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Fucking whore trying to escape her past

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pedophile bait -> ephebophile bait

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Damn, this is a big upgrade for her

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Oh yeah

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>has a loli avatar
what a hyprocite
>makes her avatar older
>fucking whore trying to escape her past
jesus christ you fucks are mentally ill

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schizo thread

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Why not both? A hypocritical whore sounds right.

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Wasn't that the goal? the whole hypocrite thing came from her using a loli avatar. I was under the assumption that the whole problem was her being inconsistent in her beliefs.

I mean, it's not like we're a bunch of twittertards who would cancel someone for a several year old hot take or not accept someone's opinion changing, right?


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Jesus this board has fucking changed

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The whole height thing is just a cover so she can go "l-look i'm not a loli! see my height?" just like the over 9000 years old nonsense is. While, OF FUCKING COURSE, still pushing every lolicon button in the entire design (just a coincidence am i right)
The fact of the matter is that vtubers only show their upper body most of the time so there is absolutely zero reference for height.

And that's the trick. The avatar is 100% a loli for all intents and purposes, there just happens to be some "170cm" shit skribbled onto her character sheet

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This board is a Reddit colony

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when she streams it's going to be literally identical to before

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>The whole height thing is just a cover so she can go "l-look i'm not a loli! see my height?" just like the over 9000 years old nonsense is. While, OF FUCKING COURSE, still pushing every lolicon button in the entire design (just a coincidence am i right)
>The fact of the matter is that vtubers only show their upper body most of the time so there is absolutely zero reference for height.
>And that's the trick. The avatar is 100% a loli for all intents and purposes, there just happens to be some "170cm" shit skribbled onto her character sheet

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Sorry incels, you're gonna have to fuck off to discord I guess, talk to people your own age.

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No shit, it's filled with reddit scum

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>quoting yourself

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Maybe if we shitpost hard enough we'll get a hag model

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>Sorry incels, you're gonna have to fuck off to discord I guess, talk to people your own age.

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it's been 10 years and you're still mad that she doesn't pander to your lolicon ways
we should make threads making fun of you instead

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>it's been 10 years and you're still mad that she doesn't pander to your lolicon ways
>we should make threads making fun of you instead

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Or maybe she just likes cute characters and doesn't want to pander to freaks haha, couldn't be anything like that.

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Wojack posting is the lamest cope possible.

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>While, OF FUCKING COURSE, still pushing every lolicon button in the entire design

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Her model was already 170cm well before she changed it. Now she looks closer to 180. Also she thickened pretty much every body proportion. Even her head and mouth shape have angled out. It's like you're trying to hold onto that grudge like it was your child, or trying to fit in or something. Can't really tell.

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anon here can't fathom the idea of a woman with small tits. i understand that most people here are extremely socially retarded, but it's quite a thing to see the amount of people here who seem to have never stepped outside since childhood.

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So she acknowledges that she built her chuuba career with a loli avatar then.

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>/vt/ wins

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The "cake prepared with our special frosting technique" meme on the café card she's showing right now is older than a significant amount of posters on this board. She's still a shitposter. I'm convinced she's still here as fuck. You can never leave this hell.

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holy fuck the new model is hot might actually give her a watch when nobody in nijisanji is stream in uhhhh ??? hours

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She's said numerous times that this website has a special place in her heart and some of the funniest content ever put on the internet was from here, but at the same time the fact that so many people from here wanted her to die over an old tumblr tweet will always mean she'll also constantly be wary of this place and consider it to be filled with schizos.

Which makes her about as true a veteran femanon as it's possible to be really.

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>tumblr tweet

god, my brain tonight, I meant tumblr post.

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I don't use discord so I can't check, but aren't those rules old and outdated too?

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>Her model was already 170cm well before she changed it.
How squalid frame must be fucking massive then, that's taller than mori and botan and they actually look tall

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hello nyanners

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hebephilia > all

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I hate this time loop

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What is with this weird ass zoomer image fetish? I cant even claim this is a redditfag since its so bad it probably originated from twitter.

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>it's another newfag antis vs newfags simps fighting over hearsay and screenshots thread
epic, just epic

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Just looked it up. Definitely 170. Guess she was very pencil-y. And judging by the height of the new one, she's definitely a bit over 180

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You could just do what i do, and not let her live rent free in your head. For real Nyanners hadn't even entered my thoughts for weeks until I saw this thread.
Or you could keep being an autist?

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you are a fucking retard no one really hated her for the loli shit, they hated her for the gamergate shit where she shill gamerghazi and tried to ban shit like "trap" and "retarded" and supported the media against gamergate.

i can tell half of you guys are fucking newfags who don't even know about tb

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Get cancer, have your coverage dropped, enjoy your third world hellhole.

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>another newfag chimes in with his knowledge from that one thread he saw in 2014
actual retard pile-on, someone really ought to write it all out on knowyourmeme so you people would quit

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Literally nothing changed

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Huh, whaddaya know. I can see the loliness in the old model now. Damn, I like the new proportions.

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She was 6 heads tall, the only explanation for her being 170cm before would be that she was a small amazon

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aren't we all escaping some past, anon

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Gura isn't escaping being a retarded hypocrite whore though

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When will you escape the closet faggotkun?

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Just let it go, were you really burned that badly? The continuous grudge can't be good for anyone's health

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What's the difference? I two piles of trash.

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She was tired of pic related

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I'll give my opinion, this is a mistake. She's appeasing the antis, it would have been even easier just to say "my character is small, not a loli"
Both anon
Most people here only care about the loli drama
You're not actually helping your case
>Nyanners believes several of your senpai should literally be in jail for their taste in manga or their character models

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Looks like she got influenced by the Hololive long neck syndrome.

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Soul vs Soulless

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Are these actual Discord rules? It's a libtard's paradise!

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Wait, is this concrete proof that she's actually here and cracked from the pedoschizo narratives. Personally I prefer her previous model.

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Was the problem not that she was a hypocrite? I don't get how it's Leddit to point that out.

>> No.6803371

>screencapping his own superchat
Holy cringe

>> No.6803554

A few nyancucks trying to defend their hypocrite cat does not define the board

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So she was a hypocrite and only changed when she was called out? Glad to see we agree on that

>> No.6803645

Well, yeah. But she's moving on from that now. Isn't that better than continually collecting lolicon cash as a hypocrite?

>> No.6803651

Wait she actually changed it...that's hilarious

>> No.6803703

No because we don't forgive or forget

>> No.6803746

Follow her path anon.
Its been what? 10 yeara and you're still seething about this? How much time have you wasted so far?
Let the past go dude, it will just drag you down.

>> No.6803776

That's an old motto. But I respect you for sticking to your principles. I just find it difficult to seethe over something being moved on from.

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New 2.0 model is cute as fuck. Huge upgrade in tracking, facial expressions, more accurate proportions to the petanko 170cm cat girl.

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Where do you think you are?

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That's alot of words to say that she's soulless now

>> No.6804419

She's grown up, she's changed...
You can't keep clinging onto the past anon.
You have let her go.

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If chinks attacked nyanners then paint me red and call be a Zhang

>> No.6804658

She doesn't look retarded anymore. What a downgrade. Pathetic.

>> No.6804844

I share his opinion but without sarcastic intent

>> No.6805140

Then you will be disappointed. The parents of NYANNERS are from China
And it seems that she is very popular in BILIBILI

>> No.6805142

Anon, you guys have been calling her out for years now and only now has she changed it, she didn't change it for your sake thats for sure, she changed it because she felt like it.
You'll call her a hypocrite no matter what so why would her trying to appease you matter, you asking for an apology that won't matter because you don't actually want an apology or for her to not be a hypocrite, you just want a reason to hate.
To what ends anon, what do you gain by holding onto this? Self-validation that you went through with something on principle?
You don't need to forgive or forget what she did to move on and not care, use your energy for something that matters more now than this petty 6 year old squabble.

