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nene is actually a genius; you simply cannot comprehend her superior mind

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Nene (inhibitors off)

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>haachama over 90

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why do people say botaan has such a high IQ? Is it just because she did well on choco's quiz?

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Suisei definitely is up there. So much so that it makes me feel suspicious of her.

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Where's Irys with her "100 IQ is a genius"?

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High tier: Botan, Lamy, Okayu, Suisei, Luna, Fubuki, Coco, A-chan, Noel, punished Nene

Low tier: Matsuri, Haato, Aqua, Towa, pre-punished Nene.

Mid-tier: everyone else. I don't watch ID or EN though.

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punished nene?

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Scam artists are actually very smart

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Streams a minimal amount and still got 1 million subs.

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Watch her play a shooter. She displays a high level of awareness, goes through the situation methodically and makes snap decisions as needed, all while being calm and at ease. It comes easily to her.
It's more than motor reflex and rote memorization, she's intelligent.

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They say this because other people said it before

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She's literally the only holo who doesn't do the "Woman Moment" panic under pressure and/or when literally anything happens, by which I mean she is the only one with actual situational awareness. She did the best on Choco's wacky trivia too.

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My personal rrat is that she cheated on her quiz

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Just sounds like she has experience (and some skill) playing FPS games.

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>i don't watch ID or EN though
let me give you the short version:
>High: Ina, Iofi, Ollie
>Mid: Mori, Ame, Moona, Risu, Anya, Reine
>Low: Gura, Kiara
Watch her play any game for the first time. She catches on pretty quick. Very intelligent woman. Good streams for that are probably TABS and definitely Enter the Gungeon.

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It's not just about her skill with games though. If you watch her shill streams or collab you can tell that she's really quick thinking and can keep feeding topics to make her collab partners feel at ease. I was watching her collab with Mafia Kajita and you can tell this lion has the highest IQ/EQ among chuuba in general.

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OP's picture unrelated?

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She aced her classes despite showing up late and not trying all that hard. Classic lazy genius. If you watch her she tends to make these instant leaps of insight that other holos would probably only get after methodical investigation. Though I think choco gives her a run for her money

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Nene with a sick eye-patch, it concentrates her power

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>Classic lazy genius

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she's just built different

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fresh graduates, still remember all the lessons back in school

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>collab with Mafia Kajita
sauce? is it in washagana channel?

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It was the No More Heroes 3 shill stream. Between Sugita simping for Pekora, Nakamura watching Korone, Ono Yuuki and now Botan, I'm just really happy for Hololive in general. I didn't get a chance to listen to Suisei x Tadokoro Azusa radio show but it looks like Susie really enjoys doing it so good for her. Maybe one day we can see Hololive performing at Anisama.

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I can't tell if you're joking or not with Korone

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>Mid-tier: everyone else. I don't watch ID or EN though.
Well there's this
>inb4 it was a dad joke
I'm sure she tells herself that to feel better

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Probably Mike Hock

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See, Botan is the least fresh graduate in the entire agency.

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>not Misco Jones

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>my oshi and my favourite gamer maker dude collabed
so cool...

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facking hell Mr. Korone. I kek'ed hard.

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>140+ IQ
Newfag Nigger even her grandmother acknowledged that Korone is a retard
Also Anya 130 IQ really nigger, that girl is sabotaging even after being saviorfagged by Gura TWICE & by Hideo FUCKING Kojima

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Nigger Nene is an Autist

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>Just sounds like she has experience (and some skill) playing FPS games.
Anonchama her roommate is literally a former esports pro in CoD...

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well its my lioness wife of course

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Genius and retarded sometimes goes hand in hand anon

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You know the math game is for her kid right

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>The biggest airhead in Hololive
>120 IQ
at the very least put her below Ramy and Porky

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She has really good game sense, in like every game. I can't think of a single large multiplayer collab she was part of where she wasn't the MVP. I mean shit, her deduction skills were so good people start focus firing her in amogus just because having her alive into late game was basically a win condition for the crewmates.

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0% chance that Kiara has a 3 digit IQ

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So if I become good at math and trivia I'll all of a sudden have a high IQ? Anon... You clearly don't understand what IQ is.

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Newfag Nigger once again do your Roomate reps, that dog had, is and will always be a shut in. That dog puss never got any action since the day she born and that thing is fermenting for 38 years so, go do the honors of taking the 38 year old hag's virginity and make a kid so that you 3 can play the math game together.

Now if you said it was Fubuki's then I wouldn't have mind as she is a mother of 2.

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oh, my poor troll, have ever left your basement to give an IQ test or a nation wide academia test?
I think not so I will enlighten you retard nigger, an IQ test is usually divide into 4 categories -
Verbal Comprehension.
Working Memory. ...
Perceptual Reasoning. ...
Processing Speed. - Quick Maths falls in is this section.

