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>sub boycott made Rosemi drop below 500k

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What did rosemi do.

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she will live. I don't understand why people think that her losing a few followers is the worst thing ever

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Nothing, all nijis are getting mass unsubbed from

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She'll reach 500k as soon as another EN organ gets terminated and initiates another boycott. The sisyphus of vtubers

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I dunno how else to put it but that's somehow, just such a Rosemi thing, to suffer so needlessly and be taken down a huge peg by factors she can't control. Of course this would happen to her. It's Rosemi.

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be part of nijisanji (nothing personal)

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Midsemi Midlock

>> No.68424547

>This upset so many of the boycotters on twitter that they're now boycotting the boycott

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No one knows which niji bullied Selen so many people just unsubs from everyone

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Nothing. It's collateral damage from being an organ

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Elira soon

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Why are Nijisharts so obsessed with 500k?

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>fagoons attacking Rosemi of all people
Shame your menhera oshi failed to kill herself

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kek I saw that, people really thought the boycott would amount to something, anything.
It's all negligible after all.

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She joined a black company and these are the consequences.

>losing a few followers
Losing 2k active viewers is kind of a problem, Anon. This isn't like 2k dead subs getting pruned.

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those people actively attacking nijis are most likely people who have never watched their streams before

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>Losing 2k active viewers

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Another 500k celebration stream!

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Be in Nijisanji.

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She's a member of the clique and a grifter.

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Niji EN is fucked and you can't unfuck it.

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actually made me look

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Be part of nijisanji
Nothing personal rosemi, but the yacht must sink

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She‘s a traitorous cunt who betrayed her supposed friend

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>niji antis are resorting to attacking Rosemi and posting fake screenshots
I will kill you

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People are turning her and everyone else into collateral damage, which sucks

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Do any of you have any proof rosemi bullied selen?

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Her inaction is betrayal in itself

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we did it, chat

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Yeah. If they want to hate on millie and enna that's fine since they're the ones who's been acting Hella guilty and suspect about this. But taking their anger out on people who probably don't have anything to do with this shit show is just a pure schizo move. Rosemi and scarle don't deserve it they're the only decent chuubas left on that shithole company.

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So where does Wosemi & Elira stand. With Selen + Pomu or Enna + Millie + Management. You have 24 hours to declare your side in Black company's next chapter. Civil War.

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She's collateral damage. I don't think many people hate her. I hope the pink woman will save her next year

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Unfortunate collateral damage. Anons couldn't control the planes when they crashed into the yacht harbor.

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My question also applies to ALL NijiEN talents btw, JP is breathing down managements necks as we speak with a blade folded 1000 times.

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Removing an important liver like Selen caused total organ failure

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Just like how she didn't protect Zaion. Sad!

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Nah milord is safe. He's the only organ that matters

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Suck Luca cock too hard

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Selen said she was bullied by another unknown talent so former dragoons are unsubbing from all of them just to be sure

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Can you sayufags stop making everything about that stupid bitch. You retards didn't even watch her when she was in kurosanji. Even gave her the who treatment when she was graduated and shat the catalogs for day. I swear you mofos are getting more unhinged by the day.

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She joined Nijisanji and the company almost killed Selen.

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I think I understand why for some. I personally unsubbed because I will inevitably ask about selen. or lash out on her if she said anything I perceive out of hand about selen, when I don't even know if she did something

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I get that, but if it turns out it wasn't rosemi or dare i say even enna and selen was being bullied by management instead then this board will be nothing but a laughing stock.

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Remember this thread next time holocuckolds say they don't harass the talents of nijisanji

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Do Niji organs get some kind of rewards for reaching sub milestones? Something like promoted celebrations streams or character model assets.
If so, does Rosemi have to return her rewards?

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It's the safest bet, while the crater still smolders

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Lol, lmao. You said that as if it means anything

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hate to see her caught in the crossfire but we gotta do what we gotta do

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Bro it's niji fans that are eating their own here.

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Yeah, they get 3D for reaching 100K. Rosemi will be getting hers any day now.

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Yeah same energy
>Implying i watch corposhit
Everyone hates you

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You want the harsh rrat. Rosemi sided with the shitty management, was chummy with everyone in Japan over New Years. Management favoritism decided to do their best with Tekken 8 perms. Everyone is feeling shit about Selen, everyone except for Pomu who retired early from the party to stream from JP. All the people who have openly criticized Selen a lot will be shunned in the civil war. We will see it in how they treat each other if they do collab from this point forward. Enna & Millie if they stay will be ostracized with possibly Reimu as well. Kyo the rat is escaping having caught wind of it.

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literally do your reps.

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she's working for the company that made selen try to kill herself

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I hope she goes indie, though she's perfectly fit for Vshojo too

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yes, it's hololive fans unsubscribing from nijisanji channels

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Unless the talents come here they aren't getting harrassed, oh wait they do kek

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So who told Selen is worthless, the Black company or livers?

