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The last thread went well finding vtubers that focus on sports. What other sport enjoyer vtubers are there?

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It's time

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Not yet it isn't

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survive and advance!
we can do this!

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come on /vt/

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ngl this is a better scenario for us because /t/ is known for pulling wins completely out of their ass with the Boarding Party. We have a better shot against /int/

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just focus on today.
just win, baby.

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Show me your hag war face

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Good luck guys!

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The time is now! (In like 10 minutes)

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Divegrass soon!

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Match starts soon

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It's our time /vt/. /i/i is quite possibly the single best first match for us considering everyone else.

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Don't know how I fucked that up

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DO NOT jinx you double nigger faggot.
We need to play as 1 and take nothing for granted. Go earn a Final Day.

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Show me your elite knockouts war face /vt/

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Ogey, keep this up

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That goal was ogey

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I can't believe we don't have Lira who does weekly watchalongs of AC Milan playing football

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It's over.

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It's fucking over

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ball is lava lmao

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Welp, Shiori's pregnant now

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Maybe we don't have her because who the fuck is she?

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Honestly the team's playing great, that was just pure luck.

Also nice pantyshot.

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it's ok. plenty of ball left to play!!!

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OGEY RRAT really pulling her weight today, making up for past mistakes.

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What's with the goal horn? I thought Pekora had her own?

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Lia from Phase Connect to ogey rrat.
All day.

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Lia into Ogey rrat, name a more iconic duo.

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>ogey suddenly plays well

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What was that chant

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Remember to thank Lia from Phase Connect for supplying these goals.

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No big deal. We gotta go earn it! Go earn it!

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Manager forgot the +1

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I still want to believe

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Nenechi CHOKE

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Well this is quite the match.

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Necechi has never scored a knockout round goal.
Not very super.

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Nenechi is almost fully intact though, while all the other medals on both teams range from somewhat gassed to completely dead. Could be a major factor.

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Please replace Nene...

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Nenechi really dropped the ball this game. She is a choker.

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owari da

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Its over

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it's so fucking over...

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It's over, like actually

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Drop the meds. We don't need them.

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__ ____

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It's time for Nene to step down.

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It's over.

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where the fuck is Nenechi?!!!!

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Ok, NOW it's over

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/vt/ will need to score at least 2 goals to advance.

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Why is that every time I save holocrisis, the link breaks?

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No wait nevermind, catbox is just being slow to respond today.

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we are gonna get counter abused immeidalty off of this pause

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Would this actually be a case to consider swapping a medal (heart heart heart) out? She's practically dead, surely a weaker but fresh player would be better atm.

Also based meme formation LET'S GOOO

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no more subs left

>> No.68133107

Nenechi disappears in another knockout.
Shameful display.

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Ok NOW it's dead. We'd need a miracle of the highest caliber now.

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>do meme formation
>don't even get to use it

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Press F for /vt/

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Nenechi needs to graduate.

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It's fucking over... glad we get a free pass into summer though

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I thought we didn't use the OT sub yet, or did I miss it. Wait, it was Kiara wasn't it, my bad.

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nenechi might need to be down to silver next cup. lucky for her it is in 6 month so people might forget how dreadful she was today and how bad she is in knockout games when we need her the most

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The wierd part is how long it seemed like it was going to be an even game. Our loss came pretty much all at the very end of the game.

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Shiori is super pregnant.

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Its alright... PES21 will save us in the future

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I don't understand why you would go meme formation and let them run up the score? This only makes the managers look like clowns nobody will remember the circumstance.

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/i/ am the father

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we're going to 17

>> No.68133318

the game was too far gone anyway, might as well do the funny

>> No.68133348

It's the meme formation. Without it this would be a 4-2 game at worst. But it was worth the shot at that point.

There's the chance it could work - it's worked before. But it's a massive gamble, and clearly didn't work here.

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>dont get to play /vst/ because they were eliminated early
>can't even win

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Breaking new records

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>/vt/'s biggest loss is also in the same game where we got farther than we ever did in our team's history.

Again? We've never made it to elite knockouts before.

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/vtug/ WHEN!?!?

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Sad to see a Ro16 exit, but hey we're looking better than ever. I'll be looking forward to summer. Good job manager-sama!

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Yeah that last part was painful, but honestly it was a great game up till the very end. Team and managers did quite well, it's just the nature of the final 16. Overall it was a good cup, very solid improvement. Looking forward to summer.

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We were winning until we lost.

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i get to just enjoy watching spring without any stakes for /vt/ in it which is nice. are you rooting for anyone in it? i've said it a lot already but i hope /vst/ promotes again

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/vt/ lost because it depended too much on Holoshitters.

>> No.68133645

I think the managers need to learn how to take our team and park the bus at a point, even if it will slurp

>> No.68133710

/jp/ and /tv/

>> No.68133762

Neuro needs to be demoted, pure shit. Keep Pekora and Lia as talismans.

