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what did she mean by this?

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>link of grifter pippa talking about her grifter oshi, asmongoloid
kys op

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wtf happened to her voice?

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Didn't watch but I assume she means "look, I'm totally heckin based, give me money".

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I'm so happy I went back to Hololive after venturing out for a while. Holy fuck this content is just so awful. To think her fans shit on everyone else is incredible.

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Capitalism. You don't have to donate anything. I don't. But putting your tips hat out and asking for some change is more panhandling. Go back to the dictionary

Incel antis are still trying to melt vtuber fans minds.
Pippa is just re-explaining cuckoldry to the children again.

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Blonde Pippa is cute. Drunk Pippa is cute.

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>Home of Rusia

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right on cue it's the PDF here to defend their whore oshi using the dumbest arguments imaginable

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I thought you were joking, but her voice does sound off.

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hearing this stupid bitch talk is insufferable

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what even is the context of this? asmongold wholesomely streaming with his girlfriend is somehow "cucking" the viewers?

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she got fatter

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>the only corpo where every member is openly cucking their fans and they keep coming back

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Look at the top left of the video

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She was drunk off her ass shotgunning shitty beers.

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As opposed to the dorito company where every member is privately cucking their fans?

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Asmongold used to run tons of scams in WoW, Pippa lies to her audience to pander and make money off them. They're cut from the same cloth, and running any sort of con makes you a grifter. Cry more, faggot.

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Listen, dude. Tuber culture, and /vt/ in particular, will take the slightest thing and turn it into a rrat. Some fleshtuber buying a new computer chair with his girl? Fuck that, it's a cuck chair. Some talent mentions she stayed in a different hotel room from her coworkers because she had family along? No she didn't, she was getting railed by 5 dudes. Another girl mentions she had to go see her GP because she was tired all the time? She's secretly married and had a miscarriage.

You have to learn to see every situation from the most crab-in-a-bucket perspective possible, and then it makes sense. And even when they finally get one right, it's still just another case of Lacan's jealous husband.

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So publicly getting cucked and coming back for more is less bad than being ignorant of being cucked and dropping when/if you find out? Baffling take. Phase only shit on everyone because they're the most insecure cucked fanbase in the entirety of EN. Phasefags are below Nijiniggers in my eyes. Absolute worst of the worst.

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does drinking really change your voice?

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No, but getting shitfaced will.

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No one is getting 'cucked' because no one is unironically simping for them because it's public.
Every Holo simp is getting cucked because they're all taken or straight up married behind the scenes while selling you GFE and 'no males'.

Tragic, don't reply please.

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Fair enough if you were a Ruffian. But the irony of this coming from a Novellite of all things...

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Easy to find out
>record yourself talking
>slam a few beers/take 2 shots
>rerecord yourself saying the same as before

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How is it possible that all of her takes are just horrible? Does she think she’s too popular and needs to start alienating people?

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I feel like only sociopath guys think like this. Most guys just want a normal stable relationship without other people involved.

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Cuck obsession is really just a 4chan thing in general, it's just that /vt/ is the only board that has people that care about real women, so it's ramped up here.

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>Most guys just want a normal stable relationship without other people involved.
Women don't seem to understand this for some reason, it's like they can't fathom 2 people just being private with each other

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Is Pippa saying that the ladyboy is cucking somebody? Does that thaiboy have a boyfriend thats famous or something? Why is she so up and at em i thought she only cared about asmongold or Jim

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>Does she think she’s too popular and needs to start alienating people?
Pippa's terrible opinions aren't new. They were pretty shit back in '22 as well.

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yeah but I can at least understand that attitude as applied to vtubers given the kayfabe nature of vtuber culture. but to apply it to fleshtubers is retarded, especially fleshtubers who are publicly in a relationship and every viewer already knows it

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>No one unironically simps for Phase
So they just pay Filipinos to shill for them everywhere?

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>company that gave her the boot

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Sorry I should've been explicit, when I said "no one" I meant people and not the human equivalent of fruit flies.

