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You don’t have to post Kiara’s Twitter here, we can see for ourselves

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>APEX addict
>Constantly sucks up to e-celebs
>Admitted the reason she joined Hololive was so she could talk to her favorite e-celebs
>Admitted she wants to "break the rules" and change Hololive
>Has her boyfriend finger her on stream and use her discord account
Give me ONE reason why the Zombie isn't the worst Holo right now.

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kiara exists.

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Reason No.7 why Kiara is better than Ollie

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but she is? She brings in the worst people into Hololive. People who don't care about Hololive and SEA

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Getting fingered on stream is pretty based

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she stopped it eh... i fuckin hope botan plays bf2042

i hope it puts an end or just go very rare to apex streams. BR fucking sucks ass

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I despise Kiara but Ollie is worse. Ollie is Kiara but with the naivette of a zoomer who hasn't hit the low point of being dry humped by an amateur wrestler

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Her contract is almost over bro, hang in there.

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This really sucks. The only thing we can do is ignore her connor interactions and streams in the hopes that she gets the memo. We don't want connor near her.

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Mori "5%" Calliope exists

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I see that now that Zoombie is relevant again due to her great showing at the Chess game, Sneeds Seethe and Feed has woken up.

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She's loud and screams a lot, that automatically means she's funny and entertaining.

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meant for >>6656350

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Pretty much how EN and ID line up.
Gura and Ame both docked for being lazy or canceling streams.

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What the heck did Kiara do?

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I think Connor is a great entertainer and a down-to-earth guy. I just posted this here because I wanna see all you idolfags go apeshit. Suck my cock, and keep being peer pressured by /vt/

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Have you watched any of her streams? She is insufferable

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Nah you just have autism

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SEAmonkey paws typed this (somehow)

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Based monke enjoyer

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Ayame is still in Hololive

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I'm not sure if it's worse to be a vtuber simp or an e-celeb simp

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Be a selfish bitch. Constantly complain about her numbers. Be passive aggressive toward her genmates and other Holos because she thinks she deserves special treatment. Hijack every single conversation she can and turn it around about herself. What hasn't Kiara done?

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>and use her discord account

Wait what? Think I've missed this rrat but yubi yubi incident was actually one of the most believable ones, right after Matsuri/Luna breakup that Matuli actually confirmed in the last Holotalk...

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Reine sees Ollie log on to discord, she enters the channel and a mans voice can be heard yelling "fucking lag" on her discord account. Reine tries to give Ollie some cover by saying "Hey that was Ollo wasn't it" and Ollie panics and fumbles the easy ball Reine threw at her and says "Would you believe that was Ellie?"

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connur is still too busy with Vsluts and now there's also ever growing Niji EN I'm sure he will find some collab partners there.

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Another free rent drama thread?? Dang. I thought the quota was hit already. Schizos working overtime today.

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I think he is fun and a watchable youtuber, but the problem is that he is trying to latch to the vtuber culture and idol culture without knowing a damn thing about it, and tries to put her western values and moral on it, the whole reason of why hololive is popular is because they follow the idol culture and code.

He is better interacting with other ironic weaboos and e-celebs, I don't think he is even gaining any viewers from vtubers, why would someone that watch a 2D anime girl in youtube want to subscribe to a guy that appeal to western ironic weaboos?

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Kiara is miles more better than Ollie
>genuinely cute voice, purposefully put on a pekora filter
>doesnt speak in jungle monkey clicks, speaks the most respectable euro language, as well as english, and japanese
>is stunningly pretty in real life
>can act professional, understands and obeys the rules of the industry
>loyal to hololive first, has been an excellent rep, and has stacy'd indies and anitubers everytime
>despite simping, she always keeps her respect and dignity, instead of drooling like a beta over absolute nobodies, and knows her worth
>insults and criticised others regularly, regardless of who they are
>focused on keeping it hololive, never relies on wacky lulzrandom humour, memes, or stories outside of streams. Content and jokes are always her own jokes, insights, interactions with kfp, her genmates and her games and herself.

Kiara is a queen, zombi doesnt even compare

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kek, no matter how many math equations you solve Ollie you can't find the solution to getting some common sense

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People seem to love those connur/Ironmouse collabs, also TT audience was pretty obsessed with hololive/Vtubers if you look into their official twitter etc. his not into it but certainly knows they are and plays into it.

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He is doing for his own content. He literally played apex with random Japanese salary man with voice chat in apex. Pretty sure he doesn’t want the hololive fandom in his, he just want to create interesting content so he can show it to his fans.

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yeah, but ironmouse isn't an Idol, she is a twitch streamer that appeal the same audience as connor, which kinda work when they collab.

yeah, i'm sure of that, after all he is a trend chaser like any good youtuber, and vtubers are a trend right now in the western ironic weaboo audience after the holoEN debut.

I bet he is trying to get a collab with any holoEN, too bad for him that it will never happen.

He should just stick to Ironmouse or any vshojo streamer, he have better chances there.

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Get used to it connor is like a parasyte, once you leave the door open the stream becomes about connor and when he's not there people ask for him all the time that's how he survives on the internet, thank God Ame shut him down in the first attempt

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What the hell even is an ironic weeb? At first glance it sounds like someone who only pretends to be a weeb out of irony, but there are like a dozen different definitions on this board alone. Is it just a buzz word at this point?

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Any fake otaku that like anime because it got popular lately and expose his shit taste in his favorite social media.

The type of person that like Gura or Ame, BnH, SnK, read chainsaw man, like jojo and force shit like ahegao on 3D girls, have a hentai hoodie, and follow e-celebs like connor, but the main thing that make someone a ironic weaboo is the fact that they force their own culture and morals in to a hobby they don't know shit and try to change it.

There's a reason people in this board call people from /jp/ jpchads and people from /hlgg/ globalfags

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ironic weeb is someone who is a complete weeb to the core, and anime is every second of their life, but they live in complete rejection of their passion, and act dysfunctionally and awkwardly as they try to act like they arent completely obsessed.

their humour is filled with references, full of mock criticism of the anime genre, all to not seem immature for liking anime too much.

it feels like a defense mechanism from avoiding the fact that being an anime enthusiast is no longer an interesting and unique hobby

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>genuinely cute voice, purposefully put on a pekora filter
get your ear checked
>doesnt speak in jungle monkey clicks, speaks the most respectable euro language, as well as english, and japanese
me me me i translate me me me
>is stunningly pretty in real life
get your eyes checked. her teeth holy shit

fuck the new captcha

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Ironic mostly means that they're not genuine, like watching a magical lesbian lolis anime as a joke or for the memes and if you ask them if they legitimately like that kind of show they'll shit on it, also the "whoa japan is so wacky xD" audience

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Quads of truth.

