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This week in Nijisanji

>Pomu graduated
>Kyo (who?) is going to graduate
>Management and talent bullied a talent into suicide and tried to cover it up.
>Management throws talent under the bus for the bullying
>Management throws Selen under the bus
>Selen spent 200k of her own money on Nijisanji projects
>Nijisanji constantly fucks up with NDAs and contracts
>Nijisanji constantly fails to pay contractors
>Nijisanji loses several brand deals
>Rosemi and Elira lose their milestones
>Stocks dip 12%
>Mainstream news sites/streamers cover this yab
>Goldman Sachs feels the need to comment
>Nijisanji is retarded and didn't unmod Selen's mods, leading to a several hour party chat on Selen's terminated channel
>Selen gets 450k subs in 72 hours and has a bigger debut than Hololive
>Ike is a confirmed sexpest
>Luca tricked a hag into doing all his work for him
>Luca used creative mode on the Minecraft server to cheat against Pomu
>Pomu fell in love with a hag in Luca's skin
>Luca violated NDA in almost every possible way with this hag
>Aster is an emotionally abusive dick
>Scarle is a typical woman

What else do we expect this week? Give me your wildest rrats!

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Cover buys them.

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Cover goes all in with Elira for Luna new year, all comments will be about Selen
Doki hits 500K, Rose cries about it on stream
Chinese branch gets doxxed by CCP

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When the fuck did Ike ever get mentioned in this shitshow?

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Are all the men in the EN branch a sex pest?

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Anycolor I mean. Fuck

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>Goldman Sachs feels the need to comment

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>Kyo (who?) is going to graduate
It's hilarious how this guy hasn't even graduated yet and he's already been basically forgotten

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I still can't believe no one made a denouncement against management for how they treated selen after her suicide attempt. I guess seeing that done to one of your coworkers/friends is much less infuriating than having your AR live concert cancelled for these people.

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NijiEN is basbanded. Many are graduated unceremoniously all at once. The rest join the main branch and are forced to move to Japan and speak Japanese.

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>Chinese branch gets doxxed
hory sheet this is based, imagine nijisanji doing nothing about it and they just suffer bc of it, showing kurosanji to also be cowards.

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QRD on Ike? This is the first I've heard of that one

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Petra was doomposting on her RM like a week or two ago about the current state of Niji which makes me think she's thinking about graduating. Imagine if her and Rose leave and Obsydia becomes the first dead gen in the branch.

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Have you ever played any Civ and you're on that point where you're starting to invade other cities and you have the option to raze it, turn it into a puppet or annex t to your empire? Cover buying Anycolor would be them doing the third option and instantly going on a massive deficit because they got a city in the middle of nowhere with zero resources and infrastructure.

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Yeah, I usually take the city when I play, unless they built too close to me anyway and I raze it

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Not a good time for them when Phase-connect is looking to expand to Japan and Hololive along with V-Shojo are growing and by the minute.
Kurosanji is finished

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>Ike is a confirmed sexpest
Qrd? Is it legit or a menhera fan lying out of her ass?

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RIP Hyte

These PC cases were prominently displayed at AnimeImpulse, fans actually took pictures with the props.
Now the only PC cases they'll be buying is Dokibird.

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If that is the case, Niji EN may be absorbed

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>Pomu fell in love with a hag in Luca's skin

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Kronii case is sold out


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>Selen gets 450k subs in 72 hours and has a bigger debut than Hololive
Wrong but she had a bigger debut than any NijiEN in ages

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Mel Nekomata(the brap queen)

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I can see what remains of NijiEN become indie or join another agency like V or Phase

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>Selen gets 450k subs in 72 hours and has a bigger debut than Hololive
Women and using suicide for attention, tale as old as time. The tradition dates back to Eve, who ""had and attempted"" to stop Adam from running after Lilith's snektits.

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It's not a "may" anymore...

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And that Hololive was right all along

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BUT WAIT! There will be more!
Stay tuned, Nijikeks!

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Ike was a apparently a false alarm, and turns out it was just Braphog trying to insert herself into the drama for her next scam

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She had graduation buff + new debut buff + battered puppy sympathy buff. She'll probably be in the 4-5k ccv once the dust settles.

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she actually lands in the middle of the pack of the advent debuts. She didnt beat all of them but she beat some of them.

