68674699
File: 2.20 MB, 2808x497, 1704499620499167.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have this photo saved for a reason.

>> No.68674753

Doing it twice is the real gem.

>> No.68674771


>> No.68674806

I feel like I'm out of the loop, did I miss some intervening yab? Last I remember people here were screaming NTR because of that offcollab with Pomu, Luca and... Elira/Finana? (I can't recall)

>> No.68674832

Way to miss the point completely, retards. Just to hit (You) over the head with it: the point is that the tweet might not have been written by her.

>> No.68674863

It's possible she's playing it up. But I remember Enna and Elira talking about Millie being "retarded" irl. If it's all fake then they must also be lying about it for... some reason?

>> No.68674872


>> No.68674888

Common sense, the fact that she mentioned lawyering up plus the fact that she has multiple obvious causes of action.

>> No.68674906

There's literally screenshots of his mod and him talking about skinwalking as Luca, you dumb bastard.

>> No.68674946

Hold on, you're saying Lethal Company's PL is Left 4 Dead 2?

>> No.68674981

The fact that you're even bringing up anything to do with Luca ITT is what makes you a schizo.

>> No.68674999
File: 174 KB, 599x439, 1683398449420088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buddy, you missed a lot. Luca's ex-girlfriend ex-mod had a twitter meltdown and leaked everything
>I know this one is going to stir shit because it has many times in the past but, I ended up building 80% of Pogland (or whatever it was called) on the shared NijiEN Minecraft server to “help Luca defeat Pomu”. I was instructed to not talk to others and "make it look like it wasn't made in creative mode". I built the entrance, carousal, the water roller-coaster, ferris wheel, the lil food stall area, and even outlined and put materials in a chest so Luca could easily build the maze he did on stream and make it look like he gathered all the materials. So yes, Pogland was made in creative mode, and wasn't even made by Luca outside of some signs, the boat ride, and the boat ice race thing (which I went back and decorated for him).

>> No.68675035

She lawyered up cause she made an attempt to cook hot pot with disastrous consequences then there's a seven-way fuckfest between the hospital, her emergency contact, whatever ungodly fucktard set her off in the first place, higher up niji management, Niji lawyer, her, and her lawyer trying to unfuck this gordian knot
Reimu posted proof she's 100x the chef Selen will ever be. https://twitter.com/ReimuEndou/status/1754946895951077887

If she was going to go nuclear she would have, not tell everyone to de-escalate because she knows how bad bullying is and move on to a brighter future in this new life.

>> No.68675047
File: 879 KB, 297x277, 1679686672017728.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Elira and Petra are still missing
>The Mario Kart event is cancelled

>> No.68675082

New rrat just dropped.

Wouldn't be the first time. Her early days as Lyrica was loaded with self doxxing errors, there was this whole thing about an 'underground' group in her discord she randomly threatened legal action over, and I've gotten conflicting reports about her being a NEET and making enough to do all sorts of charitable efforts. She could just be dumb.

>> No.68675123

What other attempt euphemisms have been used? 'attempt to cook hot pot' is a new one for me.

>> No.68675167

Hi Luca

>> No.68675169

That's the only, and weirdest, one I've seen. reimu twisted that knife while Enna was dropping her spaghetti with the house cleaning and pinned twitter space.

>> No.68675189

>brings up Luca
>gets shutdown

>> No.68675196

Reimu literally having a giggle at Selen's attempt is quite the power move.

>> No.68675209

Luca is a piece of trash subhuman

>> No.68675244

>Pomu's minecraft schizo meltdown

>> No.68675245

I will save Petra and the cute pentomos
Not the ugly ones though

>> No.68675264

There is no way you guys think Pomu and Elira dislike each other when they went to Antarctica together

>> No.68675346

Maybe they're actually missing.

>> No.68675345

>An attempt.....
Either she has zero self awareness or jesus fucking christ, these people are reptilians.

>> No.68675356

Things turned sour when they shared some skin ship for body heat but Elira wussed out during lesbian chicken.

>> No.68675367

Pomu tried to get rid of her in international waters but Elira stayed inside.

>> No.68675412

It was an RP segment that involved her going crazy and "taking over" Elira's channel in order to get her to play Minecraft with her. Not an actual schizo meltdown.

