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Since a bunch of Vtubers that we thought were getting into Hololive got taken by Nijisanji, who do you think will be HoloEN 2?

I heard Kyoresu might be in the candidates. Bao has stated before taht she wished she was in Hololive but has already been rejected two times. Indies like DMgirl have replied to Nijisanji auditions so maybe they applied to Hololive? (Who wouldn't). And I have a feeling utaite MarieFD might have applied to but she seems to like Nijisanji more too eitherway. MAKE YOUR BETS.

PS. I heard Shachi stopped her vtuber activities since she got a new irl job. She apparently didn't even apply to Nijisanji OR Hololive.

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Why everyone only suggest vtubers? They will cast people who not affiliated with vtubing like Mori, Mori, Ame or for those who's treated vtubing as side thing like Gura and Irys.
These talentless vtuber indies think what they can get just by having slight expirience in streaming and numbers.

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I think Bao is a safe option. She started as a utaite with a lot of experience and did good as a vtuber too. She might fall in that category. The person behind Elira from Nijisanji was the same I think

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I think it's pointless to speculate this because they wont get picked from the existing vtuber pool

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Have fun with the leftovers holobronies!

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What would you define as a talented indie though? Just curious.

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Well nijisanji is different field they seems to pick indie vtubers and indie vtubers only. I think people who's open about wanting to go for holo get filtered by managment anyway.

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For sure. People that said they applied while the auditions weren't open yet were filtered out. But Bao has only talked about this after they were over, plus she is quite a big person.

I don't really understand the reason why they didn't pick her for Vsinger when she had the voice and the experience honestly.

Namirin was a utaite that did Vtubing as well, I think Bao and MarieFD fall in that category.

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Bao god too popular as a vtuber she barely remembers how to be a singer anymore. Singing doesn't get you the same money as screaming in livestreams.

She aint a utaite in my eyes anymore.

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Being good at some field. I don't hate indies or anything but there's lots of vtubers who will pay lots of money for model and rigging and that's will be their only selling point, they're not good at games, not creative, average at drawing/singing, only know one language etc. I'm not saying what all of them is bad and what they have to have something unique to be wachable but most of them really have nothing to offer to Holo. Look at current HoloEN they're all have some sort of talent or unique experience what made them stand out among others.

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if all they have is irys tier.... oh boy

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Marica (If not gone to Tsunderia)
Athena Nightingale
Kimino Miya
Chiika / Chiikadayo

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doens't matter how bad they are, if they are behind the hololive brand they are going to be praised, don't forget they love hololive not the idols.

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This. Singing and speaking Japanese is good, but if they're all that boring then EN2 is in big trouble.

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Starting to think this is the case. EN batch 1 was too safe, Irys got fucked over by her design and the next 3+3+4 most talented people in line are getting picked up by nijisanji because girls gotta eat and holo isn't putting up auditions any time soon. EN gen 2 will literally be leftovers.

I just hope we finally get someone who can keep up with Ame, she got stuck with dogshit genmates.

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Doesn't matter. They could debut 5 IRyS-tier holos devoid of personality and they'll still incline, people will still watch them in droves, and they'll still print shitloads of money. The Hololive brand is all that matters now, it's a self-perpetuating corporate machine and nothing can kill it.

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She's in it for sure.

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True, but I don't care if they're successful, I just want someone fun.

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Literally who the fuck are all of them? I only know Chiika and Kyoresu.
That says a lot. rip HoloEN2

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If you're a retard it's not their fault, Anon.
Some of them are pretty good, for example Athena Nightingale has a nice voice and write songs (the one Haachama kept using is one).

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shes confirmed nijisanji second wave gtfo

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I get the feeling that Cover is going to do one of two things:

Pursue entirely fresh talent with no existing presence (unlikely)
Or get singers so they'll be trawling the depths of youtube for anime cover singers. Amalee might be a good option on that front as she's done well enough to release her own album of anime covers and has almost 2 million subscribers. Course at that point she might also be more inclined to reject any advances from Cover.