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I'd rather they seek a way to transfer the Sanbaka trio and bring them to their side. There's nothing worth for them in EN.

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so hana apparently got audio of her getting fucking fingerblasted and plapped
could be fake news but based if true

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someone should reserve the name Selen Rainpuff before Mel gets to it

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yeah i know it was from last year but it started resurfacing again so fuck you i'm counting it

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hello there newfriend

>> No.68562319

it was delicious~
And I'm not sharing

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you don't need to, xitter got its grubby mitts on it

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that was months ago. keep up anon

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RRAT time
>Luca is next on the chopping block
>Kyo joins VShojo
>Aster and Ike somehow manage to have this shit shook off them in a few weeks
>The clique falls into complete chaotic damage control as a result of Selen's termination
>Riku proceeding to give no fucks and lets Nijisanji burn

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NijiJP is still going strong but yeah EN is probably dead.

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Everyone is probably trying to make it to the Vshojo refugee camp. Most of them will get caught in the razorwire

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Lol the holofags are seething when Niji is the one on fire

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>Rosemi and Elira lose their milestones
were the PC cases their reward for hitting sub goals? they both got the same thing?

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Looks like shit compared to the hololive ones

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I'd not hold my breath, poaching sanbaka is like trying to pick three stars out of the sky at once, Nijisanji lucked out TREMENDOUSLY with hiring them
If this happened I'd cry over the loss of lize and ange models as well

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it's like watching watching a drug addicted homeless man fight himself

it's terrible, it doesn't affect you, but it's so bad that you just can't look away and you watch with a bag of popcorn.

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>Luca is next on the chopping block
I belieb.

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i really wanted the Rosemi set like you wouldn't believe

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>Scarle is a typical woman

>> No.68564183

>Luca used creative mode on the Minecraft server
This is by far the worst one

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At least TRY to not look like a newfag next time anon

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What seething? That one anon saying it is very good by niji standards but not bigger than Hololive? if I said
>Fuwamoco is bigger than all niji debuts
Would it be seething if you said it wasn't

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There was exactly 2 niji I was starting to be interested in and now they are gone.
NijiEN is a trainwreck. They haven't even recovered from their Vox yab.

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>Ike is a confirmed sexpest
Wait hold on, what?

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The hee hee poo poo girl?

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apparently this >>68562701

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We can only hope

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Listen OP at this point I am expecting Nijis to jump NePoLaBo and Mano Aloe runs out and delivers a Sex Bomb to them all at Wrestlemania.

I'm joking and there is a high chance something crazier then this could happen!?!

At this rate I am expecting more terminations and graduation announcements. Fuck I am expecting Luka to reveal he actually was NijiSpy!

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even the sisters memoryholed him in general
makes one wonder just how shitty he is when he lacks brainwashed fangirls as a male in niji

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>>Luca violated NDA in almost every possible way with this hag
can you believe that he has been breaking his nda basically since he joined and yet despite getting caught he is about to stream in 10 minutes?

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>Goldman Sachs feels the need to comment
>Pomu fell in love with a hag in Luca's skin
>Scarle is a typical woman
Someone give me the qrd

>> No.68566288

>selen spent 200k of her own money on Nijisanji projects
this can't be true

>> No.68566380

Goldman commented on Nijisanji being a good buy... which usually is code to begin shorting the fuck out of it.

Luca was letting his groomer hag mod do MC builds for him on his Luca account and she met Pomu creating a funny rrat Pomu fell in love with the groomer hag.


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According to the woman herself and when you understand what these sorts of big projects end up costing, you'd understand it's pretty reasonable.

>> No.68566444

Last Coffee cost 12k alone... and they canceled it so that is a total lose.

>> No.68566524

that should be nijisanji's new logo.

>> No.68566760

Insane that Luca isn't suspended. If a hololive member did even 2% of what he did there'd be a termination notice out within hours.

>> No.68566822

Do you mean Enna? The actual chink?

>> No.68566994

I pray for Petra. But she's in JP and probably held hostage on the yatch

>> No.68567143

I really need sleep, guys, there's too many rrats in the walls

>> No.68567173

Management is completely incompetent at the best of times and they're currently in the midst of what might be one of the biggest PR fuck ups in vtubing history, I doubt they give a shit about what Luca did right now

>> No.68567196

>Kyo joining Vshojo

Please no. I was actually considering to start watching them....

