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hopefully for good this time

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brown vtuber man?

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On twitter

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good, hope they choke on a bone in their pagpag next

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Do Facebook views from the Philippines make money? Either way good riddance.

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he’s mexican

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When will that faggot just stop permanently already?

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Bro announce it like some kind of corpo suspension

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So, which drug lord are we going to pay big money to slay him?

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numberbros, our king has fallen again...

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phasebros... our harassment campaign account...

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Don't need to pay anyone, the cartels will kill random people for fun

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jesus christ

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Our strongest solider has fallen...

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>until further notice
As if anybody gives a fuck
Also nice discord raid sister

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I will genuinely never forgive them for robbing us of Hana's fansly career

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t. coomer retard.
rent free, numberfag anti. You act more like soldiers with your constant raids on a company you hate so have no reason to be there.

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Phase bros not like this

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File: 2.97 MB, 1920x1080, CocoKana Martyn[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fdk9teg.mp3]Thursday[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fl7atns.mp3]Psychotic React[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F7feksc.mp3]ZootRiot[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fbbv93n.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time to party.

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>phasefags and numberfags pointing fingers at each other like they're not two of the most cancerous fanbases here, with tons of overlap
KEK. You faggots truly deserve each other

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so why did they suddenly postpone their twitter activities? did a yakuza kick down their door and threaten them with violence, or is someone trying to actually sue them?

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Hey look bvtm pawn is still here

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Yes actually
The last time they did this they got suspended a week later. A shame they got 2 alt accounts that they will be posting on instead now and twitter of course doesn't give a shit about ban evasion

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hmm trying to hide from authorities doesn't really help on their case.

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He got a taste of being a niche micro internet celebrity who gets to talk to edge lord vtubers he will leech on to this as long as possible.

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>facebook page will keep going
if anyone needed anymore evidence he's brown

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good to know americans are not white

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Ok now I know for certain he's from SEA

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In the US, only boomers still use facebook

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all it takes is for one of his beloved vtubers to call him out for being a fucking retard, but theyd never do that because they know their fanbase loves him.

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So it was just one guy this whole time? I thought there were many 'admins'.

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There are
I believe the breakdown was:
2 flips
2 japs
1 chilean

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>facebook page
now this is a certified SEA moment

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i find it really hard to believe that any japanese vtuber fan would care to moderate a group where third world teenagers make up shit about western vtubers

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Kobofag, you know what to do.

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kek i hope that containment breaking faggot rots in hell! words cant describe my disdain for that trash

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this loser is why we need a death note

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Hana won.

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Hopefully forever.

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where do i get my news now?

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He should do the world a favour and neck himself

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Phase Connect has changed their public outreach strategy and laid him off, clearly.

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rip bozo

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the whole Clover group is pretty lame

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File: 1.01 MB, 1920x1080, on their way to the NijiCN funeral.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Oh, nice already banned. Didn't even take a week >>68101783
Vtubing is healing
Unfortunately they missed one https://twitter.com/kyoukobvtm

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Not like there was doubt it was brown. Good riddance. Can that phasekek stay banned permanently now?

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Rest in piss

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Good riddance

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now just get rid of parrot

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Tenma did though

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He's talking about Pippa

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I thought their oshi was Tenma? Atleast from what recall, and she shat on bvtm hard at one point calling them out publically

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Get fucked, yassir

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I thought she called out nousagi aka the competition

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Maybe it was him? I don't really remember, I just remember her shitting on some dramafag on twitter to never respond to her anymore but it's been so long I forgot who was it

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yeah that incident was nousagi, not bvtm

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This. If numberfags and phasefags were to kill each other off that'd be an ideal outcome.

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He's really not beating the Phase Connect employee allegations lmao

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Its Pippa and yes Tenma did shit on both them and the flavr shitters for trying to slide into collabs/DMs with the other girls
Tenma is the only based member in phase

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Deserved for breaking X (Formerly Twitter)'s terms of service and evading his ban.

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Even the bunker account got nuked, wonder wtf happened

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Probably legal action threatened for harassment and hes shitting himself

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dance thread

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Try to kill his facebook account, he will lost interest forever with his page being banned.

