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how long do they expect us to wait for the collective feelings of the japanese people to be healed?

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Pls understand small indie corpo!

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They don’t want Tempus Vanguard outfit reveals to be overlooked, so expect at least a month delay

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kind of rude they would postpone this indefinitely and yet they’re fine to announce new outfit debuts for the boys to go ahead on schedule

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Until they make a movie where the earthquake is personified as a giant monster. It's the only way japanese people know how to deal with trauma.

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It's supposed to be for the new year, so it won't make sense if they release it now. It'll come out January 1, 2025.

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I'll wait until some new costume from someone be announced and revealed BEFORE the new year Advent new years kimono to be mad.

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Must be a Yagoo order since jap wouldn't do this. I'm going to guess they want everyone to tune to the homos for ad profit. Why has Yagoo not learned this lesson yet? Most people who watches the girls don't watch the boys.

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kek is that a homo? it'll be fucking hilarious if he gets his outfit revealed before advent

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Fair point, they put themselves in the countdown until day 7.
I prefer to believe they'll be able to make sure Advent can reveal theirs kimono by then.

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I mean I suppose you can go with they maybe had it scheduled already but it looks bad no matter what.
>advent is postponed because of earthquake
>not even two days later announce a different outfit reveal
But what about the earthquake?
And even if you make the argument it was planned already that’s still weird to have it planned only a week after different outfits.

They already are it’s scheduled for the 7th with no word of advent

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If homos get the outfits before advent does it would give nijifaggots ammo to shit post about hololive. But all shit post in the world won't distract anybody from the fact that kurosanji pushed Selen towards suicidal path.

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Sounds more like an excuse. Maybe one of them had something called tsunami

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>noooo I need to cooomsumme pweeeease
shut up animal there are more important things.

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>They already are it’s scheduled for the 7th with no word of advent
nah bro they can't surely. it'd be beyond parody

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Holy rent free, that's a lot of gymnastics to insert nijisanji in a topic completely unrelated to them, or is this just a preview of your already planned falseflagging?

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Nijifags don't care that people died on a tsunami they don't even care about Selen well being neither and that's one of their talent what makes you think they'd have enough empathy to understand why advent outfits won't be revealed. Homos will get theirs out first simply because nobody watches them so nobody cares. Girls however are the ones bringing the money in they want everyone to be able to enjoy their outfit reveal

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>Pretending it won't happen
Sure Zhang.

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Seek help

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Who give a shit about Niji?
It's Advent/HoloEN fans who should get (rightfully) mad.

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They will be mad and fans have every right to be mad. But let's not pretend those faggots won't use that as a mean to shit on cover. You know they will.

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Earthquake happens

Yagoo says ADVENT not to reveal new outfits

Holo STARS Yabadabadoo!

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>everyone hates Advent

who even likes us at this point Adventbros?

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cover must be so happy that another company is always there to take the fall for their mistakes

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based obvious falseflagger

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who cares what nijinigs do. people will just spam "deflection thread" and laugh at them. the worst they can do is shit up the catalog for a day

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When Cover fucks up, they deserve criticism. Fans pour time and money to support their oshi, they shouldn't stay quiet because of the investors, Yagoo's feelings, or the evil Nijifags.

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It's hard being an Adventrix bro...

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It's been 2 days you laughable tryhard

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It didn't have to be ANY days, you corporate cocksucker. Not a single Advent member was affected by the quake.

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Do Amerimutt trannies like you really not understand rescheduling a commercial big event isn't that simple? I know this board is full of hikikomori NEETs who have no friends but it often amazes me that they seem to be real autistic losers who actually have zero social experience/school life.

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2 days with no rescheduling yet and with Nerissa going on a trip for 15 fucking days.

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Two more weeks.

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No shit. That's why people were saying it was retarded to cancel it.
They fucked up because of poor crisis management.

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>and yet they can schedule an event for the boys just fine not even a week after
The entire problem is they made all the excuses just to announce today Hakka is getting a new outfit debut on the 7th

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calm down

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Look how fast IRyS'S first New Years outfit happened after it got delayed.