>> No.68567260

So we kinda got a glimpse of what selen was like to niji managers. She decided to go live while her current manager was in a call working on getting the site going,
she assumed it would go up half way through her stream and was already getting antsy saying she can't stall any longer. She goes ahead and does what she wants, her manager had to advise her that there are security risks so they need to take her time. She started acting like a brat, but played it off.

>> No.68567270

They might be investigating him right now

>> No.68567382

>most subtle nijisister deflection

>> No.68568065

The reddit 'I fucked a Luxiem member and he promised me it'd help me get into Nijisanji, then I found out he was sharing my nudes with everyone' person said it was Ike.

>> No.68568254

Ren kinda did
>I’ll speak for myself. Very unfair situation, I’m really upset. Please be respectful

>> No.68568269

I'm done for the night. Surely nothing will happen until tomorrow, right?

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Ren is extremely autistic and might also be just as dumb, I'm not sure he knows what sex is

>> No.68568594

sorry to say, but even if he never joins vshojo
he will collab with them on the clock
not only Matara and Kuro, but he got close to Mousey and Geega

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>> No.68568641

imagine being part of management right now having to navigate through a shit storm like the one right now just to realize right at the end that you now have to kick out a dumbass who broke NDA some time ago and will no doubt bring another shit storm
Can't say I envy the job at this moment

>> No.68568736

he knows cause he is married

>> No.68568781

they won't do it, the timing couldn't be worse to terminate another chuuba, but then again I don't know if it'll ever get better

>> No.68568836

He's just a normie

>> No.68568959

That's most likely Luca...

>> No.68569026

It's the worst betrayal of trust out of the lot desu.

>> No.68569212

>Management shoots Selen in the back of the head
>The public responds with justified anger
>Bros how could the public do this, our jobs are so hard...
Nah they can rope

>> No.68569275

So far Kyo is just a pest.

>> No.68569354

All male feminists are sex pests.

>> No.68569466

nijien insider here.
expect 2 more terminations by the end of march, and at least 2 soft resignations (not terminated but won't be streaming until they're silently fired)
management doesn't want to lose too much more face, but these 2 were deemed unforgivable.

most of us are getting pretty upset with the situation and some people are being too vocal but can't quit due to contract.
it kinda feels like an all out war with the management at this point.

>> No.68569632

thanks luca, much appreciated

>> No.68569715

Post Discord logs Luca. What do you have to lose at this point?

>> No.68569748

well we know one's luca at least

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Total nijisanji death

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>Luca leaks his own termination on 4chan
I would fucking kneel

>> No.68569897

Lost me with the last line. I was on board until that.

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Sorry, I only trust posts signed by the mysterious L.K.

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Imagine the viewership if Luca were to go nuclear. If he did a livestream tell all on a brand new Youtube channel he'd have a million subs in no time. He'd beat Selen in CCV

>> No.68569989

>like an all out war
Nice try, you have too much /here/ brainrot to be real

>> No.68570041

not only that, the EN sphere is on the talent's side too but maybe they're too comfortable with the money to publicly fight management. I bet they'll be on copium that their new EN director will fix things, highly doubt it.

Some things are too far and clearly watching management push someone to suicide is okay because management doesn't hate them. Stay low and be an obediant bitch is better like Millie and Enna

>> No.68570162

it's like a frame by frame of a train derailment
I can't stop watching even if I tried

>> No.68570204

>at least 2 soft resignations (not terminated but won't be streaming until they're silently fired)
Nice roleplay, anon. But the leaker wouldn't be able to time travel and know what's happening next month.

>> No.68570214

You missed our the corpo mandated emergency collab of aster and scarle (which was extremely awkward) to "dispel" the rratt. Yew, they both cleared their planned stream schedule to have a collab today

>> No.68570308

I'm honestly kinda disappointed that no one stood up for her. I guess for the smaller ccv livers they're stuck between a rock and a hard place, they probably think they're not big enough to make it as indies but unhappy in Niji. Some of the older talents probably don't care because they were the bullies. But it seems like some of them like Petra and Rosemi are at least upset and they really should say something

>> No.68570330

I don't believe you but I won't be surprised because kurosanji is too consistent in being a black company

>> No.68570786

wait until you hear the rosemi rrat

>> No.68571413

>rosemi rrat
ooh please do tell

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File: 807 KB, 1000x667, dead_niji_storage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.68571590

wait.... why the fuck does goldman sachs need to get involved? they are bank unless nijisanji uses them then why the fuck should they care?

