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Based dono

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Holy based

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Typical bitch that got offended and thought "I'm going to humiliate this guy on social media!" What an insecure cunt.

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Should really be saving this tactic for big donos that get charged back. This just makes her look petty.

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yikes disgusting cunt

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Based on what?

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anny is a whore

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This is how it should work.
It's not a donation, it's a superchat, it's supposed to be a chat that receives some level of attention assuming there's a reasonable amount that can be addressed.

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eh, works the other way around too. $5 is easy to lose.

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girl's posting about a guy refunding $5 on Twitter (not fucking X)
Unironically, the only thing more petty would've been if it were a $2 donation or some shit.

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really bad optics

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If this was a donation through something like stream labs there is actually a $15 charge back fee for the one receiving the money, so Anny lost 10$.

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the most you should be expecting from 5 bucks is "thanks for the 5 bucks"

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does that mean viewers have the power to bankrupt any streamer they might gang up against?

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Technically the only thing you're buying for a superchat is a bigger chance for yourself to be noticed by chat, not the streamer. Your message appears highlighted and stays for quite a long time, so Youtube has successfully held up its end of the deal. The streamer (if there even is one, and it's not just a running stream) has no obligation to even notice it came in.

This one can only be refunded because she's a twitch vtuber.

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I kneel

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Yup. Happens quitte often, but usually if it racks up too much of a fee for the creator to the point it's an obvious organised attack they can fight it.

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Thats a good way of not getting 1000 people to send you 5 bucks and instead having 4 people do it

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I like Anny but she has Vedal and his AI, she doesn't need you simps anymore

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You pay for your shitpost to be highlighted a funny colour and be pinned to the top of chat for some minutes. Financially speaking, the transaction is with youtube, and you get what you pay for in terms of changing the look of the chat UI. The streamer themself doesn’t owe you shit and Google does not contract them to read or respond to anything.

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based for holding her accountable
cringe for bothering for only $5
cringe for taking back what should be charity

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I see nothing wrong. No need to shame someone for $5.

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Cool story sis. It's vtubers, not some amateur news stream

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cringe bitch

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That's why many only let you donate $15+ or have a cool down on donos, some Korean girl got like 50 $2 donos on twitch last year which were all refunded, the guy said he was mad she hid her tits and it cost her $750 in withheld donations while she fought it.

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Not a big difference, but she lost $15 not $10. She doesn't keep the dono.

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pretty based

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Would love to see the question

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unfathomably based

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answer the question next time, whore

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>uses language and emotes from black culture
the trifecta

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Wait you can refund superchats? That's stupid. The point of a superchat is getting more exposure on the post and you can't give the exposure back for a refund. It's like going on a restaurant, eating, and then demanding a refund. You already received the service.

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Kek she Anny has a bit of an ego on her. It was fun seeing her mald about ironmouse during the canvas event.

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what a douche, you don't guarantee an answer for throwing money at them. hope the fag got banned

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lmfao of course that daph chink is crying in the twitter replies as well

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>shaming on twitter
fucking hate this shit
you just give attention to trolls

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>it was just a random question
No negativity today. Find her channel, block it, move on.

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I mean, yes? The entire premise of a superchat WITH TEXT is to make a statement/ask a question
Are american women so entitled they feel they can be paid for a service, not complete that service, and STILL keep the money?

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What a lazy petty cunt, if someone pays you five dollars to ask a question the least you can do is fucking answer it.

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>poorfags think this was a superchat

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Brothers, your YouTube superchatting culture is different from Twitch donations culture. You seem to expect your idols to reply to every superchat for some reason but on Twitch it's just for shit posting.

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That's a legitimate reason to do so.

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Ken what a bitch

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Yes, they are that delusional.

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Why are men like this?

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So it's common culture on twitch to just throw money at some narcissistic bitch who thinks they're too good to respond to the question you wrote because you "didn't pay them enough"?
No wonder twitch is the home of the most pathetic simps in vtubing.

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Um sweaty you're not allowed to say simp mmkay

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if your sentence starts with "bro" and ends with the skull emoji, im not reading it

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Just don't be a karen and you won't be made fun of

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>american women

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Stop interacting with this nasty whore please, my beloved shondo...

