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>yet another thread about a minor detail of the one singular happening that, despite being so minor, has already been repeatedly discussed, also it's a twitter screencap
holy shit kys

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Empty platitudes.

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She said roughly the same thing for magni.

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they fucking

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Don't worry retard your Vhoejo is safe from kyo, on his PL a lot of indie vtubers have started to follow him. Most likely he'll go back to his PL with his newfound following he got from leeching off Nijisanji

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The mouse pussy is so strong it made his legs start working.

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Never throw fleshwhores a bone. Just look at what happened to our boy Vedal.
Don't try this at home unless you're graduating

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I hope it happens. It would be so fucking funny.

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It sucks that vshojofags get their ranks infested with nijikeks. A fate worse than death. Hopefully vshojofags can gatekeep hard less they pickup more nijinigger traits

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Vhoefags, Kyo visiting your mouse for off-collab cucking soon, ironlung disease won't stop him.

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Don't fucking do this to me

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Vshojo was founded by someone far worse than any Nijinigger could ever hope to be.

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No, it's actually great. They think their nijishit will fly in vshojo but have no clue how hard Mousey gayekeeps her clique

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Matara has been alright, Kuro not do much, hopefully if they’re going to poach Niji they can pick more of the good ones, Kyo is not one of them.

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*not so much

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Kuro stays in his own stuff, mainly due to timezones. But he only has really played consistently with Henya and Mouse during Minecraft because they used to be addicted to the server, so it's like it cares much. He's pretty much in his own bubble and that's ok

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They have sex like Stalone and Sandra Bullock in the demolition man.

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Vshojo needs more male members

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These failed Nijis better stay away from my comfy small corpos.

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You can take this one vshojo bros

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No thanks, we will greatly support our friends at Mythic to take this one

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We are in the timeline where Coco joined Nijisanji 2

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>you were the reason I got into vtubing
We all know what that means

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I would genuinely feel bad for Vshojofans if Kyo somehow got into the branch. Matara was a good catch and Kuro's mental health at least improved when he made it into their company, but Kyo is a genuine net negative all around.

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If their only tactic is to do whatever Mouse says then the corpo is doomed. She's legitimately a moron.

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Chill the hell out, she wished Magni well and talked about him several times afterward, and he hasn't joined. It COULD happen, but it's been a decent while

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Vshojo won't poach Pomu or Selen but this fucking faggot

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that is racist! like Kyo.

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Imagine seething this hard at a backpack salesman and a bisexual.

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The main reason why people are worried is that Matara follows Kyo's PL. Which makes it feel less like they're being polite and more that there's a greater than zero chance of him actually making it in.

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Please Mousey I beg you, vshojo needs one more male for a gay threesome. Kuro and Zen feel lonely

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I guess, my bigger issue is he seems to be pretty obviously in Vshojo so they can cover his ass for his retarded tax situation, just overall the dude seems like a grifter to me. It’s not a big deal since he mostly does his own thing and can be ignored, but that may not be the case for newer members if Vshojo just starts adding every Niji member they can to the roster.

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Please accept him. It would be so funny to watch Vshojo getting destroyed from the inside out

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Good. Vshojo is already a shitshow.

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Kyo will brown nose the mouse so hard the others will have to just accept it.

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Timeline where:
>Coco and Pikamee joined Nijisanji 2.0
>Mano Aloe politely declined Coco's invitation and also sued Rushia to never speak her name ever again
>Mel was terminated for being too pon
>Rushia was an abusive married woman
The flow of time is convoluted. Hahahaha.

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My rrat is she threatens to leave whenever they don't do what she wants. If she left, they'd be pretty irrelevant. I actually wonder if that's why the ex-VShojos don't seem to like her much anymore. Maybe they tried to strong arm management, but Mouse ruined it by siding with management, so they quit. Now management is beholden to her.

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I'm so fucking glad I didn't let shills convince me to invest my time into vshojo.

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This parasite better not fucking follow Pomu

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He's going to follow as many ex Nijisanji talents until the end of time.

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They can hang out IRL anyway. You know, to have sex and stuff.

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Yeah, with me.

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Holy shit he's the whitest white guy ever. I thought people were joking when they called him a wigger.

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Yet you wasted your time with Niji?

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Crazy theoretical. If in the ultra-rare event Shark quits the dorito, would Mouse even try to recruit her?
Feel like she'd be massively out of her league to even try

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Maybe? I don’t think Gura and Mouse have even interacted so I don’t think she’d bother, it’s less about Gura being out of her league and more that they just aren’t friends with eachother as far as I’m aware.