>> No.6805239

Lol, are there people really that seethy?

>> No.6805359

She can wear a burka for all I care.
She will always be a self-righteous vicious cunt.

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>Fucking whore trying to escape her past

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Imagine wasting money on superchats just to hate on someone, honestly I feel like at this point she doesn't hate this site because of the pedos but because of the retards like this who got offended she doesn't like pedos and they identify as pedos.
People who seethe over her comment are the same type of people who get pissed when they see a loli and want to cancel people over it.
If you think shes a self-righteous vicious cunt, just get a load of her antis, they're a group of self-righteous vicious cunts.

>> No.6805478

>you asking for an apology that won't matter because you don't actually want an apology or for her to not be a hypocrite, you just want a reason to hate.

/vt/ and twitter are two sides of the same drama coin. What else could you expect from the gossip board?

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She is not going to fuck you. You know that, right?

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I always found her cringy, but I could get over the fact that she had a weird past. The thing I can't get over is that she used her old internet persona and turned it into a vtuber. Like, it feels so lazy and cheap. Not even a name change. Just straight up a 3D model of what she drew a decade ago. It's a cop out. At least others like Gura and Irys had the decency to make a fresh start.

>> No.6805674

She used to stream with a webcam too.
Literally no different to pokimane or pewdiepie, she simply jumped on the bandwagon and clueless idiots ate it up.

>> No.6805701

I like this new thing, can we call it gossip posting?
/v/ used to want to be the little girl, /vt/ behaves like teenage girls. it's really interesting.
I think teenage girl roleplay sounds fun. just shittalk behind their back and laugh.

here let me try
>did you see kiara talk about herself again, that bitch must have lacked attention as a kid, do you think she has daddy issues? lmao

>> No.6805776

I'm not defending her, I'm pointing out how those who go out of their way to hate her and start shit are worse.
Dislike her all you want, just don't be a hypocrite about it since thats why most people say they hate her.
Eh, I feel like vtubing was the natural conclusion of her content, she use to be a pngtuber before the vtuber boom anyway.

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The fact that hey held a grudge for several years clearly says she hit a nerve. Somehow i can manage to enjoy loli art and not be personally offended for the next 10 years to actually lose money over it what someone said something at some point in their lives.

Imagine if someone started emailing me money and insults now over the fact i said some shit about fags and negroes back in high school.

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>> No.6805865

I read the bottom line of that in a valley girl voice

>> No.6805888

No hypocrisy about hating her for holding explicit political beliefs (see >>6788872) or hating her because she's a camwhore that didn't even rebrand her channel.
As if the fact she's vocal about her hatred for this website shouldn't be reason enough for an anon to dislike her.

>> No.6805904

As >>6805478 said, twitter and /vt/ are part of the same coin, the only difference is that /vt/ is barely contained and doesn't hold enough power to actually do anything with their anger.

>> No.6805972

I’ll give her one over on poki at least nyanners had a design over just literally me as a vtuber

>> No.6805980

It would be a lot easier to hate on her if she wasn't a loli catgirl. She should return to being a camwhore and quit anime entirely.

>> No.6806035

As if a generic pink cat was much better.

>> No.6806093

Poki did hers as a one off "look guys this is new and cool so I can do it too". Nyan is trying to make a career out of it.

>> No.6806211

I mean, it it really generic if she's been using it for over a decade at this point. The OG pink cat if you would.

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I used to like Nyanners but I hate her now. I don't approve of the change, it's stupid.
I guess anons here were right about her being a dumb SJW since the nekopara stream then. Good riddance from now on.

>> No.6806264

Just because it's old doesn't mean it's not low effort.

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File: 622 KB, 950x1367, 1624417018278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From what ive seen of modern Nyanners i have nothing to complain about. So i don't get how hard your balls have to be crushed for the hate pain to last a whole decade. Short term hypocrisy is a valid thing to call out, but expecting people to cling to the same ideals like their life depends on it is unrealistic, more so pathetic for something so inconsequential as this.. Peak cancel culture retardation over crumbs.

>> No.6806302

We did try to warn you.
Glad you see it now though.
Wonder how many of her fans are completely unaware of how she's really like.

>> No.6806353

>doesn't hold enough power to actually do anything with their anger.
Hell, not even the dislike bombing on a collab between /vt's most hated Vtubers couldn't even reach a 10% ratio. The most that ever happens is some tourists who don't know any better buying into it, before getting comically ratio'd on every other site.

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File: 450 KB, 1434x2048, GuraBirdApp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a whore. She can't get any old man dick, so she's trying fuck kids lol.

>> No.6806415

Youtube has anti dislike bombing policies I went and checked and my disliked had been removed for some reason
It went as far as 30-40% dislike ratio at one point I saw

>> No.6806434

Gura did it better

>> No.6806449
File: 388 KB, 3508x2480, E6lTD-nUcAAgK8l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon's hatred is like the flames of Amaterasu
Even if you remove the cause, it will find something and continue to burn

>> No.6806505


>> No.6806600

Everyone hates this site, even its users.
Also those rules are for a public communities sake, you can't have a bunch of unironic and/or edgy morons shitting up the place, its a public community. 4chan can get away with it mainly because its anonymous and broad.
Actually, yeah I guess you're right, they aren't hypocrites if they don't even care if shes a hypocrite to begin with, its just an excuse to complain.
Doesn't make them any less annoying though.

>> No.6806622

>I'm a tourist the post

>> No.6806651

Hey kids, can you spot the discord mod posting in the thread?

>> No.6806675

>implying there are non-schizo threads on this board

>> No.6806783

I'm not on her discord, I don't even watch her, I stating common sense reasons for such rules.
And I personally hate the trap rule honestly, that shit was made up bullshit by twittards who just decided one day that trap is transphobic for some fucking reason, even though most people using the word are referring to cute anime boys or literally anything else and ignored the context in which the word is used.

>> No.6806903

Nice essay mr discord mod do you mind writing another?

>> No.6806944

Some retard who was probably the same type to call a real woman "waifu" unironically probably used it on a trans person once. It just probably escalated to insane degrees after that. Fucking twittertards

>> No.6806951

Nice try, nobody is falling for it, now take a screenshot of that post and crawl back to your discord where you might gets some good boy points for showing it to your mates

>> No.6806981

NTA. Generals...that's about it

>> No.6807099

I mean if you see me as a discord mod just because I understand stupid rules then you might as well call me a janny too.
I don't post here for good boy points, if I wanted that I'd do something easier than replying to being called a discord mod.

>> No.6807237

Don't bother. One thing that I've learned from here and real life, is that proof and logic only matter if they bother looking at it. You could have never touched a Discord in your life and they still would keep going.

>> No.6807325

Why do you even care so much

>> No.6807392

You know she's not going to fuck you right?

>> No.6807459

sad discord mods continue simping for a grifter that looks down on them

>> No.6807760

Nyanners is ugly. I still don't get why you guys go apeshit over her as if she's the only to have done this. I don't get why she lives rent-free in your heads. Who cares about what she fucking thinks? If she's funny, great, if you don't find her funny, then don't watch her.

What happened to "separate the art from the artist"? All of this seems identical to libtard snowflake sensibilities.
Well not quite, you're just screaming into the void here, and perhaps there's an off-chance she'll see you badmouth her and feel bad for about 20 seconds. Besides, isn't this considered doxxing? Her past has nothing to do with Nyatasha Nyanners.