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Didn't hololive have vesper who talked about fucking your oishi? Mori shared cuck art, ame talked shit and belittled her fans to improve themselves and fauna said that you guys aren't friends. That's not to mention rushia

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that excludes like 70% of the phase fanbase

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>every member is openly cucking their fans
The only ones we know for sure are Pippa, Shiina, and Saya. And none of them were "open" about it.
For the vast majority of PC talents, we at the very least have no conclusive evidence.
Meanwhile in HoloEN, the only ones that *aren't* are Fuwamoco, and maybe Bijou???
Ok buddy.

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Damn, didn't knew that the talents were in a relationship with the fans. When do they have the time to date and fuck all those people?

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The "thaiboy" IS asmongold's gf. That's why Pippa's coping so hard about it in this clip.

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>look different
>sounds different
>acts different
wtf happened to pink rabbit

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LOL. LMAO even. Asmongold is finally going the thai route? Let me guess...its one of Emiru's friends?

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>cucking their fans
Cuckoldry is for people who are in actual relationships. Fandoms cannot be "cucked"
That said, the issue is that Rusia was married. Who else in Holo is married or dating? Hmmm

I don't even care.

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My dad was drunk every day of my life before he got buried. I could instantly tell if he was still sober that day purely from his tone. Not even inflections of speech. Just how his voice changed pitch and sounded different

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Hey, I'm not the one who started the shit-flinging contest about which company has more talents with BFs, nor am I the one who equated it with cucking. I'm just stating the facts.

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Do we have to turn this thread into another Unicorn skub thread? Aren't both sides sick of this argument?

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she's saying you should be happy that your gf is doing femdom and cuckhold content on the internet because it means you are the one cucking her fans. basically the usual retarded women brained opinion

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The best part about the asmolgold stuff is how much cope the various vtubers who view him as the ultimate husbando see him be undressed as the Chinese cuck making only fans girl slowly breaks him down

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I thought it was gonna be the one where she says she's a virgin

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That's who started it.
I think they're worse than the pony posters and wish they'd be treated the same.

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for a pump and dump that makes sense but that is a huge red flag for building a relationship. she likes cucking men so the tables may turn

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>the various vtubers who view him as the ultimate husbando

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Who on this earth saw him in that light? I know he’s got money, but if that’s all it takes, I’ll welcome the asteroid.

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this whole annying phasenigger thing must be some highly elaborated trolling because no one can splurt out this much amount of irony out of their minds with a straight face

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claims to hate cuckoldry but unironically reads NTR doujinshi. many such casesme included

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What i don't get is how it thinks that it will get to access the money. Asmongoloid doesn't even use the money for himself, let alone a "partner". It basically started a game on the hardest difficulty.

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I feel like Pippa has very few opinions on anything that she's actually committed to. She just says shit, plays devil's advocate, and toys with ideas for the hell of it. And often times, she'll have completely different or even contradictory opinions from one stream to another. She probably doesn't mean more than half of everything she says. It's like she treats every topic like some philosophy exercise.

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man this feels like a kayfab break, stuff like this makes me realize girls can't ever understand men on a such a fundamental level

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For me it's unironically okay when it's anime. I'm so mentally ill lmao.

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ok but who's the asian bitch she's talking about?

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Well according to Kirsche, it's because he was a disgusting, unhygienic, hikki gremlin, and overcame it, so he's "relatable". Probably the same for Pippa.

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I don't remember Pippa ever saying she reads NTR. Nor do I remember her explicitly saying she hates cuckoldry, although she might've indicated it.

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That's a lot of words for "he's rich so I'm attracted to him now"

>> No.67931699

It's his GF? She just appeared on stream one day and they hung out while she roasted his ass the whole time. I think he's paying her.

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That doesn't make any sense, because there's a plethora of equally or richer guys who aren't ugly.

>> No.67931773

this is a really fanciful way of saying she's an impulsive liar.

>> No.67931776

"Was" according to her. I agree with you.

>> No.67931778

He doesn't even pay people to clean his house, why would he pay for a high grade twitch prostitute instead?

>> No.67931822

>stuff like this makes me realize girls can't ever understand men on a such a fundamental level
they really can't and its quite eye-opening once you realize that

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It just occured to me, for a lot of younger people, this is the first time a celebrity they look up to said something they violently disagreed with.