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A Kiara anti thread died for this...

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Those are all positives

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Someone who doesn't really like anime as a medium but just uses it as part of their personality.

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But does learning about anime since it got big make you an ironic weeb by itself, or does making a huge deal about doing so make you an ironic weeb?

>force shit like ahegao on 3D girls, have a hentai hoodie
Yeah, that's pretty cringe. 100%
>they force their own culture and morals in to a hobby they don't know shit and try to change it.
Makes sense, I guess.
>The type of person that like Gura or Ame, BnH, SnK, read chainsaw man, like jojo
Okay, see. Now you're just getting on a high horse and dictating taste like some /a/jackass
>follow e-celebs like connor
So a guy could've been a fan of anime since the 90's but if they like Connor or anitubers or something then they're an ironic weeb. I understand not liking the guy, but you're just being irrational.

Then again, it's my own fault for looking for a rational reply to a question like that. I know how this place works, Why do I even try anymore...

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connor is like those guys that started seeling pokemon cards in overpriced ways but didn't really cared about pokemon, he does the same with vtubers for marketing and networking not because he likes the charm of vtubers.

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See now that makes sense. I might've met one. Dumbass was wearing a Noragami T-shirt and got all "lol it's so craayayayzeee" on me when I asked about it.

>> No.6658045

i like his youtube stuff. Despise his twitch

>> No.6658067

>So a guy could've been a fan of anime since the 90's but if they like Connor or anitubers or something then they're an ironic weeb
Someone who was a genuine anime fan from the 90s definitely would never be a fan of Connor.

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Guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

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kek, no true scotsman

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I suspect he has a hard drive full of CP and that he asks for pics of his underage female fans on Discord, what can we do?

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>e-celeb simp
Vtubers ARE e-celebs.

>> No.6658221

The real problem was the ones who hired her

>> No.6658231

>The Earth is flat
>No the Earth is round
>Guess we'll have to agree to disagree
We can agree to disagree but you're simply wrong buddy.

Retard. Either a thing is what it is or it isn't, if it doesn't meet the criteria to be in the category you claim that's not making a no true scotsman argument that's simply pointing out it doesn't meet the defined criteria to be the thing you're claiming it is.

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What do you mean "we"? Nigger just shut the fuck up and just deal with the fact that he isn't down with underaged anime girl awkwardness.

>> No.6658336

I’m just shitposting mate…

>> No.6658365

There's a pretty big gap between
>The earth is fucking flat and 3 thousand years of science is wrong because Gravity apparently doesn't exist.


>Older Anime fans may like this inoffensive anime-centric youtuber who just so happens to be best friends with people who've been into anime since they were kids.

One's objectively false, one is subjective. Throw away your Bias for half a second and chill.

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Hope this Apex fad dies. Never ending Minecraft streams are already enough

>> No.6658388

Ironmouse streams have become unbearable because of this shit. I'm beginning to understand I like him just fine, but whatever the fuck his fanbase is are underage fucklings.

>> No.6658409

Nothing is subjective. Take the idealist pill. It's simple fact that liking Connor would immediately disqualify someone from being a genuine anime fan. It would be like claiming to be a progressive liberal but also saying Adolf Hitler is your political model.

>> No.6658482

Ollie is soon going to become the topped subscribed ID talent. And then the road to 1 million subs is certain. The SEETHE here will be epic.

>> No.6658484

>once you leave the door open the stream becomes about connor
Is that why /hlgg/ is so fucking terrified of him going near Ollie or Mori? His retarded fans?

>> No.6658521

>I bet he is trying to get a collab with any holoEN, too bad for him that it will never happen.

You... just forgot about Calli being on Trash Taste, huh?

>> No.6658522

keep coping anti, we all know you fags are suicidal lmao

>> No.6658556

That was because of Kadokawa

>> No.6658575

>another nigga who think his standards are universal
Sad new anon but you are not special. This ain’t China where Winnie the Pooh can dictate what you can do or can’t do. You are not the god of anime who dictate thing.

>> No.6658599

Or you know, you can watch over 1000 anime and also like some brit clowning on YT, as well as other diverse content.
But then again, who even watches anime these days?

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it's just all very embarrassing to be honest

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you fuckers are desperate just because she cancelled a few streams, she streams the most and sets up a lot of different things in her streams like new OPs EDs and chat credits the Alyx 3D model stream etc,

You guys can keep spamming this but it's not going to become true through meme magic or some shit, sorry.

>> No.6658633

At least for me that's it, VSHOJO chat as this whole culture of ''That one streamer is lonely go give her a visit'' if you are playing a game that has multiplayer just call connor, doing a only chat stream? LMAO chat with connor you fool

>> No.6658643

The majority of his fanbase consists of adults. Idk if you're refering to the fags who write those cringy comments on the YT clips, but those are all ironmouse fans.

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i'm a 90's anime fan and i enjoy Connors content
>you aren't a GENUINE 90's anime fan

literally the definition of no true scotsman you nigger

the amount of retardation is astounding. You're literally the reason power rangers have to shout out their colours

>> No.6658669

If everything is Objective (which it isn't otherwise different opinions wouldn't fuckin exist or arguments would be devoid of logic on one side which is proven wrong by every scientific debate ever) what makes either of us objectively right, other than the fact that it's our opinion? Answer: Nothing, because entertainment is subjective by nature. If it wasn't then different genres wouldn't be celebrated, since there would "clearly" be an objective best and therefore others are objectively inferior.

>> No.6658671

>genuinely cute voice
Stopped reading

>> No.6658686

>i'm a 90's ironic weeb and and i enjoy Connors content
Right and that's the point

>> No.6658696

I'm actually impressed she's gotten this far in such a short time.
Didn't Silvervale tell chat off about that kind of shit?

>> No.6658710

>He hasn't read Hegel
lmao. Miss me with "but muh opinion is subjective" bullshit pseud

>> No.6658724

She did. Went on a whole rant about people trying to force her to go onto Mouse's stream a while back. Made since good points.

>> No.6658728

STFU newfag, 90's anime fans dgf what anyone has to say or follow

>> No.6658739

>people liking anything I don’t like are ironic weebs

>> No.6658788


>> No.6658792

Alright yeah yeah Connor and the Vshojo girls are all mostly chill and harmless. Their fans are just fucked.

>> No.6658802

so, you're saying i'm now a true 90 anime fan?

>> No.6658806

You don't get to self identify as something you're not. Sorry tranny.

>> No.6658814

Have you thought about this. Ollie doesn't want YOU near HER because you're not treating her like a person.

>> No.6658818

Funny that Kiara's profile picture isn't available.

