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check this video at 2:46.
i am not a native English speaker, just watched goomba's stream lately, and found out in this part goomba said she doesn't know what anecdote is. and in fact it's not the first time that Gura mentioned some daily words she didn't know, she did ask some words like neurology, harem, and this time anecdote. Also Caliope Mori asked gura what is apex predator not long after they debuted. I am just curious, is it normal for a native speaker to ask the meanings of some daily words like that?? like you guys would ask people what that is what this is from time to time? then find out that the meaning isn't something peculiar?

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She's American.

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Most Americans don't know shit about anything. American children literally don't even know how to fucking read anymore.

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They're alcoholics

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What did kurosanji do this time?

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That's an amuzing anecdote. I'm not reading it though.

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If we all know the meaning of all words then we could have solved all world problems by now

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anecdote isn't really a daily use word. It's definitely the type of word only niggas who go to college or are terminally online would use. And Gura didn't go to college

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The only thing Americans learn in schools are active shooter drills.

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Selen has been radio silent for a full month, not responding to anyone, even making her vtuber mama worried, but recently she was in a voicechat with Kuro from vshojo on stream.

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Most people would just say example

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There are over 200,000 English words and many more phrases. You're not going to know the meaning of each word, even if come across as common to you it may not be recognized by another even if they can say the word.

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>voice chat with retard dwarf
Vshojofags really be making up shit for no reason. Mid bait 4/10

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He was saying that she's been playing Apex on her Steam account until someone posted proof that it was a lie. This is his new lie.
And I can tell it's the same person by the very distinct way his posts are made.

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yuros are sub human fags
Gura and Mori are literally retards who were in special ed in school.

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the only thing yuros learn is how to pray to mecca

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you already made this exact thread retard, you got plenty of good answers the first time

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Anecdote: academic word mot often used in conversation
Harem: used by the average person perhaps once a year, if even that
Neurology: not really a reason to not know this one, probably just comes down to streamer brain

English has a LOT of words. Not knowing/immediately remembering a couple is expected.

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I'll say the same thing as I did last time you posted this: It's a fucking bit. She's smarter than most of the people on this board, if you can't tell she acts dumb on purpose then you dont watch her very often. She intentionally misses stuff in games, mispronounces stuff, and just derps in general to whip chat into a frenzy of OMG GURA PLS. It works every time. Easy content, easy viewer interaction

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Seems less like a bait thread and more of an honest but retarded ESL thread.

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>lex posters in 2024

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do you know every word used in your language? for some a word may be of daily use but others don't use them at all, it's worse if you barely speak to people

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Americans are literally the only ones who don't know what words by the context of their use.

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She's American, retard. How do people not know this by now. Sorry Canadians and Euros. She's not yours

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No, you'd just be able to describe them better

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Anon, Mika was in the VC with Kuro not Selen.

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Inshallah brother

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