People aren't made for streaming, especially drunk. No one can beam themselves out there for hours a day without some unfiltered dipshit leaking through.

And to do it for that many people is even more nuts. People here are like, that streamer is only a 2/3 view. Morherfucker, imagine 50-500 people coming over to your house 5 days a week to watch you play games and say something whatever crosses your mind and throw dollar bills at you when they like what you say.

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Holy reddit

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I wouldn't say she's necessarily a liar (at least not based on that). More like lacking consistent principles and not thinking through her opinions.
I'm not saying she's a flawless person, but at least be accurate in your criticisms.

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she's a woman
all women are liars

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>woe is me streaming is so hard
If you can't drink 2 beers (barely enough to get tipsy) without saying dumb shit don't be surprised when people criticize you

>> No.67932160

I don't know if it's hard or not. But it is _weird_. Criticize away. It's probably the only real feedback they get outside management.

>If you can't drink 2 beers...
She's a malnourished WT waif.

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I already know you don't watch streams, you didn't need to yell it to the whole thread.

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I wouldn't hold her opinion very high I would say her viewers have stronger views and hold on to them stronger then she does. What I would say that got people to respect her is that when she had the opportunity and was able to she can do a decent interview and or conversation with interesting people. I know people like to meme she's asmonmold but she's probably closer to Joe Rogan when she was making her best content

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she drank 2 piss water beers not whiskey shots I don't care how much she weighs that won't get her drunk

>> No.67932393

He literally said he's going to fuck your oishi and many of the hololive fans supported that idea half of the hololive reddit and Twitter were making memes on that idea. I don't care for unicorn or idol shit but he was in hololive who is known for that.

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sorry I woke up late guys

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i love catbox, makes me feel like i'm back in the late 90s using dial-up again. the nostalgia hits hard.

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I disagree. I fucking seent it. Hell, I got a buzz off one MGD right after a 8 mile hike. And I am not a small guy.

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Men are 2x more likely to cheat in a relationship than women.

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And women are thirty gorillion times more likely to do something so stupid that it makes your head spin. I can pull shit out of a hat too, only difference being mine is a fact of life.

>> No.67932836

my voice gets a solid octave higher when im properly drunk, it varies person to person

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Not the hero we wanted, but the one we deserve.

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>only time it's double or more is old bastards

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>vtuber picture therefore fanbase

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>2x more likely
Really good argument when you have to refer to the demographic of 70-80+ to prove your point, even if we ignore how much women are known to lie on surveys

>> No.67933427

>the overwhelming majority being not twice as likely
Anon, I...

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all this demonstrates is how insidious women are. women are more likely to cheat on men when men are in their physical prime between 18-29. after she fucks 20 chads, she settles with betabux in her 30s. betabux now has a good career and is looking better than ever while his post-wall hag wife desperately needs him for parasitic resource extraction. betabux's wife won't put out because she never married him for love or attraction, but because she needed someone to live off of. betabux realizes his worth and fucks sweet young teenage poon, because it's the first time he's ever felt loved or desired.

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>Retarded catalog reader thinks catalog baitposts are fact

>> No.67934731

I think you misunderstood. What I meant is that Ruffians are the only HoloEN fanbase that have a leg to stand on when calling anyone else's oshi a whore.

>> No.67934910

nice opinion anon. too bad its a gay one.

>> No.67935005

Hololive fans are going to try to memory hole the holostars like they aren't super detrimental to the company and continue to be detrimental to the company

>> No.67935103

They aren’t really

>> No.67935424

Why don't any of girls besides bae acknowledge the boys anymore? It was 6 months between Collabs of a holostar and a hololive girl

>> No.67935713

I don't know what anons are talking about, she's right. You would feel like you're cucking all her fans and most guys would get off on that.

>> No.67935718

cuck = funny!!! laugh clip laugh!!!

>> No.67935816

She even uses a white outline in her model like youtubers do in her thumbnails to keep viewers engaged

>> No.67936361

Not everyone is an alcoholic Irishman that needs to chug a pint of whiskey to get a buzz anon

>> No.67936505

So she's backhandedly describing her own situation?
And pippigers just suck 'em up like a good cucky boy?
Holy fuck the absolute state of Phasekeks.