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Speaking of sayu LMAO
>false's and DN's cocksleeve tries to make Selen's termination all about herself
>fails miserably and went on a menhera breakdown because she genuinely thinks she isn't a trash human being who deserved what she got
Worst of all those alimony payments are gonna be late this month OOOH NO NO NO

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The Impact of this harrasment on our nijisanji livers will be negligible

>> No.68425975

Hey anon just wanted to thank you for circling the sub count, wouldn't have been able to see it if you hadn't done that.

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I can smell the drying dusty femcel vagina from this post.

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she's back to 500k

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she turned me into a newt

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Sayu is married can't be a femcel. Unless you meant the anon is a femcel.

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>Unless you meant the anon is a femcel
Obviously this one.

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Seething femanon hands made this post

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>i-it's the holofags unsubbing from Niji channels
Do you even remember how to breathe?

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Mass unsubbing in solidarity Selen and not wanting anything to do with Kurosanji anymore since they showed everyone that they're the black company many have been saying they are for a long time.

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Such tiny resistance, meanwhile Hyte has dropped their Niji sponsorship over this incident. Imagine a company ghosting one of their own in the hospital. Reminder that EN were with JP at the time so it was a joint decision.

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i got better

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Into one of these or the reptile.

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She hasn't resigned yet, which means that she's part of the clique.

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That's cool and all but I still want to put a bun in her oven.

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>sayu goes off to cry in twitter because people are finally tired of her dramabaiting
Sayufags this is bad optics for her why don't you tard wrangle her already? What the fuck

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You're too late. I already did.
>captcha: YWKYS

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WTF. She was just vindicated, hard, she should be celebrating.

Mah, I only recently found her over yonder:

She still has an Enshrouded stream scheduled and just streamed yesterday, so... Got a link for this post?

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As if it matters, /vt/ only exists for having fun with drama. Liver bullying liver is more dramatic than liver vs management.

>> No.68426839

If you're a part of black corpo, then yes

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Captchas don't hold the same power as numbers, right? RIGHT GUYS?

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She doesn't deserve this, but NijiEN doesn't deserve her.

It'd be nice if they let them plug their new channel when they left. That's all it'd really take to get themselves off the ground again.

>> No.68427015

Maybe she should quit the black company that actively drags her down?

>> No.68427051

>subbed to niji
are you retarded?

>> No.68427104

If you know, you know.

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Nijifans are fleeing in droves thanks to Niggersanjis self inflicted shitstorm, not Hololives or it’s fans fault in any way.
Get better material NDF nigger.

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It’s so over…

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The impact of our decision will be negligible

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>Selen said she was bullied by another unknown talent
These were Nijisanji's words, not hers, no?

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You know is that time for ndf to lick riku ass

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Selen merely mentioned she was being bullied in a toxic work environment. The context made it look as though she was blaming management, rather than the other livers.

Then AnyColor decides to put all their talent's lives in danger by telling every dragoon that their oshi might have been bullied to the point of suicide by fellow livers.

They had absolutely no rational reason to bring that up, unless they were consciously trying to play the fans against each other, or convince the higher ups in Japan that it's all the talent's fault, and not the management's, cuz "fucking gaijin am I right?".

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Unfortunate casulty in the sinking of the yacht

>> No.68427611

Didn't have the patience to wait for hololive and jumped on the high speed niji train to retiring the entire en branch.

>> No.68427686

>nearly everyone at niji loses thousands of subs
>i-it's the holofags fault!!!!
Actual mental illness. I hope you find the help you need.

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wosemi is actually the chief bully, don’t believe her cute facade

>> No.68427731

Their compromise since they can't realistically expect 1 mil event on their biggest members

>> No.68427757

>lose 500k subs celebration
>lose PC case
>forced to go into suspension
Rosemi... had a hard life...

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we are all selen

>> No.68427799

>harassing nijisanji talents by......... unsubscribing
LMAO why the fuck would anyone watching hololive be subscribed to her in the first place

>> No.68427888

It's amazing how you managed to type this without a brain

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>suffer so needlessly
How do you know, maybe she is the real mastermind behind everything that went wrong?

>> No.68427923

>People subbed to nijis

Do you seriously want people who actually watch niji talents to stay idle and let their talents be abused? Sure it sucks my oshi is getting unsubbed but if this mean she'll eventually get better treatment or move on to better pastures I think it's at least worth a try

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>Sayu is married
Not anymore lol

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Knowing someone's getting bullied and not doing anything to help them makes you part of the problem

>> No.68428077

>put all their talent's lives in danger
fagoons couldnt even harm a fly no matter how hard they tried

>> No.68428165

Take any couple of hundred thousand men and you can be sure at least one of them is a psycho with a gun.

>> No.68428198

Niji EN is bleeding thousands of subs and Nijisanji's share price is taking a hit. It looks like Selen's fans actually can do a lot of damage, and basically, you're a gay retard.

