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To think the whole NIJIEN meltdown started when Riku Tazumi out a hit on Mel's vtuber career.

Sasuga Yagoo. Nobody fucks with Hololive.

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They're not even remotely comparable. Mel did something no one is immune to if committed, accepted total responsibility, and was given a chance to apologize to everyone. Selen on the other hand: https://twitter.com/McPepiiVT/status/1754712757616939116

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I am not saying they were comparable.

I'm saying that Yagoo's orchestration of the downfall of NijiEN is sublime.

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Have some humility anon, they're not in any way related.

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>Mel did something no one is immune to if committed
as a corpo drone, the way legal docs work is always purely defensive. you can literally choose to not enforce any of the clauses
but they chose to be autistic about rules for no reason to the detriment of shareholders

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Yeah, he shouldn't have invited Mel on that yacht.

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It's clear as day this was all architected and planned.

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NDA is a very serious matter in Japan. No one is above it. Shareholders would understand either way.

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It began when Riku Tazumi panicked at Gen 5s debut numbers and called out a hit on Mano Aloe.

Only is backfired and created the catalyst for the instrument of his destruction. Because you nearly killed her the kindling was set for the most Explosive vtuber group ever that rocketed Hololive past Nijisanji.

And now I sit here laughing at their failures.

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>you can literally choose to not enforce any of the clauses
That's called corruption and if you plan of having any credibility you try to avoid it

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I'm talking about the NIJIEN meltdown specifically.

I can't believe yagoo managed to cultivate ties to Selen, Pomu, and Luca of all people.

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I'm making a joke that Luca was sent in as retaliation for Aloe's Graduation. Considering NijiEN debuted less then 1 year after it happened.

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I wouldn't put it past Nijisanji to be behind Aloes graduation

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Both things are connected
>Aloe graduates
>NijiEN debuts
>Luca infiltrates NijiEN
>begins sabotaging from within
>Riku gets ballsy and calls another hit this time on Mel
>Yagoo activates Liu Kang to drive a stake into Nijisanji

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The poster you are replying to is in most likelihood underaged and has never been employed

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I always ponder how they were able to so quickly find that video and release it so fast rileing up so many people to be angry at her. Obviously pure schizo rrat but there were Nijimods involved and this current yab shows they are borderline employees.

Ah well she is safe now. She's goo g to take part in a massive Rust collab with a ton of JP streamers including many friends of hers.

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Shareholders and Japanese fans understand Selen's crimes were severe, the company had to act swiftly to ensure the proper flow of permissions was followed to avoid possible infringement of copyrights. Sadly Selen was unreasonable and further engaged in defamatory actions that could cause further harm to the company, thankfully ANYCOLOR was able to ensure the damage was negligible.
Mel's actions by contrast caused no harm to Cover yet she was forced to make a public apology for her actions, including on her personal account after she was terminated.

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That's how you get Mori accidentally doxing the location of the airbnb her colleagues are staying at every week because if nobody is getting punished why should she bother to put in the minimal amount of effort to not get her colleagues raped and killed.
The fact that nothing happened to Mori that time is proof that Rushia and Mel leaked real serious shit.

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Yes, Agent Luca did a good job

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>No actual impetus for mentioning Mori
>victim blaming
No, anon, Removing Mori won't suddenly make you get into Holomyth. If you had any ounce of this passion directed into improving, you'd be in a corpo.

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>Turning another niji thing into another Yagoo dick suck fest.
Even actual faggots aren't this obsessed with someone.

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>Sir, they took Mel
>*dials phone*
>Agent L, it's time.

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>accepted total responsibility
Cover forced her to or else they would blacklist her from the industry.

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Either Yagoo is winning by doing absolutely nothing

Or Yagoo is a mastermind that is beating out the competition with brilliant corporate espionage

But either way, Yagoo is winning and that can't be disputed.

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>Activate the sleeping dragon.
>Contingency plan salted earth.

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it's also illegal to have unpaid overtime but it's normal there.