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There are actually some great Vtubers in these smaller agencies, but it's uncertain how long their contracts are or whether they would want to abandon them.
I would prefer that they continue to compete with Hololive instead of joining them, but boy is it hard to get noticed.


You can't tell me she isn't on par with or better than IRyS.

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She is currently in prism. If they are under contract with any other company they instantly get filtered out. That's why cover always asks if they are under contratct or even applied somewhere else. (I guess they can lie to the second one but not the first)

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Former MyHoloTV vtuber, only one in gen 2 that isn't doing vtubing atm (she does indie VA work or something like that from what I've heard. She's cute but very ESL though so I doubt she'd make HoloEN, more likely she'll end up in Tsunderia since they already grabbed Miori from MyHolo
German utaite, does anisong covers in German and recently debuting a vtuber avatar for streaming.
I don't know how good her English is and she's open about having a boyfriend, so idk if Cover would really consider her

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literally nobodies
at least op was naming people with a decent community already damn

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Honestly I dont think Amalee will ever drop what she has for cover

too many restrictions
she is doing damn well on her own

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Yeah I consider it pretty unlikely. Unless Cover opts to step in with a different kind of deal to try and leverage her existing fanbase and presence while also expanding their own business.
Official dubs of anime songs for use by dubbing companies? I could see that being pursued. It used to be a thing.

But I think it is an example of the sort of direction Cover might go. Irys suggests they want more English speaking singers and are willing to make some big concessions to get them in regards to what they're typically looking for.

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I think Bao wants to get into Vshoujo now.

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Yeah, because sachiowo already 3 million subscribers before joining hololive you fucking faggot. Take a rope and hang yourself.

>> No.6667209

Also Ame.

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what would you do if en gen2 was just en holostars?

>> No.6667242

rat girl is confirmed niji

>> No.6667263

Vshoujo suits her honestly
It would be annoying to have her taint hololive

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shachi didn't fucking apply to any companies
cant you fucking read idiot? also shachi's youtube channel has more than 1 million oh my god just gtfo

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Treat them like I do JP Holostars.

>> No.6667314

I would start watching Hololive again.

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Nijicucks love to cope whenever this topic comes up. The talent pool that will have auditioned for HoloEN would have been been massive. Plenty of unknowns that haven't streamed a day in their life, but have bags of potential. Not to mention hidden gems in the same way as Amelia Watson. NijiEN played it very safe, but I'll admit their selections do allow for some very strong chemistry in collabs. That's something I'm wondering if Cover is taking into consideration this time. Like will they throw a handful of strong candidates into a conversation together and see who gels and who doesn't, and use that to help choose.

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I'd say she's better. Doesn't sound mechanical and has the technique to match IRyS. Not singing like a emotionless robot is a really huge plus for me.

>> No.6667367

Really? Well, that's a waste.

>> No.6667383

dont think that will change imo
filter by video then two single interviews, second with videochat thats it

>> No.6667386

Why is it a waste? If you really like her, then just watch her, she's not gonna be any worse in Nijisanji than she would in Hololive.

>> No.6667441

>chose IRyS over all those "Plenty of unknowns that haven't streamed a day in their life, but have bags of potential"
3/5 of EN2 is fucked, anon. You will not get another Gurame repeat again. At best, it'll be someone that feels like a soulful indie.

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IRyS was a pretty safe and conventional pick. it was the number one person people were guessing ever singe they announced the Vsinger position. It's possible Cover won't be as swing-for-the-fences with Gen 2 as they were for 1, since they might not feel they have to anymore.

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How about that one chick that was Kiara coach in the shadow verse tournament? Her voice is so hot, if she can sing then she would be perfect.