>> No.6658841

Yes, if Connor's fans are actually adults, than this is a Vshojo fan thing. The girls need to wrangle their chats better, and tell them to shut the fuck up from time to time.

>> No.6658850

Alright dude, imma level with you. You need to pull your head outta your assn they're isn't anything wrong with not liking shit. But constantly passing off your opinion as objective fact unironically doesn't make you smarter it just makes you look like someone with a superiority complex or some shit. And it certainly isn't earning you any friends. I mean this with no malice. Get help.

>> No.6658873

He immediately Godwin'd. He's not worth your time.

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>>>Anonymous Fri May 21 23:54:09 2021 No.4024649


>>>Anonymous Sat May 22 01:12:41 2021 No.4027061

Transcription of what she said, only the English parts because I don't speak Indonesian.

>Sometimes people would take advantage of them spamming... and then they'd make their own little forum, and I'm just tired of looking at it.
>Like, I know a lot of you guys would be like, "oh then stop looking at it Ollie!"
>But the thing is, I'm an idol, and I always gotta...
>Like, sometimes if I talk to people, if I say hey, um, lately there's been a group of people that's been saying these stuffs about me...
>Sometimes I talk about my problems, right?
>I'd be like, hey lately I've been hearing from a lot of people that I'm actually "blah blah blah"...
>"Ignore them" (chat) It's hard! It's hard, it's really hard, really.
>Like, that's what everyone actually told me, but it's something that I can't escape from.
>Like, I'm sure a lot of you guys realize... I'm literally everywhere.
>And because I'm everywhere, it's hard for me to ignore these kinds of stuffs, you know?
>As an idol, I think it's essential for us to care what others think of us, you know?
>Like, I know that we shouldn't put everything into account, but still, seeing those things...
>Like, it's not that I completely mind... How do I explain this?
>Like, it's not that I'm always hurt, but it kind of saddens me and brings my mood down to see those things.
>To not think about it too much, that's the hard part.
>"It's just like a thousand of small papercuts" Exactly!
>To be honest, a papercut isn't such a big deal, but if there's like, thousands of them, that's when it gets a bit worrisome.
>Maybe we should talk about something else, we've been talking about too many problems, I'm so sorry.
>We talked about how hard it is to sleep, and about unwanted comments and stuff, I'm sorry.
>There's so many zombies...

After this she just talks about the game from what I can see. Draw your own conclusions about what she's referencing.

>> No.6658897

>a tranny who thinks he/she or whatever the fuck he calls himself is special enough to dictate what people are
Look like Winnie taught you well, but your Chinese bloods are showing, you should hide that faggotry of your, I heard gays are taboo in China.

>> No.6658942


>> No.6658952

Fuck you're right. But this seems like one of the few times where the "mental illness" meme was real. The rage-posting and crap is just classic 4chan, kinda funny. But this anon just seemed kinda sad, especially with the philosophy stuff.

>> No.6658967

i don't hate connor

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Honest question but is the trash taste thing actually decent/good? I never gave them a chance because gigguk was just an unfunny pg13 version of Demolicious D a few years ago.

>> No.6659013

>I'm an idol
The nerve of this bitch. You don't get to claim you're an idol while deliberately trying to subvert idol culture you cunt.

>> No.6659022

That's untrue

>> No.6659027

what the fuck do you want her to call herself then?

>> No.6659060

its decent. Literally 3 normal dudes talking about their lives. They sometimes have entertaining stories/discussions. Not worth dedicated watching, but i usually put it in the background while drawing.

>> No.6659067

They are one of the current flavors of friend simulators that make for successful YouTube channels. It helps there is no American, so they can bantz without getting assmad at each other.

Watching Chris Broad come in and bust their balls was nice, but he's clearly a closer friend now so that has chilled a bit.

>> No.6659079

I like hearing about living in Japan. Connor has completely garbage, entry level taste in anime. The other dudes are degenerates though.

>> No.6659117

Good is subjective. I'd say they're pretty good personally, and they have some pretty good discussions about anime culture. Gigguk is significantly less tryhard-y that he used to be and us certainly more than pg13 these days, but far from perfect. I'd certainly see why it could be agitating or boring to done, but I'd recommend it.

>> No.6659132

>Boring so some
Fuck you, phone keyboard

>> No.6659162

both Gigguk and Joey are great in their solo channels.

>That Fate introduction video that shit on Viewing orders
>Joey quizzing Pewds et al. about Japan

>> No.6659165
File: 20 KB, 512x376, 2635457a98f8e24dabc019fd4c68f9704ede83a6_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know much about Connor, but for a guy that uses a model whose most notable feature is being well dressed and stylish, he looks awful on that suit.
I don't even think the suit is the problem here, he would probably pass if he had a different hairstyle and a clean shave or a decent beard, but what i've seen so far in his twitter feed is not good at all.

>> No.6659211

His frenemy relationship with Ironmouse is entertaining as fuck though.

>> No.6659242

>Literally 3 normal dudes
2 are fucking spergs

>> No.6659256


Play War Thunder. Play Escape from Tarkov.

>> No.6659277

Why do seanigs create so many split threads complaining about their own kind

>> No.6659339

Alright, I've only seen clips of the Mori interview.

Might watch the fate video on a boring day at work or something.

>> No.6659350

What? How are they spergs? They have some degenerate tastes, but that wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary for anyone that has spent any time on this site.

>> No.6659374

wait, were you asking about the actual podcast or Gigguk himself? because fate video is Gigguk solo, not trash taste podcast.

>> No.6659381

They aren't total spergs. They both have girlfriends. Syd is kind of cute if you ignore everything else.

>> No.6659383


>> No.6659385

>Shitty Fortnite
Bruh I know you're Russian but come fucking on

>> No.6659418

Lol doesn't take a genius to understand that Kiara is the most ungrateful for the amount of success she's attained

>> No.6659425

idolfags seething

>> No.6659462

based cannur enjoyer.
genuinely hope these idolfags neck themselves.

>> No.6659464

what does sperg mean to you? the way you're writing seems more like you'd use the word degenerate

>> No.6659520

The absolute state of baits...

I pity (You)

>> No.6659532
File: 99 KB, 990x557, 230ADE27-09FA-413B-B0B2-3E10E1F43D2B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You have to be an idolfag to dislike Connor, anitubers or e-celebs

>> No.6659536

To be honest I don't care about Connor, what bothers me is a fangirl zoomer using Hololive as a step stone to getting noticed by her favorites e-celebs

>> No.6659554

ITT: Incels.

>> No.6659590

She's actually the most grateful. When Kiara talks about her numbers, it's because she wants to bring happyness to more people. She derives happyness from making people happy.