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This same faggot was dead silent when Lia did that homo collab a few weeks ago. Phasecucks are filthy subhumans.

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you were pippa's strongest soldier...

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a phase girl is cool enough to hang out with a boy without fucking him, like, there I said it? not being a political retard who believes in the baby diaper billionaire horseshit that we live in a world of kindness leads to like, men trusting and respecting you and shit

you know just a thought, like maybe, just maybe, being an unironic racist to white people isn't going to engender trust in them, maybe even association with that idea means you have less freedom around them. retard

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you type like a tranny

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imagine being vanished to fucking facebook lmao

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Will mass reporting them on FB do anything?

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an actual /pol/cuck in every sense of the word, kek

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Phase girls get a free pass.

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Phase defense force niggas are just pathetic

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Remember when he hide his hand so people wouldn't know he was brown?

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How many acc does this faggot have?

>> No.68112992

catalogchamas its a fucking shitty twitter account... why did this warrant a thread in vtubers

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If some schizo fandead did it I kneel. All these containment breakers do is invite more newfags to make the board shittier. We have enough retards, it's full.

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>Why did the biggest anti vtuber twitter account which organizes raids against vtubers and posting dox getting banned warrant a thread
Truly a mystery

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Remember how fast he switched up between

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I still never get people who say this. BVTM is one of the most despised person in the /#/ thread.

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I don't like how this board basically made him famous, and instead of not giving him any attention, people literally advertise his page by saying that he is behind every single post that they personally don't like.

>> No.68113733

Why does everyone hate this guy again?

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He is from Chile.

>> No.68113790

Yeah, that one stream was hot as fuck it’s sad she won’t do more. Maybe if she graduates.

>> No.68113909

/#/ and bvtmfags have the same exact opinion on almost every subject and several of his fans are known to be frequent /#/ posters
also you're ESL

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Unrelated but I've been looking for that song forever. I always kept finding another one that was just like this, but different, and it was driving me insane thinking I got mandela effected or some shit. Thank you for posting this and freeing me from my insanity.

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>/#/ and bvtmfags have the same exact opinion on almost every subject
Anon I'm pretty sure the /#/ thread despises Phase and likes Shiori and all of Advent whereas BVTMfags hate Advent and likes Phase.

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The same old "us phasefags are the victims here we would never raid other threads or vtubers!" bullshit doesnt fly anymore. You flock to Kiara threads like shit on fly ready to samefag and anti here
You have long overstayed your welcome on the board

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File: 28 KB, 498x408, henyaMad[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fc6zckn.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember Henya being really upset after seeing one of his tweets one time. It was shortly after her debut when she still had Twitter PTSD from the Hogwarts Legacy hate campaign against her PL.

>> No.68114304

>like shit on fly
Eslfags are fucking adorable and stupid

>> No.68114317

Anon I don't even like phase and they are the worst posters on this board, my one question was why people conflate /#/posters and BVTM posters as literally one and the same every time when the vast majority of /#/ posters hate phase and bvtm.

>> No.68114378

Lying is a sin anon

>> No.68114499

They repeat the same dumb anti narratives about everyone who isn't Hololive. It's not that hard to understand.

>> No.68114519

No they fucking aren't and /#/ is one of the places that called out these fucks and the obvious Phase shilling done from them. And keep in mind BVTM tried really hard to shill Tempiss and shit on unicorns while /#/ is pretty much unicorn central.

>> No.68114628

Ironically I was willing to give phase a chance during the HoloEN JP arc stream drought season. Unfortunately knowing phase might be associated with bvtm and his trash made me stop watching. Thankfully now that advent is here and there are regular streams again I dont really have to bother with phase anymore.

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>They repeat the same dumb anti narratives about everyone who isn't Hololive
>everyone who isn't Hololive
What are you retarded? BVTM posters are the ones who are responsible for for all the Shiori and Advent shitposts for the past 6 months
/#/ is unironically a Promise/Advent thread.