>> No.6667621

All she does is play Shadowverse, she just recently started to do other stuff. Maybe if she streams for another 6 months and improves her streaming ability and get something of a following, she could give EN 3 auditions a shot. maybe if she branches out and plays a lot of different card games and stuff that could be her specialization.

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This. If they want streamers who had prior experience in streaming, can sing, dance and entertain, they rather get them for JP Gen 6. EN 2 will be fresh talents in different fields. They have interest in Hololive as a whole and could offer interesting perks to compliment EN 1. Right now, they don't have that many gaming autists, entertainers like marine or a genuine strict but can be fun leader. Ame should've been the leader, but she's too autistic and uncharismatic to pick that up. Singing ability and fluency in Japanese is secondary. If they take another anya just because she could talk fluent japanese, then fuck them, they lost. There's no need for good singers in EN 2 since they already got IRyS. Also, people with connections. Those are also good.

>> No.6667712

Yup, just look at IRyS around 300k subs before debut. Seems like they can pick any EU time streamer and it’ll have at least 5k viewers no matter how boring they are.

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Shachi was confirmed to not be the penguin, say hi to the new girl Holocucks.

>> No.6667788

There's a difference between having to find a talented streamer and someone who HAS to be strong at singing due to it being a Vsinger position. It's clear IRyS was also chosen because she lives in Nipland and is a haafu who speaks fluent moon, throw in some nepotism too. EN Gen2 will prove whether EN1 was a complete fluke, or whether Cover know what they're doing. I'm going for the latter because while they're shit at everything else, they have shown time and time again that their scouting is often on point.

>> No.6667819

>Since a bunch of Vtubers
it dumb to just look at vtubers. almost none of EN gen1 were vtubers before

>> No.6667948

Retard here, so what's bad? Bad for Holo's or Niji's?

>> No.6667976

If she was a Niji it would be a non-issue. But she's more than likely going to Hololive. She openly has a boyfriend. You do the math.

>> No.6667991

how? your enjoyment will surely be the same.

>> No.6668040

how come all en are retards with pronouns in their bios lmfao. never subbed to any of them, never watched any of them and never will.

>> No.6668070 [DELETED] 

>tarah van de zande
What at absolutely retarded name.

>> No.6668071

>she openly has a boyfriend
Then no, she isn't going to hololive

>> No.6668073

To be fair Deviantart forces you to enter pronouns when signing up, she didn't do it by will

>> No.6668075

Singing is pretty popular, I don't think anyone wants 4-5 of them to be dogshit singers just because IRyS exists. EN 1 ratio of 2 good 2 ok 1 bad seems fine. Of course ID2 has 2 of the worst singers in Hololive so maybe that's where things are headed....

>> No.6668086

Dude, like 3/5 of them were though

>> No.6668099

This is just a doxx where's the confirmation?

>> No.6668102

>Then no, she isn't going to hololive
Well, she graduated with a whole million subscribers, she's going somewhere and it's confirmed to not be Nijisanji.

>> No.6668116

Isn't this a dox even if its a retired vtuber?

>> No.6668142

uh no. 1 of them was. 2 if you want to argue if shark counts or not

>> No.6668154

I thought she didn't apply to Hololive or Nijisanji.

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Ohhh, but eh. like 2 have confirmed to have a BF already. And if i remember correctly, EN's are more content creators than Idols, as what Calli and Ina said already.

And err, it's not like the west is comparable to JP shizos.

>> No.6668171

How was she confirmed not to be penguin? We'll know tonight when we hear her voice for a decent amount of time. If penguin isn't her then I would put my money on her being one of Holo EN 2.

>> No.6668201

Clearly she did, you don't just leave 1m subscribers behind for nothing better and her graduation aligns with when auditions occured.

