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What's actually her problem?

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Stumbled on a good idea and didn't know what should she do with it.

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Cover and Susan cockblocked her schizophrenia narrative

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Realized schizo persona was a dead end and is too bored/uncreative to do anything now

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She got too popular too quickly by doing shock content and attempting to write a story. Her skills, including singing, are underdeveloped. She lacks the focus, willpower, and self-confidence to improve her skills. She got stuck attempting lore as a way to stand out among her colleagues. Cover might keep recruiting impressive talent and make her feel more inadequate.

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I'm going to cum on her using only her voice as stimulation.

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lets say im retarded and believe you, now what?

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not your F-wording business

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NTA. She is in a shit spot because of what that anon said. New talents will only be more innovative and how do you non-awkwardly come back from a big ass schizo charade?
Either come back acting like nothing happened like an autist or graduate. Or keep the cringe schizo act up before people get tired of it then graduate.

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Eternally in the punishment room because she said Taiwan and now her trashheap of a company can't get chink shekels.

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I wonder how long is she gonna stay on hiatus, she has to start making money again, right?

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She needs a new outfit with some references to the latest part of the schizo arc, whatever it even was, an then pretend that was the end goal. Lay low for a while doing regular streams while actually putting time into figuring out what to do with the lore next. Deciding to focus on the schizo stuff wasn't a bad idea, the bad idea was thinking it needed to be a daily thing. She just pushed off her regulars in favor of grey name EOPs. Appeal to your paypigs more, make the schizo thing an exception, not the main content.

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She's mentally unstable.
Which is to say she's female.

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Age. She's just a girl in a mid of a crisis.
And Coco's graduation. She could feel guilty somehow.
She's talented in voice acting, tho. She could pursue an VA career.
Hope her the best!

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That depends on her current goal. Few people thought she was going to dedicate so much time and energy into lore. She never stuck with any other content type for so long in the past. Who knows if that is the actual niche she became interested in? Sustaining shock content is problematic because the audience will expect more extreme scenarios for the same shock value. She will just yab herself off a cliff.

Haachama has mentioned engaging in more "idol-like" activities in the past. Like with any other goal, she gets side-tracked and ends up doing something else completely. Will she eventually drop Filthy Frank and go full Joji? Will she try to be both at the same time? Dunno.

It doesn't help that she seems to have severe ADHD and is easily depressed. I still wish her the best of luck.

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Her parents don't get how much money is in Vtubing and insisted she go to college instead.

That plus management hates her due to the Taiwan stuff + trying to insert herself into Hololive EN despite being poor at English.

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Dumbass boomer parents fell for the college meme along with Haachama who probably sucks at math. Also in Japan, your job is your identity. She can't go around telling people that she's a popular vtuber, so it probably gets to her.

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Cover block on last lore stream,
Coco grad.
Loss of new ideas/interest.
I still love her but I don't expect she ever return again.

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Stalking risks aside: It probably doesn't help her claims to fame includes vomiting, eating bugs, feet, reciting lewd lines, and reacting to lewd drawings of herself.

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JUST SHUT UP and even tink of your own ploblems first
are you just stupid???????????

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It's already been shown that going to college was her own decision but of course retarded EOP newfags like you will keep pushing this retarded busted narrative.

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Wow great arguement fagtron you sure convinced me with those hot opinions

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Chuuba's name???

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>That plus management hates her due to the Taiwan stuff + trying to insert herself into Hololive EN despite being poor at English.

taking jokes and hoax seriously is your hobby? Get a better one

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Has problems with de pepelonis

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Michiru from Phase Connect
She seems very friendly =)

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she is doing fine from memberships alone

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Remember her Coexist video and (maybe?) some other split-persona videos got hidden shortly after the debuted, and then came back up.

I imagine she just did it without asking cover for permission, they threw a fit and hid the videos, and she threatened them with graduation if they didnt let them stay up because a lot of work had been put into it. She is probably getting sick of all the restrictions on her.

>best timeline
kson is making her own vtuber agency and has been secretly courting the other girls the join her when their contracts are up

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Very friendly and cute non-forced voice. Speaks a lot of Engrish.

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shes young you mongoloid you think shes gonna put vtubing over her studies?

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It's not like she can't do both at the same time

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She might have been trying but her grades tanked so BRB HIATUS to fix them

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>do you think she's going to put her potential earnings of hundreds of thousands of dollars while working for the current most popular vtubing agency over studying which she can literally pick back up on at any point in her life?

gee anon I dunno

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>studying which she can literally pick back up on at any point in her life
Not in Japan though

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she's having fun on her new channel and that's all that matters, go support her there

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>new channel

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So you're telling me michiru is haachama? they have different voice tho

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That rrat was killed long ago, but some schizos still bringing it up

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Kill it again for me shlomo. Their English sounds pretty similar.

