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*unlolifies herself* heh nothing personal, lolicons

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north korean aging beams

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She never looked like a loli to begin with

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i still don't like her and I won't watch her, but i respect that.
if she doesn't like loli she shouldn't pander to lolicons, and it looks like she isn't anymore
maybe she's grown an actual backbone

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maybe if you're blind

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I don't think you know what a loli actually looks like. Even Gura doesn't really look like a loli to be honest.

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Her only appeal was being a loli, there is nothing left

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What's the difference between the two images?

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left is soul, right is soulless

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looks the same

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>paying to get a longer neck
I knew she was retarded but

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Right is hotter. Period.
You are wrong, but you are free to be wrong.

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>not nothing purrsonal
One job.

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based. her hair was way too big before and it pisses me off. basically the opposite problem that IRyS has

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Out of curiosity. What would happen if she collabed with Pikamee and Pika started salivating and calling her model a loli

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Most people on this site have a skewed view of what is or isn't a loli, to the point that anything small is a loli and has cunny.
Honestly they're just as bad as twitter but instead of hate for loli, its lust for loli.

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yes, finally a vtuber who can satisfy my giraffe neck fetish

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This is her next model, if you think it's shit it's because you're a pedo

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6-12 (bodytype) would be loli, I'd say Gura looks 12.

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Nothing. Nyanners is not a complete retard and she would rather swallow her pride in the moment than offend a collab partner.

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That's a bit low, the bottom of that range is barely human, and loli can reach into the 14 at least. 8~14 seems more accurate.

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More like she never cared about denouncing loliphilia

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the design is too childlike for the face and body now
looks like one of those adult baby diaper people

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Looks the same?

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This. She's just a pettanko.

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6-12 is loli, above that they start acting like teens and doing sexual stuff. Below 6 is toddlercon which gets the rope i you're into it. Like Gato Bebe baby form

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You're probably right. I did lower the ceiling to under teens for argument's sake though. Even if he argued 12 is the ceiling I think Gura is clearly underneath that ceiling.
And 8 is the beginning of puberty, but I was thinking about how low I could go before it turned into todlercon.

Anyway definition arguments are the worst it doesn't really matter.

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Well, most people tend to lump toddlercon and loli together. Or at the very least there's a line where it gets real blurry, especially in regards to doujins

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How old was the pomf pomf girl again?

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>left: loli
>right: loli with giraffe neck
is pink cat this stupid?

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At least she finally stopped appealing to lolicons and now will lose viewers.

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yeah it's mostly arguing over semantics
I just thought that the 12-14 range (which I think is the more interesting) really did fall into loli, see pic related are all in taht

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>8 is the beginning of puberty

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I recognize Tanabe, do you mind sharing who are the first two?

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Fuck pink cat, fuck hypocrites and fuck vshitshow.

Better vtubers out there to spend your time on.

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Don't remember, like 9 if I had to guess.
But looking through old Inuboshi stuff makes me remember how Akari is overrated in comparison.
Sharing you loli with two other dudes is the most lame thing in the world.

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2nd is from micropage, he has a whole serie of that, about 8 volumes, it's a goldmine if you like lolis with some shape to them
1st is pretty unknown, named Aikawarazu by Shiomaneki, it's very sweet

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>create thread to make fun of lolicons
>lolicons just use it to share their favourite loli artists and doujins

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That's just nope.avi but retarded and gay.

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Right design looks awkward and uncanny, and I say this even though I never actually cared much about the whole drama she had with this imageboard before.

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Well lolicons who watch nyanners should be made fun of by everyone that's a given.

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I don't watch nyanners, I just open any thread that mentions lolis.

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As someone who hated her for the loli shit but stopped caring, I suppose she assumes that her antis will stop calling her a hypocrite changing her model, but I think she's just empowering them "proving them right about her"
A true loli is a character that looks prepubescent, the age is between 4 and 12
I'm a lolicon and I agree, but it doesn't help that she had a big head, tiny proportions and a hoodie and you could see half her body
Would /vt/ stop hating her if she collabed with Pikamee? I think most people would call her based

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thanks senpai

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4 is too young. Loli is typically at least in elementary school. Youjo or toddler is 2-5. I feel like 6 is the youngest I can call a girl a loli. Upper limit is 14 but she has to have a petite body for her age.
>if she collabed with Pikamee
No. I'd consider it Pika's decision which has nothing to do with Nyanners. But Pika decided to collab with Mouse and no one else in vShojo.

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>Would /vt/ stop hating her if she collabed with Pikamee?
No. There's nothing she can do to make the antis stop hating her.

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Both JS and JC can be considered loli but most people think of JS

>> No.6792296

>But Pika decided to collab with Mouse and no one else in vShojo.
You make it sound like she declined collabs. I doubt the others have even asked her. Pika is a pretty outgoing girl and would probably love the opportunity to make new friends.

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>but I think she's just empowering them "proving them right about her"
Because she is. Her avatar was loli. I don't want anyone to give me that, "she's just pettanko", or, "She's 170 cms!", cope. That's all it fucking was, pure fucking cope that she was using a loli model, making sexual jokes and innuendos on stream. encouraging lewd fanart and the lewd atmosphere of her loli model. Her proportions, despite whatever fucking fictional age and height you gave her or she gave herself, showed that her model was pure cunny. I only hope now that she's changed her model we can accept the hypocrite narrative and get over it all simultaneously. Also, these shit threads can go ahead and disappear off the face of shit site.

>Would /vt/ stop hating her if she collabed with Pikamee? I think most people would call her based
No, the only way for her to stop getting hate on /vt/ would be to directly show that she's completely fine with lolis by saying that it's fine to lewd lolis. That's the only way she could gain favor with this place. Only twitterfags believe and subscribe to the logic of association.

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>would be to directly show that she's completely fine with lolis by saying that it's fine to lewd lolis
Even if that was her real opinion she would have to be retarded to say that on stream. She would lose more viewers than she'd gain from that and some fags on twitter would probably try to cancel her for it. I know jp vtubers have gotten away with it, but the english vtuber community is way easier to target for shitters on twitter.

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>4 is too young
Yeah, 6 may be it
I don't know anon, she would be collabing with a "pedo", unless that's her being a hypocrite
I suppose, but consider this >>6792392
Unless, she starts UOHposting, I don't know

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I'm certain true anime fans and vtuber fans would rally behind her. Not only that, the other side will just do bad optics the entire time by openly doxxing and harassing her on MAINSTREAM and not just this closeted shitty site. Even on twitter and youtube rn, Nyannerantis arevery segregated from essentially the entire community of anime and vtubers. They know speaking up against her 2d=3d views and starting some crusade would be a stupid option. Now, when the retards on twitter, they'll just openly try to dox and harass her ass. Even her more prominent followers who are into her. That will just be bad optics for them all around. I'm 100% sure True anime and vtuber fans who understand the culture around these mediums would actually stand by her and give their support. I know I would. Plus, all the fake grifting clout chasers and puritans will get booted off.