>> No.6807863

Imagine even entertaining the THOUGHT of becoming a Zhang

>> No.6807924

>Besides, isn't this considered doxxing? Her past has nothing to do with Nyatasha Nyanners.
You know what, you're right. It's not fair to judge someone based on their past especially when they've changed their name, apologized for what happened and is making a strong effort to reinvent herself for a new audience.
Oh wait, none of this ever happened, fucking dumbass discord mod telling everyone not to judge the past when nyanners herself can't let go of it

>> No.6807939 [DELETED] 

NTA but we ain't talkin about the past but how she is right now. Her past has some effect on what she became, but people here discuss her as a vtuber and not as the camwhore. She has some weird past but it's relevant to her as a vtuber now as every one is judging her every move because of it. You can't just ignore and turn a blind eye to reality. If you had a past of murdering people and being on a frantic rage, and made no efforts to show you aren't the same person anymore, then people are gonna be apprehensive towards you.

>> No.6807967

The sheer hatred this board has just because she changed her opinion on something that was 10 years ago is hilarious to watch.

>> No.6808016

NTA but we ain't talkin about the past but how she is right now. Her past has some effect on what she became, but people here discuss her as a vtuber and not as the camwhore. She has some weird past but it's relevant to her as a vtuber now as every one is judging her every move because of it. You can't just ignore and turn a blind eye to reality. If you had a past of murdering people and being on a frantic rage, and made no efforts to show you aren't the same person anymore, then people are gonna be apprehensive towards you.

>> No.6808018


>> No.6808046

So again, I ask, what in the fuck did Nyanners do that is so fucking egregious you can't let it go after 10 years? Do you also want to kill moot? Or Vinesauce, or Lobitah, or every fucking camwhore that once posted here? As I said, at best she sees you badmouthing here, at worst, nothing happens except you seethe on your own with absolutely no catharsis.

>> No.6808053

You are pathetic

>> No.6808073

>wants to improve and move on from her past cringy shit
whats wrong with that?

you will never be with a woman.

>> No.6808101

you will never be with a woman.

>> No.6808102

>mel and mousey are cunnychads
>hime and bunny are shotscons
>nyanners herself is into "mind control"
unironically concerning levels of self-hatred
kill all trantis, this is their fault

>> No.6808104

Lol I don't even care about Nyanners or the 10 year old drama but whoever conflates fiction to reality whether it's some Karen/Boomer talking about video games or Nyanners with her shit, deserves all the bad things to happen to them.

>> No.6808136

>Nyanners is ugly

So? So is Ame. I watch them because they're funny and creative, not 'cause I wanna fuck them. If I only watched vyibers I wanted to fuck, I'd only watch Kson streams.

>> No.6808159
File: 25 KB, 270x360, 8E9E84E9-2B67-46D8-B06C-A98DDA1E9DBE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finding literally any reason to hate her
>pink cat lives rent free in your head and silently seethes over a thing she did years ago
>pink cat is more successful and happy than she’s ever been
Find something, literally anything better to do with your life faggot.

>> No.6808177

Triggered nyancucks are the most amusing creatures in the planet

>> No.6808202

Hey kids can you spot the tumblr tourist?

>> No.6808209

>pink cat is more successful and happy than she’s ever been
sorry but as long as gura exists this will never be true

>> No.6808222

never ever.

>> No.6808225

I don't even like Nyanners, you absolute nigger

>> No.6808231

I don't believe you at all lmao, but sure anon.
Read the comment I replied to.
I don't think it's just the fact that Nyanners is "successful," I think it's also the fact that she has changed and said
>aspects of 4chan are bad
And the people that are new here or that have been here since she posted here as a teen take offence to that.

>> No.6808247

And yet here you are, spending your free time defending nyanners on 4chan.

>> No.6808264

Is it you? I’ve probably been here longer than you. And it’s not a rebuttal of anything I said.

>> No.6808271

Nyancucks are literal npcs holy shit

>> No.6808303

Always the newfags bragging about how long they've been on this basket weaving forum, this isn't reddit I hope you know that

>> No.6808312

I too go onto the Internet and tell lies

>> No.6808327

I was mocking you for spending that much money on something so unimportant, not defending Nyanners.

>> No.6808377

>that much money
The amount of money spent on that superchat wouldn't even cover the transfer fees.

>> No.6808387

Feel free to believe what you want nigga. Show me proof she changed her stances and I'll wait. If not then I'll always be dropping a couple of shitposts against her whenever I see her threads up.

>> No.6808409

It doesn't matter if you got here yesterday or have been here for a decade. If you say something someone doesn't like then they'll call you a newfag. And there is literally no concrete way to verify that because anonymity is the name of the game. We could've all been here since day 1 and not a thing will change. Just don't bite back.

>> No.6808419

Anon, conflating reality is part of human limitations, humans aren't able to see all of reality at once for how it is, a lot of reality is filtered out by our brains and a lot of info is lost.
Your reality can never be my reality and mine can't be yours.
Defending her is just a side effect, not the intention.
Most of the anons here who are complaining about you couldn't give 2 shits about defending her.
We're seeing faggots and we call the faggots out for being retarded and annoying.

>> No.6808473

Nah. Seems we're at an impasse. I think her "changes" are self-evident, but if you don't want to watch her that's your choice. All I'm saying is I find it retarded to be mad at her, because it leads to me believe people would or should be mad at others like her following the logic they do to hate her, and again, this hate has no catharsis, it's just a waste of emotional energy at the end of the day.

>> No.6808506

That's still money spent on drama, who cares about the amount, the intentions are the same

>> No.6808521

Yeah I'm sure that dude is weeping over his lost fifty us cents

>> No.6808527

>this hate has no catharsis
hah you wish faggot, im cathartic as fuck everytime I see that a blue loli shark is continuing to mog the shit out of that pink grifter

>> No.6808569

as she should. when you're becoming as popular as she is now then you absolutely have to. Cope

>> No.6808571

There were tweets too. It wasn’t just the one incident.

>> No.6808584

Thats a different type of catharsis, numberfag catharsis, that fuelled by pride rather then wrath.

>> No.6808588

That's one strange cope, or frankly I don't know what to call that. Has Nyanners ever expressed envy for Gura or something? I mean, I enjoy Gura's streams more, but they're both popular and make bank, so who cares?

>> No.6808602

Believe it or not it is possible to dislike her and say so when she’s brought up, but otherwise never think about her.

>> No.6808606

I don't know man, it sure feels pretty fucking cathartic when nyanners keeps bending backward to accommodate the shit we are spouting here, to the point where her white knights see it necessary to dive down here to defend her good name

>> No.6808608
File: 25 KB, 712x486, 1608129279192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nah. Seems we're at an impasse.
Well there's no room for negotiation then.

>it's just a waste of emotional energy
Which is nothing compared to the daily stresses of life. I can keep hating on Nyanners even when I'm asleep. At this point it's almost by reflex. Calling her changes "self-evident" without showing actual proofs is just pure baseless speculation I will never come to terms with.

>> No.6808626
File: 25 KB, 500x460, i-deliberatley-entered-a-thread-full-of-things-that-i-28308860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6808632

You call it numberfagging, I call it karma for being a grifter that hates loli for brownie points and normalfag appeasement
We both know that it you wouldn't say anything if the sub counts were flipped

>> No.6808684

I don't even like Nyanners, but it's pretty incredible that she works so many people into a seething shoot over a shitty, unfunny PONPONPON parody that has been irrelevant for nearly a decade.

>> No.6808698

Hmm, fair enough.
>I can keep hating on Nyanners even when I'm asleep.
That's impressive.

