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I'm retarded.
What am I supposed to be seeing?

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35p, your language...

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The battery is dying. Charge your phone !

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>worthless thread

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OP is a faggot, that's it

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What third world language is that, zimbabwean?

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The fuck are jogos nigga

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oque um brasileiro ta fazendo postando no 4chan as 2 da manha?

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This isn't the first time a mexican has exposed himself as a catalog-shitting unicorn. I'm starting to dislike them as a posting bloc.

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Just arrived from work desu

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>third worlder

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It ain’t even Spanish, it’s either a Brazilian or a Portuguese

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He'll be fine

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Bro didn't even cover up his name

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>white theme

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latam has fallen
billions must die

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"Você" just means "You"

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how are you even earning enough money for Youtube Premium in your favela

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Muy bien, amigo. Et tu triggered hermanas

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a spic making shit threads again

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6 memberships too, all from holoJP, it's chump exchange.
Not every macaco is poor

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Isn’t YouTube Premium cheap as hell in third world countries like Spotify?

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Average merica fags who can't tell the difference between two of the top 5 most spoken language in the world

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Why do i need to know about irrelevant shitholes thousands of miles away.

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It's unironically fucking over... I think?

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Technically you don't need to know anything, just eat, drink water and sleep, if you're satisfied being a neanderthal feel free

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>muricans still can't tell the difference between Spanish and Portuguese
how is this possible, let alone allowed? either way, OP is a fag

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Is there a reason why people in third world countries have their third world language conspicuously right there in my face?

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american website

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That homowatcher only watch clips, the thing we know for ages already.

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Spotify is not a country anon

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>all of this people saying latam/spic/Mexican
We do not consider br*zilians as humans here in Latin America, those monkeys should have been all killed during the colonization
portugal and Brazil need to be deleted from the face of the earth

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It's the same language but one of them is drunk and the other is gay.

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So homo lovers are from Brazil.

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>open thread
>third world language
Stop wasting people’s time faggs

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>Abi Kadabura is Brazilian
I will let it slide... Just for her...

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People watch clips because they don't have time to watch streams. Because they're actually working 9 to 5 jobs other than you. Respect the working society you ungrateful monkeys

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She's very cute.

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OP is a world-historic faggot but at least he's not an itoddler

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It is just spanish but more boring sounding, I don't really see why anyone else telling the difference should be important, the faggots even keep doing mating calls asking for others from their country wherever they go if it wasn't easy enough to tell

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it's not our fault the Moors though bringing millions of Africans here would be a good idea, indio do caralho

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Okay Sasuke, calm down.

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Fuyo is Portuguese and still can't tell the difference half the time, what hope do regular americans have?

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Hahaha dumb unicornfags, or homofags, or OPfags. I don't really know who we're making fun of here, but they're all losers anyway, so fuck 'em.

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>How do you not know the difference between two languages you don't speak???
I couldn't hazard to guess, anon...

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The fact that OP is an ESL clip-watching retard.

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Are you from brazil or portugal?

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That's portuguese you uncultured fuck
Classic low iq homobeggar

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A 16 hour old clip has 21K fewer views than an 11 days clip
OP, this is not the own you think it is. If you're gonna be a numermonkey at least learn how to count.

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Nice Padoru Saber avatar, OP.

>white theme
Nothing wrong with that. Get your eyesight fixed.

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>t. another spic

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>clipshit thumbnails
This is now an ESL clipper thread.
I feel like all clippers are ESL though.

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Not just a spic but a MACACO. LOOOOOOOOOL

You belong in my stomach, Uma Delicia!!!

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How the fuck is having functioning eyesight somehow equal to being a Spic? Here, let me make sure you stay blind, zoomerchama.

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>spic keeps making excuses about being subhuman

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>Fauna was the one making orange woman hate threads
my god

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>dark mode faggot
>calling others subhuman
The irony

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>spic still trying to save face
>can't comprehend that no one likes subhuman light theme spics here

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We also hate dumb zoomer faggots but somehow you're still here.

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>spic thinks there's anyone here beside himself defending him
>he can't stop trying to save face after being exposed

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>spic keeps making a fool of himself
>he can't let go
>he can't stop sucking cocks