>> No.6659593

did she even get fingered
doesn't sound like it at all

>> No.6659658

She is missing the point...

>> No.6659663
File: 2.37 MB, 960x1440, C700A392-09B1-42DE-9636-382581E740CA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6659809
File: 35 KB, 300x300, Bis doing bis stuff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>retard doesn't know what alternative idols are

>ahhh idols aren't supposed and run around naked or talk about sex
what is Bis
>ahhh shitty holos like kiara only care about money and not views so self centered or talk about them selves all the time ahhh
what are The Margarines

>AHH idols shouldn't be interacting with men at all shouldn't talk about their relationships or they aren't real idols
what is Kiyoshi Ryujin 25?

you fucking new fags act like you know what idols are but you're just fucking entryists who pretend they've been here all along, just fuck off and go back to /r9k/

>> No.6659822

>unicornfags were just /r9k/ larpers all along

>> No.6659861

this whole board gets raided by /r9k/ around 1-3 am est,
its this time that the most schizos post since mods and jannies are asleep

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File: 139 KB, 324x321, 1617987813492.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao is this an insult now?
When I go to the theater, I expect to see actors behave a certain way period. If I wanted to see a movie, I'd go to the cinema.
When I watch hololive I expect talents to behave a certain way period.
Simple as.
Not that pathetic cucks like you would understand.

>> No.6659930

Why is she the only retard that constantly posts to anitubers? Even Mori doesn't reply to Gigguk this oftenly. What is her endgame?

>> No.6659962

of fucking course you do.

>> No.6659995

I don’t remember the post, but some anon said her goal is leech (mutually?) off e-celebs so she can grow in the fruitless branch that is HoloID

>> No.6660013

>When I watch hololive I expect talents to behave a certain way period.
You are aware that despite these girls putting on a vtuber persona, they're still living breathing codependent people, right?

>> No.6660019

you don't even know what idols are faggot. you probably think akb48 are the only fucking idol group, (their music suck more than IceJJFish and even then in his case its on purpose, their literally the Kardashian of the idol world junkfood for normies)
literally 90% of idolgroups don't have any no dating bullshit or any of that shit, some of them even have naked marathon run events.

imagine you going to a red carpet walk and suddenly having a retard spleg out and yelling at the fucking actor, and screaming at them for kissing some one on film, that is you,
thank got you live in some ones basement so no one would have to be around you.

>> No.6660051

For this one specifically, Connor sent a max red superchat after Ollie won the first round of the chess tournament.

>> No.6660108

Do you hear how pathetic you sound? Saying that people are cucks because they don't mind that their favorite "idol" is interacting with a male in a friendly manner.

You have obviously never had a friendship with a member of the same sex. Can you actually shoot yourself? I don't want you to pass on your fragile beta genes (Not that you would be able to without raping someone anyway)

>> No.6660124

Is there somewhere to see or learn about this for EOP's like myself? Because, yeah I admit, I really just thought the Idol Industry was just one big AKB48 factory.

>> No.6660139

Oposite sex*

>> No.6660168

Nah, same sex fits pretty good there too.

>> No.6660172
File: 28 KB, 388x288, 4DD72B0B-011D-4468-8CE9-92DA8347D66F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The people hating Ollie’s way of doing things must be purityfags

>> No.6660176

I thought this was ConnorEatsPants for some reason

>> No.6660206

I don't give a single shit about what they do off stream and in their private life, since I'm not in doxxcord like you faggots.
It is completely enough if they uphold their stream persona and faggots like you try to change the thing which made you watch hololive in the first place.

>> No.6660217
File: 470 KB, 1528x2000, E0QXvotWUAQCSL6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please use images of cute girls when you are greentexting strawmen, arigatou

>> No.6660239
File: 6 KB, 225x225, qlkn13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now these are some high quality cucks. look at them go spouting their cuck statements.

>> No.6660335

>Your waifu is in my DMs

>> No.6660367

didn't she already get disciplined for being too thirsty for connor's dick in public? i remember her taking a few days off and when she came back she stopped simping for him on twitter. i guess maybe she thinks she can get us used to this if she keeps doing it. i wonder if connor being ironmouse's sloppy seconds makes her even hornier.

>> No.6660403

>Escape from Tarkov
I think there's this Hazard Zone in BF2042 that has that kind of play too
>Play War Thunder
lol, then just go battlefield then

>> No.6660467

Alternative Idols aren't idols, what's your point

>> No.6660481

She never gave a specific reason why she took a break. Don't believe the flights of fancy you see in these threads.

>> No.6660507

look up BIS and Pour Lui it will get you started.

>> No.6660511

Bad anime taste, but the best taste about literally anything else like food, games and toilets

>> No.6660529

>rabbit postter
>calling other people cucks


>> No.6660589
File: 24 KB, 983x261, you are retarded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>alternative rock is not rock

are you fucking stupid or what?

also "alternative idols" don't exist in japan they are just called idols, just like how cartoons are called anime as well in japan, alternative idols is a term that westerners use to categorize idolgroups that aren't the mainstream.

>> No.6660594

The only part that matters is one big AKB48 factory, despite what the cucks seething in this thread are trying to pretend. Alt idols are about as relevant to the popular part of the idol industry like snuff films are to Hollywood.

>> No.6660605

Probably one of the best YT podcasts rn. The TT Specials are amazing too.

>> No.6660627

her voice

>> No.6660671
File: 41 KB, 720x720, get fucked.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>popularity is the only thing that matters
>WAP is god tier song because its popular.
>kpop garbage is the only thing that matters cuz it BTFO all the other songs in sales and popularity
>reddit is better than 4chan because its more popular and 4chan is completely irrelevant.

why don't you go back to twitter kpop stan tranny?

>> No.6660718

Yes, alt idols aren't mainstream, unlike hololive. If Ollie wants to break all the rules and be an alt idol she should go indie instead. But I guess if she did Connor wouldn't give her any attention.

>> No.6660735

nothing, its mostly just schizos sperging out over everything she does.
and watch your profanity

>> No.6660740

This is like saying shit is alternative chocolate.

>> No.6660751

I want Cannur fuck Ollie. Fuck you idol fags.

>> No.6660759

I want to fuck Connor while Ollie watches

>> No.6660799

> hololive

you are talking about the company that had to eat nijisanji crumbs and use nijisanji meta tags for 2 whole years

if an alternative idol like baby metal got popular their not just gonna switch their whole style just because of popularity. you unicornfags really are pathetic history revisionists, most of the hololive girls from the first gen were far less prude, would literally repost their own lewds talk about periods and peeing, and would literally group each other in 3dlives and freely collab with males stop acting like hololive was trying to be some cutesy idol group,
the akb48 is literally a meme, even yagoo doesn't believe it.