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wow it's even a harmless question

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Try that with Youtube and see how that goes. This is just greed because they don't want to give Twitch their cut so they used 3rd party.

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Geez the dude was just asking a simple question that would have taken 10 seconds max to answer succinctly, not everyone is intimate with the knowledge of how twitch works. What an absolute cunt.

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If there was a pie chart on Twitch income, donations and subs would be near the bottom. One 1 hour game sponsor can equal more than $5000 to vtubers of anny's size. So if you're a smaller vtuber, you would most definitely be more responsive to donos. But for bigger creators, it's really up to them on how they want to approach it because it isn't necessary to.

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>It's not a donation, it's a superchat
It's a donation

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Youtube runs a charity?

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drop her already bro

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Why would anyone even ask such a fucking stupid question in the first place? Paying money to say retarded things does not make you right. Just more of a target of riddicule

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It's Twitch. Also yes.

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it's a tip. not a donation.

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Stop being a bitch anny.

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That faggot is literally acting like a Karen

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>Paying money just to ask things you can google
>Being able to refund small donations in the first place
I honestly expected less from Twitch. Where's their corporate greed?

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Catalog monkey. Twitch has nothing to do with Paypal. Those are different companies.

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>I'm going to humiliate this guy
He already donates to fake anime girls, my man. why are you pretending he has any dignity to lose

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Literal Ebeggar acting like people owe her for simply existing, common story amongst narcissist twitch whores desu.

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You fucking idiot. There is no explicit contract for performing like a monkey when you receive money, unless the streamer otherwise states that they will do a certain action after receiving a superchat. If there is no clause for expectation of service, it is a donation.

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That just makes her more of a bitch.

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5 dollars and a chargeback is all it takes to live rent free in a twitch whores head

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Ebeggars have even less dignity than the simps to be fair.

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Very useful information actually

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Based and wingsofredemption tier. That dude got trolled with thousands in charge backs. I'm amazed it has never happened in the vtuber sphere.

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kinda based
this is no different than twitter artists making tweets shaming people in their DMs, it's petty and sad

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Is she done with getting plapped and back to streaming?

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Giving the internet to seamonkeys was a mistake

>> No.67473280

She gets plapped on stream though

>> No.67473394

I think it's only a matter of time desu.

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based bro

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Do you really think the vtuber model is voiced by a vocal simulatoror something?

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Imagine posting an L of this caliber and thinking it makes the guy look good

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She is a Ukranian living in Japan

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Someone dumped 300 dollars over two super chats to fuwamoco to traumadump I don’t think any platform is better than the other you tribalist monkey

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I hope you don't mean all vtubers. There are a lot who do way more than just exist.
Even Anny does more than that, otherwise she wouldn't be a vtuber.
Granted, not all that much more beyond that.

She should've probably just answered the question. It's not that hard.

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>Even Anny does more than that, otherwise she wouldn't be a vtuber.
Other than draw neruo's model I really don't know a single thing of value she has done

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made me cum 73 times and counting

>> No.67475068

>I'm amazed it has never happened in the vtuber sphere.
It has.

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First one is absolutely brutal kek.

>> No.67475432

And who will call her out? Nobody

>> No.67475474

holy shit I'm kneeling so hard

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holy based

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Lmao get Krampus69ed!

>> No.67475775

Holy fucking shit that's brutal.

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So the sugar daddy messages I sent are tax deductible?

>> No.67475943

Imagine ruthlessly pumping and dumping a 2view with thousands of dollars that she then spends on frivolous women shit and then charging it all back holy LOL

>> No.67476238

stop thinking she is above your average twitchtuber

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>It was fun seeing her mald about ironmouse during the canvas event.

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phase chads explain?

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>that image
We want the cuck audience

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I used to oil for her but she went into a constant loop of tummy hort and not streaming while being well enough to hang around with male friends at dinner parties. Wouldn't refund though that's kind of a dick move.

>> No.67477183

>Wouldn't refund

>> No.67477360

This is who Shondo hangs our with....

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retarded take. and its a twitch whore, so superchatting them to answer you is like doubly retarded

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That A tier is fucking nightmare fuel, why do people watch this whore?

>> No.67481773

I remember Etika making videos complaining about this many years ago.

