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Listen to Elite Miko songs!

>Original Songs
- Heart Online https://cover.lnk.to/HeartOnline
- Otome no Susume https://cover.lnk.to/otomenosusume
- Bokura to Kimi no Uta https://cover.lnk.to/OurAndYourSong
- Baby Dance https://cover.lnk.to/BabyDance
- My name is Elite https://youtu.be/Y8o4goeVM0o
- Sakurakaze https://youtu.be/X9zw0QF12Kc
- Sakura-iro High Tension! https://youtu.be/HiLnCY9qjSo
- Kagetsu no Yume https://youtu.be/8ZVrn4lHLqw
- Our Tree https://youtu.be/7_DqIBHtxzo
- Attention Please! https://cover.lnk.to/heartconnect

>Cover Songs
- Yukitoki https://youtu.be/z4Md4zHQWJ8
- Ai Kotoba III https://youtu.be/IZWuK1ljlS0
- Mikochi ga Yatte Kita Zo https://youtu.be/K57XcDsUl6A
- as x sist ~Amae Beta na Watashi Nari ni~ https://youtu.be/LaOo9OxKxPc
- allegretto ~Sora to Kimi~ https://youtu.be/YiQq1dHlKCo
- Darling Dance https://youtu.be/TXD4qJHN4ac
- Kyoufuu All Back https://youtu.be/U2jl3QIoVws
- Neoki Yashi no Ki https://youtu.be/zWFoVb2xGaM

>Collab songs
- Poppy Pappy Day (Korone) https://youtu.be/MkSkQBIhGus
- Blessing (Sora, AZKi, Roboco, Mel, Subaru) https://youtu.be/G9SWOk2J6aw
- Valentine Kiss (Pekora, Marine, Matsuri) https://youtu.be/9nD7aQ_cKAM
- Snow Song Show (Pekora) https://youtu.be/dUGDaWkaKn0 (original video is privated)
- Shiawase Usagi (Pekora, Marine) https://youtu.be/UZzx9mvCaBI
- Maiodore! MaiMai Time (Sora) https://youtu.be/ITPpK7GXoEc
- PekoMiko Daisensou!! (Pekora) https://youtu.be/uRB1G0cKpIk
- Animal (Suisei) https://youtu.be/9yBLZKFKXyg
- Mikkorone×Showtime!! (Korone) cover.lnk.to/Mikkorone
- Umapyoi Densetsu (Flare, Patra) https://youtu.be/AaCFoBdpviw
- Sakura no Ame (Aki, Towa, Polka, Iroha) https://youtu.be/D8pdSRs_C4o
- Happy Fever hololive (Subaru, Mio) https://youtu.be/sL2QMmSlRyU
- Mosh Race (Pekora) https://youtu.be/_ZJ8MrEXIio
- Yamato Phantasia EP (Ayame, Fubuki, Mio) https://cover.lnk.to/yamatophantasia
- Sugar Rush (Suisei) https://cover.lnk.to/SugarRush
- Nakamaka (Shiraken) https://cover.lnk.to/NAKAMAKA
- Idol (Suisei) https://youtu.be/4kCzI6xbQoo
- DODEKAMBITIOUS (Pekora, Okayu, Subaru) https://youtu.be/3aWvr8iMwNw
- Hikari ni Nare! (Mio, Subaru) https://cover.lnk.to/hikarininare

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Me on the right btw

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I love Miko bebi (maker)

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Miko stream!!

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Why is Mikochi so kind and loving of her fans? I feel like she is the most transparent and a genuine VTuber out there

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Because Miko loves us. But she loves me (her husband) the most.

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migo is for breeding

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We know Ao-kyun

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I do that every morning, afternoon, evening and night

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the fuck you smoking anon

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Miko got the fuck beat out of her..

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Of course she drew Suichan in round one..

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I love Mikochi!

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When compared to other chubbas

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MIko win!!

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Miko jobbed..

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Miko always delivers the kino

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>he isn't membered
>probably doesn't even speak jap

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Game crash..

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ignore the schizo

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miko is a rigger

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WWE should sponsor miko

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damn subaru winning everything

>> No.65458584

she's super overleveled compared to the others.