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Selen's cult of personality dictates that everyone is guilty.
Truly a terrifying concept.

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It probably feels bad that everyone shat on you for exposing the black company and made your life a living hell and now when the same bullshit happens to someone else they get universal love and support and even the people who acknowledge that you got vindicated still find a way to shit on you anyway.

>> No.68428391

Sisters are a weird bunch. They sent death treats to Reimu for collabing with Vox. They doxxed and harassed Zaion. 2 months ago they harassed a random teenage girl for making a silly tierlist, and now they are crying and shitting their pants over people unsubscribing, fucking insane.

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She's picking subscribers back up pretty fast.

>> No.68428437

Enough about Enna & Millie, their heads will be rolling along EN HQs floor pretty soon.

>> No.68428477

She'll be one of history's unsung heroes

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>> No.68428601


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>> No.68428684

More like dissociating with Black companies. Why exactly do Livers have to front the cost of projects that get denied due to egos again?

>> No.68428694


>> No.68428770

She will be again to me.

>> No.68428836

Haha, maybe if the EN branch goes under she'll be able to keep the rights to the character as they're let go...

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File: 408 KB, 890x653, 1707129775833474.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People are unsubbing because they are disillusioned with the company in general. Not because they think everyone is a bully.

>> No.68429012

>rosemi as ezio
>Nijisanji livers as ezio family
>4chan and twitters sjw handling death sentences.

>> No.68429107

If it gets bad enough maybe she'll try killing herself too.

>> No.68429195

Anyone with any decency should already be preparing to leave niji, so their subcounts don't matter.

>> No.68429279

And then that will be blood on all your hands since it would be you retards who drove her to suicide. This is a very fucking hypocritical take considering you're here supporting a talent who was bullied into committing suicide. I swear to fucking God this fucking board man. At this point I don't even believe people care about selen all you retards are just using what happened to her as another weapon for your /vt/ console wars.

>> No.68429296

sure but they are unlikely to murder elira or something

>> No.68429359

Nope it‘ll be more blood on Riku‘s hands

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What do I call this? Pity shielding? Panic shilling?

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>> No.68429401

She's woman, she wants it all to be about her and is pissed that it was Selen getting shit on that caused the mass revolt about Kurosanji and not her.
There's good reason ex-nijis like Matara want nothing to do with her.

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>bad people should kill themselves
what's wrong with this statement

>> No.68429484

spent like a good few seconds ogling at that fish, good for them

>> No.68429490

Matara is a shit person that‘s the reason

>> No.68429491

da wose

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don't worry milord will save her like he did with selen

>> No.68429561

>Matara tells you stuff in confidence
>You leak it
Really faggot?

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File: 40 KB, 400x400, 1656393840305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How the fuck does this cutie pie even have haters?

>> No.68429637

not haters. but she's pretty mid. all she has going for her is her cutesy kayfabe but there are cuter vtubers out there with a more interesting personality.

>> No.68429665

maybe she should stop sucking luca's brown cock

>> No.68429674

Male collabs.

>> No.68429685

It'd be a good thing if Enna killed herself considering she's an evil narcissistic sociopath and the world needs less of those. However, being an evil narcissistic sociopath means that killing herself is one thing she'll never do. You don't need to worry.

>> No.68429700

Not everyone is as easily fooled by women as you

>> No.68429709

It's collateral damage. Her only real hater is the Rose schizo

>> No.68429767


>> No.68429768

>less than a 0.5% drop in subscribers
It's over, Rosemi is done for

>> No.68429790

>bullying selen was bad because she didnt deserve it
>bullying rosemi is fine even if she doesnt deserve it
dragoons everyone

>> No.68429793

Making the mother of all bouquets here, Jack! Can’t fret over every rose!

>> No.68429896

i wouldn't say it's harsh, it's life as an adult with bill to pays anon. any liver going scorched earth risks losing their income, potential legal action from corpo and having bad rep in your resume following you. i'm sure they do feel bad about selen, and some will probably graduate (eventually) as a result of this, but when you got life responsibilities you gotta be pragmatic about shit like this and not have a reactionary twitter mongoloid meltdown that will negatively affect yourself in the future. life, no more, no less

>> No.68429923

Nobody call those fags their lord but you and women I wonder why.

>> No.68429928

Nobody's bullying Rosemi, Niji shill. They're just unsubbing because they're boycotting Kurosanji.

>> No.68429967

4chan and the majority of people who watch vtubers are mentally ill that's how.

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What could have been...

>> No.68430086

>try to sabotage another girl channel because they're angry at kurosanji.
>not bullying btw no no bullying is what we say bullying is!
Seriously get off this site.

>> No.68430087

I'm not an expert on Rosemi but isn't she a numberfag?

>> No.68430188

Imagine Ember forcefeeding her…

>> No.68430192

Maybe she should quit then, it’s become blatantly clear that being in Nijisanji is detrimental to any vtubers career.