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Cover planned for Advent to get their outfits first and than start gradually releasing Tempus 2 outfits. Having them on the same weekend doesn't help either group but the other choice would be to delay the Advent outfits for several weeks.

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NTA but I think anons point is that Advent's new outfits are a big deal and cover most likely had merch, like acrylic stands, planned for this as well, whereas Tempiss outfits aren't a big deal, in fact it will barely register with most of the Holo fanbase and most likely not pull a fraction of the girls regular stream numbers.

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>but the other choice would be to delay the Advent outfits for several weeks.
And that'll be the one they make!

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Ah, the IRyS special

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You can't be rude to cam girls. That's like saying you can be rude to trash cans.

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Hey, you don't need to wait for 2025. Just schedule it for the Chinese New Year

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Well you can, if you use cam man for that.

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>gloat about assvent getting outfits before tempus
>karma strikes
god is good

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These niggers have earthquakes every other week, but suddenly it's a big deal. Did any of the holostaff die or get injured in an earthquake? No? Then fuck off with this excuse.

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my rrat is that the whatever the fuck happened in japan was an excuse so that they could delay until chong new year and get some points from winnie the pooh

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prease unnastan, national trauma, wan mirrion nine-erevens every day

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Never should have been rescheduled retard
They panicked and now the Advent girls have to suffer for it
The JP girls were already even okay'd to stream again themselves by the time the original outfit reveals would have been happening.
It was an unjustifiable fuck up by upper management that led to EN girls getting fucked over AGAIN, while Stars get special treatment.

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There could have been some material damage delaying the event, for instance maybe some merch was damaged.

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There's a huge ass New Years event this weekend that Advent is going to get cucked out of dressing up for if they delay it much longer.

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Also the chibis Towa had made for them are of the Advent girls in their new years outfits
So she's either gonna have to spoil them or get some more made on very short notice

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they are not chinese, so pretty soon.

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you're right but, you're in the wrong place

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Why worry? Nijis are suffering, homos are irrelevant, and Advent is still reeling in more money and pulling decent views. Advent got all the time in the world.

Who cares if nijis use it as a shitpost theyre still punching bag in the end of the day.

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Who knows. But it should not surprise you if it takes weeks. Japs are kinda precious snowflakes.

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watch this instaed


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It's possible a JPN rigger is unable to finish their rigging for someone on time while all the Homos had their shit done weeks ago

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You really like to carry water for Cover and lick Yagoos ass, huh? What if we would just go with the most possible reason... Cover is incompetent.

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Rrat: all the assets for the event including outfits were being stored on a single computer in a shed somewhere in Ishikawa prefecture

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Yes, anon that would clearly fall under incompetence. I'm glad we share the same thoughts on this subject.

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I don't know why you made saying "I agree" so complicated anon.

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Nerissa went to a vacation to fuck her girlfriend (Kiara) for two weeks, so expect no reveals before her return

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We’re all waiting for you to finally kick that chair out and do us all a favor OP

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Confirmed that holostars is the same management as hololive.

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Is already insanely weird that Hakka is the one getting a new outfit instead of the first homos, I guess no one really wins

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Fuck off and die, zhangs/trannies/normalfags

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I guarantee I've been shitposting on this hellhole of a website longer than you. Also been watching chuubas since the kizuna days, so blow it out your ass and go back to r/hololive

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OP here, I made this thread specifically to enrage sensitive snowflakes like yourself and you all took the bait so easily. Thanks for the sensible kek, you jiggers really need to learn to stop being so entitled to worldwide sympathy lol

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i'm only laughing at you fags eating crow. just be a less shit fanbase next time and people won't make fun of you

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I wonder what the specific reasoning actually is at this point. Maybe the girls are having trouble scheduling one after the other?

Either way, they really should just let them do individual outfit reveals at this point.

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lol someone is absolutely fuming right now

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Shiori has just leaked her outfit

>> No.65931902

I'm out of the loop, what happened?