>> No.6808719

Reading you just makes me sad

>> No.6808728

No, an apology would be great actually. Giving the finger to gamerghasi and their ilk would redeem her completely.

>> No.6808784

Here, I'll make it simple for a retard like you
nyanners no like loli
gura is loli
nyanners no like gura

>> No.6808843

Nyanners has never said this, and Gura has said she's an adult. I don't know about you, but I certainly don't have the time or want to make the effort to get into a debate about semantics over what a loli is or isn't, the type of loli content Nyanners hate, if Gura considers herself a loli, etc. Because at the end of the day, I don't think you'll change my mind or I yours.

>> No.6808897

I doubt she tries to accommodate anyone here, shes well aware its a fruitless effort.
Yeah because if it were flipped you wouldn't bring it up in the first place.
Okay, I'll correct my statement, it wouldn't satisfy most of the antis, a lot of them hate nyanner just because but as you have shown some would accept it.
But doing so wouldn't be worth it, pissing more people off to appease a smaller group is the same thing as bending a knee to zhangs when they get upset.
Anon, most of the vtuber community argues against her being a loli so they can have nice things without having the shitty anti-loli people causing problems.
You're basically doing the same thing as the twitards who thinks every small girl is a loli but instead of hate, your jacking off to them.

>> No.6808944


>> No.6808964

>I doubt she tries to accommodate anyone here, shes well aware its a fruitless effort
Yeah that'll be why she canceled the Nekopara collab and spun a wild tale about not knowing about what the contents are despite having voice acted for it before

>> No.6808995

>from defending to denying it ever happened
stay getting mogged by a loli you fucking grifter

>> No.6809000

What anti? And no one is causing problems for Gura and the rest of Hololive? If they are then I swear I will dox them and slit their throats in their sleep. At best Nyanners is a fuckin lying grifter, "hurr toradora is my fave" but then "oops if you like the same thing then you should be jailed loser lmao". Nyanshit is a cunt and she should go fuck herself.

>> No.6809043

Wow. I thought she was going to be all tongue and cheek about it, but she was explicitly referring to the 4chan shit.

>> No.6809093

>no argument
Keep seething about the cat and ignore I said I like Gura more lol

>> No.6809136

>muh in the past
Guess who never changed?

Guess who made a stupid ramble about how "people change omg" yet is still the same grifter from 8 years ago, and still believes the same bullshit, but even WORSE now because it now includes even more benign shit like traps and "triggered"? see >>6788872

>> No.6809167

I still want to fuck her

>> No.6809199

Seek help

>> No.6809244

Wait so everyone is losing their shit for that ? Holy fuck Nyanners haters are the most stupid people in existence.

>> No.6809270

The day we have a Kiara+Nyanners collab I will jerk off to the threads.

>> No.6809289

you living under a rock, m8?

>> No.6809291


>> No.6809306

Apparently that isn't even up to date, but idk. Misinformation if everywhere here.

>> No.6809324

What are you talking about?
If you actually paid attention, people on twitter often get pissy about smoltubers because they loli/shota-like and attack them because of it.
Thats part of why I said most argue against gura being a loli on twitter, keeps the shitty anti-lolis at bay.
Anon, the retarded crazy lady who was sperging out about gura looking underage was suspended months ago, if you did you drama reps you'd know about it.
Anon, discord rules doesn't mean the owner or the person the discords about believes that shit, those rules are for the general community so things don't get out of hand and drama pops up.
Its like how this place is anti-doxxing, just because the mods and jannys enforce the rules doesn't mean they agree with them.
Its to keep community stability, thats the same reason why there are laws.
I mean they hate her for other reasons, but that rule shit is the flimsiest bullshit they could hate her for.
a.. anon... I...

>> No.6809332

ITT: antis fighting with ghosts.

>> No.6809357

Every single person here has different reasons for hating on her. Some because she's a hypocrite, some because she's a gifter or whatever that is, others because she conflate reality with anime, etc. I also remember people here were talking about Gamergate and Nekopara
And Nah. I hate Nyanners because she changed her model into a shittier version

>> No.6809402

I mean nyancucks are literally dead inside even ghosts would be more alive than they are lmao

>> No.6809411

Sad cunts here seethe about this girl constantly. They sincerely can't understand why someone who ended up with a normie audience had to disown her past loli shit. These "people" haven't touched grass in years and are forgetting that this place isn't the world rather than a niche imageboard for scarcely functional retards. When actual normalfags start pointing the finger at loli then you're getting branded as a pedo and cancelled, because that's what normal people see it for. If you'd rather she decided to die on the hill of trying to tell normals that the little girl getting dicked down isn't pedoshit then you're a genuine fucking retard.
Are you even seething because nyanners dropped 4chan or is it because she didn't deny loli=pedo and you feel threatened? That's the only way i can possibly see how she would live rent free in your heads for so long.

>> No.6809412

Honestly anon thats the most based reason to hate her for. No bullshit, just pure personal preference.

>> No.6809416

She lives rent free. Even i remember when we were angry when she tried to go mainstream, but im not as pathetic as these losers who cant sleep at night for 10 years because of her.

Based nyanners outting the mentally ill.

>> No.6809466

Cope the poat
> no its the chuuba fanbase enjoying the content that are the pathetic ones! Not me sending her money and hate messages for sentences she wrote a decade ago! Im based and redpilled!

Literally lmaoing at your circus act

>> No.6809485

sounds like you're the one coping here while antis are just having fun
why even defend her here like a retard lmao
everyone here hates her

>> No.6809509

And here you are defending nyanners on 4chan from the so called mentally ill.

>> No.6809519

Refer to >>6808419.

>> No.6809526

When ""normalfags"" aka. SJWs does that irl and to my face, that's when I get to crack their skull open

>> No.6809542

Once again faggot, we are not defending Nyanners, but we are mocking you and the niggers like you

>> No.6809554
File: 361 KB, 481x374, 1623882634800.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sound like a kid.

>> No.6809560

everyone knows that's a lie lmao
you'd stop posting here if you aren't defending her at all
seethe nyancuck, your oshi is trash

>> No.6809567
File: 398 KB, 834x841, 1624048191217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6809580

It's a real funny way to mock when you spend more time and effort with your supposed "Mocking" than the retards who live down here

>> No.6809595

>Anon, discord rules doesn't mean the owner or the person the discords about believes that shit, those rules are for the general community so things don't get out of hand and drama pops up.
>Its like how this place is anti-doxxing, just because the mods and jannys enforce the rules doesn't mean they agree with them.
>Its to keep community stability, thats the same reason why there are laws.
Did you even read the rules? They all have her personal justifications written in them; every one of these rules were hand-tailored by the pink cunt herself, they're filled to the brim with moral grandstanding and objective falsehoods that she herself believes, and used to parrot publicly on social media.

>> No.6809608

So nothing happened? So both girls living in your heads rent free for no apparent reason. I'd say take the meds but you should get a lobotomy instead.

>> No.6809611

What other anons said, not defending her, just having fun poking the mentally ill spergs trying to balance on the big ball. 10 years. Lmao

>> No.6809622

Congratulations. You somehow made a timeloop within a timeloop.

>> No.6809630

Keep telling yourself that, someone might even believe it

>> No.6809633


>> No.6809646

And you sound like a boomer retard.

>> No.6809650

It's a nyanners thread, it's baiters and trolls all the way down.

>> No.6809698

Eh its something to do, most of the fun of mocking is in ones head anyway.
personalized rule write ups are common, makes it feel more personal then it is, most rules on these types of discords are a combination of multiple mods opinions and events that have happened, its more likely a few mods said they wanted to ban the words because they didn't like them and nyanners didn't argue about it since they'd be the ones dealing with the people anyway.

