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Anons who changed their oshi, what happened? Pic unrelated.

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my oshi collab with man and flirt with him on stream.

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my oshi got fingered by her bf on stream

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She became a corporate whore and I really don't want to give a single penny to Cover.

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My first oshi did nothing wrong and i still love her but someone better came along and stole my heart

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Coco said Taiwan then my oshi stopped being relevant enough to be clipped by translators because she stopped collabing with Aqua. I don't care about songs.

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I just found out Ayame resonated better with me than Shion, simple as. I also genuinely believe we have some common psychological particularities

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She went from one stream a week to one stream a month

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Honeymoon phase faded out and her streams started to irk me.

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She took a break and hasn't been the same ever since.

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Meaning you're also a massive bitch?

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i moved and can't catch streams anymore

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You don't have to be coy anon, we know the reason is your shared hatred of gooks.

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i found gooruh entertaining

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You can just admit that you're a pedophile

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Cover mandated Towa act like a generic cute moeblob instead of the deep voiced Stacy she used to be.
Then Sio died.
Then Lulu died.

Now Yuuna is my oshi.

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Sorry Gura but Pomu is the Minecraft autist I was waiting for.

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Always split my oshi time between Haachama and Luna, was hard deciding who I liked more... but now that Chammers is gone it's 100% Luna...
Chammers..... doko.....

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she groomed me

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Aqua took a break and then I found Miko and I just never went back...

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I actually do hate koreans half ironically but Ayame doesnt, she's too sweet for this.

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Curiosity faded and things she did started to annoy me more and more so I branched out and found someone else who I adore and appreciate. By now I don't even watch my first one anymore outside of collabs.

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I was already getting bored of Ame and then Cover made it clear they were pushing even more for Hololove as a whole to be traditional idols. I still watch her (and other holos) occasionally, but I can't be bothered most days. Also I'm still attached to my HoloJP oshi, so I'm not sure what that says.

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I realized she wasn't who I thought she was.

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I still have no idea what Oshi really means, but I did swap my initial favorite holoJP, i just love how active she is even outside of streaming compared to my old favorite who only ever really does stream stuff. My favorite EN has not changed.

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Was extremely interested in a dog and stuck with her for a bit even if I couldn't understand her, then found someone I could understand, watched for a bit only to find her and her followers more annoying than anything. Went back to dog and through her found a electric creature that speaks both mine and dog's language too. I now watch both and am more happy than I ever was.

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>what happened
Pic related.
Although the question implies that I've found someone else. I really haven't.

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Oshi = favorite member

my fav has been Korone ever since i knew about Holo dont watch much of her steams because my japanese is terrible so i keep by clips

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She saved my life from a never-ending depression

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She got too big. I still watch her, but that personal connection just isn't there. New oshi is an indie.

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I don't think she could come close to Coco but try this one girl called Kson, she had a long hiatus but recently she's been more active.

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If only my oshi had another identity. But no, she's really truly gone.

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Not yet but soon if my oshi doesn't stream soon because of her indefinite hiatus. I've been watching a fuckton of Luna recently

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>I was already getting bored of Ame
Same anon 2bh but I don't know if I should cancel my membership because of that. Plus with her stream timing changed compared to 9 months back and I haven't been watching her at all

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She had a mental breakdown

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Graduated recently due to stalkers

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Aqua hasn’t streamed regularly in 2 months and ShiranuiKen streams really took off in that time. Furea was already my 2nd favorite before but now she’s clear #1.

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I’m a sucker for girls with beautiful voice. Sora has always been my number 2 and I enjoy her utawaku streams the most out of any holo. Haato has been gone for so long and I hate interacting with underage coomers that she attracted. I haven’t change my oshi but I have been thinking about it.

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My oshi never stream so i have to cope with another cunny

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Reine happened, OP.

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>Hey, we love small creators and I want to give them the spotlight. amirite deadbeats?
>Sure I'll check em out
>WHOOOOPS this snake girl is pretty cute
Sasuguh. Is this part of your grand master plan, Moririn?

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Who was yours before?

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this "snaky" has got some quality stuff

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I started as a teamate, then I ended up getting really into Coco. Not long after I officially decided to switch oshis, she announced her graduation. Now I'm back to Ame. Glad I got the Ame/Coco collab before she left, and Coco passing the Asacoco recipe on to Ame made it clear to me who I needed to go back to when Coco was gone.