>> No.68571641

They're an investment bank and will rate stocks/businesses.

>> No.68571652

Rosemi is having sex with me

>> No.68571996

>meanwhile Zaion
KEK, Niji double standard is fucking hillarious

>> No.68572246

Selen was lying about the suicide attempt, she said that just to get sympathy

>> No.68572254

>Zaion makes a deez nuts joke
Publicly executed like some dog
>Luca has his VR chat gf do all his work, play Minecraft for him, sign his merch, breaks NDA in 100 ways, leaks to 4chan for clout

>> No.68572773

Who cares?

>> No.68573481

Anycolor should take her to court then.

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>> No.68575717

>Luxiem is making suicide jokes
poor Selen

>> No.68575797

>Ike is a confirmed sexpest
This is news to me. QRD?

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File: 646 KB, 575x605, Rosemi_help_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She made the sudden unexpected decision to go live on the day and time she had set two days previously

Enna can you at least try

>> No.68577472

Scarle's doing an members only stream at the moment. It's on time as well too, when it first started it sounded like she was on the verge of tears and a mental breakdown.

>> No.68577499

They were probably paid to put out a simple positive report, the same sort of hamfisted attempt to save their share price as "The effects will be negligible." They really are retarded

>> No.68577680

>sounded like she was on the verge of tears and a mental breakdown.
Sorry, I was sexually bullying her again

>> No.68577775

Niji insider here.
That niji? I'm already inside her.
t. L.K.

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>> No.68577866

>Those replies
Why are nijiniggers so evil?

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File: 37 KB, 400x400, 1707356375214835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.68578194

They are born in a black abyss

>> No.68578532


>> No.68578653

I just read the replies too, they really are soulless.

>> No.68579663


>> No.68579668

Nah, Bilibili buys them

>> No.68579709

bruh lmao

>> No.68579777

Why are there so many terrible people in Nijisanji? Are holos different or are they just better at hiding their skeletons in the closet?

>> No.68580110

Made up bullshit

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File: 396 KB, 600x314, Wb_VARSxlX2BaQZsUe9QZhCslHe8KZeTS9IOZ0G4CGc.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Wait. Wait a minute.
> Where is the black guy?

> Kyo?
> Right now?

> Right now.

> He is in a detention room
> at Beijing Capital International.

> Why?

> He was trying to board,
> a flight to VShojo...
> We had his name on a hot list.
> MSS pulled him in...
> Don't know why he was trying
> to go to VShojo.

> You don't know.

> No, sir.

> We have no extradition with VShojo.

> Oh!
> So what should we do with him?

> For fuck's sake,
> put him on the next flight to VShojo.

> Yes, sir. Okay.

>> No.68580338

> Okay. So the Selen is dead.
> Yes, sir.

> The body is...?

> That's gone, sir.

> Okay.

> But there was a snag.

> What?

> Well...

> this, uuh, Aster,
> was attacking the latina girl...
> It was in broad daylight,
> on the street...
> Our man did not know what to do.
> Felt he had to step in.

> Yes?

> He...
> He shot the faggot.
> He shot Aster.

> Good. Great.
> Is he dead?

> No, sir. He's in a coma.

> They don't think he's gonna make it.
> They don't think...
> They're pretty sure that he has
> no brain function.

> Okay. Okay. If he wakes up, we'll worry
> about it then. Jesus, what a clusterfuck.

> So, that's it then?

> No one else really knows anything.
> Okay.

>> No.68580422


> Um...
> Well, sir, there is...
> Um...

> What?

> There is the woman...
> The chinese woman...
> Enna Alouette.

> Oh! Fuck, yeah.
> God! Where is she?

> We picked her up.
> We have her.

> We have her?
> To do what with?

> She says she'll play ball
> if we pay for some, um..
> I know this sounds odd,
> some surgeries
> that she wants,
> Cosmetic surgery...
> She says she'll sit on everything.

> How much?

> There were several procedures.
> Altogether they...

> Pay it.

> Yes, sir. Okay. Yeah.

> Jesus fucking Christ!

> Yeah.

> What do we learn, Harry?

> I don't know, sir.