>> No.6809732

I don't understand how it got this far. She practically apologized for the matter and denounced tumbler as "shitty as any other site" in >>6808944 . It's crazy

>> No.6809751

30 minutes > 10 years according to this retard

>> No.6809762
File: 706 KB, 1733x2048, 1601900821335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek, why does that sound exactly what nyanner defenders would say?
they are so mentally ill and insecure they have to object and reply to every anti post lmao, all for that crumb of pussy they will never get

i thought she was denouncing 4chan in that video and admitting that being sjw is the way to go?

>> No.6809815
File: 34 KB, 592x290, 1622641835271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't understand how it got this far
I think it started with mentally ill twitter tumblrinas defending her now an equal and opposite antis are shitting on her
She should've denounced SJWs from the get go and none of this would've happened

>> No.6809838

0:56 "And I'm sorry if in the past if I said like "Well everybody on this website sucks and is bad"" she said in reference to "a certain site" which is pretty obvious as to which site she means.

>> No.6809849

It's HER discord server.

The rules reflect values that SHE was public about on Twitter and Tumblr for almost a decade; before the vtuber grifting and her squeaky clean public image started.

These mental gymnastics are starting to look like a goddamn circus, anon.

>> No.6809866
File: 320 KB, 829x622, 1626716625488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sorry incels
this is the kind of thing that starts mandatory /vt/ holohoax threads.
Guess I gotta start making /vt/ threads on /pol/, bring them over here and into r/hololive

>or you could leave

>> No.6809934

Anon do you think content creators have the time to actually moderate their own server? Most just give people they trust power and let them deal with the server.
Rules on servers tend to be made by the server manager and mod team based on what they feel is best for the server, at most the content creator gives the yay or nay on curtain rules.

>> No.6809978

that sounds very much applicable to tumblr
desu most of her antis are not even from this website, they're just weeb normies i always see on facebook and twitter who probably watched some vid about her past

>> No.6810054

"You see the thing about sites like twitter, and tumblr and (noticeable pause) and everywhere."
She has yet to "say everyone on this site sucks and is bad" about tumblrtards. And the "certain website" she mentioned she describes as "wanted her dead", "has some of the top tier internet humor". "spent most of her life on that website"

In conclusion, she was definitely refering to 4chan with her apology. Its the only one who fits all the criteria she herself listed.

>> No.6810072

Moderate? No. Establish guidelines? Yes. As a server owner, your mods are stand-ins for YOU; your rules reflect YOUR standards.

Her ONLY remotely excusable rule in this horseshit list is the loli stuff because it violates discord's tos; but she even bans the WORD loli; THAT aspect of the server rule is ENTIRELY her own addition, and it's EXACTLY like her shit from back then.

Everything else is completely her. These rules being in place means that Nyanners is good with them. She's aware that they exist because she's written them herself, which means *drumroll* she's the same bitch she always was, and is sputtering lipservice in her videos like she's always been. Big shocker?

>> No.6810089

Got anything juicy? No? Then get your ass back to work bitch, dig more. I am bored as fuck lol.

>> No.6810176

Cope seethe and dilate

>> No.6810205


>> No.6810327

At this point it's bigger than her, see >>6809815
None of the people here actually care about nyanners, they care about what she represents, so on the one hand you have the tumblr immigrants who think she's based for publicly calling out lolicons I mean pedos and the idol to sjws everywhere and on the other hand you have the resident dwellers who see her as the personification of every sjw/commiefornia/twitter retard who ever went "fiction = reality" and basically everything wrong with modern sjw and censorship culture that means that showing a gay couple having sex on a ps5 game is "bold and progressive" while showing a sexy girl in a bikini is a no go. Who she is now and what she does doesn't actually matter, it's all about what she represents.

>> No.6810385

i'm an oldfag and remember nyanner's raunchy vocaroo shit back in the day.

I'm still very new to this weird vtuber thing, but considering who she was, this whole anime avatar thing is probably a pretty sweet deal for her.

That being said, I don't know how to logically process this shit, but never understood why people donated to streamers in the first place.

considering nyanners is also an oldfag though, I'd be surprised if she doesn't actually visit 4chan.

this vtuber thing is really exploding so consider spending some of that wealth on security.

>> No.6810406

You're a fucking idiot for not seeing this for so long.
but welcome back, regardless

>> No.6810438

So the pink anime catgirl is a living representation of our political climate? I'm not sure if that's funny or depressing. Though I don't get how the 2nd group see her as this sjw embodiment. She is quite literally best friends with a pornstar, and retweets lewd shit all the time from what I've heard.

>> No.6810480
File: 279 KB, 1109x442, niggers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Perfectly put. Reposting based youtube comment.

>> No.6810497

They grow up so fast.

>> No.6810523

SJWs are well-known for promoting and spreading their own personal flavors of degeneracy while condemning others that don't fit their sentimentalities.
See Sony's okay'ing Neil Cuckman's self-insert sex scene in TLOU2 while simultaneously banning basically any and all anime tiddy and filtering all Jap devs through Sony's California branch, just as a standalone example.

>> No.6810550

Wake me up when she has huge milkers

>> No.6810587

doubt the screenshot is real though

>> No.6810594

She deleted her previous works, called everyone who liked lolis pedos, then jumped over to tumblr pump put rant after rant denouncing fanservice in video games and other sjw talking points. It's only in the past two years that she stopped doing that, and that's where all the grifter accusations come from because the prevailing narrative is that she only stopped doing that because she's now going after the same audience who would be offended by such rants.

>> No.6810699

>people get right back to calling pink cunt out on loli hypocrisy ever since she started grifting on the vtuber trend
>pink cunt spends god knows how much on a new model
>exact same outfit 1:1
>literally only change is proportions
>zero (0) reason for this change other than the loli stuff
>only people who talk about the loli stuff are antis

In case you ever needed more proof that antis have been living rent-free in her head for almost a decade. Her ego is so fucking massive that she STILL cares about what every single person here thinks of her, despite disowning the site 8 years ago.

Nyanners has always been a stone-thrower in a glass house, talking mad shit on social media, but fumbling and bumbling like a coward in the face of any and all confrontation. She couldn't even manage to shoot back at KIARA, and Kiara is the EASIEST holo to get under the skin of.

(She's still a flat-chested animu by the way, which makes her a pedo by her own standards.)

>> No.6810740

Porn of Nyanners new model is illegal in Australia.

>> No.6810792

Also kinda gay since she looks like Ferris

>> No.6810801

I can name drop all 5 nyanners fans in this board go back to your fake discord

>> No.6810808

Do eet

>> No.6810825

Okay I don't actually remember their weeb names but its everyone in #/vt/

>> No.6810862

Even if we hate pink cats, pink cats hate pedo, she still cares about what we think

>> No.6810895

She's beyond saving at this point. She keeps trying to fix her image and change herself for her past audience but it's obviously impossible for her. Hell, she can't even let go of her name.

She's been doxxed to the ground so everyone here knows exactly who she is more than we know our oshis and we're not going to forget unless she actually abandons the nyanners persona aka herself. When the newfags eventually discover her past and the zoomers get redpilled, she's going to end up an heroing or institutionalized.

>> No.6810947

funny if she had just gone the lilypichu route, she would be perfectly fine right now. at worst she would have been regarded as normie-tier but still without all the deeply rooted hate

>> No.6810950

So the old model WAS a loli then? After spending all this time trying to claim it wasn't, now it needs the proportions changed?

>> No.6810979

knowing nyanners, she might even go back on this decision if enough people call her out on it

>> No.6810996

Wait what? She has a fucking vt channel on her discord?

