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This is Pekora on the topic of Vaccinations. Discuss how and why pekora is so based and give your own examples of her being based

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>pekora is a /x/ schizposter

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She's truly is high IQ.

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She used to be a based flat earther than globohomo made her disawov

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Someone send a supachat asking if she knows about succubus summoning

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Her and Ayame are the most redpilled holos

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Someone ask her her opinion in Tulpamancy and if she would be flattered if someone made a Pekora tulpa

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she was laughing when someone sent the chat message talking about chips in the vaccine, but you just know in the back of her head she believes in the possibility, at least 1%
same with the flat-earth nonsense

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The fat, stinky bunny just doesn't want to leave her house.

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She said in a member only stream last year that Trump was a great friend to Japan and wished that her own country had a leader who could stand up to China like that.

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>muh chips
Bro, if you have an internet connection the government spies on you. They don't need a fucking chip.

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Not to mention that chipping anyone from 4chan(el) is just waste of a perfectly good microchip.

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You are either naive or a glowie

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Not really, the difference between you and I is that I'm not only not schizophrenic, I also don't feel the need to constantly escape reality.
If I were to ask you if you'd prefer to be happy or be as you are now, I already now what'd you answer and why.

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They're scanning your shit, too. It doesn't stop at the internet history, zoomer.

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>taking it this seriously
Anon... your autism is showing

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this, specially smartphones, or other devices with built-in microphones. people have already done experiments where they purposefully talked out loud about pregnancy or whatever it was, and they started getting ads for baby stuff even though they never actively searched for it before.
if companies can already freely use information about your everyday life to boost their marketability prowess, there's no reason to believe they won't use it for the most nefarious things imaginable as well.
although I see it less of an individual breach of privacy and more of a mass manipulation tactic. in other words, they don't care about what you specifically do and they won't come for you because of the weird hentai you jerk off to (at least not until the world delves deeper into a 1984 dystopia), but they instead care about what a lot of people are thinking and doing, so they're able to better manipulate those thoughts and actions

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An anti once sent her a SC about Japanese war crimes and she just laughed at it and said "never happened"

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irreversibly Based

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>Phones give away your info to the gov
>You're landline too
>cars have chips in them now-a-days
>most electronics are wifi and even appliances
Outside the people playing around these idiots should probably just kill themselves and save the virus the trouble.

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Imagine if /pol/ knew Japanese. They'd probably have threads about her.

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>they don't care about what you specifically do

The point is 'they' have the information necessary to find you and generate a psychological profile based off of several different information vectors, probably including the posts you make on 4chan.

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Yeah. Everyone knows the real problem with the virus is it gives you micro thrombosis and kills you. Watch out for those 'headaches' anonchama.

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That's cool, can they find my ideal gf for me?
I'd love for them to have perfect information and predictive behavior modeling. I'd have everything I want delivered without asking for it.

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vaccine* the vaccines actually do it.

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Meanwhile, she has an iphone that lets her be tracked. what a fucking genius. i love this rabbit.

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Anon... there is no ideal gf for you

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for fucks sake anon you're the new generation of anti vaxxers and karens out there with their essential oils

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>it's bad to be cautious of a vaccine that bypassed 7 years of research and is showing signs of having long term consequences for those who take it that not even the presidents of the respective companies have taken

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>if you'd prefer to be happy
Do you even know what happiness is?

You have a mental disability, you literally talk like the average woman, now go back to l3ddit and being a complete simpleton lol

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yeah, but for now they don't have a reason to care about your individual information unless you're actively engaging in illegal activity or something. and I'm not saying such surveilance is acceptable because it's looking for criminals or whatever, it's not acceptable whatsoever but it unfortunately became completely unavoidable. and like I said, it might come a time when they'll decide to become ultra totalitarian and start silencing people for wrongthink, and when that time comes all the tools they'll need are already in place and widely integrated with society
all surveilance should be judged by how damaging it could be to society in the hands of a power more malicious than the current one

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based and redpilled

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>blah blah muh reddit, muh women
Go have a mental breakdown elsewhere, schizo.

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Let anons proclaim "based" when pekora regurgitates stupid shit like this, it'll be even funnier if she actually get's sick from it. A lot of the girls have been sick recently but i'm sure the ones that have aren't anti vaxers that's why they're recovering so soon, if Pekora really does believe this shit and get's it she's done.

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Yeah. If you worry about them putting a chip in you but still carry a smartphone everywhere you're retarded. We live in the age of mass surveillance, if they want you they've already got you.

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mental breakdown over what?

Someone mentioning women and reddit? like you just did? Please kill yourself asap you have a metal disability

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>schizo saying others have mental disabilities
Imagine getting this fucking triggered because I know you prefer being a paranoid schizoid fuck rather than being happy.

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>Using phone that tracks all your personal data and sends it to google for ads, and which constantly tracks your location.
Its literally not worth the money to invest in these chips, they got everything they need already.