>> No.6668224

>How was she confirmed not to be penguin
Shachi can't into Japanese whereas Penguin is nearly fluent + Penguin is a huge Nijisanji fangirl whereas Shachi is by far preferential to Hololive

>> No.6668236

Calli- No
Kiara- No
Ame- Vtuber/regular streamer hybrid
Gura- yes but it's not what she was most well known for
Ina- by strict technical definition yes

>> No.6668265

People in the NijiEN thread said that Shachi’s japanese isn’t as good as the Penguin whenever she interacts in Japanese. Some also said the penguin posted some writing or artwork that is very different from Shachi.

>> No.6668284

Anyone can fake enthusiasm and read a wiki article about the company they got hired by, not everyone is gonna be lazy like Mori and not even pretend to give a fuck. The Japanese might be a more solid tell, but of course people thought Polka could speak English because she was tweeting with DeepL.

>> No.6668291

there will be no Gen 2. At least not this year.

>> No.6668310

People kept saying there would be no Vsinger until there was one, just in July instead of May.

>> No.6668332

Nobody apparently fucking reads

Shachi didnt apply to either Hololive or Nijisanji. Close friends confirmed. She got irl job

>> No.6668336

The Penguin is using way too much slang for it to be machine translated. Also the times where Shachi says she's doing something don't align with what the Penguin says she's doing at all - when Penguin goes to bed Shachi is having lunch, etc etc
If this is her it'll be the biggest deceit a vtuber has ever pulled, it's all that level of different

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That's stupid Anon. HoloEN's stagnating, people are already looking for different things, and their direct competitor is gunning on them already.

Late August or September is the most popular guess.

>> No.6668370

>Close friends confirmed

>> No.6668376

Teamates once again showing they’re the most vile tribalists

>> No.6668378

of course there will
they posted the auditions 1 month after the vsinger one
girls will probably debut around October

>> No.6668385

when will ever get another Gura-like vtuber? One who is known in the past life, and can at least bring more personality, collabs, and dedication to this holo stagnancy

>> No.6668409 [DELETED] 

I wont fucking show a call with them?

>> No.6668429

>Close friends confirmed.
Where the fuck did this come from?

>> No.6668444

The image has never been posted before. Its a falseflagger you retard

>> No.6668446


>> No.6668459

I was on the call, I'll back you up. She got a job at Arbys so she doesn't need Hololive now.

>> No.6668467

>IRyS has more subs than all of NijiEN combined
Yeah... left overs....

>> No.6668473

A lot of the HoloEN crowd usually just watch collabs/big events nowadays(most of my friends are like this now). I mainly switched to NijiEN but i still watch HoloEN if there’s a collab.

>> No.6668476

A voice would be good, just ask her to read something and, put it on catbox

>> No.6668515

at this point I will just wait until September for holo en 2 and you all fucking crying over shachi not being there like op is saying

all the guesses went into nijisanji. penguin is not shachi

>> No.6668516

>when will ever get another Gura-like
>and can
Reading comprehension reps anon.

>> No.6668547

Posting contradictory information on 2 twitter accounts isn't exactly 4d chess mindfuckery or anything. However I would agree there's no incentive for anyone to do this since people will know who you are the moment you first stream regardless of what you do predebut.

>> No.6668595

Eh I don't want her in EN 2. I won't be mad if she's there but it feels like a waste of a slot just to have a Gura-lite streamer.

>> No.6668608

HoloEN2 will be either late July or October. August and September are too stacked to debut anyone.

>> No.6668659

I can see late September is a possibility

>> No.6668722

Agreed, August is to jam-packed, and September is already HoloEN1 Anniversary stuff+ a whole lot of other stuff.

Also, we can speculate all we want, but I'm pretty sure no-one expected HER for Gura until we heard her voice. It's not until people checked her old twitter that they figured out EXACTLY when she got confirmed for HoloEN (Hint, the twitter post is pinned so she knew EXACTLY what she was doing)

While we're unlikely to get another Gura situation, it does show that if people aren't dumb and self-dox that we're likely not to know who's in HoloEN Gen 2 pretty much right until the week of, especially if we get some non-vtuber picks again.