>> No.6811118

>SJWs are well-known for promoting and spreading their own personal flavors of degeneracy while condemning others that don't fit their sentimentalities.

>> No.6811160

In 2021, I can't even tell if this is a serious question

>> No.6811171

Sounds familiar

>> No.6811324

We are the same people, but we are on different paths because of our values.

>> No.6811340

Like, Social Injustice warriors?

>> No.6811504

>you fucks
this is all you have for insults at this point. Also how ablist, your monitor would be ashamed.
Oh and yeah, fuck Nyanners, regardless of what she does. Hope she leaves the internet forever, she's a detriment to a lot of early internet culture and mediums.

Gamer words are good words :^)

>> No.6811541

Not quite. Wokeists promote degeneracy which flagrantly violates their own dogma. This is what separates them from other degenerates. They're pure sycophants who unironically want to be above the very laws they beat other people over the head with. It's these added layers of arrogance and megealomania that make them so despised even by pedos. They're just that much worse, and the harm they want to I flict on people spans across entire societies rather than just a bunch of diddled kids.

This is why everyone with standards hard passes on pink menace. She willfully threw her lot in with the absolute worst crowd, the types of people who wouldn't even be satisfied raping your kids unless they also got to loot and burn down your house while they were there. Even if she was young and stupid, the vast majority of young and stupid oldfags from back then still recognized SJWs as the plague that they were.

Nyanners has no excuse. She just wanted to be a part of the commie clique and get that mainstream acceptance. She just wanted to be popular among the people whose entire ideology revolved around hating people based on their immutable physical characteristics and what they were attracted to, while at the same time championing that we should selectively ignore these very same things for certain groups of people because of some supposed slights that are overblown based on both ignoring the rest of the world's treatment of minorities and judging the past through the lens of the present.

tldr Pink menace unironically outed herself as an amoral sociopath who would step over everyone's corpses after a successful cultural revolution just to collect her good girl points. It was never about loli specifically. It was always about what a monstrous person you'd have to be to pull such an abrupt and extreme 180 without your conscience stomping your ass out in an alley.

>> No.6811610

Will the pedos ever be able to get over her? Or will they literally die mad?

>> No.6811634

Certainly they will outlive the trannies

>> No.6811636

Why would Nyanners want pedos to get over her? That would bankrupt her.

>> No.6812008

Yea it's almost all reddit fags and tourists Teamates from discord.

>> No.6812038

>Rent free
>Constantly talks about how much this place hates her and sends her discord army here to defend her.
>Rent free
Nigga stop using reddit phrases here and go back.

>> No.6812964

Lilypichu route?

>> No.6813024

Has she and Kiara already met irl?

>> No.6813090
File: 3.91 MB, 2220x2160, 1600640253986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When actual normalfags start pointing the finger at loli then you're getting branded as a pedo and cancelled
You're stupid. Melody and Ironmouse never caught shit for liking loli, people were applauding the Mini Melody thing, even. This is a Nyanners only thing.
Terrible excuse. Truth is you cannot justify her shitty behaviour.

>> No.6813170


Fuck nyanners.

>> No.6813846


>> No.6814081


>> No.6814272

I absolutely love to see Nyannerfags go full damage control and laugh at them
I have been able to let go my grudge for her, but I still think of her drama defenders as absolute retards not different from the antis they’re trying to mock
Notice how they say “it was 10 years ago”, they know shit. I don’t care about Nyanners, but I can’t ignore the opportunity to make her following of cucks seethe when they reply to every hate post

>> No.6814330

She already used it to gain a following. How does changing it now absolve her of criticism. Collaborating with hololive is still hypocrisy by the way,

>> No.6814350

No one in this board is an actual nyanfag, we’re just falseflaggers.

>> No.6814640

>It's only in the past two years
She hasn't posted anything controversial in way longer than 2 years, unless you consider a pride flag on her twitter for pride month something to get mad over.

>> No.6814656

Does Nyanners still do Amy Schumer Humor? You guys are sad and pathetic.

>> No.6814721

>select image
There, that's Nyanners new model.

>> No.6814770

>She's still a flat-chested animu by the way, which makes her a pedo by her own standards
You have no fucking idea what you're talking about, but that's par for the course for antis. You guys always project standards of other SJWs she never held onto her.
She likes small boobs and talked shit about that australian law that basically forbids small boobs in porn multiple times.
The hardcore SJW Nyanners you guys hate doesn't exist.

>> No.6814821

The hardcore SJW Nyanners you guys hate doesn't exi-

>> No.6814865

The absolute funniest parts about these threads is that it's blatantly obvious that about 90% of the people posting in them only heard about Nyanners within the last year or, at most, saw a Tumblr screencap about about pomf some years ago. Imagine getting this invested into oldfag drama just to try to fit in with the cool kids, and failing at it blatantly to boot. Truly the encyclopediadramatica crowd.

That goes for simps and antis alike, for the record.

>> No.6814916

I want her to quit all forms of internet content creation and for all her redditors to quit trying to force her back into relevancy on /vt/

>> No.6814920

Aren't those rules old and outdated by now? I don't use discord, but her stream rules have been basically just "be respectful" for a while now.

>> No.6814921

Anno, the entire thread is just a falseflag. Most actual pink cat fans are in another board.

>> No.6814948

I don't feel like checking but the fact they even existed at some point is bad enough.

>> No.6814981

There are actual pink cat fans in the vshojo general, but yeah. Most don't bother with discussion outside of that thread because a lot of this shit is falseflagging.

>> No.6814982

its still the same rules, its just not listed anywhere so people cant screenshot them, but if you use one of the bad words you still get banned, and there are more bad words than just the ones on that old list

>> No.6815059

You mean
>>>/aco/pmg ?
That's seriously newfag central btw, i've caught people not even knowing that Nyanners started out here.

>> No.6815104
File: 184 KB, 900x582, 1626188831651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont really care.
I'm only in this to not miss out on the Nyanners JOI when she starts declining

>> No.6815139

It's aco, that place is basically in their own little bubble like /po/ and /tg/ used to be. Most of the people there probably doesn't even know the rest of the board exist.

>> No.6815172

At this point it's pretty safe to say that basically no one here has any idea what they're talking about when it comes to the pink cat. Half the people keep seething over talking points entirely invented by some dramatuber a couple months ago and the rest are stuck in the 2015 culture war mindset and have had their brains slowly turned to cat food.

>> No.6815289

>Yeah because if it were flipped you wouldn't bring it up in the first place.
>If things were the other way around, things would be different!

>> No.6815301

Anon... Your reps...

>> No.6815373
File: 832 KB, 814x811, 1621179980811.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6815425

Not as sad as you who as to get someone banned for calling a tranny a "trap" you numbnuts

>> No.6815458
File: 354 KB, 2048x2048, 1613062142097.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get a fucking life you niggers

>> No.6815488
File: 105 KB, 1200x675, 1617433787639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop lusting over a loli pedo

>> No.6815527

It's a fucking cartoon cat girl you actual fucking retard, touch grass immediately

>> No.6815538

Tell that to nyanners, she's the one who threw a fit about it, I'm just her humble messenger.

>> No.6815603

Just because you're a cocksucker who let's people berate and bully you and tries to brush it off because "it happened in the past" doesn't mean the rest of us do. You don't just get to alienate half of your fanbase by calling them pedo's for liking the same shit you're selling to them and then expect to come back 5 years later just so you can do it all over again and not have people call you out on your bullshit!

We seriously need to get rid of cucked faggots like you. I bet you're all for "accountability" except when it happens to people you side with, faggot.

