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Who did it better?

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Risu of course

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Reine and it's not even close. Everyone else just sang the song; Reine made it her own.

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Risu's is garbage and you all have to get your ears checked. The chorus is so shrill it's fucking terrible.

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Noel was the funniest desu


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Not the people who pronounce ユーアーキン for sure

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Based orange woman

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People replying with shitty meme answers deserve the rope.

The answer is Risu

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This bebe

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treerrat why dont you sing more?

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Kiara did the best possible KING cover. You should go listen to it.
King is a meh song, made shitty by so many of the exact same fucking cover. Holo should've stopped at like 3 KING covers, tops.

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Be serious.

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it was meh

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How can the answer be Risu when the answer is VERY clearly Reine?

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This. Nothing tops Kiara's cover. It's simply the best.

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I heard your cover of King, Kiara. It was sooooo good.

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I hope that means she didn't sing, because that's the best cover she could give of anything.

Risu easily did the best of the lot, Watame and Kanatan did very close, and Robocco's was very creative.

It would have been best to have them do a group cover of it.

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Hard Agree, but Kanatan is a close second.

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I like Shien's, Shion's and Kanata's one but.....

RISU's is just the best, you know it, i know it, theres absolutely no denying that

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Risu's was good, yes but it was so fucking overhyped I was so disappointed when I listened to it

I personally liked Flare's cover and Reine made it her own which I enjoyed a lot

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if Mori says it's good, then I have to agree with her. But I can't find it yet, link please :3

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risu please... i'm begging... i wanna hear you sing more, do karaokes please

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Kind anon posted it above, link is here (The video is unlisted on her channel now):

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I had completely forgotten about Reine's cover when I made this thread and now that you stupid fucks have reminded me, I'll kindly ask you to get out and die. This thread is for ACTUAL HOLOLIVE MEMBERS ONLY.

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The best straight cover

The best alt version

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The only disappointment i had with it is that she decided to cover KING. I'd wish she would cover something else but instead it was the mainstream mediocre song. It turn out great but not the song i wanted to hear.

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That second one is nice. I don't get the reference though.

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H-Hey guys

D-Did you forget about m-me?


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Towa. This isn't even a question.

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iirc there's a rrat he had ads for this cover

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It is a question, because only Reine's cover is allowed in this thread. Now kindly blow it out your ass.

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On Playboard you can see if a video has ads/been promoted and his cover doesn't have it.

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The instrumental is a reference to an Indonesian music genre called Koplo which has a heavy tabla focus and is popular in dive bars there.

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Sorry but we don't acknowledge six sub nobodies here.

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Gura sang it best, simply from playing her own instrument while singing in a karaoke:


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That second one is awesome

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The slower one is superior.

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If we're going by the op's choices:
Festival's version sounded the best due to her voice, even though it lacked the power of towas, flares or Kanata's, it had a better melody to it.

Other than that, have you heard Polka's version? Its pretty fucking good.

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>0 result
I knew the soul shilling was parrot by a single person; a tourist faggot false flagging as a chumkid. Else there would already be someone here saying "at least X(Gura) had soul" or some other made-up shit.

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Yeah this is the best one.

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Numbers speak louder than words

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I'm sorry Mana, but you seem to have too many views, you'll have to share them with the rest of the indies. Knowing your beliefs, i'm sure you understand.

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Goddamnit Mana stop making me like you.

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I like the attempt, but you need a better mixer. it feels like a king cover with some guitars slapped into it.

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That alt version is fire

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Isla's cover was great

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/vt/. We have SOUL. Every other vtuber is SOULLESS

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Towa blows Reine out of the water. stay mad

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His shitty Cover was getting spammed at my face every single day and after every livestream i watch, i kept constantly getting Ads of it.
Fucking shill your shit without using Ads each time you mumbo garbo shitty excuse of a company, its fucking shameless at this point.

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Nice lie

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Shit forgot my link.


Its so shitposty but talented, I love it.

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Yeah Nijisanji do use them but not for Kuzuha. Only for the privilege ones like the singers and the EN girls. Maimoto is the only one they use ads to promote his streams.

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Whenever i use Pixiv i always see the same Nijishit ad, 2 girls and one white haired faggot.
Its fucking pathetic at this point how Nijifaggots shill and promote their shit, NijiEN is a prime example of that.

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Where is King in this list?
Where is the advertisement indicator on this video?
Where are the screenshots of it showing up as an advertisement?
Where are the tweets showing that people received it as an advertisement? Why are the only people who are saying it's an ad reside on 4chan?

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I'm saying >>6570091 is a lie.
Can't believe Kuzuha antis have to resort to making up outright falsehoods to discredit his King cover.

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In my opinion, Risu has the best female version while Tokyo Ghoul has the best male one.

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Holy shit, I really thought that holofags were better than nijifags who constantly nijicope.

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I wish I was getting his spam on my face

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/vt/ sings

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Ayame easy

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>Hololive fans don't know how to browse without adblock

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Holy cope

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Mogs everyone and she hated every second of doing it. Based.

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Lyrica's was cool

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Which is why it's shit

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This. Belmond might not be the best singer, but his version is the only one that fits the title of the song.