>> No.68430238 [DELETED] 

Unironic chink woman moment.

>> No.68430258

Come home ex-tsun girl

>> No.68430263

Still not bullying. Go cry somewhere else, bitch baby.

>> No.68430322

Graduations are on a multi month waiting list buddy, grab a number unless you want a shitstorm termination.

>> No.68430328

Any "liver" who hasn‘t quit yet only has themselves to blame for any future suffering, you reap what you sow.

>> No.68430330

>He thinks she got bullied because people unsubscribing from her channel
And all those poor stock owners who got bullied because people selling their share what are you trying to say here?

>> No.68430335 [DELETED] 

No point in arguing with Nijiniggers, they are aware about that already.

>> No.68430367

I don't want any money going into feeding a bad manager or evil staff. Simple as that. It's a red line issue.

>> No.68430375

Damn, that’s a big catch.

>> No.68430381

They are unsubscribing from ALL of Nijisanji EN. The only entity they are bullying, is the black company.

And if anything they're helping Rosemi and the rest realize that they should get out while they can and free themselves from that death trap, where management sets fans against livers to save themselves.

>> No.68430382

Joined a black company. Unfortunately when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas

>> No.68430413

Holy fuck thats a big one

>> No.68430425

> aware about that
Can ESL subhumans please stop shitting up this website?

>> No.68430429

This is actually where the real damage is being done, more than any partial financial damage is the brand reputation which has been damaged severely, more so than in any other previous graduation or termination.

Also I'd like to point out that NijiJP doesn't have this kind of issues, is NijiEN the one which is truly handed by a bunch of incompetent retards

>> No.68430453

Wasn’t Dizzy responsible for her going to NijiEN?

>> No.68430462
File: 328 KB, 494x530, 1704489126031933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You rant?

>> No.68430529

>this bitch think Rosemi can start easily with the bills piling up everyday and months.

>> No.68430537
File: 228 KB, 317x347, AssKissingBimbo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd like to think that she understands that none of this is happening because of people disliking her personally, they're just sick and tired of the dogshit company that she's unfortunately associated with.

>> No.68430565

>lives in danger
enough with the reddit hyperbole you autistic faggot

>> No.68430575

i wish wosemi would step on my neck with all her force

>> No.68430576


>> No.68430623
File: 352 KB, 485x365, 1620246076355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Responsible? No.
She let her do it, but the onus is on the pink one.

>> No.68430638

Rosemi rearranged a bit is "I'm sore." This is so deep bros.

>> No.68430693

Wait til you find out what you can rearrange "Pekora" into

>> No.68430702

How people who post this kind of retarded underage shit dont get banned is a mystery

>> No.68430715

Ofcourse she understands that.
She isn’t an falseflagging retard like the NDF sisters in this thread.

>> No.68430779

It's a damn shame we need to do this to her. She does not deserve this.
But the only alternative is to continue to support Nijisanji. And if the worst thing that we do to her is simply dropping her subscriber count below 500k, then it's worth it to save her and the other livers from Niji

Oh, and Elira dropped below 600k. A few others are gonna drop below their respective x00,000 marks as well, before this is finally ends. Kunai and Vivi are probably not even gonna reach 100k with Niji, but they were never gonna get their physical silver play buttons anyway.

>> No.68430802

ok rape?

>> No.68430830


>> No.68430856

While I'm not subbed to niji at all, it's quite funny.
Were you dropped on your head at some point in your childhood?

>> No.68430891


>> No.68430900

Dude, they just told several hundred thousand Dragoons that their kami-oshi was bullied to the point of attempted suicide. It is not hyperbole to suggest one or more of them maybe a psycho with a gun or that one or more can similarly track talents down.

...and you can imagine how it'd play out if one of Selen's fans actually injured or killed one of her former coworkers.

Granted, you can imagine how this all would have played out of Selen had succeeded in her suicide attempt, instead of Nijisanji EN succeeding in theirs.

>> No.68430937

LOL, you think any holochads are subbed to Nijis?
Also, rescinding support is not harassment. What a ridiculous comparison.

>> No.68430952
File: 486 KB, 925x559, jobma....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

>> No.68430967

NDF has literally no good response for this whenever it's brought up, because no matter what they say it would make Nijisanji look even worse.

>> No.68431049

>Stop unsubbing because it's literally harassment!

>> No.68431060

Damn shame for da Wose

>> No.68431063

I just can't imagine Rosemi bullying someone, let alone to the point of suicide.
And if someone else gets shot... meh. Everyone I actually liked has already left.
I guess Victoria is alright but she just got in, she didn't bully anyone.

>> No.68431168

Oh I'm fairly certain Rosemi isn't a target. Enna and Millie on the other hand... I'd be taking a long vacation if I were them. It's a tragedy waiting to happen, however much I pray against it.