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I got covid, it was not even as bad as some headaches, it felt like a very light cold but i know that shit impacts people diffrentley

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Pegor is based and redpilled
Ayame is a slut and cumpilled

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I've never understood where the narrative of karens being anti-vax came from, If anything Karens are the ones that would be yelling at you to wear a mask in any situation

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This is a strawman, there is a diffrence between carrying around a device that tracks you vs having a device inside of you, I dont bring my phone with me everywhere I go

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>I dont bring my phone with me everywhere I go
Yeah right keep telling yourself that

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I felt fever, had chills the first night I felt symptomatic, my eggs and lower back ached, and I didn't have a lot apatite and milk gave me diarrhea. Aside from that I recovered, but the scary part about the disease is that if you unlucky enough to get sick from a particularly potent strain, doesn't matter how healthy you are, that shit takes you out.

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>implying /pol/ doesn't into vtubers
nigger, every board loves her peko.

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I dont have Data I have no reason to, I am a zoomer but im not too far gone

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>I dont bring my phone with me everywhere I go
why are you lying on an anonymous image board anon?

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tell that to the retards that rioted in the capitol.

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>my eggs,
fucking hell am i tired. I meant legs.

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>i know that shit impacts people diffrentley
you know... or you've been told? ;)

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She does leave the house!

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Not that nigger but i often leave my phone at home when i go out for a walk. Nobody calls me anyway...

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nta, but I know. I got the coof from going to a get-together with some friends.
I was the only with diarrhea.
The one that infected us lost his sense of smell and taste.
Another friend just had slight fever for a day and lost his sense of smell.
Another friend didn't get a fever or lose smell/taste, but his throat hurt for like a week.
One of the guys that went didn't even get infected.

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They don't have our freedom and our body, yet.

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>only leaves to buy food
>foul mouthed
>Likes minecraft
>Knows the truth about the world
>Doesn't trust government

She's just like me!

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Exactly why would I lie on an anonymous image board

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My family members got it two, barely did shit to them but one of them couldnt taste food for a couple of days, I doubt no one would care if no ones family members died

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>he thinks free will is real

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just get /fit/ lmao

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>he doesnt think free will is real
Low test and Ngmi your oshi would be disappointed in you

>> No.6809188

Don't you have a Sam Harris podcast to listen to?

>> No.6809203

then who's will made you post this?

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not new that she casually loves occult stuff. this thing is the same shit as her talks about the universe nature and such.

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>I dont bring my phone with me everywhere I go
Then you actually have a leg to stand on, but you're also enough of a dying breed that they have no reason to inject everyone with chips. Too much effort when phones are enough to track the vast majority.

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The Will.
>nooo free will is real!

>> No.6809269

You WILL always be a loser homosexual with that mindset

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The only "long term consequences" is that people are letting this virus mutate that we'll run the gamut of every type of variant before its finished and people get a fucking clue. Then the research ultimately doesn't matter because the mutations outpace the research and its basically for naught.
Some humans have just proven that no amount of humbling can penetrate their hubris.

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Sure kid. When start, do so with the Greeks.

>> No.6809482

>When start
The Greeks didn't seem to help your tainted small mind much considering you're arguing about free will on an anonymous forum about anime girl streamers. Get ya self some free will and maybe you wont choose to post such retarded shit next time

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Go back to sucking black dicks, thinking isn’t your thing. If you aren’t a morbidly obese fat fuck and are under 60 the chinavirus has a lower mortality rate than the flu.

>> No.6809524

I need source

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If you seriously expected 7 billion people to all synchronize isolation for a month you're insane. India alone will keep this virus around. You're the unrealistic one here. You need 14 billion of these things to potentially hinder COVID. That's more than enough time for it to keep mutating.

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who the fuck did those subs

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>still has no argument for free will
The Greeks. Start with them.

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There is no argument for everything being pre-decided for you, no being, nor the universe nor any type of energy or effect of time has decided what you want to eat for fucking breakfast, I'm not saying that some events were not preordained but to imply that every individual person creature and atom on this planet has a preset path is not backed by any science or logic. Its on the same level of the multiverse theory, its conjecture

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Based Pekora though maybe getting chip is schizo reason. She could use instead actual good reasons like blood clots and much higher number of young people death by vaccine than by covid.

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She played too much Metal Gear.

>> No.6809783

>played too much Metal Gear

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dude they mock kiara on /pol/
>I know because I do too, on /pol/

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Not enough

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>I use a laptop without a wifi module or any connectivity for serious work
>I have three in fact, and they all run obscure, incomprehensible OS's from the 90s.
>smartphone is always turned off and left at home, I turn it on every four or five days for half an hour to see who needs what
>I use no wifi devices. My Internet connection is cable
>have multiple backups of my shit buried in the hinterlands and forests, with mint laptops in big metal boxes and so on
And I'm just a regular guy with a job and everything. There is no excuse to tolerate intrusions to privacy, and anyone who gets vaxxed is a fucking idiot.

>> No.6809868

but that's just what the chip implanted in her wants her to believe

>> No.6809893

based private schizo

>> No.6809909

wtf pekora is me?

>> No.6809926

It's called being normal. It's you retarded zoomers who willingly gave up everything and then make excuses how "it's impossible to live" without this or that shitty device. None of that is necessary, helpful or needed. NONE OF IT. Just stop using a smartphone. IT'S THAT EASY.