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mmmm better luck next time marks, see you in summer, hope for the best for ya

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career in /vt/ knockout games
>Nenechi: 3 gp, 0 g, 1 ast
>ogey rrat: 3 gp, 2 g, 0 ast
>Lia from Phase Connect: 2 gp, 1g, 2 ast

>> No.68133916

Thanks carder, don't fuck things up for our group

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File: 254 KB, 800x459, michi's in a box[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fkz7j0t.mp3].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

see ya guys in vt lel

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I'm proud of this team.
Started after getting aborted, then promoted to Winter the first time ever, then stayed elite for the first time ever, then took the Rof16 to extra time.
The team will change in Summer, but this is the roster that saved /vt/ divegrass.

>> No.68133976

The final day eludes the team yet again, but at least >we're still elites. In the meantime, some revamp on the chants are needed imo, at least a compilation of chuubas saying nigger or something because I was clawing by face for most of the chants. There surely has to be better content to make chants out of out there.
It was a draw most of the time, can't park the bus at 55 minutes sadly.

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I can't be too mad because at the end of the day while I would've liked to reach final day, we still reached a new record and we get into Summer no matter what. Now if we get relegated to babbies in Summer, then I'll be upset

>> No.68134133

Lia and Shiori have been outstanding additions. The final scoreline was VERY unfair to Shiori

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It was a good run. Neuro just wasn't feeling it today. It couldn't be helped. Better luck next time.

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That match ended in less than ideal results. The team was playing fairly competently throughout but /i/ was a holding serve. The strategy was to keep attacking and defending pressure on /i/ without trying to chase a win and turn the tie to a loss. Truthfully, the last change might have been overzealous but it was a hail mary play in the vein of the /k/ /t/ match.
Besides all that, /vt/ is still elite and will miss a babby season for the first time ever. If rumors are true, Summer will be on PES 17, where neither of us have an experience but we will both be studying teams in Spring for a good export. Expect polling around June. Thanks to fans as always.

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File: 1.40 MB, 360x360, watanigga[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fri0msh.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I promised myself not to be mad at team and manager(s) if we go to RO16, so I'm not mad.

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File: 2.80 MB, 670x1076, 1605719667497.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Truthfully, the last change might have been overzealous but it was a hail mary play in the vein of the /k/ /t/ match
I always respect the hustle even if it doesn't pay off.
Good work

>> No.68134327

Holy fucking shit who keeps embarrassing us in the /vg/ thread? Some asshole is posting the before and after attendances and one of you idiots is damage controlling for no reason. Shut up and stop making us look bad.

>> No.68134352

>Truthfully, the last change might have been overzealous but it was a hail mary play in the vein of the /k/ /t/ match.
But /t/ lost their match today doing that same thing. Also, why the fuck would you do a boarding party WITHOUT THE PIRATE VTUBER

>> No.68134419

it's /4ccg/ anon, who gives a shit. That place is a cesspool even by /vg/ standards

>> No.68134429

Honestly you guys did well, it was a great match and the meme formation at the end was perfectly understandable. Just bad Ro16 luck. That first /i/ goal was insane. Looking forward to summer!

>> No.68134461

Changing the version of pes every time is fucking stupid

>> No.68134468

yea, just gotta give //i their flowers on that one. They just wanted it more I guess. Pes gods can be cruel sometimes.

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Stand the fuck up and be proud, /vt/. You get to try again in Summer. Don't get worked up by the shitposters from /4ccg/. Take it to them next time, progress was made and don't forget it.

>> No.68134628

Every time we think we have a good version of PES, using it extensively reveals just how many problems it has under the hood.

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File: 122 KB, 366x378, 1659147458206165.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anons. The team will look to make another run into knockouts in Summer.
No subs to change it. At that point being 2 goals down and in ET there was not much time to hold and hope PES gave /vt/ the chance for more attacks. Looking back a better play for that +2 was to go and try a 424 or a 343/352.
It's valid to a point cause eventually the version gets samey and stale to managers. Personally to me, PES 19 has always been a bad version for my tactics. I was a 21 babby and I hope the change to 17 will make tactics I send out show good results. In a better world, the new releases of EFootball/PES would render going back void.

>> No.68134775

yup. Act like we’ve been there before and will be there again. I know they want is to be a top “heel” team but we havent earned that yet and it is being forced

>> No.68134865

>I know they want is to be a top “heel” team
We already are since a lot of the site hates vtuber fans. That being said, there's no point in being a big heel if you don't occasionally win big and rub it in people's faces. That's why people hate /u/ and /mlp/. It's not just the boards how the people there act, it's also because they were big winners back in the day.

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File: 215 KB, 526x595, 1695768494132628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you want to not be made fun of, then stop being cringe.
>engage with the rest of the cup
>no crying to management to be nicer
>don't expect riggers to understand everything about the board
Suck it up, faggots. Your bullying is not even half of /mlp/'s on a good cup.

>> No.68134900
File: 510 KB, 587x559, 1630728946555.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one is actually getting worked up. /4ccg/ is desperate to spin up a villain narrative to give meaning to their dead cup. They've been at it for years false flagging all over the place. It's sad, but just ignore it.