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Mouse does seem to like Gura. She watched her last stream.
And if Gura leaves Holo but continues vtubing she would likely want to join vshojo or some agency like mythic, so it's possible.

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If Goomba leaves blue dorito she'll quit vtubing for good. Also she was in contact with Melody before joining corpa.

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NTA but yeah I did. It was comfy for a time during lazudia days. But I kneel now and know you guys were right

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You could've just watched Hololive and avoided all of this bullshit entirely.

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You were the chosen one!!

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>just overall the dude seems like a grifter to me.
>seems like
He literally is. He's open about it. The fact that people who debut under Vshojo can keep their identity makes it pretty obvious what he's going to do later this year.

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Shork doesn’t even know mouse exists why would she join her

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>you were the reason I got into vtubing
Jesus Christ

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last time shart posted on her RM acct, Mousey was there instantly to post a reply. 100% she would try, Gura would leave her on "Not read" tho.

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The likelihood of him joining is not zero but I think it is better for Kyo to just go back to being a fleshtuber

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>you were the reason I got into vtubing
One more notch into the Ironmouse's crime list.

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Remember "uh oh!" tweet?
She immediately answered it with "yes"

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>Be Kyo
>Have mindset of feeling sorry for himself, just because of his lifelong sickness and pain
>Saw mouse admitting her illness publicly and gain lots of cash and fans while using a vtuber model
>Hey I can do that too

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She's actually building an army. I predict they'll unleash them all as a huge ex-Niji/ex-Stars wave

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Dude, both are chronically ill. That's the connection there.

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Gura can go anywhere. Who wouldn't want her? She'd boost any agency as her army of chumbuds follow her. Gura has more contacts than you think. With less restrictions, she'd be more viral.

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>implying they weren't shit to begin with

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seethe harder.

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Keep defending Foot, troon

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Here's a foot for you, ant.

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Kyo is a Vshojo member now, deal with it.

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buy an ad ant

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It is pathological how much he tries to affect blackness, being as white as he is. He's a virtual Rachel Dolezal.

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imagine fucking up a call out post on froot of all people so badly that you destroy any criticism of them from then on

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Just get off the internet, or kill yourself, I don't care which

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Smug Vshojofags deserve this. I hope Enna joins too and they reform the clique there.

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Gura and Mori are an must choices for Mouse.

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>I hope Enna joins too and they reform the clique there.
Not gonna happen when Queen Mouse is there. On top of that, the kind of environment that allowed the "clique" to form in NijiEN isn't there in vshojo

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Because Pomu and Selen are going to be in Holo as EN4

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>No Ame
Silver's revenge paying off i guess

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the kind of people that make callout posts are typically as bad or worse than the people they condemn

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Remember when everyone thought they were going to hire dumb and dumber?

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Wanna bet on it?

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Is this the thread?

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bisexual doesn't narrow it any further than "woman, standard" or "man, homosexual"

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No, please, feel free to suck up even more niji trash.
Nothing bad could happen, I'm sure.

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>The average IQ of Puerto Rico is 81.99
I don't think embedrodent is as smart you make her out to be.

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This tracks considering how much Vshojo and just Twitch vtubing in general revolve around Mouse lien she's the fucking sun

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For the love of God, don't recruit Little Wigger. Let him leave vtubing for good. He finally got out of Niji EN (too bad it was when it's imploding), we don't want him to turn up anywhere else.

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Power move. Ousted anyone else that might have rivaled her and she is uncontested now. A bitch move, but at least they get to keep everything about them when they leave.

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Enna and Kyo, first Vshojo members to have sex on stream.

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He got a model made, it's over

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>people still claim ironlung is a good person

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Testing testing

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Testing testing again

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What’s Connor thinking about? He would never let him near her.

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mouse is married and has a daughter, she's not some slut sleeping around

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lucky son of a bitch gets to cosplay his wife and creampie her while cosplaying as her.

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I fucking hate it. Pomu is most likely going to vshojo instead of hololive but I was willing to stomach that. But now that faggot wigger will end up there too... Fuck this shit man.

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POMU… it’s time to come home. Real home!

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Every time I see this guy posted he looks more and more dead inside. I wonder how much he regrets interacting with Mouse.

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I don't think he expected her to still be alive at this point, and he's had to accept that he's stuck with her for potentially years to come.