>Unless she starts UOHposting, I don't know.
No, it won't work. Even just suggestive shit, people are still way in denial about it all. Even when you show them proof that gura is a pure cunnyseur, niggas deflect and just say, "well, she doesn't seem like a loli". Most people don't even know what a loli is or have some weird as misconception about it. like the copium in this thread saying nyanners wasn't even a loli, or some stupid shit like fixating on their height, age, or mannerisms. I'm convinced nyannerfags don't actually know what the fuck they're saying and they just hope the opposition is just spouting schizo rrats to try to pick up their newfag slack there. These fucking people need a wake up call and do some research on what the fuck a loli is. Then they'll realize that both Gura and Nyanners fitted that bill. They also need a reality check that lolis can be sexualized and you aren't a horrible person for it.

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Listen, I know that 2D =/= 3D and all that, but you've got to admit, the prospect of jacking it to like a cartoon 6-8 year old sounds pretty fucking nasty to most people just from the sound of it alone.

>> No.6793398

I just popped in to the stream.

"is this the new model, I think the mouth is different".

>> No.6793407

The duality of the kuso pink neko...

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That's fine, anon. What's wrong is that those niggas and nyanners lumping lolicons into pedos.

>> No.6793474

This place is so fucking full of tourists and newfags, have ANY of you ever seen a loli in hentai? Or are you just the twitter crowd that thinks petite is lolicon?

>> No.6793483

The hololive model is to avoid controversy no matter what, and Gura herself would be one of the last holos to deliberately express an opinion that's highly provocative in the West.

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She has significant onee-san energy when she uses her long hair now. It's hot

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It's a pretty easy association to make regardless of the nuance behind the matter. If someone sees a six year old character and then see someone beating off to it then they're gonna see someone beating it to a six year old at first glance.

>> No.6793821

they've been trying to force nyanners back onto this website as "le ebin trole," they don't even care about loli or anything

>> No.6793916

I don't give a fuck and it's fine if they find it weird, but if you better learn fantasy isn't reality or have an actual case to call me a pedo because normalfags are some of the most retarded people I have seen when it comes dealing with these things

>> No.6793923

3D cunny when?
Veibae, you promised.

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Then that's just their own emotions flaring up and them sperging out about it. However, whenever they're done crying about drawing, they better listen to the experts and the science behind it and stop calling lolicons pedos. I don't care about first glances. After the first glance they should stop being retards and actually think and apply logic into their worldviews. I'd also like when I explain it to them, they can stop dropping retarded loaded questions and all their cope appeals. Again, I don't care if they find it weird. Just don't think you can label me as something else and get away with it.

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Her long legs on her old model made her not look loli enough but her upper half what she uses on streams is indeed loli looking and that's why she changed her model. Just look at it. She have stick arms, and giant baby head because she commisioned loli artist and he can't draw anything other than loli. When you see her old half body you assume she'll look like this.

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>have ANY of you ever seen a loli in hentai? Or are you just the twitter crowd that thinks petite is lolicon?
I don't really think Nyanners fits the criteria, the loli body type that I would think fits the minimal criteria is picrel
But consider this I said before:
>it doesn't help that she had a big head, tiny proportions and a hoodie and you could see half her body
To answer specifically the Twitter crowd question, I have seen lolicons call Ina a loli

>> No.6794373

I have actually seen people call Veibae's model "pedo shit". Veibae doesn't look young and has huge fucking tits. Normalfags are actually retarded.

>> No.6794537

what the fuck is this monstrosity you've created

meds STAT

>> No.6794652

The whole hypocrite thing is based on Pinky being a Loli, which is just not true.
Try harder, faggie

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>she commisioned loli artist
I was going to say bullshit, but you are right

>> No.6794773

What would you expect from a skinny 20-something girl?
She's got narrow shoulders. and anime girls have big heads.
you could make an argument that the way her jacket is hanging is immature, but that's hardly conclusive.

>> No.6794808

That's her true form. Original of this picture makes her look more fucked up.

>> No.6794815

It's called head to body ratio, numbskulls

>> No.6794884

It's a fucking cartoon chief.
Proportions mean nothing without other characters to compare them to, and she's the only Vtuber in that style.

>> No.6794938

Alolan Nyanners

>> No.6795318

You can see by all Nyanners fanarts what even her fans assume what she's 150cm at max (which makes her seething) and actually act surprised when they found out what her real height is. Hell even the most potato styles artists make clean difference between 20yo 170 tall woman and 130 cm loli even with giant heads and narrow sholders.

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File: 2.48 MB, 2020x1908, 1624937467326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll post this comparative, here is Nyanners compared with loli characters and how they look on stream. Personally, I barely find her to be a loli or petite
You can draw the following conclusions, I'll leave it to you:
>1.- She is as much of a loli as the others
>2.- Her upper half makes her look like a loli
>3.- She isn't a loli at all

>> No.6795695

Looks great

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Yeah, exactly.
The only ones in Vshojo taller than her are Zen and Hime. Maybe Silver, but that also might be her heels.

>> No.6795859

"People" only say she was a loli to push their seething hypocrisy narrative.
Mentally ill pedophiles will seethe in their graves over Nyanners, and none too soon.

>> No.6795937

Remember to always draw her off-model and small then

>> No.6795941

Pikamee it’s that you?

>> No.6795969

I never thought of her as being loli to begin with, mostly because the visible part of her on stream is as in pic above.

With anime styles, age becomes slightly more elastic but she always came off more pettanko. Another way to look at it though, is her character literally grew because a year passed. How many other vtubers have their characters age in real time? I thought it was kind of fun

>> No.6795977

Her old model doesn't look as high as 5'7

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File: 1.64 MB, 2240x2180, The noble greeks grooming children.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Greekchama, I missed you, how are you?

>> No.6796119

Can we talk about how much worse Ironmouse's model looks compared to her original one? Like c'mon, how can anyone compare the two and think the new one looks good?

>> No.6796263

>is pink cat this stupid?
Yes and I love her.

>> No.6796352


>loli-like on the top half
>long lower half so you can argue shes just a tall skinny girl
this pink bitch...

>> No.6796410

The new one genuinely looks worse, just look at that neck.

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File: 80 KB, 699x671, 1626742685820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rate her ahegao face she can do now.

>> No.6796475

>>loli like on the top half

Holy mother of Cope! Unironically seek help

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File: 71 KB, 465x548, 1594905755330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To be fair this should be a recurring thing with every chuuba out there as time moves on.