Go complete your studies

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I've done that sort of IQ test and there's no math. They test your processing speed by asking you to decode a text. Nice try though.

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how the fuck do you think she earns all that money by staying a shutin at 38. it's very obvious she's a housewife.

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Lamy is smarter than that.

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ogey rrat

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I would've expected aqua to at least be up there with how good she is at apex, yeah her EQ or whatever is probably low but cmon

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It’s a tier list anon you can guarantee the guy who made it has watched max 2 or 3 chuubas on the list.

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too high iq for me
i don't even know what she was trying to do there

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this clip still leaves me speechless. How can an English native speaker fuck up this bad? If it were the other way around, sure, Kiara would be excused because English is not her first language, but like this? Jesus Christ, she unironically must have an IQ below 80

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PPTenshi, probably. The way she handled that improvised power point presentation was really, really quick witted.

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I'm dying

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Migo is a lot smarter than she pretends to be

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Luna easily.
probably around 130-140

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This is my first time actually watching the clip, holy shit. I was sure it was a dad joke, until seeing her reaction. God.

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She pretends really hard she's smart
She's still dumb

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>Choco bellow Nene, Haachama and Watame


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Is this what /vpol/ mentall illness is?

>> No.6773802

More likely than not an edgy SEA teenager. Just ignore him.

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Coco is a midwit

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correct answer

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I mean, does it really matter? Aqua tends to score low on tests and trivia, but she's better than half of them in combat related games.

>> No.6775565

this is somewhat accurate

But none of them is above 130-135

>> No.6775577

Aqua can be sometimes competent in Apex, a game that requires some thought and reflexes, not just mashing. Gura got stuck in a tutorial that was a linear hallway and immediately forgot what a button does after repeatedly thanking a superchat telling her what it does.

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Suisei is a smart cute idol and definitely not suspicious.

>> No.6776113

Matsuri says nene is a genius, nene could be an actual mastermind irl

>> No.6776152

Autistic savant

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She cooms over flares boy voice and yoshi eating eggs, and she sleeps on the floor she isnt the smartest

>> No.6776409

Why would her fetishes or sleeping habits be related to intelligence?

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but I coom to furea's boivoice
and I'm the smartest person I know

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If your coochie gets wet over yoshi laying eggs, and you choose to sleep on the ground of an office building, you cant be smarter than botan

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I don't really watch most of them regularly, but the only ones on this list that I remember demonstrating any intelligence are Choco and maybe a-chan from that English telephone game.

>> No.6777191

Korone is a Tokyo U grad. Literally harder to get into than Harvard or MIT

>> No.6777245

Ayame must have a big brain because she works smart, not hard

>> No.6777752

James Joyce was one of the greatest writers of all time and he had a fart fetish. There's no reason A-chan's vore, possession and egg-laying fetishes (among others) would stop her being smart.

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idk probably nene desu

>> No.6778274

Gura is the type of person that compartmentalizes sentences in her head to make them easy to understand. She knew Kiara was going to give the names of the grades, and they'd be numbers, so she prepped her brain to only hear numbers, and when what Kiara said didn't match up with what Gura prepared for, she got confused and spoke without thinking. I think it's a genuine symptom of being on the spectrum.

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She was messing with the parameters of the spawn system. Only a genius like her would try something so overly complicated.

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Nene by far

>> No.6779701

>compartmentalizes sentences in her head
Do people really do that? Is it too hard for her to process a mixed sentence?

>> No.6780923

>that really quiet "oh my god" from Gura at 1:29 when she realizes how monumentally stupid she sounded
That to me is proof it wasn't a joke
Some people are jsut straight up airheads when it comes to certain things.

>> No.6781026

Well if nothing else this clip proved to me that (unless she's using a synthesizer the whole time) Kiara is using her real voice and not putting on a fake one for the character because you can't keep a fake voice up through that much laughter.

>> No.6781070

I'm autistic and I've never had that issue, but then language and grammar is the thing that my brain is hyper-focused on instead of say math

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I don't know any other Holo that could play this game.

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iq is overrated
who is the most street smart

>> No.6781211

It's entirely possible to have a normal IQ but sometimes have complete retard moments in your life. You know, brain farts.

>> No.6782037

Some people do, mostly when they have trouble sorting and keeping track of data in their head. They find it easier to arrange them into well-defined blocks of information, and when someone is speaking to them they try to ready their brain to parse the sentences fast enough in order to engage in conversation. It's a coping mechanism taught to people with learning disorders, too.
>"There are grades - "
>Alright, she's about to say numbers, and it's the whole point of the sentence, get ready.
>"- one to five"
>To? Two? 2? That's a number, but it's not ordered right; grades.txt says they're always sequential. Something is wrong.
>I better ask. Her numbers don't line up right.
>Why is she laughing?