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That's a mock-up someone made, read descriptions

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Nerissa already did her last stream so you poor saps are DEFINITELY waiting at LEAST two weeks lmao

BASED JAP though amirite?

>> No.65933710

>at LEAST two weeks lmao
False, Rissa's bringing her laptop in case she has to stream or wants to stream when she has off time during the trip.

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>nerissa calls into the collab with her roadmic that doesn't have a condenser
>h-hey guys I'm so happy to show off my outfit today
>loud moaning and schlicking in the background
>o-oh that? kiara is just washing the dishes...haha

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The new year outfits got delayed indefinitely because of the earthquake in Japan.
At the same time just to rub salt on the injury, management decided to give one of the homostars EN member an outfit reveal for his anniversary stream

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Ya'll motherfuckers understand an earthquake just hit Japan yesterday, right?

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Even as bait, I will not accept this abominable string of letters to be posted.

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>earthquake happens
>the JPs can stream normally
>one of the boys gets a new outfit
>"advent's kimonos? DELAYED INDEFINITELY"

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y'all mfs frfr

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What are the odds they actually get this sorted out before the new years cup?

>> No.65939893

long time

>> No.65942509

seriously? ngmi
management obviously want the kimono reveal to be a big number stream
they will save it for next weekend if lucky

>> No.65942710

Zero. Earliest it will happen is when Nerissa is back from her vacation. And who knows what other girls have planned in their lives then.

>> No.65942725

EN events don’t draw numbers. Their 3D debut/ showcases got mogged by ID of all groups

>> No.65943517

It's most likely going to be on the weekend. That's when most events are because it has the most attendance. If it's not going to be New Year's Day, might as well make it the weekend.

>> No.65944595

Advent's is a relay right? They're probably still finding a day where it's possible to do a relay.
It's also not the first time. They announced Temma's 3D a week after postponing Subaru's 3D live.

>> No.65945623

If it gets delayed too much it loses all purpose. Or do they seriously plan to release new years merch in February?

>> No.65947790

Perfectly on time for the Chinese New Year.

>> No.65948653

>new years merch in February
it doesn't matter. merch takes months to arrive anyway.

>> No.65949743

well not this weekend because everyone is doing mariokart practice stream

>> No.65949854

doesn't matter because management and the girls want and expects big numbers from this, there's merch involved too

>> No.65950669

Until their the company acknowledges their virtue signal and give them a pat on the head

>> No.65951570

They are waiting for Gura to return to streaming to bring back fans. That way there is more hype and eyes on the new girls.

>> No.65952132

Cool, then she can overlap the relay

>> No.65954370

She would never do that

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Go out and slayyy kween! Soooo truuuue sister!

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>expecting cover trannies to do anything properly
do anons really?

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>am i fitting in yet guys?
I don't think you know how to use any of these words

>> No.65957983

>while Stars get special treatment.
What special treatment? HoloEN's managers delayed it, that's their fault. HomoEN's streams were scheduled days later and aren't delayed.
Are you saying the Homos should delay because the girls delayed? Do you really want a return to the time where people had to delay streams because someone from an entirely another branch had a birthday stream?

>> No.65958086

gura's a cunt. she absolutely would unless strictly told not to by management, and even then I wouldn't be surprised if she did anyway

>> No.65958584

>unless strictly told not to by management
She would especially do it if management told her not to

>> No.65958877

They're gonna delay it until next year so they don't have to make new outfits for next year.

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Oh no no no... OP's bait thread.... it's about to be ruined

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You have to an hero now, it's the only way justice will be restored

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So I heard this is the place to shit in niji fans for being brain dead?

>> No.65959122

I participated in the bitching because I genuinely have no faith in Cover, and have been made a fool. Please direct grudgeposting and smug Holo pictures at this post. I deserve it.

>> No.65959160

>move it to a day and time where I'm at work
Oh nice

>> No.65959162

>3 day delay
OP and other non-believers, how do you feel rn?

