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When's the last time you genuinely laughed while watching a vtuber?

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Marine fucking falling apart during the Jojo sequence in Henry Stickmin
So like maybe a week ago?

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About ten minutes ago

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When IRyS debuted.

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Gura's driving stream so like 8 hours ago.

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Gura screaming while spinning out driving a Miata in Asseto Corsa

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i open Miko's stream
no idea wtf she's saying but I still laugh
simple as

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Konbanwa, Miosha!

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And I had a good chuckle over her getting a blue upa today.

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Last Mio Towa collab

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3 days ago when kiara was talking to gura about feet.

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>business nigga!

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Gura’s driving stream, and before that bus driver Ame. If you haven’t laughed at anything on a stream recently why even watch anymore

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I laugh almost everyday following the Niji EN girls.

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Fubuki switching to the EVA-01 skin and gliding around was funny. She also said something about making pasta for breakfast but making it sunny side up

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A few hours ago, seeing Gura having fun with driving cars made me smile, maybe stop being jaded and pessimistic all the time helps alot

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Seeing Roberu and Shien in 3D dancing and goofing around was really funny and fun to watch, it was a solid stream.

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High af Ironmouse with Cuntnor unironically

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i'm becoming so numb, that i can't even stay committed to timewaster

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Mori and her staring contest stream

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no expression Gura makes it better

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Mr. Koro and the clothespins

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EOPs are fucking cancer jesus christ

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Every time Gura streams honestly...
Why would you watch someone if they don't make you happy?

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yesterday on luna's karaoke stream

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>People talking about having fun
>MUH EOP!!!!

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few hours ago on Gura's stream

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The Bus Simulator & Pepito stream is peak comedy.

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to me is the fanatism, the stan mentality you know? the gachikos, that person that thinks everything their oshi does is sacred, they will tell you she is perfect and they will defend anything she does, i don't like that

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so is JOPs? what's your point, retardchama?

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Go back

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what do you mean whats my point? i'm not that anon but that's what i think

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JOPs are the one who started this culture and are 10 times worse, Twittercutie.

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>What do you mean what's my point
>Also I'm not that anon

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read the post, tourist retard

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>Olive Boy calm down!

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>roll fails
>"ok you really didn't think that one through; how to make a bomb out of a mushroom, it just sounded dope"

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Was I supposed to memorize this shit??

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Towa does something retarded nearly every stream that cracks me up.

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marine's laugh attacks at the shower yesterday

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when was the last time you took a piss?

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Watame in the collab yesterday.

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Pomu's birthday yesterday night

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Was about to say this. She is not my oshi but will always tune in for a good laugh

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when Suisei said Fucking Jesus

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Ina making Nabi laugh in the drawing collab, watched it yesterday

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Finana talking about sharing eggs vibrators with Pomu and Elira... like a day ago or so

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Beatani looking at cat videos during the karaoke stream

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The end of my oshi's last stream.
I love her.

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Yesterday when Suisei RBC and Rushia were speaking in english.

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ame's occasional wips when she played bus simulator

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What unholy levels of autism are you on?

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Miko doing GTA with viewers is always great but I think the last time I really lost it was her reaction to that dude running up to her and blowing his brains out

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the level where miniscule things are not treated as events to be remembered

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At least once whenever Hana streams.

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I remember when she sang Baka Mitai while doing a perfect Pikachu impression, I couldn't breathe.

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Last night, during Ina's stream

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Yesterday when marine got a blue shit fish in sub 40 minutes while kanata watched live

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and then people ask why Kiara is hated...

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Kiara and Nene try to cook meat. And other plentiful moment in this collab.

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It's been 10 years since I last had a laugh, vtubers or not.

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Last night during Pomu's birthday stream. Finance fish is delightfully retarded in a way that warms my soul.

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I like her text-to-speech version too.

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Right now, when Kanata went full ape showing her blue UPRRPR to Botan.

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Mori's recent shitposting stream

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This, those numbers are hilarious. At this point they can as well go indie

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hate the footfags instead

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You're literally describing JOP. What make you think there's any difference.