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reine wasnt too bad at it. good stream too

>> No.6784603

Botan did suprisingly well considering she said she has next to no english knowledge

>> No.6784942

The ways she distils game mechanics from all the gloss and glitter of video games is something only big brains do.

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This. Nene is so smart, she has found the key to living is living without cares. Pic related.

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What about deciding to sleep on an office floor, thats pretty stupid

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of the EN chuubas, I could only see Ina getting anywhere

>> No.6788719

Fubuki is without a doubt up there. Gura is also not nearly as stupid as she goes out of her way to make herself seem, and midwits who don't know better buy into it.

>> No.6788839

Really wanna see Aqua ragequit after 20 mins.

>> No.6788983

Genuinely good question. I reckon Kiara is smarter than you'd think in this regard considering she's constantly having to outwit stalkers, although the upcoming meet and greet makes me wonder.

I'm sure the ID's have to be pretty street smart by necessity, except for maybe Ollie since she has gansgter relatives.

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the ultimate being

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>> No.6790061

Choco seems like the kinda person who could do well in any situation socially, formal/informal, classy and street. Is there a single clip where she isnt in control of the situation? Only one i could think of is where she had a guest on who was talking about a hemorrhoid bursting during anal sex or some shit. Even then she seemed more comfortable then the average streamer let alone vtuber could be.

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Gura is actually Lex Luthor-tier intelligence and derives sick satisfaction out of baiting those of lesser intelligence to think she's dumber than they are.

>> No.6790357

she's overrated. true high IQ is science and mathematics but people will shill her decisiveness in gaming.

>> No.6791012

Have you seen her take chocos quiz, she answers those questions like she had them written down, thats on top of computer knowledge which im willing to bet not many chuubas have

>> No.6791082

She's an absolute autist sperg, completely wrong

>> No.6791164

She's also a natural leader, Botan was the difference between the UsaKen summer festival being that epic kino shit we watched and just a few thematic stands.
She's not my oshi, but she's better than my oshi.

>> No.6791174

>science and mathematics
Even if that was a good way to work out IQ, it's not something we can infer just from watching streams (with the exception of Ollie).

>> No.6791438

I don't watch her but Ina is probably pretty smart, right?

>> No.6791694

Have you even taken an IQ test before?

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The only way to find out is to have another Among Us collab with the smartest Holos.

>> No.6791899

too high: ayame, mio, watame, anya
too low: ollie, marine, choco, luna, lofi

>> No.6792101

Man ranked choco below chammer

>> No.6792252

Chances are Hololivers as a whole have a higher IQ than the general population; the nature of the hobby predicates towards being at least somewhat tech-savvy as well as above-average openness to experience, which is correlated with intelligence. Botan and Okayu are the only ones I could see being at very high (140+) levels but chances are the large majority are above 100, even some of the ones that come off as airheaded (for instance, Ame, who's intellectually lazy with puzzle-solving but also has very high openness and inquisitiveness, and her airheadedness often suggests being lost in thoughts in a way that suggests high Jungian intuition)

>> No.6792510

Isnt 100-110 average intelligence? I would say theres only a handful that are below average

>> No.6792582

>smarter than her wife
no lol. she's just calm.

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File: 1.26 MB, 1600x1510, 1624497943186.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

unironically Ollie

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It’s 100. The 100 adjusts depending on the results of the previous year. But you have to take the test for your age so you can’t repeat the one you did when you were a year younger.

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>t. has never taken a mensa test
It's all logic puzzles. Here's an example from the tests, solve the rest of this chart

>> No.6793112

>gura 90
Lmao gura is actually the smartest holo you dumbass

>> No.6793662

Can you post the solution? To me it seems there is not enough to come up with a pattern, it just seems random

>> No.6793709


>> No.6793717

Highest IQ post on this thread

>> No.6793774
File: 33 KB, 464x463, solution.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not him but I solved it within a few minutes, it's lterally just a multiplication table.
>4th box is BB because 2x2 is 4 so BxB is BB
>6th box is BC because 2x3 is 6 so BxC is BC
Prime numbers get a new letter

>> No.6793793

That would make sense if the second square was BA but it isnt

>> No.6793928

This one is a valid answer, thanks

>> No.6794015

>a basic times table is a sign of high IQ

>> No.6794032

2 is a prime number

>> No.6794093

It's not that you know how to do multiplication, it's that you can take what originally looks like a bunch of letters and your brain is capable of parsing out what it's actually trying to say, that the letters actually mean numbers. One of the biggest signs of higher IQ is having really good pattern recognition in things where the pattern isn't obvious.

>> No.6794146

Or to put it more succintly, pattern recognition in terms of IQ is the ability to see order in a chaotic environment.