>> No.68114676

same, fuck that faggot

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>memes shitshovelled from /vt/ with twittard gimmick account captions tacked on
No matter how many new accounts he makes and no matter where makes them, he belongs underneath the face side of a ban hammer.

>> No.68114865

nta, but bvtm is cut from the same cloth as /#/, not 100% ideologically but mentality.
therefore /#/s hate him for being different and having actual direct influence over the hobby.

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>> No.68115073

Ah yes the holoen thread that gets spammed with monkey gore whenever holoen is posted
Whom the fuck are you trying to fool here retard?

>> No.68115122

I reported him to cover for defamation (and it was justified anyway)
I hope it helped

>> No.68115137

What are (You) talking about? BVTM loves FWMC, who gives a shit about Shiori? People act like he's a phasefag, which is true, but he's also a massive holofag. He's also gone after my oshi specifically with posts pulled directly from /#/, fuck him.

>> No.68115174

>the holoen thread that gets spammed with monkey gore whenever holoen is posted
Holy fuck how retarded or old is your knowledge??? That thread is most an Advent/Promise image dump thread at this post and HoloEN is the most talked about subject there.

>> No.68115231

They just need an excuse to hate Phase and pinning literally everything on him and by extension Phase makes them feel justified in acting like monkeys

>> No.68115290

>BVTM loves FWMC
Loves them so much to repost the dramabait that was that supa, you know the one.
>who gives a shit about Shiori
The BVTMfags that where spamming shitposts about her for months.
>he's also a massive holofag
He's not
>specifically with posts pulled directly from /#/
it's been known he's a containment breaker anon.

>> No.68115349

Tenma just has some anger issues and yells at everybody and then feels bad afterwards. Weird people who don't watch her then try to make a big deal out of it.

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eat shit and die lol

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let's fucking go!

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None of the shit you're seething about is ever relevant in /pcg/.

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>bvtm uses pekora as his avatar that means he is a nousagi and hololive fan and not a phase fan
They actually believe the bullshit they spew

>> No.68115433

Unfortunately, Parrot remains active.

>> No.68115461

this is a big deal. Get therapy retard

>> No.68115525

the parrot's cringe, but mostly harmless

>> No.68115528

>a chileno
of course, only malignos can bring forth such a force of evil

>> No.68115578

>if he's said anything bad about holomems that means he's not a holofag
He was also one of the people going hardest against Lia, a Phase member, so I guess he can't be a phasefag either.

>> No.68115580

That art style in his avatar looks very familiar. That bitch is still around?

>> No.68115667

I don't know if I would go that far, he perpetuates drama which isn't harmless, but he's not an anti or a doxxer which makes him one of the least-worst dramafags.

>> No.68115681

If by hardest you mean hardest to deflect her donothon yab, sure.
Took him weeks to post anything about it and it happened once. Same with Yuri, and any other phase yab.
Meanwhile, Ironmouse anti thread in the catalog? YABA DABA DOOOOOO, instantly posted within 20 minutes

>> No.68115744

/pcg/ doesn’t like him either THOUGH

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>> No.68115922

emzee is the only containment breaker

>> No.68115968

/pcg/ here, we love that guy

>> No.68116004

>He was also one of the people going hardest against Lia
>I posted a meme about Lia and I got the big sad :(
Get the fuck out of here. No one buys your bullshit.

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>> No.68116071

the reason that faggot rides the phasecock so hard is because pippa used to be his reply guy under almost every tweet before fishman stopped her

>> No.68116088

It's been recognized for the last 6 months /#/ and BVTM have had the same opinions and attack the same people. Cancer grows in many forms and numbers has become worst than it ever has.

>> No.68116198

I believe you, I can't see any thread liking him overall. But at the same time, the only times I've seen genuine fans of him here it's always been a phasefag.

>> No.68116273

Good riddance, if only a year or two too late

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File: 407 KB, 600x600, 1705073765923596.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

of course the faggot only likes henya if it's in the context of phase and will clip them endlessly but he doesn't care about kettle herself unless its to fuel muh culture war posts, kek I wouldn't be surprised if that's half the reason why she's ghosting phase on collabs now

>> No.68116458

The amount of cock sucking you guys do on this literal who is fascinating.