>> No.6660819

your analogy makes absolutely no sense.

>> No.6660836

I don't care if they weren't mainstream before, they're mainstream now and they evidently switched their style given how much you keep seething about them being "prudes" now.

>> No.6660846


you realize alt groups like babymetal are literally becoming more popular than 48 right?
48 is actually on a steep decline recently especially after 2016 and the kpop movement got started people want more suggestive idols now, the future is now

>> No.6660868

Throw in calli as well and i'll call it fair

>> No.6660870


nice strawman i never once seethed about them being prudes,
and most of the censorship were done due to youtube constantly banning and the fear of demonetization, its the same thing with literally every youtuber, as you get more subs you start censoring more so you don't get banned, the algorithm tackles larger channels more

>> No.6660891

seems like a cope to believe this board isnt just people simping over a different kind of eceleb

>> No.6660896

So if they're not being prudes now then what rules does Ollie want to break? What does she want to change?

>> No.6660897

matsuri literally retweeted a few posts of her getting fucked yesterday.

and talked about getting a huge train ran on her by 1000+ of her fans by tamaki

>> No.6660929

Since Matsuri is already allowed to do stuff like this that must mean Ollie wants to be even more forward than that, I guess getting fingered on stream was just one step in that plan.

>> No.6660938

ollie isn't breaking any rules if she was manager would have to talk to her, but she has been doing this for months and no change.

all of this is literally headcanon about the no male interactions thing,
people kept saying about the 3 stream per week thing but ayame literally posts 1 stream every 3 months and she isn't scolded or fired

>> No.6660984

So she was lying about wanting to break the rules and push boundaries huh. Guess we can wrap up that argument now, she's just another boring streamer who favours money over challenging Cover's restrictions.

>> No.6661002

Hello newfagchama. Lurk at least 100 years and not literally one month before posting.

>> No.6661003

>a huge train ran on her by 1000+ of her fans
>her fans

>> No.6661020

you need to go back

>> No.6661034

been away from the vtuber scene for a hot minute, you got links for the matsuri twitter sex posts and the "fingered on stream thing? wtf

>> No.6661051

Newfags arent even trying to hide it anymore. Fuck this board.

>> No.6661052
File: 97 KB, 500x482, haha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

coco wanted to challenge cover's restrictions and look what happened to her?

look what happened when kojima tried to broaden konami's horizons?

the japs don't want change

>> No.6661062
File: 69 KB, 750x745, 096438C6-2A45-4CCE-9234-694FA4A9F619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The reasons to dislike Ollie are based on unicorn narratives

>> No.6661081

>fingered on stream thing
See >>6659663

>> No.6661126

this is a few of them
can't find the other ones, like the more recent ones since I was away for a week.

>> No.6661152

Typical indogwhore. Always hungry for white cock. Fucking slut

>> No.6661205

It's not really "alternative" if it has none of the characteristics I wanted in the first place. Idols are, by definition, performers who are put on a pedestal and expected to act according to high standards of professionalism so the fans can fantasize about them, they're an object of fantasy. An "alternative" idol isn't an idol because they don't meet the definition, they're just a performer.

>> No.6661252

why do you blame her, connor's packing a sweet and satisfying 10-incher while your typical indog doesn't even have 2 inches under the belt

>> No.6661264

>matsuri literally retweeted a few posts of her getting fucked yesterday.
specifically talking about that

>> No.6661287

wow i guess these ollie anti posters really were indogs still seething about the "i can't speak english" incident

>> No.6661323

> it has none of the characteristics I wanted in the first place
>you're not a real firefighter, because in my personal definition of firefighter they can fly. and you can't so you aren't a firefighter

holy shit you need to be 18 to post my dude.

>> No.6661363

Zombie is like the fubuki of id, works hard, collab swith celebs in this case for western side it would be anitubers and streamers, goes for different type of sponsored events, collab with small indies and etc. She's carrying id hard. As for her tweets, i don't care anymore, it is just her way of grabbing attention.

>> No.6661377

check the archives there was literally a post about it yesterday

>> No.6661393

It's not my personal definition though?
"An idol (アイドル, aidoru) is a type of entertainer marketed for image, attractiveness, and personality in Japanese pop culture. Idols are primarily singers with training in acting, dancing, and modeling. Idols are commercialized through merchandise and endorsements by talent agencies, while maintaining a parasocial relationship with a passionate consumer fan base."

It is THE definition of an idol.

>> No.6661423

fucking hell you late millennials and gen z'ers are so goddamn pathetic and uncultured in every manner.
giving americans and third worlders internet was the biggest mistake of the century. I hate that instead of interacting with intelligent uni students and knowledgeable middle aged dads i have to deal with children, bipocs and autists on EVERY GODDAMN CORNER OF THE INTERNET. IM FUCKING SICK OF IT.
blog post over.

>> No.6661441

she retweeted this

>> No.6661473

what's your age and occupation?

>> No.6661481

every single alternative idol fits that category definition you posted.

but I already know you are a larping ESL zhang by your formatting and grammar. so i don't expect much reading comprehension

>> No.6661500

I thought the connor arc ended, so annoying

>> No.6661504

>Zombie is like the fubuki of id, works hard—goes for different type of sponsored events, collab with small indies and etc. She's carrying id hard. As for her tweets, i don't care anymore, it is just her way of grabbing attention.
>collabs with celebs in this case for western side it would be anitubers and streamer— As for her tweets, i don't care anymore, it is just her way of grabbing attention.
Not so nice…

>> No.6661532

>entertainer marketed for image, attractiveness, and personality

why are ayame/sora/akirose/polka/noel/pekora/aqua
considered idols though?
they don't fit all those categories,

>> No.6661554

Get out of this board then namefag, you did something wrong in your life if you ended here looking for sophisticated discussion

>> No.6661568

connor needs to seduce and fuck everyone in hololive so you unicornfags finally neck themselves or fuckoff

>> No.6661732

born in '65
worked at a now-defunct IT firm bringing jap products to an american audience. i got introduced to idols by a jap business man on one of the trips.

suck my chode Play-Doh eater. you will never know an internet inhabited solely by intelligible adults and I feel bad for you. you new age kids dont understand ideological framing or simple future prognostication. the internet is basically over. even the dark net isnt "free" anymore.

>> No.6661781

>but I already know you are a larping ESL zhang
Swing and a miss. Native english speaker.

>> No.6661822

Okidoki, Boomer

>> No.6661831

get dementia boomer

>> No.6661854

Your mom was a whore that's why you watch hoellie, to project the lack of attention your mom didnt gave you cause she was busy whoring herself. Zomcucks are all prostitute born child

>> No.6661855

What are you doing here? Don't you get tired of reading shitty bait posted by kids who are young enough to be your kids?