For instance, Matsuri is in no way in hell 152cm tall nowadays considering it's been 3 years since she debuted, she definitely stretched by a good margin with simply looking at how she moves and interact with other members in the 3D streams.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule, such as chuubas who they're intentionally designed to be small like Debiru, or people that are highly unlikely to get a 3D model like Kana.

>> No.6796524

>adds Cat to VtubersToJerkTo.txt

>> No.6796627

Average height for Women in Japan is 158cm.
Maybe she's just a bit on the shorter side.
Or maybe they want her to be smaller and cuter to get more donations.

>> No.6796761

That's kind of hot.

>> No.6796861

Cute but these highlights in hearts are so unnecessary.

>> No.6796885

So can we still call her a hypocrite or...?

>> No.6796963

>It's a fucking cartoon
Tell that to nyanners and her lolicon hating "fans"

>> No.6796983

Find something else to hate on, I'm sure something will materialise.

10 years online; nobody has only acceptable takes. To anyone.

>> No.6797039

/vt/ never actually thought she was a hypocrite. they were just mad that she doesn't like lolicons.
the hypocrite thing was just a thing they latched onto so they could take themselves more seriously.

>> No.6797129

I do regularly.
don't think this is as simple as us vs them.

>> No.6797138

>11k viewers
>raids a chicken stream instead of someone in her talent agency

>> No.6797162

based, fuck leeches

>> No.6797255

She's finally acknowledged it by changing it. No need to call her a hypocrite anymore. Sure, she's still a grifting 2d=3d fag, but it is what it is.

>> No.6797271

>Raids what she likes instead of chasing corporate quotas
based stupid sexy cat girl

>> No.6797737

She really doesn't look that different when you see it in motion.

>> No.6797848

If you knew, you could tell she grew up significantly.

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt with your 3rd statement.

>> No.6801926

My headcanon Pika doesn't like Nyanners.
People beat it to all kinds of fucked up stuff like hardcore BDSM, scat, etc. That doesn't mean they want to experience those things in reality.

>> No.6802431

Are you saying her models increased in height with each new iteration or are you saying rm grew? If the latter, I highly doubt a 23 year old woman grew at all since she was 20.

>> No.6803003

>design is unchanged
what is the point of this?

>> No.6803082

Better animations, wider range of tracking, and makes her character's actual height more clear when compared to the other Vshojo girls.

>> No.6803291

How many years has it been?


The neck is weird as fuck, although that's not uncommon, most vtubers cover it up somehow.

The mouth looks weird too, and yeah I know that w mouth thing is a trope.


If she had hit back against Kiara at least I'd have regained a tiny bit of respect for her.

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File: 3.60 MB, 1457x2157, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6803419

Still didn't bother to get a better outfit.

>> No.6803977

She had a few for the old model
Has a couple lined up for this one too

>> No.6804105

Is Nyanners a lesbian? I'm confused because she simps hard for that Yakuza guy (forgot his name). But in general she seems pretty gay. Is she bi? Has she ever discussed her sexuality?

>> No.6804192

Said she's mostly into women and 99% of the men she's into are fictional

>> No.6804255

>99% of the men she's into are fictional
I'm pretty fictional myself

>> No.6804290

looks like shit

>> No.6805526

Most women are bi anon, just assume every woman is bi by default.

>> No.6805676

The fact that she actually changed it will always make me laugh, first the nekopara shit now the model it's just too easy

>> No.6805961

I don't know whether to be impressed or worried that you autists have such an effect on her.
She was so annoyed at getting called a loli for so long that she commissioned her artist to mildly change her model to look more mature.

>> No.6805964

Dolores (aka Lolita) was 14 when she lost the interest of Humber Humbert, so I've always though that to be the cutoff age for loli

>> No.6806148

She had plenty of boyfriends you know. Pretty sure she has one now too.

>> No.6806192

A normal person wouldn't give a shit. Shes a fucking loser.

>> No.6806224


>> No.6806229

Should have listened to the anons telling her to off herself instead tbqh

>> No.6806359

Left looks like shit, but right looks even more shittier. Good things don't last forever and it all turns to shit.

>> No.6806398

>The Bigger Nyanners

>> No.6806474

Gura did it better

>> No.6806588
File: 8 KB, 256x154, P_20210718_221443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6806683

They didn't effect her, if they did she would've changed sooner then now, I think she just wanted to change it up probably.
Remember anons, most people are vtubers because they want to be cute anime girls/boys, but tastes change over time.

>> No.6807876

All this horny teenage boy act it's just pandering to audience to look more relatable "ha ha hot lady big boobs am i right bros" even her tastes in men is fall under then men's "i'm not gay but" category

>> No.6809248

This is the case with most vtubers though.

>> No.6810482

The avatar doesn't matter. It's the cynical opportunist behind it that always made me hard pass. Such a shame, otherwise I would've given her a chance. Maybe even liked her content. Alas, twas not meant to be m'lady.

>> No.6810590
File: 15 KB, 350x350, laughingwoman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nyanners is bodyshaming. Where's the SJWs?

>> No.6810617

This, only ironic weebs think she did. She already looked too old for a loli.

>> No.6810641

Great now she just looks retarded instead of cutely retarded

>> No.6810665

Wow, I actually like the change.

>> No.6810719

Said nobody ever

>> No.6810731

me too.
She looks about 40% more fuckable because of the tall oneesan energy.

>> No.6810735

Nyanners: *Unlolifies herself

>> No.6810748

Sure you can believe that if you want, and also I have this bridge here I'd like to sell you.

>> No.6810764

>tall oneesan energy
I think you mean tall giraffe energy

>> No.6810769

It looks kinda uncanny if I'm honest

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File: 170 KB, 437x612, 1626764666330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at me I turned myself into a Brontosaurus
I'm brontonners!

>> No.6810824

>stop being loli
>design becomes uglier
Seems about right.

>> No.6810865

Long neck ass BITCH

>> No.6811407

The wierdness is the appeal for most (sane) people. It's like incest, you get off on how wrong it is

>> No.6813754
File: 340 KB, 640x360, Neck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Copy that

>> No.6813777

she looks like a femboy now.

>> No.6813911
File: 675 KB, 693x642, DAYUM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shit, u right!
that makes it even better.

>> No.6813935

It better fits her geriatric cackle

>> No.6814565

Someone commission loli nyanners and teen nyanners yuri
Time travel or sisters idc

>> No.6815058
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>> No.6815064

>select all
>upscale +10%
>select neck
>elongate +50%
There's your new model bro. Proportions are the same.

>> No.6816737
File: 1.38 MB, 1024x1267, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's not worth the time and resources unless you're going all the way with outing her for being a piece of shit, otherwise you're just gotten another talented artist to waste time on porn of the pink cunt.