>> No.67481951

>at A tier instead of D tier
>Futa at C tier

>> No.67481973

This. Live streaming on YouTube was originally designed for live events like rocket launches or presidental races. The chat is only expected to interact with itself. Any attention the streamer gives is a bonus.

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Second chuuba seems like a bitch, but the first one seems nice enough. also i'm pretty sure the donator tried that shit with pippa and lost his chargeback case

>> No.67482367

The simps congregate on twitch because the staff of the site purposely create a bubble where no one can call them out by banning words like simp and also actively encourage ethots to populate the site via special treatment/very selective enforcement of their own rules.
Beyond that the site is just inferior to YouTube in a practical sense in terms of the layout, features available and breadth of content.
I don't see how you could ever consider Twitch to be better than Youtube as a platform, unless you're some pathetic super simp paypiggy of course, then Twitch is literally tailor made for you.

>> No.67482611

based, fuck that cunt.

>> No.67482677

sure are a lot of poor losers itt

>> No.67482707

Holy based

>> No.67482749

Someone should dono her "Ukraine lost" and refund it. Now THAT would piss her off. Lmao

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go back to /pol/.

>> No.67483048

gemmy idea
leave, zoomer

>> No.67483094

>wow what a dumb question, get ignored, thanks for the 5 bucks tho
Yeah she deserved it

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Kinda based ngl

>> No.67483859

Wow that guy was a moron! Haha
Based sexfox.

>> No.67484000

kek, she's fucking seething over 5 bucks
dangerously based

>> No.67484045

Here comes the leech that contributes nothing not understanding how making money works. When you become an adult and have to get a job all these things will start to make sense for you.

>> No.67484276

Man, imagine being so pathetic you think a 4view is gonna reply to your $5 dono kek

>> No.67484673

Well, she's pathetic enough to seethe about a $5 chargeback

>> No.67484722

Good on him fuck that whore.

>> No.67484763

zip up her pants when your done licking up all of the cum flowing from her unwashed vagina.

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On one hand the question was cringe and he shouldn’t be asking shit you can just google. On another the charge back made her seethe and go on a mini passive aggressive rant like a bitch kek.

>> No.67485193

This, I should be able to make one hundred $1 donations and completely hijack an entire stream until everyone gets bored and leaves.
It's my right as a tremendous faggot.

>> No.67485211

maybe he needs the money for his sick and dying cat? huh, ever think of that?

>> No.67485240

>Didn’t even try to hide the guy’s name

>> No.67485279

Anny's become too spoiled after she made half a million during her scamathon but shes nice to look at

>> No.67485311

You paid Google. Take it up with them

>> No.67485318

Yeah... She really didn't think it through

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It's a stupid question to ask with money, just fucking google it. And refunding your dono over that is childish and petty as well. Now, I was going to say it looks bad on both sides and she should at least have censored the name, but if >>67468728 is actually true then I'm fully on her side. If you take money *from* a streamer as punishment for not getting your stupid message read, you're a gigantic douchenugget and deserve to be shamed

>> No.67490795

If vtubers don't owe viewers anything for donating then viewers don't owe vtubers anything for streaming. Simple as.

>> No.67490907


>> No.67491161

It's a tip. Imagine being such a jew you withdraw your tip.

>> No.67491281

Chargeback is cool. Putting twitch women in their place

>> No.67491330

i coomed to anny asmr again…

>> No.67492143

To be fair, many vtubers on twitch have a whole paragraph next to their dono links about how you should only ever donate if you feel financially secure and only what is within your means yadda yadda. On the other hand, most of them probably never internalized what it is saying and just copied it from another channel because they feel like this is expected of them. And anny doesn't have it in her bio anyway.

>> No.67492741

They don't say that because they actually mean it though, they just say it to cover their ass in case some kind of scandal pops up regarding donations and they can use that as a shield.

>> No.67492802

i remember the time this cunt thought it was a good idea to make a stream about /here/ reading the posts about her. Anons were really funny that day and she ended the stream crying. Anny is an attention whore. Vshojo dodge a bullet with this one.

>> No.67492848

But they're all attention whores?

>> No.67492915

Damn, someone should superchat her in rubles asking her how much

>> No.67493043

oh dude... Let me tell you, one day this woman will fuck up BIG and she will bring that retard turtle and his AI down with her. She is a super menhera.