>> No.6661898

He's lying

>> No.6661933


1st of the gen x'ers actually, you couldnt take 5 seconds to search that. a world of information at your fingertips, hundreds of insults you could have stolen from UD that might have actually hurt me but you took the easy way out. this is exactly my point, i miss evn being insulted properly.

i dont lurk 4chan is that's what you're asking. i visit everywhere, thats the point of the internet. if you're only visiting the top 10 most used sites, and only check the 1st result page on search engines, you are using the internet wrong.

everyone lies, it's in the game

there is nothing here of value though. peace im out.

>> No.6661999

kys schizo

>> No.6662074
File: 112 KB, 728x1032, 824BBEA7-A819-4E34-9286-5F3C0974D1E7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep seething retard, I never thought I was going to take the side of unicorns, but even I can see you’re a cuck
I don’t mind interaction with males, but it’s like you only want to force them because you enjoy ‘subverting expectations’
Suck my pp, I already know current internet is retarded, at least I find ways to use critical thinking unlike you grandpa
I sometimes regret I’m a zoomer, but you’re already getting mental illness if you think I don’t do my research

>> No.6662506

Damn I bet he has a big welsh cock.

>> No.6663855

indog SEAnigger so mad that his ESL is showing

>> No.6663970

>genuinely cute voice

>> No.6664002

can't even tell what side you're on what was the point of this outburst

>> No.6664013

Sounds to me like the best

>> No.6664096

Based. Cringefield is soulless play actually vehicle battle, Soulthunder

>> No.6664146

Ayame hasn't graduated.

>> No.6664148

The Kojima issue is a lot bigger than that.
He made a lot of shoddy business decisions as head of Konami DE and got into constant arguments/fights with the Konami heir.

>> No.6664171

>ctrl+f "kiara"
>14 results
impressive for a thread that has nothing to do with Kiara

>> No.6664314

What amazes me here is that people haven't realised how Cover is operating these days.
They're not doing highly targeted cookie cutter idols, at least not exclusively. They have those.
But for most of their talent its basically throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks.
So long as a girl pulls in an audience and is profitable, they're good.

Ollie, Kiara, Ayame?
They pull in an audience. They make money.
The low costs of running a vtuber compared to an actual idol make it profitable to keep them around.

>> No.6664493

Well, she's over 700k now in subs so it's working. She'll overtake Moona in about 2 months at this rate.

>> No.6664602

>and talked about getting a huge train ran on her by 1000+ of her fans by tamaki
That was over a year and a half ago. She talked about her "300K subs".

>> No.6664631

Yeah Ollie is despite her general appearance probably one of the more business savvy of the holothots.
The rest coast off one factor or another.
But Ollie seems to have a deeper understanding of how simps think and what the industry is actually working off rather than what it claims to be.

>> No.6664702

Keep seething indog

>> No.6664807

Western simps don't mind her leeching off e-celebs because they're fans of those people in the first place, it's just another welcome addition to Connor's harem. If she were to employ her strategy with Japanese simps she'd need to go for high profile seiyuu or male singers, and there she runs the risk of getting murdered by their rabid female fans.

>> No.6664895

its impressive how redditor niggers will both defend normie podcast cancer and vwhores

>> No.6664909

Yeah but lets face it. Her audience isn't Japanese and the Japanese audience is in itself a very limited and saturated market.
If she was pursuing a Jap audience she'd be speaking a lot of Japanese in her streams but she isn't, she mainly speaks English.
Girl made the big brain move and pursued the white man and his money.

>> No.6665292

Oh no, I'm not criticizing her for doing it, if it works for her then she should go for it. It's more indicative of the Western streamer industry than the Japanese vtubing industry though. Even Kuzuha doesn't fraternize this much with any particular non-vtubing personality.

>> No.6665322

now that he learned about him, is Connor going to collab with Kuzuha?

>> No.6665329

Ayame and Mori exist

>> No.6665463

Fuck this annoying manlet. He's the hanger on normie in the anituber community that is basically leeching off his success as a cosplayer of a 20 year old anime. Dude is definitely a groomer which is why so many anons don't want Ollie communicating with him.

>> No.6665587

That wasn't Connor. Either her brother or boyfriend. Still, that's a yab.

>> No.6665846

>progressive liberal but also saying Adolf Hitler is your political model
Anon, Hitl3r was a progressive liberal. He was just nationalist and authoritarian left.
>pro choice
>pioneered animal rights
>disarmed citizens
>social welfare programs for families
>state control of industries
He wasn't the right wing free market capitalist, Evangelical Republican that American education and media make him out to be.

>> No.6666028

Someone tell her she's just a backup after HoloEN didn't suck up to him like he originally wanted.

>> No.6666290

I think thats because the west doesn't have the highly developed and established idol industry.
Rather the closest comparison to it would be the pop star/music industry where its pretty common to fuck around or marry.

The idol industry differs heavily in how it pushes these girls and what its exploiting. Primarily its exploiting in males an instinctual need for female companionship and to provide resources to a female.
Thats why idols have no relationships and are pushed as "pure" theres the implication that she can be your girl.
You'll never be allowed to touch her outside of a hand shaking event or something (which is in itself a weird thing when you think about it) but there is still that heavy implication that you have a chance. That you can build some kind of relationship with her.

I don't think either of them are under any illusions as to what the relationship is.
They're both using each other for views and subs.
But hey if Connor thinks he has a chance to nail that zombie puss then I wish him all the luck, I'd do the same in his position.

>> No.6666531


>> No.6666613

Male vtuber ogey
Male e celeb just graduate

>> No.6666652

>Ollie starts a stream
>Immediately talks about Connor
She's here and is doing that on purpose

>> No.6666707

>Hitler was a leftist because he had good social policies

>> No.6666722

Ollie isn't seiso.
And that makes her the besto

>> No.6666753


>> No.6666867

It's not anything to do with idols. An equivalent example in Japan would be someone climbing the vtubing ranks by making connections with Japanese personalities like Nakamura or Sugita, or even Jun. Hell, Jun's a good example given how he's previously mentioned his dislike for vtubing much like Connor has, before changing his opinion. Yet you don't see vtubers constantly networking and collabing with him to grow their subs. The closest example I can think of happening are vtuber APEX players networking with IRL APEX pros, but none of them do it to the sheer extent Ollie does.