>> No.6668725

t. can't identify a falseflagger

>> No.6668761

So literally 0 proof. Okay.

>> No.6668883

RIP. Shachi is going to kill herself.

>> No.6668945

I'd say Selphius is out. I mean, she is starting to get recognized as a VA for dubbing Anime/games here in germany. Sure it's mostly minor roles, but it's starting to pick up. I mean she managed to get the role as Shana in Shakugan no Shana and apparently is in the talks for a major role in a game. In addition she also has her own merch store https://selphymade.de/.

>> No.6668986

She had VA experience, she's in general very creative streamer and she's probably offered some other stuff what were left undoxable. I agree what she looks tame compared to the past other EN girls had but that's only makes her looks like exception.

>> No.6669512 [SPOILER] 
File: 544 KB, 1910x1272, 1626527449320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the most vile tribalists
That title goes to pic related.

>> No.6669807

> being good at some field.

1.Athena knows four languages

2. Athena can play four instruments (Guitar/Piano/Viola/Ukele) well enough to provide instrumentation for her own original songs.

3.Athena can songwrite - compostion and lyrics and all.

4. Athena can be an entertaining comedian - just look at her no more succulent nurses song writing stream .

5. Athena makes an effort to stream every day she doesn't have a nursing shift. She shows she can work the grind.

6.Athena is a solid Alto singer with a year of formal vocal training in her belt.

7.Athena's output of original songs is extremely high, sometimes as high as two per month.

8. Athena is very, very good at engaging and playing off her chat.

Basically, from the music perspective, Athena Nightingale is probably the closest to the sort of Vtuber with skills scarce in Hololive (Mori is limited to writing rap songs).

If you are thinking about skill, start from Athena and work your way up, surely there are even more skilled people in her in the indies that are under the radar because their original fan-song never got picked up and featured by a Hololive talent.

>> No.6670073

I actually know about Athena and i think she's really great but again vtubers like unfortunately is exception.

>> No.6670077

She seems legit. I hope she does get in mainly because she did produce orginal music. Cover always have at least 1 musical holo every gen.

>> No.6670242


While her most famous work is the Haachama Horror songs, she's produced songs that probably deserve more attention.




>> No.6670320

what am I looking at?

>> No.6670336

For example, in Aria, the credits look like this:

Viola/Guitar/Vocals/Mix by Athena

This is the sort of talent, if she has the ability to do this full time probably could arm a whole gen or wave with decent original songs right on debut or soon after if she and her theoretical genmates want to.

>> No.6670590

thanks i will watch her, she's so cute

>> No.6670642

She's living proof you don't have to pitch up your voice to be cute.

>> No.6671539

Marica isn't ESL, she's just Australian. Still, I agree its a lot more likely that she ends up in Tsunderia than Hololive.

>> No.6671618

Who was lrys before?

>> No.6671737

Wait a fucking minute, is she actually Petra? I've never heard of her before, but her voice actually sounds really similar to Petra's voice in the Obsydia teaser. Am I the only one who hears it?

>> No.6671928

Some pink haired loli

>> No.6672266

Nevermind this post, on further research xyaro was a guy. I'll just take my meds.

>> No.6672406

I don't care desu I just want a messy hair crow girl

>> No.6672439

I just hope doggo didn't an hero himself

>> No.6672610


>> No.6673178

Well you are not the only one. But I still think she's actual woman and this male voice reveal was for shit and giggles because ha ha trap jokes were trendy back then. I think I saw some indie to have altair made for Tokitsukaze which is very specific thing to have

>> No.6674534

she has a cover with 100m views.

>> No.6674818

Honestly rather than who, I just want to know when HoloEN2 will be announced

>> No.6675789
File: 58 KB, 500x500, 5F8E4314-1814-4343-B7F8-0998971EBD5A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>”T-they only watch it for the brand”

>> No.6678176

ok but who

>> No.6678391

That anon is talking about a different person.