>> No.6816898
File: 529 KB, 1367x856, 1618039071742.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hating on Nyanners is back on the menu boys

>> No.6817069

teen nyanners rapes loli nyanners

>> No.6817149

ok I changed my mind, you're right, this is a great idea, do it, make it as explicit and vindictive as possible, send it to her, and post reactions

>> No.6817296

>loli nyan forced onto the bed (pompf =3)
>teen nyan aggressively molesting her, visible blood from cunny
>face sitting with loli nyan almost (or actually) blacking out
>cig burns on loli nyans tummy/chest
>extremely aggressive dialogue, teen nyan basically repeating everything that the lolicons said about her old model
I'm actually erect I wish I wasn't poor as fuck so I could commission this

>> No.6817336

I don't think meds are enough anymore, please institutionalize yourself at your earliest convenience

>> No.6817370

NO, I'm heading to /wg/ to write the full script. The world has to see this

>> No.6817384

christ what a newfag

>> No.6817386

maybe if these western vtubers would stop sounding and acting like retarded anime characters, I'd give them a shout. but we already know people in the vtuber scene are devoid of originality.

>> No.6817508

>don't talk to me or my son ever again

>> No.6817517

oh don't even try to pretend that Nyanners is anywhere near what the holy trinity + Mori is in terns of humor, drive, and creative skill, there's a reason why she hung out with shitbird, they're both cut from the same cloth, grifter sjw outsiders trying to stick their noses where they don't belong.

>> No.6817622
File: 1.07 MB, 891x1079, 1626294198344.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mentally ill, all of you

>> No.6817653

She only made her neck, legs and shoulders longer. She still looks a loli because of the rest of the character.

>respecting Nyanners
WE, the community of /vt/, need to bash and embarrass this girl so she knows her place in the world, the LOLI place.

>> No.6817874

When she's not "in character" for whatever vshoujo wants her to do, she's got an incredible wit and is a funny and genuine person to talk to. She does much better when she doesn't take the vtuber thing seriously, which she didn't at first, and it was great. I think the pressure is on her now to be someone who she isn't. She does much better when she's chatting over train videos or playing some steam game. I miss her bloodborne playthrough.

>> No.6817985

>whatever vshojo wants her to do
Vshojo doesn't curate the talent. They're not Hololive. They just handle taxes, make and distribute merch, and handle copyright issues for a cut of the profits.

>> No.6818014

not wrong tho
but still, obligatory

>> No.6818064
File: 122 KB, 923x866, 7715d232fb58aa49573b7f436654881d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This isn't even my final form

>> No.6818222


I like how expressive her new face is.

>> No.6818308

>people get right back to calling pink cunt out on loli hypocrisy ever since she started grifting on the vtuber trend
>pink cunt spends god knows how much on a new model
>exact same outfit 1:1
>literally only change is proportions
>zero (0) reason for this change other than the loli stuff
>only people who talk about the loli stuff are antis

In case you ever needed more proof that antis have been living rent-free in her head for almost a decade. Her ego is so fucking massive that she STILL cares about what every single person here thinks of her, despite disowning the site 8 years ago.

Nyanners has always been a stone-thrower in a glass house, talking mad shit on social media, but fumbling and bumbling like a coward in the face of any and all confrontation. She couldn't even manage to shoot back at KIARA, and Kiara is the EASIEST holo to get under the skin of.

(She's still a flat-chested animu by the way, which makes her a pedo by her own standards.)

>> No.6818386

Aw yeah. Schizos are here.

>> No.6818390

>Going into a thread about X just to take a shit
/vt/ still not toilet trained

>> No.6818413

You choose to come play in the shitpen, don't complain when you get covered in shit.

>> No.6818434

I've been quite impressive by the faces of a lot of new vtubers lately. There's one on tiktok called girlDM (I think) that keeps popping up on my youtube and I really like the model if not the content

>> No.6820209

Nobody better photoshop Nyanners with a long neck eating treestars, nobody fucking do that. Seriously, I’m not fucking around here.

>> No.6820436

This is the public toilet though

>> No.6821547
File: 23 KB, 300x300, Sweaty Towel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sick of this heatwave lads

>> No.6821628

Why did she become a slav tranny? Got the body proportions of a faggot igor trying to look "uwu" for faggots on /g/.

>> No.6821702

Air conditioning is too comfortable

>> No.6821740

>No your honor I didn't rob that bank, I'm currently standing in front of you.

>> No.6821852

She never was a loli.
that's what I was trying to say.

>> No.6821898

Her antis, ie us, affects her so much she'll shell out money just to appease us.

>> No.6821913

If that's what she claims then she's a massive fucken liar on top of being a hypocrite

>> No.6822011

projected hottest day ever recorded in glasgow on thursday send help

>> No.6822079

Nice blog how do I unsubscribe?

>> No.6822094
File: 286 KB, 640x426, summer-heat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6822130

supa chat £1000 to Nyanners telling her to masturbate on stream and moan like a loli like she used to in the good old days

>> No.6822193

the only things that really looked loli about her is her relatively big head, and small chest. She's even listed as 5"7 for her canon height which is above average height for adult women in the US.
Hardly conclusive.

>> No.6822208

Why would I spend money on her when I can get the same effect just shitposting here?

>> No.6822259

Is this the Nyancuck version of the "really 9000 years old" line?

>> No.6822279

I googled this. 27 degrees are you a fucking pussy?

>> No.6822295
File: 1.33 MB, 1320x2090, 0351_Anime_Girl_Flat_Summer_Novcel (artist)_Bikini_Pig_Tails_happy_smiling_Ice_cream_holding_posing_Pin_Up_belly_button_necklace_cute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


you will need a lot of rope for that thick neck Yulia.

>> No.6822296

>looks like a loli
>looks short without context
>speaks with breathy loli voice
>guys I'm not a loli stop being weird

>> No.6822323

>Judge, I'm not a pedophile, my wife is an adult. She's just a bit short
>Pfft, I heard this before, 9000 years old right?

>> No.6822336

It's Scotland mate someone passed out at my work the other day loading a trailer in 25c air temp. Big tradie type bloke. We don't get heat.

>> No.6822345

Her new model is absolute trash, and even that she barely looks 5 feet tall, she just has a really long neck
The OG nyanners is a loli shorter than Gura and Finana

>> No.6822396

>No your honor, I know she's a child, but look, she's 5"7 tall, that means I'm not a pedophile

>> No.6822444

>>Looks like a loli
Subjective, I disagree, and so does Pinky.
>>looks short without context
yeah, that's how perspective works.
>>speaks in a breathy loli voice
literally her natural voice.