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Gura singing and crashing her car

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I feel like this would have been more interesting if the question had been more like, "when was the last time a vtuber made you laugh with a joke?". There's nothing bad about Gura making people laugh by being cute or panicking, but it's not exactly being a comedian either. Of course, not everyone is going to find the same thing funny either, but being able to do that in the first place is less common.

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Pretty regularly. Mori is my oshi, and I usually laugh at some point during her streams. Gura and Ame too. Less often is Kiara, but she occasionally says something that makes me burst out.

Ina, hardly anything more than an exhale, but I just watch her to relax, so it's fine.

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Tuning into a stream out of curiosity and immediately seeing Gura flip a car while screaming.

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Gura when she said she's gonna make a giant chum jar dunk tank and drop her senpai in it.

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Maringlish anyongyongyong

>> No.6497765

Okay, that's a good example.

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god she's so fucking cute

>> No.6498442

> On no a Korean is here is they might think I'm speaking Korean with Anyongyongyong.

Fucking KEK.

That was not the joke I expected.

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To be fair, I understand the sentiment. This is an odd thread from a HoloJP perspective.

I laugh many times throughout any HoloJP stream. By comparison Holo EN streams tend to be dull but with moments of entertainment like flashpoints (and even then only with Ame & Gura typically). Holo EN full-gen collabs are pretty great though. EN is always better as a group than as individuals.

Holo ID is rarely funny despite how hard Ollie tries, but I sometimes laugh at Moona's autistic outbursts.

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Luto singing Never going to give you up in a exaggerated Aussie accent, with every other word being cunt. So a few days ago. I guess my sense of humor is easy to satisfy.

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filter "EOP" and you'll sift out a lot of pointless /jp/nigger seething

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You sound like a redditor so makes sense

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I just realized I only laugh during Ames streams. Maybe.. she's the one?

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Ame's "I should hire someone to stream for me and then take a cut of their earnings... Oh wait that's what Cover does!" Bus Simulator joke.

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How much until Ame says something yab and Cover suspends her?

>> No.6499712

Once Geb 2 arrives. They will make an example of her or Kiara.

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Some find love in laughter.

If she never fails to make you laugh or at least smile every stream, moreso than anyone else at that, then that's a good sign anon.

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Considering how she's handled some of her more schizo and cringe superchats and doesn't even vent about real life stuff in members zatsudans, I actually think she's very well aware of what she can and can't get away with on stream. She can call chat her "little walking banks" and tell Cover to fuck off as much as she wants as long as she avoids politics or insulting people outside of the Hololive world.

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Today watching Yorumi's reaction to Sylvando's parade in Dragon Quest XI.

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How can the other holos compete with this? it's not fair bros...

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But Cover is getting more restrictive, she even said that she didn't have permission to do that 3D alyx stream, but she did anyways for example. Also she is acting strange lately.
I hope she doesn't slip that much with her words so Cover can't suspend her

>> No.6500284

onion speaking language of the gods

>> No.6500301

>Also she is acting strange lately
In what way? She seems extra genki to me

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Marine listening to Kanatas rap. BA BA A

>> No.6500751

When my oshi laughs I laugh, simple as. So almost every day. Her laugh is adorable and she's having a lot of fun in all of her streams.

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Yeah she did seem a bit down / low energy around the time of the bread incident / no schedule week, but I honestly feel like she's returned to form recently. I'm not gonna read too much into it, but Kiara mentioned her and Ame had been chatting a bit recently about what was heavily implied to be Cover shittiness.

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>bread incident
Is that when she ate bread and felt like shit?

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Just now after watching Reine's stream. Her purposefully bad jokes and improvs in horrific situations got me visibly heckling.

>> No.6500896

same anon here. I meant to say keking. Fuck oz time.

>> No.6501133

As in laughed hard? Pikamee and Ironmouse's collab. The ending had me laughing so hard I was hitting my desk.