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Actual level-headed discussion in /rrat/? Now I've seen everything
This is probably spot on.

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she is in a shit spot because she spent all the goodwill she had with her fans, she made daily content and had a large crowd show up no matter what she did, she then took a break and that was fine, but when she came back she never jumped back on the content horse and just had delays, broken promises and long undefined breaks.
All she needs to do is make regular content and spend the hours and she will be back stronger than before.

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too much vacation.

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You forgot she is a human too. When everything you have done has become nothing at the climax you will at least get BSOTD. And when it happens on a menhera like her you get a depression.

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Ahh the hiatus, hiatus. you know the hiatus? The indefinite one. i always, i always announce the, the hiatus. indefinite hiatus and without hiatus. hiatus! i like hiatus, yeah. ahh how can I explain? I can explain by drawing! i always put up like the announcement frame that it has white thumbnail on here, this part, the frame. frame of stream. and then, when i announce my hiatus, the frame- it always have a hiatus on h- on a top, but I pick up these... away! cause i don’t graduate yet.

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Good one.

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she is a whimsical AI

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sure, and that why she got such support during her first long break, but she never learnt to manage expectations and make a plan she could stick to

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Mental breakdance

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Imagine staying subbed to someone that doesn't produce content. I'd drop that shit after a week.

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If your Def then ya

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haato and haachama always had a different voice
michiru is the calm voice of haato
and aria is the loli voice of haachama

actually they are sisters and there are pics of them together wearing a purple heart tshirt

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She lived in Australia for a couple of years, and realized that wh*Toids are niggers.

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When chuubas are too good for their group/company they move up to a better company. But if they are in the best company then they have to go on hiatus until Coco makes a new one.

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When one is young, they often don't look at things that way, much less when they're eccentric.

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>What's actually her problem?
being a slave to a retarded chink-loving corporation

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The fuck you guys analyzing a vtuber having fun like its a WoW update.

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she had a creative thing going and her bosses put a stop to it. Now she's just gonna focus on milking college dudes she likes with her lower mouth to get back at them

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She didn't eat enough bugs

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Serious answer:
I think that she's probably under pressure from her parents to give up the livestreaming stuff and go to college and become a "proper" salaried adult. A lot of the younger Holos are in the same boat (Shion, Aqua) which is why they take more frequent breaks. Though I'm certain that having all of her unique livestream ideas shut down by management who just prefer safe streams like Minecraft and singing helped to push her out as well.

Once you get into the cake and hag territory, especially those who have lived the office worker / salarywoman life, those women are more cognizant of how rare and lucky getting a job as a streamer girl is, and are far, far less likely to give up such an opportunity, even if it means being shoehorned into certain "safe" types of content. There's just a huge difference in perspective between someone who's done the 9-5 grind and someone who hasn't in how they view being a full-time streamer.

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I just wanna hear her retarded giggles once more is that really so wrong.

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>still deluded into thinking EOPs don’t paypig out the ass

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Recently saw a clip of her collabing with hoshikawa and they were pretty funny together. I hope when she comes back from her break she collabs with Ame again and that they're comfortable enough to start bantering with each other.

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Pretty sure she'll be next to graduate. I think she's focusing on other things and moving on from vtubing. Probably a higher education

>> No.6550987

a decision she'd regret as soon as she has to get a real job

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Too creative for Susanfied Hololive.

>> No.6551117

University in Japan is basically four years of an easy ride.

>> No.6551170

everyday without haachama is painchama

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>pretend that was the end goal
Her 2st single already works as and end goal

>> No.6551254

This is a very good take, thanks.

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Agreed but she still young and stupid. Kids need this experience to learn

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You have a good point, but her parents are not against her wish to being an idol, they actually support her

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Her blain is bwoken.

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Have any other chuuba commented on chama whereabouts?

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she was at coco's graduation if that helps

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Hoshikawa recently said that Chama invited her to a sports center/gym of sorts. I don't watch Hoshikawa though so I'm going off of another anon's words, but I don't see a reason as to why he would lie. This was a few weeks ago that is happened

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chained under coco's $9000 bed

>> No.6553785

Hey there Chang, just letting you know to brush up on your engurishu a bit more before someone catches ya.

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Watame mentioned her and I think Miko? One of them was talking to her on discord at least.

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underaged girl got rich, doesnt care anymore

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