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The reps did paid off and made me realize that Marine is more cute, funny, interesting and sexy than all the other Holos.

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time and schedule difference

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Also if we're talking small indie tubers. Gotta shout out the shitty English that keeps me coming back Alice Gawa. Genuinely trying her best for a small jap. I watched Lilybelle a bit but her mods are gay as fuck.

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>Changing your Oshi
You "people" disgust me.

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I didn't realize until a friend pointed out that the OP pic is from the perspective of a dog

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I didn't change my oshi, I just picked up another one. You shouldn't "change" oshis.

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>I didn't change my oshi, I just picked up another one

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I found beatani

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Pekora. I do still watch her sometimes, but Reine has won over my attention recently.

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ywn have Mio treat you with as much love as her cats.

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My start was with Hana Macchia. I used to watch her pretty much by herself for a while, but then I lost a really important friend and I kinda started to use her and 2434 ID to cope. Eventually I transitioned to Zea Cornelia and I think she was my first real oshi. I still remember how I had Hana, Zea and Layla on a Twitter list just so I could interact with them often. Hana was too big even back then, but Zea and Layla had the habit of interacting back to almost anything, which made me like them even more.

Sadly, my computer broke around August and I missed a whole month of them, and after that I was never able to come back. I'm extremely grateful for them because I may had become an hero without them, but I guess the crush just faded. After Zea came Lilybelle, which I think lasted around six months. Joined the Discord, was an active member of it, I think I didn't miss a single stream for most of that time.

Eventually, I realized the only reason I was following this chick was because I wanted to fuck her. Which is fine, I suppose, but once the boner faded, I realized I didn't like anything about her besides herself; her content was lame, her community was retarded, the constant coom eventually got boring. At the end, I wasn't even horny for her anymore. So, once more, I moved on.

Current oshi is Yozora Aoi. Which, admittedly, is still retarded and a coomer (I have the most terrible taste), but it's less "fuck me daddy" and more "did you know duck dicks are like corkscrews?", which is acceptable. She is also extremely stupid and I love that in a woman. She may be the last VTuber I get into, too, since I don't seem to be able to watch streams anymore.

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I used to watch the only EU friendly holo EN because her hours worked with me better than the rest of EN, but her streams felt like it repeats the same dead jokes over and over.
Then a cute jp girl started doing new things and stole my heart, then she started doing the same thing over and over and have now unofficially graduated

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I was an Ioforia back during the first months of holoID, until youtube led me into NijiID, and that time there were a lot of crazy happenings there thx to how impromptu they are and how I'm stuck looking for more moments like that in ID and also lazulight

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>Who's your favorite artist?
Chat answers
>Those who didn't say Ririsya... Go to hell

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I started watching her thinking she was a certain way because of clips and later realized I was wrong. It took me 7 months of membership to realize

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Is she green haired?

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You also suck your bf’s cock when you’re supposed to be at work?

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Purple haired

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irys debuted

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Not that one

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Why do anons think you can't have multiple oshis? It isn't a waifu.

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she graduated. her roommate does stuff, and i support her, but it's just not the same

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You don't change them, if you changed her she's never been your oshi.
My oshi has been my oshi since her day 1 and my first membership. When Ame debuted I hated her debut but then got really into her and watched a lot of her, also membered. The concept of having multiple oshis started looking more appealing to me. But then several months passed and I kinda lost that feeling I had in the beginning. I noticed a simple thing, going back to my oshi's content always felt nice and refreshing, not like in a super hyper way, but in a way that never failed to put a quiet smile on my face. On the other hand, some Ame streams seemed so amazing that I had troubles controlling myself not to express my emotions out loud, but in other streams she felt annoying, uninterested, boring etc. Besides I really hoped for some improvement in her singing ability because her voice is so good, but... yeah, here we are. So I still respect Ame for her creativity and enjoy her from time to time, pretty often actually, but I got tired of this rollercoaster and went for more stable entertainment. I know that my oshi is trying her best every day and that whatever shit I encounter going through my day I can always watch her VOD in the evening and it'll make my mood at least slightly better. She herself aims to give this type of content to her viewers.

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>change one oshi that doesnt stream because she's about to kill herself
>for an oshi that doesnt stream because she's busy with her boyfriend and being a bitch

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i just enjoyed other chuuba's content over her's