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Pretty dum tbdesu

>> No.65959228

vods are always going to be there
unless you're one of those """"""""""""people""""""""""" that only watches chuubas on the infinitesimally small chance they'll say your name?

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oh no no no no

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Adventfag, Concernfags, Nijiniggers, Phaseniggers, Vwhorecucks collectively BTFO'd

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Nijinigger's status?

>> No.65959338

For someone that's been talking mad shit the past few days OP sure is quiet

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Nigga it's 6 in the morning

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This is what you get for being inferior. Here, have a Blue Dorito.

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this post reeks of newfag

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>Omg Kiara, did he really make that cringe thread?
>Stop IRyS, you shouldn't point, he'll see you and feel terri- pffffft

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>Nijicucks jumping the gun to shit on holos only for it to fall flat
>Nijicucks trying to gas up their livers and events only for it to come crashing down
Why does this keep happening?

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You look like a fucking idiot

>> No.65959885

God is a Holofag

>> No.65959983

If it they don't get announced by this weekend it would be super lame

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Look at how disappointed Achan is in you

>> No.65960065

with how super tight Hololive's schedule is, i'm not surprised if it gets postponed to next year. i mean, some holos failed to have their birthday lives because the studio was always full, or if there is, it's super delayed like what happened to Matsuri and Ina's

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Go slobber that yellow dick, bootlicking fag

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File: 1.75 MB, 640x360, Festival laugh[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fm894sa.webm].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Nice thread OP. KEK.

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Just another day

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They just left the thread kek

>> No.65964645

Have you thought about reading the thread first before posting?

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Sure you have. I’ve been following vtubers since 2017 btw
>just be a less shit fanbase
Just be less of an idiot
I’ve been here longer than you
Been here longer than you, also, projecting newfaggot
Japanese company, Japanese hobby, Japanese management and talents. You can’t claim to be a vtuber fan whilst also hating Japan. Now fuck off out of my hobby, normalfag

>> No.65966264

Why are people so mad in this thread?

>> No.65966673


>> No.65966747

Instant loss

>> No.65967160

they already missed the season, so if i were Cover, i'd delay this relay to next year. you can't call it a NEW YEAR kimono relay when we're already past that, right?

>> No.65967187

>no u

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I just came to this thread to laugh at the nijiniggers.

>> No.65967380


>> No.65967607

Hahaha, every time w/ these bait threads.

>> No.65967955

Why does God hate nijifags so much

>> No.65968642

y'all ngl baka frfr no cap

>> No.65968823

lol, that's like half the audience. Just look at the dropoff between a live broadcast vs. a premiere.

>> No.65969502

FWMC and biboo didnt stop streaming while the earthquake was happening, so what's different this time?

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File: 1.76 MB, 2200x3112, __koseki_bijou_and_koseki_bijou_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_kitada_mo__6adb167fc34bda43d4d89dda2dc9f491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Death to all nijinigars

>> No.65971386

Didn't Suzume come out in 2022?

>> No.65971999

They need the 3rd nuke to end their suffering

>> No.65972115

Go back to your redditard fag

>> No.65972181

They know we're laughing at them with shiorin.
Fortunately I have taught them well to hate the west and so they have barred weird genetic experiments with their people.

>> No.65972906

So you sisters are going to ignore this bait thread you guys posted as if you didn't get absolute btfo?

>> No.65977669


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you were saying?

>> No.65978926


>> No.65979444

Not an argument, nijinigger

>> No.65982956

>provide no argument
>expects an argument in return
>le nijinigger boogeyman
smartest whorokek

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Nijikeks always taking L's. lol

>> No.65985766

Your whores are getting their outfits before Hakka now. You may now proceed to kill yourself hololivetrannies

>> No.65985999

>Advent gets outfits 5 months after debut
>1 person from Tempus gets an outfit after a year
>HQ is still due after a year and a half
>stars get special treatment
Retarded monkey faggot, kill yourself

>> No.65986364

Now say that without crying Nijisis/Homonig

>> No.65988385