>> No.6822456
File: 205 KB, 700x1059, anglo temperature ranges.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hurr you need a coat at 5C what are you adapted to hot climates or something?

>> No.6822518

>No your honor she's not a child, she says so herself.

>> No.6822542

Never come to Australia during summer then.

Actually just never come here it's pretty shit.

>> No.6822576

according to you >>6822295 isn't a loli if I say she's 6ft tall.

>> No.6822695

I hope to go die in the outback at some point, get a ute on a predatory finance deal and drive a digger. I've certified on minis and 9 tonners so I'm sure I can swing some kind of trade visa.
that's if I survive thursday.

>> No.6822721

She's at least 24. that much isn't up for debate.

well height isn't everything, I'd say age is the defining factor of determining a loli. But some are calling the "9000 year old loli" trope for this instance, so I have to argue for more than just age.

>> No.6822754
File: 342 KB, 615x552, 1620113641986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't hate Nyanners but I have to ask: is her Discord server anti-loli, more specifically their users? I had a schizo idea
Someone infiltrates Nyancord, and starts posting proof that some of Nyanners friends are into lolis and shotas
What do you think would happen?

>> No.6822763

>She's at least 24. that much isn't up for debate.
No one care about the whore voicing the character, Takahashi Rie is 28 but Megumin is still 13 (and also a loli that denys it, just like Nyanners)

>> No.6822767

Buddy your entire argument is that "There's this number on her design sheet that says that she totally isn't a loli", the only difference is what that number is.

>> No.6822859

Honestly uncanny valley tier now. 5'5 is too tall to be "cute". She should just give herself big tits and go full milf mode. She's old enough for it anyways

>> No.6822874

>t. believes that the cartoon avatar is a separate character from the person at the mic.
Maybe for JP chuubas, but western ones rarely work like that.

>> No.6822879

>5'5 is too tall to be "cute"
manlet detected

>> No.6822914

Nyanners isn't Pokimane. There's a very clear disconnect between the VA and the character, and she's very careful about keeping her identity seperate

>> No.6822932

Then why does she have an age on her character sheet that is separate from her real age?

>> No.6822959

her solution was just to scale overall slightly and scale her neck slightly more? still loli, just bigger. She can never outrun her past if this is the best she can come up with.

>> No.6822981

You would get banned from the discord. Didn't put much thought into this did you.

>> No.6822989

>he doesn't remember
she used to face stream and even had her real name out there for a while, she nuked it when she decided to pivot back to chase the election tourist audience

>> No.6822998

She clearly doesn't want to, the hate is attention and attention of any kind is the thing she's been craving her entire life.
She's the kind of girl that will happily take abuse just to have /anyone/ in her life that gives her /any/ attention

>> No.6823008

Why did she nuke it?

>> No.6823037

You mean she made the conscious decision to distance the character from her IRL self?

>> No.6823074
File: 37 KB, 358x360, E1pPyr1X0AA8UtG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love censorship

>> No.6823140

>She's the kind of girl that will happily take abuse just to have /anyone/ in her life that gives her /any/ attention
Man the internet really ruined the market of extremely insecure girls ripe for grooming didn't it. How is an absolute scumbag like me supposed to get a meat toilet now?

>> No.6823164

she had a boyfriend at least 5 years ago

>> No.6823194
File: 25 KB, 203x203, 1621810630762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'd say age is the defining factor of determining a loli.
Please tell me how nyancucks are supposed to know what lolis are when they keep focusing so hard on age, height, and breast size. Seriously, this is the mist normalfag responses on loli cope. WHY are the nyanfags keep talking about loli when they don't even know what the fuck they're talking about? No one believes your fucking LARP. This is just normalfag delusions. Why are you people here? Why do you fags out yourselves so easily? Honestly, do you fags even know what thee series of numbers mean: #366450? Why are nyanners fans like this?

>> No.6823223

I love this dumb cat, she may be an hypocrite but I don't care, I enjoy the content.

>> No.6823283

Because nyanners keeps bending over backwards to accomodate the shit people say about her in these threads to the point where her discordfags feel the need to come down here to defend her good name.

>> No.6823290

nyanners has no integrity

>> No.6823295

Are you sure it,s not Nyanners who is living rent-free in your head, and in this whole board's head for tha matter ? Because you guys are the ones that keep talking about her...

>> No.6823317

She's the one that keeps caving to the demands of anonymous schizoids on a dead board in the arse of the internet

>> No.6823324

Case in point see: >>6823027

>> No.6823335

Now this is some good virgin incel shit

>> No.6823551

>No u

>> No.6823658

You mean Melody?
No one cares
This idea in your head of SJW Nyanners fans or whatever is a tiny minority of crazies just like how antis who still give a fuck about pomf are a tiny minority

>> No.6823669

Damn you got me there, how can I cope with such insults

>> No.6823735

You guys are gonna be way happier when you stop caring about unimportant stuff like this. I really don't understand what's the point of all of this.

>> No.6823739

>mel and mousey are confirmed cunnychads
>bunny and hime are into shota

>> No.6823784

Look into a mirror and say it to yourself

>> No.6823807
File: 66 KB, 625x626, Bait1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6823828
File: 521 KB, 842x1022, 1602795587660.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where do you think you are?

>> No.6823855

Nyanners really is a blemish on Vshojo

>> No.6823893

If it ever came up in streams or collabs I would agree

>> No.6823919
File: 14 KB, 487x129, 1604104543142.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She agrees

>> No.6823964

It already did, remember the Nekopara collab?

>> No.6824005

They probably come from /aco/ to be honest, that place is basically a discord hangout anyways.

>> No.6824013

Objectively untrue.

>> No.6824072 [DELETED] 

Heck let me link them here just to piss them off

>> No.6824086

Leaving something you don't want to do?
Wow what a shitstorm

>> No.6824122
File: 1.03 MB, 1871x960, 1614941464559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice try nyancuck

>> No.6824130
File: 14 KB, 568x478, e30kvrujxsd51[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nyanners doesn't care about Loli anymore because vtubing is 100x bigger and more profitable than being a SJW on twitter/youtube these days.

Now, when the pendulum swings, you better hope your oshi never never collabed with Nyanners or she's going to get canceled and doxxed by her BRAVE google document posted on twitter in a few years.

>> No.6824173 [DELETED] 

The current thread doesn't have pmg in the title so try

>> No.6824182

>He buys this shit
Sure it wasn't because some randos on Twitter started screeching about "muh cat slaves"

>> No.6824196
File: 1.36 MB, 200x225, foo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6824223
File: 204 KB, 626x600, 1625312619739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nyancucks can't read, what a surprise

>> No.6824260 [DELETED] 


>> No.6824265
File: 292 KB, 220x196, sneaky query curve.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6824271
File: 2.64 MB, 1871x1594, 1619721474370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Updated version

>> No.6824287

The moment ANY Vshojo member starts getting shit by the larger Twitter vtuber community for being a lolicon, there will be a Nyanners vs Melody fucking Civil war which will split Vshojo right down the center. It's not a matter of if but when. She fucking joined with knives out.