>> No.68431293

>nijisanji will host the first vtuber funeral after some dragoon barely manages to murder rosemi

>> No.68431349

Lol thousands of us subbed just to unsub. I don't think it works that way.

>> No.68431351
File: 883 KB, 1280x720, 1705117771103100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.68431368

Dragoons love da wose she's not in danger of anything

>> No.68431457

Selen Tatsuki -> Steel Anus Kit

>> No.68431488

graduation apostrophe confirmed

>> No.68431501

of course the retarded dramafags are hurting innocent chuubas instead of doing something useful

>> No.68431509

just like in my favourite anime oshi no ko

>> No.68431515

Damn the captcha is gonna make him transition

>> No.68431582

You wont do shit, rosecuck
all you will do is cry like when your general got killed lmao

>> No.68431619

luca's cocksleeve that goes panty shopping with him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py00rvy7Kqc&t=4958s

>> No.68431631

It's pretty obvious that Enna and Millie are some of the more toxic people in major corpo vtubing.

>> No.68431653

Dragoons will STORM anycolor hq
We will SLAUGHTER the traitors and their allies
Every tear Doki shed will be repaid in BLOOD

>> No.68431693

What happened to Millie? She was pretty cool early on.
Enna's whole thing has been that she's a colossal turbo cunt since the beginning.

>> No.68431704

Rosemi GODlock

>> No.68431716

go with pomu and luca buy panties

>> No.68431860

>wasn't there for Selen in her darkest hour
Losing subs is getting off easy, honestly. So much for "loving" Selen and being friends. Guess people were not kidding that Obsydia has 0 unity. Hope she gets out, everyone staying with the company and people that drove Selen to suicide deserve misery.
The only one with any sort of excuse is Pomu as she graduated in the midst of all this.

>> No.68431945

The only unity I've seen is Petra's RM saying she's tired of pretending she's happy.

>> No.68431998

Enna told Millie she needs to get bossier.

>> No.68432024

he means in minecraft, people, calm down.

>> No.68432090

Millie spearheaded that fake 4chan stream.

>> No.68432123

Again, losing subs is whatever, and as mean as this may come across I think the people that will decide to stay are the ones without ideas for big projects like Pomu and Selen. They seem to get fucked over by management the least.
Not gonna anti Rosemi or Petra, but I will lose all respect for them if they stay in Kurosanji and likely won't feel bad for them when things inevitably go south, unless the company drives one of them to attempt suicide, at which point Nijisanji should get KyoAni'd.

>> No.68432146

I feel a little bad. I think Wose is cute and sweet. But I'm not an actual fan, I don't watch her despite liking her from a distance. So I unsubbed from her too when removing all my courtesy subs.

>> No.68432325

Don't you think you've had enough tsunderia girls to eat already, fish?

>> No.68432394

As an actual fan of hers, I know that Millie has serious "wrong woman in the wrong place" syndrome. I just hope she realizes that her best friend is abusive and manipulative, and that she decides to leave the niji shitshow behind fast. She's still one of the biggest PH vtubers in her PL so she can do just fine without a corpo.

>> No.68432607

Hope you also lost all respect for Selen when Zaion was terminated

>> No.68432830

Fagoons aren't doing shit. Sit down fatass.

>> No.68432846

>search Rosemi bully on youtube
>find nothing but clips of Rosemi being bullied
>search Nina Rosemi
>Find nothing but clips of Nina praising Rosemi, what a sweet girl she is
I don't know. I really don't think Rosemi deserves any of this. She was pretty mad about her bungee jumping video not allowed to be shown. This collateral damage is only hurting someone who is already going through a tough time. I hate Nijisanji but really like Rosemi. Hope the people bullying an innocent person are happy with themselves.

>> No.68432864

Flips tend to become morality pets due to having inferiority complex. Someone befriends them, and they think it's all "utang na loob" or (you owe your friend your loyalty)
I'm sure Enna will stab Millie once she has no use for her.

>> No.68432918

The guy crying on 4chan.

>> No.68433026

Rosemi in the past few weeks has been saying the same "it is what it is" sentiment that Pomu had for months after she started the process of her graduation. Rosemi is a smart girl and sees the writing on the wall, she'll definitely try to make a clean exit like Pomu before too long.

>> No.68433102

False equivalency.
What a stupid comparison.

>> No.68433148

>unsubbing is bullying
go back to facebook you fragile faggot

>> No.68433181

Her still being at kurosanji makes her complicit

>> No.68433244

Go to Nijisanji subreddit and checks the comment there, they're all unsubbing to boycott kurosanji

>> No.68433249 [DELETED] 

Rosemi hasn't done anything wrong, nijinigger

>> No.68433264
File: 2 KB, 120x120, pill_1f48a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>unsubscribing from a channel you never watched is an "attack" now

>> No.68433285

rosefags will never live it down heh

>> No.68433287

>jumps ship again
anyone that's gone after Selen's termination is not making a "clean exit"

>> No.68433302

The way you retards are going about it is bullying? You motherfuckers are the reason millie had to set her chat to one month subscribers only last night. Because all of you retards were going into different streams flooding them with SINK LE YACHT! 4chan victim complex is fucking real

>> No.68433341

She was one of the bullies who bullied selen to the point of an hero

>> No.68433355
File: 450 KB, 1920x1244, seething femanon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>inventing a rrat like this from such evidence
holy shit kys

>> No.68433362

Niji EN is going down and if Rosemi doesn't want to go down with it then she needs to leave before it sinks.

