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In my opinion there should be some laws, in order to avoid the public being fooled or frauded.

1) The vtuber body must match the real person body. If she is tall, the vtuber must be tall. If she gas big boobs, the vtuber must have big boobs. etc... The margin of error should be no more than 15%.

2) Maximum streaming length should be of 6 hours, after 6 hours, they must take a 30 minutes break and drink 500ml of water. They can't stream for more than 18 hours without any sleep.

3) 10% of the vtuber profit must go to a fund, that will be managed by a few selected individuals from the government. This fund will provide care to any vtuber that gets depressed and can't stream anymore.

4) The vtuber must stream at least 2 times a week, the stream must last at least 1 hour each.

5) Every superchats above $20 must be read.

What else can we include in this?

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1) no
2) They can, they will and they do. So no again
3) That money would probably get stolen
4) No, why do you talk first about mental health and then talk how they must stream with a minimum frequency?
5) No

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stealth mori anti thread

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>In my opinion
Not going to read what a retard has to say