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But Gawr Gura is a natural born leader but is reluctant to accept it.

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You guys are so weird
Its just a popular anime girl streamer that had a solo game stream after 5 months of hiatus and people missed her

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>natural born leader

>no work ethic
>hates her fans
>shitfaced every day
>zero originality
>propped up by biggest vtuber corporation on the market
>wont bother to even to do the bare minimum

sure thing buddy
care to point out what makes her this great industry leader?
the only thing shes leading is her friends to every club in the city in the evening

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Literally every other EN has more leader qualities, she's just popular

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Bet you like Steve Jobs.

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gurafags are annoying, its like saying Ibai, the Spanish assmalgold is some trend setter since he has 5x more viewers than gura

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>a natural born leader
The most productive member of the team doesn't necessarily need to be the leader.
The skill or aptitude that being a leader necessitates is organizing your team, the manager, the boss.
Hence, we can safely conclude that
>the natural born leader of EN
is none other than this lady. Period.

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who? the apple guy?
the fuck you on about, he died like 20 years ago
if so then no, i know nothing about the guy other than he was some PR marketing guy millennials loved for some reason

exactly, some no name spic that gets half a million views per video of him doing react content to his twitter feed

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She's more like Michael Jackson.

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Mein Fuhrer i can walk!

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ironlung is the real face of EN vtubing
how many awards did Gura win?

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As much as anons /here/ like to complain about Kiara, she's the only member of Myth that still cares

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Actually it was a couple months ago I finally realized she dropped out of an art school.

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Orange woman bad!

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Leader of what?

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A leader needs to be respected by their followers. Too bad nobody respects kiara within myth or promise

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FWMC sweep

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Most subscribers and viewers.

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Ok. Still. Leader of what?

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This. She'd make a decent leader compared to the other options, but just doesn't have the charisma for it.

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>needs to be respected by
No, you needs to be feared.

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Leader of most subscribers and viewers

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this but unironically, someone who actually works hard.

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>No, you needs to be feared.
Literally everyone in Myth can probably beat the shit out of Kiara

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We respect the subscriber count not the Vtuber.

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You're either American or don't watch streams because Ibai's fucking huge and you're treating Asmongold like a big streamer when you probably only pulled his name out of your ass because his clips popped into your recommends because he reacted to Hololive stuff lel.

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Gura is a twig compared to her anon. Mori and Ame maybe.

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Yeah they can. You can't.

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Mori deserves to the most subscribed instead of Gura.

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i don't understand asmon viewers, how can you listen to any words coming out of his mouth knowing he lives in a fucking pigsty, just imagining the pile of shit he's sitting on makes me sick.

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Nope vtubers are just that mid and boring

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Sounds like my CEO same desu

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Based on clips, he gives opinions that are just the right amount to be controversial that they get attention but not leaning on any side too much to alienate a large amount of people.

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>Nixon was the original

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>Leader of most subscribers
Not for very long
Not even close

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Calli x Gura, Bone bros everyday makes hololive a better place.

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Gura could motorboat Mori's moris while standing, without leaning her head in

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>natural born leader
she can't even make it through a full sentence without stuttering

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then don't

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gura cant make full sentences at all, she sounds like she can barely speak her own language

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It's the alcohol, but she knows her fans will just clap like seals and write her drugged up state off as comedic genius

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>alchy gura
>stick ina
>chunk ame
what mori gonna do, body slam her?

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>knowing who either of those fags is
>thinking anybody cares about spics other than spics

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Gura was the only one Kiara barely tied with. Now add Kiara's chronic back pain into the equation and I could easily see Gura taking her down.

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>1 yt view = 10 twitch views
I wonder if she's the one who pays child support

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She's a professional grifter, she'd make a fine politician.

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You wouldn't think that if she had a different model

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Honestly the Gura Fuwamoco comparison is just the epitome of you can work as hard as you want, but you will never beat natural talent

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>how many awards did Gura win?
at least 2

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Takanashi "Please respond" Kiara is your definition of a leader? Okey dokey.

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Kiara workethic hard worker grindstone grateful yada yada but a leader requires extra characteristic that doesn't always lend itself to aforementioned things. I'm not dunking on Kiara, most of HoloEN aren't cut out to be leaders.

Capcha GAVR

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Chumkeks btfo

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Gawr Gura is the General Patton of vtubing