>> No.6794166

Prime numbers have nothing to do with this answer >>6793709. He just continued the sequence from the last 3 filled squares while ignoring the first 3

>> No.6794404

Human brains are pattern matching machines and sometimes they pattern match too early. Once her brain had pattern matched "one to" as "one two" it was dead set on continuing that pattern to "one two five" instead of reinterpreting the pattern when that didn't make sense. Because it did make sense as a PATTERN, just not as a pattern specifically for grade school, but that's an interpretation at a higher level

>> No.6794550

It was Kiara's ESL-ness at fault. Nobody says "One to Five" if they're a native English speaker, they'd say "One through Five." Kiara also put weird emphasis on the "to" in the statement, so it was "ONE TO FIVE," while a native speaker would take so much emphasis off of the "to" that it would end up sounding like "ONE t' FIVE" with almost no "o" sound in the word "to." Gura was definitely pretty dumb there, but I can see how she misunderstood what Kiara was saying.

>> No.6794727

>implying gura didnt pretend to be dumb for content
That clip has 1.4 million views, she did the right thing. Only a smart person would be able to think fast enough to come up with that mixup on the fly
See pekora, she also does these dumb moments for content and it works wonders since they can be very entertaining

>> No.6794805

Whatever helps you sleep at night buddy. It's fine, her retardation only makes her cuter.

>> No.6794851

luna because she's my oshi

>> No.6794856

I would say 1 to 5 and im not esl

>> No.6794988
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cumbuddies are pathetic

>> No.6795131

>It's fine, her retardation only makes her cuter.
Yeah, she knows this and exploits it. The majority of people take things at face value but she does a good job at fooling retards like you into thinking its genuine

>> No.6795232

i (>>6794404) can't fuckin' stand her, and do think she's pretty dumb regardless of that "1 2 5" thing just being a brainfart

>> No.6795236
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>He doesn't know

>> No.6795453

I bet you think the haato's peppeloni broken english was genuine

>> No.6795552
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genuinely impressed

>> No.6795730

>noel has gigantic milkers AND a gigantic brain
Alright, what's the catch?

>> No.6795886

She's mentally unstable and is probably the kind of girl who's light your shit on fire during a fight.

>> No.6796900

Coping chumcuck your oshi is fake

>> No.6797557

>trivia knowledge = IQ

>> No.6799854
File: 456 KB, 2048x1483, E45Oe7HVgAkbDzo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same score as Suisei. miComet love!

>> No.6803298

Holy shit somebody else who understands what happened. Are you me?

>> No.6807417


>> No.6808339

Native speaker would pronounce it as "One tuh/duh five" not "one too five" The unnatural ESL enunciation is to blame.

>> No.6808513

No way Luna, Iofi (polyglot), Risu, Lamy, even Miko are that low.

>> No.6808545

mentally unstable and prone to violent outbursts

>> No.6808546

I'm glad there's others who actually understand what happened, it's incredibly frustrating that people think Gura was in the wrong here

>> No.6808609

ONE to FIVE vs. ONE TWO FIVE. Word accentuation is important.

>> No.6808703

Burger, not every native speaker has your sloppy, plebian speech mannerisms.

>> No.6808868

Ollie can solve differential equations, you can't even add up stuff without using a calculator

>> No.6808905

Only hologirl who knows how to build computers

>> No.6809191

What the fuck are you talking about? Are you just extrapolating your burger experience to the entire English speaking world?
It's definitely One to Five here, but it would be enunciated more as >>6808339

>> No.6809208

Go to bed, Gura.

>> No.6813487

kanata is pretty smart

>> No.6813801

Polka was a librarian, as well as having a background in literature. She is pretty damn smart.

>> No.6813818

Does that apply in bed as well?

>> No.6813884

But I have to put up with her massive milkers and galaxy brain?
The sacrifices I make for a violent menhera gf...

>> No.6814883

There was too little space left in her skull so her brain finished its development in her chest.
Every time you squeeze her boobs she suffers a traumatic brain injury

>> No.6814971

How is Nene and Polka so bad at playing Mario? I feel like they must play with broken controllers and have a full second or more latency, there's no other way you can be this bad...

>> No.6815345


>> No.6815511

this gotta be bait if not REPS NOW faggot

>> No.6815528

itt: literal coping retards >implying that "one to five" can be interpreted as "one two five"
you would say "one two and five"
it's obvious what kiara meant
Gooruh is retarded, there's no other explanation

>> No.6815888

>It was Kiara's ESL-ness at fault.
yes it was but gura still a dumbfuck for not getting what she meant any EOP should have figured out what was trying to be said

>> No.6815916

Nene's brain has a full second or more latency.

>> No.6816173

Be honest with us, were you just as confused as Gura when watching the clip?

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