>> No.67936667

Because they are irrelevant and thus not detrimental to the brand. Only Phasefucks and Nijifags continue to bring up the homos.

>> No.67936950

That’s a long winded way to say men can’t feel real love just sexual arousal at young female bodies

>> No.67936986

drinking beer has never made me sound 10 years older with a shitty mic

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the desperation to end any attempt to entertain "the enemy" is obvious and consistent with Rules for Radicals, I encourage anyone reading to read the bible of these people and learn where the "I'm always having a good time, you're always not" culture comes from, they believe this highest of magic. it's cargo activism, John Frum never does come back.

>> No.67937327

Why haven't any of the new advent girls Collabed with them if they aren't detrimental. You should use the girls to help them become more relevant. What are you a unicorn or an incel?

>> No.67937582

It's quite amazing how you guys are able to both hate career women and desire women be traditional and be housewifes to then also despise them for being "parasitic resource extracting" housewives at the same time.

>> No.67937838

Used goods can never truly be traditional housewives

>> No.67938662

sitting around doing nothing but spending money doesn't make a good housewife

>> No.67938901

It's sad Pipa died of ligma.

>> No.67938996

Good thing the post didn't differentiate based on that and just called all women leeches for doing exactly what he desires them to do.

>> No.67940319

How is your cock carousel going, plappa?

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>despise them for being "parasitic resource extracting" housewives
Only when they don't put out. Betabux/post-wall hag relationships are purely transactional. Betabux gives the wife financial security while the wife gives betabux sex & kids. If women can't fulfill their end of the bargain, then they're fucking useless parasites

>> No.67941172

young 20 y/o men grow up seeing young women their age go for 30+ y/o guys. men wake up to the harsh reality that women don't feel love & only desire resources/status and react accordingly.

>> No.67941322

Why can’t Pippa be funny all the time

Like I’d watch her if she was non-stop funny, but she’s not, rarely even get a good memeable clip

>> No.67941356

Shes tipsy and probably has trouble keeping her anime voice

>> No.67941409

Plappa Plapkin

>> No.67941514

Sure you don't. Now get back in the cuckchair phasefaggot

>> No.67941901

pippafags are pathetic
So not even accounting for them being pathological liars but when it truly matters (18-29) they are cheaters, and when they are empty egg cartons and a financial and mental burden to the man for literally nothing since most of these married men aren't even getting ass, they have to step outside of their arrangement to get it, it makes total sense

>> No.67942258

>ass mongoloid

>> No.67942490

Pippa is unironically a virgin, so her standards are pretty high.

>> No.67942758

>she said she was a virgin bro

>> No.67943226

yeah and I'm the catholic pope, believe me bro

>> No.67943978

Do I have to sensually caress your small hands live on stream to make you understand?

>> No.67946727

Having an amorphous set of values and opinions that change based on who gives you more money seems like grifting to me, anon. Try and find Asmongold reacting to a video without saying "dood true" fifteen times, any video. He's the Joe Rogan of neckbeards.

>> No.67947058 [DELETED] 

She flesh recorded herself touching a man on her PL
She's also a BLM foid
You are a dysgenic mongrel if you still watch her

>> No.67949876

Kirsche is an Asmongoloid simp and chat were making fun of her for getting cucked. Then chat also mentions that Asmond's gf does cuck shit on her OnlyFans. Kirsche while watching a clip of Asmond and her gf looking at a chair starts getting ideas. Chat teases Kirsche about Asmond being a cuck and that chair is where he'll get handcuffed and cucked. Kirsche then proceeds to lose her shit on an hour long rant.

Pippa is friends with Kirsche and their fans overlap, so the cuck topic spread there too.

>> No.67950763

Pippa has a boyfriend bro. And it's highly likely they have been living together since a long time ago too because they streamed together way before she even joined Phase Connect. And we know for fact since some leaked DM's between Shondo and Pippa talking about their boyfriends. And yes, Shondo too has a bf.