>> No.6809963

I called him based you dumb retard, also the definition of normal is something typical, it is not normal in this day and age to care that much about your privacy even if it is smart. I agree that it is unnecessary technology but It is what we are stuck with, it's not just "zoomers" that gave everything up, its the population of basically every country that isnt dirt poor

>> No.6809982

>>I have three in fact, and they all run obscure, incomprehensible OS's from the 90s.
based computer magician

>> No.6810017

>muh heckin' Greekerinos
>muh stoicism
Aw, your God is nature. That's so cute, anon.
Read some actual literature about what it means to be alive and filled with God's love. Dostoevsky is a good start. Not a bunch of boy lovers with small dicks.

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>I use no wifi devices. My Internet connection is cable
so the rest of your schizo security measures are null and moot, gg

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Pretty much, but whats more important is getting some autist to hack the chip and let us be finally able to upgrade our own abilities

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Took both doses of the vaccine back in April. Zero consequences or side effects. Meanwhile my right-wing conspiracy theorist cousin refused to get the vaccine and caught Covid in June and had to quit his job because he can't even go outside without being out of breath now and his life is falling apart as a result.
Keep spreading that shit though, it's basically social darwinism to make the most gullible retards remove themselves from the gene pool to own the libs.

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idk either. i just assume that karens are retarded, just like you anon.

>> No.6810077

except the 'father' figure karen. if you know what i mean :}

>> No.6810094

If you get killed by Covid you were probably going to be killed by some other bullshit anyway, hardly works as a gene pool thing
t.someone who had it

>> No.6810116

I am not retarded, but the entire thing with Karens is that they follow protocol and rules to a point where it makes every around them annoyed and uncomfortable, the textbook being making kids get a permit to sell lemonade. They would enforce that shit harder than anyone

>> No.6810118

i already had covid so i don't need the vaccine

>> No.6810198

vaccine passports are close to being a thing on europe. you cant go to any store or travel if you dont get the jab

>> No.6810201

Covid kills old people and AIDs patients.

>> No.6810267

that makes her based. npcs on the other hand have blind faith on whatever whitecoats say

>> No.6810296

then I'm proud to be an American

>> No.6810299

The Japs have a (justified) fear of vaccines from like 4 botched vaccines in their country alone. They have like a 3% vaccination rate there right now wew

>> No.6810300

>they follow protocol and rules to a point where it makes every around them annoyed and uncomfortable,

not quite, they just have a god complex that makes them think they're better than the average burger king part-timer that didn't give them pickles

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Not everyone who dies from it or gets long-term effects is old or has a pre-existing condition. Sometimes it's just a matter of their body not being exposed to anything like it before and not developing the proper immune system over their lifetime. Other times it's just due to where the virus entered their body and the body being too slow to respond before it spread out of control. It's literally just survivorship bias to assume only people who "should" die have died from it.
I don't really care though, the types of people who refuse to get the vaccine when available are the same types that should be weeded out of society so please encourage those people not to get the vaccine if you know any. Makes the lines shorter for those with critical thinking skills.

>> No.6810330

What is your opinion on Coco Anon? Completely unrelated to what you said of course.

>> No.6810343

can i get a tldr

>> No.6810358

If I were in Yagoo's position when the Taiwan shit hit I would've preferred starting an international incident that leads to nuclear war over sacrificing Coco to appease the zhangs. Fuck Cover.

>> No.6810362

Free will is 100% real because I make poor decisions on the regular

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because snowden was just joking, right? and the us' desperate hunt to black bag him was just a prank, right?

>> No.6810371

my gf's dad got the vaccine and almost fucking died and is still severely ill 6 months later, while one of my autistic retard m8s who should qualify as "at-risk" got covid and was just fine

anecdotally, both can fuck you up or do nothing; that uncertainty combined with MSM lying through their teeth at every given chance and otherwise reputable scientists being squelched for going against THE NARRATIVE justifies skepticism both ways

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you worship a schizophrenic dead rabbi, you really shouldn't be talking

>> No.6810439

Remind me which of Epictetus's golden sayings told you to masturbate to Chinese cartoons, anon.

>> No.6810789

thats just because the govt has fucked their plan up. in the areas with enough vaccines. nearly over 80% of elderly people who live there already got vaccinated, you fucking chink bug liar. the youth are still waiting to get vaccine.

>> No.6810962

The oldest and only true religion is the worship of the Feminine.

>> No.6811033

Pekora isn't a christcuck either she is a shintoist.

>> No.6811151

I take you also do not have any bank account and use a credit card.

>> No.6811217

>you fucking chink bug liar
>Japan’s modern vaccine unease has its roots in a measles, mumps and rubella inoculation that some suspected of leading to higher rates of aseptic meningitis in the early 1990s. Though no definitive link was established, the shots were discontinued, and to this day Japan doesn’t recommend a combined MMR shot.
>Another catalyst was a 1992 court ruling that not only made the government responsible for any adverse reactions related to vaccines, but also stipulated that suspected side effects would be considered adverse events, said Tetsuo Nakayama, a professor at the Kitasato Institute for Life Sciences whose research focuses on vaccines. Two years later, the government revised a vaccination law, scrapping mandatory vaccinations.
Weeaboo doesn't know a thing about his favorite country wew

>> No.6811246

>japan times which is westernised woke garbage filled with gaijin editors

try harder, you chinky chinky chink insect

>> No.6811274

>it's woke to write an unbiased article about low vaccine adoption
Okay retard. I'll humor you.
The Tienanmen Square massacre happened and was done by the Chinese government.