>> No.6666988

Like I keep saying. Ollie is the bigbrain idol.
She is the galaxybrain of vtubers

>> No.6666998

>Has an opinion that doesn't stroke ur cock

>> No.6667033

Yeh grow dead sub

>> No.6667114

>rating Ina high
>Rating Kiara low


>> No.6667191

Well, it works for her and more subs are better than no subs. She also gets more viewers than any ID vtuber. I personally find her annoying and would rather she have joined some other agency, but it's a strategy that's worked for her, like it or not.

>> No.6667214

Gotta get that barely legal zombie pussy

>> No.6667243


Loathe as I am to dispense (you)s

You might not want this but even if you do monolithically represent /vt/ as a whole, she wants this, her audience wants this, her managers want this, Hololive is successful because of this, vtubers benefit because of audience growth like this, and nobody outside aging message boards gives a single shit

Seethe or watch someone else

>> No.6667352

If he was going to get cancelled it would be from the era in which 93% of his audience were underage girls cooming to his Sebastian voice, guy is uninterested and down bad for milfs only

>> No.6667354

Pretty sure he hangs out with mori irl. Mori hangs out with sydsnap and he is in the same friend group as sydsnap.

>> No.6667425

You're mistaking 13 year old shippers in chat who immediately get shouted down by audience and streamer with "vshojo culture"

>> No.6667457

Meanwhile, Anya still prays she could become Japanese.
I don't agree with his policies but his policies aligned more with modern day leftists than any groups on the right. Dismissing a point doesn't refute it.

>> No.6667459

Literally rent free

>> No.6667521

Thanks Hana.

>> No.6667556


>> No.6667686

Ollie doesn't seem too proud of being Indonesian considering the general disgust she shows towards Indonesians in her chat

>> No.6667758

There is no reason to hate on Ollie. Just unsubscribe and voice your opposition to any involvement between Ollie and the other holos.

>> No.6667972

Been there, done that. It's annoying zomcucks who shove their cumrag oshi everywhere that keep their whore afloat on /vt/.

>> No.6668006

Some people were just ready to hate EN from the start, and having the weakest design made her the easiest target. At this point it’s just spectacular autism that’s even the most mundane actions she does can be twisted so much

>> No.6668007

I'm fine with Connor collabing with V-tubers , he has a good chemistry with them, and i generally enjoy what comes out of those streams. What i'm not fine with is the shipping retards that infested chat's after he started collabing with them. Literally every person involved calls those people out and says not to do it. The don't support it and you can clearly see it by how quickly those people get bonked in chat. I'm glad everyone is adult enough to don't stop interacting cos of this

>> No.6668290

For some reason, reading this thread made me hate Kiara even more.

>> No.6668375

Why would you bother with hating someone ? You literally give them attention they seek. Just ignore them, hating something is a waste of time

>> No.6668405

>girlfriend is a popular streamer
>free money just rolls into her bank account
>literally the only thing you have to do is shut up and leave her to work for a couple of hours per day to benefit from this
>keep doing shit like this
He’s either the dumbest fuck in Indonesia, or so salty she gets attention/money from other boys he is flat out trying to sabotage in a “subtle” way now.

>> No.6668750

What is jungle monkey clicks?

>> No.6668756

Its more likely Ollie fingered herself knowing it'd cause more attention

>> No.6668806

But anon, you're not supposed to see her as a normal person.
She presents herself as a vtuber, and vtubers are supposed to have certain traits that irrevocably separate them from normal people.

>> No.6668820

wtf i love kiara now

>> No.6668825

Is this the cuckold thread???

>> No.6668854

Who here thinks they have a legit chance of banging their favourite chuuba?

>> No.6668865

>vtubers are supposed to have certain traits that irrevocably separate them from normal people
Yeah it's called autism

>> No.6668869

Watch a girl streamer
Assume you are in a relationship with her because you are a parosocial schizo
Call everyone who doesn't care about her having a personal life/ interacting with males a cuck
Take meds.

>> No.6668906

Why is he trying to reach to every vtuber like hes some kind of pimp lmao. How embarrassing

>> No.6668922

It makes sense on his end.
They're the new hotness. He can either embrace it and engage with them to boost his viewership or he can reject it and decline

>> No.6668936

You haven't watched Kiara in a long time. Kiara is really tame.

>> No.6668956 [DELETED] 

Didn’t he dox some vshojo girls grandma name and played it off like “lol sorry”

>> No.6668966

Don't neglect the fact that people also benefit from interacting with him, since most of the time he has the bigger audience then the people he interacts with

>> No.6668998

He is literally irl friends with her for years, and it's a worse kept secret then Mel's cb streams. Also , she literally self doxxs most of the time

>> No.6669138

It depends. Sometimes it's just white noice, the other times it is very entertaining.

>> No.6669295

Just to be clear.
I'd fuck Ollie and I wager most of us here would be more than happy to participate in a train on her

>> No.6670406

I watched hololive because of autistic old woman saying nigger and one of them played doom. Not because they were cute pure girls doing cute pure idol like things. You autists that freak out about this idol shit reek of neckbeard. I've moved on from holos because they got boring and isolated. I watch holostars and nijien/ID now.

>> No.6670650

Should Connor general be /Connor/ or /Monke/?

>> No.6670665

based, holos are getting stale and declining anyway because of all the incel idolfag pandering driving away most viewers

>> No.6670913
File: 469 KB, 1189x1177, 7CB11632-BC1B-4AF3-ADD5-D1E87C43F116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the future for beatani’s dads.
Mark my words

>> No.6671147

based nigger burning down EN+ID

>> No.6671180

I bet Ollie fucks like a fighter jet

>> No.6671251

I'll try

>> No.6671553

In all probability she fucks like a sailor who hasn't made port in a decade

>> No.6671647
File: 17 KB, 389x389, 1599273456026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

niggers be having homosexual thoughts and can't handle it

>> No.6671713

ok boomer

>> No.6671714
File: 448 KB, 501x585, 1595211386717.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine posting this ugly whore

>> No.6672016

>Admitted she wants to "break the rules" and change Hololive
>Quickly backpedals and the only ecelebs she is friends with is the TT circle which isn't much to brag about outside fujo circles
>Meanwhile Ame set trends on the vtuber community without even trying nor using males

>> No.6672040

>>Has her boyfriend finger her on stream and use her discord account

>> No.6672066

So what you're saying is that Zombie is a stacy

>> No.6672608

>genuinely cute voice

>> No.6673081

>if you hate them, they win
Shut the fuck up you mouthbreather

>> No.6674343

Ollie is genius. Not only she is fastest growing ID but she created a filter for all schizo cringe unicorn fags , that are now seething in this thread.

>> No.6674562

shut up ESL, humans are talking right now

>> No.6674678


>> No.6674709


rationalizing how you being wrong is somehow correct. Embarrassing.

Ollie is based.

>> No.6674754

Jesus Christ why do zoomers talk like retards?