> I don't fucking know, either.
> I guess we learn not to do it again.

> Yes, sir.

> I'm fucked if I know what we did.

> Yes, sir, it's hard to say.

> Jesus fucking Christ.

>> No.68580429

>Ike is a confirmed sexpest

>> No.68580563
File: 690 KB, 2048x1161, cesar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>by the end of march
the ides will soon be upon us.

>> No.68580746

Hololive management is better at tardwrangling and filters their talent better.

>> No.68580755

If only she could do more of it, she's got hot moans.

Sadly that getting popular for a time probably got Niji's attention and they told her to stop or they'd axe her.

>> No.68580800

did the hag actually leave her husband for a 17 year old luca kek

>> No.68580848

What did Ike do?! WTF is going on!?

>> No.68580862

I'm wondering that too. Twitterfags keep saying that but I haven't seen anything that actually shows it.

>> No.68580898

where? been literally out of this site for months wtf do i look for...

>> No.68580980

Hololive made the business decision to not expand so fast and have at least 1 manager per talent. Does wonders to brand discipline.

>> No.68581050

Imagine that you are so lonely you want to fuck an anime fairy. But that anime fairy picks a divorced whore pretending to be an anime boy.

>> No.68581119

Search for "nymoussy," that should lead you where you need to go.

>> No.68581149

When you make 50% on merch and know your competitors are only getting 2%, it really motivates you to try your best.

>> No.68581182

Ren isn't, he's a married man and seems like too much of a good guy to cheat

>> No.68581343

she's, how do you say, menhera?

>> No.68581379

We did it anon. That is all flags for the best ending. Niji will go down in flames and selen will make the manager a doormat which will make her spend too much money on bullshit projects and she will also go down in flames without actual supervision. Dramasisters we won.

>> No.68581462

You forgot
>Enna made a happy troll audio the day of the termination of her mate Selen Tatsuki
>she's been stealth suspended the day after
>people started the witch hunt
>Enna is the first suspect
>The old rrat of her being the head of the clique will be confirmed
How old is it? I feel I read it for months.

>> No.68581475

>Selen gets 450k subs in 72 hours and has a bigger debut than Hololive
I've been seeing this everywhere and I'm confused by this one because how is it a debut? It's more of a return stream isn't it?

>> No.68581552

He's the golden child, nothing will ever be done to him until it's far too late

>> No.68581561

Wasn’t a debut, merely a return.

>> No.68581764

I found an archive. The fansly account that is supposedly her has a totally different voice from what I remember of Hana.


>> No.68581782

I thought it was funny that Doki/Selen wanted 500k by the end of the year when she'll probably hit it by the end of next week and management's "you'll have nothing without Nijisanji" rhetoric blew up in their faces.

>> No.68581790

I need this old rrat

>> No.68581804

Good work Agent LK, keep us posted

>> No.68581920

They're West Taiwanese

>> No.68582064

What troll audio?

>> No.68582400

Rosemi and Elira did not deserve this crossfire

>> No.68582551

This is fucking amazing. Burn After Niji

>> No.68583017

they did for being in a shit company

>> No.68583107

You're stating the obvious, similar to predicting that it will rain sometime in the next two months. Naturally, it will happen.

Drop names.

>> No.68583183

>>Scarle is a typical woman
What did she do?

>> No.68583265

Luca is definitely getting the axe, that's almost a guarantee

>> No.68583380

>the swede is into stockholm syndrome

>> No.68583565

>and at least 2 soft resignations (not terminated but won't be streaming until they're silently fired)
I am 99% sure one of them is Aster. That harassment and gaslighting shit isnt going to fly in a work environment with women, but also NijiEN management can't do shit right now because their house is on fire while trying to pretend everything's fine.

>> No.68583570

She uploaded an audio humming in happiness to a meme song, and pinned it a few minutes after selen's termination notice went up

>> No.68583682
File: 113 KB, 500x500, 9782347892347892347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

An insane rrat just came to me.
Luca has been suspected of leaking those screenshots, either directly or indirectly. Let's assume he really did share them. But who would he share with? Based on his character, especially with it being brought into question recently, there's no doubt that you would think he would share with his friends to laugh at.

But what if he shared them with management? This would have to mean that while he might use creative on a survival Minecraft server, he wanted to help someone out. Maybe Scarle went to him because she knew he might've had more pull and his words might've lead to action. However, once they were shared with management, they said there was nothing they could do. This possibly led to them (Scarle and Aster maybe Luca) eventually working it out and moving on entirely.