Now that we've gotten this out of the way, are you going to admit that you're a retard who doesn't know anything about Japan's history with vaccines?

>> No.6811323

That's right, I deal entirely in dented silver coins.

>> No.6811331

chink bug sperging out. vermin like the chink virus

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Nice thread about vtuber discussion.

>> No.6811368

>thread is about Pekora being BASED about vaccines
>this leads to arguments about vaccines
This is unprecedented! How could this happen?

>> No.6811598

Who is they?

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>this is somehow not about pekora being based

>> No.6811960

fix it for you

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>> No.6812116

that's way back from the streams she talke about flat earth, not this

>> No.6812146

>i only buy snacks though
literally me

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We anecdotally hear of large number of adverse outcomes, friends, friends of friends, contractors, random people, sometimes very serious outcomes from the vaccine. But we don’t know how many, because the number is suppressed. Whenever we hear someone telling us of a serious adverse outcome, we find that this outcome was never acknowledged or recorded.

Any death is apt to be attributed to wuflu, if there is the slightest excuse for doing so. There is enormous reluctance to attribute a death to the vaccine, even if it is perfectly obvious that the vaccine killed someone.

One vaccine works by injecting you with a virus genetically engineered to be incapable of reproducing inside the human body, which nonetheless produces a lot of spike protein. So your immune system learns to attack the spike protein and to attack infected cells producing it.

The other vaccine, the RNA vaccine simply causes your cells to produce spike protein by injecting you with alien RNA, but without a virus for the vaccine to target, it is doubtful that it can have much effect on the course of the infection. It can make the infection less damaging by prepping your immune system to attack the spike protein – assuming you survive getting a whole lot of spike protein in the first place. RNA technology is a really cool bleeding edge biotechnology, but you don’t want to be on the bleeding edge of really cool biotechnology any more than you would want to be a test pilot on one of Musk’s rocket prototypes.

The mRNA particle style vaccines have every cell in your body producing spike proteins - which means that every structure in your body is provoking an immune response to attack it. Which is why so many ordinarily healthy people - especially healthy people with strong immune systems - get hit so hard by the jab, and why so many are dying from it. Especially if they get multiple doses.

The China Flu vaccines resemble the space plane projects, in that they decorate dumb ideas with the appearance, but not the substance, of high technology. What we have here is genuinely cool bleeding edge technology, but used more for decoration and display than because it is appropriate, or even particularly relevant to the problem.

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in peckers we trust

>> No.6813678

That happened because the kike sojaboy got angry at people not wanting to take the vaccine.

>> No.6813724

Good thing the nousagi ALL understand the basic workings of the bunny brain, she came form a Fantasy workd after all...

>> No.6813773


>> No.6813809

Yeah bro let’s not take any vaccines, I love nasty diseases that were sorted out centuries ago

>> No.6813881

You don't know what vaccines are.

>> No.6814707

>implying it was the vaccines
>implying it wasn't the improved hygiene

>> No.6814812

Dumb shit mRNA delivery is a decades long studied technique. Fucking Christ you people are why we can't have nice things

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Why is the tree rrat poster the most coherent one?

>> No.6814963

always knew my girl was based

>> No.6815330

Wait, why didn't YT erase her channel?

>> No.6815510

The thing we call "will" is a compound of complex stimuli, action and reaction that is simply impossible to be narrowed down to "free" or "determined." Free will and determinism are just generic names we give to specific situations where we "feel in control" or not of said situation, but it's literally impossible to narrow it down to control/no control in actuality, just in a gross exaggeration and a figurative manner of speaking. That's pretty much the modern philosophical approach the problem of "free will."

>> No.6816200

Youtube doesn't understand nip-speak.

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>> No.6816838

>there are /pol/acks nousagis
no wonder its one of the shitiest fanbases

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>Pekora is a anti-vaxxer
Unfathomably based.

>> No.6816963

>/vt/ attempts to discuss philosophy
fucking kill me this is worse than [s4s]

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>> No.6817157

How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real

>> No.6817200

>mRNA particle style
sounds like a cool naruto jutsu

>> No.6817398

If you werent tourists you'd know pegor has been a relatively bold netto uyoku since forever. She has nichaneru bookmarked.
You can see this in action in her papers please runs where she's psychologically unable to get the scenes where people tell you they're going to literally die if you dont let them in and you have a "moral choice" between your job and an NPC's lives. She goes straight to "die somewhere else" every single time.

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>netto uyoku
>ideal communist citizen

>> No.6817631

Horseshoe theory doesnt work like that but stalinists and neonazis are fundamentally the same people with different taste in propaganda.
China is the ideal /pol/ ethnostate but they gotta hate it because it has a red flag. Hard tankies and Hitler share the same values.

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Truly a thinker of our time

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She's got a point you know.

>> No.6820140

Take your meds, retard.

>> No.6820148

she is meddling with Holographic universe quantum mechanics

we get it pekora you watched the PBS space time channel

>> No.6821013

That's actually very informative, especially since I'm getting close to my vaccination. Taking this information at hand, then you'd say that the "safest" vaccine to get would be the first kind, right? As it allows the immune system to learn how to fight the infection.

