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There are grown ass men on this board that will unironically force themselves to watch pure slop for days if not weeks, just to "prove loyalty" to their oshi, instead of watching someone else that streams something more interesting.

What is this mental illness called? What type of "fan credibility" are you trying to build up by doing that?

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cool story bro
more importantly, why you gay?

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>What is this mental illness called?

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I'm watching Towa right now

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palworld streams are harmful to the viewer, the streamer, and the world

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I don't recall anyone asking.

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I asked. But it was supposed to be a secret dm

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Artfag/nintendobaby detected

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sincerely why do you like garbage
do you have no self-respect

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>everyone in the world literally play Palworld
>its fucking trash because Nijisanji cant play it
What kind of mental illness is this???

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>everyone in the world literally play Palworld
that's not a good thing

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>popular thing le bad

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It unironically is bad because quite often, the popular stuff is all watered down garbage for the masses.

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I like everything my oshi does because she's my oshi. Simple as.

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>Can't buy it bc mommy took away money perms.

Just pirate it anon, you don't have to say that you're a child here in /vt/

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I watch based on what the girls are actually doing rather than watching for specific people. My oshi?
simple as

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>Any thread is seen as an attack on hololive
Tribal brain rot.

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Provide examples of quality games then, anon.

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>Captcha: GAYYD

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>muhhhh hololive
Rent free???

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But enough about Pokemon

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Let’s see…I watched Jelly today, I watched Lumi yesterday, I watched the PhaseJP debuts over the weekend, I was busy preparing for a job interview so I didn’t watch much vtubers at all the week before, I mostly watched Neuro the weekend before that, I watched some Fauna before that, and then I think I watched an Advent collab before that, and I think somewhere in the middle I watched Nerissa a few times as well.
I’m as loyal as a deadbeat father who’s gone out to get milk five or six times with as many women, and it’s great. If it’s boring, I leave. I’ll still be back next time because sometimes debuff content is debuff content.
And frankly, I don’t think the vtubers mind either. They surely know not every stream is kino.

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Yesterday I watched Gura play Palworld while I played Palworld with my siblings. Feel free to have a full on melty about it.

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man that cover fucking sucked

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oh nyo~~

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Serious question, why do you care? Why does it bother you so much that nameless faceless rando's you'll never meet are watching streams you don't like/don't care about?

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im loyal but i never watch streams

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The fuck is this shit ESL chama?

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Too much of a good thing can be bad, just because Palworld can be fun doesn’t mean that Palworld should be the only thing anyone cares about. Also actually rent free.

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I'm not loyal to anybody, I'm a demon
I have no loyalty for anyone, never did, never will
Shorty chose to be with a demon
Sounds like her problem to me

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I dunno retard, how about using context clues to figure it out for yourself.

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How about using real words and speaking English, Señor taco

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…What the fuck is wrong with you?

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lurk moar faggot XDDDDD

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Did you post while staring at a mirror?

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>exposes himself as both ESL, and not being /here/
Unfortunate retard.

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You wouldn’t get it

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more proof that the retards calling people ESL on this board are projecting

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the only reason I watch every stream of hers is because she makes them interesting even if the games are shit, unless its a japanese only then I just play it as background sound

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No post using this image has been worth reading. Jannies should ban these people on sight.

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because plebs have to be humilliated and put in their place.

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This trend of niggas telling me what I can or cannot enjoy is starting to seriously break my balls. If watching my oshi talk and eat for a fucking hour is what makes me happy, then I will keep doing it.

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You obviously don’t if you’re asking people on here, go spend time on your own hobbies. What do you do?

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>What is this mental illness called
being a chumbud

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Nijisister seething so hard that literally everyone can stream palworld except niji.

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maybe you're just a fucking retard, and what you think is "better" is actually, in fact, the slop? That's their oshi for a reason, because they enjoy her content.