>> No.6824295 [DELETED] 

Isn't it to include other vtubers?

>> No.6824302
File: 563 KB, 1164x1093, 1618409493145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

behold the intelligence of the average nyancyck

>> No.6824332 [DELETED] 

Retard, both threads are called "Projekt Melody AND FRIENDS" but in the newest one they removed /pmg/ from the title, which they've had since forever.
Fucking retard

>> No.6824355 [DELETED] 

To hide from some people on /vt/ though?
I dunno man seems a reach

>> No.6824383

nyan has been more loyal to her friends than any holowhore has been lamo

>> No.6824388
File: 1.89 MB, 462x427, query curve tilting.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6824407
File: 179 KB, 290x277, 1596667130548.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6824429 [DELETED] 

The faggots over vshojo general here do everything they can to avoid mentioning it to begin with, even explictily saying "they don't like to be named"

>> No.6824439
File: 52 KB, 638x544, 1596249385408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she would turn on her main source of income and the person who got her into vshojo to appease some randos on twitter
Nyanners-antis are getting even more deranged...

>> No.6824448

If nyanners tried to change her model (and failed because she still looks like a loli, just with a bigger neck) to appease a few retards here, then it's entirely possible that her viewers try to get us off their backs too. After all, the saying, "The viewer reflects the streamer", exists.

>> No.6824450

Jesus Christ, I joined just to take a peek...the memes about trannys being all over discord is real. Why do these mentally ill freaks love her so much out of all the tubahs?

>> No.6824463

Why the hell do you think she's virtue signalling this hard? When the pendulum swings again she wants a fanbase that will praise her for speaking out and follow her despite any blowback, and looking at the braindead nyancucks in this thread it's clearly working.

>> No.6824470

Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it

>> No.6824496

Hey I'll drop Nyanners the same stream she does a sjw tirade but she hasn't yet

>> No.6824509

Nyanners? Backstabbing the community that welcomed her with open arms? No way in hell that'd ever happen.

>> No.6824572

>*doxxes her and pisses on her dead sister's grave*
>what the fuck why does nyanners not like us?

>> No.6824607

>live2D update
>is worse
why do people do this?

>> No.6824619
File: 35 KB, 780x438, pepefroggie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

elaborate, please.

>> No.6824621

they think if ugly girls can hide behind anime avatars and get big they can do the same as failed men

>> No.6824634 [DELETED] 

Blue Nyanners[/spoilers] doesn't seem interested about interacting with her right now, but if she does, my fanbase isn't going to be happy
You reminded me to post my rrat theory later about how to create the final yab
If anything, it's Hololive and maybe Nijisanji the ones who would be cancelled over loli and who knows how people would react
"Trap was always a slur"
t: Nyantrannies the first day of Pride Month

>> No.6824656

>pisses on her dead sister's grave
meds. now. Not the tranny ones either, freakshow :)

>> No.6824665

see >>6818308
tldr >we live rent free in her head

>> No.6824689

>he's still seething
I thought lolifags didn't even flinch when called pedos. The Nyanners hate is so fucking stupid lmao

>> No.6824711
File: 240 KB, 784x1668, 1625700534878.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure she hasn't

>> No.6824737

Oof thats bad

>> No.6824772 [DELETED] 

Blue Nyanners[/spoilers] doesn't seem interested about interacting with her right now, but if she does, my fanbase isn't going to be happy
You reminded me to post my rrat theory later about how to create the final yab
If anything, it's Hololive and maybe Nijisanji the ones who would be cancelled over loli and who knows how people would react
"Trap was always a slur"
t: Nyantrannies the first day of Pride Month
Fucking retard, I have been only six months here and even I know that shit
Some anons from /a/ doxxed her and you can imagine what happened

>> No.6824800

Hey kids can you spot the tourist from the discord?

>> No.6824862

>can't spoiler right
>still can't spoiler right
lmao retard I bet you can't even do nested spoilers

>> No.6824872

Blue Nyanners doesn't seem interested about interacting with her right now, but if she does, my fanbase isn't going to be happy
You reminded me to post my rrat theory later about how to create the final yab
If anything, it's Hololive and maybe Nijisanji the ones who would be cancelled over loli and who knows how people would react
"Trap was always a slur"
t: Nyantrannies the first day of Pride Month
Fucking retard, I have been only six months here and even I know that shit
Some anons from /a/ doxxed her and you can imagine what happened

Yes, this is the third time I post this

>> No.6824880

I only watch Hololive JP, who is Nyanners and what is her relation to 4chan exactly?

>> No.6824974

what a surprise, none of the antis know any of the history and are sending blind hate towards whatever the rrats point to
previously /a/ poster, anons doxxed and nuked her previous channel, 10 years later newfriends are butthurt because she disowned their sekrit club

>> No.6824978

>If anything, it's Hololive and maybe Nijisanji the ones who would be cancelled over loli
They already tried, it doesn't work, and in fact it never works on anyone who isn't operating on an individual. I've yet to see anyone backed by an actual organization sucumb to anti-loli outrage because the anime community on twitter that would get up in arms over shit like this has all the power of a wet fart, and anyone who can practice "just close your eyes bro" their outrage has no effect.

>> No.6825018

Made pomf pomf pomf, a music video about loli hentai, and then years later deleted it and called everyone who liked it a pedo because 2d=3d and she wants in with the tumblr crowd.
Needless to say this caused quite a stir

>> No.6825057

Are all nyancucks born this stupid or is there something in the water they give out in their discord?

>> No.6825059

>muh discord
Not an argument. Do you hate moot? How about Vinesauce or lobitah? Or Notch? Or Rina-chan? No? Just Nyanners for calling you a pedophile?

>> No.6825103

Some attention whore that used to be here and made funny videos. Turned into rabid SJW at some point, telling all her old fans off in the process.

>> No.6825122

>joining an anime girl's discord
sorry, rrat, your boogeyman is in another castle

>> No.6825149

Yeah hold on I can spout random names too, watch
Vinnie, Robert, Eisenhower, Crocket

>> No.6825408

Because they don't have enough clout. Now, I'm not saying they would get terminated, more like they and their fans would get "bad rep". Of course people would defend them, but here's my case: retard who posts bad takes with 500k followers tweets about Matsuri snuggling her face on Kanna's thighs, gets 20k likes, "vtubers are pedos"
Now, I'm not being pessimistic, I'm only doomposting because I find the idea interesting (obviously I don't want Twittards grabbing pitchforks)
Don't hate her anymore, I only cared about the loli shit and perceived hipocrisy
Nyannerfags are truly retards

>> No.6825417

>Do you hate moot?
absolutely, that cuck sold us all out so he could (fail to) stick his dick in stinky feminist cunts

>> No.6825438

Who the fuck is moot?