>> No.67493108

Both people involved here seem petty and easily offended, I guess this is one of those "chat reflects the streamer" things

>> No.67493166

Funny how entitled she is after making 5k a day for 4 months, made a bunch of goals and still hasn't fulfilled the most basic ones because tummy hurt. Not to mention even bothering to show up or give any explanation why she doesn't except for the classic tummy hurt.

>> No.67493301

are you new? She will vanish for months, enjoy the show.

>> No.67493327

Legally, if a streamer advertises a service, like text to speech, $ goals, "i'll write on my body" etc, it's not considered a donation, it's considered a transaction that is actionable based on whether or not the terms of the transaction were received
A donation is when there is no implicit transaction between paying money and receiving something, there is not a good or service promised with a cash amount

This holds up legally by the way, if you want to cash back a streamer they fight you on it, if they promised something for money and didn't give it, this can go to small claims court.
This is why most streamers do not fight cash back through the bank

>> No.67493413

>Second chuuba seems like a bitch
In what way exacty?

>> No.67493453

>i remember the time this cunt thought it was a good idea to make a stream about /here/ reading the posts about her. Anons were really funny that day and she ended the stream crying
show me the full vod. I want a good laugh

>> No.67493896

This is why I watch camila now

>> No.67494100

that's the funniest part. People was mocking her because she could not keep a vod. People complained for months she wasn't saving vods.

>> No.67494134

Every single american woman is like this.

>> No.67494186

Only women can be karens, karen.

>> No.67494260

did anyone archive the vod of her crying like a baby to the posts here?
if so, link it. I want a good laugh

>> No.67494332

kys, guy who made the donation. Do your fucking reps.

>> No.67494400


>> No.67494638

Nah that shit is based, e-beggars who can't even do basic ass customer service deserve to get shat on

>> No.67494636

she is Ukrainian.

>> No.67494653

>A donation is when there is no implicit transaction between paying money and receiving something
So as long as Anny doesn't say something along the lines of "I will answer any message for $5 or more" she's good to go.

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>> No.67494870

>Just google it
It's obvious he sent the superchat just to get a personal interaction with anny. He didn't get it so he got upset. Next time send something more interesting to interact with, OP.
Anny should just ignore this kind of shit instead of taking offence, this field is full of retards that send messages without thinking first.

>> No.67494917

based, fuck anny and her whorish ways

>> No.67495004

True. Its like that fag who tried to get Gura to respond with $100 bills. These guys are sensitive pussies who feel they deserve attention. Strong incel energy.

>> No.67496404

>This, I should be able to make one hundred $1 donations and completely hijack an entire stream until everyone gets bored and leaves.
This actually happened with Roca's PL, only paypigs got noticed even tho there were 40 viewers tops
Now she does a donothon and takes a vacation, really make the noggin jog

>> No.67497935

Based. If the whore ignores the message, the money is taken back.

>> No.67498590

Name one female vtuber that ISN’T a whore

>> No.67498712

kek based

>> No.67498969

There's nothing more Anny than getting one-guyed at everything single little thing.

>> No.67499702

the christian vtuber abagail or something i forgot her name

>> No.67499915

Tipping is for faggots so its based to withdraw it

>> No.67501189


>> No.67501300

I kneel

>> No.67501628

You really needed that $5 huh?

>> No.67501663

Nice repeating digits
Twitch does not allow $ donos, only bits (which are terrible value for donor) or subs (which are not very good value for streamer). While not everyone receives same split, until you reach top 0.05% you are not gonna get a living wage paycheck from platforma. For wast majority of streamers 3rd party donations are necesary to stay afloat.

>> No.67501813

NTA seconding this

>> No.67501975

>don't cover the dude name
unprofessional bitch

>> No.67502052

>calling him out on twitter
what a stupid cunt. Keep doing that and one day you'll have an actual schizo ruin your life. What a dumb whore

>> No.67502332

I was about to post this exact shit but you saved me time

And if he wants his money back that’s also fine

>> No.67502610

He sent 30 superchats and he didn’t want a response because every knows sending Gura money is a dice roll on whether it’ll get read. But her laughing at the singular super chat making fun of him was hilarious the guy then went on a Twitter rant. Funny time

No lie you guys are pretty gay he didn’t get a response so he got his refund should he have let your queen keep it?