>> No.68433377

Source: I made it the fuck up anon but just pretend is real.

>> No.68433383

>believing Niji management's lies to save face
NDF are fucking retarded

>> No.68433420

>blah blah
Don't care. The time for mercy is over.

>> No.68433486
File: 200 KB, 500x276, 123436587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this board will be nothing but a laughing stock
It's an e-celeb worship and gossip board, there's nowhere to go but down. It's been like that since day one when /vt/ was exiled from /jp/.

>> No.68433488

she joined niji which is wrong

>> No.68433491

How did she do it?

>> No.68433541

Of course you don't care you stupid inbred retard. The reality of the situation is you faggots couldn't care any less for doki. You're just using her as ammo for your monkey wars on this Mongolian fishmarket site you fucking prick.

>> No.68433585

They're all getting unsubscribed to protest the company. This thread is only about Rosemi because OP is, well, an OP on /vt/

>> No.68433629

What an incredible sentence.
Props to Rosemi, her fool's gold persona and schtick of being cute in a company full of degenerates makes people go crazy for her in embarrassing ways.

>> No.68433677

after all this is over I will watch your wose

>> No.68433681

It was 100% upper management who was the main source of DokiSelens woes, but some of the other ENs are also guilty of it to a lesser degree

>> No.68433740

Gonna cry?

>> No.68433767

>actually hating rosemi
What a mark

>> No.68433800

Her fault for joining a black company.

>> No.68433968

Says the guys behaving like those Twitter sjw and woketards you guys love to obviously project about

>> No.68434037

Look I get you care very much about the Wose but you have to understand that she'll recover from this since she doesn't seem like one of the key perpetrators. She'll lose numbers now sure but it won't be to the degree that she won't be able to bounce back.

>> No.68434070

So the answer is yes, you're gonna cry

>> No.68434105

Isn't trusting people based on perceived character dangerous when their entire job is to kayfabe?

Saying this as a 15 month buta but as long as there's a non-zero chance of involvementm is it really okay to just assume she isn't culpable?

>> No.68434169

You are complicit with the poor working conditions she overcomes every day to smile on stream. You can't preach about morality when you have no morals. You are pathetic.

>> No.68434200

Not as much as your mother does when she looks at you, brainlet.

>> No.68434212

Is this thread rosefags being overly sensitive or did she literally just celebrate 500k last week?
I feel this is a loop we've had since the roseschizo days
>Rosefags usually praise rosemi to such an unhinged degree they don't mind shitting on other talents at all to do so
>Some membership monthly letter fiasco happens and roseschizo is born
>because of their attitude no one really gave a fuck when a lone schizo killed her thread and an obsydia thread, twice each
>since like 2022 we've had this retarded loop of newfags/rosefags going "huh?? Who could hate da wose??"
At this point it feels like you guys just ask for it lol
7/10 times a rosemi OP is nothing but a den of shitposts, like this one

>> No.68434304

This is an NDF talking point that started to appear in the last day, they're arguing that other Niji Livers are being "unfairly harassed" and that Dokibird must come out and make a public statement saying she stands with Nijisanji against "harassment."

I feel it's pretty unlikely Rosemi is involved with anything and am sorry she's collateral damage in this mess, but Doki has zero responsibility to bail Nijisanji out of the mess they created for themselves.

If they want the unsubbing and the backlash to stop, Nijisani is going to need to take the "L" here, make a big public apology, and promise their fans that this won't happen again. But they won't, they'll instead continue to sperg out in public and continue trying to "pwn the h8rz" and in doing so pave the way for the loss of the entire EN branch.

>> No.68434393

I agree with a bit of cynicism, though in Rosemi's case other than some miscellaneous unreliable rrats on this board there really is no evidence of anything pointing to her so it's fair for most to give her the benefit of the doubt

>> No.68434452

They've been overly sensitive for years and nothing has changed.

>> No.68434457

Saying Rosemi is guilty of bullying is just as believable as saying that fucking Aqua was bullying Rushia.