>> No.6825487

Carried her bags and everything.

>> No.6825490

Holy fucking shit

>> No.6825505

i like pink кoт

>> No.6825510
File: 31 KB, 600x600, laff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>random names
A girl who made meme shit. Posted on /a/ and /cgl/, deleted some of her old videos, the most popular being a 5 second voice over of loli hentai. Deleted the video because she now thinks loli porn is like CP. I don't know/understand how or why lolifags here care, as being called pedos is a day in the office for them, but here we are. Mind you, it's not like the girl was a fucking champion of degeneracy or whatever, she was just popular because of the loli voice, I think her best video was one where she read a Madoka fanfic, and she's not even fully responsible for that.

I think people hate her because she's got a moderate level of internet success nowadays. Which is why I ask if they don't hate other fags that posted here that "made it," the most comparable example to Nyanners being Rina-chan, who voice acted in NewGrounds stuff and ended up being the voice of 2B. If anything, that must hurt Nyanners more honestly, not being a professional voice actress.
There's also some schizo rrat about her hating all "loli" vtubers, despite every single one saying their adults.

>> No.6825559

Behold, newniggers

>> No.6825585

>I think people hate her because she's got a moderate level of internet success nowadays
Which is why everybody hates Gura
Oh wait

>> No.6825606

>the most popular being a 5 second voice over of loli hentai
Please stop talking shit about shit you don't know, you're just embarrassing yourself.

>> No.6825612

Never watched her, don't care

>> No.6825661

I fucking swear, LURK MOAR
>Deleted the video because she now thinks loli porn is like CP. I don't know/understand how or why lolifags here care, as being called pedos is a day in the office for them, but here we are
Look, I don't hate the Pink Cat anymore, but if you really don't see something off there, you're dangerously retarded. Btw, same reason why people hate Juniper

>> No.6825708

Just in case you have any doubt that this place is filled with newniggers larping as oldfags

>> No.6825780

Well, not that I'm trying to larp as one, so my bad I guess

>> No.6826010

Whoops, it was a song, sorry, I just recall the POMF what are we gonna do in the bed thing, Nyanner's content is mostly forgettable. You still have no argument, by the way.
What is off? The fact that a teenager changed her mind? The fact that not everyone believes the same shit they did as edgy teenagers? The fact that people that browsed 4chan and "make it" eventually out grow it?
>nooooo she wanted to be cool with the tumblr crowd, she wanted to be PC for the ironic weebs
Who the fuck cares? That's what I don't understand, how the fuck do you have this vitriol inside for so fucking long for a dumb bitch that made memes.

>> No.6826710

Yes and I haven't seen a single stream bring this up

>> No.6826744

>The fact that a teenager changed her mind?

>> No.6826747

>Joins vtuber agency
>Becomes major western vtuber
>Collaborates with Kizuna Ai
>Updates model
>Hates lolicon
>Refuses to elaborate further
OUR WOMAN, Nyanners is based.

>> No.6826749
File: 43 KB, 719x665, 1623099222938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First, you're mistaken if you believe anons here form part of "le ebin 4chin". So if you have been paying attentions to the actual threads, almost no one hates her for betraying her 4chan fanbase
With that clarified, I would say her antis hate the ideas she has spouted: https://files.catbox.moe/cx498b.png
Now you'll probably understand the anti mentality, there isn't any "I own being a pedo, fuck off", it's "don't be a 2D=3D retard"; add that to that what's considered Nyanners being a SJW
"She changed her mind" you'll say, but some have their reasons to believe otherwise and to be honest, they're not THAT crazy, just probably mistaken about Pink Cat being this malevolent mastermind

>> No.6826765 [DELETED] 

To think you or this board are the reason a streamer does anything says more about your ego than about the streamer's motives.

>> No.6826893

>it's just secondaries crying about muh evil SJWs
That's even more pathetic.

>> No.6826977

Oh look the discord raider used that word again

>> No.6827029

>it's the muh discord schizo
Hello! How many hours of sleep did you get in yesterday, Mr. Schizo?

>> No.6827096

Would you guys forgive Nyanners if she did a stream where she starts making out with Projekt Melody on Chaturbate while fingering each other?

>> No.6827111

No, but I would watch it at least.

>> No.6827154

>forgive Nyanners
I don't need to forgive the cunt for anything because I'm not a fucking faggot with an ego more fragile than glass.

>> No.6827178

People /here/ hate normalfags, Nyanners showed normalfag thoughts and said a bunch of stupid bullshit
Whether she changed or not, every anon has their own ideas about it
Most people would if she did it with Mini Melody

>> No.6827183

>Everyone who mentions discord is the same person
Is this going to be the nyancuck thing all over again?

>> No.6827193


>> No.6827237

unironically looks like a tranny now lmao

>> No.6827291

should've shown it in motion

>> No.6827303

Lmao you're right, even the colors fit.
Guess that's why "trap" is banned from her chat.

>> No.6827349
File: 43 KB, 770x640, wilder-770x640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't need to forgive the cunt for anything because I'm not a fucking faggot
>with an ego more fragile than glass.

>> No.6827363

Only if she does it on VRChat.

>> No.6827396

Oh look, it's the mouthbreather that thinks having a discussion is just quoting a post and adding an image.

>> No.6827419


>> No.6827429
File: 1.95 MB, 200x150, wobbly eyes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Oh look, it's the mouthbreather that thinks having a discussion is just quoting a post and adding an image.

>> No.6827462

newniggers are the cancer killing this place from the inside out

>> No.6827520
File: 2.84 MB, 250x255, 1364151960672.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are people actually seething over Nyanners success or is it just a gag?

>> No.6827579

Where are all of you coming from?

>> No.6827605

Same place as you, the vagina.

>> No.6827651
File: 191 KB, 570x975, 1352270811547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dunno lol

>> No.6827657

Says the one posting a VA where you can fuck a loli in the butt.
Where's your self-awareness, anon?

>> No.6827775


>> No.6827829
File: 927 KB, 715x680, 1602629358101.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The balls

>> No.6827872

I'd forgive all over my keyboard and credit card, if you know what I mean.

>> No.6827975

To answer your question, NO
There are a million reasons why people hate the pink cat, some more schizophrenic than others
But her success is not one of them
Now go back

>> No.6828025

That's fine. I didn't watch her for the loli look of her model.