>> No.67502687

That's a valid reason though. Anyways that's his money, why should he need a reason to refund? Is $5 really a big enough deal to feel salty about, then call them out publicly on twitter as if he's in the wrong? What a terrible human being.

>> No.67502801

She’s not gonna fuck you if you post here go send her $100 with a funny joke attached

>> No.67502849

What a bitch.

>> No.67502946

>thread still alive
>130+ posters
She's that notorious, huh

>> No.67502977

wtf is this true?
i hope russia destroys her country fr now

>> No.67503080

Nah, they are offering a service.
Shit isn't charity, he paid 5 bucks to have his question answered.

>> No.67503138

>ruin your life
She already had this

>> No.67503157

What a dumb faggot. Probably banned by half the vtubers on twitch by now.

>> No.67503368

dono ban or chat ban?

>> No.67503385

The streamer has no obligation to read, answer or even acknowledge the superchat.
But the superchatter holds his right to refund for any reason too.
Good on him for not letting himself being used as a walking wallet.

>> No.67503398

I remember that shit.
Anyone know what came out of that?

>> No.67503426

Nowhere does it say 'get your questions answered for 5 bucks'.
Most of them are rightfully ignored by streamers. especially fucking losers like that guy.

>> No.67503505

does anny still let us live in her head rent free?

>> No.67503528


>> No.67503550

Vtubers on twitch share lists of assholes and ban them from all their streams

>> No.67503654

Judging by your post the rent free status is mutual

>> No.67503678

so you're telling me that this nigga is on a blacklist for refunding a dono?
GG, he'll have to use a vpn and make another account in order to chat to half the vstreamers.

>> No.67503748

Shit isn't rocket science, they are entertainers offering a service. He is in his right to refund if he doesn't feel entertained.
If he asked a question, it's not that hard to understand what those 5 bucks were for.

>> No.67503807

Insanely entitled. If someone is paying you to dance and refunds it when you don't dance, don't act surprised.

>> No.67503823

Literally who? We are talking about chad refunders here.

>> No.67503894

the cunt in OP's pic making a callout post about some literal who person refunding a dono because his question wasn't answered

>> No.67504009

That's not a service that's offered. If he wanted a subscription refunded that'd be a different question but this was a dono. Plain and simple.

>> No.67504052

>literal who person refunding
He is a chad. The streamer in question is the literal who.

>> No.67504129

The refunder's a faggot.

>> No.67504413

maybe it's a good thing... You don't want to be related to anny and friends KEK

>> No.67504602

Tipping is in exchange for service.

>> No.67504777
File: 2.07 MB, 1498x991, 1680955849618377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are a man of self-respect, just like me.

>> No.67505475
File: 92 KB, 850x1160, 111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

these "if you don't paypig you're not an adult" posts you see frequently on /vt/ are so weird, man

>> No.67506365

Yeah it sounds hilarious but I don't think anyone saved it if it's true

>> No.67506896

>You don't want to be related to anny and friends KEK
but I don't want to be banned from shondo's chat

>> No.67507033
File: 1.29 MB, 1170x1094, bxu56lgq9uua1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anny's childhood friend about her, LuL


>> No.67507216


>> No.67507356

>didn't even blur the retard's name
the dumb bitch is gonna piss off a persistent schizo eventually and cry about harassment

>> No.67507429

opinion disregarded

>> No.67507579

so she was paying her to be her friend? lmao

>> No.67507589

Anny is a slav whore as well

>> No.67507625

Then she can fuck off as well.

>> No.67507640

>ukranian text
it pretty much tells you that she was depressed from back then and that shitty retarded "friend" didn't even realize that. If you bring negative stuff to a depressed person what do you think is gonna happen?

>> No.67508362

Sad that there are actually dudes that think they need to pay people to read their comments and respond to them. That's the kind of guy that will happily pay an air tax just to breath. I feel nothing but sympathy for him and those like him.

>> No.67508601

I love mentally ill women

>> No.67511693

If she didn't even acknowledge the donation then she has no right to complain.
>Was a harmless question about her stream title
Who the fuck is even supporting this egotistical bitch?

