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are they the closest we are going to see in terms of quality to the original branch? They may even be better than some JPs

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Ruffians would rather die than give a compliment to their oshi's genmates.

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Gotta be better than La+ for sure.
I don't watch anyone from Advent, they all feel really mid to me.

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>is Fuwamoco the peak of HoloEN?
>are they the closest we are going to see in terms of quality to the original branch?
Again, no.
>They may even be better than some JPs
Absolutely not, did you start watching vtubers with Advent?

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>T. Seething 1view

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How can one be pro unity between diamons and coal?

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I have to say you make a strong point with your arguments, especially that second "no".

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Not going to waste time expending a bunch of energy on a bait thread

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Yes, they are
>Ronald Reagan
>Mikhail Gorbachev
>Deng Xiaoping
of EN.

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He's a mythfag and chumbud, too busy coping to summon up enough brainpower to make a good post.

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It's not like you were going to use your energy on something useful anyways.
You simply won't give any argument because you can't

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very true sister, least delusional ruffian btw

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You’re just calling them old

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are you a bot? why are you calling someone "sister" and then ruffian lmao get your buzzwords right.

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Hey man, I like Fuwamoco too, I think they're great. I'm really glad they're getting so much recognition. I noticed you're trying to make that point while dragging down the other girls, though. Don't you think your word choice is a little aggressive? It's possible to have more than one nice thing at the same time, you know? Don't pit the girls against each other. That's lame.

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FuwaMoco are what people who don't watch JP think JP is like

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But they don't necessarily speak in uwu accent.

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They're actually better

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No because you just missed Biboo become an official DMCV meme

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Better if you like braindead teletubby content I guess

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they are easily the peak of holoen, yes

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I really like the fact that they actually try to stream interesting games over the typical FOTM crap council did for their first year. I've actually bought and enjoyed games after seeing a couple streams.
As for fuwaMoco themselves, i'm not too much of an idol culture guy so the appeal's just not there for me.

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They form the four heavenly kinga of en vtubers with Ironmouse, Pippa, and Filian

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>Treats chat like inattentive children
>Bot their views
>Act out a summary course of what an Idol is
>Stream non stop so they don't become irrelevant
They're peak HoloEN in the worst possible traits. Gura only needing to show up once a month and not lose a single viewer, while also selling out whatever merch she touches instantly. is why she is HoloEN at its best

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Why do ruffians feel the need to belittle and attack everyone and everything around them?

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Ruffians, stop acting like Coco fans.

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When did ruffians start to get so obnoxious? do these fools not realize there has to be at least some crossover of fans if the girls are going to continue to climb?
pissing off everyone else is going to plateau their success rate

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1/3rd of the reason is they're Chumbud and Friend refugees trying to stir up the same "top dog" mentality
1/3rd is the dogs are only mentioned on here as a bludgeon against the other advent girls and why they're "better" than Myth
last 1/3rd is it's super easy to use them as a pot stir stick because the other ruffians are constantly trying to prove the dogs aren't using 3rd party to boost their views

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Yet here you are replying you stupid nigger.

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If you think they are making these threads then you truly are delusional

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If you're the kind of person that thinks 100% of them are innocent YOU are the delusional one, I'm aware of false flags and typical shit stirrers but if you believe that there can be zero bad actors amongst a fan base I have sad news for you.

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No, I'm a seething chumbud, I don't watch vtubers anymore since my oshi doesn't stream.

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I bet you think this guy is actually a gura fan >>66676148

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I am though. Finally broke down and dropped membership after like 6 months of no content...
I pretty much just come around here out of habit hoping some day there will be good news.

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When /vt/ realized they could use the Protect Your Smiles line to attack everyone and anyone else.

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Hey fucktard. If you were a member you wouldn't have a JOIN button but SEE PERKS
You are a embarrassing falseflagging retard

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It says join because I cancelled bro, try it yourself. Cancel one of your memberships and then reapply it before it falls off.

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This is what comes up if I hit the button.

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Cover is lucky to have them
JP senpai loves them too
The only thing holding them back is they don't have 3D yet

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this is someone who has never subbed to anyone and talks out his ass lmao try it yourself anon

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That's literally what happens when you cancel a membership you colossal retard.

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Ruffians are just 2020-2021 Chumbuds but even more nasty towards others

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>When did ruffians start to get so obnoxious
They’ve been like this since debut basically, where were you?

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The same moment all 300~ odd that post here pretended they were their most die hard of fans in their PL, despite them averaging maybe 200 a stream

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200ccv is generous honestly, but from what I’ve seen theres quite a few traveler’s that don’t really like ruffians, partially due to how the GGN girls were treated by holofag number monkeys who only now started respecting them when they got the blue dorito.

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narcissistic whores but smart enough to not go full me me me, they had it tailored for maximum neckbeard bucks

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i aimed high because the only 2 times i saw them was maybe a week or 2 before they left, so they had a swelling of viewerships

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a jealous woman posted this or god forbid a sodomite

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Yeah it was nice to see them leave on a high note (as low as that high note seems now), but it wasn’t that uncommon to see them as 2views at times, they were really underrated.

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>but from what I’ve seen theres quite a few traveler’s that don’t really like ruffians
Holding it over the numbermonkeys I can get, but why hold that against new fans? It's not like they're all numbermonkeys.

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Some just like being the "original" fans. They think they are superior because they discovered them earlier. Not even about a old fan/new fan thing for some of them anymore

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Its not entirely rational, but imagine your a fan of a small chuuba who keeps getting shit on by numberfags, then your chuuba makes it into hololive and suddenly all the numberfags latch on to your oshi and using them to talk down to other smaller vtubers, just like they were doing to you before. You can maybe see how some of the fans from their PL may not be too keen on that kind of behaviour.

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>I guess
found the tranny redditor

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Yeah and that's what I don't get. It just feels like very underaged behavior.
I don't think you understood my post. I understand them feeling that way towards numbermonkeys, but they're generalizing and attributing it to the ones who didn't watch them before too; not just the numbermonkeys. That's what I don't get. And they're doing it in a way that just makes them seem more interested in bragging about having watched them before everyone else rather than anything else.

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The peak of HoloEN was Gawr Gura, who was also the peak of vtubing in totality. Are they the peak of HoloEN right now? Probably.

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No, they're far from the peak. Good for you though, you don't have to watch the peak, just keep enjoying your doggos.