>> No.65458624

C part!!!

>> No.65458697

sorry boys but i beat up mikochi in C part

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I miss Miko so, so much..

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Yeah I think she has an 81 rating compared to 75 for everyone else. Hope a JP 35P can find a way to point it out to her so she can fix it.

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...for now
but slipping towards average at alarming rate
ofc I'm not member, I only support active content creators and if Miko decides to start streaming regularly again I'll renew it

also not really interested in any pity-excuses from membership posts, she knows where the problem is, but keeps procrastinating on fixing it.

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remember not to give any "you" to the schizo

>> No.65459306

Wow. Yeah hope she can fix that.

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how are these ratings decided?
does it go up if u keep playing the character?

>> No.65459531

I would think so but I can't really tell. If that were the case botan should have a higher level but she was 75, which is the minimum I believe.

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Eat a dick Noufagi, you aren't fooling anyone

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how is miko this sexy?

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cuz shes my wife

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>fooling anyone
elaborate, fooling who? myself?

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no sex

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Yes sex

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no sex

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That image will convince some people of the opposite anon..

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File: 2.03 MB, 1137x896, 2023-02-07 19_57_09-【ホロライブ_みこち】さくらみこが煽ったり煽られたりするだけで笑えるシーンまとめ【切り抜き さくらみこ VTUBER おもしろ まとめ】 - YouTube —.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao you pathetic schizos never fail to make me laugh with your "bait" posts
Face it, Mikochi will be infinitely more successful than any of you sad EOP ever will be. You are on the wrong side of history, get over it, FAQ

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>Mikochi will be infinitely more successful
until she isn't, Internet celebrities just have to stay relevant somehow.

that's just how the world works

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>schizo same fagging
thanks for the free bumps!

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at least it makes it look like this thread has intelligent life in it

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no sex

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Love my baby
Simple as

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This baby belongs to me

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and by "me" he means me

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I am truly, deeply in love with Mikochi

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i posted this

>> No.65472581

Redraws made Miko's MK group considerably harder.
I hope she's practicing.

>> No.65473895

i love Miko

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>> No.65478358

miko sex

>> No.65478450

With me

>> No.65478586

why did they redraw?

>> No.65479715

Nerissa and Lamy had to drop out

>> No.65480477

I hope to see more of Miko's WWE streams. I've also been trying to figure out each of the Idol's finishers.

MIKO - End of Days (Corbin)
AYAME - Feast Your Eyes (Dominik Dijakovic)
KANATA & BOTAN - Big Boot (Test)
SUBARU - Trouble in Paradise (Kofi Kingston)
WATAME - Sweet Chin Music (Shawn Michaels)
LUNA - Downward Spiral (Edge)
CHLOE - Never Wake Up (Shotzi)
LA+ - Dirty Deeds - Headlock Driver version (Dean Ambrose)

that's all i figured out so far. Somehow End of Days seems really fitting on Miko. I don't know why.

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>> No.65482451

Miko is so fucking sexy..

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>> No.65485401

impressive anon

>> No.65487773

no sex

>> No.65488487

why not

>> No.65490375

watchalong tomorrow?

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catalog is going fast
hang on tight 35Ps

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>page 9 in 25mins
Is it still the Selen drama?

>> No.65497724

a former green chuba leaving vshoujo
nothing to do with us

>> No.65499017

i love Miko

>> No.65499248

watchalongs are on sundays now but i doubt there will be a watchalong this weekend since it's new years weekend

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i fucked up the Miko's joker watchalong it doesn't let me merge them... maybe my PC isn't that powerful
i'm going to send the catbox of each part to see if you guys can merge them

use the miko joker part 2, 3 and 4 since the part 1 is just her intro
also i fucked up and there is 6:30 minutes of missing footage between 0:53:33 and 1:00:03 of the movie
Miko Joker part 1:
Miko Joker part 2:
Miko Joker part 3:
Miko Joker part 4:

>> No.65500699

How many creampies does it take to break Migo?

