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>suddenly appears in Kiara's chat and likes art
Why does she keep teasing us if she doesn't even do a member post on her own channel? This is not a shitpost it's so frustrating that we don't even get a hello or generic tweet. We've been paying membership for 6 fucking months without getting anything in return

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>We've been paying membership for 6 fucking months
No you haven't

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>We've been paying membership for 6 fucking months without getting anything in return
you'll do it for the rest of your pathetic cumbud life, and you'll like it

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I have and I'm tired of retards pretending it's just antis. Gura has been treating us so badly. I don't think a simple post is too much to ask

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Post 6+ months membership or fuck off

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I've also been paying membership for 6 months, I rejoined during her last member stream in JULY when she actually gave hope for the first time last year that she was back for real, and then I couldn't bring myself to cancel it again until recently. It's bullshit, she's a shitty person for not having the decency to tell the people supporting her that she wanted to take a half a year+ off of doing the thing they support her for.

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This should be a good thread surely

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>We've been paying membership for 6 fucking months
Have you considered that the problem here might be you

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>It's not the scammer's fault people fall for their scams.

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>1 month long gifted membership
you nijiniggers bore me, don't you have a graduation to watch or something?

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What'd she say

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About it

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You're following the snake oil salesman after he's left town and handing him money for empty bottles

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Who would have gifted me membership if she hasn't streamed in 2 months anon?...

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Nah, I'm giving an old friend another chance while they take a gesture of good will and go buy meth with it and disappear back onto the streets.

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She's not asking for your money. She doesn't even want your attention anymore. You're doing this to yourself.

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>We've been paying membership for 6 fucking months without getting anything in return
You're literally enabling her behavior, idiot.

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If you're an anti then you're a faggot and please stop shitting up the board with this non-entity.
If you're actually a chumbud then you've done this to yourself and don't deserve any sympathy. You are a cumsock and a cash machine and deserve to get shafted. Also please stop shitting up the board with this non-entity.

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I love this shark unconditionally.

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When people say Gura hates her fans, it's not the usual BS, she clearly must: she didn't steam her collabs, she barely even shills anymore, she's had radio silence for months...whatever is going on with her, she clearly just wants to hang out with Holomyth on occasion, without ever dealing with her subscribers.

Sure, it's sad that Gura is gone now, as a practical matter, but at some point you've just gotta move on...

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True chumbuds would give their oshi all the time they need to recoup from whatever undefined event is going on in their lives (which they wouldn’t dare pry into unless explained what in detail)

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Nice try Gura. Stream God damn it.

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>hasnt streamed in months
Evolution did not spare the brain.

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>Why does she keep teasing us if she doesn't even do a member post on her own channel?
She's not "teasing you", her actions have no considerations for you at all. Chumbuds occupy exactly 0% of Gura's mind at any time. Her actions(or lack thereof) are never and will never be motivated by her fans, she doesn't care about you, she never will. Her absence has nothing to do with chumbuds.

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>Implying that was Gura
You know manager have access right?

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>Chumcuck keeps giving her money for doing literally nothing
>"wtf how could this be happening to meeee!?"
kek. You knew she's a flake who hates streaming for 2 years now

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>this is not a shitpost
This is indeed a shitpost

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decent bait but a little too obvious, there's no way anyone would complain about their streamer's inactivity while literally subsidising and enabling it

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Gura threads need to be banned. Just let this dumb lazy slut die already.

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Did you not watch the LC collab or do you not watch streams at all? She's going to get better. If her genmates are waiting on her so can I. Love shork!

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If I had idiot hans that paid me not to stream like you do, I wouldn't bother streaming either.

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>Appears in Kiara's chat
>Kiara suddenly announces she has burnout
The lazy slut is infectious

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Kiara has been talking about this break for over 6 weeks