>> No.68116535

Oh nice, so making that thread on sharty actually helped to someone to bother enough to make a mass report bot for that one, maybe I should do the same with the parrot, you only need to say they're a tranny apologist and they will not even bother to check before going full scripted mass report mode

>> No.68116564

fucking kek
finally /qa/ is useful for something

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File: 318 KB, 457x456, 1697134283119684.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is literally who shits on your oshi online.

>> No.68116699

Can you tell those annoying numberinos to stick to their thread and stop spamming the catalog.

>> No.68116711

He's Mexican, not SEA

>> No.68116731

I apologize. I'm racist, I can't tell brownskins apart.

>> No.68116768

He actually antis Henya, making posts about how she "became a whore, I just want my cute kettle back" etc. Absolute scumbag.

>> No.68116781

this but europeans

>> No.68116820

You're not racist enough if you can't differentiate a latinx from a filipinx at first sight

>> No.68117154


>> No.68117397

Fucking hate Chileans. Easily the worst breed of Hispanic.

>> No.68117766


>> No.68117882

>have had the same opinions and attack the same people
Why do you lie though? When has /#/ ever loved phase and when did BVTM change it's opinion so drastically like /#/ did on Shiori in December?

>> No.68117982

he literally told me he's mexican in voice chat

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File: 23 KB, 640x559, crying emoji pillow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


i hate mexicans but im also a contrarian, so i will help this guy to get unbanned just because it will make the leddit infested hivemind of /vt/ make itself piss and shit itself.

>> No.68118025

good fucking riddance, I hope he gets cancer aids

>> No.68118073

/pcg/ doesn't like pippafags, so it's expected.

>> No.68118126

holy ESL

>> No.68118294

pcg is filled to the brim with containment breakers, almost every anti post you see for a vtuber on twitter or in their superchats can legitimately be traced back to the phase connect community.
Literally all you have to do is click their profile

>> No.68118506

Thank God

>> No.68118668

Good luck with that, Anonymous

>> No.68118865

in these sorts of situations, I assume they're just mega weebs and pretend to be Japanese online and until proven otherwise, they're just larpers

>> No.68119236

That dude is an ESL faggot who openly posts in dramathreads, don't fall for the discord AstroTurf anons.

>> No.68119761

Phase just got false doxed /here/ in the last 2 hours by the /#/ Fuwa x BVTM crowd and you trying to deflect?

>> No.68119849

The least worst tumor is still cancerous

>> No.68119904

You can cry all you want, but bvtm is unironically a good influence for the scene.

>> No.68119907

Please cut off SEA from the rest of the internet

>> No.68119910

>Ruffians doxed Panko
>The pupil of bvtm
>To the point of shilling her every single minute, and one of the few pc chuuba who follows him
>Phasefag so retarded he claim bvtm is doxing her
Are you a mongoloid or what?

>> No.68119962


>> No.68120019

BVTM has been stonewalled by Phase so he obviously had to go somewhere and looks like you made a nice home for him. Time frame fits with your bot shenanigans as well, how little you really know.

>> No.68120035

This. I know for a fact that pcg hates him. But pcg≠phase audience sadly.

>> No.68120037

wtf I love ruffians now

>> No.68120118

he is lying about it, probably trying to not get doxxed

>> No.68120157

pcg, by association with plappa, are his biggest fans.
no amount of cope will change this until they publically cut ties.

>> No.68120181

>stonewalled by Phase
>talents still follow him
>both of them still like and engage with his tweets
>the ant mongrel (pippa's friend) is his bestie

>> No.68120240

/pcg/ is not phase connect retard. The thread cut ties with him since day 0.

>> No.68120388

reading comprehension pablo
pcg is pro BVTM until they stop getting his support for their talents. wrangle your chuubas into cutting ties with him, or you're literally his biggest supporters.
no, turning a blind eye to this doesnt mean you've "cut ties", you're just conveniently ignoring the benefits he brings to your talents.

>> No.68120812

>wrangle your chuubas into cutting ties with him
Every time he's mentioned people say Pippa should stop following him.