With that in mind, what would be the best vaccine to take? This coming from an overall healthy 32 year old without any previous conditions.

>> No.6821813

Dare I say based

>> No.6821910

Post the one where she talks about flat earth.

>> No.6822383

is Pegors the Alex Jones of HOLOLIVE?

>> No.6822655

>believing the media industrial complex with no questions asked like a good little NPC
imagine being less redpilled than a 30 year old japanese woman, how does that happen?

>> No.6822723

its an attack on white women by nigger hamplanets, anon

>> No.6822750

Nah, she just thinks redpilled shit is funny because she's a shut in, but half of /vt/ loves shilling the rrat that she's a far right nutcase and the other half loves eating it up.

>> No.6822753

>anti vaxxers
what's wrong with this again? where do you think you are, redditor?

>> No.6822777

>Meanwhile my right-wing conspiracy theorist cousin refused to get the vaccine and caught Covid in June and had to quit his job because he can't even go outside without being out of breath now and his life is falling apart as a result.
did everyone clap around you?

>> No.6822799


Holy shit the rabbit is dumb.

>> No.6822846

what did the BLM niggers do all summer?

>> No.6822864
File: 206 KB, 1280x720, macresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks to you schizos I've finally figured out what Pekora looks like irl. Pic related.

>> No.6822920
File: 174 KB, 832x1200, PomuSmug2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>provaxxers and proBLM redditors calling others schizo

>> No.6822957

curious and questioning minds make NPCs nervous, just have a look at this thread.

>> No.6823001 [DELETED] 

Most of them were smart enough not to post selfies and brag about it on instagram. Face it, white boomers are the dumbest people in America - hell, they're in the running for the dumbest people, period.

>> No.6823135

I'm on a website that's tracked by the government and other watchdogs, posting from a phone with a microchip that is connected to my car via magic internet energies, why the fuck should I care that big tech has one more way of tracking me

>> No.6823231

>brag about it on instagram
what? they were given front and center shots in all news media while the cops knelt beside them while they were looting malls without masks.

who are you fooling?

>white boomers
are the only reason US is still standing, I hope they die too for different reasons. I want niggers without life support and welfare checks supporting them. I want them to go south africa tier and its only possible when white boomers die.

so we both want them to die but for different reasons, atleast our end goal is the same, cheers.

>> No.6823323

Japan is basically a huge anti-vax country.

>> No.6823403

They don't need the vax considering everyone wears a mask. Imagine complaining that there's government spook microchips in the vaccine when if you wore a mask you wouldn't need a vaccine.

>> No.6823620

>flat earth
>black holes
Rather than smart I get the idea she is kind of dumb or just ignorant and gullible from being such a shut in NEET.

>> No.6824313

baaaaa baaaaaaaaa

>> No.6824353
File: 198 KB, 1165x739, 1366_2000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

more the Mysterio of hololive

>> No.6824493

welp she went down the rabbit hole.

>> No.6824497

Dumb fuck, my parents' generation knew polio, and mine doesn't, and it's not down to sanitation. I want to punch you in your stupid mouth.

>> No.6824542

Qui? QUI?????

>> No.6824841

Don't bully those anons, free will is a necessary white lie

>> No.6824990

>switched the argument to attack another position instead of defending his own

>> No.6825027

Anon, this really isn't the board to ask about this, can't really say that any other board will be better though

>> No.6825564
File: 50 KB, 700x593, Ex0kAOCVcAApWeb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you definitely sound like the child of people who got vaccinated.

>> No.6825573

There's no way she isn't studying xqc's appeal of taking a topic that you're ignorant in and turning the naive stupidity to 100

>> No.6825750

> Talk like complete schizo

I guess this is price for being a complete shut-in, fucking christ Pekora

>> No.6825792

To be fair, there's nowhere where we can get a proper response, is either one extreme saying that all the vaccines are perfect and you're a schizo for not taking it or the other claiming that they will permanently fuck over your heart even if you're the healthiest man alive.

>> No.6825845

Extremely based, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

>> No.6825890
File: 103 KB, 632x454, 1622585761379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6825998

I'd rather have a white dumbass spout racist shit at me than a black supremacist forcing me to bend the knee.

>> No.6826096
File: 11 KB, 250x250, 1609340240083s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based Peko making labcoats and their worshippers seethe.

>> No.6826115
File: 20 KB, 960x229, source.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cool essay

>> No.6826131
File: 112 KB, 695x369, 9E71309F-7990-4B8C-B681-B25273BFAC0E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she’s woke on the NSEW lie

>> No.6826158


The black supremacist nigger would shoot you in the head as well, cause that's how they're, bunch of apes.

>> No.6826412

I'm getting my first sinovac shot in a few weeks so I can talk with Pekora

>> No.6826418
File: 705 KB, 967x1080, niggerhole.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do black hole shills will ever recover?

>> No.6826542

I'm only curious where the "vaccines killing more young people than covid" meme came from, the amount of heart failures is in the double digits out of tens of millions of shots

>> No.6826577
File: 581 KB, 1066x1271, 1626154899478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sa-sasuga pekora-sama

>> No.6826731

They found me

>> No.6826780

Who's Swen?

