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>vtuber keeps forgetting a very important game mechanic
>game subtly reminds the player a few times
>vtuber argues with the audience and doesn't pay attention to the game

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>vtuber is stuck
>tries to figure it out for 30 minutes straight
>chat is screaming the solution
>"stop backseat gaming you guys"
>takes her another 30 minutes
>"thanks guys"

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I never got why this upsets people? You are watching to see them have fun, if all you wanted is to see the game played why not just play it yourself?

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>Vtuber reads chat for no reason during intense gameplay and dies due to being distracted
>Vtuber also doesn't even remember that chat exists when they try to tell her something important, like how she has her mic muted

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Backseating /v/tards, you accidentally typed an extra "t" in the link. Go back.

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Dark Syde Ame...

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Watching someone struggle progressing the game sure is enthralling, fellow chuuba enthusiast.

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This but non ironically

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It really is. If I actually gave a shit about someone's technical ability to play videogames I would be watching speed runs or competitive gaming.

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Ah yes, the proper streaming experience.

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Arin Hanson isn't a Vtuber

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So wait, it's not an avatar, and he's really that ugly?

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>vtuber gets stuck on a easy puzzle but finds the solution
>doesn't realize finding the solution and keeps fucking up
>somehow finds another solution by continuously fucking up and is being called a genius

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It can be fun if they bring something else to the table to compensate for repetitive shit going on in the game. Some of them can salvage any situation with their comedy skills, some are so tenacious that it's amazing, some are so dumb that it makes you laugh. Most chuubas don't fit this desciption. They are just fucking stupid and stubborn enough to torture their viewers when they get stuck without it being entertaining. There are plenty of chuubas I watch despite this tendency and I'm not going to pretend that I enjoy it.

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Some of Pika's best moments are her sperging out, especially during Mario.

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Not yet.

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I mean, I watch Woolie. Pat too, sometimes. This isn't anything new or exclusive to Vtubers.

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Ame having a moment like that would be something else...

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>he doesn't know

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>vtuber having mental breakdown live
>week long streaming break announced after it

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Name 1 (ONE) such case.

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kek, nice

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Love me some pika, but she's literally the poster child for this thread lmao. I just have to be ok with raging sometimes, but she's still entertaining as hell.

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200 iq and 2 iq at the same time

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I don't care if they suck at the game in terms of actual execution, but it irks me when they don't get something the game does explain directly.

It really was more of a problem with certain LPers though. And they have less of a justification than streamers because they don't have a chat to focus on.

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>but she's literally the poster child for this thread lmao
That's why I posted her

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