But why would management want to leak the screen shots? Obviously to take the heat off themselves. Everywhere on the internet, people are pissed that Selen was pushed to a suicide attempt. Twitter, Reddit, 4chan and Dramatubers made their dissatisfaction known, and it even led to sponsors/partners pulling out. NijiEN Management would certainly realize this wasn't looking good for them, so they had to deflect the blame partially. What better way than to use screen shots of a past issue between two livers?

Once the screen shots are posted, people get pissed at a (possibly) isolated incident. The plan would be to demonize Luca and Aster both, make them targets and get calls for termination. In order to save some face, they eventually terminate both of them for leaking information protected by an NDA, bullying, harassment, as well as other things they could possibly get them on citing the "leaked" screenshots. Luca and Aster take the fall, NijiEN makes a statement saying "We do not condone harassment and will be making major changes in internal procedures in response to these situations." Then, NijiEN does nothing, while making it look like it's all cleaned up.

They would lose one of their more popular livers and one of their least popular livers in the process, but it's not a total loss as they both have some baggage and are not absolute angels. Wouldn't you consider it worth it if it meant the ignorant viewers ate that shit up and then felt better about supporting their oshi again?

Enjoy my fanfic, I'm going to bed now.

>> No.68583820

>But who would he share with?
We've been through this already, he leaked it years ago to his (back then) mod and groomer. She slept on it and now that niji's on fire she's bringing out the receipts as revenge against Luca for not fucking her and ditching her.

>> No.68583878

There's no way they didn't fuck.

>> No.68583880

you literally read my mind. I have been thinking something similar lol

>> No.68583931

>Luca tricked a hag into doing all his work for him
>Luca used creative mode on the Minecraft server to cheat against Pomu
>Pomu fell in love with a hag in Luca's skin
>Luca violated NDA in almost every possible way with this hag
This is insane. I stepped away for like a day and a half. Where the fuck did this come from?

>> No.68583932

Was, you will know the reason why it a "was" if you dig a little bit.

>> No.68583977

The hag. She posted screenshots. I know, it's hard to believe he'd cheat in Minecraft.

>> No.68584004

unironically everything happened about 24 hours ago.

>> No.68584033

kys dramawhore newfaggot
god I wish she's do more I'd pay any fucking amount

>> No.68584048

Well, shit. Did the thread where this dropped get archived?

>> No.68584097

honestly the Luca stuff is based

>> No.68584124

Reddit allegations with no receipts. Supposedly she sent receipts to FalseEyeD.

>> No.68584201

Yeah. Here's the twitter link

>> No.68584238

I'm pretty sure it's also believed that that reddit post came from Mel Nekomata of all people. Which would make the situation even more hilarious if she's dragging poor Ike into one of her "get rich quick" schemes.

>> No.68584306

Elira kind of deserves it for getting awful people hired through the power of nepotism. If you intentionally give someone aids, then you should be blamed for it. And that's what she did by giving NijiEN Enna. Lazusydia was undoubtedly the golden age of the branch. I'm sure she's a great person individually, but she's nevertheless responsible for ruining that.

Rosemi is an angel for sure though. Hope she finds a new home soon. She deserves way better than being stuck in that black hole of a company. Maybe she can join a nice coffee company with her friends.

>> No.68584324

If she have proof luca shit talk management, now that will be an instant termination.

>> No.68584336

Yeah, but that claim has even less evidence than her nothingburger of a post. Given how that stopped getting spammed every time it or Ike was mentioned I assume it's one Anon with a hardon for her that went to bed or work or something.
It'd definitely be funny though.

>> No.68584628

Oh. Call me mean but that was pathetic. All the excuses about mental health caused me to sigh.

>> No.68584725
File: 66 KB, 839x890, FB_IMG_1707458327235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rrtas Keep winning

>> No.68584800

>Management throws talent under the bus for the bullying
I'm honestly curious how much longer it's gonna be until we reach a climax on that, you'd think someone would have been ballsy enough to blow the whistle publicly now on the internal bullying shit.

>> No.68584849

But what is the Final Rrat?

>> No.68584985

Watame did something wrong.

>> No.68585501

Not much of a rrat if it's happening in real time and is being observed by the majority of the board.

