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>Manager of MMA and E-sports club
>Doesn't even do MMA/E-sports watchalong or play MMA/E-sports games
What the fuck

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>doesn't so incantation stream or blair witch watchalongs
what the fuck?

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In her defense, she doesn't do anything at all.

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she should be manager of baseball sports club

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>doesn't stream
What the fuck

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>has never actually eaten an apricot

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>Priestess of the Old Ones
>Knows nothing about Lovecraft mythos.

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cover dont know what they we're doing back then and were just throwing random words together in the description. its fine

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stay mad

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"Manager" in Japan means the team mascot girl.

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she was in the first vtuber koshien

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No, it means they are the club's fucktoy

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>Doesn't kill herself to show off her immortality

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Sorry anon but liveleak is dead...

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>is a dog
>doesn't get naked and let me put collar on her neck so i could go out with her to take a piss over trees, cars and my cock

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Despite being a sporty tomboy I don't think I've ever seen Subaru do anything sporty. I've only ever seen her whine.

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She still has a wrestling move named after her.

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the original bios and lores for them are stupid but please undastand its before they hired proper storywriters, notice now they tailor the characters and the initial lores to the personality of the talent (and the talent has a lot of say in it too)

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scripted wrestling is not even close to non scripted mma

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>He thinks it's non-scripted
I bet you think boxing is real too.

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>I bet you think boxing is real too.
yes my granpa was a boxer he wouldn't lie

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>"diamond in the rough"
>is perfect
The fuck is this trash writing, Cover?

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>he thinks that was really his biological granpa
fooled again

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>pure shrine maiden
>is a rapist
what the fuck?

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if mma was scripted, Conor would be champ right now

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always thought it was weird they dont do watch alongs for sports events

For Subaru watching UFC, Dream, Bellator or PFL would be cool

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shrine maidens in the past were prostitutes and maidens in visual novels are mass rapist sluts

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this is the one that miffed me the most. fucking clickbait

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>purify people with sex
You dummy

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My immortal phoenix sure is cute and fluffy.
Good at singing too.

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She likes Harry Potter.

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>private investigator
>eats gluten and shoots up drugs while fucking her shark wife
what the fuck?

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You’re retarded anon

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She's supposed to be a tomboy but when she does the 3D's she has the most feminine mannerisms among all the girls.

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Well she is the least menhera and neet-ish tendencies of all the Hololives.

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>shoots up drugs
At least she got that part right. She sorta forgot about the whole solving crimes part.

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>never raises the dead
>high spec combat robot
>is acutally dumb and only sees combat in APEX
>succubus school nurse
>doesn't give (You) nursing handjobs
>doesn't evoke that primal fear/disgust that all clowns do
Hololive is full of shit

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This man doesn't understand clowns

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The possibility of clussy overpowers fear.

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Choco isn't a succubus. The succubus got harassed into graduating and literally trying to kill herself.

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Do you not watch her Minecraft streams? A hole in the ground killed her, three times, same hole. We know her sense of direction is dead.

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>suzuMOMO nene
>is blonde
>is orange woman

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They closest we got is Korone tweeting about Horiguchi beating asakura

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She did get really into this baseball game.

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>*Sreaming ducks sounds*
Subaru watching Conor McGregor fight.

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>Is supposed to solve crimes
>Ends up causing a lot of crime herself

All that Vehicular manslaughter.

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Made me understood what it feels to get cultural appropriated. But I heard something lore about to happen

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Holo UFC tourney when?

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But I heard something lore about to happen
Premonition tako, I am not worthy of your knowledge but could you please drop a hint at least?

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Sorry friend, I'm no takonaito. I don't have the info either. Only heard that it was something she said during the karaoke.

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Makes a lot of sense to me. Mysterious book found by girl who knows nothing of the old ones. Only reason she hasn't worked to fulfill the demands imposed by the book is because she doesn't care. Her apathy towards it is what keeps us safe.

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Can I get a high res if this image

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>Makes a lot of sense to me. Mysterious book found by girl who knows nothing of the old ones.
Literally the exact backstory used for a friends 5e warlock, except he was playing a male character.

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this is why kayfabe is stupid, the lore is irrelevant

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>Shoots up drugs
She learned from the best

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>allegedly works in a bakery
>does not bake on stream
>does not talk about anything related to baking
>doesn't even play baking games
>not even at least a rolling pin prop in one of her stream backgrounds

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>okay we want a sporty tomboy idol
>who should we hire?
>how about this girl which is not interested in sports or gym?
Pretty much how most of vtubers and hololive is. They try to give them a character but they just do their own thing after a while.

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Well, that one is in character. Have you ever seen a real oni steaming?

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You don't bring the rolling pin back home duh. It'll get dirty from all the blood!

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>Subaru is your manager
>She calls you in because you performed terribly in a matchup"
How are you gonna make it up to the duck?

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I dont think vtubers have to perfectly match up to their lore or anything, but shoving the tomboy shit on a girl who had 0 interest in it was a mistake. I'm glad she has her new outfit and can mostly ignore it now

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I hope she plays that baseball game again this year. That was my first introduction to her. It was actually fun her doing tournaments with bunch of nijisanji vtubers and indies.

>> No.6716860

I will give an inspiring speech about doing my best.

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>>doesn't evoke that primal fear/disgust that all clowns do
do americans really

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Her channel has already been killed twice, does that not count?

>> No.6717387

Does she even know the name of Lovecraft's cat?

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All prize fighting is fake and gay, retard.

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>shrine maidens in the past were prostitutes
Korean propaganda (unironically)

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I Do hope that eventually we can get a true Tomboy to the list, not only as a character lore but personality wise as well, its what i expect the most just a little bit below a Gyaru chuuba joining Holo

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>tfw the Dream website is still up
>there's a little message board there
>people still occasionally post to arrange meet ups at Rizin events

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That's was from her since still be ab indie , cover has nothing to do about her bios , anon.

Do rep more and come back later next year.

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>my wife
>supposed to be isekai
>even though she actually hails from REDACTED
>wants to be an idol, do cute dances and sing songs
>is an idol, does cute dances and sings songs
>she also claims to have balls

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I'll promise to work on my Hoshimachi reps if you promise to work on your English reps, okay?

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