>> No.68134988

nah they are starting to warm up a little bit
they like the new energy of the team. we need to keep trying to convert our go away heat into the good kind of heat

>> No.68135049

Hey we're nowhere near as obnoxious as /u/ act on any given cup.

>> No.68135238

>take a look on there
>they even tried to force a villain out of /vst/
why would you try to force falseflag a dead board of all things as a bad guy

>> No.68135302

I mean /u/ is also a dead board

>> No.68135361

Because /vst/ was doing consistently well.
The only reason /sp/ is not the eternal heel is because they keep embarassing themselves every time it looks like they might start doing well.

Yeah but /u/ has X-Pac Heat status

>> No.68135409

/sp/ would still be the heel except it's a zombie team with managers who quit a few cups ago but were forced to stay on because literally no one else would step up

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wow look at these villains, im sure they're the big bads who are ruining the 4cc
were they? after they won their cup they barely scraped out of groups then, and didnt even manage that in this one as much as i wish they did

>> No.68135544

having villains is fun, it adds stakes and increases investment, the problem is, hating a board/team doesn't really make them a villain, as someone further up said, a villain has to be a credible threat and (as well as we did) we're not really that and not really interested in being a moustache-twirling villain either

>> No.68135778

I forgot to say this earlier. To those that are still lurking the thread, if you have any interest on helping the team out tactics wise, feel free to reach out to either of the managers. We would both be glad to have another hand in testing tactics out pre export deadline as well as pre matchday.

>> No.68136046

It's why I'm thankful /#/ decided to really lean into their heel status. They suck ass but at least it makes it fun to see teams beat them

>> No.68136219

>Yeah but /u/ has X-Pac Heat status
I'm gonna be that /pw/ nerd and say that this is wrong because people have always, ALWAYS hated /u/ and their antics, and that's not what happened with X-Pac. There's this wierd misconception that people never liked X-Pac and that's completely untrue, he was one of the strongest babyfaces of 1999, to the point of imo being one of the top 5 face wrestlers in the company (during a time when The Rock and Austin were still active). The he went heel against Kane and effectively spat on a fan-favorite storyline. They they just did...nothing with his character. He just stayed a scumbag, and everyone realized "oh, that's all there's ever going to be to X-Pac, and we have zero reason to root for him so...go away please" to the point that we just got sick of seeing him every time he came on stage.

Was /u/ EVER liked?

>> No.68136512

We will be the villain they wants, just let us earn it and dont force it.
We are just starting to get over finally.

>> No.68136686

Don't be the villains they want you to be. It will seep into your veins and then turn you bitter and angry any time they get an inch on us. Enjoy the games and have fun with it, anything else will be a ticking time bomb.

>> No.68137088

More importantly once you embrace being a heel, it will lead you to acting shitty just to get one up on the other teams and then they'll legit hate you.

>> No.68137100

if someone hates you, the most hurtful thing you can do to them is enjoy your life

>> No.68137251

I haven't seen any heat for /u/ in years, though I don't go to the /vg/ general and see no reason to start.

>> No.68137494

u had no heat ever. they are what happens when they try to force a team to be the heel that followed the ponies. viewership tanked when they were “the top heel team” cause nobody cared except certain commentary trying to force a narrative

>> No.68137717

well yeah, a heel that doesn't want to be one won't keep up the kayfabe and won't draw a single dime

>> No.68137790

/vt/ finishes with a final rank of 9th
First ever Elite Top 10 finish.
Safe to say the rebuild everybody wanted and screamed about coming out of last Spring was a great success.

>> No.68137848

we kicka da ball

>> No.68138096

Nevermind they changed it. We finished 15th because of the extra time battering.

>> No.68139685

yes in fact everyone celebrate their first star except /mlp/

>> No.68140221

Yeah, as they just said on FB, as much as we went out with a whimper after surviving the group stage, we got to elite way fucking faster than /aco/ did and it's not like we stumbled our way to elites. Like Crimson (who really does not like us) said, the final group stage match was /tv/'s to lose, and we beat them legitimately. It's not like we didn't earn getting to knockouts, us completely losing steam and getting shitstomped after the 60 minute mark doesn't change that.

>> No.68142387
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we're back to PES 16

>> No.68142777

Where was Nenechi?

>> No.68142794

>inb4 /vt/ is /f/ tier good on 16

>> No.68142990

The reality was we got fucked by stamina in the end. We were keeping perfectly on pace with /i/ untill our players' stamina ran out and then we just completely fell apart. It wasn't just Nenechi, the entire team started playing badly after a certain point while /i/ was more or less playing the same.

>> No.68143212

nene had full stamina even in extra time that was how little she did today
nene has no showed every single ko game vt has ever played
if nene shows up today, we win.
her and pekora need to get on the same page they finally have a proper playmaker to feed them in lia.

>> No.68145230

>normie activities

>> No.68146319

Nene has played the last 3 matches being told to stay on the attacking half close to the opposing D-Line. I wanted her to stay there to always have a player setup to make or support runs

>> No.68146800

we only care about meme magic here. Nenechi might have run out.