>> No.6815661

You're a faggot shit stirrer is what you are

>> No.6815664





>> No.6815744

You choose to come play in this manure pile, don't complain when you get cover in shit.

>> No.6815781

You're talking about a fanbase that literally never existed, you gigantic fucking retard. You keep thinking that she used to be /ourgirl/ pedopanderer when in reality she's been shat on and hated here for basically for the entirety of her dumb youtube career. If anything, she now has more fans here than she used to, which should tell you something. You're a retarded newfag regurgitating dramatuber talking points, please stop posting anytime.

>> No.6815809

And you're a cuck, that loves to defend some e-girl who likes to tell pee pee poo poo jokes on stream!

Tell me who's the bigger faggot here anon? Is it you? Is it you who spergs out at the thought that some faggot jerks his small dick off to a fucking anime drawing, or is it the horny pervert who just wants to be left alone and doesn't want to be b bothered by self-righteous newfaggots such as yourself?

>> No.6815819

Nyancucks and rewriting history, name a more iconic duo

>> No.6815839

Tell me this anon, why did she stop posting on 4chan again?

>> No.6815861

She ain't loli anymore so I have no reason to like her now. She was doing fine but now she had to ruin it.

NTA but who said she was ""/our girl/"" retard? She's always been the eternal newfag

>> No.6815866

Nyancucks and getting buttblasted

>> No.6815873

Every Nyanners bait thread is prime guerilla marketing, the antis don't get that they appear to everyone as complete fucking lunatics and are constantly producing new fans for her stream. Her numbers go up and the same pathetic discord niggertrannies come here on their queer little crusade, but the numbers just keep going up. She should really be thanking you tactless retards with maintaining her presence on this board for free while simultaneously making her antis look like complete spergs

>> No.6815907

Study English
Strawman harder

Stay mad

>> No.6815922

Have fun marketing to the, what 200 people that frequent this shithole, I'm sure it's worth it

>> No.6815957

Let the seethe flow through you as you realize how fucking dumb you are you no life bogan nigger

>> No.6815975

I wish /pol/ would leak onto other boards and filter these reddit fags

>> No.6815976

Lol, you can keep being a history denier and a revisionist all you want, but the fact of the matter is she came here, she's from here, and she got her start here. Therefore, she literally has to attribute her succes from here. She even admits to it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKmzp9YR7-U
Nothing you say will ever change this you gigafaggot. Get fucked, and have a nice day!

>> No.6815985
File: 179 KB, 290x277, 1614605996546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Everyone who doesn't like nyanners is the same person.

>> No.6815989
File: 10 KB, 645x256, 1617552858362.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This post is peak cope lmao
This is how we know antis literally have Nyanners at gun point

>> No.6816034

>hurr durr bogan
Get better insults you massive poofta

>> No.6816075

Read the post again you dumb faggot, and maybe try to find some Nyanners threads in /a/ or /v/ from around 2010. There's your "fanbase". You weren't here of course, and I doubt archives go that far back, but I very vividly remember those threads and the level of seethe was at least as potent as it is now. Yes, she posted here, no, she wasn't liked nor did she have any "fans" to betray.

>> No.6816218

i think the only thing nyanners is betraying isn't this website, it's generally weeb and/or normies who are extremely salty against sjws and censorship
she didn't backstab this site, she backstabbed her own fans but desu that's not even what ticks people off, it's the hypocrisy
it's not because of how she looks, it doesn't matter if she changes her model (that just makes her more unlikeable)
but it's more of her hypocritical stances like she says she likes toradora but then says false/bad things about the people who like them, and also like with nekopara too

>> No.6816441

Holy shit the cope
She doesn't even want people from 4chan watching her streams anyways lol

>> No.6816466

"Hypocrisy" pops up once again. I'd be fine with people hating Nyanners if it was even slightly less obvious that it's coming from anituber watching drama-addicted newfags who keep repeating the same thing on loop.

For the record, I will literally nail my dick to a board and post evidence if you can find an example of Nyanners shittalking Toradora fans. "I don't like cartoon depictions of child porn" doesn't count.

>> No.6816566
File: 955 KB, 3484x2060, 1620572433200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I love Toradora
>Oh by the way if you like this piece of toradora official art you are a pedo and needs to kill yourself
>I still like toradora though.

>> No.6816597

She literally said "it doesn't matter if they're not real" so she's not talking about CSA but anime girls in general, and you're pulling shit out of your ass.

>> No.6816617

find the tweet, then this faggot >>6816466 needs to get his fucking nailgun and a webcam ready

>> No.6816755

I bet Nyanners will double down on her SJW nonsense and actually openly hate her alleged favorite anime. This woke identity pol shit is a brain rot
If she can do it with Nekopara, she can definitely do it with Toradora too

>> No.6816819

This. It's just a matter of time, she only has to be forced to acknowledge that toradora exists again and you'll get what you're looking for.

>> No.6816893

I believe she mentioned it in a stream last week and called it the greatest love story ever told.

>> No.6816913

>grrr pink cat bitch called me a pedo!
You people are absolutely pathetic and have the ego of women.

>> No.6816931

So what if an actual woman is hating on Nyanners?

>> No.6816944


>> No.6816952

>have the ego of women
Uh oh, that's not a very feminist comment to make, fellow nyannerbro.

>> No.6817025
File: 29 KB, 620x494, 1625208145876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You do realize nyancucks like you are annoying as fuck and hated by nyanners the most? And that you won't ever get not even a crumb of her pussy?

>> No.6817031

Leave him be, he canfinally be as sexist as he wants on this cantonese drainwater selling board.

>> No.6817105

>it's true
Fucking LMAO @ your lives. You must have a bone to pick with everyone considering this place's reputation. Fucking newfags lol. Sorry, fuckin' pedos lmao

>> No.6817199

All me.

>> No.6817209

4chan isn't as hatefiled as you think, there's a lot of chuubas that get plenty of love from /vt/.
Have you seen the shit people have done for Beatani?
Maybe it's time to admit people don't like Nyanners because she's a cunt.

>> No.6817234

Anon, no, the narrative.

>> No.6817267

oh wow an actual discord white knight, lmao
You know she's not going to fuck you right?

>> No.6817288

Have you even read this thread? Not true. The unironic best reason someone ITT has had to hate her is that he hates her new model.

>> No.6817366

Just because you don't like the reasons doesn't mean they aren't valid, now do as you retards love to say and go touch grass

>> No.6817397
File: 38 KB, 490x333, E1949327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>muh white knight
Nyanners is ugly. I am here to laugh at you and make you mad. It's incredibly easy to do so.

>> No.6817408

Yeah but dude one cares
It's only one reason out of many reasons she is hated here

>> No.6817447
File: 11 KB, 860x773, 20210712_113726.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nyanners is ugly. I am here to laugh at you and make you mad. It's incredibly easy to do so.

>> No.6817459

>durr I'm actually not a while knight I'm just a blue knight simp lmao
Massive cope there my friend

>> No.6817505

And yet you keep proving me right. One of you is even a wojak nigger. I mean, how thin-skinned are you to get this butt-blasted over being called a pedo for liking loli?

>> No.6817538
File: 39 KB, 594x582, 1612308157764(2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>And yet you keep proving me right. One of you is even a wojak nigger. I mean, how thin-skinned are you to get this butt-blasted over being called a pedo for liking loli?

>> No.6817556
File: 53 KB, 638x717, 1611704514605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the funniest thing about the whole situation.
This whiteknight behaviour was viewed poorly even back when nyanners still browsed this place, absolutely nobody thinks highly of you or your actions, not even nyanners. She'll never thank you in any way or form.
Meanwhile, antis constantly get the pink cat's attention, making her pause her bloodborne stream for an "apology", make discord posts about us and even change her model. She's constantly bending over for the big anti dick to mess up her insides. I wont' give that fake loli cunt shit, though. I'll be an anti forever.
You nyancucks are all pathetic.