>> No.6826851
File: 707 KB, 736x726, 1602432177923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dark matter
Why does this sci-fi meme still exist?

>> No.6826952

You have to be a huge NPC if you start seething or having a panic attack whenever someone chooses to doubt shit the lab coat people choosen by the media jew as being right says.

Today's war against society's ability to evolve, led by the leftists, uses the media influence to end all arguments by trying to shove their so called facts down the ignorant masses's throats, and worse, these people will then consider themselves informed.

>> No.6827051

Welcome to the wonderful world of religion. Your religio-oshi is as shit as the libnigs' Ba'el Science.

>> No.6827061

How do you know she isn't already a tulpa?

>> No.6827073

>Flat earth
>Don't know how to work black hole
Pegora its a schizo

>> No.6827389

pekora is completely correct here

>> No.6827453

just don't take it at all

>> No.6827484

True, my take on this is that the vaccines work generally but not EVERYONE should take it unlike what social media and the government are coercing you into. I don't believe that people who can take the vaccine should be pressured into taking it. It's not like the virus could make your eyes bleed within the first few minutes of infection and then fucking kill you the next day.

I just hate that no matter where I go, it's always COVID this, mask that, vaccination please, scan this QRcode here for contact tracing. I just want things to go back to normal. This virus is more deadly as a political tool than its actual capability.

>> No.6827555

she's not wrong
everything "known" about black holes is by observing the effects they have on neighbouring objects, not direct observation since that's not possible

>> No.6827573

I want to do a black hole challenge on Pekora's anus.

>> No.6827607

it's not "religion" you fucking fedora. it's soulless drones being programmed by freaks with God complexes

>> No.6827699

>just want things to go back to normal.
Dead dream, YAGOO-san
>This virus is more deadly as a political tool than its actual capability.
That's the whole point. It was custom-made in a lab AS a political tool (as opposed to a military bio-weapon).
If this cow is sacred to you, then you are no better than a left-leaning parasite with a SCIENCE! tattoo.

>> No.6827982

You realize recent studies have shown the spike proteins have been leaving the injection site and entering other parts of the body right? They've been ending up in bones and the uterus. If these cause issues, which they can, you can expect to see more Ovarian cancer and lukemia rates.

>> No.6828134



>> No.6830046

Suddenly reminded of her chat with Moona where she says "LOVE AND PEACE" after Moona asks about her human experiments in Minecraft.

>> No.6830246

Wow, you're also incapable of reading. Vaccines didn't exist for my parents' generation. They knew people who got, and died from, diseases that are largely eradicated today. You got pudding for brains, anon?

>> No.6830303

Is this hysterical Facebook-post-sharing quality humor from Pekora why people call her a “natural comedian”?

>> No.6830454

She's very genuinely stupid and has direct and unvarnished reactions to things without ever once having a neuron fire. People enjoy that for some reason.

>> No.6830620

the rabbits legendary spatial intelligence

>> No.6830702

because that would make him seethe, i would dismiss him the same way

>> No.6830805

I have actually never seen a cope this hard. Drop your Vtuber and let’s see your exquisite taste, nigger

>> No.6830881

How's it possible to be this stupid? Like how can you have acquired even your mother tongue while simultaneously being this dumb?

>> No.6830970

Viruses mutate due to external preasure like LEAKY VACCINES you dumb fuck. Left alone, viruses will always eventually trend to become more contagious but leas deadly, kind of like the fucking flu that COVID always was in the first place. You stupid fuckers who take the first word from the first faggot politician on the news should hurry up and die before you vote to force millions of people who aren't retarded to participate in medical experiments you piece of shit.

>> No.6831325

>People enjoy that for some reason.
*tips fedora*

>> No.6831995

Based and pekopilled

>> No.6832024

seethe, reddit midwit

>> No.6832308

Even Gackt said on twitter the pandemics was a fraud and vaccines don't prevent the spread of the virus.

>> No.6832460

Not true, I explored flare's black hole

>> No.6833078

Holy based

>> No.6833079

in the future people will laugh at us for believing they were holes

>> No.6833214


>> No.6833294

See you in 15 years when you'd complain about impotency

>> No.6833328

speak for yourself

>> No.6833348

Who actually believes that black holes are holes tho? I've always thought that it's like a progression.

Star-> Neutron star-> Black hole

In terms of density and physical extremities.

>> No.6833393

You're too old to be scared of needles grandpa

>> No.6833689

black hole is just the term that caught on because saying singularity in normal conversation makes you sound like a fag, we can't say for sure what they are until we sacrifice a hubble telescope to get a real look at one

>> No.6833831

>Who actually believes that black holes are holes tho?
they are literally called black holes not black stars
people back then believed the earth was the center of the solar system. nobody will care about what you thought unless you are copernicus or newton

>> No.6833941

Holy shit, please go back reddit boy.