>> No.6828089
File: 127 KB, 889x779, 1517497675684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I find it funny that she's willing to spend money just to give us the finger again. Are the posts really getting under her skin that much? That's kinda sad.

>> No.6828398

Im back. What now?

>> No.6828464

How can one small pink haired pussy own so much free real estate in so many anons heads?

How is this woman so powerful???

>> No.6828570

Do you guys seriously think she's doing this for your sake? That's kind of sad.

>> No.6828641

The sentiment is mutual I guess
Holy cope, he doesn’t know

>> No.6828645

Give me an explanation then. Keep in mind her outfit remained exactly the same.
The new expressions are not an excuse either, the old model could have used those just fine.

>> No.6828694

what do you mean "you guys"

>> No.6828699

This has to be a joke post. I refuse to believe shes actually not paying rent.

>> No.6828740

Dodging as an attempt to cope won't help you, anon.

>> No.6828791

Serious question, what is the point of the Nyanners antis ? Nyanners is a hypocrite, I agree, but I don't understand why people are so angry about it. Can someone explain, I genuinely don't understand.

>> No.6828814

If at least 1 more anon knows what kind of person she is, I'm happy.

>> No.6828858

>Being this far up your own ass

>> No.6828878

The "antis" are usually 2 vocal schizos per million subscribers of any publicly performing person. I don't know why you think that people here are angry about anything, we are just laughing at her.

>> No.6828935
File: 35 KB, 520x255, whatthefuckisthis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The absolute state of Nyanners haters in one image. And those absolute retards are proud of it.

>> No.6828955

Shes the antithesis of 4chan and you're on 4chan

>> No.6828960

Was this retard actually paying to seethe? Thats hilarious in a very sad way.

>> No.6828976

See the posts above
>He lacks the secret knowledge
Coping again, you would be right if it was KFP
Can you prove him wrong

>> No.6829022


>> No.6829031

>Can you prove him wrong
No, but what I can prove is that he spent money to hate on someone. And it is extremely sad.

>> No.6829035

It's like 50 cents lol

>> No.6829056

>Can you prove him wrong
Thats probably the issue of the matter, you chris chans actually think theres something to prove.

Theres nothing to prove, its an opinion posted like what, 10 years ago? Im sure your brain cogs actually start to turn and youre turning red in the face how fucking retarded what you just wrote is.

>> No.6829060

I'm sure he's dearly missing that 50 us cents of his

>> No.6829096

Oh look another tourist, how cute.

>> No.6829101

Nice damage control.
>No, i only paid her 50 cents! Its all for the lulz, i made an epic post didnt i? Hello? Based!? BASED?!

>> No.6829104

>he spent money
>He really believes this

>> No.6829111

10$ usd. It's not a lot, but it's still 10$ he could have used for anything else, he instead chose to do this.

>> No.6829141

50 cents to live rent free in every nyanners thread? Money well spent I'd say

>> No.6829179

You are seething that we are laughing at Nyanners.

>> No.6829187

>pays money

retardchama onegai, your taxes..

>> No.6829225

Just like us at her retardation?

>> No.6829264

She said one of the reasons was that she wanted to look like her canonical height because artists would draw her at ironmouse levels.
The change in proportions seems to me like an afterthought to me in comparison to the newer expressions and range of motion.
As an added note, she said she didn't want to give herself bigger boobs because she wanted to preserve her character's identity as much as possible.

>> No.6829300

It went to Kiara. Shes a good girl.

>> No.6829308
File: 95 KB, 256x256, 1625719096931.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The sad truth is this, Nyanners doesnt know you exist, no matter how much you dilate cope and seethe at her. She made a tumblr post 20 years ago and here you still are red like tomatoes riled up and fuming. You think an opinion post on tumbrl is a life time contract and shes a hypocrite cause she called you a child molester and it resonated with you, while other chad loli lovers moved on with their loli loving unseethed.

Thats the sad part. Youre still here 50 years later in the same stressed out mindset after a school girl made a tumblr post.

>> No.6829351

>Good girl
So Nyanners antis are also KFPs ? That explains why they are retarded.

>> No.6829452
File: 324 KB, 1008x1091, 1609718550351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ohoho I wouldn't be so sure of that

>> No.6829458


>> No.6829501

Didn't she had a mental breakdown on Discord a few weeks ago because she knows she's hated? I'm sure you'd know since you obviously came from there and desperately need to go back.

>> No.6829560
File: 193 KB, 484x482, 1624774438177.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You seem to know more about her than me. Can i squat in your head as well? Or is nyanners fat ass is taking all the rooms and free time that you have?

>> No.6829590

This pink cat is cute, should I watch ?

>> No.6829609

If you like cute and funny go for it.

>> No.6829635

>He ignored the other posts proving his copypasta wrong
Sasuga Nyancuck

>> No.6829638

what exactly does this prove?
watch a few streams, if you find it funny, go ahead.

>> No.6829735


>> No.6829844

I have to side with Nyanners on this one, something about autistic 'hypocrisy' screeching and >>6828935 gives off that mentally ill chink vibe you know who are more obsessed with her than her own fans. I get that evolutionary " i dont want to catch this desease from the this filthy mongrel, eww go away" kind of reaction.

>> No.6829983

It was only 6 years ago retard

>> No.6829987

So you based your opinion with exactly one schizo that spent monopoly money to hate on Nyanners. How's the Discord btw?

>> No.6830085

>You are from Discord lol
You guys only have one comeback

>> No.6830095

Not even that far back. She killed a fun Nekopara group collab like a couple months ago because muh problematic. You know, the game only behind DDLC in terms of being the premier normalfag VN

>> No.6830139
File: 99 KB, 650x428, AD6C04BE-A74E-4A65-9253-743F784C123A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m picking up my post from the other thread >>6814272
You cucks are fucking helpless when it comes defending Pink Cat, I would be able to defend her better than you
It’s so easy to troll you it’s laughable, come back when you know how to make an actual argument
Imagine being more pathetic than the antis

>> No.6830146

Just like you have exactly one screenshot of a schizo.

>> No.6830261

I don't need to defend her. I'm not a whiteknight, and even if I was, some randos in a malaysian artisanal ceramics board really aren't a threat to her well being or career, as demonstrated by the success of her anniversary stream.

>> No.6830294

I'm starting to like Nyanners more the more I read these thread, you guys are doing a great job

>> No.6830363

Of course, it makes sense. The more you hate yourself the more you are like the streamer you like. Or was it the other way around?

>> No.6830397

>You like Nyanners, that means you hate yourself
what ?

>> No.6830405

>Its actually true.
I assumed she became more live and let live but apparently she hasnt changed. Welp I gave her a chance.

>> No.6830696

>1 thread wasn't enough
Oy vey. Are you faggots done now?

>> No.6830729

This is a vtuber board

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