>> No.68434533

losing subs is not a big deal, regardless of who it happens to
at this point forget that, ill will against Nijisanji EN is at an all time high that the people staying will probably have their morality called into question, and the fans in their chats/giving them money will be looked as mindless simps, even to the already majority of mindless simps that are vtuber fans

>> No.68434831

I dont think she was a bully, but again, no one has been cleared such logically and realistically everyone's chances of being that bully/ies is equal
I do think, however, Rosemi and Petra grew closer to the clique and a rift between them and Selen was evident. At worst, I think they knew about the bullying but looked the other way.
Rosemi has a habit of looking out for herself and fence sitting until she literally can't get away with doing so anymore

>> No.68434894

This. It's borderline schizophrenic to think all the "harassment" is coming from ex-dragoons or hololive fans too. It is coming from the entire western vtuber scene and even streaming community.

>> No.68435095

We don't even know for sure it was one of the organs that was bullying Selen, that's literally what Nijisanji itself said in their statement, Selen only said she was being bullied in a toxic environment.

>> No.68435479

She cute.

>> No.68435781

Billions must worship da wose

>> No.68435860

Nothing, which is why she is guilty. She will hide behind "I was just following orders" like all other spineless people do.

>> No.68436174

She can do what Selen did and open up her PL to donations

>> No.68436223

Afaik it was originally supposed to be a ”who’s who?” type of guessing stream for the viewers, but Enna (slumsaint) derailed it almost immediately by namedropping 4chan and /here/ within the first couple of posts, and then it was just a downward spiral from there on out because most of the other talents had zero selfcontrol (including Millie).
It was always a stupid fucking idea of her to do that stream since it obviously could be so easily derailed.

>> No.68436365

That's not cool. If there's one of those poor bastards that do not deserve that, it's Rosemi.

>> No.68436462

I don't think that was an oopsie in the Nijisanji doc so much as them putting their foot in their mouth. At the very least, I don't think anyone is surprised Selen and management were at each other's throats. Enna's membership yesterday confirmed as much

>> No.68436603

When Pomu left, I simply unsubbed from every NijiEN except Selen, to watch for what would happen to her channel. It's nothing against Rosemi, but I can't support a company that thinks so little of their founding talents. With the Selen situation now I'm only more convinced I made the correct choice.

>> No.68436652

>he doesn't know about the pringles can

>> No.68436731

It’s all burning to the ground, way too late to make a clean exit at this point.
And it honestly doesn’t really matter since Nijisanji has lost all credibility in the vtubing scene (atleast in the EN sphere which is all that matters in this context) so no matter what she does their response to it is irrelevant and won’t hurt her future prospects significantly.

>> No.68436813

or the old men or the rave or the slutty cosplays or being convinced to post pics by d*m* or the panty shopping or yelling that she loves ike or begging luca to hop in VR chat with her for like 30 mins during her milestone stream

>> No.68436914

Some people understandably don't know about this but Mito did a similar "group chat" stream some years ago with a few other early JP livers. It's not a bad idea for a stream in general and it can be funny when done well. It's just that Millie did not expect at all for Enna to immediately take the stream in that direction.
It's a shame too because Millie had been doing other creative streams before that like live simulated JRPG battles with chat. But the Secret GC stream killed her passion for anything besides run of the mill gaming streams and zatsus.

>> No.68436986

Rosemi had applied at the time but she wasn't sure whether to stay in Tsunderia or go to Niji. Insider leak says that Tsunderia management scolded and bullied her for going ahead and saying publicly that Niji accepted her except Dizzy who encouraged her to go and supported her. Dizzy even shilled Rosemi during her streams back in Tsunderia as a fuck you to the bully staff and the incompetent CEO prior to firing her.

>> No.68437154 [DELETED] 

The trannies and welfare niggers rejoice!
They love to see good people suffer.

>> No.68437180

I just unsubbed too. I like Rosemi but staying in that black company is unjustifiable.

>> No.68437213

>El no sabe.

>> No.68437258

The Yacht is sinking Rosemi. Get on the lifeboat now

>> No.68437288

what website is this?

>> No.68437399

it's not even nearly comparable. zaion was new and selen has been in the company for years and has been the most productive member by far. for this her reward was to get dragged through the mud and spit on by her own company and "friends".

>> No.68437725

What are they even going to do with Obsydia if (when) Rosemi peaces out? More than just a talent, it's gonna be a blow to disband an actual wave, but they may have no choice.

>> No.68438040

How is that any different from how it's been for months? Petra is barely anywhere and she also fucked off to join a custom group with ethryia.

>> No.68438095

The silver lining on this is that Rosemi is a strong and resilient person and this is not the first drama to come her way so she'll be able to bounce back gracefully. I have no doubts she isn't part of the problem and wasn't even aware of Selen's beef with management as she probably kept to herself but all that is speculation same as all the other rrats floating around.

>> No.68438534

I don't see her leaving. Like said >>68432123, the talents in Nijisanji don't do much besides stream. Rosemi never really has big projects going on and is still getting a paycheck.
I know grads take time, but for to let it get to this with Selen and not doing something like what Mumei did to her, and her getting an outfit literally the day before Pomu's graduation was announced makes me think she is more than happy to continue trucking along and milking this as much as she can.

