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They will never beat Mori.

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>a fucking deadbeat
Every single time.

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>holo v holo
mori loves them, and they love mori.
kill yourself

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mori says she wants to be FRIENDLY with everyone, not friends.

leech/collab doors must remain open at all times.

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She should ignore them like Gura.

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they already won by not being insufferable talentless cunts

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because holo vs niji is gonna be a one-sided beating

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Friendly reminder that Mori is
>the most watched
>the highest earning
>best musician
>most often collabing
>hardest working
in HoloEN. Of course the doggos can't compare to her

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Are you preparing a grudgepost or what? Kys nijinigger.

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>best musician

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you have bust to ask

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It's funny when you guys false flag to the point of just getting banned for trolling or whatever. You deserve it whenever that happens

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Thats not their birthdays btw

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It seems like fuwamoco are going to make 3 streams celebrating their birthdays. They're gonna milk those retarded ruffians dry. kek

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>best musician
Gura can do 1 karaoke and mog Mori's entire career as a music artist.

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2:30 AM... Two-thirty in the Fuckin' morning. Ain't no way I was gonna be awake for that shit.

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I can fart in a microphone and mog Gura's entire career

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Did anyone else in HoloEN win an award for vtubing musicians? Didn't think so
Mori is literally THE best musician in vtubing so obviously she mogs everyone in her own branch

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Do honest deadbeats even exist?

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She's the best overall. That's why she have so many haters.

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Man, catalogfags really are retarded. OP is a Mori anti just trying to stir shit

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Just goes to show how easy is to bait retards here.

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So who is the bad one?

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OP and anyone arguing itt

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Every story needs a villain, but the best villains are the ones you secretly like.

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You could say this about literally every single vtuber that gets posted here

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The EN vtuber market peaked in 2021 so Myth will always be the biggest gen in HoloEN. Several of them got celebration streams where they earned over 40 thousand dollars in superchats due to Covid lockdowns, initial novelty factor, and more fans having money to spend. Fuwamoco have put in a tremendous amount of work for the past 6 months but they are showing the upper bounds of the current EN fan base.

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>>best musician
dont even top 3 in EN

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They can't help themselves.

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STFU Mori, brap elsewhere.

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Not a single one.

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if she ever streams, sure. let's not get ahead of ourselves

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So is it safe to say assvent didn't do as good as they expected?

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>holo vs holo
alright, who graduated in niji this time?

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>Compare 2024 to 2021
The retardation on /vt/ is limitless

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Kek, why did you pick this one over recent birthdays cuckbeat? Something to hide?

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>Be mori
>Guerilla stream to leech off Gura
>Biggest buff game in years
>Lose to nijiEN and blue homo

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Jesus. I knew she reclined but this is just sad.

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Mori is pretty shit though. At least she hasn't been homocollabing, so I'll cut her some slack. Fuck most of the ID girls though.

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The absolute state of you

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>Cuts it off at 12:05
>Shows grand total of 5 minutes
>People had ended/were ending their streams
You guys are just sad. KEK

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Sorry guys I’m late

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I used to think the people in /#/ was misunderstood. But comparing a mid covid birthday stream to a post covid 2am birthday countdown is just disingenuous.

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Mori is always last on anything that involves multiple povs, she will always be the least viewed member if Kiara is not streaming

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They don't want to beat Mori anon, they just want to make you smile.

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Why do you keep embarrassing yourself?

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>Posts 5 minutes of cherrypicked stats
>gets called out
>Posts fake stats

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Thanks for the link. Now anyone can check the actual numbers and laugh at your pathetic ass