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>> No.65502095

The real question is how many creampies will it take for Miko to break you

>> No.65502837

Frame is up

>> No.65503419

fubumiko horror game is always fun

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>> No.65506630

Miko is so cute

>> No.65506956

Oh I thought they couldn't play that game anymore because of the penis man. Guess it just got put on the backburner for a while.

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>> No.65509912

Miko's frame is up

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i love Miko

>> No.65514322

Miko & Fubuki is blessed.

>> No.65514782

I need a FubuMiko threesome..

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>> No.65518492

Miko.. SEX!!

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Hey man

>> No.65522060

I love you Miko

>> No.65523232


>> No.65524195

I need Miko

>> No.65525709

miko love

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>> No.65529102

She could have easily won the chess game
Why miko why??????

>> No.65529308

Sex with this little girl

>> No.65530964

FubuMiko are too funny together

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>> No.65531580

lmao wtf was that chess match
pon all around

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Yeah, I tried to write something about how I felt watching it, but I'm at loss for words.

>> No.65532224

FubuMiko is great

>> No.65532917

FubuMiko is sex

>> No.65535078

These two are too silly

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>> No.65537217

I miss Miko so much..

>> No.65537434

I've been gone for couple of days can't believe you guys actually took care of the thread (except the last thread)

>> No.65538568

I always keep the thread alive when I'm awake, it only died last time because I was asleep

>> No.65539659

Did someone merge them?

>> No.65540441

Thanks anon!
I merged it myself but since my upload speed is very shit so I can't upload them

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>> No.65543503

Where is my FubuMiko sex..?

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>> No.65544703

Miko is so precious

>> No.65545988

Miko clearly understands chess moves.
I was surprised how quick she went on the attack.

>> No.65547262


>> No.65547498

Miko isn't for sex because she isn't sexy

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If you wanted Miko lewds you only had to ask

>> No.65549727

Sex Miko sex

>> No.65551005


>> No.65552899

miko luv

>> No.65553102

Miko is one the least lewded holos because she isn't sexually attractive

>> No.65553710

No people just have bad taste and are a little gay

>> No.65555709


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physically she is, but once you get to know her, shes too sweet and kind-hearted to lewd
just want to protect her

>> No.65557330

use google drive or something

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>> No.65560285

Migo SEX

>> No.65561074

Her body is extremely erotic but her personality is wife material

>> No.65563623


>> No.65567105

Wonder what will Miko stream today...

>> No.65568648

Pls don't make bebi with Miko, use kouhai Koyori instead thx. FAQ

>> No.65569421

More like people who lewd Miko are mentally ill
>>65556091 is right

>> No.65569558

Miko wants to be lewded, if that is her wish so I will fulfill it

>> No.65571361


>> No.65573453

watchalong Tomorrow?

>> No.65576470


>> No.65576471

Miko Doko?

>> No.65578583


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no one should be lewding this

>> No.65581297

she tweeted that there's no watchalong this week, so probably next week

>> No.65583112


>> No.65584269

Hey man

>> No.65585336

I love Mikochi

>> No.65586316

I love Mikochi more

>> No.65587729

Hey Miko

>> No.65588216

Nye Icehole!

>> No.65589200

Miko's going to comiket now

>> No.65589233

gotra sleep take care of the thread fellas

>> No.65590536


>> No.65591882


>> No.65592403

Miko is MINE

>> No.65593503

Miko is SEX

>> No.65593557

Miko soon!

>> No.65594780


>> No.65595526

Miko fairy

>> No.65595672

I hate when Miko interacts with Ao

>> No.65596519

no Miko stream today other than the pot fairies collab I guess, she'll probably do her own countdown stream tomorrow just like last year

>> No.65596897

I miss Miko already...

>> No.65597074

Miko GTA San Andreas onegai...

>> No.65597418

any cute Miko cosplayers from comiket?

>> No.65597652


>> No.65598656

miko sex miko

>> No.65598842

Yes and I impregnated all of them

>> No.65598885

I'm not sure about that. She said she couldn't do a watch-along of the dokkiri event and one of them is ending at 23 JST. If she streams tomorrow it'd have to be right at 23.