>> No.6834007

unironically retarded, how about you check those trials again and see they never got out of animal testing

>> No.6834050

The seethe is unreal

>> No.6834133

>The disease with a 99.98% survival rate takes you out

>> No.6834266

if by "they" you mean the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of California then maybe

>> No.6834330

don't take it.
it's irreversible

>> No.6834415

you don't even need a goddamn mask in the first place

>> No.6834494

I mean you can't call something a star when it doesn't emit light. I mean that when someone thinks of a dark hole they don't imagine something like >>6826418

>> No.6834573

I'm not the retarded v-thot who can't understand cardinal directions

>> No.6834614

>how can you have acquired even your mother tongue while simultaneously being this dumb?
Eh. Speaking it doesn't always mean your language skills are good, especially with something like Japanese. For exemple Nenechi can barely read kanji.
I don't care since retarded girls are very cute.

>> No.6834618

damn, i kneel,

>> No.6834694

Retarded girls are too stupid for me to feel sexually attracted to them. Feels like I'm taking advantage of them.

>> No.6834742
File: 177 KB, 278x365, 1594123097205.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Feels like I'm taking advantage of them.
That's the best part.

>> No.6834774

>Meanwhile, she has an iphone that lets her be tracked. what a fucking genius. i love this rabbit.
she said "theres already one on me"
and said she was already being monitored so she knows

>> No.6834870


>> No.6834933

imagine thinking pekora PEKORA is not playing dumb

>> No.6834957

determinism hasn't been proven and is stupid as hell because you can't track exactly what caused everything, since if under determinism everything is the response to something else, yet you can't find the first thing that triggered everything.
like no one knows what happened before the big bang and even then you can't prove mathematically that that cased the exact equation of movement that caused everything today.

tldr get fucked determinismfag

>> No.6834962

and everyone clapped?

>> No.6835153


you are a fucking retard,
quantum physics already disproves determinism, already,
every single choice ever possible has already been made by you, and in that defintion, its impossible to be a fatalist or determinist since every single path or choice is true. you can't have your path in life set, if you have already chosen every single path in existence,
get fucked brainlet,
learn quantum mechanics retard

>> No.6835222

At least her stupidity makes her cuter, can't say that for the anons here

>> No.6835226

kys glowie

>> No.6835278
File: 614 KB, 648x678, 1614539892906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>learn quantum mechanics retard
You should probably take your own advice.

>> No.6835300


its called "refuge in audacity", this is why alex jones hasn't been assassinated yet, he pretends to be a crazy schizo who panders consparasy theories but he knows what hes doing, he often leaks real facts here and there, but because he is a rrat poster lots of people don't take him seriously thus he ends up away from the fed's eye, however he often leaks truths then and there, and only his small group of fans listen, however even if a small group is aware he can slowly spread word without being terminated by feds

>> No.6835370

>you can't have your path in life set, if you have already chosen every single path in existence
if you have already chosen every path
then no matter what path you choose, it will already be set

>> No.6835376
File: 12 KB, 188x268, the true king.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not him but this is the only real vtuber, all holos are redditfags, all nijis are zhangs, and all vshojos are whores

>> No.6835447

no thats stupid,
if you chosen every path, you still don't know which path you will choose in this dimension, and under quantum theory, the particle viewer test, you can change the path of particles with your will alone, so you have control which dimension of which path you take, you have made every choice yet in this reality you can only make one and you have the choice to choose which reality you go to

>> No.6835456

I would recommend the J&J if you can get it as it is the only Western normal vaccine (Not MRA). Although that one had its own problem with heart issues.

The best course of action is not to get it and avoid ppl for awhile. This shit is gonna keep going on for a bit but the sheep are eventually stop giving a shit and you're free to go.

>> No.6835713
File: 111 KB, 800x780, 1625928573905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How about you hop over to a different dimension and stop spewing your horseshit around here?

>> No.6835808

i kneel, anon.

>> No.6835814
File: 12 KB, 247x248, pardun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's something else alright

>> No.6835826
File: 3.42 MB, 2709x3072, 20210721_000942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually tested positive for the Kung Flu this morning
Get your vaxx anonchama

>> No.6835843

that's because they don't want you to know that the majority of people know the virus isn't dangerous and the vaccines aren't necessary. They try to represent reddit-type Science™ disciples as the normal people and label everyone else an insane anti-vaxxer and signal boost the dumb theories to make it seem impossible to be against the COVID vaccine but also reasonable. In the same breath they'll say anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists are a dangerous minority but then cry that the majority of people in several states didn't get it.

>> No.6835899

You've never watched a video of Eilene other than her ebola videos

>> No.6835954

My case of the coof had me down in a fever for a week and irritated skin and hurting joins, so just a bad case of the flue. But instead of losing my sense of smell I instead got problems with my short term memory that even nearly 9 months later fuck with me every day. Went from easy 30 word/day in Anki to struggling with 5. I'm working as a code monkey and at times my job feels impossible to do. I have to keep going back and forth between different files because I can't remember two words I need. I regularly forget what I'm doing the moment I switch to a different window. To not get in trouble for taking ~3 times as long as I should on some things I work late into the night sometimes. Honestly, getting some stupid china coof was pretty much the worst thing that has happened to until now.

sorry for blog posting but this shit fucks with me every day.

>> No.6836041

fuck off faggot, i still watch her eilene gakuen.

i literally followed moe since the fucking majong game back in 2015.

>> No.6836094

Congratulations for your future child!!

>> No.6836105

You can see their IQs in real time.