>> No.6678621

If you use common sense you can figure that Shachi isn't in Niji. Somebody who can use 1 million subscribers as a selling point isn't going to settle for Niji. They are going to shoot for the big leagues.

>> No.6678879

search renai circulation.

>> No.6678903 [SPOILER] 
File: 250 KB, 732x453, 1626543885446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6678956

That design looks like a leftover though.....

>> No.6679058

There's this one girl but i forgot her name. She use to stream with PNG, do zatsudan and sings most of the time. She was about to commisioned a 2D model months ago but she suddenly stop streaming and never heard again. The only thing i remember is that she just graduate college or was it highschool(?), this year
I'll get back once i found her channels.

>> No.6679329

I really wanted Miki to join Hololive and she might have had a chance but it seems she might have been rejected and had to settle for Nijisanji instead.

>> No.6679466

Irys seems super chill and fun. They can fix her design anytime

>> No.6679794

what about ash on lol?
she's already a seiso vtuber and she has an australian accent that goes well with her childish voice but she's really close friends to that huge normie streamer company, offlineTV, which might be a problem I think if her ambition is to get in there

>> No.6679896

actually, nvm. I forgot that she's already targetted by twitter cancel culture already for joking about the chinese bat soup

>> No.6679910

She's successful enough to not need to join Hololive.

>> No.6680313

She’s already successful on her own without the need for an agency. Also, she managed to pissed off both Twitter and 4chan which is quite a feat in itself

>> No.6681128

I mean you're really grasping at straws since all of them were known primarily for other things, and they definitely weren't an active part of Vtubing culture. refer to >>6668236
and even if we count all 3 of them, its arguable that HoloEN was the exception, not the rule.
The first 5 gens of hololive (Gen 0 to Gen3) had no former vtubers in them, and even after that gen 4 and 5 were mostly none vtubers. Its not unrealistic to assume that Cover will follow this trend and pick outsiders over indies.

>> No.6681256

>expecting vtubers
And that's your mistake

>> No.6681329

IRyS is great and the opinions on her past life before she got confirmed for Hololive were overwhelmingly positive. She is loved, just ignire the jealous Nijiniggers and false flaggers.

>> No.6681364

No way Selphy is going for Hololive for a massive number of reasons

>> No.6681418

>athena nightingale
>holo EN2
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is how I know hololive is declining
for anons to even suggest that, they're down bad

>> No.6681534

Here's the leak for holoEN2
>Avril Lavigne
>Cameron Diaz
>Chloe Grace Moretz
>Sophie Turner
>That Poppy

>> No.6681602

IRyS is inoffensive and not connected to vshojo garbage or other shit, so I'd gladly take more picks like that

>> No.6682073

that owl girl who sang for haachama schizo arc

>> No.6682776

They aren't wrong.
nobody would watch half of the hololive vtubers f they weren't hololive.
Hell this is especially true for most of the older ones who got shit on by indies for a year before they started to incline due to two~three members getting popular.

>> No.6684359

love the stab at kiara

>> No.6684652

Gura is the only EN that would have more than 10k subs as an indie.
JP girls would do better than EN as indies but most would still be poverty mode.

>> No.6684685

>>6673178>>>6671737 >>6672266 >>6672439

Inukai Purin of Tsunderia is Xyaro, she has the same shrine, voice and one of her old Osu names is Xyaro. She is not a man, it was the common meme at the time. She later stated in her Discord or something that it was her friend or brother or boyfriend or something, it was so long ago I don't remember.

>> No.6684709

Irys has 300k subscribers as an indie.

>> No.6684986

I never really watched her, but comparing the voices - yeah they are really similar. She's also a dog and xyaros channel was called doggo previously. I'm convinced.

>> No.6685063

I unironically hope one of them is black so I can see the racists here seethe

>> No.6685100

I'm glad they aren't, and you live every day in a state of seethe.

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