>> No.68675427
File: 263 KB, 720x404, 1700563476548765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is she really denying the shitposting and gossip now or making it worse?

>> No.68675436

Reimu is a monster.

>> No.68675474

Goobus, your eyes...

>> No.68675543

>Hyperjetlag her doragun wife enough to bait her into international waters
>Spent all that time puking both ways
>Puking in their cabin so she can't throw her overboard
>Cabin nearly burns down
>Actually managed to find a crewman with a fire extinguisher while establishing her alibi ruining her assassination attempt
>Pomudachis all over the ship
>Elira never let her guard down
>Made it back alive
Imagine making a "discounted" trip to dispose of your wife only to bungle it.

It's important to step back to remember that we're not them. We don't know their every interaction. Especially behind the scenes. While w*m*n are menhera psychos it's not always unjustified.

>> No.68675619

Ohhhh, the mention of the word 'attempt' bruh that is massive foot-in-mouth.

There's rrats thinking they hate each other? Bruh, if there's anything that can be firmly considered it's that Pomu Elira and Millie are a known trio.

>> No.68675632

Almost forgot about their dingy getting lost too. Man that trip was the best

>> No.68675642

Speaking of eyes, what's with the meta among indies to make their irises jello?

>> No.68675657


So now we have groupies being groomed to build shit in minecraft. That is actually hilarious, I feel like I must've gotten lost in an acid trip and this is all a hallucination, because it's honestly too entertaining to be real

>> No.68675719

>lesbian chicken.
Can you or another anon please write a story about this?

>> No.68675775

>If she was going to go nuclear she would have
She'd have to be retarded to burn her normie goodwill like that. Zaion is proof that the retards calling for justice dont care, even their vengeance has to be safe edgy at best. Therefore, "living well is the best revenge" is the ONLY scenario they are going to accept.

Even if it the right thing to do, they'd jjst paint her the same as zaion(not that they arent trying already) and that's it, nijiniggers and their teenage fans will turn on Doki

>> No.68675960

Wait until you see the ss of her freaking out because Pomu talked to her while she was playing as Luca in MC

>> No.68676029

What if people don't give a shit about gacha streams?

My sides were in orbit from the alleged all you have to say is POG response

>> No.68676644

Luca's hagwife skinwalking as him doesn't mean all the collabs with Pomu never happened though. He was literally with her on christmas. But given what the woman said it's possible Pomu had to force herself to tolerate him because he's so popular and likes her.

>> No.68676749

>But given what the woman said it's possible Pomu had to force herself to tolerate him because he's so popular and likes her.
Reminder that the last MLP collab only happened because Millie forced Pomu to doing it

>> No.68676791

>He was literally with her on christmas.
They were with over a dozen EN livers and management at the company's end-of-nijifes party.

>> No.68676989

Given that he got away with blatantly breaking NDA by leaking all this internal shit to her, including giving her access to an official Anycolor system, it's VERY obvious that he somehow has management under his thumb, and used this to threaten livers into doing what he wanted.
It's really no wonder why all of Pomu's projects and big opportunities started getting blocked and denied after she banned him from her chat back in December 2022.

>> No.68677332


>> No.68677356

>Luca is a sexpest
>Doesnt get what he wants
>Tries to ruin the girls

Writes itself

>> No.68677372

>If she was going to go nuclear she would have, not tell everyone to de-escalate
Retard, going nuclear would be behind the scenes and would look like a de-escalation in public. People who want to win court cases don't spam social media about it, they shut the fuck up like their lawyers tell them to.

>> No.68677580

Do you suppose it's possible she literally didn't even look in to dokibird's tweets?

>> No.68677622

>lesbian chicken
Anon, I think you got Wiwa mixed up with Wawa

>> No.68677686

It's a wonder how Vivi wasn't immediately terminated for rejecting Luca's surprise collab that he didn't even talk to her about, since he can seemingly get away with murder.

>> No.68677704

>leaking all this internal shit to her, including giving her access to an official Anycolor system
What if she was on the payroll?

>> No.68678150

I wouldn't be surprised if she was bullied too.

>> No.68678405

Would explain why she is so cranky all the time.