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So when LazuLight was introduced, I thought "solar sky dragon", that's a weirdly specific name for a dragon, I've never heard of that before. Then Obsydia is revealed with a "lunar sky dragon" and suddenly I understood why they named it that way. I kind of thought "tropical mermaid" instead of just "mermaid" sounded weird too but I didn't think much of it at the time. But now I realize it probably means we're going to get another mermaid. The question is, what kind of mermaid?

Polar mermaid?
Temperate mermaid?
Arid mermaid?
Mediterranean mermaid?
Tundra mermaid?

Which do you think it will be?

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Polar mermaid sounds pretty cool desu.

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I don't think it's gonna happen dude, the penguin is Finana's new counterpart and she's yknow a penguin
The next wave is all fantasy themed and the wave after that is all male and I assume there won't be a merman

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she's frost penguin too which is the opposite of tropical fish which is finana and they both have loli voice so it's fit perfectly.

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Frankly their voices are so similar that I'm not entirely convinced that Petra isn't just Finana doubling up. Seems like something she would do.

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You forget that this is Nijisanji, there will be many more waves to come. Wouldn't be surprised if three waves from now we saw a mermaid and then you remember this thread.

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Yeap, it's a winning formula that has made Nijisanji the giant it is around the world.

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For the record, how on earth is a penguin the opposite of a fish? How would you even measure something like that?

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Both are related to water

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Which does not fit the definition of opposite at all.

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How is a dragon the opposite of a dragon.

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By being a lunar dragon.

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One is tropical and the other is from the arctic, dummy.

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How do you get "arctic" from "frost"?

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Antarctic^ you fucking idiot. There’s no pengiuns in the north pole/ arctic the same way that there are no polar bears in the south.

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motherfucker don't you know penguins are from antarctica

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wait isn't a penguin a fish? what the hell is it
they smell like fish

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Nigger it's a bird

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I love their dumb contrast theming.

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Did anyone on this thread receive a proper education.
I swear these replies are making me lose my shit.

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This is 4chan, the site where people come to brag about how much they hate education. I would say people like you and me are outliers here.

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Penguins are fish just like frogs, whales, dolphins, and people who live on the coast.

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It's you and I, Anon.

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No, what you are doing right now is a phenomenon called "hypercorrection."

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TIL penguins are fish that live at the north pole

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Don't be stupid. They're fish that live at the south pole, as well as parts of Africa, South America, and Australia.

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Actually you're right. I just wanted to be funny

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So where's all the fanart of this?

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Someone'll draw Petra licking Rosemi's Lovecock eventually. That and Lovecock + Pomu's Big PP frotting.

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Be hold the future NijiEN's ace

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How is a penguin fantasy themed? They're real, I've seen them.

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>They're real, I've seen them.

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Buddy when I said the next wave I meant wave 3

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Wave 3

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So waves 1 and 2 got to design their own characters but wave 3 is just getting characters assigned to them? I guess it lets them do wave 3 faster, I'd expect it surprisingly soon.

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Waves 1 and 2 were almost definitely pre-planned, even if they didn't show them. And even with these, Nijisanji has been known to use designs in auditions and then never debut them, using designs that WEREN'T shown instead. I think one audition had 4 characters in it, NONE of which were ever actually used.

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All the more reason to think they were designed with the input of the talents. They couldn't find anyone who fit the planned designs but they still wanted to hire them so they let them design their own. Don't overestimate how long it takes to make these, they could easily get it done in like a week. It's the Live2D that takes more time.

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No mermaids in wave 3. Nothing stopping them from adding a merman into wave 4 though.

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>implying penguins are birds

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I wonder if the third one from the left is also a sky dragon since its winged and we cant see one hand

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looks like she got bird tail feathers

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a bit too cool for my taste

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The Pomu/Rosemi connection seems kind of flimsy. What do they have in common other than both being associated with nature?

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Pomu is the one doing the pollination and rosemi is the one being pollinated

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Fairy for the fauna and rose for the flora

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Pomu gonna pollinate Rose with her big PP energy

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New NijiEn (male) design.

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Wow this is literally me, i'm also intelligent, nihilistic, with a witty sense of humour.

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NijiEN male will have another[/end spoiler] chuuni vampire. Screencap this.

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>Mediterranean mermaid?
this is a Mediterranean mermaid

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What is up with Nijisanji dragons and having one hand that would be very dangerous to masturbate with?

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Who is that?

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I worry they're forcing the pairings too hard. If it turns out that say, Selen and Finana have really good chemistry, I hope they let it develop naturally instead of trying to force Selen with Elira. Kind of like how they were pushing Calliope and Kiara at first but Calliope and Gura turned out to have more chemistry.

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You realize that Kuzuha is not chuuni, right?

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Wow she's actually live right now. I don't know what kind of accent that is but it is very sexy.

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Then how do they get them all together for Coke ads?

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you keep going south till you pop in at the top of hte map again

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The audition form said "Bird of Heaven" (Or "Heavenly Blue Bird", in JP). Although I think it looks more like a valkyrie thing than anything. I hope whoever gets the part runs with that theme at least.

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That's it. Selen and Elira are obviously direct, but the other 2 are a more general "Light/Dark Nature" and "Light/Dark Sea".
That said, I don't think it's going to be much more than them 2 vaguely contrasting Land/Air/Sea trios.

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Lead singer of crush 40, they've been doing sonic tracks since Sonic Adventure.

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Huh, the audition form? What did it say for the other ones? And did you audition?

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Does he like VTubers or something, I don't get the joke of putting him in the center of this image. I played SA2 so I know that's normally where the "Last Story" goes of course.

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>Huh, the audition form?
Yeah? They opened a while ago. Wave 3 closed a few days ago, even. Male ones are still open though.
>What did it say for the other ones?
Ghost of Darkness (Yuurei in JP)
Cat of Darkness (Bakeneko in JP)
Bird of Heaven (Blue Bird in JP)
Fox of Heaven (Nine Tails in JP)
>And did you audition?

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>They're real, I've seen them
say no to drugs

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Its from the sonic 30's anniversary symphony, normally it was just him in the middle with the hero/dark thing to the sides, not sure why anon did that but who cares.

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getting a third of the wievership than the other 2 members of her team mermaid

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People sure are mad that Pomu still hasn't caught up to Finana in subs. They're still blaming that glitch months later. If she was truly more popular she easily would have passed Finana by now, like Elira did. But Finana is just more popular than Pomu. Accept it. Pomu has.

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