>> No.68438723

Rosemi is innocent.
It's Nijisanji that's the problem.

>> No.68438748

Rosemi has never had drama, what are you talking about?
I am sure the 40 people watching her back then eventually moved on, and moving from a small corpo to the second biggest corpo is hardly "bouncing" back, its an upgrade if anything and not a show of resilience. If she was resilient she would not have taken time off.
Why did she not do that when she should have, to support and be there for Selen?

>> No.68438774 [DELETED] 

made me go second against traptrix

>> No.68438971

No she isn't.
No one is until it is clarified if the bullying was just management or like Nijisanji themselves said, another liver.

>> No.68439110

Dizzy is a good girl.
Too bad she had no way of knowing what awaited her cute pink rat.

>> No.68439406

Obsydia is gone anyway. Selen got terminated. Petra talked about wanting to graduate before and now the rrat about that one tweet of hers, almost makes it a done deal.

>> No.68439515

let her old company die and joined kurosanji

>> No.68439558

I'm sure Dizzy wants to collab with her to reunite but it's a pain because of the shadow niji manager overseeing what topics are brought up and Dizzy in particular no longer has any filters after her time in Tsunderia.

>> No.68439656

>Petra graduates and Rosemi stays
That'd be wild and sad. Especially since Petra is much more involved than Rosemi ever was with the clique.
But I won't support anyone affiliated with Nijisanji anymore.

>> No.68439689

That's some twittard highschooler tier "do better!!" reasoning. Bullying those who have no power and with no real reason except "guilt by association" is bullshit and literally what Anycolor wants you to do because it's easier for them and takes the heat off them (the real problem). They don't care about throwing their talents under the bus because in their own words getting rid of talents has a negligible impact on their finances, which is all they really care about.

Unsubbing is not harassment, but she's not any guiltier than all the others who aren't Enna or Millie, two morons you can actually make a solid case for being bullies. Don't be a fucking retard.

>> No.68439774

"shoot anything that moves because you might just hit the real culprit" is beyond retarded anon.

>> No.68439938

So how are you celebrating, coonette?

>> No.68440232

unsubbing is not harassment therefore your crying is pointless
Neither is not watching her or not giving her money harassment, and that's exactly what I will do because that hurts Nijisanji the most.
You two clearly cannot handle the thought of her being involved. Cool your heads. Not saying she is a bad person, but if she stays after this whole shitshow well, then I am no longer watching her or wanting anything to do with her. Simple as.

>> No.68440243

main Lili

>> No.68440320

Da Wose

>> No.68440438

holy shit she mains lili? I didn't tune into her Tekken streams

I kneel, Rosemi-sama

>> No.68440500

oh, and me saying she isn't innocent doesn't mean i think she is guilty.
but no one in Nijisanji as a whole, talents and management, is innocent until we know who did what to Selen. Your thought process is this stupid:
>someone in this room stole x
>"uh well not Emily!"
>"uh, um...because I like her!"

>> No.68440777

nijibronies on suicide watch

>> No.68440796

>unsubbing is not harassment therefore your crying is pointless
>Neither is not watching her or not giving her money harassment, and that's exactly what I will do because that hurts Nijisanji the most.
Okay? I'm not "crying" because you're doing any of that shit, you keep doing it. I'm going against the sentiment of acting like she's one of the bad guys, which is being parroted quite a bit by the NDF in this thread.
And once again, I will not trust a single word from Niji management that tries absolving them of any crimes. They confirmed Selen was being bullied before even she said it, but immediately tried to divert hate towards their talents SPECIFICALLY. Too convenient for them, so I'm not going to fall for that low shit and start acting like every organ is guilty until proven otherwise.

>> No.68440840

Reimu is unironically the only girl that's close to the clique yet still innocent. It's a survival strategy.

>> No.68440891

>saying she is not innocent = she is the bully
no. learn to think critically.

>> No.68441117

Once again with your "guilt by association" shit. Getting angry at the minimum wage cashier for not preventing his boss from fucking over his coworker. Fuck off.

>> No.68441259

You are retarded, rosefag.
I am not expecting Rosemi to have saved Selen.
You clearly do not have a cool enough head to be objective about this. I already explained my reasoning, as opposed to yours >>68440500

>> No.68441456

>that will be blood on all your hands
Nice. Only downside would be not getting to do it to her myself.

>> No.68441558

Wow, if unsubscribing is bullying, what does that make never having subscribed in the first place?

>> No.68441584

You waped her!!

>> No.68441770

Leave it to rosecucks to make what happened to Selen be about wah, muh poor wose losing le subs!!
Fuck off. Selen was driven to suicide by this dogshit company. It deserves to burn. Rosemi needs to get out. Anyone that feels for Selen in the least needs to get the fuck out. Not doing so means they are okay working under a company that did that to a friend and coworker, and that they are okay with that happening to them as well

>> No.68441915

Rent is free