>> No.67950942

As if anyone on this godforsaken board, chock-full of mentally ill loners hallucinating they are in an exclusive romantic relationship with their anime idol streamers, would be qualified as non-dysgenic, lmao.

>> No.67951177

Why did she even say this. Its such an obvious lie.

>> No.67951319

Unironically are there any NTRchubas that actually play into that angle?

>> No.67951668

What about those chuubas who conceived on stream?

>> No.67952246

Does Kirsche think that is she sucks Asmongolds dick hard enough that she'll get her 5 minutes of fame on his channel or what?

>> No.67953145


she has her porn content linked on her twitch, and she does cuckholding scenarios. Anyone pretending this is wholesome is disingenuous or a retarded faggot

>> No.67953438

>anybody who doesn't know about the latest e-celeb fleshtuber shit is "disingenuous or a retarded faggot"
fuck off not all of us are normalniggers like you

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>Home of Rusia

>> No.67953728

The entirety of twitch and probably NijiEN

>> No.67953848

You know phase acrually has some decent chhubas but pippa and her fans are just way too obnoxious

>> No.67953924
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That fag is in for a wild ride. Never date or marry an asian, the majority cannot feel empathy both the males and females, you enter into a loveless relationship with them more akin to a business partner.

>> No.67954086

I don't just want NTR I want them to acknowledge it.

>> No.67954167

Asmon already dated that Pink Sparkles girl, not sure why he chooses the most soul-sucking bimbo whores to date

>> No.67954541

He‘s a bimbochad

>> No.67957044

Copekin Coppa

>> No.67958149

It's cause he is shallow dude. All he puts out for content is playing games and reacting to videos and he doesn't particularly really add anything. I remember I talked to a fan of his and I asked what would he realistically add in commentary value to videos like the ones lemino does and he said he googles for things to add like that simply being in the video adds value. I remember when dark viper u showed that him and xqc hurt the original creator by copying the metadata and publishing the reaction a day after the video comes out and because the way the YouTube algorithm favors longer videos from larger creators (asmon and other twitch streamers know this ) this means that they will take impressions and viewership away from the original creator. The dude is wholeheartedly a person who does whatever benefits himself even at the expense of others

>> No.67958307

need pippa's big butt on my face

>> No.67958380

I bet you celebrated and coomed when twitch allowed for "artistic" nudity and you could jack it to girls on twitch

>> No.67958383

I want to be bffs with pippa. I think she needs to hang around better people

>> No.67958437

website for normalfaggots like you

>> No.67958798

>Cuckoldry is for people who are in actual relationships. Fandoms cannot be "cucked"
You are the one strapped to a chair.

>> No.67958919
File: 741 KB, 881x888, 1701299226445831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why would Pippa know if she was virgin or not?


>> No.67959002

Nope. Try that dictionary next time.

>> No.67959342


>> No.67960494
File: 13 KB, 355x151, GE6PJQOXgAEGa7o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Isn't this the stream where Pippa's mod threw a fit in chat and quit?

>> No.67960711 [DELETED] 

Is there any newer leaked photos of pippa? I don't even care if she's ugly

>> No.67960827

go back kiwisister

>> No.67960945

asking for a friend

>> No.67960970

>You should use the girls to help them become more relevant
Nta but here the girls prioritise themselves and their value, they are not obligated to play "save the homo" as to virtue signal. Maybe phase should walk the talk and have that cow girl collab with holostar next.

>> No.67961562

>She just says shit, plays devil's advocate, and toys with ideas for the hell of it.
It's almost like she is joking and gaslighting chat for the fun of it. Have some you never watched a vtuber or anything comedic before? She is even trying to suppress herself from laughing before she says that bs take. I haven't watched this stream yet, but I often watch Pippa and that is part of her brand of comedy. She likes to take off the wall takes and run with them for content. Everyone who actually watches her is in on the joke. But I guess it is easy low hanging fruit for antis since people who cannot read between the lines will take it Verbatim.

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That's cute sweetie. now go play. the adults are talking.