>> No.67514508

Probably was a newcomer, so naturally you should explain instead of ignoring. By not answering she didn't just lose $5, but however much more he would have donated in the future had she just explained.

>> No.67514645

What is enf?

>> No.67517857

Good. Theach her a lesson.

>> No.67518150

base take
thats why dont watch big streamers, they feel disconnected from the audience
the vtubers i watch make sure to read supas, or at lest acknowledge them if its a shitpost

>> No.67519511

It's not hard to just answer the normie's question. Anny must have a hard time figuring out when to not larp as a pepe spamming channer on stream if this is such a big deal to her.

>> No.67519611

Honestly based. But apparently it was an obvious answer so he still retarded.

>> No.67519704

I kneel

>> No.67519861

Jeff Skyward might be a faggot but why the fuck would you fuss about this on social media. It's such a bad look, just let the refund happen and move on.

>> No.67519907

shondo barely does her best to hide her contempt towards her fanbase, I'm actually shocked people don't see it.

>> No.67520203

>why the fuck would you fuss about this on social media
Because on twitter the response is overwhelmingly yass kveen slay

>> No.67521161

whats weird about that? the weird thing is the poorfag losers who dont want to support their hobby or entertainment that they consume. Those people probably pirate games and movies too like the worthless welfare trash they are.

>> No.67521321


>> No.67521537

Grifting entitled whore.

>> No.67521556


>> No.67521653

based, but her country in now USA. Guess you can't always win.

>> No.67521667


>> No.67521742

Anny never had to earn anything. This is what happens when vtubers bypass the struggle part of the growing process. You don't appreciate $5 supas. You take it for granted.

>> No.67521759

well I was hoping for something more objectionable.

>> No.67521942

NTA, but have you ever actually thought you owed streamers anything? I hope not.

>> No.67521995
File: 38 KB, 876x322, 125317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Isn't that some big streamer in the replies

>> No.67522024


>> No.67522085

>only 600 likes

>> No.67522157

>that retard turtle and his AI down with her.

>> No.67522391

>Legally, if a streamer advertises a service, like text to speech, $ goals, "i'll write on my body" etc, it's not considered a donation
No, no, no. You fundamentally misunderstand. Legally you are never "donating" when you donate, you are tipping, it's a gratuity. The followup part after your fundamental misunderstanding about the legal status of tips is just as mistaken. Your legal options for a loose statement are limited. It would need to be in the contract or at least related to documentation and the invoice. Otherwise your best hope is that the transaction service doesn't care and just offers refunds.

>> No.67522435

Embarrassed Naked Female

>> No.67522498

there's literally nothing Anny could do to get them in trouble. Vedal is rolling in dough now and there are literally hundreds of animators and riggers that would have him a new model asap for the exposure if he snapped his fingers

>> No.67523904

yea, its the one that is racist to white people.

>> No.67524488

Is that not just exhibitionism

>> No.67525749

>assuming the dono isn't from a woman
seems like woman behavior to me

>> No.67525971

>I donated money now give me attention! me! me! me!
People really defending this behavior just because they dont like Anny

>> No.67528988

Is there a time window for chargebacks? I would think if you don’t spend the money right away you should be fine

>> No.67529205

It depends on the platform you're using for the transaction. If the platform is setup for gratuities then you simply didn't read the fineprint as it were. On the other hand platforms like patreon these days have specific requirements of creators to provide something of material value in exchange for the patronage. That's why almost everyone that uses patreon puts their patrons in the credits and makes patron only posts. Likewise, if you buy something from a webshop you usually have a bunch of things like terms of service that spell out the legal agreement.

If the streamer says something or has some text on an overlay and you pay with a service that has you agree to the terms as a gratuity, then legally if you want to test if they're obligated to do something, then it's a case of try it and find out. In most cases you can get refunds regardless, but that has nothing to do with their legal obligation to be a clown for you, which also means you can get them to be a clown and then still get the refund too. And legally speaking, they can't do much about that and can't force you to uphold your obligation to pay for them to be your clown either.

One of the great mysteries of the last decade was how streamers convinced the youth to pay for free content and interaction they didn't need to pay for. The whole thing is on very shaky ground and hinges on a lot of baseless beliefs and "good will".

