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Kino, is this the biggest collab project in vtubing history?

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lol no

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Porter Robinson hasn't been good since 2012

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>porter robinson
>seatch YouTube
>listen to 5 songs
>overly produce garbage
Thanks, I hate it. I don't care if my oshi or others like it, it's low quality garbage.

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and did anything come of this?

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His Virtual Self stuff is pretty nice though

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Rent free

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I like Goodbye to a World

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So did they do it or what?

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My memory is fuzzy, when did they open auditions for EN again?

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t.suicidal teenager

The only good thing this guy did was inspiring Mumei into making "mumei" and making an anime official video for his biggest song

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The guy is an unironic holofag, follows yagoo on twitter and loves it when holos cover his songs.

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Mori unironically should do a collab with Kid Rock

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i listened to Madeon as a child and he's basically the same thing. Everything those people could do was already done by 2015 though

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you welcome, now go watch chink chunk retarded zoomer.

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It's funny how that tweet is obviously written in Indian English, since we know pajeets are in charge of the branch's management. The faux "politeness" coached in terms of a command.

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Nurture is one of the best EDM albums of the past 10 years, are you delusional

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>One hit wonder "shelter"
That's the only good about it

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Who the fuck is porter Robinson???

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he got famous for making that EDM thing called Shelter

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>mfw people actually need the seal in order to understand what should be completely obvious

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