>> No.6817597

At least my skin is not as fragile as the nyancuck who won't stop replying to every opinionated poster and calling them pedo all day :^)

>> No.6817647

>blah blah look at how much of a loser i am by posting gigachad to back up my retarded opinion

>> No.6817659
File: 14 KB, 487x129, 1619329490169.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>making her pause her bloodborne stream for an "apology"
Antis were the true chads all along

>> No.6817693

Unironically true, remember when everyone loved Melody for making the e-thots seethe?

>> No.6817699

damn that's the realest fucking thing she's ever written in her entire life

>> No.6817705

Already told you, I am here to ridicule you and make you mad. I know it's easy since you're STILL seething because some cunt called you a pedophile. You prove me right again and again lmao

>> No.6817756

you'll never get a drop of her shriveled cum soaked pussy no matter how much you white knight for her, anon

>> No.6817792
File: 8 KB, 169x298, 1612649700998.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Already told you, I am here to ridicule you and make you mad. I know it's easy since you're STILL seething because some cunt called you a pedophile. You prove me right again and again lmao

>> No.6817833

Thanks anon, Nyanners is a pretty ugly girl. So when she called you a pedophile, how did you react?

>> No.6817849
File: 966 KB, 1117x1182, 1593639151824.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She doesn't even like you.
Meanwhile, your beloved oshi is desperately begging for my approval, which I'll never give her.
Seethe forever, cuck.

>> No.6817888

I like this guy and I'm sad that we're probably not going to see him for a few days after the trannies find these posts

>> No.6817908
File: 93 KB, 1024x752, 1607698896026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude, this is just embarassing lmao
You should actually go outside and touch grass instead of autistically replying to every anti post about nyanners

>> No.6817945

>my oshi
It's impressive how many copes you manage to fit in such a terse post. Insecure because you're ugly, you think I care about Nyanners, you think anyone alive gives a fuck about your dumb faggot ass. Impressive.

>> No.6817954

Holy shit I think the pink cunt is actually here right now, she's seething this hard

>> No.6817987

Nah, I am having a great time making you and the wojak nigger seethe.

>> No.6818023

I mean this is true. I can't recommend Vshojo to anyone because of Nyanners. Eventho I like watching Mel and Vei, and sometimes even Snuffy

>> No.6818103

Seems like black man has a projector

>> No.6818136

these niggers who say that they "love making people seethe" aren't on any other thread infested with schizos. wonder why

>> No.6818159

They're all on Twitter instead

>> No.6818176

Thread's about run it's course, remember to move to the next thread down the line to keep this party going

>> No.6818200

This is practically necrobumping at this point

>> No.6818203
File: 191 KB, 680x760, 1563484367131.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you claim nobody gives a fuck why did you make such an emotional post about me?

>> No.6818214

Says who? I love kfp threads.
Yeah, you really aren't afraid to use it.

>> No.6818262

It's cute you think this.

>> No.6818294


>> No.6818369
File: 406 KB, 617x500, 1609167152797.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you think anyone alive gives a fuck about your dumb faggot ass. Impressive.
Toppest of keks
Cry me a river, nyancuck

>> No.6818465

>muh nyancuck
Is this how you deal with being ugly and getting called a pedophile?

>> No.6818496
File: 783 KB, 832x1000, 1600659325972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not buying that you would call someone a "dumb faggot ass" without being in a state of absolute fuming. You didn't even proofread your post, which is why you went "impressive" twice.
Keep seething, cuck.

>> No.6818642

>which is why you went "impressive" twice.
I noticed that too.
He's in full seethe mode

>> No.6818644

>blah blah conjecture
Ogey, pedophile.

>> No.6818728

This thread is proof that loli is one of the most mentally unstable fetishes. I don't have even half of the details, but separating herself from this kind of faggotry was the right call.

>> No.6818859

I think the people that posted with Nyanners are either dead or very autists that still hold a grudge, most of newfags hate her by proxy.

>> No.6818860

She never separated from anything at all and nyanners did the exact opposite and pissing people off instead of separating herself and quitting anime/vtubing entirely. No one would be mad at her if she's an irrelevant normie Karen.

>> No.6818894

And yet lilypichu can operate just fine

>> No.6818929
File: 521 KB, 842x1022, 1612802755393.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where do you think you are?

>> No.6818977

Nyanners is more successful, tho. But the schizos here think that because she talked about 4chan once that's all she cares about. It's ironic that they say she can't get over it, when it's the other way around.

>> No.6819028

Who the fuck is even saying that? Take your meds, schizo

>> No.6819124

Read the thread, illiterate catamite.

>> No.6819181

How does that even work? I hate all kinds of hypocrites including Nyanners and I barely watch any anime at all
Backstabbing, lying, hypocritical bitches remind me of my ex and they deserve the worst

>> No.6819251

The majority of the outrage comes from Americans moralfagging over drawings and 1 year age gaps. They're selective puritans who don't understand that things like consent laws can be different from their own country.

>> No.6819275

I read the thread and you're full of shit. I'm not even an anti or a supporter but you're just spouting bullshit dude.

>> No.6819328

>he didn't read the thread

>> No.6819357
File: 349 KB, 1011x2162, E5IILf5XIAI3SUA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And the people against lolicon like to:
>Doxx people and make them lose their jobs
>Make teenagers commit suicide
>Report loli hentai to child protection agencies
>Send gore and actual CP to lolicons
>Make the term 'pedophilia' lose its meaning with every accusation
>Dismiss science when called out
>Actually molest children
Not even referring to Nyanners here, talking about normalfags in general

>> No.6819436

Big rrat

>> No.6819485

And all their arguments boil down to "but imagine if the loli was real though"

>> No.6819579
File: 83 KB, 600x888, 1610515026778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's exactly the type of fanbase Nyanners wants to cultivate with all of her virtuesignalling. She wants to create an army of Dr. Pizza antis in her discord. And for that reason alone I find motivation to hate on Nyanners

>> No.6819674


Lmao. This dude.

>> No.6819792

The absolute irony of your post and image. But please. Let her live in there rent-free

>> No.6819838

you fags make the word rrat lose any and all meaning, too

>> No.6819842
File: 162 KB, 748x433, 1608779880597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've seen some research done that people who are excessively an anti are likely projecting and they have massive skeletons in their closets
Especially the ones that conflate 2D and 3D together
The thing is, Nyanners could be one of those people too

>> No.6820137
File: 180 KB, 535x1126, 1596493072404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It wouldn't take you long to know there are tons of examples from twitter alone. It's especially evident with the ones who think Trap is a slur (like nyanners herself)

>> No.6820230

"pedophobe" is a stupid term because wanting to string up kidfuckers is the natural state of the world, however, this is 100% true regardless of how you word it, especially when it comes to the anime shit.
Someone wo talks about anime or lolis being "for pedos" on twitter, it's like a coin toss whether or not you'll find them getting arrested for cheese pizza or raping little boys within the span of a couple years.

>> No.6820449
File: 206 KB, 592x730, 1607547791604.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey man it's not my research paper/article

They most likely have no idea what term to label them so they gave them that instead

>it's like a coin toss whether or not you'll find them getting arrested for cheese pizza
Memes keep writing themselves and it's funny how it's all backed up by science
These clowns also exist in Japan too

>> No.6821256

Still looks under age tho

>> No.6821387

Remember to move smoothly onto the next thread lads

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