>> No.67533303


>> No.67533737

> watch twitch thot
> complain about her not being nice to fans

>> No.67533769

Anny gets 1 guyed and behaves like a entitled cunt who doesn't even show up for work and hates her community. Master manipulator that one

>> No.67535331

>Buyers can file chargebacks 180 days or more after an order’s been placed.
>Chargebacks are usually resolved in a few weeks, but they can take 75 days or more in some instances.

>> No.67535560


>> No.67535782

>tranny hands typed this post

>> No.67535871

>just cunt ways

>> No.67536815

Man no moderately large vtuber ever keeps up with every superchat or dono and I don't expect it. I don't even remember holoivers doing those superchat-only streams for a long time now

>> No.67537044

Keep in mind that she is regularly getting double-digit offline hype trains.
She's drowning in donos yet chooses to get one guy'd by a 5$ refund.

>> No.67537164

She draws herself with a huge cock, I think she couldn't care less about what a rando thinks and just thought it was funny.

>> No.67537477


>> No.67537816

Bro donated to have his message read.
Service wasn't fulfilled.
This conceited cunt with a fried brain somehow thinks he isn't in the right.

>> No.67537917


>> No.67539497

Exhibitionism implies willing public nudity, ENF implies unwilling public nudity.

>> No.67540650

That contempt just makes me want to correct her even more!

>> No.67541419

two western woman having a bitch fight on VT worthy now fucking drama faggots
you can try the places who take donos have been more pro active in fucking people why chargeback maliciously

>> No.67541969

may Vedal continue to cuck this bitch by streaming with other slightly more entertaining bitches

>> No.67542301

that's how it's done
based Jeff

>> No.67542413

Yes? Why is this such a conflicting concept to you? They don’t watch her to insult them but to be nice to them

>> No.67542465

That’s dumb, 5 dollars is worth a lot more than just a "thanks", you can get that for free lmao.

>> No.67542619
File: 203 KB, 1433x1573, 1687151473544799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not only did he get his money back, but now he knows for certain it made her cope and seethe
Based KING

>> No.67543120

True, giga thot BTFO

>> No.67544860

nothing I would ever do, anon. ive had my small donos missed/ignored. doesnt phase me. i just think of it like "it was an anonymous no-nessage dono, then. im fine with that."

>> No.67545052

>Not censoring his name
Dick move.

>> No.67545344

Typical ukrainian

>> No.67546033

typical twitch whore fetish chart

>> No.67546115

Penis envy too, huh? Typical.

>> No.67546200

Anon, why would she call this guy out, with his name not censored, if she was making a joke? Because that's actually worse.

>> No.67546244

imagine seething over $5 as a big streamer

>> No.67546292

what a fcking whore (I don't even know who tf this is)

>> No.67546592

Have 0 clue who she is, all I know is she has a posse of streamers who back her up everywhere

>> No.67546812

Vedal's dick warmer if he ever travels to Japan.

>> No.67547000


>> No.67548189

>the guy didn't got the attention he wanted, so asked for a refund

terminally online male behaviour.

>> No.67548280

based retard

>> No.67550343

twitch garbage, if you don't know already you are better off not learning

>> No.67550926

every time I see a skull emoji it comes from monkeys and monkey lovers.

>> No.67551093

ohh so you are on of the newfags hm? Hope you like menhera

>> No.67551772

Funny how the holos ITT are acting all high and mighty, straight after whaling thousands for a streamer who ghosts them months at a time.

>> No.67551994

the streamer can just contact their bank and the dude sending the fraudulent chargebacks is fucked

>> No.67554621


>> No.67555415

>skull emoji

Total normalfag death.

>> No.67555462

zoomer internet slang ruined an entire generation of people i know

>> No.67555801

>Calls him out acting like this is uncommon
I bet every big streamer gets shit like this regularly so she is just outing herself as unpopular.

>> No.67556399
File: 1.19 MB, 1413x1249, 1693818337618655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

His only mistake was giving 5 bucks to a whore like Anny to begin with, kinda funny that she's acting so smug about it when it just makes her look like a cunt.

>> No.67559390

>no answer no money
based scholar, seeker of knowledge!

>> No.67559554

No woman names herself "JeffSkyward"

>> No.67559660

yeah, she's definitely polish