>> No.6674804

NTA, unironically saying this
If the motherfucking unicorns make you angry, you’re a cuck and just as much of a loser as them

>> No.6674831

ITT Idolfags can't cope with someone having a life and talking with males

>> No.6674852

I hate that all discussion about this chess event orbits around this faggot. Ollie's match with Kizzie was gold from both sides and now it's swept under the rug.

>> No.6674936

>This is like saying shit is alternative chocolate.
You mean milk chocolate

>> No.6675081
File: 116 KB, 1125x1242, king.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6675178

Why do you holofags never appreciate the good talents you have and constantly trash them? Niji ID would kill to have a talent with a personality like Ollie's. She has this much subs with the ugliest model you can possibly give to a vtuber and gains wide connections for Hololive.

>> No.6675403
File: 13 KB, 570x120, Screenshot (314).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based first reply is based

>> No.6675520

This but unironically.

>> No.6675793

Please take her. Please take all the "good" talents and then cry yourself to sleep wondering to why you got dicked down by a literal who company with no money and connections.

>> No.6676477

You'll regret it when Niji starts inclining massively because of Connor and Twitch chess and we get to laugh at holobronies like you with your dwindling idolfag base

>> No.6676505

imagine being a zombkek

>> No.6676594

>shits on their own talent
>shits on people who are not part of them
These fags don't even enjoy vtubing.

>> No.6676654

Please take ollie, and give us taka in exchange.

>> No.6676717

>I watched hololive because of autistic old woman saying nigger
this retarded edgy kid somehow believes that he has the high ground to look down upon anyone after writing this
huge lack of self awareness, people around you must find your weird as fuck

>> No.6676787

I'm starting to believe you idolfags just don't want ollie making friends with people outside hololive.

>> No.6676905

>One day it'll happen, and then you'll see! One day!!!
The only inclining they'll be doing is on their boyfriend's cocks while you pay for their condoms, listening to their halfhearted GFE, cuck. Don't you have an Armouranth stream to catch?

>> No.6676941

You would be correct anonchama. IdolChads never lose.

>> No.6676959

Ollie even drops in indie chuubas chat with double digit viewers. Most holofags came in after the Third Generation whores who only became vtubers to get easy money so they naturally hate people like Ollie who genuinely like being a vtuber. Notice how much hate First and Second Holos get on this board

>> No.6677003

Outside of vtubers yes, outside of hololive she has plenty and no one complains. Notice how everytime she collabs with the indo monkey zen there's literally not a single post about him or her and no one's mad

>> No.6677013

Matsuri constantly gets hate on 5ch for collabing with outside people(not even males). They genuinely want to keep girls in a bubble and don't care about other vtubers

>> No.6677070

ur mum is a whore, heh

>> No.6677164

Idolfag this idolfag that what the fuck do you mean by idolfag anons? Did you know, well ofc not you don't watch shit just love drama, that niji has idol like vtubers too like Uiha who takes it even more serious than most holos, or kokoro who is almost there too?
What the fuck has idol stuff to do with the shit you keep asperging about or unicorns?
Are you gonna pretend the unicorn stuff isn't rampant in ethoting too?
You dont even know what terms you are using retards.

>> No.6677245

>They genuinely want to keep girls in a bubble and don't care about other vtubers
If the bubble is good why would you want the possibility for it to get bad? And before you say that vtubers are real people, they're completely free to do whatever they want irl as themselves, their vtuber personas are completely disconnected to them

>> No.6677255

Idolchads are the core viewerbase, anonchama. Vshojo is that way --->

>> No.6677630
File: 99 KB, 256x256, communityIcon_v7z1w2z8oqp61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based, vshojofags seethe at the sight of the idolchad

>> No.6677684

You fucking retards get pissy when anyone in Hololive praises or acknowledges non vtuber streamers. Pekora acknowledged Xqc and other female streamers who get fuckloads of views. Mori openly praising and looking up to Cr1tikal shouldn't be a fucking sin to you idolfags. You aren't their manager or their dad. Stop acting act like you are.

>> No.6677731

>Mori openly praising and looking up to Cr1tikal shouldn't be a fucking sin to you idolfags
That has nothing to do with idolfaggotry, more with the fact that as based as he looks to me, he is a politically involved content creator and many people want nothing like that near holo, as simple as, anon.

>> No.6677793

Explain to me right now for what reason would he have to try and inject politics into hololive.

>> No.6677932

Anon, his content is heavily oriented to politics and morals and hot takes, he's controversial to an extent, so many people wont like it, whats the point of collabing with people like that? I don't get you dramawhores wanting to involve the holos in potential shitshows

>> No.6677971

You're not answering my question.

>> No.6678039

He has no reason, but will still do it because that's in his nature

>> No.6678142

>but will still do it because that's in his nature
quick to make assumptions huh. you really think he wouldn't just respect the fact that Hololive is an apolitical agency? remember when you fags said if he collab with Mori he'd doxx her?

>> No.6678181

Connor is the personification of an ironic weeb. His whole role on TT is to be the normie outsider who needs everything explained to him.
He was leeching of the anime popularity then and doing it with vtubers now

>> No.6678260

Holy shit 300+ replies. What's Connor's secret?

>> No.6678669

>You fucking retards get pissy when anyone in Hololive praises or acknowledges non vtuber streamers.
So basically mori + holoID? The pekora shit isn't even worth mentioning, she's just comparing her numbers to other top streamers, she's not talking about collabing with them

>> No.6678757

His content is hot takes = his fans will want to take those hot takes to them too
This is the main problem with collabs with outsiders to vtubers, their fans are absolutely retarded and their culture is shitting or trying to joke with the streamer as much as possible

>> No.6678853

>she's just comparing her numbers to other top streamers
She openly called Pokimane and the other girls "pretty". But I guess it's different because they're women.

>> No.6678957

>she's not talking about collabing with them
I wonder why mori and ollie get shit on for wanting to interact with outsiders?

>> No.6679243

Dumb nigger

>> No.6679981

Aqua once mentioned that Mito was her inspiration and dislikes suddenly increased to 500 lol(it was before she gained various antis)

>> No.6680221

That's the shit I'm talking about. Idolfaggotry is a disease. If a Hololive talen't oshi isn't within Hololive itself they're somehow "tainted".

>> No.6680534

truth hurts

>> No.6680572

she derives happiness at the expense of others, she's a para-social and emotional leech.

>> No.6680678

>genuinely cute voice

Do KFPhaggots really

>> No.6681475

they're just antis who want hololive to yab more.

>> No.6682809

>Idolfaggotry is a disease
Anon there are more buzzwords that you can use in this scenario, it isn't even related to males