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Are Vtubers a source of motivation for you, or do they depress you because of the difference in quality of life? Asking for a friend (me)

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They alleviate my depression by making me smile.
My daily mood has increased exponentially since discovering them.

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motivation for what exactly?

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>or do they depress you because of the difference in quality of life?
Spot on.

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I've been happy every day since I met Mikochi

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if i hadn't ever discovered them i probably would've offed myself

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I just find them entertaining and put a smile in my face at times.
Been around long enough that going full gosling will just break you one day.

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Motivation, they helped me a lot during pandemic lockdown

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They're platonically lovable entertainment I hope certain pairs have hot yuri sex with each other off camera to let off steam from getting fucked over at vidya for our amusement.

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holy based

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A little bit of both.
They make me motivated to achieve my dreams and get a better life for myself, but I get depressed when I think about the fact that I'll never have a cute japanese gf who speaks broken English

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>or do they depress you because of the difference in quality of life?
Could you elaborate? It's a bit of a bummer seeing how much fun they have collabbing and how close a lot of them seem to each other, compared to the alienated life of the western adult male (even the ones who aren't NEETs). So if that's what you mean, I get it.

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PPT has gotten me through a lot of Monday mornings I suppose

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They were integral to my mental state during these past 17 months, to the point of motivating me to get a different job.

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Nyanners made me move on with my life. I got tired of feeling anger my entire day when thinking about that pink cat slut and learned to live fully caring less about my feelings.

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Maybe you need to just jack off or something

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Neither. They're more like painkillers. They make it easier to live with the pain, but don't solve the fundamental issues underlying it.

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>monday mornings
I'm sorry...

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Motivation until something bad happens. They basically represent an idyllic alternative to reality, but stuff like coco's graduation just drags me back.

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I never put effort in stuff but I'm actually trying to learn to draw for my oshi

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I want to make more money so I can donate to my oshi, but I don't want to become a simp

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they're a source of keks. Are keks motivation or depression?

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I got to group a gf simulator with Japanese language studying and all for free. I say it's a good deal.

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I use a mood log and noticed in the reports that since I discovered hololive, my average mood improved despite the pandemic stuff. Kinda helps with the lack of socialization cuz I can't hang out with friends rn.

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>a mood log
A what? Is that like a diary?

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both, they bring me enormous joy, but they're doing so much better than i could that i can't help feeling the jelly, but i understand that people get chances and put effort when those chances come and get to those places, so at least i don't go ape schizo like so many others

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They're pretty cool but man they all can draw and sing at a decent level that it kinda sucks I can't draw.

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Something like that. I log how I feel twice in the day in a 1-5 scale (1 being shit, 5 amazing). I use it to rationally analyze which activities makes me happier in general, pretty good introspection tool

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The first month of Lazulight got me off my ass and applying to jobs.

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>difference in quality of life
What do you mean? Lots of people use vtubers to motivate themselves to learn Japanese or simply clean their rooms and take a shower once in a while. It depends on the person

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It varies from day to day. Usually she inspires me to always try my best and be better, but then come the thoughts of all those wasted years and how far behind I am and how much work is there to be done just to reach the level I should've reached ages ago, and the comparison paralyzes me.
I'll never reach her and it's easier to just wallow in self-pity. She wouldn't want to be my friend if she knew me, anyway
But then again, she will never tell me that, so the delusions of what-if will keep me going and there is always a chance, however small, that one day another friend will come along, so I want to be ready, and I don't want to miss out on any other beautiful thing.
tldr; she motivates me through bringing my flaws into the light which makes me sick, but still motivated to at least be able to say that I've tried and never truly gave up

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It's okay bro.
There's still like 50 hours of utawaku I can rewatch whenever I feel like it

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As a first year wagie at a shit company, I can relate to Marine talking about her work experience.

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