>> No.6501463

an hour ago when shibuya hal was getting chased with no weapons by a valkyrie thirsty for the kill who ended up getting knocked by his teammates only for hal to turn around and put the finisher on her

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haachama trying to say "word in the world" after the gen 1 karaoke relay

>> No.6501785

Last time i watched a stream i laughed and that is usually the case. Maybe you should stop being depressed OP

>> No.6501820

Managed to find it, still impressive

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if I didn't hate footfags, I wouldn't give a shit about their collaborators (kirara) either, retardchama

>> No.6503410

All the time. It's why I like chuubas.

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I'm sorry, anon, there's no way around this. You are now homosexual. My condolences.

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roberu running over blacks

>> No.6506918

wrong thread, by I rest my case.

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Good advice

>> No.6507355

Mori’s stare stream.

>> No.6509113

Teamates shut the fuck up about Ame being retarded we all know this already. Talk about the last time you laughed already.

>> No.6509717

get a life you stalking freak

>> No.6509798

Ina busting out the recorder while I wasn't paying attention got me laughing today. But usually I get my laughs from watching clips of Botan giggles and Miko. And Gura doing Gura things ( stay strong Chumbuds)

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That time Korone died in Mario and screamed "I AM ELVIS PRESLEY OH NO."

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Y-yeah... I l-laughed when she p-pointed that o-out. Ha ha. It was funny. I wo-wouldn't know s-such pain.

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Wait, they have an EN branch?

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Miko's streams are good for several laughs every time.

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Everytime I watch Pomu

>> No.6512055

Liked these moments a lot:

>> No.6512079

Just now when Pomu said "I QUIT MY JOB FOR MINECRAFT".

>> No.6512284

same but I also chuckled when Pomu whipped out her certified "surgun" certificate from the future

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I laugh every time vtubers crash their vehicles few days Fina, then Ame and today Gura. Young women are horrible drivers.

>> No.6513354

Gura screaming while driving the McLaren for the first time

>> No.6513532

I don't believe you but if true how do you not blow your brains out?

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When the NijiEN girls were telling their embarrassing stories on Twitch

>> No.6513749

There are no easy access to gun where I live. The others solutions are either too much effort or too risky to fail and make things worse. I guess things just continue the same every hour of every day of every month, just being kinda there.

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I laugh every time my oshi streams! So it's been about 3 days, and it might be a while before I get to laugh again.

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any polka group stream
any nene botan duo stream
any korone plays a "horror" game and screams at nothing for 20 minutes stream
any smok stream

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>When's the last time you genuinely laughed while watching a vtuber?
Gura's Assetto Corsa stream yesterday. I rarely watch VoD's but gladly for that one. Funny as fuck.

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jesus christ how much coke did she take?

>> No.6521385

Nene begging to not have her only star stolen and being left with nothing was so funny.

>> No.6522177

vtuber "funny" moments are mostly from overreacting to external stimuli, referential humor (memes), genuine stupidity. not saying theres anything inherently bad about it but its rare to see actual jokes like a comedian would make. do you guys have any examples of chuubas good jokes? even a good boke is fine

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While not particularly special or amazing. Nyanners April fools stream was her regurgitating terrible jokes but with nyanners as the punchline.
Some of them were giggleworthy at least.

>> No.6522445

I open any Nenechi stream. I laugh.

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this made me laugh just thinking about it

>> No.6522457

Forgot to mention. On the JP front, himehina had the typical tsukomi-boke format going on. But it feels pretty forced desu and I can't really think of a time I actually laughed at them. But that's also because
>japanese humor

>> No.6522485

The other day during Ame's temple MC stream, when she at one point went "..cuz, cuz.. hic" it just was so perfectly timed.

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Holy damn anon

Good system

>> No.6523264

If you're not laughing at every stream, what are you doing?
Just sitting there, staring at the monitor with a blank face?
Maybe you guys really are psychopaths.

>> No.6523308

They're just not that funny bro... it's that simple.

Then again I did just spend 2 hours streaming myself butchering zombie bodies into tiny chunks.

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