>> No.68585532

Why are women so dumb...was she cute at least? What a shame honestly.

>> No.68585634

This and I’m not even being biased

>> No.68585710
File: 780 KB, 983x1024, 1707413778697066.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.68586487

>it kinda feels like an all out war
This is the pinch of salt that goes next to what you just said.

>> No.68586498

Sisters are out in full force seething today. Sad!

>> No.68586670
File: 123 KB, 800x800, 1614642464115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kneeling to the creepy s**pest
You disappoint me.

>> No.68586686

What exactly are the supposed to do against the CCP requiring steamers over a certain sub threshold to she face?

>> No.68586866

That shit was hot as fuck, you could tell she was genuinely feeling it when she went to town on herself with her vibrator. SEAniggers couldn’t just jerk off though, they had to schizo post about it on Twitter and scare her off.

>> No.68586944

>Pomu fell in love with a hag in Luca's skin
This one is false, by the way.

>> No.68587027

Seriously i wonder what the fuck they do at niji to so thoroughly destroy their talents self esteem.
With matara i thought it made sense since she was kind of the runt of her gen so its pretty easy to browbeat someone with numbers.
But selen was one of the most popular en vtubers out there with a hardcore fanbase i dont get how they could make her feel worthless?

>> No.68587192

>For the past five years Lollia (@lolliaofficial) has been trying to make my life as miserable as possible
What? You can use then for pronounce now?

>> No.68587311

Nah, keep this little fucking snake wigger away from them for fucks sake, vshojo doesn't deserve to deal with his ass

>> No.68587315

Enna did tweet about being so happy that she's hyperventilating and cleaning the house too.

>> No.68587342

>But why would management want to leak the screen shots? Obviously to take the heat off themselves. Everywhere on the internet, people are pissed that Selen was pushed to a suicide attempt.
This but unironically. All this new petty drama and witch hunting, while very funny, is an NDF psyop. They want to memoryhole how they almost killed Doki and it's working. I'm trying very hard not to let them succeed.

>> No.68587732

God damn.
I've never liked this Luca guy to begin with, but now I genuinely despise him.

>> No.68588170

>lets an emotionally abusive worm manipulate and harass her

this is the most Filipina thing she has ever done

>> No.68588764

>negligible dip
>buy stocks, goy

>> No.68588928

Best part?
>we are only 1month into 2024
This gonna be good

>> No.68589131

Now I'm wonderng if delu is having orgasms about this entire trainwreck

>> No.68589648

>all of this in EN
wow it's almost like getting retards as your "talent" would lead into problems

>> No.68591724

>>Luca is next on the chopping block
Lol no. He's part of Luxiem, they won't touch him. Besides, at this point they'll need more than just an NDA violation to justify terminating him since they're aware than most Niji livers have broken their NDAs.

>> No.68591805
File: 2.24 MB, 232x232, 1693018513407581.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Pomu fell in love with a hag in Luca's skin
This is still so fucking funny to me.

>> No.68591980

So Luca confirmed piece of shit huh? Like makes me wonder how many things he did that even even did himself now.

>> No.68592160

>wow it's almost like getting retards as your "talent" would lead into problems
Seems to work ok for Hololive beside the really two dumb outliers and they have people who are pretty much non functioning humans. They actually had someone almost die since they are literally unable to take care of themselves once.

>> No.68592234

Not like she can do anything about it.

>> No.68592288

>kurosanji summary
>its literally just nijien
yawn, im glad i dropped that branch last year and just watch my jp oshis

>> No.68592366

Now here's a real conspiracy
What if the real reason Elira went to Japan to "hangout" with Petra is to actually bust her out of the yacht?

>> No.68592372

It's not like the JP side is all that better. See the Gondou/Chihiro graduations.

>> No.68593382 [DELETED] 

Sends evidence FalseEyeD, A notorious Nijishill.

>> No.68593720

>Goldman Sachs feels the need to comment
This is the most damning for Riku
When the banks come knocking in and saw how retarded your company is ran they're gonna sue your ass like JP Morgan did to Charlie Javice

>> No.68593952

Can you imagine if Riku ends up having to sell his shares to Goldman Sachs for pennies on the dollar.