>> No.6836128


im not gonna spoonfeed you anymore, look it up yourself, but likely you are baiting since i doubt anyone is this retarded

>> No.6836148

I would like to keep her uncancelled which is why I stopped making posts like these.

>> No.6836149

np anon, the coof was a bio weapon the zhangs made so it is going to be dangerous in some way. Just remember what they took from you when the time comes. Hope you feel better soon.

>> No.6836178
File: 278 KB, 426x599, 1621251126521.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And you're not dead yet? That's amazing!

>> No.6836185

Are you saying tower is retarded? that's not very nice anon

>> No.6836300
File: 319 KB, 666x516, 88.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do they need to know Japanese?

>> No.6836317

based observer effect chad

>> No.6836347

>botched vaccines


>> No.6836429

That can't be real anon

>> No.6836436

>he doesn't know

>> No.6836630

A lot of Japs don't even know who Hitler is kek

>> No.6836691

Stow your phone in a faraday cage. Even when they're turned off the chips still work. Godspeed privacy anon.

>> No.6836696

Is real

>> No.6836776

Black holes are purely theoretical.

>> No.6836938

>vaxxinating people for a disease that has been elminated

>> No.6837159

>double digits

So nearly as many as Covid.

>> No.6837233


>> No.6837242

Polio hasn't been eliminated, it's barely a thing in the first world because of vaccinations but it still effects the developing world.
Smallpox has been eliminated and they no longer bother vaccinating people against it.

>> No.6837307

I’m glad all schizos of this board have gathered in this thread. Please stay here, maybe even create a peko schizo general.

>> No.6837513

riddle me this, the Japs don't get vaccines that often due to a history of botched vaccines in their country. Why don't they have an never ending epidemic of polio?

>> No.6837657

Polio has been entirely eliminated except for vaccine-induced polio. This has been the case since 1999.

>> No.6837871

>In 2018, there were 33 cases of wild polio and 104 cases of vaccine-derived polio.[4] This is down from 350,000 wild cases in 1988.[3] In 2018, the wild disease was spread between people only in Afghanistan and Pakistan.[4] In 2019, there were 175 cases of wild polio and 364 cases of vaccine-derived polio.[6]
Still in the wild. Is going to be eliminated soon.

>> No.6837967

It still exists they just call it spinal meningitis now. Same as them inventing new "vaccine resistant" covid variants.

>> No.6838731

This is one of the reasons I'm scared and hyperaware when I go outside, this isnt the first time I heard of someone having memory problems. I have Major depressive disorder and that already fucks with my memory so it could turn me into a vegetable. If you haven't gotten a brain scan maybe the doctors can give you some supplements to help your memory

>> No.6838953

bro I have impotency now and that was before the vaccine, shit's so cash I don't get horny and women have no control over me.

>> No.6839419

>retards discussing philosophy, quantum physics and epidemiology in a thread where we were supposed to discuss about Pekora's intelligence.

>> No.6839719

All are necessary to truly comprehend Pekora's genius.

>> No.6839843

unironically end yourself

>> No.6839968

is there literally anything in this world that you can consume have no effects and just suddenly 15 years down the line you get struck with serious side effects.

>> No.6840247
File: 257 KB, 622x494, Ewv1kx0VcAA4cPb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is /vt/ so prone into replying to bait crypto/pol/ threads?
You aren't a "free thinker" if you fall for this low of a bait

>> No.6840439

watching girls try to talk about politics or science is extra cute

>> No.6840442

Come here anon, take a seat and enjoy the show. I have popcorn, pepsi and if you want an half eaten double cheesburger

>> No.6841252
File: 678 KB, 1266x598, Pekorafaust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wait, will (((they))) make me disappear?

>> No.6841988

Fuck, how I wish this was real

>> No.6842247

>Dude, why wouldn't you trust vaccines after Swine Flu 1976 and thalidomide?!
>Just because there are vaccines have been proven incredibly harmful doesn't mean they'll all be; that's why you should always take every one of them without question!
Fuck essential oils but putting your complete trust in the government is as retarded.

>> No.6843810

All of you are retarded except me.

>> No.6843937

I have trust with the government this time around when the same political commentators that are spouting these anti-vaxx rrats are themselves vaccinated.

>> No.6844598

Other way around. The vaxx shillers are unvaccinated and not wearing masks.

>> No.6845452

So you're saying Fauci and all these politicians that have said they have been vaccinated are lying? While these political commentators that wont reveal whether or not they are vaccinated whilst rrating about anti-vaxx are so trustworthy.

But why even not reveal the status of their vaccination? Just tell the world you aren't vaccinated, you believe that the vaccination has microchip implants.

>> No.6845656

Dumbest post itt
Get some self awarness, retard

>> No.6846577

ITT: retards calling retards retards
t. retard
special mention to >>6845656 and >>6810058

>> No.6846638


>> No.6846771

you're retarded too

>> No.6847504

jesas, imagine thinking quantum mechanics implies this

>> No.6847661

Based jimposter.

>> No.6850007

I actually took biology and in virology, you learn a lot about RNA and the proteins like that and how stuff like this works. Getting it to replicate inside like this could even be used to cure cancer in the future, so it means we’re almost grasping near flawless living conditions for humans in conflict free environments.

>> No.6851545

I love how towa immediately realises that pekora has a brain disease.