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Holopro wise undisputably Risu
Overall my vote goes to Chima https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mNDpIRh3X0

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nice bait

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This. Towa killed it

>> No.6578808

Towa's voice is awful

>> No.6578843

you're awful

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I love Belmond's too. Shit is great.

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Risu posters must be exterminated

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For me it is __Risu__

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Kanata gets honorable mention. Noel takes the SOVL trophy.

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Explain why none of his other songs have anywhere near those views then? Something fishy went on with that cover. Take Mori for instance. She also has a song with over 20 million views but a bunch of her other songs are at or approaching 10 million. Kuzuha's cover is a MASSIVE outlier. Those views are not authentic.

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These are the only covers as far as I'm concerned.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYzTq7YEPBI - Risu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hicAYp7KXKk - Kanata
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RBY7u5qas8 - Towa
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y8oIuEkqQs - Flare
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T7Ql4D1UnQ Noel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keYj7B2Anik overkill slap bass cover

Risu's needs no comment. Kanata kills it because of her range. Towa and Flare have powerful voices. Noel is picrel.

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Every day I wait for a full version of her Venom cover...
fucking hell man...

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>Kuzuha King
>second most popular music video

>Mori meme rap
>Mori second meme rap

Your rrat has been debunked holobrony

>> No.6586608

>22 million
HoloChads... don't look...

>> No.6586683

1.1 million between those #2 songs is a pretty big difference. Besides, Kuzuha needed a FOTM meme song to hit his 20 million. Mori's is completely original so her hitting those numbers is a lot more impressive.

>> No.6586732

True. 6/10 singing but 20/10 SVOL

>> No.6586756

Trash chuuba. Graduate now.

>> No.6586821

Mori debuted with that song. That's why it's an outlier.

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It's really sad.
You were caught lying about seeing ads >>6570091
so now you're just coping.

>> No.6587099

This one


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Surprised no one posted this version


>> No.6587218

You sound like you're seething because Kuzuha is fucking a cute anime girl and you are alone.

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what was that anon? you are madly in love with kuzuha channel? was that what you just said?

>> No.6587760

Quite the opposite in fact

>> No.6587787

Honestly the story of her getting to the point of finishing and recording her King Cover is more interesting.

>started recording as early as August before graduation
>went into mental ward and basically didn't talk for weeks which trashed her voice
>had to take singing lessons just to get her voice back to good enough
>her mic she had for years broke
>dad stole her computer
>finally she contacted a professional and had them look at her recording set up and he chewed her out and told her to buy real recording shit and stop fucking around

Yeah it is a pretty mediocre King cover made somewhat interesting by her unique voice but the meaning for her fans is huge.

She's working on some more interesting covers anyway let's just call it a warm up.

>> No.6587923

Thanks for the compliment ^^

>> No.6588013

Fucking tree rrat, fix your shit already and deliver some new kino.

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Denial does you no good, anon.
You know who did it best. We all do.


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Noel is the best

>> No.6588599

Wait for IRyS

>> No.6588689

gotta admit, IRyS' voice is excellent but I dont think its a good fit for this song. It's like nenechi singing Useewa

>> No.6588702

Suisei more like suSHIT
Towa, Kanata, Risu and even Flare did better than this FRAUD

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thank u for the (You)

>> No.6589084

no way! kuzuha channel is the light of your life? he occupies your thoughts every second of every hour of every day? you always have his twitter open in one tab and his channel in another, desperately waiting for updates?
that's a lot to just admit like that but i suppose since we're on anon it's okay to let your feelings out.

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>be Risu
>speak in a soft weak high pitched accent
>sing like a goddamn seasoned pro, putting most bonafide japanese singers to shame

how does she do it?

>> No.6589571

Not sure but if she wasn't a total hambeast she could easily be a professional singer.

>> No.6589848

>Risu is a hambeast
What are you on?

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>> No.6589902

Ojou, because of her giggles near the end.

>> No.6590032

hoshimati suisei

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>> No.6590181

When a song is good, and is sung well by soneone popular, it gets more views. I know this is a hard concept to grasp but when you grow up you'll understand.

>> No.6590294

Nice ego boost Risu

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>Every post about Risu is made by Risu
This shit never gets old, isn't it? It's some amazing meta (you) farming that is going for months now with just one tweet.

>> No.6590567

lefto saido raito saido u a kingu

>> No.6590927

What about my girl Luna?


>> No.6592448

Probably Risu, but i also like the Reine × REDSHiFT Remix


>> No.6593910

Risu, I was actually checking the other day, god

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>> No.6595955

purely for vocal skills, hayase sou takes it

>> No.6596953

Kanatan has the sexiest illustration by far.

>> No.6597114

Suisei's is my favorite. I was really looking forward to Towa's when everyone started doing them, I thought she would own that song with her powerful voice, but in the end Suisei was the one.

>> No.6597145

Belmond because he made it an original.

>> No.6597711

They are SEANiggers anon, please understand

>> No.6597944

Based on Ollie and Reine's accounts, Risu is the cutest HoloID.

>> No.6598185

Literally who?

>> No.6598277

I tried so hard to like it but her voice went full Kanata. It was terrible.

>> No.6598313

She's an underrated singer

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