>> No.67962390

>durrr look at how much of a retard I am
>fuck off retard
>heh, I was just playing devil's advocate
yeah ok lol

>> No.67962695

Yeah, both of them are me on alts

>> No.67962768

Lets be honest guys, a big portion of us on this board are Unicorns, we kinda cuck ourselves anyway

>> No.67963106

Least obvious falseflagger

>> No.67963150

Where’s the lie?

The word doesn’t apply, but yeah, you pretend to be in the chair

>> No.67963208

But what about the plea from the company to not be mean to the holostars when the third gen came out cause it's wrong and bigtoted. Shiori is crying because we might not respect her Collab choices. oh man maybe it's over didn't you see how fuwamoco failed to acknowledge the holostars and bae was the lone hololive girl to even show the inkling they exist

>> No.67963246

It doesn't really mean much if they're dating or married, at least from what I've seen

>> No.67963366

What is a normal faggot? Those two terms don't go together a better term for what you are trying to express is a sheep for corporations

>> No.67963769 [DELETED] 
File: 458 KB, 947x628, wsgwgw2312.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.67964768

This is the type of shit content she does?
God, her past life was so much better and considerably more unhinged.

>> No.67968352


>> No.67968459

>The only ones we know for sure are Pippa, Shiina, and Saya

>> No.67968487

What's with Americans a cucking?

>> No.67968731

go back to plebbit

>> No.67968779

But she's not funny, she's slimy and repulsive.

>> No.67969503

>Anons in this thread are so retarded they don't understand that women LIE.
The truth is that most women are serial cheaters and not only with one guy but multiple guys as they search for a better partner than their current man and they're evil sociopaths so they feel no remorse about it.
Depending on the country you live in the chance a child is NOT the husbands own is 10-40%
There's one chuuba on this fucking planet I trust and I will never say her name because I will never allow my actions to bring schizos to her and make her miserable.

>> No.67969549

Both HAD
Past tense.
Keep up with the times dramafag.
Maybe they got new bfs since but unconfirmed.

>> No.67970027

>thread about Pippa
>still find a way to bring up Rushia
Comepletely mindbroken.

>> No.67970041

>getting shitfaced on two beers


>> No.67970133

Love Yourself

>> No.67970593

women don't count it as cheating unless they get caught

>> No.67971124

>Answer; Loser Husbands
Unironically, This is a reasonable conclusion from what I can tell from various "Sources" is that a large percentage of women want to have the sole privilege of being the sole person who your partner can emotional depend upon and being the "responsible" part of the relationship drive this bitches crazy.
Workaholic females are the worse at this because they purposely keeps their boyfriend/husband docile and without a career add a few anchors to the man (ex.Financial dependency, Emotional Guilt or the Best Anchor a Child or two) then they became almost like a pet to the women.
Then their is the rich aspect of Asmongold, From what I have seen from him is that he never use that wealth for himself and he is easily flustered to the point at a 2view made him blush,
You no idea anon, That is the perfect circumstances for those kind of women to be attracted to someone like asmon. They even Don give a shit about wealth but the sheer euphoria of they get from controlling your husband/boyfriend finances, his property and just the Fantasy of being the lady who keeps the household afloat as said drive these bitches crazy, They can insult their husband in their face and the husband wouldn't do shit but say sorry if not grovel in their knees for forgiveness.
If you doubt me, you clearly never worked for a European publishing company

>> No.67972957

That got pinned to shame the guy who said it

>> No.67973927

>How is your cock carousel going, plappa?
I can not fathom how desperate you'd have to he to fuck pippa lmao

>> No.67974020

>And we know for fact since some leaked DM's between Shondo and Pippa talking about their boyfriends.
uh link?

>> No.67975871

second this, first time I'm hearing about it

>> No.67976131

No, he's a longtime pippa regular and friend of the mod who pinned it. That pippa mod in question was also going in chat and being pissy that stream.

>> No.67977000

some onlyfans chinese girl is currently living in asmongolds garbage nest and bothering him at end of stream when its clear she needs the D

didn't know she was a findom tho, wonder if he paid like a shitton or something lol

>> No.67979227

Who's Steve Jobs?

>> No.67979307

Shes small, likes anime, and has soft feet. I'd fuck her in a heart beat