>> No.68594035

Naw they can pretty much just pull out if they haven't gotten in too deep and made hard biz commitments etc, which they haven't. But the job is done tho, they've basically been black listed by western investors etc. There's no money to be made on the west, for now, and this is VERY embarrassing. This actually hit their global rep a bit hard

>> No.68594037

She was a 4k streamer before all of this, dipping down to 2K when she played on popular games which was often. If she kept all of her previous viewers and gained only a couple percent of what her return stream got, her future is bright. Although she might drop it because she likes to play unpopular games a lot, only time will tell.

>> No.68594068

>Luxnoc collab in the midst of the drama
>numerous "jokes" about breaking NDA and suspensions
>numerous suicide jokes (selen)
>this is the culture of NijiEN
What a fucking rats nest

>> No.68594139

Thank you, Agent LK. Keep up the good work.

>> No.68594140


>> No.68594171

That's how normal people talk

>> No.68594283
File: 8 KB, 275x183, rtz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok roleplayer, give me more rrats. Can you hint on the reasons for the terminations and can you hin on the reasons for the soft resignations.

>> No.68594328

Ike/xandu has a pretty old history of grooming and using his utaite clout to get sex (you know, typical band singer behavior). There was a time after he debuted with Luxiem that some #metoo-ers tried to bring that to light, but in a sister-vs-sister war, the louder and ignorant side always wins. So that ended up getting swept under the rug early on.

>> No.68594425

I guess the /kuro/ thread is now /kurosanji/
Might have to bake this as a weekly or even daily thing

>> No.68594517

Reasons being about preferential treatment as certain livers are given more than others. Since the management is terrible with English, anyone who can speak the languages of management are prioritized. (It is not just Japanese either, as many of the managers are from poor countries with cheap labor)

>> No.68594747
File: 82 KB, 640x847, khajit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like your wears, I will choose to believe.

>> No.68595294

Rosemi is actually the queen bee and not Enna or Elira

>> No.68595425

Yagoo killed Riku at a yacht party and replaced him with a robot that would run EN into the ground so Hololive could absorb their viewers in the coming great battle for the west against VShojo.

>> No.68596433

I thought advent was holo?

>> No.68596543

nah luca said if it was that bad they wouldn't stay so he likes it in niji

personally I would love if he left, his voice is too nasally he trolls to the point it's not funny in collabs

>> No.68596549

Imagine being so far gone that you buy a 300 dollar case of a whore who hates you and cucks you regularly.

>> No.68596958
File: 300 KB, 1920x1080, DieWasserkammer9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The cases are lazy as fuck. It's just a bunch of sticker art slapped on a generic plastic case.

>> No.68597113

queen of nepotism

>> No.68597176
File: 8 KB, 623x259, rikulove.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.68597502
File: 12 KB, 632x184, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.68598364

Generally speaking the JP side has much better support and management.
The common consensus is that they don’t know how to handle international branches and instead of giving them autonomy they saddle them with retards and then try to force it to work under a heriarchical structure that reports to the JP branch, which takes forever and is completely infeasible so nobody actually bothers.
But when you can casually call up your manager who’s at the office and can get you an answer in a day, it makes things way easier

>> No.68599388

>imagine nijisanji doing nothing about it
What can they do? They only have 2 options: put face on channel or axe whole branch.

>> No.68600556


>> No.68602973

Tencent buys them

>> No.68603277
File: 1.57 MB, 1300x2967, 1699808468018257.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's a small summary of all sisters' reactions to Luca's leaks.
Fun fact: 90% of them have pr*nouns in their bios.

>> No.68604203

>Luca is next on the chopping block
Nope, they're protecting their golden boy. Expect them to more brazenly emphasize male talent going forward.
>Kyo joins VShojo
I think he's going to try to be a facecam streamer
>Aster and Ike somehow manage to have this shit shook off them in a few weeks
Ike shit is completely false, Aster is a 3view shitter who didnt actually leak anythibg despite having a bitchfit
>The clique falls into complete chaotic damage control as a result of Selen's termination
Nah they're probably happy right now, they're not very smart
>Riku proceeding to give no fucks and lets Nijisanji burn
Again if they prioritize the males and the delusional fujo fanbase they could get away with it.

>> No.68604534

Why would the clique go into damage control? Enna is a trust fund baby and her daddy throws money at her. She was already set for life before joining Nijisanji, which is why she's never cared about pushing boundaries and shitting on people.